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Posted: 04/09/06 11:07
by destinyros2005
Yeah. But knowing my luck it's Sydney because that would make Vaughn look like an asshole!

Season 5 News/Spoiler's

Posted: 04/09/06 15:46
by UMgirl
ROFL! I was trying to be positive... but yeah, that's who I immediately thought of too.

Vaughn was in on it... he plotted the whole thing. Vaughn's an asshole...

Season 5 News/Spoiler's

Posted: 04/10/06 14:21
by destinyros2005
I swear...if that's the spin they pull...their heads are going to be spinning!

Season 5 News/Spoiler's

Posted: 04/10/06 17:11
by UMgirl
Like they'll care... they KILLED him afterall.


Season 5 News/Spoiler's

Posted: 04/11/06 14:37
by destinyros2005
5 TV Spies To Love On DVD

The entire article is from TIME. I've only put up the Alias section of it here.


This family drama cum spy series from J.J. Abrams (Lost) ends this spring after five years. But it seems longer, given how often the show reinvented itself, changing Sydney Bristow (Garner) from a double to a single agent and turning bad guys to good and back. In the penultimate season, Bristow discovers the secrets of a long-lost sister and untangles a plot involving--oh, I have only a paragraph? Then let's just say that, for all its wild twists, Alias is emotionally grounded by A+ actors like Victor Garber (as Sydney's caring but ruthless dad), Ron Rifkin (as her oily boss turned nemesis turned boss) and Garner, whose tough, empathetic vulnerability puts the act in action.

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Posted: 04/11/06 14:39
by destinyros2005
ABC Frees "Desperate," "Lost" Online

ABC might soon stand for the Anytime Broadcast Company.

Furthering its quest to turn prime time into anytime, ABC announced Monday that four series will be available for free online viewing starting in May. The trial run--the first time a major network has offered multiple shows online--will last for two months.

New episodes of Desperate Housewives, Lost, Commander in Chief and Alias will appear on the day after they air. But while you can now watch Eva Longoria mow the lawn, Jennifer Garner change outfits and Geena Davis govern at any time of day or night free of charge, there's a rub.

Those tuning into ABC's Internet offerings have to sit through commercials that cannot be fast-forwarded through. Sponsors such as AT&T, Ford and Toyota have already signed up.

The Disney Channel will also get into the game, streaming full-length episodes of its more popular children's programming, such as That's So Raven, on its Website. (ABC is owned by Disney.)

The new venture comes at a time when networks are looking for different sources of ad revenue, now that at-home TV viewers are racing through commercials on their TiVos and more consumers are embracing mobile entertainment via cell phones, iPods and the Internet.

"It's a learning opportunity, about recognizing that none of us can live in a world with just one business model," said Anne Sweeney, president of Disney-ABC Television Group. "This is about the consumer, and how the consumers use all this new technology. It's consumer first, business model second."

ABC is no stranger to the portable entertainment pool, having been the first network to offer shows for downloading via Apple's iTunes Music Store. Episodes of all of the shows heading to the Internet, except for Alias, are already available for downloading and commercial-free viewing for $1.99 a pop. ABC will eventually make Alias's entire fifth season, which wraps up in May, accessible on the Web.

Lost has been ABC's most popular iTunes offering to date, and both the not so deserted island adventure and Desperate Housewives have seen their download numbers increase this year. Unlike the iTunes episodes,'s streamed shows cannot be ported to an iPod or downloaded to a file for later viewing on a laptop. (The shows will be available in Flash for PCs and Macs.)

Other networks, notably NBC, Showtime, Bravo, Comedy Central, Sci Fi and MTV, have since jumped on the iTunes bandwagon as part of a scattershot new media strategy and a legitimate rival to illegal downloads. Those nets and others, like the WB and E!, have streamed single episodes of shows on their own Websites. (E! Online is part of E! Networks.) CBS, which had a huge hit with its NCAA basketball simulcasts on, also offers shows for sale on Google Video. Yahoo has teamed with networks to deliver shows online, while AOL recently launched in2TV, featuring classic TV shows for free--with ads.

