Morph and Morph-ability

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Morph and Morph-ability

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Morph and Morph-ability
By Six

Rating: PG (As series)
Timeline/Spoiler warning: Story is set somewhere in season five, though it basically stands alone.
Trailer: Paige discovers more than she bargained for about her abilities as a white-lighter.
Acknowledgements: To the makers of Charmed who created the charmed ones, Prue, Piper, Phoebe and Paige, love the show. Aaron Spelling does it again. To everyone who backed me in my last three projects and encouraged me in this one thanks for your support. No breach of the copyright is intended, just a non-profitable loan. I hope this turns out the way I pictured it.
Disclaimer: All recognizable characters in this story are the property of Spelling Productions and WB. The author, who receives no monetary benefit from this work, intends no copyright infringement. The ideas expressed here are original. All rights reserved.
Apology: I know the title is VERY similar to Season 5?s Sense and Sense Ability. Like the producers, I did a bad pun on the novel?s title (a common theme in Charmed episode titles) I had already committed to this title before the UK airing of the Season 5 episode, so it was to late to change it.

Morph and Morph-ability

?Well, what did you call me for Paige? Leo asks as he enters the room. He is wearing his work clothes and carrying a large orange drill in his left hand. Both are covered in dust. ?This had better be important. I told you not to disturb me whilst I?m installing the baby monitor.?

?It is. Since you showed me how to change my appearance using my white-lighter powers, I?ve been practising.?


?So I?ve also checked out the Book of Shadows.?


?I think I may have made an important discovery.?

?Such as? He asks, hoping Paige would actually have something important to say.

?Well members of this family have at specific times turned or been turned into various animals. Right?

Leo nods in agreement.

?Be it dogs, vampire bats, wendigos or wallabies. Right?

Leo nods again before realising that the last of those was wrong, however, as he is about to correct his charge, she corrects herself.

?O.K. not wallabies then, but you get the picture. We have also seen magic alter all sorts of people into a whole menagerie of creatures. We?ve seen a snake, a rabbit and a pig become human. Not to mention those demons who could change back and forth between human and animal kind.?

?Yes.? Replies Leo cautiously, as he begins to realise the implication of what Paige is saying.

?Well with my mix of powers, astral projection, magic and this new skill you?ve taught me, I should be able to transform myself into any creature I want, from the smallest microbe to the largest elephant. I wanted you here to witness my first attempt. I thought I?d go for something with about the same body mass.?

?No! Don?t!? Shouts out Leo, but to no avail, as Paige orbs out in front of him, leaving only a pile of her clothes. Her hand briefly reappears to deposit a bra with the rest of her clothes.


Paige?s blue and white energy stream drifts around the room for a few seconds before re-materialising behind Leo?s back. As the white-lighter turns around to confront his wayward charge he discovers instead an orang-utan.

?Paige? Leo questions the large primate, who grunts, smiles and gives him a big thumbs up. ?You just don?t listen Paige. Turn back at once.? Paige crosses hairy orange arms in defiance. ?Look Paige I wouldn?t try to stop you if this wasn?t serious.?

?Leo. Paige.? Phoebe calls upstairs. ?Have either of you seen Piper? Dad?s been in an accident.?

?She?s in the garden, trying to have a quiet nap while I?ve been working.? Replies Leo, moving towards the door. He stops and turns toward Paige, who has turned back to her normal self and is fast gathering up her clothes. ?We?ll talk later.? He warns her then turns to leave

?I must learn how to get dressed mid orb, not just undressed.? Paige says to herself. ?Boy, I could murder a banana.?


Phoebe is on the phone to the hospital. Piper is standing next to Leo. Her head is resting on his chest. Her arms are wrapped round his waist. Paige, now fully redressed is walking down the stairs.

?Any news? She asks.

?Don?t know yet.? Replies Piper in a hushed tone.

?Yes.? Says Phoebe. ?We will be right over. That?s good. Goodbye.?
She hangs up the receiver and turns to the rest of the family.

?Well it?s not as bad as they first though, but they are pretty sure he?s got a broken ankle. Everything else is just cuts and bruises. They say wee can see him immediately.?


