Swimfan - Shiri's New Movie

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Swimfan ~ Shiri's New Movie

Post by Dreambehr » 10/09/02 23:46

Swimfan's only coming to my country in late October, I think but I've seen the trailer and it looks good! I've read from here that the ending's bad but I guess I'll have to wait and see what happens. The ending part (with Madison pushing Amy down into the pool) looks really climatic, though.

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Swimfan ~ Shiri's New Movie

Post by bunniefuu » 10/10/02 14:44

Well now see that doesn't make sense. If it wasn't him at the swim meet than where were him and Shiri going? I was under the impression that he got the scholarship and they were driving to the colleges together.

I guess it really just leaves you hanging now that I think about it.

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