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  06x07 - A Good Man Goes to War
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[White room]

(On Demon's Run, an asteroid modified into a habitation, a baby has been born. Her name is Melody Pond.)

AMY: I wish I could tell you that you'll be loved, that you'll be safe and cared for and protected. But this isn't a time for lies. What you are going to be, Melody is very, very brave.

(The Eye Patch Lady steps forward from the line of armed guards.)

KOVARIAN: Two minutes.

AMY: But not as brave as they'll have to be. Because there's someone coming. I don't know where he is, or what he's doing, but trust me, he's on his way.


(Twenty thousand light years away, non-Cybus Industries logoed but otherwise identical cybermen stomps through the corridors.)

CYBERMAN: Intruder level nine.

CYBERLEADER: Seal level nine.

[White room]

AMY: There's a man who's never going to let us down, and not even an army can get in the way.

(Madame Kovarian comes to take the baby.)

AMY: Leave her. Just you leave her. Please leave her! Please, leave her!


(The ship is shaking.)

CYBERMAN: Intruder level eleven.

CYBERLEADER: Seal levels twelve, thirteen and fourteen.

CYBERMAN: Intruder, level fifteen.

[White room]

(Melody is in a high-tec Moses basket.)

AMY: He's the last of his kind. He looks young, but he's lived for hundreds and hundreds of years. And wherever they take you, Melody, however scared you are, I promise you, you will never be alone. Because this man is your father.


CYBERLEADER: Prepare to engage.

[White room]

AMY: He has a name, but the people of our world know him better


AMY [OC]: As the Last Centurion.

RORY: I have a message and a question. A message from the Doctor and a question from me. Where is my wife? Oh, don't give me those blank looks. The Twelfth Cyber Legion monitors this entire quadrant. You hear everything. So you tell me what I need to know. You tell me now, and I'll be on my way.

CYBERLEADER: What is the Doctor's message?

(Outside, all the other ships in the Legion explode.)

RORY: Would you like me to repeat the question?

[Docking bay]

(Two Cleric soldiers are walking along.)

LUCAS: A whole Cyber Legion though. He just blew them all up to make a point.

DOMINICUS: We're being paid to fight him, not praise him. Praising costs way more.

(They get into a lift.)

LUCAS: Level Minus Twenty Three Transept.

{Level -23]

LUCAS: Digger says he once chased the Atraxi off a planet, then called them back for a scolding.

DOMINICUS: Fight him, not praise him.

TANNOY: Reminder. This base is on Yellow Alert. This base is on Yellow Alert.

(They pass a young woman doing some sewing.)

[Control room]

(The two Clerics have her on CCTV.)

LUCAS: Is she sewing?

DOMINICUS: She's on a break. She can do what she likes. Now try again.

(He holds up two pieces of paper.)

LUCAS: That one.

DOMINICUS: No, that's the psychic. You've got to look for the fractals. Don't look bored, we're on Yellow Alert.

LUCAS: We've been on Yellow Alert for three weeks.


TANNOY: Reminder. Do not interact with Headless Monks without divine permission. Do not interact with Headless Monks without divine permission.

FAT ONE: You're not supposed to stare at them. And if they think you're trying to see under their hoods, they'll kill you on the spot.

THIN ONE: But why are they called the Headless Monks? They can't really be headless?

LORNA: They believe the domain of faith is the heart, and the domain of doubt is the head. They follow their hearts, that's all.

THIN ONE: You're Lorna Bucket, aren't you?

LORNA: Yeah.

THIN ONE: Hello. I'm the Thin One. This is my husband. He's the Fat One.

LORNA: Don't you have names?

FAT ONE: We're the thin fat gay married Anglican marines. Why would we need names as well?

(Three Headless Monks are 'looking' at them.)

FAT ONE: Oh, looks like I'm off. Time for my conversion tutorial. See you in a bit. Do you lot have Lent? Because I'm not good at giving things up.

(The Fat One leaves with the Monks.)

THIN ONE: Lorna Bucket. You've had an Encounter, haven't you? You've met him.

LORNA: I was just a kid.

THIN ONE: But what's he like? The Doctor.

LORNA: He said run.

THIN ONE: Just run?

