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  05x06 - The Vampires of Venice
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[Throne room]

(Venice, 1580. In a large, otherwise empty chamber, a woman sits on a throne under a canopy, with her son standing at her side. Her Steward leads in a man and his young daughter.)

GUIDO: Signora, your school offers a chance for betterment, escape. My daughter. Isabella is seventeen now, but what prospects are there for the daughter of a boat builder? There's no future for us. No future but you.

ROSANNA: I am moved by your concern for your daughter. I believe protecting the future of one's own is a sacred duty.

GUIDO: Signora, she is my world.

ROSANNA: Then we will take your world.

(This makes Guido and his daughter very happy.)

GUIDO: I knew it.

ROSANNA: Say goodbye to your daughter.

GUIDO: Now, signora?

ROSANNA: Why wait? Time ticks.

GUIDO: Be brave, my girl. Make me proud.

(The Steward escorts Guido out.)

ROSANNA: Step into the light, my dear. That's it.

(Rosanna and her son circle her.)

ROSANNA: What say you, Francesco? Do you like her?

FRANCESCO: Oh, I do, Mother. I do.

(Francesco shows his teeth. They are small and sharp, like a bat's. Isabella screams.)


(Rory is on the phone, trying to make himself heard above the noise of his stag party. All the participants are wearing red t-shirts with Rory's Stag on the back and a picture of Rory and Amy inside a heart on the front.)

RORY: Hey! It's me. Hello. How are you?

[Amy's bedroom]

(He is talking to the answerphone.)

RORY [OC]: The reason for this call is because I haven't told you for seven hours that I love you, which is a scandal, and even if we weren't getting married tomorrow, I'd ask you to marry me anyway.


RORY: Yes, I would, because you are smashing.

(A giant pink cake is wheeled in to the tune 'The Stripper'.)

RORY: Oh. Oh. Oh, blimey. I've. I've, er got to go. I'll see you tomorrow.

(His companions push Rory forward.)

ALL: Out. Out. Out.

(The Doctor bursts out of the fake cake and silence falls.)

DOCTOR: Rory! That's a relief. I thought I'd burst out of the wrong cake, again. That reminds me, there's a girl standing outside in a bikini. Could someone let her in and give her a jumper? Lucy? Lovely girl. Diabetic. Now then, Rory. We need to talk about your fiancée. She tried to kiss me. Tell you what, though. You're a lucky man. She's a great kisser.

(Someone drops his beer glass and it smashes on the floor.)

DOCTOR: Funny how you can say something in your head and it sounds fine.


(The Doctor is hanging underneath the console platform, doing some welding. Rory and Amy are there.)

DOCTOR: Oh, the life out there, it dazzles. I mean, it blinds you to the things that are important. I've seen it devour relationships and plans. It's meant to do that. Because for one person to have seen all that, to taste the glory and then go back, it will tear you apart. So, I'm sending you somewhere, together.

AMY: Whoa. What, like a date?

DOCTOR: Anywhere you want. Any time you want. One condition. It has to be amazing. The Moulin Rouge in 1890. The first Olympic Games. Think of it as a wedding present, because it's either this or tokens. It's a lot to take in, isn't it? Tiny box, huge room inside. What's that about? Let me explain.

RORY: It's another dimension.

DOCTOR: It's basically another dimension. What?

RORY: After what happened with Prisoner Zero, I've been reading up on all the latest scientific theories. FTL travel, parallel universes.

DOCTOR: I like the bit when someone says it's bigger on the inside. I always look forward to that.

AMY: So, this date. I'm kind of done with running down corridors. What do you think, Rory?

DOCTOR: How about somewhere romantic?

[Market place]

(The Tardis lands in the middle of the busy area, not even trying to hide. Venice is being played by Trogir and other locations in Croatia.)

DOCTOR: Venice.

(We are given a view of the campanile of San Marco and I think the Basilica, across a very wide canal with moored gondolas in the foreground.)

