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Prolouge - (poem)

The Phantom's Requiem

A simple gesture
A touch of her hand
Can still me..
Calming the raging fire within
That burns ever strong
In the heart of this phoenix.
The legendary creature.
A ghost some say.
No more than a shadow
That drifts in the mist.

But if I am a shadow,
The how do I love?
How have I given my heart
To this Angel of Music?
Who's voice is my very muse,
And who's very existence
Is what sustains me.
How do I love?

She will never return it.
She desires much more than
This loathsome creature of darkness,
Who is cursed with a demon's face
Yet blessed with an angel's song,
I live for her.
I am her obedient servant.
And her, my goddess.
I am bound to her.
Eternally bound.

She shatters my heart,
Yet like a fool, I love.
Never ceasing in my hopeless fantasies.
Of Love and Devotion.
The forbidden pleasures I will never have
And yet which I long for so passionately.
All I want is to be loved.

All I want is HER love.
It is not a huge request.
But it is forever denied to me.
It is a luxury I will never know.
This is my punishment
For sins I did not commit.
And I am forced to hide
Behind the mask.
Lest be mocked by my monstrous visage.

And it is because of this visage
That she will not love me.
She has given her heart to another.
And with a solitary kiss
Shattered mine into a thousand shards
And with it
All of dream's desires.

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Chapter 1
Angel of Music

The underground of the Opera Populaire, 1871

Erik Destler sat at the large organ in the centre of his underground lair and played as was his daily routine. This was all he did lately. Nothing more… he had nothing else to really care for but his music. Not anymore. Once, he had a purpose… a reason to leave the confines of his prison. A reason to really get up in the morning. Now all that was left was his memories.

Christine… his angel.. the only one he had ever loved. Gone. She had left him. Gone to one who would give her a more happier, carefree, life that was full of light and joy.. and love. He found his fingers kill a note as he thought of that and he stopped playing, a helpless sob leaving his lips. He loved her. He had always loved her. Long before he ever met her even. He had always had dreams of his angel.. the one who would rescue him from his solitude and confinement. He had been so sure it had been Christine. She was perfect. Perfect in every aspect.. every way.

He loved every part of her. Every nuance. Every little gesture of her hands, every little smile, every glint of light that would be captured in her clear brown eyes. He loved her talent, her gentleness, her naivety, her voice…. Her voice… her had loved her from the moment he had heard that angelic voice. So clear and crisp and unique. He loved Christine Daae there was no denying that.. and he always would. No matter what life threw at him, he would always love her, despite all the torture she put him through. He just couldn't hate her… the thought of that sent a frightening chill down his spine. To hate Christine. He couldn't imagine it. Couldn't even contemplate it. There was no possible way he could. His heart wouldn't allow it.

The loss of her however was slowly killing him. It was her that sustained him. She was his life force. Without her, well, he didn't seem to function right. He would wake up every morning praying that he would hear her heavenly voice echoing the walls of the Opera house but to his disdain it never came. And every day he would weep for her. He needed her so badly.. but in truth he had messed everything up. He had destroyed any chance he had had with Christine. What had he been thinking, kidnapping her, trying to kill her fiancé? ‘That's not the way to a woman's heart, Erik' he reprimanded himself. No wonder she had left him. She was frightened of him. He had become so angry at her and that fop of a boy, he had become so blinded by his rage, he hadn't noticed that his love had become jealous obsession. He had forced her to do something against her will.. he had made her cry. By forcing her to love him, he only succeeded in gaining her hatred. He was so stupid…. he was a monster.

He laid his head in his hands and wept profusely for all that he had lost. The love of his life, his opera house, his life's work Don Juan Triumphant, he destroyed it all. He wished he could put everything right. He never wanted for this to happen. None of this was how he had planned it. To top it all off he had been revealed to the world. His face, his disfigured features had been brandished for all to see and they had reacted exactly the way he had feared. Screams of horror and disgust and loathing. He lost any bit of elegance and reverence he had that night. It was only recently that he had managed to regain some of that. He didn't look so deshelved anymore and his face was once again covered by the white porcelin mask, his dark hair once again slicked back. He had regained most of his composure but the tell- tale signs of exhaustion and pain danced in his eyes, which were lined with dark rings from lack of sleep, and were bloodshot and heavy.

He sighed and idly shuffled his remaining music notes and stood up, walking to the edge of the bank. He stared at his reflection in the murky water. This was all he had to keep him company anymore, and it wasn't much. He hated what looked back at him. This loathsome creature. He removed his mask and stared at what looked back at him. The mangled skin on the right side mocked him. This was his curse. This was the one thing which had controlled the course of his life. This… deformity. His reflection was distorted when a stray tear fell from his cheek and splashed into the pool. ‘Big difference' he thought cynically and turned away from it. Suddenly he felt an overwhelming sense of rage build inside him and he grabbed one of the candelabras and threw it against the wall with an agonized wail. He then stumbled forward and fell to his knees in tears that blurred his vision. Sobs consumed his very being as he cried out helplessly for the one person who could make it right again. The one who could save him from his solitude.

“Christine! Oh God, Christine, my angel…. Why did you leave me behind you! Why?... I need you.. I never told you this.. but God I need you…I can't breathe without you… I can't..”

He was cut short by a noise in the distance. He stood and careened his head to listen. Replacing the mask on his tear stained face he grabbed his Punjab and listened again. It had been the sound of splashing water. He silently grabbed his cloak and threw it around his shoulders. It had come from outside the portcullis, that he at least knew. Stepping expertly into his gondola he began rowing out of his lair and along the passage towards the entrance.

The passage ways gave off their usual unearthly green glow that was intensified by the torches that littered the walls. He rowed as silently as was possible along the passage, keeping his Punjab at close proximity in case of an unprecedented attack. Suddenly he slowed when he noticed something at the mouth of the water passage. A figure in the water. He tried to get a closer look as he neared.. and decided that it would be best to leave the gondola where it was and wade the rest of the way. He jumped out of the small boat and walked slowly to the body.

What he found was a small female body, floating face down in the water. He quickly grabbed her and turned her over, searching for any signs of life. But what he saw made him stumble back. The face that looked back at him… was that of his Christine. His sweet Christine. He let out a cry and with tears flowing down his cheeks began to search for her pulse. Finding it faint he picked her up and laid her on her back and began to try and resuscitate her. He hesitated for a moment when it came to breathing air into her lungs but shoved aside the thought reminding himself that he was attempting to save her life. After what seemed like an eternity, Christine took a strained gasp and began coughing up water. Tears of joy and shock flowed down the Phantom's cheeks at the sight of life in her again. She opened her eyes to slits and attempted to speak but Erik placed a gentle gloved fingers to her lips and stroked her pale cheek, with a loving look on his face.

“Shhhhh, my angel…. Do not speak.. Save your strength… Sleep.. I'm here. I won't let anything happen to you…” He doted lovingly and gently lifted her into his arms, as she lost consciousness again. Erik had no idea how or why but for once in his sorry life his prayers had been answered. She had returned to him…. A lot worse for wear to his dismay but returned to him all the same. He didn't know what it was that had willed her to return but she was here.. and as God was his ever constant judge he would take care of her and nurse her back to health. If it took everything he had in him he would not let her slip away. He loved her too much to allow that to happen. He smiled to himself realising that now was his time to continue his role as her Angel of Music.

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Chapter 2

Erik was dumbstruck to put it lightly. He was in a trance like daze as he rowed the small gondola into the main chamber of his lair, humming quietly to himself as he so often did when he was nervous. He seemed to humming Music of the Night for some reason.. a song that had not really come to his mind since Christine had left. He supposed it was her presence which brought it back to him. She was his inspiration for everything after all. His musical flow had ran dry after she had left. He lost the ability to compose much to his dismay. Maybe now that she was back in his life he would be able to again. He felt like it to be honest. He could already feel the cogs turning in his calculating mind and for once in the past six months he was actually content.

He glanced down at the sleeping form of his Christine who lay, curled up at the front of the boat with his cloak draped over her. He had placed it there in fear that she would get cold and catch a fever. That thought made him feel sick and he found himself shivering at the thought of losing her again. It was very clear to him where his heart lay. Right in front of him in this woman. She ruled his world, and he wouldn't have had it any other way. He didn't care for other women of this era. There were too.. well.. they were snotty and stuck up and had no appreciation for what really mattered in life. Also they never married for love. It was always based on money.. or looks. Both of which he hadn't a whole lot of in his opinion.