LORNA: He said it a lot.

THIN ONE: And this was in the Gamma Forests, yeah? Because you're a Gamma girl, aren't you? What are you doing here? The Forests are heaven neutral.

LORNA: Yeah, and thirty seconds of the Doctor is the only thing that ever happened there.

[Conversion chamber]

(Red light.)

FAT ONE: Oh, this is nice, I like this. I mean, quite a lot of red. I hope it's not to hide the stains. What's in the little boxes?

VOICE [OC]: Welcome, applicant, to the order of the Headless. It is traditional for visiting armies of other faiths to offer individuals for conversion to our order. You have been selected. Are you ready to make a donation?

(A Monk brings forward an empty box.)


THIN ONE: So, what do you think? If the Doctor's really coming here, where is he?

LORNA: He's the Doctor. He could be anywhere in time and space.

[London, 1888 A.D.]

(A horsedrawn cab pulls up and a woman gets out. She references Lady Penelope from Thunderbirds.)


VASTRA: Thank you, Parker. I won't be needing you again tonight.

PARKER: Yus, my lady.

[Vastra's home]

(The lady goes into her house and is greeted by her maid.)

JENNY: You're back early, ma'am. Another case cracked, I assume?

(The mysterious lady puts a Samuri sword back on its stand.)

VASTRA: Send a telegram to Inspector Abberline of the yard. Jack the Ripper has claimed his last victim.

JENNY: How did you find him?

(The lady throws back her hood to reveal that she is a Silurian.)

VASTRA: Stringy, but tasty all the same. I shan't be needing dinner.

JENNY: Congratulations, ma'am. However, a matter has arisen in the drawing room.

[Drawing room]

JENNY: It just appeared. What does it mean?

VASTRA: It means a very old debt is to be repaid.

(It is the Tardis.)

VASTRA: Pack the cases, Jenny. And we're going to need the swords.

[The Battle of Zaruthstra, 4037 A.D.]

HARCOURT: Nurse! Nurse! Damn it, where's the nurse!

ELEANOR: He needs help.

HARCOURT: Madame President, I'm sorry, but we have to go now! Those things could be here any second.

(A little boy is lying on a bed in the tent. He is very still. A Sontaran warrior enters.)

STRAX: Did somebody call for a nurse?

(Strax tends to the boy.)

ARTHUR: Will I be okay?

STRAX: Of course you will, my boy. You'll be up and around in no time. And perhaps one day, you and I shall meet on the field of battle, and I will destroy you for the glory of the Sontaran Empire.

ARTHUR: Thanks, Nurse.

(Strax leaves, and Harcourt follows him.)

HARCOURT: Commander Strax. I just have to ask. A Sontaran nurse?

STRAX: I serve a penance to restore the honour of my clone batch. It is the greatest punishment a Sontaran can endure, to help the weak and sick.

HARCOURT: Who came up with that one?

(The sound of the Tardis materialising.)

STRAX: Tonight, though, perhaps my penance is over. Captain Harcourt, I hope some day to meet you in the glory of battle, when I shall crush the life from your worthless human form. Try and get some rest.


(River Song is returning from a Regency era Frost Fair, by the looks of her clothes. The alarms are blaring. She picks up the guard's phone.)

RIVER: Oh, turn it off. I'm breaking in, not out. This is River Song, back in her cell. Oh, and I'll take breakfast at the usual time. Thank you.

(She sees a figure standing in the corridor.)

RIVER: Oh, are you boys dressing up as Romans now? I thought nobody read my memos.

RORY: Doctor Song. It's Rory. Sorry, have we met yet? Time streams. I'm not quite sure where we are.

RIVER: Yes. Yes, we've met. Hello, Rory.

RORY: What's wrong?

RIVER: It's my birthday. The Doctor took me ice skating on the River Thames in 1814, the last of the great Frost Fairs. He got Stevie Wonder to sing for me under London Bridge.

RORY: Stevie Wonder sang in 1814?

RIVER: Yes, he did. But you must never tell him.

RORY: I've come from the Doctor too.

RIVER: Yes, but at a different point in time.

RORY: Unless there's two of them.

RIVER: Now, that's a whole different birthday.

RORY: He needs you.