In a small electrical goods store across town a young women is closing up the shop for the evening. She is counting out a pile of notes on to the counter, when the bell on the door rings and a tall man, with blonde hair and wearing a full-length black leather jacket, enters.

?This had better be quick, I?m supposed to be out of here in five minutes.? Says the woman.

?Don?t worry, it will. I?ll even help you lock up.? He replies, lifting his hands above his head. The metal shutters come down with a large thud. The key turns itself in the lock and the latch is set. The man then points his right arm towards the woman is now waving her arms at him.

?Be gone.? She says rather theatrically.

?It?s pointless trying your magic on me, witch. I can see everything that you are trying to do.? He says as his right thumb becomes ever more elongated and pointed. Before the witch has time to get away his finger reaches her head. It is glowing red-hot. As it burns away at her head she lets out one final blood-curdling scream.


Piper is fluffing up the pillow that she has placed at the rear of a wheelchair. Phoebe re-arranges the flowers in a large vase next to the hospital bed that their father, Victor is sat up in.

?Did I tell you girls that I?ve bought a cabin up by Lake Tahoe?

?Yes, dad.? Says Piper.

?Great views, wonderful fishing and so quite.?

?Right, dad.? Adds Phoebe.

?It reminds me of the lake where me and your mother would take you and Prue, Piper.?

?You mean the one where she died.? Responds Piper rather more sombrely than before.

?Yes.? Says Victor, realising that he perhaps should not have made such a comparison. ?Still we had some good times there before that. Anyway this is Lake Tahoe. It?s such a pity I can?t take you two up there this weekend.?

?Yes, dad.? The sisters respond together.

Leo and a doctor walk in. They have clearly been engaged in conversation outside.

?For a plumber you seem to remarkably well versed on medical matters Mr. Wyatt.? Says the doctor in a pleasant tone.

?I worked in a field hospital when I was in the army.?

?Well doctor when can I go home.? Asks Victor.

?I want to keep you in over night, but, provided there is someone there to care for you, I can?t see a problem in you leaving tomorrow morning. I?ll check up on you at about ten and you should be able to leave before noon.?

?I thought he could come and stay with us.? Says Leo.

?Great!? Explains Phoebe. ?There?s plenty of room, if you don?t mind all the noise.?

?And having to queue for the bathroom.? Comments Leo.

The doctor looks at Victor and shakes his head in a negative fashion.

?It looks like one of you will have to come to stay with me.?

?Not such a good idea, your flat is tiny.? Phoebe says. ?It?s barely big enough for you.?

?Tell me when you?ve made your decision.? Says the doctor turning to leave. The door of the room swings open. Paige glides in carrying a large box of chocolates. The doctor departs, closing the door behind him.

?Anybody want one? Says Paige offering the already half-eaten box around the room.

?Not now Paige.? Says Piper, with a stern look on her face. ?We?ve got something more important to discuss.?

?Run it by me. Maybe I can help. I am a trained counsellor you know.?

?Paige!? Says Piper angrily.

?No, Piper, she may be able to help.? Interjects Victor. ?The doctor says I can go home tomorrow, provided I am not left alone. However my flat is too small for somebody else to stay there with me. Leo suggested I stay at The Manor, but the doctor thinks I wont be able to relax properly there. I could stay here but I don?t fancy the medical bills and if I go to a hotel, room and board for two people for a fortnight would be almost as expensive.?

?Why not go up to the Cabin. After all, when we spoke last week, you said that it has a guest room.?

?That sounds perfect. Of course one of you should come up there with me.?

?You should go, Honey.? Says Leo to Piper. ?Peace and quiet. A chance to spend some quality time with your father before the baby is born. I can get all the really noisy jobs completed.?

?But what about?you know?

?The magic thing. Don?t worry. Paige and I will cover that. Anyway, if we need you, nothing could get you back quicker than a white-lighter, and we?ve got two of them.? Smiles Phoebe.

?Fine.? Agrees Piper. ?I?m off to Lake Tahoe.?


