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  06x16 - Good as Gold
 Posted: 03/22/14 09:19
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Doctor, it says in the intrepid universe traveller handbook, that if you want to properly call yourself a space traveller,

you're supposed to have an adventure at least once a week?


Well, but we haven't had an adventure in ages.

You're absolutely right.

Adventure it is!

What was that? What did you just do?

Exactly what you just asked me to.

I set the TARDIS to adventure setting!

Are you sure, you didn't set it to the kill-Amy-and-the-Doctor setting?

No, no, no, no, no.

Hang on, that was meant to happen!

So was that.

I'm sure it was.

Perhaps I should take it down just a smidge.

What? What is it?

System's malfunctioning! TARDIS crashing!

Ah, great!

OK, TARDIS going down in ... ... ...


... now.

So, where are we, Einstein?

I'm not quite sure.

It appears ...

as though we've landed in the middle of an Olympic running track.

Where am I?

And what the heck's happened to your hair?

Yes, yes, yes. Erm ...

from the look of you, you're an Olympic torch bearer, London if I'm not mistaken.

I'm the Doctor, this is Amy, and welcome to my spaceship, the TARDIS.

Oh, and my hair, well, that's a story for another time.


There was something chasing me.

That's why I didn't see your... Box.

Don't blink!

Don't blink!


How did it do that?

Oh my God, Doctor, what's it doing?

It's trying to steal the Olympic flame, destroy the very spirit of respect, excellence and friendship it represents.

Well, at least it's trying to.


Thanks, Doctor.

Better get going though.

I've got to light the Olympic flame.

Here ... you deserve this.

Oh, thank you very much!

Good as gold you are, Doctor.






Where were we? Ah yes ... adventure!

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