(River checks her diary.)

RIVER: Demon's Run.

RORY: How, how did you know?

RIVER: I'm from his future. I always know. Why on Earth are you wearing that?

RORY: The Doctor's idea.

RIVER: Of course. His rules of engagement. Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.

RORY: Look ridiculous.

RIVER: Have you considered heels?

RORY: They've taken Amy. And our baby. The Doctor's getting some people together. We're going after her, but he needs you, too.

RIVER: I can't. Not yet, anyway.

RORY: I'm sorry?

RIVER: This is the Battle of Demon's Run. The Doctor's darkest hour. He'll rise higher than ever before and then fall so much further, and I can't be with him till the very end.

RORY: Why not?

RIVER: Because this is it. This is the day he finds out who I am.

[Space bar]

(A large blue skinned alien is packing a small case.)

DORIUM: Goodbye.

KOVARIAN: You appear to be closing down, Dorium. What have you heard?

DORIUM: That you pricked the side of a mighty beast, Madame Kovarian, and entirely failed to run. I admire your courage. I should like to admire it from afar.

KOVARIAN: We've been waiting a month. He's done nothing.

DORIUM: Do you really think so? There are people all over this galaxy that owe that man a debt. By now, a few of them will have found a blue box waiting for them on their doorstep, poor devils.

MANTON: You think he's raising an army?

DORIUM: You think he isn't? If that man is finally collecting on his debts, God help you, and God help his debtors.


DORIUM: Colonel Manton, all those stories you've heard about him, they're not stories, they're true. Really. You're not telling me you don't know what's coming?

MANTON: We're wasting our time here.


DORIUM: The asteroid, where you've made your base. Do you know why they call it Demon's Run?

MANTON: How do you know the location of our base?

DORIUM: You're with the Headless Monks. They're old customers of mine.

KOVARIAN: It's just some old saying.

DORIUM: A very old saying. The oldest. Demons run when a good man goes to war.

(Kovarian and Manton leave. Dorium is about to leave when the Tardis sound is heard.)

DORIUM: No. No, no, please. Not me. You don't need me. Why would you need me? I'm old, I'm fat, I'm blue. You can't need me!

[Demon's Run]

(Colonel Manton addresses his assembled troops.)

MANTON: He is not the devil. He is not a god. He is not a goblin, or a phantom or a trickster. The Doctor is a living, breathing man, and as I look around this room I know one thing. We're sure as hell going to fix that.

(The troops cheer.)

[White room]

(Amy is watching the rally from her window. Lorna enters.)

LORNA: Sorry. I shouldn't be here. I'm meant to be at the thing. I brought you something. Your child's name in the language of my people. It's a prayer leaf and we believe, if you keep this with you, your child will always come home to you.

(It is what she was sewing earlier.)

AMY: Can I borrow your gun?


AMY: Because I've got a feeling you're going to keep talking.

(She turns back to the window.)

AMY: They're talking like he's famous. The Doctor isn't famous.

LORNA: He meets a lot of people. Some of them remember. He's sort of like a, I don't know, a dark legend.

AMY: Dark? Have you met him?

LORNA: Yeah. But I was just a little girl.

AMY: So was I.

LORNA: You've been with him a long time, then.

AMY: No. He came back for me.

LORNA: You must be very special.

AMY: Hey. You can wait a long time for the Doctor, but he's worth it, okay? The thing is, he's coming. No question about it. Just you make sure you're on the right side when he gets here. Not for my sake, for yours.

(Amy takes the prayer leaf.)

AMY: Thank you.

[Demon's Run]

MANTON: On this day, in this place, the Doctor will fall.

ALL: Hoo Rah!

MANTON: The man who talks, the man who reasons, the man who lies, will meet the perfect answer.

ALL Hoo Rah!

MANTON; Some of you have wondered why have we have allied ourselves with the Headless Monks. Perhaps you should have wondered why we call them Headless. It's time you knew what these guys have sacrificed for faith. As you all know, it is a Level One Heresy, punishable by death, to lower the hood of a Headless Monk. But by the divine grant of the Papal Mainframe herself, on this one and only occasion, I can show you the truth. Because these guys never can be persuaded.

