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  Buffy Ep.15 Spoilage~ As You Were
 Posted: 01/28/02 05:28
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As You Were

Ep: 15. Airdate: 2/26/02. Writer: Doug Petrie.

Riley returns for an episode. Not dead but of the living...and married. Buffy's own "relationship" with Spike comes into question when her ex's perfect romance shows her just what she doesn't have.

NEW! On the tail of a nasty, deadly demon that multiplies quickly, Riley shows up in Sunnydale, needing Buffy's help. But catching the demon reveals that it has already laid it's eggs somewhere.

NEW! Riley's wife, Sam, who's beautiful, successful, and able to kick demon ass with the best of them, manages to befriend all of the Scooby Gang, including Buffy.

NEW! With the wedding only a week away, Xander and Anya munch on snacks constantly as they reluctantly prepare for the arrival of "family" that will be staying with them. The newly married Riley and his wife offer the Xander and Anya some wise advice and show them how great marriage can be.

NEW! To support Buffy in the presence of Sam, Willow does what any good best friend would do: pretends to hate Riley's new wife. The girls actually bond and Sam gives Willow a little much-needed reassurance.

NEW! Despite popular belief and desire, Riley is not the bad guy of the episode. (Of course, some will still find a way to make him a villain.)

From the Extra Spoilage page:
Older and Far Away

There is a brief moment in "Older and Far Away" where Halfrek recognizes Spike as "William" and he recognizes her as well...although he doesn't identify her by name. The actress is the same one who played "Cecily," William's love interest in the S5 ep, "Fool for Love." (I don't know if the recognition of the two knowing each other relates to Halfrek being Cecily or not... but it's there. I'm posting this to ES simply because the moment is short and sweet and easily dropped to the cutting room floor.)

So you know, maybe we can get back to Spoilers. I think there's enough argument over on the Buffy board, so let's all kick the crap out of each other over there, not here!

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