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  01x11 - Boom Town
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A recap of 1x04 "Aliens of London" and 1x05 "World War Three".

Six month later.


Mr Cleaver paces the office.

MR CLEAVER (anxiously) : I've checked the figures. I've checked them again and again. ALWAYS the same result. The design is not safe. It could result in the death of millions. I beg of you... stop the project right now, before it's too late.

MARGARET : Well. Goodness me. Obviously, Mr Cleaver, you're the expert...

MR CLEAVER : Then... you'll stop it ?

MARGARET : Seems I have no choice. (Stomach rumbles noisily, an apologetic smile). Oh... do excuse me. Civic duties leave little time for a sandwich.

MR CLEAVER (urgently) : But you promise you'll stop it, today ?

MARGARET : Well of course. Nothing is more important than human life...

Her face hardens, and Cleaver looks slightly worried. She makes an effort to lighten her tone.

MARGARET (CONT'D) : What do you take me for ? Some sort of maniac ?

MR CLEAVER : Why, no...

MARGARET : Am I right in thinking you've shown your results only to me ?

MR CLEAVER : Just to you. No one else.

MARGARET (smiles) : Wise move.

Mr Cleaver, clearly very relieved, takes off his glasses and wipes his eyes, fatigued.

MR CLEAVER : I can't tell you Mrs Blaine, this is such a weight off my mind. I've barely slept. I couldn't believe my own readings.

He whips a hanky out of his pocket, his backed turned to Margaret, who looks darkly at him and slowly raises a hand to her forehead...


The scale of it - destruction like the British Isles has never seen before.

He cleans his glasses on the hanky, his back turned to the room so that he does not see the blue light flashing behind him. He squints at the model of the nuclear power station.

MR CLEAVER (CONT'D) : If I didn't know better, I'd almost think that someone wanted this project to go wrong. As though they intended to wipe this city off the map. (Slowly replaces his glasses). Thank goodness we've got you, our esteemed leader.

He turns around, and Margaret is standing right behind him in her true, Slitheen form. She shrieks and grabs his neck with a huge claw, while Mr Cleaver shouts out with terror.



A loudspeaker speaks out over a train station. A sign says "Caerdydd Canolog - Cardiff Central". A train pulls up and Mickey alights, looking up at the 'Way Out sign.


Mickey makes his way across Millennium Centre Square to where the TARDIS is parked in front of the silver water sculpture. He knocks on the door. It swings open almost immediately, and Jack pops his head out.

JACK (without hesitation) : Who the hell are you ?

MICKEY (rudely) : What d'you mean, who the hell am I ? Who the hell are you ?

JACK : Captain Jack Harkness. Whatever your selling, we're not buying.

MICKEY : Get out of my way !

He barges past Jack into the TARDIS.


JACK (shutting the door) : Don't tell me, this must be Mickey.

The Doctor is way up in the gantries, standing on a ladder. He appears to be carrying out maintenance work on the TARDIS. He has a red flashing light strapped to his forehead and looks extremely dorky. Rose is standing by the console.

THE DOCTOR (cheerily) : Here comes trouble ! How're you doing, Ricky boy ?

MICKEY : It's Mickey !

ROSE : Don't listen to him, he's winding you up.

MICKEY : You look fantastic.

They both grin broadly and give each other a big hug.

JACK : Aww, sweet, look at these two. How come I never get any of that ?

THE DOCTOR : Buy me a drink first.

JACK : You're such hard work.

THE DOCTOR : But worth it.

He grins in an extremely self-satisfied way.

ROSE (to Mickey) : Did you manage to find it ?

MICKEY (hands her passport over) : There you go.

ROSE (grins at the Doctor, brandishing the passport) : I can go anywhere now !

THE DOCTOR : I told you, you don't need a passport !

ROSE : It's all very well going to platform one and Justicia and the Glass Pyramid of San Kloon but what if we end up in Brazil ? I might need it. You see, I'm prepared for anything.

She sticks her tongue out, smiling.

MICKEY : Sounds like your staying, then.

Awkward silence. The Doctor looks between them curiously. Mickey smiles, attempting to lighten the atmosphere again.

MICKEY : So, what're you doing in Cardiff ? And who the hell's Jumping Jack Flash ? I mean, I don't mind you hanging out with big-ears up there.


MICKEY : Look in the mirror.

The Doctor shakes his head and turns back to his work.

MICKEY (CONT'D) : But this guy, I dunno, he's kinda...

JACK : Handsome ?

MICKEY : More like cheesy.

JACK : Early 21st Century slang. IIs cheesy good or bad ?

MICKEY : Its bad.

JACK : But bad means good, isn't that right ?

THE DOCTOR (tottering down the ladder) : Are you saying I'm not handsome ?

Everyone ignores him.

ROSE (to Mickey) : We just stopped off. We need to refuel. Thing is, Cardiff's got this rift running through the middle of the city. It's invisible, but it's like an earthquake fault between different dimensions...

THE DOCTOR : The rift was healed back in 1869...

ROSE : Thanks to a girl named Gwyneth, 'cos these creatures called the Gelth, they were using the rift as a gateway but she saved the world and closed it.

From the look on his face, Mickey is finding this hard to follow.

JACK : But closing a rift always leaves a scar, and that scar generates energy, harmless to the Human Race.

THE DOCTOR : But perfect for the TARDIS, so just park it here for a couple of days right on top of the scar and...

JACK : Open up the engines, soak up the radiation...

ROSE : Like filling her up with petrol and off we go !

JACK (hi-fives Rose) : Into time !

THE DOCTOR, ROSE, JACK (the Doctor and Rose hi-five) : And space !

ROSE : Whoo !

MICKEY (staring at them in disbelief) : My God, have you seen yourselves ? You all think you're so clever, don't you ?


ROSE : Yeah !

JACK : Yep !

Jack gives Mickey a friendly slap on the cheek.


They all bundle out of the TARDIS.

THE DOCTOR : Should take another twenty-four hours, which means we've got time to kill.

MICKEY : That old lady's staring.

JACK : Probably wondering what four people could do inside a small wooden box...

He pats the Doctor suggestively on the shoulder. The Doctor, Jack and Rose snigger.

MICKEY : What are you captain of ? The Innuendo Squad ?

Jack makes the 'whatever' sign and heads off.

