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King Kong

Posted: 12/17/05 15:16
by funkeemunkee2003
Holy crap! What a great movie! I laughed and I cried! I mean I really cried!

Naomi Watts, Jack Black, Adrian Brody... what can I say, they all did a really great job in this! The star of the show... King Kong, he was great too, he was very well done and I really enjoyed him and connected with the movie and was glued to the screen.

If your unsure wether to see it, don't dawdle, go and see it! It's really really good! I didn't see the original so I think that made me enjoy the movie more than I would have I think because I would have known what happened and then I wouldn't have such intesnse feelings throughout the movie. I loved the way that Kong was "humanized" you could see his feelings and that just made me all the more connected to him. Peter Jackson did a really good job with this movie and it was one of the better of the year!

Again, great movie!

King Kong

Posted: 12/20/05 08:01
by abbakatata
I'm really looking forward to seeing this, but I haven't had the time yet! Hopefully by next week I will have time to go to the theater...I can't wait!