DOCTOR: Venezia. La Serenissima. Impossible city. Preposterous city. Founded by refugees running from Attila the Hun. It was just a collection of little wooden huts in the middle of the marsh, but became one of the most powerful cities in the world. Constantly being invaded, constantly flooding, constantly just beautiful. Ah, you got to love Venice. So many people did. Byron, Napoleon, Casanova. Ooo, that reminds me. 1580. That's all right. Casanova doesn't get born for a hundred and forty five years. Don't want to run into him. I owe him a chicken.

RORY: You owe Casanova a chicken?

DOCTOR: Long story. We had a bet.

(The Doctor is stopped by an official.)

INSPECTOR: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Papers, if you please. Proof of residency, current bill of medical inspection.

(The Doctor holds up his psychic paper.)

DOCTOR: There you go, fellow. All to your satisfaction, I think you'll find.

INSPECTOR: I am so sorry, Your Holiness. I didn't realise.

(The Doctor blesses the man.)

DOCTOR: No worries. You were just doing your job. Sorry, what exactly is your job?

INSPECTOR: Checking for aliens. Visitors from foreign lands what might bring the plague with them.

AMY; Oh, that's nice. See where you bring me? The plague.

INSPECTOR: Don't worry, Viscountess. No, we're under quarantine here. No one comes in, no one goes out, and all because of the grace and wisdom of our patron, Signora Rosanna Calvierri.

DOCTOR: How interesting. I heard the plague died out years ago.

INSPECTOR: Not out there. No, Signora Calvierri has seen it with her own eyes. Streets are piled high with bodies, she said.

DOCTOR: Did she now.

(Rory takes the psychic paper from the Inspector, who moves on to his next target.)


RORY: Er, according to this, I am your eunuch.

AMY: Oh yeah. I'll explain later.

[House of Calvierri entrance]

(The iron gates swing open. Girls in white dresses with white parasols and heavy veils on their heads walk out two by two.

WOMAN: Veils down, girls.

GIRL [OC]: (sotto) The Calvierri girls.

(The Doctor, Amy and Rory are across the canal from the procession. Guido runs up to the girls.)

WOMAN: What do you want?

GUIDO: Where's my Isabella?

WOMAN: What are you doing? Get away from there.

(Guido lifts the girls veils until he finds his daughter.)

GUIDO: Isabella? Isabella, it's me.

(One of the girls knocks Guido down and bares her needle-teeth at him.)

WOMAN: Girls, come along.

FRANCESCO: She's gone.

GUIDO: Isabella! It's me!

[By the canal]

AMY: What was that about?

GUIDO: Isabella!

(The Doctor has vanished.)

AMY: I hate it when he does that.


DOCTOR: Who are those girls?

GUIDO: I thought everyone knew about the Calvierri school.

DOCTOR: My first day here. It's okay. Parents do all sorts of things to get their children into good schools. They move house, they change religion. So why are you trying to get her out?

GUIDO: Something happens in there. Something magical, something evil. My own daughter didn't recognise me. And the girl who pushed me away, her face, like an animal.

DOCTOR: I think it's time I met this Signora Calvierri.

[Main hall]

(La Signora is on her knees before her Steward, drinking deeply from a golden goblet.)


ROSANNA: Mummy's hydrating, Francesco.

FRANCESCO: And we never interrupt Mummy when she's hydrating.

(Rosanna drains another goblet of liquid.)

FRANCESCO: We were accosted again. A man made a grab for one of the girls. The longer we wait, the greater the risk of discovery. I mean, we've already converted more than enough. Surely it's time to introduce them to my brothers?

ROSANNA: I shall decide when we have enough.

FRANCESCO: If it's more you want, let me take the girls into the city tonight. We could

ROSANNA: We follow the plan. Let them hammer on our door. Beg to be taken.


(Amy and Rory are exploring.)

RORY: And what have you been doing?

AMY: Well, running, and fighting. I've been scared. More scared than I thought was

RORY: Did you miss me?

AMY: I knew I'd be coming back.

RORY: He was right. It blots out everything else.

AMY: Rory, this is our date. Let's not do this. Not now.

RORY: Huh. We are in Venice and it is 1580.

AMY: I know.

(Francesco watches them leave from a stairway.)

FLOWER GIRL: Flowers, signor?