MICKEY (CONT'D) : Wait ! Er, the TARDIS, we can't just leave it. Doesn't it get noticed ?

JACK : Yeah, what's with the police box ? Why does it look like that ?

ROSE (complacently) : It's a cloaking device.

THE DOCTOR : It's called a chameleon circuit. The TARDIS is meant to disguise itself wherever it lands, like if this was Ancient Rome, it'd be a statue on a plinth or something. But I landed in the 1960s, it disguised itself as a police box, and the circuit got stuck.

MICKEY : So it copied a real thing ? There actually was police boxes ?

THE DOCTOR : Yeah, on street corners. Phone for help before they had radios and mobiles. If they arrested someone, they could shove them inside until help came. Like a little prison cell.

JACK (leaning towards him) : Why don't you just fix the circuit ?

THE DOCTOR : I like it! Don't you ?

ROSE (patting it for emphasis) : I LOVE it !

MICKEY (grinning, thinks he has proved a point) : But that's what I meant! There's no police boxes anymore, so doesn't it get noticed ?

THE DOCTOR : Ricky, let me tell you something about the Human Race. You put a mysterious blue box slap bang in the middle of town and what do they do ?

He puts his hands on Mickey's shoulders. Mickey open his mouth to reply, but doesn't get a chance.

THE DOCTOR (CONT'D) : Walk past it. Now stop your nagging, let's go and explore !

He walks off, linking his hand with Rose's. Mickey and Jack follow.

ROSE : What's the plan ?

THE DOCTOR : I don't know ! Cardiff. Early 21st Century.

Rose bounces up and down excitedly.

THE DOCTOR (CONT'D) : And the wind's coming from the... East. Trust me, safest place in the universe.


Margaret stands on a podium holding a glass of champagne and addressing a room full of civic dignitaries, journalists and waiters and waitresses.

MARGARET : This Nuclear Power station right in the heart of Cardiff City will bring jobs for all ! (Climbs down from the podium, moves towards the miniature of the nuclear power station). As you can see, as Lord Mayor, I've had to sanction some radical redevelopments...

A camera flashes and Margaret throws her hand up in front of her face.

MARGARET (CONT'D) (angrier than the occasion warrants) : No photographs ! What did I say ? Take pictures of the project by all means, but not me, thank you. (Smiles, addresses the room at large). So. Cardiff Castle will be demolished allowing the Blaidd Drwg Project to rise up, tall and proud. A monument to Welsh industry. And yes, some of you might shiver. The words "nuclear power station" and "major population centre" aren't exactly the happiest of bedfellows. But I give you my personal guarantee that as long as I walk upon this earth, no harm will come to any of my citizens. Now drink up. A toast - to the future !

She raises her glass and the rest of the room follow suit.

ALL : To the future !

MARGARET : And believe me... it will glow.

After a smattering of polite applause, the guests begin to mingle. A journalist named Cathy Salt hurries over to Margaret.

CATHY : Excuse me, Mrs Blaine ? My name's Cathy Salt, I represent the Cardiff Gazette.

MARGARET : I'm sorry, I'm not doing interviews. I can't bear self publicity.

She begins to turn away.

CATHY : But are you aware of the curse ?

MARGARET (looking her up and down with a fixed, fake smile) : Whatever do you mean ? Cathy, wasn't it ?

CATHY : Cathy Salt. That's what some of your engineers are saying. That the Blaidd Drwg Project is cursed.

MARGARET : Sounds rather silly to me.

CATHY : That's what I thought. I was just chasing a bit of local colour. But the funny thing is, when you start piecing it all together, it does begin to look a bit odd...

MARGARET (coldly) : In what way?

CATHY : The deaths ! The number of deaths associated with this project. First of all, there was the entire team of the European Safety Inspectors...

MARGARET : But they were French ! Its not my fault if "Danger, Explosives !" was only written in Welsh.

She turns her back on Cathy, but Cathy persists.

CATHY : And then there was that accident with the Cardiff Heritage Committee...

MARGARET : The electrocution of that swimming pool was put down to natural wear and tear.

CATHY : And then, the Architect ?

MARGARET (softly) : It was raining, visibility was low, my car simply couldn't stop.

CATHY : And then just recently, Mr Cleaver, the government's nuclear adviser...

MARGARET : Slipped on an icy patch.

CATHY : He was decapitated.

MARGARET : It was a very icy patch. I'm afraid these stories are nothing more than typical small town thinking. I really haven't got time. Now, if you'll excuse me...

She makes to go, but Cathy still persists and hurries round in front of Margaret, blocking her way.

CATHY : Except, before he died, Mr Cleaver posted some of his findings online.

MARGARET (interested, now) : Did he, now?

CATHY : If you know where to look. He was concerned about the reactor.

MARGARET (attempting to laugh it off) : Oh ! All that technical stuff !

CATHY : Specifically, that the design of the suppression pool would cause the hydrogen recombiners to fail, precipitating in the collapse in the containment isolation system resulting in a meltdown.

MARGARET : Who's been doing her homework ?

CATHY : That's my job.

MARGARET (prodding Cathy's necklace) : I think... Cathy Salt... I think you and I should have a word in private.


Margaret is practically dragging Cathy out of the doors and along a corridor, still with a deadly sweet smile on her face. Her stomach rumbles loudly.

MARGARET : Ooh ! My little tum is complaining. I think we might have to make a detour to the ladies.

CATHY : I'll wait here.

MARGARET (grabbing her hand and pulling her along) : Oh, come on. All girls together !

Margaret pulls Cathy into the ladies.


MARGARET : So, you were saying ? These outlandish theories of yours ?

She hurries into a cubicle and shuts the door, leaving Cathy to wait outside. A wet farting noise sounds from inside.

CATHY : Sounds like we got here just in time.

MARGARET : Continue.

CATHY : Well, I don't know much about nuclear physics. But from what I could make out, Cleaver was saying that the whole project could go up...

Inside the cubicle, Margaret begins to unzip her forehead with an evil smile on her face.

CATHY (CONT'D) : ... worse than Chernobyl. (Notices the flickering blue light from under the toilet door). Is there something wrong with the lights ?

MARGARET : Oh, they're always on the blink. I can't tell you how many memos I've sent. So, Chernobyl...

CATHY : Apparently. But a thousand times worse.

Margaret begins to wiggle out of her body suit.

