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5x13 - 30 Seconds
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Author:  DestinySky [ 04/06/06 16:59 ]
Post subject:  5x13~30 Seconds

oh oh|! the "my gramma went to __________ and all i got was this bib"

Author:  UMgirl [ 04/07/06 04:28 ]
Post subject:  5x13~30 Seconds


Author:  destinyros2005 [ 04/07/06 13:50 ]
Post subject:  5x13~30 Seconds

:lmfao :lmfao

Author:  destinyros2005 [ 04/20/06 11:59 ]
Post subject:  5x13~30 Seconds


Mia Maestro Guest Stars as Nadia

"30 Seconds" - Sloane is distressed to learn that Prophet Five's cure for Nadia is just as likely to kill her. Meanwhile, the search for Anna Espinosa continues, Rambaldi's prophetic Page 47 resurfaces, and Sydney offers Renie a job at APO, on "Alias," WEDNESDAY, MAY 3 (8:00-9:00 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network.

"Alias" stars Jennifer Garner as Sydney Bristow, Victor Garber as Jack Bristow, Ron Rifkin as Arvin Sloane, Carl Lumbly as Marcus Dixon, Kevin Weisman as Marshall Flinkman, Balthazar Getty as Thomas Grace, Rachel Nichols as Rachel Gibson, Ilodie Bouchez as Renie Rienne and Amy Acker as Kelly Peyton.

Guest starring are Mia Maestro as Nadia, Angus Macfadyen as Joseph Ehrmann, Jay Huguley as Doctor Mark, Ismail Bashey as Mr. Halbe, Jeremy Guskin as Moritz Koller and Amrapali Ambegaokar as female worker.

"30 Seconds" was written by Alison Schapker & Monica Breen and directed by Frederick E.O. Toye.

From: ABC Medianet

Author:  UMgirl [ 04/20/06 13:04 ]
Post subject:  5x13~30 Seconds

Don't care about this episode. No Vaughn, no Hannah-caring.

Author:  DestinySky [ 04/21/06 05:57 ]
Post subject:  5x13~30 Seconds

Cool! Nadia!

Author:  destinyros2005 [ 04/22/06 08:43 ]
Post subject:  5x13~30 Seconds

I wonder what exactly Sloane has to do to finally get the cure of Nadia.

Poor Hannah. :hug

Author:  UMgirl [ 04/22/06 16:17 ]
Post subject:  5x13~30 Seconds

Whack someone? Give up something/someone? Sydney? Jack?

Erm, yeah... pity me! LOL I need to be pitied... I can't believe I let a television show piss me off to this extent, but ah, well... I never am indifferent to anything.

Author:  DestinySky [ 04/22/06 20:41 ]
Post subject:  5x13~30 Seconds

i miss nadia and weiss. thaey were adorable together.

Author:  UMgirl [ 04/23/06 07:28 ]
Post subject:  5x13~30 Seconds

Reallly? I love Weiss, but... Nadia's pointlessness bugged...

Author:  destinyros2005 [ 04/23/06 15:32 ]
Post subject:  5x13~30 Seconds

I liked Nadia and Weiss together. Cute. But I do agree that all and all, Nadia was pretty much unnessecary, IMO.

Author:  UMgirl [ 04/23/06 15:46 ]
Post subject:  5x13~30 Seconds

I guess since wifey died they needed someone to make Sloane human?

Author:  DestinySky [ 04/24/06 07:41 ]
Post subject:  5x13~30 Seconds

meh. i thought she was cool. someone elseto keep syd grounded since she doesnt ahve willand francie anymor

Author:  UMgirl [ 04/24/06 11:51 ]
Post subject:  5x13~30 Seconds

I guess that works... it still came out of nowhere. I mean when they introduced her I expected her to be the chick in the Prophecy, but nothing...

Author:  DestinySky [ 04/25/06 07:48 ]
Post subject:  5x13~30 Seconds

meh. JJ couldnt answer any questions otherwise we might be happy with a season

Author:  destinyros2005 [ 04/25/06 13:42 ]
Post subject:  5x13~30 Seconds

Sounds like another show we know, huh Kay?

Author:  DestinySky [ 04/25/06 16:43 ]
Post subject:  5x13~30 Seconds

several infact lol

Author:  destinyros2005 [ 04/26/06 15:15 ]
Post subject:  5x13~30 Seconds


Author:  UMgirl [ 04/26/06 15:51 ]
Post subject:  5x13~30 Seconds

Erm, yeah...

By the way, just in case you wondered 'cause really I KNOW you did 'cause I did (and, really, this is total Hannah sarcasm here... just dripping it with it), VG is quoted as saying in the new Alias Magazine that he went to the dude who plays Grace and said "You're too popular!" The hell? He is? Since when? Grace isn't popular at all.

And, he also so tried to minimize Vaughn by playing up Grace. Asshat!


I'm bitter... and, really this is the wrong thread, but I didn't realize it until I posted. LOL

Author:  DestinySky [ 04/27/06 02:49 ]
Post subject:  5x13~30 Seconds

I actually forgot about grace until he showed up in APO after the hiatus.

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