ABC and Disney, meantime, also announced on Monday a soap opera channel for Verizon broadband subscribers called Soapnetic.

"Our ultimate goal is to find an effective online model," Alex Wallau, ABC's president of operations and administration said in a statement Monday that was careful not to alienate the network's traditional distribution stream. "One in which our affiliates can take part."

From: E! Online

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Posted: 04/11/06 16:50
by UMgirl
Clearly, TIME is smokin' something kinky 'cause season 4 was crap.

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Posted: 04/12/06 15:45
by destinyros2005
Garner Dreading ‘Alias' Childbirth

Jennifer Garner is terrified about her upcoming onscreen childbirth in Alias--even though she has been through labor for real.

The actress, who gave birth to baby Violet last December, fears her on-screen labor will be a huge embarrassment.

She says, "I think it is going to be an incredibly embarrassing day. I have been dreading this moment as long as I have known it was coming.

"I can't even imagine being in front of my crew. It is not even about the people watching it on TV. Imagine what this crew has seen me do over the last five years?

"I still get embarrassed any time I have to not have my clothes on around them, because those are my guys. They are all like brothers or father figures, so it will be a rough day for me."

By Wenn of

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Posted: 04/12/06 15:50
by destinyros2005
From: Watch With Kristin:

From troeho: Alias is coming back. Any news?
Yes! It's a week from this Wednesday (Apr. 19), and I could not be more excited. I'm hearing the producers are going completely and totally all out for the finale--so much so that they are over budget, over time and they might possibly get an extra half hour to add to the finale (making it two and a half hours--can I get a "hell yeah"?). Personally, I can think of nothing better, because Alias' finale is up against 24's, and if it starts a half hour earlier, they'll grab those eyeballs first. (Sorry, Kiefer, no offense, but you'll be back next season!)

From Remo: More Alias news!
I'm hearing we see a young Sydney in the series finale. Not sure if it's a flashback or perhaps (just guessing here) Sydney and Vaughn's spawn in a flash forward. Little Syd's about six years old.

From Kaie: Please say Jack isn't going to die on Alias, please!
Not that I know of.

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Posted: 04/12/06 17:05
by UMgirl
Thanks for not telling us anything we didn't already know, Kristin.


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Posted: 04/13/06 11:39
by UMgirl
And, to add new spoilers...

According to Jeff PInker, Vaughn will in five episodes and that the writers and everyone associated with the show knew Vaughn was always alive..

Mmmm... which would explain all those glaring plot points, right? I mean when you know someone is alive, you always make sure to leave a whole lot of holes. Idiots.

But he's back for 5. Which means he'll be in more than half of the final episodes... but who cares? I'm sure they'll make him evil... Blech.

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Posted: 04/13/06 12:50
by destinyros2005
LIARS! Please...EVERYTHING pointed to Vaughn being dead. Like dead dead...not come back from the dead, dead.

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Posted: 04/14/06 09:14
by UMgirl
Exactly. I mean he looked lit up. It was ridiculous to even have him make it to the hospital.

They must think we're morons... Seriously, if the fans hadn't reacted the way they did, Vaughn would still be dead and we all know it.

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Posted: 04/14/06 16:27
by destinyros2005
I know! I honestly thought he was dead and then they give us the frickin' hospital scene... Whatever!

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Posted: 04/14/06 16:31
by UMgirl
LOL I know and then Sydney's utter indifference which was all JG. Spare me!

He was never intended to make it, but fan outrage changed it. No one can convince me that if fans hadn't been pissed off, ratings hadn't faltered so badly, they'd have brought him back.


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Posted: 04/15/06 10:15
by UMgirl
Entertainment Weekly's website has an article on Alias...