CATHY (CONT'D) : I know it sounds absurd, there must be so many safety regulations. But Cleaver seemed to be talking about a nuclear holocaust. He almost made it sound deliberate. I mean, we're hardly the Sunday Times, it's only the Cardiff Gazzette, but we have a duty to report the facts.

SLITHEEN / MARGARET : And you're going to print this information ?

CATHY : Are you all right ? You sound a bit...

MARGARET : Sore throat. (Affected cough). Just a little tickle. But tell me, do you intend to make this information public ?

CATHY : I have to.

MARGARET (menacingly) : So be it.

She raises a claw ready to push the door open.

CATHY (walking to the sinks) : Mind you, my boyfriend thinks I'm mad.

Margaret lowers her claw, listening.

CATHY (CONT'D) (checking her reflection) : We're getting married next month. And he says if I cause a fuss, I could lose my job. Just when we need the money...

MARGARET : ... Boyfriend ?

CATHY (smiling) : Jeffery. Civil Servant. He's nothing exciting, but he's mine.

MARGARET : When's the wedding ?

CATHY (turns away from the mirror) : The nineteenth. It's really just to stop my mother from nagging, but the baby sort of clinched it, I suppose.

Margaret slowly sits down on the toilet.

MARGARET : You're with... child ?

CATHY : Three months. It's not showing yet. Wasn't planned. It was an accident. Nice accident, though.

She smiling, just thinking about it.

MARGARET : Congratulations.

CATHY : Thank you. How about you ? You got any kids ?


CATHY : Is there a Mr Blaine ?

MARGARET (voice trembling) : Not anymore. I'm all on my own. I had quite a sizeable family, once upon a time, wonderful brothers. Oh, they were bold. But all of them gone now. Maybe you're right. Maybe I'm cursed.

CATHY (consolingly) : No, no... I don't think so. Not really.

MARGARET : You're very kind. If you don't mind, I might be a while. You run along. Perhaps we could do this another day.

CATHY : Are you all right?


CATHY : Okay, I'll tell you what, uh, I'll leave my details with your office. Thanks for talking.

MARGARET (sadly) : Thank you...

Cathy leaves, glancing back at the door of the cubicle as she goes. When she is gone, Margaret gives a quiet moan of sorrow, lowering her head and closing her eyes with misery.


The Doctor, Rose, Jack and Mickey are sitting at a table having a thoroughly good time as Jack tells them all an exciting story.

JACK ; I swear, six feet tall and with tusks...

THE DOCTOR : You're lying through your teeth !

ROSE : I'd've gone bonkers ! That's the word, bonkers !

JACK : I mean, it turns out the white things are tusks and I mean tusks ! And it's woken, and it's not happy...

THE DOCTOR : How could you not know it was there ?

JACK : And we're standing there, fifteen of us, naked...

ROSE : Naked ?!

JACK : And I'm like, oh, no, no, it's got nothing to do with me ! And then it roars, and we are running. Oh my God, we are running ! And Brakovitch falls, so I turn to him and I say...

MICKEY : I knew we should've turned left !

They all roar with laughter at this punchline.

JACK : That's my line !

ROSE : I don't believe you, I don't believe a word you say ever, that is so brilliant !

The Doctor glances over at a newspaper an old man nearby is reading, and the smile instantly fades from his face. Unnoticed by the others, he stands.

ROSE (CONT'D) : Did you ever get your clothes back ?

JACK : No, I just picked him up went right for the ship, full throttle, didn't stop until I hit the spacelanes, I was shaking ! It was unbelievable, I'm freaking out and by the time I got there I was fifteen light-years away I was like this !

While Jack is prattling on, the Doctor pulls the paper out of the old man's hands and looks at the front page. He looks up, face troubled.

THE DOCTOR : And I was having such a nice day.

And he holds up the paper and shows them the headline : New Mayor, New Cardiff, complete with a picture of Margaret as she objected to the photographer taking her picture.


The four of them stride purposefully up the steps to the town hall, headquarters of the Mayor.


They enter and go up the steps into the entrance hall as though they own the place. They stop and glance around at their surroundings.

JACK : According to intelligence, the target is the last surviving member of the Slitheen family, a criminal sect from the planet Raxacoricofallapatorious, masquerading as a human being, zipped inside a skin suit. Okay, plan of attack, we assume a basic fifty seven/fifty six strategy, covering all available exits on the ground floor. Doctor, you go face-to-face, that'll designate Exit One, I'll cover Exit Two, Rose, you're Exit Three, Mickey Smith, you take Exit Four. Have you got that ?

While Jack is rattling all this off, the Doctor is eyeing him with mild surprise at his impertinence, Rose's face is contorted with the effort of understanding what on earth he's going on about, and Mickey just looks plain confused.

THE DOCTOR (sternly) : Excuse me. Who's in charge ?

JACK : Sorry. Awaiting orders, sir.

THE DOCTOR (voice deepening with authority) : Right. Here's the plan. (A pause. He beams). Like he said. Nice plan. Anything else ?

JACK : Present arms.

They each pull out a mobile phone.


JACK : Speed dial ?

Each press a button with a beep.


ROSE : Ready.

MICKEY : Check.

JACK (lazy grin) : See ya in hell.

He walks off to the right, the Doctor and Rose head off to different exits straight ahead, and Mickey hesitates with confusion for a few moments before ambling off to the left.


The Doctor strides over to the Secretary sat behind a desk outside the Mayor's office, Idris Hopper.

THE DOCTOR : Hello ! I've come to see the Lord Mayor.

IDRIS : Have you got an appointment ?

THE DOCTOR : Nope, just an old friend passing by, bit of a surprise, can't wait to see her face !

IDRIS : Well, she's just having a cup of tea.

THE DOCTOR : Just go in there, and tell her the Doctor would like to see her.

IDRIS : Doctor who ?

THE DOCTOR : Just the Doctor. Tell her exactly that. The Doctor.

IDRIS (standing up resignedly) : Hold on a tick...

Idris enters the office, and the Doctor stands with his hands behind his back and waits serenely. He barely raises an eyebrow when he hears the sound of a teacup smashing. Idris reappears, slightly flustered, and opening the door as little as possible before squeezing through it and shutting it behind him.

IDRIS : The Lord Mayor says thank you fo...- for popping by... she'd love to have a chat, but, um... she's up to her eyes in paperwork. Perhaps if you could make an appointment for next week...?

