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Amber Benson Announcement

The organizers of BuffyFest San Diego have made a critical error in releasing information regarding the appearance of Amber Benson. We prematurely announced that she would be in attendance signing copies of her film "Chance" and meeting fans, without final confirmation.

Amber is extremely loyal and devoted to her fans. At this time she is involved in a very busy filming schedule and is working long hours to finish her current project. It is difficult for her to commit to appearing at BuffyFest due to this schedule.

We have spoken with her mother, Diane. She has made it very clear that Amber makes every effort not to disappoint her fans, and tries to avoid committing to anything unless she is as certain as possible that she will be able to attend. At this time there are no plans for Amber to appear at BuffyFest. If she does appear, it will be a pleasant surprise for all of us.

We at BuffyFest sincerely regret this error and send our apologies both to Diane and Amber Benson. We are, of course, fans of Amber's as well and we regret any trouble this announcement may have caused her or her mother.

Diane will be joining us to sell copies of the "Chance" poster and the accompanying DVD in the exhibiit room. We are looking forward to screening the film to help promote it to fans and are so grateful that Diane is able to take part in our convention.

We apologize to the fans who were so excited to meet Amber and we hope to invite her again next year.

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I want to go :(

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