(Francesco follows the flower girl around the corner, where she is waiting for him. Rory is about to take a photograph of Amy in front of a building when they hear a scream.)

RORY: What was that?

(They run back in time to see Francesco with blood on his sharp teeth and the girl with two holes in her neck. Francesco hisses, raises his cloak and leaves.)

RORY: She'll be okay. Where are you? Amy, come back!

(Amy chases after Francesco but loses him when an alleyway opens straight onto the canal.)

[House of Calvierri entrance]

GUIDO: You have my daughter. Isabella!

GUARD: No, you're not coming in. Just stop there. Look, we've told you.

(The distraction enables the Doctor to sneak past and round to the water gate and sonic his way in.)

GUIDO: You have my daughter. Isabella! I demand you let me see my daughter.

GUARD: Go away.

GUIDO: Isabella, it's me. It's your father.

GUARD: We will arrest you.

GUIDO: Isabella!

GUARD: Give it up, will you. Move off.


(The Doctor goes down a stone staircase to an area with a vaulted roof. There is an ornate mirror on one wall opposite 3 doors.)

DOCTOR: Hello, handsome.

(As he adjusts his tie in the mirror, girls in white robes appear behind him. They have no reflections.)

VAMPIRES: Who are you?

DOCTOR: How are you doing that? I am loving it. You're like Houdini, only five slightly scary girls, and he was shorter. Will be shorter. I'm rambling.

VAMPIRES: I'll ask you again, signor. Who are you?

DOCTOR: Why don't you check this out?

(The Doctor holds out an ID card with William Hartnell's photograph on it. The girls stare at it blankly, then the Doctor looks at it.)

DOCTOR: Library card. Of course, it's with. He's. I need a spare. Pale, creepy girls who don't like sunlight and can't be seen. Ha. Am I thinking what I think I'm thinking? But the city. Why shut down the city? Unless

VAMPIRES: Leave now, signor, or we shall call for the Steward, if you are lucky.


(The girls teeth turn into needles, and they start to advance on the Doctor, hissing.)

DOCTOR: Tell me the whole plan. (sotto) One day that will work. Listen, I would love to stay here. This whole thing. I'm thrilled. Oh, this is Christmas.

(The Doctor runs back up the stairs.)

[By the canal]

(Night is falling.)

AMY: Doctor!

DOCTOR: I just met some vampires.

AMY: We just saw a vampire.

(They talk over each other.)

DOCTOR: And creepy girls and everything.

AMY: Vampires.

RORY: We think we just saw a vampire.

DOCTOR: Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know. Amy was just telling me.

AMY: Yeah, yeah. The Doctor actually went to their house.

RORY: Oh. Right. Well.

DOCTOR: Okay. So, first we need to get back in there somehow.

RORY: What?

AMY: How do we do that?

RORY: Back in where?

DOCTOR: Come and meet my new friend.

[Guido's home]

(A vellum map of Venice is laid on the table.)

GUIDO: As you saw, there's no clear way in. The House of Calvierri is like a fortress. But there's a tunnel underneath it, with a ladder and shaft that leads up into the house. I tried to get in once myself, but I hit a trapdoor.

AMY: You need someone on the inside.


AMY: You don't even know what I was going to say.

DOCTOR: Er, that we pretend you're an applicant for the school to get you inside, and tonight you come down and open the trapdoor to let us in.

AMY: Oh. So you do know what I was going to say.

RORY: Are you insane?

AMY: We don't have another option.

RORY: He said no, Amy. Listen to him.

GUIDO: There is another option.

(Guido points to the collection of barrels behind Rory.)

GUIDO: I work at the Arsenale. We build the warships for the navy.

(The Doctor sniffs the barrels.)

DOCTOR: Gunpowder. Most people just nick stationery from where they work. Look, I have a thing about guns and huge quantities of explosive.

GUIDO: What do you suggest, then? We wait until they turn her into an animal?

AMY: I'll be there three, four hours, tops.

DOCTOR: No. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. It can't keep happening like this. This is how they go. But I have to know. We go together, say you're my daughter.

RORY: What? Don't listen to him.