THE DOCTOR : She's climbing out of the window, isn't she ?

IDRIS : Yes, she is.

The Doctor nods smugly and pushes past him into the office.


He dashes across the room to the open window and hurries out on the balcony.


The Doctor emerges just in time to see Margaret hop over onto the scaffolding.

THE DOCTOR (to the others, into his mobile) : Slitheen heading North.


ROSE (starting to run) : On my way.


JACK (also running) : Over and out.


MICKEY (stunned) : Oh my God.


Idris rushes out onto the balcony and starts grappling with the Doctor.

IDRIS : Leave the Mayor alone !


Rose runs down a corridor and pushes past two secretaries in her hurry, sending paperwork flying.


A tea lady shrieks as Jack does a running jump clean over her tea trolley.


Mickey clicks off his mobile, eyes wide, and finally starts to run... straight into a cleaning trolley, sending the entire thing flying.


Rose bursts out of an exit.


Jack bursts out of another exit.


Mickey clomps along a corridor with his right foot stuck inside a mop-bucket, toilet roll trailing behind him.


As the Doctor and Idris continue with their tussle, Margaret hops off the scaffolding at the bottom and takes off her brooch.


Margaret turns, ready to make her escape, but Rose is running towards her, blocking the way. She hisses angrily and pulls of an earring. She turns her head the other way, and Jack is running towards her. Her eyes widen with shock and she runs back the way she came, but the Doctor has managed to throw Idris off and he's on his way down the scaffolding.

THE DOCTOR (calling mockingly) : Margaret !

But there's a fourth exit, and she's belting down it as fast as her fat legs can carry her, pulling off her second earring. Jack, Rose and the Doctor converge at one end.

JACK : Who was on Exit Four ?!

ROSE : That was Mickey !

MICKEY (finally catching up, panting) : Here I am !

THE DOCTOR : Mickey the idiot.

ROSE (staring after her)

Oh, be fair, she's not exactly gonna outrun us, is she ?

But Margaret, smiling to herself, clips her brooch and the two earrings together and she vanishes in blue light with a small ting.

JACK : She's got a teleport ! That's cheating ! Now we're never gonna get her !

ROSE : Oh, the Doctor's very good with teleports.

And the Doctor, who has produced his sonic screwdriver from his jacket pocket, holds it in the air with a dopey grin and clicks it once. Margaret reappears, and this time she's much closer and running straight at them, still with the self-satisfied smile on her face. It fades as soon as she realises where she is, and she grinds to a halt and hurriedly changes direction while pressing her device together. She vanishes again, and the Doctor clicks his screwdriver again. She reappears, again running towards them. She turns around, vanishes again, and again, the Doctor clicks his sonic screwdriver causing her to reappear, and this time she's right in front of them, absolutely exhausted and gasping for breath. She gives up.

THE DOCTOR (cheerily) : I could do this all day.

MARGARET (puts her hands up) : This is persecution. Why can't you leave me alone ? What did I ever do to you ?

THE DOCTOR : You tried to kill me and destroy this entire planet.

MARGARET (dismissively) : Apart from that.


The Doctor, Rose, Jack, Mickey and Margaret enter.

THE DOCTOR (to Margaret) : So, you're a Slitheen, you're on Earth, you're trapped. Your family get killed but you teleport out, just in the nick of time. You have no means of escape. What do you do ? You build a nuclear power station.

He gestures at the model in the middle of the room while Rose and Jack examine it with interest.

THE DOCTOR (CONT'D) : But what for ?

MARGARET : A philanthropic gesture. I've learnt the error of my ways.

THE DOCTOR : And it just so happens to be right on top of the rift.

MARGARET : What rift would that be ?

JACK : A rift in space and time. If this power station went into meltdown, the entire planet would go schwwwupboom !

THE DOCTOR (looking down at the model) : This station is designed to explode the minute it reaches capacity.

ROSE : Didn't anyone notice ? Isn't there someone in London checking this sort of stuff ?

MARGARET : We're in Cardiff. London doesn't care ! The South Wales coast could fall into the sea and they wouldn't notice... Oh... I sound like a Welshman. God help me, I've gone native.

MICKEY : But why would she do that ? A great big explosion, she'd only end up killing herself.

MARGARET : She's got a name, you know.

MICKEY : She's not even a she, she's a... thing.

THE DOCTOR (eyeing Margaret) : Oh, but she's clever...

And in one swift movement, he has prised the middle section off the model and flipped it over, revealing a giant circuit board underneath.

THE DOCTOR (CONT'D) : Fantastic.

JACK (excitedly) : Is that a tribophysical waveform macro-kinetic extrapolator ?!

THE DOCTOR : Couldn't have put it better myself.

JACK (taking it off him for a better look) : Ooh, genius !

The Doctor's attention seems to be caught by something on the far wall, the poster for the project, bearing the words "Blaidd Drwg".

JACK (CONT'D) (to Margaret) : You didn't build this.

MARGARET : I have my hobbies. A little tinkering...

JACK : No, no, no, I mean, you really didn't build this. Way beyond you.

MICKEY : I bet she stole it.

MARGARET : It fell into my hands.

ROSE : Is it a weapon ?

Jack places the extrapolator down on the floor.

JACK : It's transport. You see, the reactor blows, the rift opens, phenomenal cosmic disaster, but this thing shrouds you in a forcefield, you have this energy bubble, zzhum, so you're safe. Then you feed it coordinates, stand on top, and ride the concussion all the way out of the solar system.

MICKEY : It's a surfboard !

JACK : A pan-dimensional surfboard, yeah.

MARGARET (bitterly) : And it would've worked. I would've surfed away from this dead-end dump and back to civilisation.

MICKEY (incredulous) : You'd blow up a whole planet just to get a lift ?

MARGARET : Like stepping on an anthill.

THE DOCTOR (staring up at the poster) : How'd you think of the name ?

MARGARET : What, Blaidd Drwg ? It's Welsh.

THE DOCTOR : I know, but how did you think of it ?

MARGARET : Chose it at random, that's all I dunno. Just sounded good. Does it matter ?

THE DOCTOR (turning around, brow furrowed) : Blaidd Drwg.

ROSE : What's it mean ?

THE DOCTOR : Bad Wolf.

ROSE (haunted) : But I've heard that before, Bad Wolf. I've heard that lots of times...

THE DOCTOR : Everywhere we go. Two words. Following us. Bad Wolf.