He had been short of money since the departure of Monsieur Lefevre considering that there was no way in hell that Firmin and Andre were ever going to give in. No matter how hard he threatened them they always seemed to brush him off with little more than a grunt. He had to admit the two little pesticides had guts. He was the one who had struck fear in the hearts of all who entered the Opera Populaire for years.. then they came along.. and all of a sudden he wasn't all that terrifying anymore. Not that it really mattered… there was no one left in the decimated building now anyway. It was in ruins.. his opera house in ruins. The thought sent a wave of sadness over him for a moment.. but one glance at the sleeping Christine and all that was forgotten.

The gondola came to halt and he stepped forward lightly and silently so as not to disturb his sleeping angel. Once he was on the bank he reached down and carefully scooped her up without difficulty into his arms and carried her into the bedroom like he had done almost a year ago. He laid her on the rose red velvet sheets examined her frail little body gingerly. He noticed that parts of her white dress were torn and bloodstained, exposing parts of her porcelain skin that was torn and bloodied. His eyes travelled up her slender form and rested on a ring of purple bruises that littered her skin lightly. Somebody had tried to strangle her… his beautiful angel… somebody had tried to hurt her.. or worse kill her. He felt his blood boil at the thought of anybody who could hurt something so precious.. so pure.

He then found his thoughts turning to that fop of a fiancé of hers. Why hadn't he protected her from this. He had trusted him to protect the most precious thing in his life and this was how she ended up. Bruised and broken. Something seemed horribly wrong about this whole situation. Something told him in his heart of hearts that there was something evil at work here. To him Christine was one of God's fallen angels… and it didn't make sense to him why anybody would want to hurt her like this. It was devastating to him. This beautiful, delicate angel… his heart… his every waking moment.. why would anybody want to maim her like this?

Tears stung at the back of his eyes at the sight of her small, vulnerable form in this injured state and he had to sit down to calm himself as his breath quickened and he felt his knees get weak. There was a vast range of emotions going through him right now. Love, Shock, Fear, Sadness, Anger to name but a few. The effect she had on him was in a word very overwhelming. There was not another person alive that could do this to him. He looked at her again.. and he melted. God, he loved her so much. The concern for her well being was tearing him up inside. She was soaked to the skin. She would need to get out of those clothes to prevent getting pneumonia… but he didn't want to remove them himself. That would be violating her privacy and that was something he never wanted to do to her. But she was drenched. He was so confused as to what to do.

He sighed and leaned forward stroking her bruised forehead with his gloved hand, a loving smile on his features. He moved closer and softly kissed her brow to which she responded with a small sigh and opened her eyes to slits. He smiled gently at her and continued to stroke her forehead, and speaking to her in a soft voice.

“Hello there….” he said his voice slightly cracking from all the emotion that was coursing through him. He gently lifted her frail hand in his and kissed it, squeezing it affectionately. She took a deep breath and spoke slowly and weakly.

“Angel….. I found you…. I thought.. I thought you were dead…”

Erik chuckled softly.

“It's a lot harder to kill me than you would think, mon ange…. How are you feeling?” he asked the concern radiating from his features.

She again drew a shaky breath before speaking. “ Weak… and tired… and I hurt all over”

Erik felt tears welling in his eyes again. Whoever did this to her was a true cold blooded monster. He felt her small hand shake in his gentle grip.

“Y-You're freezing….. you need to change out of those clothes.. or you'll catch your death” he said in a strained voice and helped her to sit up when she nodded. She swayed a little once up and Erik placed a comforting hand on the small of her back to support her allowing to put most of her weight on him. She turned her head to catch his gaze and whispered:

“I don't have the energy.. I'm going to need help with this… “ she said gesturing to the water logged gown. He looked at her unsurely for a moment and asked

“ Are you sure you want me to…. I mean.. Would that not be taking advantage of you, angel?”

She looked at him tiredly and smiled at his concern for her. He was a true gentleman. She replied…

“No its allright… I trust you…”

Erik gaped for a moment.. she.. trusted him.. after everything he had put her through? He found himself smiling, touched by her freedom with him. She was such an exceptional young woman. One whom he was madly in love with. He helped her out of the soaked dress and then immediately draped the blanket over her shoulders and helped her to lay down. He then covered her over with the top blanket and made sure she was warm enough before standing. He was a little more reassured now that she was warmer. Thank God she hadn't been in the water all that long.

“You gave me a scare…. “ he said kneeling beside the bed and reaching up to brush a stray lock of her wet hair from her eyes in an affectionate gesture. She closed her eyes and smile at his touch. He noticed this and smiled back. “I nearly didn't get to you in time..” He voice quivered at that thought and he averted his eyes from her to prevent the hot tears spilling down his cheeks. He felt a hand on his cheek then as she turned his head to look at her again.

“Thank you for saving me, Angel….”

Erik smiled again. “Please… call me Erik…and really, mon ange it was nothing. I could not have left you to .. d-die.. anyway. I could never forgive myself were something to ever happen to you. “ he said trailing off… a deep sigh escaping his throat. She replied softly.

“Erik… yes… It suits you.. You look like an Erik to me…”

He smiled at her innocence and decided to inquire about something.

“Why did you return here.. after all I put you through.. Why would you ever want to see me again?”

Christine paled a little but replied slowly.

“ Because.. I had no one else I could go to that I could trust.. Nobody else would really listen to me.. Nobody else would care.. except you Erik. To be honest.. I thought you would turn me away. I did after all break your heart. I was so horrible to you…. after everything you did for me.. I betrayed you. No Erik it is you who should be shunning me.. and yet you don't… You're just as loving towards me as you were before.. all this.”

Erik was very confused by this whole situation. She felt as if SHE was in the wrong. He had tried to kill her fiancé for heavens sake and she felt as if she wronged him. This didn't make sense to him. Yes, she broke his heart.. but that never stopped him from loving her. He couldn't stop loving her. She was all he lived for. He took her hand in his and stroked it gently with his thumb.

“I could never turn you away Christine…. Not in a million years.. not if you tore my heart out and trod on it could I turn away from you. I haven't got it in me to deny you. I'm love's fool.. they would call me. Ironic isn't it?” he stated. He noticed a stray tear falling down her bruised cheek and reached up stroking it away with his free hand. “Please angel…. Don't cry…. I can't bare to see you in pain. You're injuries are bad enough.. Please don't cry…. What happened to you, princess… Hmm?... Who did this to you? And more importantly why didn't that snot of Vicompte prevent this.. why didn't protect you?”

Christine sighed and looked at him with a faraway gaze..

“Raoul…. “ she hung her head “ Let us not talk about Raoul”

Erik, however, was still very interested about the fop and pressed her on. “No.. Lets.. Why didn't he protect you and why isn't he doing so now… I mean.. the reason I let you go was because I trusted him to take care of you… But it seems that my trust was ill fated…”

Christine swallowed hard and looked down at her hands, as she twisted them nervously.

“The reason… The reason he didn't protect me… is because…” she shuddered and sighed heavily. Erik placed a gentle hand on her shoulder.

“ Take all the time you need…” he soothed and she looked at him gratefully.

“The reason he didn't” she continued “is because…. He… he…. He was the one who… d-d-did i-it!” she said shakily and broke down sobbing. Erik stared blankly at her for a moment. He was livid. Had she just said that… that… prissy little boy fop had done this to her?... he spoke.. menace in his voice.

“He…. What?” he was shaking now with anger. “I'll kill him!.. I'll strangle him! I'LL BREAK HIS FLIMSY BLOODY NECK!” Erik stood and began pacing the room. “HOW DARE HE!? HOW DARE HE RAISE A HAND TO YOU! I'LL MURDER THE LITTLE SHIT!”

Christine looked at him now her eyes pleading. “NO! Erik.. please no… No more killing…. Please don't go back down that road!”

Erik turned to her… and she noticed the tears flowing down the visible side of his face. He was crying. Crying for her.

“Why must you defend him?! After all he did to you… Why must you let him get away with this?” he walked to her again, his eyes desperate and pleading “He could've have killed you.. You could have died….” He sat on the bed next to her, taking her hands in his. “I could've lost you .. what would I have done then, hmm?... how would I have went on knowing you no longer walked this earth?”

Christine was still sobbing as she spoke. “I don't care for Raoul's well being.. Its you I worry about.. I don't want you to kill again.. especially not for me…”

Erik leaned forward and took her into his arms holding her close to his chest, and stroking the top of her head gently. He gently kissed the top of her head and spoke.