(Colonel Manton lowers one Monk's hood. It has no head, just the skin of the neck tied off..)

MANTON: They never can be afraid.

(A second hood lowered.)

MANTON: And they can never, ever be

(The third hood reveals -)

DOCTOR: Surprised! Ha, ha! Hello, everyone. Guess who. Please, point a gun at me if it helps you relax.

(The army takes aim, except for Lorna. The Monks get their flaming swords ready.)

DOCTOR: You're only human.

[Control room]

(Lucas and Dominicus have very sharp swords at their throats.)

VASTRA: Go on, resist. I am ever so hungry.

JENNY: Now, dear. Which button controls the lights?

[Demon's Run]

MANTON: Doctor, you will come with me right now.

DOCTOR: Three minutes forty seconds. Amelia Pond! Get your coat!

(The lights go out for a few seconds.)

DOCTOR [OC]: I'm not a phantom.

MANTON: Doctor?

DOCTOR [OC]: I'm not a trick.

MANTON: Doctor?

DOCTOR [OC]: I'm a monk.

MANTON: Doctor, show yourself.

MAN: It's him! He's here! It's him!

(The army faces off against the Monks. A shot is fired.)

MANTON: Weapons down! Do not fire!

(A Monk kills a soldier.)


KOVARIAN: Follow me.

MANTON: Doctor! Doctor!

[Control room]

(Lucas and Dominicus are tied up and sitting on the floor.)

JENNY: Clever, isn't he?

VASTRA: And rather attractive.

JENNY: You do realise he's a man, don't you, ma'am?

VASTRA: Mammals. They all look alike.

JENNY: Oh, thank you.

[Demon's Run]

MANTON: Do not fire. Nobody discharge their weapon in this room. Nobody! Do not fire!

(A sonic screwdriver is in use.)

[Control room]

(Lucas is eyeing the door lock control.)

VASTRA: Was I being insensitive again, dear? I don't know why you put up with me.

(She turns and lashes Lucas with her extendible tongue.)

[Demon's Run]

MANTON: Stop. Wait. Listen to me. I am disarming my weapon pack. Monks, I do this in good faith. I am now unarmed. All of you, discharge your weapon packs. The Doctor is trying to make fools of us. We are soldiers of God. We are not fools. We are not fools. We are not fools. We are not fools.

SOLDIER: We are not fools!

MANTON: We are not fools.

SOLDIERS: We are not fools.

MANTON: We are not fools.

SOLDIER 2: We are not fools.

[Control station]

VASTRA: Colonel Manton is regaining control.

JENNY: Where's the Doctor gone?

[Demon's Run]

(Lorna has left the assembly and found a discarded habit in a corridor. She runs on.)

ALL: We are not fools. We are not fools. We are not fools.

(Silurians beam in to the galleries around the assembly. Some Judoons appear, too)

STRAX: This base is now under our command.

MANTON: I have a fleet out there. If Demon's Run goes down, there's an automatic distress call.

DOCTOR [OC]: Not if we knock out your communications array. And you've got incoming.

PILOT [OC]: Danny Boy to the Doctor. Danny Boy to the Doctor.

DOCTOR: Give 'em hell, Danny Boy.

(The Spitfires strafe the asteroid's communications array.)


KOVARIAN: I need to get off this station now. Bring me the child!

[Demon's Run]

PILOT [OC]: Target destroyed.

STRAX: Don't slump. It's bad for your spine.

[Outside the airlock]

(Madame Kovarian's guard have brought Melody in her sealed up Moses basket.)

KOVARIAN: Get back in there with the rest of them. Remember, the Doctor must think he's winning, right until the trap closes. I'll take my ship from here.

(Lorna has overheard her.)

COMPUTER: Airlock engaged. Shuttle ready for boarding.


KOVARIAN: I have a crew of twenty. How do you expect to gain control of my ship?

(The airlock opens. A pirate captain and his young son step out.)

AVERY: This ship is ours, milady.

[Control room]

(Strax marches Manton in at gunpoint.)

STRAX: All airlocks sealed. Resistance neutralised.

DOCTOR: Sorry, Colonel Manton. I lied. Three minutes forty two seconds.