ROSE : How can they be following us ?

The Doctor stares into space for a few more seconds, then...

THE DOCTOR : Nah ! Just a coincidence ! Like hearing a word on the radio then hearing it all day. Never mind ! Things to do. (Claps his hands briskly). Margaret, we're gonna take you home.

JACK : Hold on, isn't that the easy option, like letting her go ?

ROSE (gleefully) : I don't believe it ! We actually get to go to Raxa...

The Doctor rolls his eyes.

ROSE (CONT'D) (indignantly) : Wait a minute ! Raxacor...

THE DOCTOR : Raxacoricofallapatorius.

ROSE (walking slowly towards the Doctor) : Raxacorico...

THE DOCTOR : ... fallapatorius.

ROSE : Raxacoricofallapatorius !

She screeches in delight.

THE DOCTOR (yelling joyfully) : That's it !

They throw their arms around each other and he picks her up and spins her.

ROSE (squeaking happily) : I did it !

MARGARET : They have the death penalty.

Nasty silence. All smiles fade.

MARGARET (CONT'D) : The family Slitheen was tried in its absence many years ago and found guilty. With no chance of appeal. According to the statutes of government, the moment I return, I am to be executed. What do you make of that, Doctor ? (Holds the Doctor's cold stare). Take me home and you take me to my death.

THE DOCTOR (indifferently) : Not my problem.


Darkness has now fallen, and they have taken Margaret back to the TARDIS.

MARGARET (in wonder) : This ship is impossible ! It's superb. How do you get the outside around the inside ?

THE DOCTOR : Like I'd give you the secret, yeah.

MARGARET : I almost feel better about being defeated. We never stood a chance. This is the technology of the Gods.

THE DOCTOR : Don't worship me, I'd make a very bad God. You wouldn't get a day off, for starters... Jack, how we doing, big fella ?

Jack is on the floor next to the console, wiring the extrapolator up to the TARDIS.

JACK : This extrapolator's top of the range. (Peers around at Margaret). Where did you get it ?

MARGARET : Oh, I don't know... some airlock sale...?

JACK : Must've been a great big heist. It's stacked with power.

THE DOCTOR : But we can use it for fuel ?

JACK : It's not compatible... but it should knock off about twelve hours. We'll be ready to go by morning.

THE DOCTOR : Then we're stuck here. Overnight.

MARGARET : I'm in no hurry...

ROSE : We've got a prisoner ! The police box is really... a police box.

MARGARET (smiling unpleasantly) : You're not just police, though. Since you're taking me to my death, that makes you my executioners. Each and every one of you...

MICKEY (coldly) : Well, you deserve it.

MARGARET : You're very quick to say so. You're very quick to soak your hands in my blood. Which makes you better than me, how, exactly...?

Mickey has no answer to this.

MARGARET (CONT'D) : Long night ahead...

The Doctor eyes her beadily as she takes her time walking around the console to sit elegantly in one of the seats.

MARGARET (CONT'D) : Let's see who can look me in the eye.

She fixes Mickey with a calm, collected gaze. He manages to hold it for a few seconds before averting his eyes uncomfortably. Next, she looks at Rose who glances guiltily at the Doctor, who glances up only for a second as he is still working busily, but still very aware of the atmosphere.


Mickey is standing alone outside the TARDIS in front of the water feature. Rose steps out of the TARDIS and joins him.

ROSE : S'freezing out here !

MICKEY (nodding towards the TARDIS) : Better than in there. (A pause as Mickey gathers his thoughts together). She does deserve it. She's a Slitheen. I don't care. It's... it's just... weird, in that box.

ROSE (grinning tentatively) : I didn't really need my passport...

Meaning, she wanted to see him. Mickey smiles, obviously pleased. She nudges him playfully, and he nudges her back with a grin.

MICKEY : I've been thinking, you know... we could... go and have a drink. Have a pizza or something. Just you and me.

ROSE (nodding) : That'd be nice.

MICKEY : And, I mean, if the TARDIS can't leave until morning, we could...

Rose nods as he speaks, listening. Mickey looks slightly bashful.

MICKEY (CONT'D) : ... go to a hotel ? Spend the night ? I mean, if you want to ! I, I've got some money.

ROSE (smiling) : Okay. Yeah.

MICKEY (as though he can't believe it) : Is that all right ?

ROSE (laughing) : Yeah !

MICKEY (very pleased) : Cool. There's a couple of bars around here, we should give 'em a go.(indicates TARDIS). And do you have to go and tell him ?

ROSE : It's none of his business.


On the TARDIS scanner, the Doctor watches Rose and Mickey walking away hand in hand.

JACK : So, what's on ?

The Doctor's head jerks around and he hurriedly turns the screen off.

THE DOCTOR (quickly) : Nothing, just...

Margaret is sitting with her back to the console, on the metal grilling.

MARGARET (darkly) : I gather it's not always like this... having to wait. (Pause as she considers this). I bet you're always the first to leave, Doctor. Never mind the consequences, off you go. You butchered my family and then ran for the stars, am I right ? But not this time. At last, you have consequences... how does it feel ?

THE DOCTOR : I didn't butcher them.

JACK : Don't answer back. That's what she wants.

THE DOCTOR (needing him to understand) : I didn't ! (To Margaret) : What about you ? You had an emergency teleport, you didn't zap them to safety, did you ?

MARGARET : It only carries one. I had to fly without coordinates. I ended up on a skip in the Isle of Dogs.

The Doctor and Jack snigger.

MARGARET (CONT'D) (sharply) : It wasn't funny !

THE DOCTOR (sheepishly) : Sorry.

But Margaret turns around, and they're both still grinning their heads off.

THE DOCTOR (CONT'D) : It is a bit funny !

The Doctor and Jack start laughing again - and Margaret joins in.

MARGARET (more relaxed) : Do I get a last request ?

THE DOCTOR (humour gone) : Depends what it is.

MARGARET : I grew quite fond of my little human life. All those rituals... the brushing of the teeth, and the complicated way they cook things... there's a little restaurant. Just round the bay.

The Doctor glances around at her.

MARGARET (CONT'D) : It became quite a favourite of mine.

The Doctor walks towards her and leans over the railings to talk to her properly.

THE DOCTOR : Is that what you want ? A last meal ?

MARGARET (defiantly) : Don't I have rights ?