As the sun rises high above the Halliwell Manor, Piper is stood outside.

?I think we?ve got everything.? Says Leo hauling a rather heavy looking suitcase down the driveway and into the back of Piper?s car.

?Are Dad?s things in there? Asks Piper, following her husband.

?I packed them myself when I was at his flat this morning. They?re underneath all of yours.?

?Good, now all we have to do is pick him up from the hospital.?


?Well, what do we have here? Are you alone? Who would abandon such a cute little puppy as you? Says the young vet as she lifts a small Yorkshire terrier from a box on her surgery table. Looking at its side she notices a rather nasty looking gash on its leg. ?Nurse, we?re running low on anti-sceptic cream. Can you go down to the store room for more?

?Are you ok by yourself?

?Fine, I?m sure me and? She lifts up the dog?s muddy and blood soaked collar ?Crabtree will be fine.?

As the nurse leaves the room, the vet turns to a locked cupboard where, once she has unlocked and opened it, she removes a small black bowl and some crushed herbs. She then grabs a bottle from a nearby draw and pours some of its contents into the bowl, mixing in the herbs as she goes. She then applies the resulting paste to the dog?s wound, repeating an incantation under her breath as she does so. She packs away her materials and starts to clean up her canine companion. The door opens.

?Did you find the anti-sceptic cream?

?I?m sorry. I think you have the wrong person. I believe you may be treating my animal.? Says the tall man with blonde hair.

?What sort is it? asks the vet.

?A small Terrier I call Yorky. He has an old collar with my name sewn into it.?

?And what might that be? Asks the vet turning to pick the dog up from the side.

?Crabtree.? He starts as he extends his fingers to meet the wiccan vet as she turns back toward him.


?Have you noticed how quiet the house is? Says Phoebe to Paige, as the red head scurries past her.

?Are you going to get dressed, or just sit there in your robe all day? Replies Paige, as her sister sinks into one of the large, well padded chairs in the living room.

?I don?t get many days off these days. So I thought that whilst Leo is driving dad and Piper to Lake Tahoe, I would take a well-earned rest. Anyway why are you in such a hurry all of a sudden?

?I?ve been working on combining my witch and white-lighter powers.? Paige says dashing upstairs.


Piper and Victor are stood at the porch of the cabin as Leo brushes past with a large suitcase.

?Dad how come you told Paige about this place before me. I would have thought you would have wanted your daughters to know about it first.?

?I did, but you and Phoebe were so busy. I couldn?t get hold of you. I was so excited, once I was certain I had got it, that I was telling everyone, not just Paige. If its any consolation you new about it before the postman. Anyway you?re my first guest.?

?Well that?s the last case.? Says Leo reappearing at the door. ?I?d better be off before Paige does any permanent damage to herself.? He gives Piper one long lingering kiss, before walking over to the car.


One week later. The Halliwell house is full of noise. Leo is using an electric screwdriver on the kitchen cabinets to install safety locks. Phoebe is sat in the lounge, dictating the replies to the letters in her column in to her Dictaphone. Paige is sat in an armchair. She has a large set of headphones on connected by a long trailing wire to the stereo. The television is on the news channel but the volume is turned down and no one is paying it much attention. Suddenly Leo?s screwdriver stops. He taps it to try and restart it but to no avail. Then Phoebe?s Dictaphone stops. At the same time Paige removes the headphones.

?What?s going on? Who stopped the music? She asks, as the volume on the television rises.

?Police are concerned for the safety of the city?s woman, as a the bay area?s latest serial killer stuck again last night. The victim, a young lady in her late twenties, was found locked into own flat. Police sources say neighbours reported screaming at 5am this morning. The woman is believed to be the sixth victim of this killer in ten days. The Police have asked that if anybody has information regarding this matter can they please come forward. All calls will be treated in the strictest of confidence.?

The volume on the television drops again.

?Do you think they?re trying to tell us something? Says Paige to Leo who has now entered the room.

?I don?t know, but I think I?m about to find out.? Says Leo before he orbs out.


?Thank you doctor.? Says Victor as a middle-aged medic leaves the cabin.