“You know I would do anything for you… I would even die for you… I would also kill for you without remorse… But.. if it is your wish for me to not do so.. then I cannot deny you that wish… I will not kill the fop. But so save me if he comes near you again and he will know a world of pain!”

Christine sighed gently into his chest and clutched the front of his shirt.

“ Thank you… Thank you so much”

Erik smiled. “You are very welcome mon ange…. Now.. sleep… You need to regain your strength… “ she nodded into his chest and he helped her to lay down again. He stayed with her until she fell asleep at which point he knelt over and kissed her on the forehead.

“Sleep, My Angel… you're safe now… that worthless fop will not hurt you again….”

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Chapter 3
The Musings of a Fop

The other side of Paris…..
De Chagny Household

Raoul De Chagny groaned and opened his eyes to slits. His vision was blurred with the mind shattering pain that coursed across his head and he reached up to clutch his splitting skull with a shaky hand. He ran the hand through his sweaty matted hair, stopping when something hot and sticky came in contact with his finger tips. He sat up blearily and removed his hand from his head and squinted at the thick substance on his fingers. After a moment of staring it became clear to him what exactly this substance was. Blood. His blood.

He grabbed a hold of a nearby table and dragged himself shakily to his feet. The room spun as he attempted to regain his sense of direction and balance and he had to grip another piece of furniture to stay on his feet. He glanced around the blurred room. He stumbled forward and stepped on something that cracked beneath his foot. Glass. He looked down at the green glass that had once made up a bottle of some kind. He grunted and continued on his way. He noticed some more of the red substance on the ground near the door. Wasn't his.

Done with this he shivered as the cold winter air stung at his skin through his torn shirt. He remembered… the bitch had tried to fight him. Him! The Vicompte De Chagny! He would show her a world of pain for crossing him! Nobody crossed him and got away with it.. especially not Christine. He scoffed at the name that was the bane of his life. That whiney little musicians child. She was messed up in her head. She still believed in that creature that inhabited the underground vaults of the Opera Populaire. That sorry excuse for a deformed composer! She still believed that his music was good. That it was pure. That it would redeem her to her former glory. What glory!? Christine Daae had no glory. She was nothing but a whoring waste of his time and space. She was his possession. She lived to serve him. To feed him, to clean for him, and to pleasure him when he felt like it without argument.

He laughed as he gazed at himself in the mirror now. His usually brown hair was streaked with blood and for some reason it didn't seem to bother him. He was too involved in his musings to care about his physical condition. Christine Daae. Such a foolish young thing actually believing that she could escape him. She had gotten brave last night. Thought she could stop him. He would admit she had momentarily put him out of commission but now he was back on his feet and ready to make that bitch pay! He wondered where she had gotten to. Probably ran away to that beloved monster of hers. The one who she seemed to have forgotten had caused her so much pain and suffering. The one who tried to kill the one she loved. The one who killed without remorse. The monster. The Opera Ghost. The Phantom of The Opera.

He never understood why she would defend such a beast. What was it that drew her to him. He must have corrupted her mind. Willed her to turn against him. She would never have before challenged Raoul De Chagny. She wouldn't have had the gall. She would know what he would do to her. Give her what she bloody deserved is what. But yet something had changed in her over the past month. She had started singing again… after he had told her not to. She began speaking of the Opera Populaire and writing about it in her diary. He knew. He had read it. He had tried everything in is power to drive it out of her. Even beating it from her didn't work anymore. She steadily grew more resilient to his blows. She would bleed.. and cry out… but it never dampened her spirits. Last night had been the final straw.

He had come in from the pub. He would admit he had consumed quite a marginal amount of liquor and was quiet soused but he was still in his senses enough to know what he was doing. He opened the door had came in and he had heard it. Her. She had been singing. But not just any old song. No. It had been that song. The one about her precious little Phantom. She was disobeying him and he wouldn't stand for it. So he made her pay. And boy did she pay. He didn't think he had ever heard her scream so much in her life. It had been fun. Until of course she decided to fight back. Things went very wrong for him from that point on.

He could only remember it vaguely but she had managed to grab his liquor bottle from him at some point during the struggle and before he knew it she had broken it over his head. After that, it was nothing but a blank. Raoul stared angrily at his reflection in the mirror. She would pay for this insolence. He would find her and she would so definitely pay. Her and her little boy toy. He knew she would go to him but he had to be absolutely sure. This had to be done carefully. A little spying would be in order. They wouldn't suspect a thing when he laid the final stroke.

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Chapter 4
Dreams and Redemption

The sound of sweet music drifted around Christine's ears as she lay in a half sleepy state and sighed idly in her dreams. For once in her life she was having a good dream. A strange dream she would admit but a dream all the same.

*******DREAM SEQUENCE********

She was in field somewhere. The sun was shining down and splitting the trees around her. The golden warmth of the sun radiated from everywhere, giving her skin a gentle hue. She breathed in the freshness of the summer air and laughed gently. Turning her head she saw Erik sitting in the grass next to her. He was without his mask and smiling at something in the distance. Suddenly a little girl of about no more than seven or eight ran up to him and leaped on him sending him tumbling to the ground. He was laughing wildly as he lifted the little girl up and kissed her forehead. She giggled and he set her down before looking lovingly at her.

Christine observed the little girl. She had long dark brown hair like Erik's that flowed to the bottom of her back. Christine could make out her profile from the left side of her face. She had striking turquoise eyes that danced when she laughed. She was in fact the walking image of Erik in every possible way and for the first time in his life he was smiling widely and laughing. He was blissfully happy. She examined the way he was with this little girl. They were very close. It dawned on her then who she was. His daughter. But how? Did he find somebody new? She felt her chest tighten at that idea and tears stung at her eyes, for what reason she did not know… but maybe.. what if .. this child?... was her child too?

She had always imagined herself having a baby. She had always wanted to. She believed there was nothing more beautiful than the idea of creating a life with one whom you love and watching that child grow and flourish. She had always wanted that, but Raoul had had other plans. He had said that anything that came from her would be disgusting and tainted. So she pretty much had given up the idea of ever having a child.. but this.. this little girl. Maybe she was sign. A sign that her life was turning around. That she was to take the path to a new life. A new life with Erik. She liked this idea. The thing was however.. would he except her after everything she put him through? Time would only tell. This dream would not answer the questions for her and that little girl would remain anonymous until time chose for her to make an entrance. Taking one final glance at the happy figure of her angel she turned a left the scene.


Christine slowly opened her eyes and sat up slowly, groaning from the pain that riddled her body. She ached all over. It was not a pleasant feeling and she wanted to lie straight back down and go to sleep again. She would have, had it not been for the sound of music coming from the great organ in the main chamber of Erik's lair. The tune was familiar to her. Slow and powerful. There was no mistaking it. She would know it anywhere. The tune was that of Music of the Night, a song that she would always remember. How could she forget it? His voice had left an emotional mark on her that day. It had filled her soul with such a feeling of happiness and fulfilment she didn't think she would ever experience such a feeling again in her lifetime.

She pulled herself to the edge of the beautifully crafted swan bed and let her small porcelain feet touch the ground before attempting to stand on them. Once on her feet she wobbled a little but managed to keep her balance. Walking to the large mahogany dresser she opened it to reveal a few items of her clothing. Some she had obviously left when she left the Opera Populaire a few months back. Her room had not be damaged at all by the fire. Erik must have gone to fetch her some from the room while she was sleeping. She wasn't sure how long she had slept. There were no clocks down here and very little connection to the outside world. She supposed this was the life Erik was accustomed to considering all the ridicule he went through in his life. Timeless existence. Some of that ridicule even came from her regretfully. She shook the thoughts away and reached into the dresser and pulled out a simple dress. Nothing too fancy just something to go around in.

She dressed quickly not really sure why exactly but not slowing in the least. Once she was dressed she pulled back the curtain that draped over the entrance to where she was sleeping and went out into the main chamber. The place had not changed very much at all. It was nearly exactly as she had remembered it. To her left the large murky pool gave off the white mist as it had always done. A few things were scattered and a little less organised as it had once been but she supposed that things had not been easy for him over the past few months. They were the most loneliest months of his life she would imagine. She could see it in his eyes when he spoke to her last night. They were full of the pain and suffering he had endured since she left. After I left him behind. The words rang in her ears. It had been her who put that pain there. How in the world could he still love her?!