AMY: Your daughter? You look about nine.

DOCTOR: Brother, then.

AMY: Too weird. Fiancé.

RORY: I'm not having him run around telling people he's your fiancé.

AMY: No. No, you're right.

RORY: Thank you.

AMY: I mean, they've already seen the Doctor. You should do it.


AMY: Yeah. You can be my brother.

RORY: Why is him being your brother weird, but with me, it's okay?

RORY: Actually, I thought you were her fiancé.

DOCTOR: Yeah, that's not helping.

RORY: This whole thing is mental. They're vampires, for God's sake.

DOCTOR: We hope.

AMY: So if they're not vampires?

DOCTOR: Makes you wonder what could be so bad it doesn't actually mind us thinking it's a vampire.

[Throne room]

(Rory and Amy stand before Rosanna and Francesco, dressing in appropriate costume.)

RORY: So, basically, both of our parents are dead from getting the plague. I'm a gondola driver, so money's a bit tight, so having my sister go to your school for special people would be brilliant. Cheers.

FRANCESCO: Have we met?

RORY: I've just got one of those faces.

FRANCESCO: I wasn't talking to you.

RORY: She's got the same face, which is because she's my sister.

ROSANNA: Carlo, explain yourself. Why have you brought me this imbecile?

(Carlo is the Steward.)

CARLO: Signora, they have references from His Majesty the King of Sweden.

ROSANNA: What? Let me see.

(Rory steps forward with the psychic paper whilst Francesco circles Amy.)

ROSANNA: Well, now I see what got my Steward so excited. What say you, Francesco? Do you like her?

FRANCESCO: Oh, I do, Mother. I do.

ROSANNA: Then we would be delighted to accept her. Say goodbye to your sister.

(Carlo hustles Rory away.)

AMY: Tell Uncle Doctor I'll see you both really soon, okay? I'll be fine.

RORY: Amy.


(Carlo leads Amy up a stone staircase, past a lot of pale young women, into a room with several beds. It is underneath a large, ornately decorated dome.)

CARLO: There are clothes on the bed. Get changed and wait here.

AMY: Blimey. This is private education, then?

(Carlo leaves with all but one of the girls.)

AMY: Hey. Hello, I'm Amy. What's your name?

ISABELLA: Isabella.

AMY: Listen, we're going to get you out of here, but I need you to tell me what's going on. What is this place? What are they doing?

ISABELLA: They er, they come at night. They gather around my bed, and they take me to a room with this green light and a chair with straps, as if for a surgeon.

AMY: What happens in there?

ISABELLA: I wake up here. And the sunlight burns my skin like candle wax.

(A bell tolls.)


(Guido poles a gondola along. He is wearing Rory's stag party t-shirt.)

DOCTOR: She'll be fine.

RORY: You can promise me that, can you?

(Amy is exploring the damp basement, not noticing a corpse.)

GUIDO: We're here.


DOCTOR: Right. Okay, I'll go first. If anything happens to me, go back

RORY: What happened, between you and Amy? You said she kissed you.

DOCTOR: Now? You want to do this now?

RORY: I have a right to know. I'm getting married in four hundred and thirty years.

(Amy finds the cover of the trapdoor to the tunnel, and pulls back the metal bolts. She starts to leave and walks into Carlo, dropping her candle.)

DOCTOR: She was frightened. I was frightened. But we survived, you know, and the relief of it, and so she kissed me.

RORY: And you kissed her back.

DOCTOR: No. I kissed her mouth.

RORY: Funny.

DOCTOR: Rory. Rory, she kissed me because I was there. It would have been you. It should have been you.

RORY: Yeah, it should have been me.

DOCTOR: Exactly. That's why I brought you here.

(A strong wind blows out their torch.)

DOCTOR: Can we go and see the vampires now, please?


CARLO: Control yourself, child.

AMY: Take your hands off me!

(The place is illuminated with green light.)

ROSANNA: Psychic paper. Did you really think that would work on me?


(The Doctor climbs up on Rory and out of the trapdoor, then pulls him up.)

DOCTOR: Push. Come on. There we are. Amy. Where's Amy? Amy?