STRAX: Colonel Manton, you will give the order for your men to withdraw.

DOCTOR: No. Colonel Manton, I want you to tell your men to run away.

MANTON: You what?

DOCTOR: Those words. Run away. I want you to be famous for those exact words. I want people to call you Colonel Run Away. I want children laughing outside your door, because they've found the house of Colonel Run Away. And, when people come to you, and ask if trying to get to me through the people I love is in any way a good idea, I want you to tell them your name. Oh, look, I'm angry. That's new. I'm really not sure what's going to happen now.

KOVARIAN: The anger of a good man is not a problem. Good men have too many rules.

DOCTOR: Good men don't need rules. Today is not the day to find out why I have so many.

KOVARIAN: Give the order. Give the order, Colonel Run Away.

[White room]

(Someone is hammering at the door. Amy rummages in a drawer and finds what might be an electric toothbrush.)

AMY: Who's that? Who's there? You watch it, because I'm armed and really dangerous, and cross.

RORY [OC]: Yeah, like I don't know that.

AMY: Rory? Rory, is that you.

RORY [OC]: Yeah, it's me. Look, hang on a minute.

(It sounds like Rory is trying to sonic his way in.)

AMY: They took her. Rory, they took our baby away.

(The door opens. Rory is carrying Melody.)

RORY: Now, Mrs Williams, that is never, ever going to happen.

AMY: Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Where's she been? What have they done to her?

RORY: She's fine. Amy, she's fine. I checked. She's beautiful. Oh God, I was going to be cool. I wanted to be cool. Look at me.

AMY: You're okay. Crying Roman with a baby. Definitely cool. Come here, you.

DOCTOR: Urgh. Kissing and crying. I'll, I'll be back in a bit.

RORY: Oi, you. Get in here, now. My daughter. What do you think?

DOCTOR: Hello. Hello, baby.

AMY: Melody.

DOCTOR: Melody? Hello, Melody Pond.

RORY: Melody Williams.

AMY: Is a geography teacher. Melody Pond is a superhero.

DOCTOR: Well yes, I suppose she does smell nice. Never really sniffed her. Maybe I should give it a go. Amelia Pond, come here.

AMY: Doctor.

DOCTOR: I'm sorry we were so long.

AMY: It's okay. I knew you were coming. Both of you. My boys.

DOCTOR: It's okay. She's still all yours. And really, you should call her mummy, not big milk thing.

AMY: Okay, what are you doing?

DOCTOR: I speak Baby.

AMY: No, you don't.

DOCTOR: I speak everything, don't I, Melody Pond. No, it's not. it's cool.

VASTRA: Doctor? Take a look. They're leaving. Demon's Run is ours without a drop of blood spilled. My friend, you have never risen higher.

[Outside the Tardis]

(Amy carried Melody out of the Tardis.)

RORY: Hey, what's wrong?

AMY: She doesn't like the Tardis noise. I asked him to turn something off, but it was all, but I don't want to punch a hole in the space-time continuum. Shush.

JENNY: Rory! The Judoon have escorted the Clerics out of the quadrant. Spitfires have returned to their own time. Captain Avery and his men are going. Is she all right?

AMY: Yes, she's just crying.

STRAX: Give her to me, human fool. She needs changing.

AMY: I just changed her. I think she might need a feed.

STRAX: A feed, of course. I'll take care of everything.

RORY: Er, I really don't think you will, actually.

STRAX: I have gene-spliced myself for all nursing duties. I can produce magnificent quantities of lactic fluid.

(The Doctor comes out of the Tardis with a wooden cot that has an orrary dangling over it.)

DOCTOR: She's not hungry, she's tired. Sorry, Melody, they're just not listening.

AMY: What's this?

DOCTOR: Very pretty, according to your daughter.

RORY: It's a, it's a cot.

DOCTOR: No flies on the Roman. Give her here.

AMY: Hey, there we go.

RORY: But where would you get a cot?

AMY: It's old. Really old. Doctor, er, do you have children?


AMY: Have you ever had children?

DOCTOR: No, it's real. It's my hair.

AMY: Who slept in here?

VASTRA [OC]: Doctor, we need you in the main control room.