JACK : Oh, like she's not gonna try to escape.

MARGARET (bitterly) : Except I can never escape the Doctor, so where's the danger ? (She considers the Doctor, a challenger). But I wonder if you could do it ? To sit with a creature you're about to kill and take supper. How strong is your stomach ?

THE DOCTOR : Strong enough.

MARGARET : I wonder. I've seen you fight your enemies... now dine with them.

THE DOCTOR : You won't change my mind.

MARGARET : Prove it.

The Doctor is sorely tempted, he wants to see what can become of this. But...

THE DOCTOR (walking away) : There are people out there. If you slip away just for one second, they'll be in danger.

JACK : Except... I've got these. (Holds up a pair of metal hoops, like bangles). You both wear one. If she moves... more than ten feet away...

He makes a loud buzzing noise, mimicking an electric shock. Margaret jumps in alarm.

JACK (CONT'D) : She gets zapped by ten thousand volts.

THE DOCTOR : Margaret, would you like to come out to dinner ? My treat ?

MARGARET (sickly smile) : Dinner in bondage... works for me.


The Doctor and Margaret enter the restaurant, chatting away and holding hands because of the handcuffs.


Jack is lying on his back halfway underneath the console, happily wiring the extrapolator up the the TARDIS.


Rose and Mickey walk along the pavement past a restaurant, chatting.


The Doctor and Margaret take their seats.


The lights on the extrapolator flash and Jack watches it with a big smile on his face.


The Doctor and Margaret are reading their menus.

MARGARET : Here we are, out on a date, and you haven't even asked my proper name.

THE DOCTOR : It's not a date ! What's your name ?

MARGARET : Blon. I am Blon Fel Fotch Passameer-Day Slitheen. That's what it'll say on my death certificate.

THE DOCTOR : Nice to meet you, Blon.

MARGARET : I'm sure.

The Doctor goes back to reading the menu, but Margaret has put hers down. She looks out of the window.

MARGARET (CONT'D) : Look... that's where I was living as Margaret.

The Doctor turns around in his seat to follow her gaze.

MARGARET (CONT'D) : Nice little flat. Over there. On the top. Next to the one with the light on.

Behind the Doctor's back, she opens her ring and empties some sort of powder into his wine glass.

MARGARET (CONT'D) : Two bedrooms... bayside view...

The Doctor turns back around to face her, and she is sitting as normal.

MARGARET (CONT'D) : I was rather content. Don't suppose I'll see it again.

And the Doctor swaps their glasses around.

THE DOCTOR : Suppose not.

He returns his attention to the menu.

MARGARET (sarcastically) : Thank you.

THE DOCTOR (matching her sarcasm) : Pleasure.

MARGARET : Tell me then, Doctor, what do you know of our species ?

THE DOCTOR : Only what I've seen.

MARGARET : Did you know, for example... in extreme cases... when her life is in danger... a female Raxacoricofallapatorian can manufacture a poison dart within her own finger...

She suddenly points her finger at him and a dart flies out of its tip - but the Doctor is ready. He catches it in his fist without so much as looking up from the menu.

THE DOCTOR : Yes, I did.

MARGARET (pleasantly) : Just checking.

The Doctor grins at her.

MARGARET (CONT'D) : And one more thing... between you and me...

She casts a furtive look around the restaurant, and they both lean in as if she wants to tell him a secret.

MARGARET (CONT'D) (whispers) : As a final resort, the excess poison can be exhaled through the lungs.

She suddenly breaths a green gas out of her mouth. Without even flinching, the Doctor whips out a Gold Spot and gives her open mouth a squirt.

THE DOCTOR :That's better.

He leans back in his seat, while Margaret sticks her tongue out at the taste of the breath freshener.

THE DOCTOR (CONT'D) : Now then, what d'you think ? Mmm, steak looks nice. Steak and chips !

Margaret, peeved, opens her menu.


Rose and Mickey are going down a set of steps near the bay. Rose is chatting away enthusiastically to him, but although he is trying to appear so, he really doesn't seem interested.

ROSE : The Doctor took me to this planet a while back, it was much colder than this, they called it "Woman Wept". The planet was actually called "Woman Wept". 'Cos, if you looked at it, right, from above, there's like this huge continent, like all curved round... sort of looked like a woman, you know... lamenting. Oh my God, and we went to this beach, right, no people, no buildings, just this beach like, a thousand miles across! And something had happened, something to do with the sun, I don't know, but the sea had just frozen ! Like, in a split second in the middle of a storm, right, waves and foam, just frozen ! All the way out to the horizon. Midnight, right, we walk underneath these waves a hundred feet tall, made of ice.

MICKEY : I'm going out with Trisha Delaney.

They are now leaning on the railings near the water. Mickey has long since given up trying to look interested in what she is saying. Rose stares at him.

ROSE (wrong-footed) : Right... that's nice... Trisha from the shop ?

MICKEY : Yeah, Rob Delany's sister.

ROSE : Well, she's nice... she's a bit big...

MICKEY : She lost weight. (Looks at her, trying to justify himself). You've been away.

ROSE : Well, good for you. She's nice.

MICKEY (more relaxed) : So, tell us more about this planet, then.

ROSE : That was it, really...

And they walk away in silence, worlds apart.


Margaret is openly trying to get through to the Doctor, now.

MARGARET : Public execution is a slow death. They prepare a thin acetic acid... lower me into the cauldron... and boil me. The acidity is perfectly gauged to strip away the skin. Internal organs fall out into the liquid. And I become soup. And still alive. Still screaming.

THE DOCTOR : I don't make the law.

MARGARET : But you deliver it. (No reply). Will you stay to watch ?

THE DOCTOR (resignedly) : What else can I do ?

MARGARET : The Slitheen family's huge. There's a lot more of us, all scattered off-world. Take me to them. Take me somewhere safe.

THE DOCTOR : But then you'll just start again.

MARGARET (whispers) : I promise I won't.

THE DOCTOR : You've been in that skin-suit too long. You've forgotten. There used to be a real Margaret Blaine. You killed her and stripped her and used the skin. You're pleading for mercy out of a dead woman's lips.

MARGARET : Perhaps I have got used to it. A human life. An ordinary life. That's all I'm asking.

The Doctor fixes her under his gaze.

MARGARET (CONT'D) : Give me a chance, Doctor... I can change.