She made her way down the steps to where he was sitting at the magnificent organ which she knew was his prized possession. He looked so concentrated as he always did when he was playing. He seemed in a sort of trance as he went with the music that he played with such expertise. She was walking up the steps to him, a smile playing on her lips, when suddenly she stopped as the song changed and he began to sing, totally unaware of her presence. This tune was a lot more slower and had an air of sadness to it. She stood and listened to this alien song.

No one would listen
No one but her
Heard as the outcast hears..

She could hear the emotion in his voice as he continued playing this sad, almost heart breaking melody. She had never heard him put so much emotion into a song before save for during Don Juan when he was singing All I ask of you to her. She listened intently as he continued.

Shamed into solitude
Shunned by the multitude
I learned to listen
In my dark my heart heard music

I long to teach the world
Rise up and reach the world
No one would listen
I alone could hear the music

Then at last a voice in the gloom
Seemed to cry I hear you
I hear your fears
Your torment and your tears

She saw my loneliness.
Shared in my emptiness
No one would listen
No one but her
Heard as the outcast hears..

No one would listen
No one but her
Heard as the outcast hears..

The song finished and Christine couldn't help but let the tears fall down her cheeks. That song was about her. He wrote it for her. Nobody had ever written anything for her. Not since her father died anyway. She was so overcome with emotion she let out a soft sob which in turn caused Erik to jump now fully aware of her presence. He turned his head sharply and relaxed once he realised who it was. He went to smile but faltered when he saw the tears on her cheeks. He stood up and walked to her, lifting her head gently to look at him.

“Christine…… What's wrong? Are you allright?!”

She nodded shakily then wiped the tears away. She sniffled then replied:

“That song… It was beautiful….”

The colour drained from Erik's face and she was almost sure she saw him turn a shade of green. He began to fidget nervously with his hands before sitting back down at the organ. She went over and joined him, sitting on the ground next to him. He looked down at her and she noticed his content visage from a few minutes ago was gone and was replaced with a very sad one.


“That song…. “ he replied “It… well I wrote it for you.. I had never really intended you to hear it.. maybe one day.. I'm not sure.. I had planned to let you hear it had you had stayed.. but as things went I never got around to it… but.. you really like it?”

Christine sighed heavily with her head down then looked up at him with watery brown eyes.

“ Nobody has ever written anything so beautiful for me… I never knew Erik.. I never knew you felt that way…”

Erik looked at her his own eyes brimming with tears. When he spoke his voice was choked.

“I've never stopped… I couldn't…. I don't have it in me to deny you… I.. I… I cannot but feel that way for you..”

Christine was very shocked by this statement.

“How can you still….. After everything I did to you?”

Erik reached out and cupped her cheek in his hand.

“Because I forgive you…. If you can forgive me?... for everything I did to you…. Which when you put it in perspective completely justifies what you did, Christine”

Christine looked away sadly.

“Nothing could justify what I did to you. I betrayed you… for a man who it turns out never really loved me to begin with. But yes… I do forgive you… 100%... Now that I see why you did what you did… It all makes sense to me now….. I completely forgive you Erik”

She looked up again and noticed the tears that flowed on Erik's cheeks now. How was it she was the only one who could bring so much emotion out of him? He had such a steel visage and attitude towards people.. but her… he melted around her. She reached up and wiped the tears from the visible side of his face not daring to remove the mask to clean the right side. Not in fear of what was under the mask but in fear of his reaction. So she refrained from touching that side and the tears flowed freely down the side of the mask.

“So we're both forgiven then?” she asked quietly and he chuckled slightly.

“Yes,, indeed we are, mon ange… Come.. Will you sing for me?” he patted the space on the bench beside him. She smiled modestly at him and lowered her gaze.

“Oh.. I'm not sure if I can….. Its been such a long while since I sang…. Raoul wouldn't allow it…”

Erik turned to her with a partially annoyed look on his face.

“He.. wouldn't let you sing?”

Christine shook her head.

“Among other things…….. I wasn't allowed out of the house, nor was allowed socialise with anybody. I have no friends.. and he drinks. All the time. Every night. Like a ritual.. he goes out sober.. comes back drunk and decides what exactly it is that he wants to do with me tonight. Sometimes he'll just slap me around a bit. Others he'll pleasure himself with me….. I've gone past the stage of screaming anymore. No One Listens. Nobody would come. I sing sometimes. I get beaten for it but it seems worth it. Last night was the final straw. I had to escape. I managed to knock him out…. After that its just a blur. I remember waking up here…..”

Erik was seething again. The anger flashed in his eyes and he seemed to be battling with the urge to lasso Raoul de Chagny. He breathed deeply then sighed.

“I knew he was false…… I never liked that Vicompte…. I got the bad vibes off him ever since I first laid eyes on the fop.”

Christine was looking at the ground again when she said:

“I should have just let you kill him…… I was so stupid to believe that he loved me then. So stupid that I couldn't see the love that was there for me all along. The minute we moved in together he changed and I saw a side of Raoul de Chagny that I never thought possible. Possessiveness… Chauvinism… Violence… I'm lucky even to be alive….”

Erik reached out and stroked her cheek.

“Do not worry, my dear…… he will not hurt you again. He will have to go through me first and as you know from past experiences.. I'm not easy to get through….now will you sing for me?”

She raised her head this time a smile brandished on her still bruised face. Erik felt his heart tug in his rib cage at the sight of that smile.

“If my Master commands...” she said happily.

He reached out a hand to her and she took it. Before she stood however Erik spoke.

“I am not your Master…but merely your humble servant… my goddess.. “ he said reverently kissing her frail hand before helping her to stand. She smiled widely then sat beside him.

“Sing for me, my angel?”

“Only if you will play for me?”

Erik smiled this time and she couldn't help but beam at his beautiful smile. He turned to the organ then and began playing the intro to “Think Of Me” to which she smiled and began singing.

Think of me
think of me fondly,
when we've said goodbye.
Remember me
once in a while -
please promise me
you'll try.

When you find
that, once
again, you long
to take your heart back
and be free -
if you
ever find
a moment,
spare a thought
for me

We never said
our love
was evergreen,
or as unchanging
as the sea -
but if
you can still
stop and think
of me . . .

Think of all the things
we've shared and seen -
don't think about the things
which might have been . . .

Think of me,
think of me waking,
silent and

Imagine me,
trying too hard
to put you
from my mind.

Recall those days
look back
on all those times,
think of the things
we'll never do -
there will
never be
a day, when
I won't think
of you . .

We never said
our love
was evergreen,
or as unchanging
as the sea -
but please
promise me,
that sometimes
you will think of me!

She finished the final note with the same ease she had at the gala that night of her first soprano night. Erik finished playing and turned to her still smiling and a little flushed.

“My….. You still sing like an Angel….”

Christine blushed at the compliment.

“Only because I had an angelic teacher…”

Erik continued:

“If I am an angel… then it only because you made me one. You gave me my wings. Though I do not know what I did to deserve them.”

Christine took his hand and squeezed it gently.

“You loved me “

Erik bowed his head shyly and said.

“As the saying goes.. those who walk in love.. walk with the angels.. love gives you wings….”

Christine was looking at the hand in her own now.

“I like that saying… I also like your hands…”

Erik blushed now and other free hand over hers and almost silently breathed.

“ I love you Christine Daae….”

She heard him as she always did and she could not deny all the feelings that were in her ready to spill over.

“And… I love you Erik…. Erik? What is your last name?”

He smiled gently and leaned over to whisper in her ear.

“Destler.. Its Erik William Destler”

Christine smiled back at him. They were very close at this moment in time.

“Well then… I love you Erik William Destler….”

It was too much for Erik and the tears began to flow freely again as they moved in and seized the moment. Their lips met in a passionate kiss neither of them hesitating to ever let go. When the kiss ended they pulled apart and rested their foreheads together and Erik sang in no more than a whisper.

“ Wildly my mind bet against me……”

“… But your soul obeyed “ finished Christine and she looked down at their entwining fingers. Erik's gaze drifted to where she was looking and he sighed, Never in his life had he dreamt of ever getting this close to this woman. As much as he loved her he had never believed she would truly be his. But now all those doubts were erased. She loved him.. and God did he love her. He knew this time that she meant it too. She loved him. He thought his heart would soar the heavens. He finally spoke.

“I guess the soul is always right then, hmmm? I'm glad.. because I surely would have gone mad without you my love…”

“Mad?” asked Christine, the innocence clear in her voice.