?Well dad, the doctor seems pleased with your progress. Leo reckons he?ll be finished around the house in a couple of days. We can head back to San Francisco next week.?

?Piper, anybody would think you didn?t like it here.?

?Oh dad don?t take it like that I love it out here but I really need to check on the club and make sure that Leo, Paige and Phoebe haven?t destroyed the Manor.?

?Piper, relax. They?re all fine. You would have heard if there was a problem.?

?I can?t help it, I get restless.?

?I know why don?t you call Leo after dinner. You could invite him to spend a night here before you head back. He could probably do with a break himself after all the work he?s been doing.?


?What are you up to Paige? Asks Phoebe, as Paige leads her upstairs.

?Just you see what I can turn into now.? Replies the red head excitedly.

?Not again. What variety of ape are you this time? Perhaps you?ve even mastered a monkey.?

Paige removes her robe and orbs out of the room, returning a split second later. Her essence settles on the bed in front of Phoebe.

?Look Paige, Leo told you not to do this.?

The essence reforms as a Siamese cat.

?Wow!? Says a clearly impressed Phoebe. ?Now that is good magic. And you make a very smart cat.?

Paige orbs out again, grabbing her robe as she goes. She re-materialises at the bottom of stairs in her normal body with her robe neatly tightened. Phoebe hearing her sister downstairs follows by more normal methods. As she enters the kitchen where Paige is waiting Leo reappears.

?Well Leo, what did they say? Asks Phoebe, concerned.

?They don?t know who this killer is. Just that he is targeting witches.?

?Sounds like a warlock to me.? Says Paige.

?Probably, but we must not assume anything. We need more information. I?ll call Daryl. See what the Police have got.? Says Phoebe. ?Paige, you check the book.?

As Paige heads upstairs, Phoebe turns to Leo smiling broadly.

?You?ll never guess what Paige can change into know. A cat! Such a cute one as well.?

Leo is suddenly very angry. ?Paige!? he shouts upstairs. Paige does not answer.


Phoebe walks into the attic. Paige is stood at the lectern, flicking through the Book of Shadows.

?Found anything? Asks Phoebe, approaching her sister.

?Not yet, but if I keep on looking.?

?Well Daryl has given me some useful leads.? Says Phoebe, removing a note-pad from her pocket and putting on her glasses

?Let me see.? Says Paige eagerly

?I think you should speak to Leo first. He is really angry.?

?If I must.?

?Just wait outside his bedroom door until he has finished talking to Piper.?

?Piper?s here? Asks a clearly surprised Paige.

?No. She?s phoning from the cabin.?


?Piper! Piper! Dam it!? Leo says suddenly, throwing down the phone.

?What?s the matter? Asks Paige coming into the room.

?Piper?s phone has gone dead. Battery must need recharging. Thankfully she took her charger with her.?

?You mean like this one? Says Paige picking up a charger from the side of the cabinet.

?Exactly. Oh no that is hers.?

?I?ll orb it to her.?

?Later Paige we have something more important to discuss.?

?What now? Asks a clearly bored Paige.

?Paige, Leo, come up here quickly.? Says Phoebe, her voice echoing down from the attic.? I think I?ve found our mystery attacker.?


?So who or what is it? Asks Leo.

?From the information that Daryl gave me I was able to identify him in the Book of Shadows. He?s a powerful warlock called Crabtree.? Replies Phoebe.

Paige lets out a short giggle.

?What?s so funny Paige? Asks Phoebe.

?How can anybody with a name like that be a threat to us. Even the fairies had tougher names.?

?Don?t let a name fool you Ms. Matthews. After all you?ve been through you shouldn?t base any judgement on such shallow thoughts.? Reprimands Leo.

?Mom thought him dangerous enough to write him up as separate entry from the standard warlock.? Said Phoebe, turning the book around so that Paige and Leo could see it.


This is one of the most viscous warlocks I have ever faced.
He is the killer of some of the best witches in Southern California.
Over the years he has drained many powers.
No spell can harm him.
He will attack any danger that he senses.
Crabtree seeks ever more powerful pray so that he may grow stronger.
I tricked him into shimmering into a large case, which I magically sealed.
Buried it in the foundations of South Bay Hospital.
Unfortunately this may only be a temporary solution.