RORY: I can't see a thing. Just as well I brought this, then.

(Rory produces a tiny penlight, the Doctor pulls out a small light sabre.)

DOCTOR: Ultraviolet. Portable sunlight.

RORY: Yours is bigger than mine.

DOCTOR: Let's not go there.


ROSANNA: Where are you from? Did you fall through the Chasm?

FRANCESCO: Mother this is pointless. Let's just start the process and

ROSANNA: Hold your tongue, Francesco. I need to know what this girl is doing in a world of savages with psychic paper. Who are you with? You see, I scarcely believe your idiot brother sent you. What are you doing in my school?

The chair is brought forward, and a drip bag is hung from a hook above it.)

AMY: Okay, I'll tell you. I'm from Ofsted.

ROSANNA: (laughs) Put her in the chair.

AMY: No! Take your hands off me!

(The vampires set up bags of blood and fasten Amy into the chair. Francesco holds her head.)

ROSANNA: Oh, make sport of me, will you? Tease me as if I were your dog? Well, this dog has a bite, girl.

AMY: Doctor!

(Rosanna bites Amy's neck.)


RORY: If we cancel now, we lose the deposit on the village hall. The salsa band. Oh.

(The Doctor opens a nearby chest. It contains desiccated vampires.)

RORY: What happened to them?

DOCTOR: They've had all the moisture taken out of them.


FRANCESCO: Mother, where you drink from her, may we share? I'm so thirsty.

ROSANNA: Of course, darling.


RORY: That's what vampires do, right? They drink your blood and replace it with their own.

DOCTOR: Yeah, except these people haven't just had their blood taken, but all the water in their entire bodies.

RORY: Why did they die? Why aren't they like the girls in the school?

DOCTOR: Maybe not everyone survives the process.

RORY: You know what's dangerous about you? It's not that you make people take risks, it's that you make them want to impress you. You make it so they don't want to let you down. You have no idea how dangerous you make people to themselves when you're around.

VAMPIRES: Who are you?

(Six girls have appeared. The Doctor waves his UV light at them.)

DOCTOR: We should run. Run.


ROSANNA: This is how it works. First, we drink you until you're dry. Then we fill you with our blood. It rages through you like a fire, changing you, until one morning you awake and your humanity is a dream now faded.

FRANCESCO: Or you die. That can happen.

AMY: And if I survive?

ROSANNA: Then there are ten thousand husbands waiting for you in the water.

AMY: Yeah, sorry, I'm kind of engaged.

(Amy kicks out at Rosanna, damaging a device under her overskirt. She briefly transforms into a bony vampire shrimp or lobster.)

DOCTOR [OC]: Oh! Rory, come on.

(Rosanna, Francesco and Carlo run out.)


(They block the Doctor's way.)

DOCTOR: Cab for Amy Pond?


(Isabella comes to free Amy from the chair.}

AMY: She bit me.


(Vampires block the Doctor and Rory's retreat.)

ROSANNA: This rescue plan. Not exactly watertight, is it?

(The Doctor brandishes his UV light again.)

DOCTOR: Ah ha!

(Isabella and Amy run in.)

AMY: Rory.

RORY: Amy.

ISABELLA: Quickly, through here.

ROSANNA: Seal the house.


AMY: They're not vampires.


AMY: I saw them. I saw her. They're not vampires, they're aliens.

(The Doctor sonics the trapdoor hatch.)

DOCTOR: Classic.

RORY: That's good news? What is wrong with you people?

DOCTOR: Come on, Rory. Move.

(Francesco and the vampires catch up to them, but are held back by the UV light. He sends the girls ahead of him.)

DOCTOR: Keep moving. Come on, guys.

[Tunnel entrance]

(Daylight, and church bells are ringing. Guido is still waiting with his gondola.)

ISABELLA: Quickly, quickly. Get out. Quick. Quick.

(But Isabella recoils as the sunlight touches her skin.)

DOCTOR: Come on. Run.

ISABELLA: I can't.

(Isabella and the vampires shut the heavy door leading to the tunnel. The Doctor touches the metal on it, and gets an electric shock.)

