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Welcome to the Writers' Forum!

We thank all writers for posting here and sharing their stories. If you enjoy a story, please post and let the author know. 

There are some basic guidelines regarding ratings:

1) Some of the stories here are rated NC-17 for adult content, including strong language, violence, and sexual situations. If you are under the age of 17, please select another story to read.

2) All stories should be given a rating by the author. The rating should be posted in the subject line. For stories with adult content, it should be repeated at the top of the first chapter (ie: For NC-17 "This fic not intended for people under the age of 17"). If possible, specify what gives it that rating (ie: "Rated PG-13 for mild language and one violent scene"). All stories higher than a PG-13 or Mature/Adult should be posted in the sub-forum located above each forum entitled "Adult Fic". Just a suggestion!

3) If we believe a story rating is not accurate, we will change it. This is not to censor you, but to make sure no one reads something that may offend them or is inappropriate to their age group. If a rating is changed, the author will be notified as to why it was done. If a reader believes a story rating should be higher, please contact the forum mod with the story name and reason you think the rating is not accurate.

4) If your story is a Fanfiction (TV shows/Movies/Celebrities/Shippers/etc.) please post it in the Fanfic Fields or appropriate Fanfiction section located here: If your story is of your very own creation (original writings/poems/lyrics/etc..) please post them in this forum- Writers Woods.

Words of Wisdom:

If you are an author and someone posts that your story sucks- please try to remember two things: 1. You can't please everyone. 2. Try to take it as constructive criticism and ask them why.

However, if you are a reader try to keep these two things in mind- 1. before you post that someone's story sucked, try to rephrase it and let the author know why you didn't happen to like it. Positive criticism goes a much longer way. 2. If you are just posting it to flame someone then your post has no meaning and be prepared to be called on it.

5)Be advised that our board doesn't have 'rules' for the most part. We are a No-Edit, No-delete site. So, before you waste your breath on all the typical rules of plagiarism or stories that contain real actors names or on and on and on- don't bother because no one is going to care here. Stories are stories and stories don't have limitations or rules.

If you are an author and don't want to get entangled up into the mess of plagiarism or something of that nature- take a moment to think over if this is the place for you to really post your stuff, because we will not be involved with it. Your content- your responsibility (not ours!): Please be sure to read our About Us section for board rules and general FD information first. And to our readers: read at your own risk.

Lastly, anything and we mean everything is welcome here. Limits are the writer's imagination!

Enjoy reading!

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