?So he got free.? Says Paige.

?The case must have been damaged by the building work they?re doing at the hospital.? Says a clearly concerned Leo.

?Do you think we should get Piper back? Asks Phoebe, removing her glasses. ?Mom couldn?t get rid of him by herself. It looks like we will need the Power of Three.?

?Not unless we have to. Let?s see if we can work out how to vanquish him first.? Says Leo taking charge of the situation. ?I?ll only get Piper if we really do need the Power of Three. What ever we do though, we?re going to have to be careful. He is already powerful, and getting more so with every witch he kills and power he steals. Any ideas?

?Daryl said that the M.E. had recovered fibres from underneath the finger nails of the last victim that they believe to be from the killers coat. We could try to scry for him.? Says Phoebe.

?That could be a good start. I?ll orb to the Police Station to see if I can get hold of them.? Adds Paige.

?Right then while you?re out Paige, I?ll check with The Elders. Phoebe, see if there is anything else in the book. This time lets get rid of him for good.?

With that, Leo and Paige orb out of the attic, heading off in different directions. Phoebe puts her glasses back on and starts reading again


Paige orbs into a quiet corridor, just around the corner from Daryl?s office. She adjusts her top and then walks up to Daryl?s desk.

?Can I help you Paige? He asks, escorting her into the interview room.


?I?ve got the fibres.? Says Paige as she orbs back into the attic. ?Any word from Leo?

?Not yet.? Replies Phoebe.

?Daryl wants us to be as quick as we can. He thinks Crabtree might strike again tonight.?

?Right, I?ll grab the map, you get the crystal. We can at least locate him before Leo gets back.?

?I take it that there was nothing else in the Book.?

Phoebe just nods her head in agreement. Securing the fibres to the crystal, Paige holds it over the map. It immediately jumps to Golden Gate Park.

?Got him.? Says Paige.

However the crystal starts to move across the city and comes to a stop at the Manor. The sisters turn around to face their newest nemesis.

?Did you think I couldn?t detect it when witches try to scry for me. I?ve gained some of my best powers from.?

Crabtree starts to extend his finger towards Paige, who orbs out of the way. He turns towards Phoebe who levitates up and kicks out at him. She misses as he simply steps aside. Paige re-appears behind him with a vase in her hand, which she throws at him. He ducks.?

?Anything I can see can?t hurt me.? Crabtree grins.

Paige and Phoebe dive behind the old sofa.

?Lets get out of here.? Says Phoebe

?Wait here. I have an idea.? Says Paige, as she orbs out again.

?Leo. Help.? Yells Phoebe in desperation as she retreats toward the attic door. It slams shut before she can reach it.

Crabtree extends his finger toward the young witch. Phoebe screams in terror. Crabtree explodes. Paige has orbed back to the place where he stood, just as Leo enters the attic. He sees Phoebe splattered with Crabtree?s remains and Paige grinning more manically that Jack Nicholson.

?How did you do destroy him.? He asks.

?I simply transformed myself into the smallest thing that I could think of so he could not see me, and if he could not see me he could not attack me or defend himself.?

?And that was?

?Pretty impressive, if you ask me, though also rather messy.? Says Phoebe mopping herself down to remove Crabtree?s remains from her.

?A Virus.? Replies Paige triumphantly. ?A rather nasty little flu bug that I remember seeing a diagram of in my old school biology text book.?

?Paige! What have you done? Says Leo, seeming ever more angry with her every additional mom

?Piper?s cell phone charger.? Says Paige, looking for a quick escape.

?Paige Matthews. What did I tell you about transforming yourself into members of the animal kingdom? Shouts Leo, his face red with anger. However this proves pointless as Paige orbs away.


The phone in the hallway rings. It rings twice more before Leo orbs into the room to answer it. A familiar voice causes him to smile

?How are you darling? He says to voice at the other end of the line. Pausing, whilst he listens to the reply, he notices a mark on the table. He starts rubbing it whilst holding the phone in the other hand.