Going... Going... Going... Gone.
The highs and lows of ''Alias'' -- Creator J.J. Abrams tells us what he regrets and what he'd never change by Jeff Jensen

Ask J.J. Abrams for his favorite moments from his wildly clever, wildly uneven, superspy drama Alias — returning to ABC's schedule on April 19 at 8 p.m. to finish off its fifth and final season — and the exec producer gushes geekily. The moment when secret agent Sydney Bristow (Jennifer Garner) seduces intel out of a naughty Russian aboard a plane, then parachutes to safety while the bad guy gets sucked into the engine. The moment when the person torturing Sydney to reveal the location of the Horizon is revealed to be her own mother (played expertly by Lena Olin). And, obviously, the moment when a carton of coffee ice cream prompts Sydney to realize her roommate has been murdered and replaced by a genetically rejiggered doppelgänger. (Francie. Doesn't. Like. Coffee. Ice cream.)
Yes, Abrams is Alias' biggest fan — and its most sober critic. Launched in 2001, the sexy-cool spy/sci-fi/family-drama hybrid seemed poised to follow The X-Files as TV's next great cult sensation. Yet the show never attained great ratings success, despite frequent tinkering designed to make it more accessible — like season 2's premise-imploding takedown of SD-6, which became necessary because the show ''had become incredibly confusing,'' says the producer. Nonetheless, tweaking only seemed to dilute Alias, not unlock its potential. ''The show was always trying to find the balance between what it was and what the powers that be wanted it to be,'' says Abrams, whose fertile mind also hatched Felicity and Lost . ''Despite a premise that seemed to have mass appeal, Alias was probably not a mainstream show.'' Among the producers' few regrets, here are the three biggest:

1. DITCHING THE CLIFF-HANGERS Originally, Alias concluded nearly every episode with Sydney in some kind of gasping, to-be-continued peril. But the endings were ditched after season 1 at ABC's request because they made the episodes too difficult to repeat and sell into syndication. Abrams notes that this was the only instance of pure corporate meddling, and praises the network for allowing his writers to reinstate the device for Alias' stretch run.

2. REVVING UP THE RAMBALDI According to exec producer Jeff Pinkner, Alias went ''off the rails'' when it delved too deeply into its mythology about the mysterious inventions of a 15th-century Italian egghead named Rambaldi. Pointing to season 3, Pinkner says, '' Alias was never designed to be about its mythology, but about its characters.'' Abrams agrees: He saw the show as a (dysfunctional) family drama set in a hyperreal world. His ideal Alias includes seasons 1, 2, and 5, plus season 3's Ricky Gervais and David Cronenberg episodes. ''I'm proud of seasons 3 and 4, but they do have an inherent sense of compromise, as if they were made from the outside looking in.''

3. MISMANAGING SYD'S MEN During Alias' first season, the writing staff was perplexed by the audience's ambivalence toward Syd's friend Will (Bradley Cooper), a reporter whose investigation into the murder of Syd's fiancé threatened to expose her secret-agent cover. ''We finally realized that the audience didn't like Will because he was putting Syd at risk. When we were able to do something about it, it was too little, too late,'' says Pinkner. Will lasted only two seasons, and ironically is now beloved by fans. More problematic was the dark, vengeance-obsessed turn taken by spy stud Vaughn (Michael Vartan) in season 3 following the wicked betrayal by Lauren, his treacherous double-agent wife. Says Pinkner: ''We could have handled that story line better.''

Abrams on 'Alias'

Despite its frustrating fluctuations, Abrams and Pinkner say Aliasmanaged to endure for five seasons thanks to the appeal of the Syd-Vaughn romance and Syd-Jack (Victor Garber) daughter-father relationship. Quips Pinkner: ''No matter what we've done to drive people away, somehow they kept coming back.'' For Alias' final episodes, the producers promise the return of fan favorites like Evil Francie (Merrin Dungey), Evil Mommy, and the presumed-dead Vaughn — plus a resolution to the Rambaldi business. ''It's bittersweet, but I feel like it's the right time,'' says Abrams, who is coy about the possibility of future adventures for Sydney. ''My instinct is that Alias has a beginning, a middle, and an end — and I'm pretty happy with the ending. But you never know...'' Hey, what would an Alias story be without a cliff-hanger?