DOCTOR: Be right there! Things to do. I've still got to work out what this base is for. We can't leave till we know.

AMY: But this is where I was? The whole time I thought I was on the Tardis, I was really here?

DOCTOR: Er, Centurian, permission to hug?

RORY: Be aware, I do have a sword.

DOCTOR: At all times. You were on the Tardis, too. Your heart, your mind, your soul. But physically, yes, you were still in this place.

AMY: And when I saw that face looking through the hatch, that woman looking at me.

DOCTOR: Reality bleeding through. They must have taken you quite a while back. Just before America.

RORY: That's probably enough hugging now. So her Flesh avatar was with us all that time. But that means they were projecting a control signal right into the Tardis wherever we were in time and space.

DOCTOR: Yeah, they're very clever.

AMY: Who are?

RORY: Whoever wants our baby.

AMY: But why do they want her?

DOCTOR: Exactly.

RORY: Is there anything you're not telling us? You knew Amy wasn't real. You never said.

DOCTOR: Well, I couldn't be sure they weren't listening.

AMY: But you always hold out on us. Please, not this time. Doctor, it's our baby. Tell us something. One little thing.

DOCTOR: It's mine.

RORY: What is?

DOCTOR: The cot. It's my cot. I slept in there.

AMY: Oh, my God. It's the Doctor's first stars.

RORY: She's

(Amy wipes Melody's dribble with the prayer leaf.)

STRAX: Drop your weapons. State your rank and intent. I found it listening at the door.

(It is Lorna.)

[Control room]

DOCTOR: You've hacked into their software, then?

DORIUM: I believe I sold it to them.

DOCTOR: Ooo. So what have we learned?

VASTRA: That anger is always the shortest distance to a mistake.

DOCTOR: I'm sorry?

VASTRA: The words of an old friend who once found me in the London Underground, attempting to avenge my sisters on perfectly innocent tunnel diggers.

DOCTOR: Well, you were very cross at the time.

VASTRA: As you were today, old friend. Point taken, I hope. Now, I have a question. A simple one. Is Melody human?

DOCTOR: Sorry, what? Of course she is. Completely human. What are you talking about?

DORIUM: They've been scanning her since she was born, and I think they found what they were looking for.


VASTRA: Look closer. Human plus. Specifically, human plus Time Lord.

[Outside the Tardis]

LORNA: I heard her talking. This is a trap. Why would I lie to you?

RORY: Well, you might want to take a look at your uniform.

LORNA: The only reason I joined the Clerics was so I could meet the Doctor again.

JENNY: You wanted to meet him, so you joined an army to fight him?

LORNA: Well, how else do you meet a great warrior?

AMY: He's not a warrior.

LORNA: Then why is he called the Doctor?

(The lights go out.)

LORNA: It's starting. Please, listen to me.

[Control room]

DOCTOR: But she's human. She's Amy and Rory's daughter.

VASTRA: You've told me about your people. They became what they did through prolonged exposure to the time vortex. The Untempered Schism.

DOCTOR: Over billions of years. It didn't just happen.

VASTRA: So how close is she? Could she even regenerate?

DOCTOR: No, no. I don't think so.

VASTRA: You don't sound so sure.

DOCTOR: Because I don't understand how this happened.

VASTRA: Which leads me to ask when did it happen?


VASTRA: I am trying to be delicate. I know how you can blush. When did this baby begin?

DOCTOR: Oh, you mean

VASTRA: Quite.

DOCTOR: Well, how would I know? That's all human-y, private stuff. It just sort of goes on. They don't put up a balloon, or anything.

VASTRA: But could the child have begun on the Tardis in flight, in the vortex.

DOCTOR: No! No! Impossible! It's all running about, sexy fish vampires and blowing up stuff. And Rory wasn't even there at the beginning. Then he was dead, then he didn't exist, then he was plastic. Then I had to reboot the whole universe. Long story. So, technically the first time they were on the Tardis together in this version of reality, was on their w

VASTRA: On their what?

DOCTOR: On their wedding night.

[Outside the Tardis]

STRAX: Confirmed. No life forms registering on this base, except us and the Silurians.

LORNA: The Headless Monks aren't alive. They don't register as life forms.

(And one is creeping up on a Silurian warrior.)