AMY: Is he dead?

RORY: No, he's breathing.


(Isabella is being made to walk the plank.)

CARLO: And so in memory of the children lost to the Silence, the traitor is delivered to the arms of those she betrayed.

ISABELLA: Do you expect me to drown? I'm Venetian. I can swim. We can all swim.

(A guard prods her off the plank with his pike. Bubbles rise from the water.)

ISABELLA: Something touched my leg! They're all around me. They bite!

(Isabella is pulled down under the water.)

ROSANNA: Now leave us.

(Carlo, the vampires and the guards go back inside the house. Rosanna kneels by the water.)

FRANCESCO: Mother, change your form, or my brothers will think they are being fed twice today.

ROSANNA: Not long now. It's not long.

[Throne room]

(Rosanna enters alone. The Doctor is sitting on her throne.)

DOCTOR: Long way from Saturnyne, aren't you, Sister of the Water?

ROSANNA: No, let me guess. The owner of the psychic paper. Then I take it you're a refugee, like me?

DOCTOR: I'll make you a deal. An answer for an answer. You're using a perception filter. It doesn't change your features, but manipulates the brainwaves of the person looking at you. But seeing one of you for the first time in, say, a mirror, the brain doesn't know what to fill the gap with, so leaves it blank, hence no reflection.

ROSANNA: Your question?

DOCTOR: Why can we see your big teeth?

ROSANNA: Self preservation over rides the mirage. The subconscious perceives the threat and tries to alert the conscious brain.

DOCTOR: Where's Isabella?

ROSANNA: My turn. Where are you from?

DOCTOR: Gallifrey.

ROSANNA: You should be in a museum. Or in a mausoleum.

DOCTOR: Why are you here?

ROSANNA: We ran from the Silence. Why are you here?

DOCTOR: Wedding present. The Silence?

ROSANNA: There were cracks. Some were tiny. Some were as big as the sky. Through some we saw worlds and people, and through others we saw Silence and the end of all things. We fled to an ocean like ours, and the crack snapped shut behind us. Saturnyne was lost.

DOCTOR: So Earth is to become Saturnyne Mark Two?

ROSANNA: And you can help me. We can build a new society here, as others have. What do you say?

DOCTOR: Where's Isabella?

ROSANNA: Isabella?

DOCTOR: The girl who saved my friend.

ROSANNA: Oh, deserters must be executed. Any general will tell you that. I need an answer, Doctor. A partnership. Any which way you choose.

DOCTOR: I don't think that's such a good idea, do you? I'm a Time Lord. You're a big fish. Think of the children.

ROSANNA: Carlo? You're right. We're nothing alike. I will bend the heavens to save my race, while you philosophise.

(Carlo enters.)

DOCTOR: This ends today. I will tear down the House of Calvierri, stone by stone. Take your hands off me, Carlo. And you know why? You didn't know Isabella's name. You didn't know Isabella's name.

CARLO [OC]: Open the gates.

(The Doctor leaves.)

[Main hall]

ROSANNA: Attend. Attend. The storm is coming.

(Rosanna briefly transforms into her real form. Carlo staggers back, shocked.)


FRANCESCO: Mummy, what's wrong with your perception filter?

ROSANNA: The idiot child must have damaged it when she kicked me.

(Another brief transformation.)

ROSANNA: Now, assemble the girls. I have a job for them.

[Guido's home]

(The Doctor checks Amy's puncture wounds with his sonic screwdriver.)

DOCTOR: You're fine. Open wide.

(He pops a humbug into Amy's mouth. Guido and Rory have got their own clothes back.)

DOCTOR: Argh. I need to think. Come on, brain. Think, think, think. Think.

AMY: If they're fish people, it explains why they hate the sun.

DOCTOR: Stop talking. Brain thinking. Hush.

RORY: It's the school thing I don't understand.

DOCTOR: Stop talking. Brain thinking. Hush.

GUIDO: I say we take the fight to them.

DOCTOR: Ah, ah, ah.

GUIDO: What?