My fear is the cliffhanger will be something revolving around Vaughn and how he knew or something, so no happy-ever-after for the VSR. I can so see that happening.

Season 5 News/Spoiler's

Posted: 04/16/06 13:50
by destinyros2005
Watch This!
By Amy Amatangelo
Sunday, April 16, 2006

After a pregnant pause, ABC's “Alias” returns with a two-hour special Wednesday at 8 p.m. on WCVB (Ch. 5). As the show heads toward its series finale in May, look for the birth of Sydney and Vaughn's love child and a special guest appearance by Michael Vartan (the seemingly dead Agent Vaughn). One thing is certain: Violet Bristow sounds so much better than Violet Affleck.

The remainder of the article can be found at The Boston Herald

Season 5 News/Spoiler's

Posted: 04/16/06 16:10
by UMgirl
Like I really needed to read that and I swear to GOD if that baby is named Violet, I will KICK someone's ASS so fast...

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Posted: 04/17/06 14:22
by destinyros2005
McCollum: On TV, a whole lot of shakin' going on
By Charlie McCollum

Syd is back

After a long break to accommodate Jennifer Garner's maternity leave, ``Alias'' finally returns Wednesday (8 p.m., Ch. 7) with the last few episodes before the series comes to an end next month.

For your planning purposes, there are eight hours left: two episodes airing Wednesday, followed by single ones at 8 p.m. each Wednesday through May 17 and a two-hour finale on Monday, May 22. (In a brilliant scheduling move, ABC has slotted the finale so that it overlaps with the season-ending episode of ``24.'')

As things resume, Sydney Bristow (Garner) is still pregnant and trapped aboard the ship filled with nasties from a group called Prophet Five. Among the goodies in the first two hours: Our Syd gives birth with the help of a mystery guest and -- in one of the worst-kept secrets in TV history -- Vaughn (Michael Vartan), Syd's main squeeze and the father of her child, comes back from the dead.

Vaughn ``died'' in a car crash in the season opener, much to the chagrin of many fans. The good news for those devoted to the character is that this is not a cameo and Vartan will appear in five of the remaining episodes.

The rest of the article can be found at: Mercury News

Season 5 News/Spoiler's

Posted: 04/17/06 14:23
by destinyros2005
Jennifer Garner to Take 'Good Long Break' After Alias

By Josh Hart
Apr 17, 2006

Jennifer Garner has revealed that she is looking forward to taking some time to chill after the completion of her very popular - but cancelled TV show Alias saying it will be a 'good long break.'

Jen says she's ready for a break.

She also wants to let everyone know that the birth scene on the show is "nothing like real life."


The sexy new mom will reveal to Extra that the scene where she gives birth on the TV show was "the single most embarrassing thing I've ever done on the show. Guys this is not what it was like for me" - she tells the crew - "turn your heads."

"It's not at all how it is in real life - it's how they expect it to see on TV. It was horrifying," she says in the interview.


Virginia Rohan reports that the Emmy-winning spy drama returns to ABC's lineup this week with a two-hour "event" that includes the birth of her agent Sydney Bristow's baby and the reappearance of the presumed-dead Michael Vaughn (Michael Vartan).

In the back-to-back episodes "S.O.S." and "Maternal Instinct," Jack (Victor Garber) calls on former agent Weiss (Greg Grunberg) and the APO team to search for Sydney after receiving a distress call from her. But Jack believes that a larger conspiracy may be in play. As the series approaches its grand finale, story lines will be tied up, and familiar faces from the past will crop up in Sydney's life.

They include Sydney's best friend, Will Tippin (Bradley Cooper); her mother, Irina Derevko (Lena Olin); and nemeses Julian Sark (David Anders) and Anna Espinosa (Gina Torres). (8 p.m. Wednesday, ABC)


That means 'Lost' will take yet another break. Sigh.

From: The National Ledger