[Control room]

DOCTOR: It doesn't make sense. You can't just cook yourself a Time Lord.

VASTRA: Of course not. But you gave them one hell of a start, and they've been working very hard ever since.

DORIUM: And yet they gave in so easily. Does this not that bother anyone else?

DOCTOR: Amy. She worried the baby would have a time head. She said that

VASTRA: Only you would ignore the instincts of a mother.

DORIUM: Or the instincts of a coward. This is too easy. There's something wrong.

DOCTOR: Why even do it? Even if you could get your hands on a brand new Time Lord, what for?

VASTRA: A weapon?

DOCTOR: Why would a Time Lord be a weapon?

VASTRA: Well, they've seen you.


VASTRA: Mister Maldovar, you're right. This was too easy. We should get back to the others.

(Vastra and Dorium leave.)


(The Doctor thinks back to the warehouse in 1969.)

RIVER [memory]: I'd say she's human, going by the life-support software. She climbed out of the suit, like she forced her way out. She must be incredibly strong.

KOVARIAN [on screen]: I see you accessed our files. Do you understand yet? Oh, don't worry, I'm a long way away. But I like to keep tabs on you. The child, then. What do you think?

DOCTOR: What is she?

KOVARIAN [on screen]: Hope. Hope in this endless, bitter war.

DOCTOR: What war? Against who?

KOVARIAN [on screen]: Against you, Doctor.

[Outside the Tardis]

(The Monks are on the move. A white light cone appears around the Tardis.)

AMY: What's that?

VASTRA: A force field.

LORNA: And those are the doors locking.

VASTRA: Apparently we're not leaving.

RORY: Is that the Monks?

DORIUM: Oh, dear God. That's the attack prayer.

RORY: Quick, come with me.

VASTRA: Commander Strax!

STRAX: I'm trying to seal off this area of the lighting grid.

VASTRA: This is where we'll make our stand. Clear lines of sight on all approaches.

(Rory hides Amy and Melody behind some boxes.)

AMY: Rory, no offence to the others, but you let them all die first, okay?

RORY: You're so Scottish.

VASTRA: Centurian, you're needed!

LORNA: There should be some plasma pistols somewhere. They left everything.

STRAX: Then find them, boy!

VASTRA: She's definitely a girl.

JENNY: Oh, stop it!

DORIUM: We don't have to fight them. I'm friends to the Monks. They know me.

RORY: Yeah, and they know you just sold them out to the Doctor.

DORIUM: Oh, they'll understand it's only me. Only silly old me. You understand, don't you?

VASTRA: Mister Maldovar, get back here!

STRAX: Arm yourself, fool!

RORY: Dorium!

(Dorium walks into the darkness, arms outstretched. There is a swish of metal, and something falls to the floor.)

VASTRA: Mister Maldovar?

RORY: Dorium?

(Two Monks escort the headless Dorium back into view.)

VASTRA: The child. At all costs, protect the child!

[Control room]

DOCTOR: A child is not a weapon!

KOVARIAN [on screen]: Oh, give us time. She can be. She will be.

DOCTOR: Except you've already lost her, and I swear I will never let you anywhere near her again.

KOVARIAN [on screen]: Oh, Doctor. Fooling you once was a joy, but fooling you twice the same way? It's a privilege.

DOCTOR: Amy. Amy.

[Outside the Tardis]

(The fight is on as the Doctor runs. Madame Kovarian appears through a hatch behind Amy.)

RIVER [OC]: Demons run when a good man goes to war. Night will fall and drown the sun, when a good man goes to war. Friendship dies and true love lies, night will fall and the dark will rise, when a good man goes to war.


RIVER [OC]: Demons run but count the cost. The battle's won, but the child is lost.


KOVARIAN: Wakey, wakey.


(Melody suddenly goes splat in Amy's arms.)

AMY: Rory? Rory! Rory!

(The Doctor is behind a locked door.)

DOCTOR: Amy, she's not real! Melody, she's a Flesh avatar. Amy!

(The Doctor runs in. Everything is quiet.)

DOCTOR: Amy! Amy.

RORY: Yeah, we know.

(The Monks are dead, and Strax is wounded.)