DOCTOR: Ah. Her planet dies, so they flee through a crack in space and time and end up here. Then she closes off the city and, one by one, starts changing the people into creatures like her to start a new gene pool. Got it. But then what? They come from the sea. They can't survive for ever on land, so what's she going to do? Unless she's going to do something to the environment to make the city habitable. She said, I shall bend the heavens to save my race. Bend the heavens. Bend the heavens. She's going to sink Venice.

GUIDO: She's going to sink Venice?

DOCTOR: And repopulate it with the girls she's transformed.

RORY: You can't repopulate somewhere with just women. You need blokes.

AMY: She's got blokes.

DOCTOR: Where?

AMY: In the canal. She said to me there are ten thousand husbands waiting in the water.

DOCTOR: Only the male offspring survived the journey here. She's got ten thousand children swimming around the canals, waiting for Mum to make them some compatible girlfriends. Urgh. I mean, I've been around a bit, but really that's, that's eugh.

(Thump creak.)

DOCTOR: The people upstairs are very noisy.

GUIDO: There aren't any people upstairs.

DOCTOR: Do you know, I knew you were going to say that. Did anyone else know he was going to say that?

RORY: Is it the vampires?

DOCTOR: Like I said, they're not vampires. Fish from space.

(A window breaks. Vampires gather the doors and windows.)

RORY: Aren't we on the second floor?

(The Doctor waves his UV light at them, then uses his sonic screwdriver to reveal their true appearance.)

GUIDO: What's happened to them?

DOCTOR: There's nothing left of them. They've been fully converted. Blimey, fish from space have never been so buxom. Okay, move.

RORY: Come on.


GUIDO: Give me the lamp.

[Outside Guido's home]

DOCTOR: Go, go, go, guys. Keep moving. Go, go, go.

GUIDO: Stay away from the door, Doctor.

DOCTOR: No. Guido, What are you doing?


(Guido makes his way back to his apartment.)

DOCTOR [OC]: I'm not leaving you. What are you doing?

[Outside Guido's home]

(The sonic screwdriver is useless.)

DOCTOR: Argh, bolted.


GUIDO: Come on. That's it, keep coming. Come on.

[Outside Guido's home]

DOCTOR: Guido!

[Guido's home]

(Guide picks up a lit candle and backs towards his collection of gunpowder barrels. The vampires move forward.)

GUIDO: Come on. Come on. Come on.

(The Doctor runs away, very fast.)

GUIDO: We are Venetians!


[Throne room]

ROSANNA: Right. To begin, let's fill the sky with fire.

(She opens one of the ornaments on the arm of her throne and presses a button. Gas spews from a tower on the corner of the house, instantly creating a violent thunderstorm.)



(The people are frightened.)

MAN: In sight of the Lord, protect and keep us.

[Outside Guido's home]

DOCTOR: Rosanna's initiating the final phase.

AMY: We need to stop her. Come on.

DOCTOR: No, no, no. Get back to the Tardis.

AMY: You can't stop her on your own.

DOCTOR: We don't discuss this. I tell you to do something, Amy, and you do it. Huh?

(Amy storms off.)

RORY: Thank you.

DOCTOR: You're welcome.

[By the canal]

(Francesco opens the gates across from where Amy and Rory are watching the sky.)

AMY: Oh my God, what is going on?

RORY: The sky, it's like it's boiling.

(Francesco dives into the canal.)

[Throne room]

(The Doctor opens the back of the throne.)

ROSANNA: You're too late. Such determination, just to save one city. Hard to believe it's the same man that let an entire race turn to cinders and ash. Now you can watch as my people take their new kingdom.

DOCTOR: The girls have gone, Rosanna.

ROSANNA: You're lying.

DOCTOR: Shouldn't I be dead, hmm? Rosanna, please, help me. There are two hundred thousand people in this city.

ROSANNA: So save them.


(Francesco confronts Rory and Amy. Rory picks up two candlesticks and holds them out as a cross.)

RORY: Amy, run.

(Francesco knocks the candlesticks out of Rory's hands and walks towards Amy.)

RORY: This way, you freak. No! This way, you big, stupid, great SpongeBob. The only thing I've seen uglier than you is your Mum.