THE DOCTOR : I don't believe you.

She sighs, defeated.


Rose is standing by the railings looking out across the water, while Mickey is sat with his back to her on a bench.

MICKEY : So, what d'you wanna do now ?

ROSE : Don't mind.

MICKEY : We could ask about hotels...

ROSE : What would Trisha Delaney say ?

MICKEY : S'pose. (Pause. He points). There's a bar down there with a Spanish name or something...

ROSE (turning on him with sudden anger) : You don't even like Trisha Delaney !

MICKEY : Oh, is that right ? What the hell do you know ?

ROSE : I know you. And I know her, and I know that's never gonna happen. So who do you think you're kidding ?!

MICKEY : At least I know where she is !

Rose nods, now understanding.

ROSE : There we are, then. It's got nothing to do with Trisha. This is all about me, isn't it...

MICKEY : (standing with sudden fury) : You left me !

He stands in front of her, and she is silent.

MICKEY (CONT'D) (upset) : We were nice. We were happy. And then what, you give me a kiss and you run off with him and you make me feel like nothing, Rose. I was nothing.

Rose stares. Mickey's eyes begin to fill with tears.

MICKEY (CONT'D) (tearful) : I can't even go out with a stupid girl from a shop because you pick up the phone and I comes running. I mean, is that what I am, Rose ? Standby ?

Rose shakes her head silently.

MICKEY (CONT'D) : Am I just supposed to sit here for the rest of my life, waiting for you ? Because I will.

ROSE (quietly) : I'm sorry.

Mickey leans against the railings. She touches his arm, but he shakes her off.


MARGARET : I promise you, I've changed since we last met, Doctor. There was this girl... just today... young thing. Something of a danger. She was getting too close. I felt the blood lust rising, just as the family taught me, I was going to kill her without a thought. And then... I stopped. She's alive somewhere right now, she's walking around this city because I can change, I did change. I know I can't prove it...

THE DOCTOR (calmly) : I believe you.

MARGARET : Then you know I'm capable of better.

THE DOCTOR : It doesn't mean anything.

MARGARET : I spared her life.

THE DOCTOR : You let one of them go, but that's nothing new. Every now and then, a little victim's spared. Because she smiled... because he's got freckles... 'cos they begged... and that's how you live with yourself. That's how you slaughter millions. Because once in a while, on a whim, if the wind's in the right direction... you happen to be kind.

MARGARET (coldly) : Only a killer would know that.

Pause. Not the answer the Doctor was expecting, and he's thrown.

MARGARET (CONT'D) : Is that right ? From what I've seen, your happy-go-lucky little life leaves devastation in its wake. Always moving on 'cos you dare not look back. Playing with so many peoples lives, you might as well be a God.

The Doctor loses eye contact, slightly hurt.

MARGARET (CONT'D) : And you're right, Doctor... you're absolutely right. Sometimes... you let one go.

She looks into the Doctor's eyes, her own full of tears.

MARGARET (CONT'D) (softly) : Let me go.

She definitely touched a nerve. The Doctor stares at her at a loss, he doesn't know what to do.


Rose and Mickey are sitting side by side on the bench. She's stroking his hands.

MICKEY : I'm not asking you to leave him, because I know that's not fair. But I just need something, yeah ? Some sort of promise that when you do come back, you're coming back for me.

Rose spins around as she hears a low rumbling in the distance.

ROSE : Is that thunder ?

MICKEY : Does it matter ?

ROSE : That's not thunder.


Margaret is speaking quickly now, her desperation growing.

MARGARET : In the family Slitheen, we had no choice. I was made to carry out my first kill at thirteen. If I'd refused, my father would have fed me to the Venom Grubs.

The Doctor's head turns to the side as he also hears the low rumble.

MARGARET (CONT'D) : If I'm a killer, it's because I was born to kill, it's all I know !

No reply, as the Doctor is listening to the rumble intently with his brow furrowed.

MARGARET (CONT'D) : Doctor ? Are you even listening to me ?

THE DOCTOR : Can you hear that ?

MARGARET : I'm begging for my life...!

THE DOCTOR : No, listen, shush...

He holds up a hand to silence Margaret. He peers at the glasses on the table, which are beginning to shake slightly. Very suddenly, the glass windows shatter and the diners begin to scream.


A street light smashes and passers-by shriek. Baffled, Mickey looks around for Rose but she's already running in the direction of the TARDIS.

MICKEY (yelling after her, bitterly) : Oh, go on then, run ! It's him again, isn't it ? It's the Doctor ! It's always the Doctor ! It's always gonna be the Doctor and it's never me !


The Doctor and Margaret hurry down a flight of stairs, the sound of screaming and smashing in the background. Margaret is falling behind...

MARGARET (urgently) : The handcuffs !

The Doctor waits for her at the foot of the stairs and pulls off her handcuff.

THE DOCTOR (grabbing her wrist) : Don't think you're running away.

MARGARET (fearful) : Oh, I'm sticking with you.

He pulls her off in the direction of the TARDIS, glass shattering on their heads.

MARGARET (CONT'D) : (shouting over the noise) : Some date this turned out to be !

They run, bumping into people through the chaos, down another set of steps.


The Doctor's eyes widen with shock as they finally see the TARDIS at the other side of the square. A huge bolt of lightening rips out of the TARDIS roof and into the sky.

THE DOCTOR : It's the rift. The rift's opening !

Storm clouds gather above the TARDIS.


Jack panics as the sparks fly out of the console and the extrapolator flashes madly as he rips out the wires connecting it.


The Doctor and Margaret hurry across the Millennium Square, the ground starting to crack beneath their feet. Margaret looks terrified as he fits the key inside the lock of the TARDIS and pulls her inside.


The whole ship is shuddering, the lights blinking.

THE DOCTOR (yelling to Jack) : What the hell are you doing ?

JACK : It just went crazy !

THE DOCTOR (running to the console) : It's the rift ! Time and space are ripping apart. The whole city's gonna disappear !

Small explosions erupt from the console.


Rose has reached the Millennium Square, and she is confronted with the sight of the TARDIS, the lightening shooting out of the top of it into the sky. Her eyes widen and she flinches at another rumble. She begins to run across the Square to the TARDIS, more cracks appearing in the ground.


More explosions from the console as the Doctor and Jack work furiously.