“You are my very sustaining force, Christine… without you well.. I don't function. I'm forever bound to you… It is my fate…”
“Forever” was all that Christine could manage to breathe.

Erik regarded this simple word with an arched eyebrow.

“Forever… that's a very long time…. Do you think you could stick me that long?”

“I would spend eternity with you….. because now I see the truth behind the lines… I have always loved you.. I was momentarily blinded by Raoul and his faux promises.. but its clear to me now where my heart truly lies. Here with you.”

At that Erik only kissed the top of her head and pulled her into his arms. For once in his sorry life he was blissfully happy.

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Chapter 5

On the other side of Paris…..

The door of the weapons store jingled as the tall, long haired stranger walked into its small, claustrophobic space. The shop stunk of body odour and gun powder and it was a wonder that a man of his position and heritage would be found in such a place. He gazed around the room and saw the scruffy store owner cleaning the barrel of his shot gun. He was an old man, tall and thin with bony fingers that clutched the gun barrel, holding it in an upright position so he could clean out any access gun powder. He snorted gently puffing lightly on the cigar that hung from his lips and humming an off-key tune to himself.

Raoul De Chagny approached the desk, a coy smile on his face as he laid a hand on the desk, in front of the shop keeper. The old scruffy man looked up from where he was and raised an inquisitive eyebrow at the unusual figure of The Vicompte in his shop… especially this kind of shop. Raoul smiled at him wickedly and walked slowly up to the desk. He proceeded to take out a wallet and slap a wad of money onto the counter.

The old man stared at the wad of cash wide eyed and slowly set down his gun with shaky hands and acknowledged the well dressed stranger by nodding his head in a respectful fashion. Raoul tapped the desk with his fingers and leaned forward as if to whisper in the man ear.

“I want the best gun you can sell me… and enough bullets for a couple of rounds.. please”

The old man nodded slowly then replied:

“Well.. that's depends what you plan to use it for, Monsieur…”

To kill that worthless good for nothing monster that has my Christine.. was the first thought that ran through the Vicomptes head but he answered in a more friendly manner to the curios shop keep.

“I.. uh… I am going on a hunting trip with my father and I was looking for the best kind of gun to shoot… pheasants with…”

“Ah! Well you'll be needing this then!”

The old man reached under the desk and pulled out a single barrel shotgun and laid it in front of the young Vicompte who eyes now took on a beastly gleam. He ran his nimble fingers along the silver barrel of the gun and nodded, satisfied. This was exactly what he needed to make them pay. And they WOULD pay.. dearly. Nobody stole from Raoul De Chagny… not without paying the price. He pushed the wad of cash towards the man and said with a sly smile crawling up his cheeks:

“I'll take it….”


The underground lair of the Opera Populaire…

Erik and Christine had been singing all evening. They were so wrapped up in their music, they hadn't even noticed how many hours had passed since they had begun. It was just one of the many things they had in common. They were both effected by music in such a big way. Music captivated them.. enthralled them. For Erik, music was the secret sanctuary to his soul.. and for Christine it was her way of escaping the harsh reality of her life with Raoul. Without music she was sure she would have cracked up under the controlling eye of the ever demanding Raoul. The day he had taken her music from her had been the worst day of her life. He had forbidden her one last connection to her Erik. He had taken away all that was Christine Daae. He had broken her resolve and trodden on her heart. Much like she had done to Erik in the past.

She cursed herself for her mistreating of the one man who cherished her more than anything else in his life. Her teacher… The man who made her everything she was. How could she have done that to him? What insanity had driven her to think that Raoul De Chagny had loved her? Erik had told her that he understood completely and that even he had been fooled for a while. That had calmed her guilt for a while, knowing that he had been tricked by his false promises of love and devotion. It still however could not totally kill it completely. A single stray tear fell down her cheek and her voice trailed off.

Erik turned to her questioningly and saw the tears. His fingers fell hard on the keys deadening another note. He flinched. Second time he had done that in two days. How very unprofessional of him. It wasn't like him but then there would good reasons for these mistakes. He slowly lifted his clumsy fingers from the keys and took Christine's hand in his own with a concerned look and tugged it gently, gesturing for her to sit down again. She did so and he lifted her chin to look at him and he saw the watery tears that willed to spill over, dancing in her brown orbs.


Christine laughed gently, wiped away the tears on her cheeks and smiled at him.

“Oh.. I-It's nothing… I just got emotional is all… With everything that's happened… and with my memories…”

Erik arched his visible eyebrow.

“Your memories… what memories?”

Christine's smile faltered and she sighed heavily.

“ I don't want to burden you with the past.. it would be a hindrance…”

Erik squeezed her hand in his and she could see the love radiating from his eyes as he said gently.

“You could never be a hindrance to me, mon ange… not ever. You can tell me anything.. you know that”

“I just don't want to remind you of bad times…” said Christine…

Erik cupped her cheek in his hand and met her eyes with his own, in a loving gesture. He smiled gently at her and began to stroke the cheek with his thumb.

“They are no longer bad times… because they are behind us. If you need to talk about them I will always listen. You can tell me. That's what I'm here for. I'm here for you.. as I always have been. Please.. Do not be afraid to tell me things, Christine..”

Christine strained a small smile and began to tell him of what was on her mind:

“I was just remembering the way I treated you in the past. I still feel guilty about how I betrayed you. It baffles me as to how you could still be so close to me after everything I did. I do not deserve all this love you give me. I am not worthy of it. I do not deserve you.”

Erik features shifted to a look of utter disbelief.

“You.. do not deserve.. me?... Oh, my dear, very much on the contrary. It is, I, who does not deserve your love. I cannot help but still think that I forced you into loving me. And to think that I did that to you, well, It is not a nice feeling… but you should not feel guilty for anything that happened back then, Christine. It was my jealous nature that drove you to do what you did. I was so callous and cruel and I frightened you. I did not consider the feelings of you or of those of the people around me. I wanted your love so badly.. I wanted you.. but I couldn't have you. And that drove me slightly mad. After seeing you on the roof with the Vicompte… his proclamation of love… I well… Instead of excepting your choice I tried to make you choose me. And it wasn't a very fair choice. Because well.. when I made you choose between us… either way you would lose…”

He had his head down all the time when he was saying this and only looked up when he was finished. He now saw Christine… with her hand to her mouth, as pale as winter snow with tears falling down her cheeks. She spoke in a quivering voice..

“Y-You… were there…. You heard me agree to marry him?...”

Erik nodded slowly and sadly.

“I was behind the statue of Apollo's Lyre. I heard everything…”

“I'm so sorry…. God, Erik… I'm so very sorry!” she said and buried her head in her hands and wept. Erik immediately pulled her forward into his arms and kissed the top of her head. There she stayed cradled in his arms as he soothed away her guilt.

“No… No… Angel, please don't cry… It is done now… I have forgotten it. Those times have past. It is nothing but a faint memory now. You can't live like this. You must let go of the past. I will admit until you came back I was holding on to it with every ounce of strength in me. But now that you have returned to me.. all that is gone. I have let go and you must too. If you wish to lead a happy life then you must.”

Christine looked up at him with sad eyes and said:

“How?... How do you let go of guilt, Erik.. I don't know how…”

He stood then with a thoughtful look on his face and walked towards the water's edge. She followed him with her eyes as he spoke.

“ Guilt is an emotion I can safely say, I know quite a bit about. Half my life was lived in guilt. Guilt I would never show but that was always there in the back of my mind. Haunting me. The spirits of those I killed. I may have never seemed to show any remorse towards those I killed but in truth, I never got any pleasure in it. I did it because I had to. For self preservation, you see? You ask me.. how do you let it go?.. My initial answer would be: Forget about it.. but there are just some things..”

“-you can never let go of… “ finished Christine.

Erik careened his neck to look back at her and smiled before turning back to the water and looking out across its depths. Its murky depths with contained many unseen horrors.

“Exactly… but you see for you there is forgiveness. Forgiveness is the key to letting go. I could never really let go.. not until you forgave me. Now everything I did is not such a guilt anymore but a distant memory of a bad past. It should be the same for you. I can forgive you.. but you also must learn to forgive yourself.. like I have.”

Christine got to her feet and walked to him slipping her arms around his back and lay her head on his shoulder. He tensed at first but immediately relaxed in her arms after a few seconds, relishing in her touch. He had never gotten so close to her in his life. He couldn't believe how relaxed she was with him. He let out a contented sigh as they stood there with the mist from the lake swirling around their feet. Erik had never been this happy in his life.