STRAX: It's strange. I have often dreamed of dying in combat. I'm not enjoying it as much as I'd hoped.

RORY: Come on, Strax. Don't give up.

STRAX: It's all right. I've had a good life. I'm nearly twelve.

RORY: Listen to me. You'll be back on your feet in no time. You're a warrior.

STRAX: Rory, I'm a nurse.

(The Doctor goes to where Jenny is comforting Amy.)

AMY: So they took her anyway. All this was for nothing.

DOCTOR: I am so sorry.

JENNY: Amy, it's not his fault.

AMY: I know. I know.

VASTRA: Doctor, there's someone who wants to speak to you. Her name is Lorna. She came to warn us.

(Lorna is also dying.)

DOCTOR: Hey. Hello.

LORNA: Doctor.

DOCTOR: You helped my friends. Thank you.

LORNA: I met you once, in the Gamma Forests. You don't remember me.

DOCTOR: Hey, of course I remember. I remember everyone. Hey, we ran, you and me. Didn't we run, Lorna?

(Lorna dies.)

DOCTOR: Who was she?

VASTRA: I don't know, but she was very brave.

DOCTOR: They're always brave. They're always brave.

VASTRA: So, what now? They'd almost certainly have taken her to Earth. Raise her in the correct environment.

DOCTOR: Yes, they did. And it's already too late.

VASTRA: You're giving up? You never do that.

DOCTOR: Yeah, and don't you sometimes wish I did?

(There is a flash of lightning.)

RIVER: Well then, soldier. How goes the day?

DOCTOR: Where the hell have you been? Every time you've asked, I have been there. Where the hell were you today?

RIVER: I couldn't have prevented this.

DOCTOR: You could have tried!

RIVER: And so, my love, could you. I know you're not all right. But hold tight, Amy, because you're going to be.

DOCTOR: You think I wanted this? I didn't do this. This, this wasn't me!

RIVER: This was exactly you. All this. All of it. You make them so afraid. When you began, all those years ago, sailing off to see the universe, did you ever think you'd become this? The man who can turn an army around at the mention of his name. Doctor. The word for healer and wise man throughout the universe. We get that word from you, you know. But if you carry on the way you are, what might that word come to mean? To the people of the Gamma Forests, the word Doctor means mighty warrior. How far you've come. And now they've taken a child, the child of your best friends, and they're going to turn her into a weapon just to bring you down. And all this, my love, in fear of you.

DOCTOR: Who are you?

RIVER: Oh look, your cot. Haven't seen that in a very long while.

DOCTOR: No, no, you tell me. Tell me who you are.

RIVER: I am telling you. Can't you read?

(The Old High Gallifreyan on the cot.)

DOCTOR: Hello.

RIVER: Hello.

DOCTOR: But but that means

RIVER: I'm afraid it does.

DOCTOR: Ooo. But you and I, we, we, we, er (kiss kiss)


(The Doctor is getting all excited with anticipation.)

DOCTOR: How do I look?

RIVER: Amazing.

DOCTOR: I'd better be.

RIVER: Yes, you'd better be.

DOCTOR: Vastra and Jenny, till the next time. Rory and Amy, I know where to find your daughter, and on my life, she will be safe. River, get them all home.

RORY: Doctor!

AMY: No! Where are you going?

(The Doctor takes down the forcefield around the Tardis and goes inside.)

AMY: No!

(The Tardis dematerialises.)

AMY: Where's he going and what did you tell him?

RIVER: Amy, you have stay calm.

(Amy picks up a gun.)

AMY: Tell me what you told the Doctor.

RORY: Amy, no. Stop it!

RIVER: It's okay, Rory. She's fine. She's good. It's the Tardis translation matrix. It takes a while to kick in with the written word. You have to concentrate.

AMY: I still can't read it.

RIVER: It's because it's Gallifreyan and doesn't translate. But this will.

(The prayer leaf.)

RIVER: It's your daughter's name in the language of the Forest.

AMY: I know my daughter's name.

RIVER: Except they don't have a word for Pond, because the only water in the forest is the River. The Doctor will find your daughter, and he will care for her whatever it takes. And I know that. It's me. I'm Melody. I'm your daughter.

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