JACK : It's the extrapolator ! I've disconnected it but it's still feeding off the engine ! It's using the TARDIS. I can't stop it !

THE DOCTOR : Never mind Cardiff, it's gonna rip open the planet !

Rose bursts into the TARDIS.

ROSE : What is it ? What's happening ?!

MARGARET (gleefully) : Oh, just little me !

She frees one of her arms from the skin-suit revealing the Slitheen claw. She grabs Rose around the neck. The Doctor darts forward, but...

MARGARET (CONT'D) (threateningly) : One wrong move and she snaps like a promise.

THE DOCTOR : I might've known.

MARGARET (moving closer with Rose) : I've had you bleating all night, poor baby, now shut it.(To Jack). You, fly boy, put the extrapolator at my feet.

Jack hesitates. Margaret tightens her grip around Rose's neck. Jack looks at the Doctor for help, he nods, so Jack does as he is told.

MARGARET (CONT'D) (pleasantly) : Thank you. Just as I planned.

ROSE (strangulated) : I thought you needed to blow up the nuclear power station.

MARGARET : Failing that, if I were to be... arrested... then anyone capable of tracking me down would have considerable technology of their own. Therefore, they would be captivated by the extrapolator. Especially a magpie mind like yours, Doctor. So the extrapolator was programmed to go to Plan B !

She pulls one of Rose's plaits roughly. Rose whimpers.

MARGARET (CONT'D) : To lock onto the nearest alien power source and open the rift. (Looks around the TARDIS with awe). And what a power source it found... I'm back on schedule... thanks to you.

JACK : The rift's gonna convulse. She'll destroy the whole planet.

MARGARET : And you with it !

She pushes Rose aside so that she can stand on the extrapolator, but still keeps a hold of her neck.

MARGARET (CONT'D) (evil smile) : While I ride this board over the crest of the inferno all the way to freedom. Stand back boys... surf's up.

Outside, there is a burst of lightning from the TARDIS light. Inside, a panel of the console directly in front of Margaret suddenly bursts open, and a blinding white light floods out. Margaret looks at it in surprise, then up at the Doctor on the other side of the console.

THE DOCTOR (calmly) : Of course, opening the rift means you'll pull this ship apart.

MARGARET : So sue me.

THE DOCTOR : It's not just any old power source. It's the TARDIS. My TARDIS. The best ship in the universe.

MARGARET (nastily) : It'll make wonderful scrap.

ROSE (struggling to see) : What's that light ?

THE DOCTOR : The heart of the TARDIS. This ship's alive. You've opened its soul.

Breathing heavily, Margaret stares into the light, as if forgetting everything else. Her voice becomes dreamy and vague.

MARGARET : It's ... so bright...

THE DOCTOR : Look at it, Margaret...

MARGARET : ... Beautiful...

THE DOCTOR : Look inside, Blon Fel Fotch. Look at the light.

Margaret is transfixed by the light, and her grip on Rose relaxes. Rose stumbles out of the way and back to Jack. Margaret continues to stare into the light, a blissful smile spreading across her face. Then, she looks up at the Doctor who smiles slightly.

MARGARET (softly, genuinely) : Thank you...

She is engulfed by the light, and when it clears, her body-suit flops on top of the extrapolator, empty. The Doctor immediately springs into action, darting around the console.

THE DOCTOR : Don't look, stay there, close your eyes !

He slams down levers and the gap in the console closes, shutting out the white light.

THE DOCTOR (CONT'D) : Now, Jack, come on, shut it all down. Shut down !

Jack rushes over to the console.

THE DOCTOR (CONT'D) : Rose, that panel over there, turn all the switches to the right.

They work busily, the console exploding with sparks. And finally, the shaking lessens and the lightening shooting from the top of the TARDIS into the sky disappears, all back to normal.

THE DOCTOR : Nicely done. Thank you, all.

ROSE : What happened to Margaret ?

JACK : Must've got burnt up. Carried out her own death sentence.

THE DOCTOR (looking down at the body-suit) : No. I don't think she's dead.

ROSE : Then, where'd she go ?

THE DOCTOR : She looked into the heart of the TARDIS, and even I don't know how strong that is. And the ship's telepathic, like I told you, Rose. Gets inside your head. Translates alien languages. Maybe the raw energy can translate all sorts of thoughts...

He kneels down next to the skin-suit for a closer look. Rose and Jack follow suit, so all three of them are huddled around it. The Doctor reaches inside the skin-suit and pulls out an egg.

THE DOCTOR : Here she is !

ROSE : She's an egg ?

THE DOCTOR : Regressed to her childhood.

JACK : She's an egg ?

THE DOCTOR : She can start again ! Live her life from scratch. If we take her home, give her to a different family, tell 'em to bring her up properly, she might be all right !

JACK : Or she might be worse.

THE DOCTOR : That's her choice.

ROSE : She's an egg.

THE DOCTOR : She's an egg.

ROSE (suddenly remembering) : Oh, my God. Mickey...

And she dashes out of the TARDIS and sprints back across the Millennium Square.


A police car hurtles down a ruined street, sirens on and lights flashing, an ambulance close behind. Rose runs down the street in the opposite direction. She doesn't see Mickey, who is standing alone and watching from a distance, the firelight flickering on his face. He watches Rose tap a paramedic on the shoulder and question him. The paramedic shakes his head, and Rose leaves him, clearly not knowing where to look next. Mickey turns and walks away into the night.


Rose walks back into the TARDIS, where the Doctor is fiddling with console, Jack round the other side.

THE DOCTOR : We're all powered up. We can leave. Opening the rift filled us up with energy. We can go. If that's all right...

ROSE (tone light but there's traces of tears on her cheeks) : Yeah, fine.

THE DOCTOR (carefully) : How's Mickey ?

ROSE : He's okay. He's gone.

THE DOCTOR : D'you wanna go and find him ? We'll wait...

He and Jack glance at one another.

ROSE : No need. He deserves better.

THE DOCTOR (briskly) : Off we go, then. Always moving on...

He pulls a lever.

JACK : Next stop, Raxacoricofallapatorius. Now, you don't often get to say that.

He smirks. They have balanced the egg on top of the console.

THE DOCTOR : We'll just stop by and pop her in the hatchery. Margaret the Slitheen can live her life again! A second chance.

Rose is staring into space.

ROSE (almost to herself) : That'd be nice...

The engines rise and fall and the TARDIS fades away.


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