“Oh Christine…..” he breathed, clutching her tiny hands in his own nimble pianist fingers and rubbing them gently. She spoke:

“ Thank you so much…”

Erik had his eyes closed now as he spoke.

“For what?”

“For helping me…. And for forgiving me… and most importantly loving me…”

Erik breathed out heavily and turned to her, resting his forehead against her own.

“To help you Christine is an honour… To forgive you, simplicity in itself… and to love you.. but this time have you return it… one of God's greatest gifts. You are a gift of the angels.”

Christine blushed slightly and said:

“And you, monsieur are quite the poet..”

Erik gave her a witty smile.

“Every musician, my love, is a poet.. now.. what would you like to do?”

Christine gave him a questioning look.


Erik stepped back and began to fidget with his hands. He seemed uncomfortable in what he was about to ask.

“Well… we can't stay down here all the time.. It isn't healthy for you.. Um.. I'm used to it down here.. the lack of light. But you well.. you.. you're not. And I was thinking… we could.. go somewhere.. maybe?”

A smile lifted on Christine's lips.

“Are you asking me on a… date.. Erik?”

He suddenly went very red.

“Well.. uh… yes.. I suppose one could call it that… I didn't want it to come across as imposing..”

Christine was smiling broadly now.

“ No.. not imposing. I'm touched… that you are willing to go outside…among people… for me…despite your fears.”

“ I would do anything to make you happy… and besides.. I feel safe with you. I don't feel as if I have to hide.”

She reached towards him again and took his hand in hers and squeezed it gently.

“I accept.”

And with that she leaned forward and removed the mask from the right side of his face, he immediately went to cover it but she caught his hand in mid air and pulled it and him towards her and gently kissed the marred side of his face. She could hear the breath catch in Erik's throat and pulled back to see the tears falling freely down his face.
“H-How… c-can.. you?.. How can you… do that?” he asked in a choked, highly emotional voice.

Christine reached up and stroked the side that she kissed. He trembled under her touch and more tears drenched her hand.

“It does not frighten me anymore.. I love you Erik.. I love every part of you. Including this.” She said indicating his deformity. “You do not need to hide it from me. Not ever. There is no need for you to hide behind the mask. Not around me. I accept you.. and I accept who you are. I love you Erik. I love you.”

Erik was shaking now with all the emotion he felt from such a simple gesture of affection.

“But…. How can you? After everything…. How can you even bare to look on me in love?”

Christine still held onto his hand as she spoke.

“Because… Because I always have Erik…Ever since the kiss”

Erik eyes went wide and he looked her straight in the eyes, a mixture of confusion and love in his eyes.

“ But.. you left! If you loved me why would you leave?”

“Because I was frightened….”

Erik was extremely confused and more than a little ticked off now.

“Frightened? Of what? I would never have hurt you! You know that! I love you! I would never-!”

Christine was now looking at the ground as she said quietly:

“Not of you….”

The confusion was plaguing Erik's mind now as he tried to work out what it was she was trying to say. If she had loved him back then, then surely she would have stayed. But she didn't. She left him and put him through months of torture. Denied him… and left him for dead. He had forgiven her but this sudden confession had his brain addled.

“If not of me.. then what?...or who..?”

“Of Raoul… he hadn't raised a hand to me at this point but he had a temper beyond reckoning. And I was frightened of him. I still believed he loved me at that point and I felt for him back but after the kiss… well lets say I had never felt that way before. Whenever Raoul kissed me.. it was nice but when I kissed you. The passion.. the love coursing through my veins.. was breathtaking. I loved you from that moment.”

Fresh tears of confusion fell down Erik's cheeks.

“Then why did you go?”

“ Because you told me to… I thought you wanted me to go. Raoul would not have reacted well anyway. I just thought it was for the best. So as much as it hurt to leave.. I did because it seemed like the right thing to do at the time. I knew you loved me but I couldn't bring myself to defy Raoul. I was afraid of how he would react. What he would do…”

Erik had stopped crying at this point and was looking at her, his expression still full of the love he had for her. His aggravation and confusion was gone now and all he could do is love. He moved closer to her again and pulled her into his arms.

“I would have defended you from him… and you were always welcome here. I would never have denied you. There was no need to be afraid. I would have protected you. Just as I am now.”

Christine let out a tearless sob into his chest.

“Can you ever forgive me?”

“I already have… “

He lifted her head to meet his gaze and kissed her passionately on the lips gently spinning her in his arms in the process. She let out a girlish giggle and her set her down with a smile, kissing her forehead.

“ Mademoiselle… does one desire to change for dinner?”

She smiled gently then curtseyed.

“Oui Monsieur!”

He leaned in and kissed her gently again before she ran off to get changed for their meal together. He watched her go into the room and sighed heavily. It was a contented sigh. He the turned back to the lake and reached into his jacket pocket, producing a small velvet box. He opened it to reveal a beautiful silver ring adorned with three white stones. It was a ring he had purchased himself with some money he had put aside from the collections he got from Monsieur Lefevre. His eyes moved up to the bare mannequin that once held the dress he had planned to be Christine's wedding dress. He would have to get her a new one if she excepted his proposal.

He found himself becoming very nervous. In a very short space of time everything he had ever dreamed of was coming true! He smiled happily to himself, bent down and picked up the mask that had fallen to the ground when she had removed it and headed to get changed.

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Chapter 6
Contemplations of an Angel

Christine stood in front of the mirror observing herself. She was a mere shadow of the person she had been only months ago. The young girl who once sang like an angel on the stage of The Opera Populaire, was long gone now. That confident young thing, who was raised in the love of music, and taught to sing by an angel, was now a broken and bruised wreck. She ran her nimble, malnourished fingers along the beautiful black velvet of the dress that hung perfectly on her thin frame. This dress had been a gift from her Angel. It was a very beautiful dress. It's crushed raven black velvet came up to the nape of her neck in the from of a intricate bodice that was embroidered with silk thread in the form of roses that ran form the top to the end of the skirt that flowed to her ankles accentuating her small form. The sleeves fell from the elbows in a medieval style and flowed behind her when she walked.

Her long brown curls were pulled back from her face and held back by a single rose adorned with a black ribbon. The trademark of her and Erik's love. She had managed to hide the bruise on her face with some makeup. She was quite proud of herself. She had managed to cover it up really well. She couldn't remember the last time she had, had a reason to dress up. Whenever she had tried to look pretty for Raoul he would always ignore it or put her down, throwing her awful comments. If not that then he would become aroused by it and would put her through a night of pain. So she refrained from ever dressing in any way elegantly. She wore the plainest dresses and covered up almost completely. It was better to be plain and unattractive than to have to go through another one of those nights.

Her thoughts drifted to all that she had gone through. She remembered the first time he had raised a hand to her. From the moment she moved into the De Chagny household she noticed a change in him. She often passed it off saying it was just stress on his part. It was only after the first blow that she knew it was much more than that. She had merely said how nice it would be to revisit the Opera House again and he took the completely wrong way and start accusing her of wanting to go back to Erik. She hadn't even thought of that and before she could explain herself he called her a two timing whore and hit her full force across the face. He had been stone cold sober at the time so there was no way she could blame drink on his actions. He was violent, possessive and cruel and she took everything he through at her for such a long time. Then she snapped.

Now here she was, in the one place that a few months ago she feared with all she had in her. It was strange how things just seemed to completely exchange places. It was ironic how the one man she believed actually loved her was a cold hearted woman beater and the man who she feared was actually the most loving man in the world. And who turned out to be the man she loved over all else in her life. She never knew she had it in her to love Erik the way she did but God, did she love him. She thought he was one of the most admirable people she had ever met. Not only was he a genius, he also had the most amazing ability to forgive so freely. It was because of his willingness to forgive that she had forgiven him. And now for the first time in months she was happy. Erik made her happy in so many ways that it was almost impossible to explain.

She had been touched by the fact that he was willing to face the world for her. He was willing leave the safety of his lair and go into the outer world. He had told her she gave him that courage. It was an honour to think that she was the one who could give him that mind of confidence. It touched her a lot more than he ever would know. For so many years Erik had been safe down in the underground of the opera house. He had only ever emerged when he needed to make an example or to see her sing. Her. It was her who brought him out of his shell. She had no idea how or why but this man thrived when she was in his life.

