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Author:  UMgirl [ 07/24/06 12:57 ]
Post subject:  5x13~30 Seconds

Okay, so what else are you watching this summer?

Author:  destinyros2005 [ 07/24/06 14:03 ]
Post subject:  5x13~30 Seconds

Well...nothing new...well, new for me, but...
I've gotten sucked into Without A Trace and I've borrowed the first two seasons of Smallville from a friend. After seeing Superman Returns, I've gotten sucked back into my fascination with Superman. :lol

Author:  UMgirl [ 07/25/06 10:07 ]
Post subject:  5x13~30 Seconds

Oooh. I love Without a Trace; I've been watching since the beginning. The third and fourth seasons suck-ass though. LOL

What did you think of Superman Returns? I've never been a big Superman fan because they always play him like he's some kind of stalker and I really got that vibe from Returns. That kind of stuff skeeves me out.

Author:  destinyros2005 [ 07/25/06 10:22 ]
Post subject:  5x13~30 Seconds was kind of played that way, but I loved it.

Author:  UMgirl [ 07/26/06 10:19 ]
Post subject:  5x13~30 Seconds

That kind of thing always skeeves me out, so it's ALWAYS been a hard thing for me to get into Superman.

Plus, I've always been a Batman girl anyways. I love Batman, especially Christian Bale's Batman. LOL

Author:  destinyros2005 [ 07/27/06 12:43 ]
Post subject:  5x13~30 Seconds

Christian Bale's Batman rocked! He and Michael Keaton were the two best!

Author:  UMgirl [ 07/28/06 05:42 ]
Post subject:  5x13~30 Seconds

I liked Michael Keaton when I was younger, but as I grew up, he kind of lost his appeal, but yeah he is second best after CB. I hated the way the Joker completely overshadowed Batman in the first one.

Did you hear the rumour about Heath Ledger being cast as the Joker?

Author:  destinyros2005 [ 07/30/06 02:05 ]
Post subject:  5x13~30 Seconds

Yeah, I just read an article about that the other day. That would be interesting. Also saw that Robin Williams was really trying to get that role.

Author:  UMgirl [ 07/30/06 07:20 ]
Post subject:  5x13~30 Seconds

Mmm... I prefer Robin Williams than Heath Ledger as Joker, but I dunno... none of that scenry shewing that Jack Nicholson did. That drove me batty. The movie should be about BATMAN/Bruce Wayne.

Author:  destinyros2005 [ 07/31/06 12:12 ]
Post subject:  5x13~30 Seconds

Jack had some good moments though. But I do agree, it wasn't geared toward Batman enough. CB did a kick ass job at being both Bruce Wayne and Batman. I think George Clooney and Val Kilmer where better at pulling off the pretty-boy, playboy Bruce Wayne and not so good at the Batman part. But Keaton and Bale where great in both roles!

Author:  UMgirl [ 07/31/06 13:34 ]
Post subject:  5x13~30 Seconds

Oh, Jack had many great moments, but I was always so pissed that the Joker overpowered Batman/Bruce, but that's more Michael Keaton's fault than anything.

But I do agree... Keaton was good at both Bruce/Batman, but I didn't like George Clooney as either. Val was better at Bruce than Batman.

Bale just rocked at both, but I could have done without the bad voice. LOL That was the ONE thing I hated about this movie.

I just can't wait for the sequel. And, hopefully, Katie won't be joining in on the fun. I didn't like her scenes at all with Bale. He seemed so much older and kinda bored by her.

Author:  destinyros2005 [ 08/06/06 03:54 ]
Post subject:  5x13~30 Seconds

I doubt Katie will be in the's always a different girl in the least that's the way it's been so far.

Author:  UMgirl [ 08/06/06 04:19 ]
Post subject:  5x13~30 Seconds

I read somewhere that she was contracted to the sequel, but I really hope not.

And, Heath Ledger was announced as being the new Joker. *sobs* On the brightside, no way will he overpower Christian Bale's Batman/Bruce Wayne, like Jack Nicholson did to Michael Keaton. Yay!

Author:  destinyros2005 [ 08/10/06 00:08 ]
Post subject:  5x13~30 Seconds

Really? I find that weird that they'd have her in the sequel...they haven't done that with any of the other women in Batman's life. :dunno

Author:  UMgirl [ 08/10/06 10:37 ]
Post subject:  5x13~30 Seconds

Yeah, but it could just be talk. Supposedly, she signed a contract to do it, but who knows. CB didn't seem to like her much, so...

Author:  destinyros2005 [ 08/10/06 11:23 ]
Post subject:  5x13~30 Seconds

Let's cross our fingers! :)

Author:  UMgirl [ 08/11/06 07:43 ]
Post subject:  5x13~30 Seconds

Believe me I am. I may go to Church and say a Prayer about it on Sunday. LOL I really don't want to see CB having to kiss her again. Ick.

Author:  destinyros2005 [ 08/12/06 01:28 ]
Post subject:  5x13~30 Seconds

:lol :lol :lol

Author:  UMgirl [ 08/12/06 07:05 ]
Post subject:  5x13~30 Seconds

I sure hope it won't offend God if I did that. LOL I've prayed for random things before, but not like that. LOL

Author:  destinyros2005 [ 08/12/06 09:05 ]
Post subject:  5x13~30 Seconds

Nah...I think God will understand on this one. ;)

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