?That?s good. Nice to hear Victor is doing so well. Send him my best wishes.?

Cradling the phone between his shoulder and his neck he removes a cloth from the table draw. All the time he is nodding along to his wife?s conversation.

A large sneeze echoes down the stairs.

?No, that?s Phoebe. She?s still not well but she is better than she was.?

Leo rubs at the table ever more vigorously as his wife talks away.

?No, darling I?ve barely spoken to Paige all week. She knows I?m angry with her, though I not quite sure whether she knows why.?

Leo removes the cloth from the table. The small mark is gone, but so is most of the polish around it. He moves a vase over to cover his embarrassment.

?Love you too, darling. See you soon?

As Leo puts down the phone Paige enters the manor. She looks at Leo hesitantly, making as little eye contact as possible.

?Was that Piper? she asks sheepishly. ?Wasn?t she due home today?

This time she waits to here her white-lighters admonishments.

?Well, Paige are you happy now, Phoebe is sick and Piper can?t come home until she is better.? Says a stern Leo. ?I told you not to play around with animal magic.?

?What?s the problem exactly? All I did was turn into animals.?

?It doesn?t quite work like that. You see every time you turn into an animal you start to take on some of that animal?s instincts and the longer you remain in that form the more you become that animal. Eventually you pass the point where you can change back.?

?Warning noted, but I never remained in any of the animal forms for very long, so, I ask you again what was the problem?

?Its dangerous enough with mammals, where their instincts are matched with reasoning. You could probably stay in certain mammal forms for days or even weeks.?

?Like Prue did as a dog.?

?The lower the life form the more they are run by their instincts. I would say that as a small invertebrate your chance to change would be a couple of minutes or less. As a virus you were very lucky to get out alive the moment you became one. The only instinct a virus has is to reproduce, which as Phoebe proves, you started to do the moment you entered Crabtree. In the couple of seconds before you re-materialised within him you had produced enough copies of yourself to make Phoebe ill.?

?What? How?

?When you re-materialised within Crabtree the pressure of your rapidly enlarging form caused him to explode, showering Phoebe with all sorts of body parts, including mucus from his lungs. Mucus that had become infected with copies of you.?

?Hang on there a second Leo. I seem to remember that it can take some time for virus to infect a host cell, cause that cell to mutate so that in produces copies of the virus and produce sufficient copies to rupture the cell membrane thus releasing the copies to infect other cells.?

Leo looks at her surprised for a second.

?I did occasionally pay attention in school.? She says. ?So explain that?

?Remember Paige that you are a powerful witch. Generations of magic lay within you. As a virus you simply channelled that power into producing copies of yourself. Not being magical themselves, the copies had to reproduce by more conventional methods once they had found a new host.?

?You mean Phoebe right.?

?Exactly. So until Phoebe is well I don?t want to risk the baby by exposing Piper to Phoebe?s, or should I say your, germs.?

?She must be getting very bored in that cabin with nobody but Victor to keep her company. I?m sure I couldn?t last that long with just a view of the lake for something to do.? Paige muses.

?I can think of one lake that might change your mind.?


At Victor?s cabin near Lake Tahoe everything is quiet. Victor is reclining on the sofa with his bandaged foot resting on matching chair opposite. Next to him, on a small table sits an upturned teacup on its saucer. His glasses rest on the end of his nose. He is looking at the TV Guide. Piper walks in carrying a small brown teapot.

?More tea dad? she enquires, with a broad grin across her face. She turns Victors teacup the right way up and proceeds to poor. On finishing, she puts the pot down and takes the TV Guide from her father?s hands. Stating, as she drops the magazine to the floor. ?It?s so nice to have a bit of peace and quiet.?


Paige is standing by the edge of another lake. Leo is behind her.

?So this is were my mother died. It looks so calm and peaceful.? She says softly, as she turns to Leo, a tear rolling down her face. ?Let ?s get out of here.?

The two of them change to blue and white lights before disappearing in a swirl.

The End.

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