FRANCESCO: Did you just say something about Mummy?

(Rory picks up a broomstick and jabs it towards Francesco, then waves it around. Francesco draws his very real sword and does the same. A very uneven fight ensues.)

AMY: Careful. Careful. Okay, hit him. This way. bring him this way. Rory!

(The broomstick gets chopped up. Rory manages to entangle Francesco in some washing hanging from a line.)

RORY: Oh. Oh, you stink of fish.

FRANCESCO: Well, I'm hardly going to smell of cheese and biscuits.

(Rory backs away to where Amy had run, and trips. Francesco transforms into his true self and leaps on him.)

AMY: Hey, Mummy's boy!

(Amy uses her compact mirror to direct sunlight onto Francesco, who instantly burns and explodes, covering Rory with soot.)


AMY: That was lucky. Why did you make the sign of the cross, you numpty?

RORY: Oh. Oh, right, I'm being reviewed now, am I?

(Amy gives him a passionate kiss.)

AMY: Mmm. Now we go help the Doctor.

RORY: Righty-ho.

[House of Calvierri entrance]

CARLO: Open the gate!

(Carlo drags out a bag filled with gold objects. Amy and Rory run inside.)

MAN: It's the Almighty. Look at the sky!

[Throne room]

DOCTOR: Get out. I need to stabilise the storm.

RORY: We're not leaving you.

DOCTOR: Right, so one minute it's all you make people a danger to themselves, and the next it's we're not leaving you. But if one of you gets squashed or blown up or eaten, who gets the

(The house shakes, knocking them off their feet.)

RORY: What was that?

DOCTOR: Nothing. Bit of an earthquake.

AMY: An earthquake?

DOCTOR: Manipulate the elements, it can trigger earthquakes. But don't worry about them.


DOCTOR: No. Worry about the tidal waves caused by the earthquake. Right, Rosanna's throne is the control hub but she's locked the programme, so, tear out every single wire and circuit in the throne. Go crazy. Hit it with a stick, anything. We need it to shut down and re-route control to the secondary hub, which I'm guessing will also be the generator.

[Bell tower]

(Which is in the bell tower, where the bells are rocking and ringing.)

DOCTOR: Shut up. Shut up. That's better.

(The Doctor starts to climb up the outside to the big metal lightning conductor, with the help of the power cable.)

DOCTOR: Oh. Oh. Okay.

[Outside the House of Calvierri]

RORY: There he is. Come on.

(The Doctor opens the brass ball to reveal clockwork.)

RORY: Come on.

AMY: Come on.

(The Doctor finds a tiny switch and stops the mechanism. Instantly the rain ceases, the clouds vanish and birds start singing again. The people cheer and applaud.)

RORY: You did it!


(Rosanna cannot turn her perception filter off now. She undresses quickly.)

DOCTOR: Rosanna!

ROSANNA: One city to save an entire species. Was that so much to ask?

DOCTOR: I told you, you can't go back and change time. You mourn, but you live. I know, Rosanna. I did it.

ROSANNA: Tell me, Doctor. Can your conscience carry the weight of another dead race? Remember us. Dream of us.

(Rosanna steps off the plank into the water, where her sons consume her.)


[Market place]

(The Inspector gives the Doctor his deepest, most respectful bow.)

DOCTOR: Now then, what about you two, eh? Next stop Leadworth Registry Office. Maybe I can give you away.

RORY: It's fine. Drop me back where you found me. I'll just say you've

AMY: Stay. With us. Please. Just for a bit. I want you to stay.

DOCTOR: Fine with me.

RORY: Yeah? Yes, I would like that.

AMY: Nice one. I will pop the kettle on. Hey, look at this. Got my spaceship, got my boys. My work here is done.

(Amy goes into the Tardis.)

RORY: Er, we are not her boys.

DOCTOR: Yeah, we are.

RORY: Yeah, we are.

(Suddenly, Venice is empty of people.)

DOCTOR: Rory, listen to that.

RORY: Er, what? All I can hear is silence.

ROSANNA [OC]: There were cracks. Through some we saw Silence and the end of all things.

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