She had also noted a change in herself since arriving here. She had been smiling a lot. The headaches she had been having before were gone and she was beginning to express emotions she would have never of expressed in the presence of Raoul lest she be beaten by him. He hated her to cry. He would become furious at times and call her a self pitying wench. He often said she was attention seeking and that she was trying to tarnish his name. Trying to make him look bad. In her opinion He was doing a fine job of that all by himself. She had blurted that out once and had regretted the minute the words left her mouth. He had come so very close to killing her that night. He had dragged her by the hair to the large fireplace and would have dunked her head into the flaming embers were it not for a maid knocking on the door to inform them that evening tea was ready. That maid would never know how she had saved her life that night.

She had cried out for Erik that night. She screamed his name into the heavens not caring how much pain Raoul would inflict on her for it. She hadn't cared. He shook her so hard yet she didn't cease in her pleas to her angel. Erik didn't come but she hadn't expected him to. He had been too far away to hear and she felt a world of pain as the cold moon mocked her through the slit in the curtains of the master bedroom. She knew deep down that Erik would kill Raoul if he saw him. There would be no denying it and in a way she didn't care. She almost found pleasure on that thought. That man deserved everything he got and more. She knew Erik wanted to make him pay dearly. She could see the flame of anger willing to boil over when they spoke of him. Erik would get his revenge one way or the other. If not by killing him then by some method.

Christine shook herself from her deep thoughts and ran a frail hand over her face. She shuddered from the thoughts and memories that surged through her very form. Raoul de Chagny was the monster yet he had been so blatant as to call her beloved Erik such a thing. Erik had done bad things in his life.. due to poor judgement but that did not make him a monster. He did what he believed to be right at the time. That did not make him a monster. Monsieur De Chagny was the monster. He hurt and maimed for his own pleasure. Erik killed but only when it was necessary. There was a vast difference.

She took one final glance in the mirror before smoothing out her skirts and leaving the room. Tonight was the night she let go of all that was her and Raoul De Chagny. He had never loved her.. or if he ever did he stopped along time ago. She had stopped loving him a long LONG time ago. Nobody would own Christine Daae. Raoul had tried to but no more. She was with a man who loved her for the person she was. Who viewed her as a real woman who deserves to be loved not some piece of cold unfeeling meat that is owned. Erik did not own her… he idolised her. He had said that himself. he thought he was unworthy of her, and that hurt her a little.. to think that her beloved angel, who had trained her to sing and who sculpted her voice believed that he was not worthy of her. In her opinion she was not worthy of him. She smiled inwardly to herself. For the first time in her life, she felt that she truly belonged. She felt loved.

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Chapter 7
The Resolution

Erik stood at the beautifully crafted organ that was his prized possession. This organ had gotten him through a lot of tough times. Without it he believed his music wouldn't be as good as it was. This instrument meant a lot to him. More than anyone would ever know. It may have been silly of him to love an inanimate object but he was proud of what he had created. Yes, he had created it with his own bare hands from various materials that he had found around the catacombs of the opera house when he was but a teenager. It had taken him nearly a year to craft it and he ran into a few problems but in the end he created the first beautiful thing in his life. It was from then that music became a big thing in his life. Music was everything to him for a good time.. It still was to think of it. It was through his music that he met the love of his life and it was through music that he had crafted her voice. Made her song take wings to add to her angelic persona.

He ran his fingers along the keys of the magnificent instrument, and smiled to himself at the slight humming noise that emanated about the cavern. For whatever reason he did not know, he felt the strong urge to play and he sat down and stretched his nimble fingers across the keys in his fashion and began to play. What came out was the Overture to Phantom of The Opera. He smiled inwardly to himself remembering how this had been one of the first pieces he had ever written. He had been barely eighteen when he wrote it.. just becoming the man he was today. He wasn't nearly as skilled as he was now but he had managed to write this instrumental. It was this piece that gave his claim to fame as it were. The infamous title of “The Phantom of the Opera”, the merciless ghost who supposedly haunted the Opera Populaire. In truth he was no more than a disfigured composer who was shunned by the world and its cruelties. Who was forced to hide away in the bowls of this theatre in order to survive.

He had left the Opera house only once in his life. When he went to Persia. He had been about nineteen or twenty at that time. It was in Persia that he met Nadir, his good friend and Daroga. The two had not been on good terms to begin with and Nadir had attempted to kill him and vice versa but they managed to sort things out in the end. It was also in Persia he got his beloved cat, Ayesha. She had been his only companion for a very long time. He treasured her company and would have been lost without her but nothing compared to the companionship of another human being. He had longed for one whom would love him ever since he was a boy.

As things were, that love never really came. People just couldn't except him the way he was. In the fair he had been milked for his talents but beaten for everything else. During his five hell –like years there he had shut himself off from the world. He became somewhat emotionless. He was the little boy without a heart. The little who nobody wanted. The child with a devil's face and an angel's song. Not even his own mother would except him. Katherina Destler was a cold, unloving and materialistic woman who was as judgemental as he was deformed. She hated him from the moment she laid eyes on him. She was a young widow with a lot of hate in her heart. His father as far as he knew had died before he was born when Katherina had been 6 months pregnant. She became something of a cynic after the death of the young musician.

He had inherited his fathers musical talents, his voice and an apparent elegance and grace that he had possessed. He inherited nothing but bad traits from HER. Jealousy, Obsession, Cynicism and an unsightly fiery temper. None of these traits he was proud of but in truth they were part of what made up the man he was. He knew Christine would have him no other way and anything that made her love him was completely fine with him. Besides, nobody was perfect.

Except for Christine……

The thought of her sent a chill of pleasure down his spine and he smiled gently to himself. How was it she could make him so happy. Love was that way he supposed. He was in truth the slave of love and all its purest gifts. It was his weakness. His drug. He was love's addict and he didn't care. He loved love and he loved Christine and there was nothing that was going to change that. How could he not love this woman? She was all he lived for. She ruled his world. She was his goddess and he her ever obedient servant. Love's fool was who he was and he didn't care. He was her fool and always would be. He finished the final note and ceased playing. He heard a small sigh and turned slowly in his graceful manner. What he saw caught his breath in his throat and he felt tears sting at the back of his eyes.

There in front of him stood a vision of utter beauty and purity. His angel who was looking so captivating no words could describe how beautiful she truly was. He stood shakily to his face and moved towards her a look of shock and amazement on his features. He stood within a few inches from her now.

“Ange…. May I say.. you look absolutely… stunning tonight”

She smiled sweetly and turned a light shade of crimson. How was it that he could reduce her to the colour of a strawberry with a single compliment? She felt something stir in the pit of her stomach as her reached out and lifted her head to look at him. A shiver of pleasure and love went down her spine as he pressed his lips gently and softly against hers in a tender yet passionate kiss. She moved closer into the kiss and she felt his hand slip gently around her waist rubbing small affectionate circles on the small of her back. His other hand went up and entwined in the loose strands of her hair and she again shuddered in his arms. She reached up and stroked the visible side of his face. He sighed gently and opened his eyes. Turquoise meeting deep brown. He had the most beautiful eyes she had ever seen. Deep and meaningful full of the emotion that he portrayed in the music that he wrote. The beautiful, unique music that No one but her and him would ever fully understand.

She pulled back a bit from the kiss and surveyed her handsome lover. He was dressed in an outfit not unlike what he was wearing the night they had first met person to person. The night he had brought her into his world of endless yet beautiful night. The night he had shared with her the splendid gift of The Music of The Night. That was the night she really fell in love with him although she had not really realized it. It was the kiss which had sent her blood racing and her heart yearning for him. How it broke her heart to leave him that night. How she walked away from him she would never know. You don't just share a life shattering kiss like that with someone as special as Erik and just walk away unscathed. They had left an emotional scar on each others hearts that night and little did they know but that kiss had merged their souls and made them one. Destiny had planned it long ago for them. They were soul mates and nothing on earth could change that. Not even if they wanted it to.

Erik had known long before Christine the extremities of their love. He had been the one who had really brought it to the frontline. She had been reluctant and resistant at first but nothing could deny her heart and the love that was lying dormant within her. With that single kiss that flame was lit and any doubts quenched. If only the overpowering fear of Raoul's possessive nature hadn't overridden that and crushed it. That night had been the best and yet the worst night of her life. She had loved and yet lost all at the same time. She knew she had made the wrong choice. She was just so lucky that Erik was as forgiving as he was, or she would have had no idea as what she would have done. He had taken her in with open arms. It was now that she realised how much he did love her. he loved with his whole self. Much more than Raoul could even have imagined of.

