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 Posted: 08/04/05 02:27
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I guess my old thread got deleted during the attack:

Dark Shadow
Written by N ikki Ward

The wolf raised his head to the full moon
Empty of thought
An echo of loneliness
In the dead of the night

A shadow of a spirit
The forest's ghost
Running on feet of lightning
Thriving on the hunt
Of the lesser animals
In brutal ecstasy

The magnificent creature
An unkillable, mighty force
The alpha of the pack
A pair of somber eyes
On four strong eyes
Didn't know of man-made enemies

Didn't see the hunter
Point the gun
Or the bullet that delivered the fatal blow
The wolf's last howl echoed the mountains
His world becoming a dark shadow


Once Bitten, Twice Shy

Perfectly silent
Trying to impress
So many secrets
We want to confess

Why can't I tell him
All this is not me
I want to be honest
Honest and carefree

He's looks so great
And he's tried his best
Now our feelings
Are put to the test

I'm going to tell him
Oh I hope that I can
I understand all these feelings
I have for this man

I turn to face him
This scene is not knew
Once bitten
Twice shy
Here it goes
”I love you”

Written by Nikki Ward


Winter's curse

Winter's curse swept across the land
Taking everything bright in its stride
All the creatures fled to there homes
The leaves shriveled and died

Green landscapes became crystal white
The air began to freeze
The wind swept across the slippery paths
Stripping down the trees

All the birds had flown away
The animals gave in to sleep
The water there became frozen in time
The snow lay stacked and deep

Daylight slipped away
Retreating away from the night
Time outside became shorter
Because of the lack of light

Winter had won it's battle
Settled down to stay
But once the springtime came again
The winter shied away

Written by Nicola Ward

And here are two fan poems. the first one is a LOTR based on Faramir's view when he is falling in love with Eowyn:


How can I describe what I feel for you?
How do I convey these emotions swelling in my heart?
When I know not the words to describe them.
How do I let you know?

I often admire you from a distance
Beautiful gold against an evening sky
A precious rare flower
Blooming in this garden of life
And me
A twisted bramble in your shadow

I am not worthy of such grace
Or such beauty
But I canot deny my heart
You are my dream
So perfect
So vivid
Yet so out of my reach

I cannot touch you
For I cannot find the words.
You are unknowing
Of the joy you bring to me
From just one glance
One solitary glance

I am captivated
Imprisoned by that which you symbolise
Purity and innocence
Strength of heart.
This is pure love.
This I am sure of.
But your intentions are unclear.
So I wait.

Do you feel it?
Probably not.
But I cannot help but dream
This sweet fantasy of your love
To call you ‘my lady'
Would be an honour
To hold you in my arms.
A true blessing.
To kiss your lips, unburdened
Heaven on earth.

I pray thee, love
To look harder into the eyes
Of this squallid wizards pupil
And see the truth behind the defenses
For I am waiting .. Waiting for an angel
That will transform my world
From darkness
Into golden light.


And the second is a Phantom of The Opera poem based on Erik's views after the events of the movie.

The Phantom's Requiem

A simple gesture
A touch of her hand
Can still me..
Calming the raging fire within
That burns ever strong
In the heart of this phoenix.
The legendary creature.
A ghost some say.
No more than a shadow
That drifts in the mist.

But if I am a shadow,
The how do I love?
How have I given my heart
To this Angel of Music?
Who's voice is my very muse,
And who's very existence
Is what sustains me.
How do I love?

She will never return it.
She desires much more than
This loathsome creature of darkness,
Who is cursed with a demon's face
Yet blessed with an angel's song,
I live for her.
I am her obedient servant.
And her, my goddess.
I am bound to her.
Eternally bound.

She shatters my heart,
Yet like a fool, I love.
Never ceasing in my hopeless fantasies.
Of Love and Devotion.
The forbidden pleasures I will never have
And yet which I long for so passionately.
All I want is to be loved.

All I want is HER love.
It is not a huge request.
But it is forever denied to me.
It is a luxury I will never know.
This is my punishment
For sins I did not commit.
And I am forced to hide
Behind the mask.
Lest be mocked by my monstrous visage.

And it is because of this visage
That she will not love me.
She has given her heart to another.
And with a solitary kiss
Shattered mine into a thousand shards
And with it
All of dream's desires.

  My poetry
 Posted: 08/10/05 16:11
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Very good!

  My poetry
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Thanks :)

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