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The funniest thing *EVER*!

Posted: 10/09/03 09:59
by desireable
Ok, so I log onto City of Angel and i check out the trailer for next weeks ( i saw that, but i wont see it till next year *sigh*) episode. Little did i know it was gonna make me laugh so much.

for those who haven't seen it, go here:

and click on "view trailer" under Just Rewards.

My god that is sooo funny!

Hope it plays better on your computer than on mine. download the thingy if it asks you to, and when the screen comes up press play. if it keeps freezing, keep pressing play. it may go back to the start, but every time it'll show a bit moe. WELL WORTH IT! to get to the bit where angel says"I'm from Wolfram and Hart". Spike's reply is a *classic!*

ok, rant over.

The funniest thing *EVER*!

Posted: 10/09/03 16:27
by buffyanne96
I am SO tempted to see this, but I am just going to wait until I see the actual episode however many months down the track that may be. Thanks for posting about it though