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The Top Delena Quotes

Posted: 05/05/13 20:07
by bunniefuu
Damon [to Elena]: Can't we just let ourselves enjoy one secret selfish day before we destroy his?

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Posted: 05/21/13 09:32
by bunniefuu
Damon: "I will always choose you"♥♥♥

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Posted: 05/21/13 10:35
by khalessi
Damon: I'm not a hero, Elena. I don't do good. It's not in me.

Elena: Maybe it is.

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Posted: 05/31/13 20:52
by bunniefuu
“You want a love that consumes you. You want passion, an adventure, and even a little danger.”

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Posted: 06/01/13 12:01
by khalessi
"Somewhere along the way, you decided I was worth saving. I wanted to thank youfor that"

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Posted: 06/04/13 20:41
by bunniefuu
Elena: He saved my life, you know. I never told you that. The night that my parents' car went off the bridge, Stefan was the one that saved me

Matt: So do you feel like you owe him or something?

Elena: No. It's not that. It's... After the accident, I kind of felt like I didn't know how to live anymore. Like I didn't want to. But then being with Stefan, somehow I figured it out. And that's what love should be. You should love the person that makes you glad that you're alive

Matt: So then what's the problem?

Elena: The problem's Damon. I... When I'm with him, it just consumes me. And I know that I can't love them both. I know that it's wrong, but I... when I choose one, then I'll lose the other. And I don't want to lose anyone else. I... I just... I wish that I had my mom here to give me some advice

Damon: Hey, I get it. It's Stefan. It's always going to be Stefan

Elena: I can't think about "always". All I can think about is right now. And I care about you, Damon. Which is why I have to let you go

(She's crying)

Elena: I mean, maybe if you and I had met first...

Damon: Maybe

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Posted: 10/18/13 07:17
by bunniefuu
Silas: I still don't see what Elena sees in you.
Damon: That's because you're not sleeping with me.

:drink :lmao

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Posted: 10/20/13 12:24
by bunniefuu
"I mean, no one tells me how I live my life, no one tells me who I love, especially not some vindictive prehistoric witch and definitely not the universe, and I'm not gonna let someone else's idea of destiny stop me from loving you or being with you or building a future with you because you are my life." -Damon :heart

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Posted: 12/26/13 22:44
by Nikiuriify
"Come back as a vampire, and I'll stake you myself, so don't. Cause I can't stand the idea of you hating me forever."


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Posted: 12/29/13 10:08
by bunniefuu
Oh, I loved that one too Niki :heart

"Well, now I'm choosing, and I'm choosing to let you go." -Damon

I don't know why... but this was the first time this season that I really loved Damon again. :heart :heart

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Posted: 04/21/14 01:10
by DelenaForever
Damon: I wanted to apologize...

[Elena crosses her arms in front of her.]

Elena: Good.

Damon: Let me finish. I said I wanted to. And then I realized, I'm not sorry.

Elena: You would rather die than be human, and you expect me to be okay with that?

Damon: I didn't say you were supposed to be okay with it, I just said I'm not sorry. But you know what I really am? Selfish, because I make bad choices that hurt you. Yes, I would rather have died than be human. I'd rather die right now than spend a handful of years with you, only to lose you when I'm too old and sick and miserable and you're still you. I'd rather die right now than spend my last final years remembering how good I had it and how happy I was, because that's who I am, Elena, and I'm not gonna change. And there's no apology in the world that encompasses all the reasons that I'm wrong for you.

[Elena looks at Damon for a long moment.]

Elena: Fine, then I'm not sorry either. I'm not sorry that I met you. I'm not sorry that knowing you has made me question everything, that in death you're the one that made me feel most alive. You've been a terrible person, you've made all the wrong choices, and of all the choices that I've made this will prove to be the worst one. But I am not sorry that I'm in love with you. I love you, Damon. I love y--

[Damon walks to Elena and kisses her passionately.]

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Posted: 04/21/14 13:52
by bunniefuu
Elena: And I'm still here. That's how much control you have over me

Damon: Listen to us. This is toxic. We are in a toxic relationship, Elena. I just killed your friend and you find someone else to blame

Elena: You want me to blame you? Easy. Done. You screwed up, Damon. Again

Damon: Thank you!

Elena: You put me in a position where I have to defend you. Again. Where I have to bend my morals. Again. Where I have to go against every single thing that I believe in. Again! Because I love you

Damon: Then stop loving me

Elena: I can't!

Damon: Well, that's the problem. We don't work!

Elena: I know

Damon: Then we agree. This has to end

Elena: It just did It's over. We're over

(They kiss) :makeout :makeout


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Posted: 04/23/14 21:09
by DelenaForever
[Salvatore’s House]

(Damon rejoins Elena)

Damon: I think we need some rules here because if I'm not allowed to drive you home, then I definitely don't think you're allowed to ambush me in my bedroom

Elena: I just… I just wanted to say thank you. Whatever you did, it worked

Damon: Well, I'm sorry to tear you away from paradise

Elena: It was paradise actually

Damon: I told you I don't want to know

Elena: But you need to know. I saw a perfect life. Stefan and I were married, and we had kids. It was everything that we wanted

Damon: Well, we can always ask Markos to put it back

Elena: But it's not real. You and I, we're messy and complicated, but we’re real

Damon: And really bad for each other. Did you forget that part?

Elena: Yeah, but I still need you in my life

Damon: As friends, right? Right. No, Elena. I can't be your friend. It's too damn hard

Elena: Damon…

Damon: No. I'm serious, Elena. I can't see you anymore. I don't want to hear your voice, I don't want to talk to you, I don't even want to look at you, and I sure as hell don't want to be your friend

Elena: If that's what you want

Damon: That's what I want

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Posted: 07/24/14 12:46
by 2wit2woo
Elena: I remember everything. One of the highlights of my transition, remembering everything you compelled me to forget. Like how you and I met first. You were a stranger that told me you wanted me to get everything I wanted from life. Damon, why didn’t you tell me?
Damon: Would it have made a difference? … I didn’t think so.
Elena: If it were you at the bridge last night and not Stefan, and I begged you to save Matt...
Damon: I would have saved you, in a heartbeat. No question!
Elena: So I thought. And Matt would be dead, cause you couldn't let go. Matt would be dead!
Damon: But you wouldn't be! And you would have gotten to grow up and had the life that you wanted, the life that you deserved. And I know I didn't used to get that but I do now. And I wanted that for you, Elena, and I would have gladly given it to you and let Matt die because I AM that selfish. But you knew that already. The first night we met is not all that you remember.