Erik kissed the top of her forehead snapping her out of her reverie and she looked up at him with a gentle, content smile. He raised his hand and stroked the side of her face before kissing her tenderly again and moved back not letting go of her hand. She followed him as he led her to where the gondola. He only let go of her hand to reach down and take up his cloak which he swooped around his shoulders in a way that made Christine get a tingly feeling at the pit of her stomach. Everything this man did captivated and enthralled her. He took her hand gently and kissed it gently before moving towards her again. He then produced a long stemmed blood red rose with the trademark black ribbon and handed it to her. She smiled widely at him and said;

“ Oh mon dieu!... What is the occasion , monsieur?”

He beamed at her lovingly and stated.


With that he took her hand and helped her into the gondola. She sat and he fetched the gondola pole and stepped in himself and pushed the small boat off across the lake. Tonight was a big night for them both but only Erik knew why. Tonight would change their lives forever.


Raoul de Chagny hid behind on of the huge pillars that made up the huge entrance to the Opera Populaire. The once magnificent building that was lit up every night was now a charred ruin. The windows were all broken and stains of the tremendous fire were evident on their hollow frames. The doors were boarded up and a WARNING barrier was placed at the front. The building was obviously a hazard and by the looks of things to the young Vicompte the large structure was about ready to collapse in on itself. He scoffed. Not like it would be much of a loss. That building had caused him nothing but grief and on top of that it belonged to that damned monster. Maybe if it was finally gone it would take that worthless wretch of an Opera Ghost with it and Christine would have no choice but to come back to him.

He knew it would not be that easy but he couldn't help but wonder. He reached down and ran his thin, callous fingers along the silver barrel of his holstered shotgun and smiled wickedly. One way or the other that shadow hugging monster would pay for his insolence. He had something the Vicompte wanted and as sure as hell he was going to pay dearly for it.

I'll blow his bloody brains out… One carefully placed bullet.. that's all it takes… Just one single bullet.

A noise across from him shook the Vicompte out of his violent musings. He looked up and growled viscously at what he saw. That monster and Christine coming down the ruined steps of the decimated Opera House. He had to fight the rage within himself to stop form running out there and shooting them both stone dead. He was seething. That wench. That whoring waste of space. How dare she do this to him! The anger building inside of him now was enough to make him explode. They would both pay dearly for this insult to him and his family name. To cross a De Chagny is to sleep on a bed of nails. He gave a frustrated grunt and stormed off. He would get them again when the time was right. Now was not that time.


Erik snapped his head around as soon as he heard the noise. He looked left and right before looking back to the face of his Christine. She had a apprehensive look on her face and he couldn't help but squeeze her hand gently to reassure her that everything was fine. Whatever it was, was gone now. Probably just a cat. He took her hand and led her down the steps of the burnt out Opera House not unlike the way he had when he had brought her down to the lair that faithful night almost a year ago now. He was even dressed similarly. She smiled at him as he began to hum the tune to Phantom of The Opera, squeaking girlishly when he lifted her from the bottom step and spun her gently and kissed her.

When he pulled back she had her fingers entwined in his hair and all he could do was smile and kiss her forehead. They were in heaven. All their dreams were coming true all at once and it seemed that nothing could shatter this perfect little dream they were living. There was no interference from the Vicompte and personally Christine was glad. She didn't want to have to deal with him now. He was too much of a over reactor. He always made things worse wherever he was and this, what her and Erik had was not a thing she wanted him involved in. He would destroy it like everything else he had in life. He had broken, beaten and destroyed all that was good in her and left her a timid, flameless shell. It was only now that she was with a man that loved her with everything he had in him that that flame was rekindling. The thought that Raoul could do those things to her.. after all they had been through together. After she had given up her angel for him.. to please him. After she promised to be his forever. She had loved him and he had gone a trod all over her like that. She wouldn't lie that she had been heartbroken. Soon that heartache transformed into full blown hatred for a man who once could make her smile with just one glance. She felt very betrayed. Everything they had was a lie. She still couldn't understand how he could have done the things he did. She suddenly felt a wave of sadness come over her and she couldn't stop the single tear that fell down her cheek.

Erik looked to his beautiful angel now and was taken aback by the sudden sadness that had enveloped her. He felt a lump catch in his throat at the sight of the single tear. It killed him to see her in pain. He felt her pain. When she cried, he cried. When she laughed, his heart soared. They were so very connected it was almost as if they were one person now. He reached out and tenderly wiped the stray tear away with his thumb.

“Ange?” he asked in a small, almost whispered voice “ Are you allright?”

Her head was lowered when she shook it and she began to weep profusely. Erik felt as if he was going to break down himself. The sight of her just standing there so small and helpless, crying so heavily, was breaking his heart. He moved towards her and wrapped his arms around her knowing exactly what it was that had her this way. That Vicompte. He had been waiting for this. He had gone through it himself. The feeling of rejection and worthlessness. The man had broken her heart. She had loved him and he had treated her like a piece of dirt. Erik could understand what that must have done to her. He knew the feeling.. maybe not in the same way but he knew what it felt like to feel betrayed and alone.

It hurt and that fop had done her more damage than she had ever experienced in her life. Christine was not accustomed to that kind of treatment. She was such a delicate little thing who needed to be treated with care and gentleness. Subjecting her to the kind of abuse that Raoul had was like taking a china doll and smashing it on a stone floor. It damaged her. She wasn't able for that kind of aggressiveness. She was wounded physically and emotionally and it would take a lot of tender loving care to restore her to the woman she once was and Erik would dedicate himself to doing just that. He had done it once before. He would do it again. It was his job as her Angel of Music. He protected her, sheltered her and most importantly he gave her the love she deserved. Hw would rebuild her resolve and heal her wounds. It may take a long time but he was dedicated to her. She was worth every second of that time. Besides she was the centre of his universe. She meant the earth, moon and stars to him. He needed her as much as she needed him. They would get through this together. He gently soothed away her tears as he stroked her head and littered light kisses over the top of her head.

“Shhh… My beloved.. It is allright.. I know.. I know it hurts. I know what you are going through… You don't have to worry about him.. I'm here now.. I won't let him hurt you. Not ever. He is your past. There is a future for you…”

With these words he pulled back and looked her straight in the eyes, and got down on one knee and took out the small black velvet box.

“Right here….. Christine Daae… Will you marry me?”

Christine stood looking at him dumbfounded for a moment. She moved her eyes from his face that was twisted into an loving yet worried look and the ring that sparkled brightly like a night star under the dim lights of the lanterns in the cobbled streets. Had Erik just asked her to marry him? She felt the tears spill over onto her cheeks as she let out a little laugh. She couldn't believe it.. her Erik had just proposed to her. She didn't even have to think of the answer.

“Oh Erik! Of course I will Angel!”

With that Erik let out a ecstatic cry and got to his feet and kissed her passionately, spinning her around in the process. When they pulled away they bought had tears flowing down their cheeks and they kissed each other repeatedly before Erik finally moved back to place the ring on her finger. She smiled, still crying and said in almost a whisper.

“Oh Erik.. It's beautiful ..”

Erik smiled gently and stated simply:

“A beautiful ring.. for a beautiful lady… my future bride…”

He said the last few words in a choked voice and she leaned into kiss him again. There lips met gently and they pulled back a bit. They lingered for a moment longer before Christine began to sing.

“ Say you'll share with me
One Love… One Lifetime..
Say The words and I will follow you..
Share each day with me
Each night…Each morning
Anywhere you go
Let me go too…
That's All I Ask Of You….”

Erik's sighed heavily and with a shaky emotional voice continued.

“Say You Love me…”

“Of course I do”

Their voices came together in the reprise in a beautiful harmony as teacher and protégé finally completed the song that until now was always unfinished.

“ Anywhere you go Let me Go Too!
Love me… That's All I Ask Of you!”

There lips met again in a final kiss that sealed the proposal. For the first time in what seemed like an age for both of them they were blissfully happy. Christine was going to be Mrs. Christine Destler and by just saying two simple words would make Erik the happiest man on earth. She knew now she had made the right decision. Erik would love her for eternity. She got butterflies at the thought of growing old in the arms of her beloved. Suddenly her thought turned back to the dream she had… maybe that little girl was truly their daughter. She felt more tears flow at the thought. Their baby… their little girl.

I guess its true what they say, she thought, Dreams really can become reality…

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