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  6x13 - A Mothers Work
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A Mothers Work

Previously on Sons of Anarchy...

BOWMAN: We've prepared the WITSEC agreement.

Included your sons.

Do you have the evidence?

TARA: You get it once I know both the immunity and protection are set.

PATTERSON: This isn't a game, Tara.

TARA: I know it's not a goddamn game. This is my life. Send the documents to Glender. He says I'm protected?

I'll pick up my boys and meet you tonight.

GEMMA: We gotta check you in by noon tomorrow.

WENDY: I appreciate all this help. I just need to understand.

GEMMA: There's a pretty good chance that Tara's going to jail.

WENDY: And you want me to help you.

GEMMA: You betrayed me. But you bought it back.

WENDY: Jax is never gonna let me near Abel.

GEMMA: I'll work on Jax. You just get clean.

ALVAREZ: Shit that happens in Oaktown don't stay in Oaktown.

NERO: What shit is that?

ALVAREZ: Word is, Jax is handing over the Irish guns. To August Marks. Makes a little problem for all of us.

NERO: Have a meet with the MC, work it out.

ALVAREZ: Jax should've thought about that before he started killing people.

JAX: Wahewa found the truck. The guns were gone, the guys were dead.

CONNOR: - Jesus Christ! Who did it?

CHIBS: - Lin.

CONNOR: This is all going to shit!

JAX: This is why you need August Marks.

GEMMA: - Yeah?

TARA: - I need help. Bobby's bleeding again, and all the guys are with Jax.

Okay. You need me to bring anything?

TARA: - No. Is there someone who can stay with the boys?

GEMMA: They're at my house with Wayne.

TARA: You tell Gemma I pulled this on you and you had to let me take them. You had no choice.

WENDY: Abel, I'm your real mother! Baby, I'm your mommy! Baby, I love you!

TARA: Shut up!

CONNOR: - This Marks?

JAX: - That's the boss.

CONNOR: Oh, no, no, no! You piece of shit, Teller!

JAX: Don't worry. It ends well.

(gunfire, grunting)

AUGUST: You talk to your organization. Let 'em know I'm very serious about being in business with 'em.

If you can provide the product, I can put 'em in twice as many hands.

BOBBY: You need to unwind, man. You're making everybody nervous.

SANDY: Help, please! There's something wrong with Juice!

LYLA: Oxy.


JUICE: I'm sorry. Jax said it was what I had to do. Earn my way.

NERO: Darvany? You... you killed her?

Still no answer.

TARA: All right, come on.

JAX: She took my sons.

GEMMA: She must've made a deal.

JAX: "There are lessons to be found here, but mostly, I do this so you can know me. Lately, as I write these, I realize they

are as much for me as they are for you. This is the one place I can be completely open. The pen and paper has no judgment.

No vote. It simply receives my truth and allows me to turn the page. And today... this is my truth. I am terrified a great

deal of the time. Afraid of what I've done, of what I'm doing, and of what I might have to do. It's not a crippling fear.

In fact, it's just the opposite. I thrive on it. I crave it. I need that rush of terror to get me out of bed in the morning.

It's in my DNA. I have tremendous remorse for the acts of violence I've committed, both planned and spontaneous.

But I think what brings me the most sorrow is that I've learned to justify this behaviour. I always find a reason, a cause,

a need that allows me the karmic lubrication to stuff my guilt into its savage compartment. I've become the thing...

the one I hated. And with that awareness comes periods of days, sometimes weeks, when I have to avoid looking into a mirror.

My self-hate is so deep, so palpable, I fear I'll lunge at my own image, shatter the glass and cut myself with shards of broken reflection.

Since my best friend was killed, I've lost my center. Ope was always my pull back to true north. Now my doubt and sense of

fraudulence bark so loudly in my head that most of the time I can't hear anything else. Love, camaraderie, freedom...

all the things I want from this life are lost in the din. Forgive my indulgence, sons. But today may be a day

we both remember. A defining day. And I want you to look back at this entry and know that at the very least your father

was completely honest. So you know I speak the truth when I tell you that you are the most important thing to me. I will never hurt you.

Never abandon you. I love you, Abel. I love you, Thomas. More than anything or anyone. I always will. Everything I do is for my sons."



♪ Riding through this world ♪
♪ all alone ♪
♪ God takes your soul ♪
♪ You're on your own ♪
♪ The crow flies straight ♪
♪ a perfect line ♪
♪ on the devil's bed ♪
♪ until you die ♪
♪ Gotta look this life ♪
♪ in the eye ♪

ROOSEVELT: No. Keep 'em on until you hear from me. Tara never came home. We have units at the house, St. Thomas and TM.

PATTERSON: I talked to her lawyer and hospital. Haven't heard from her.

ROOSEVELT: - Yeah, well, she's scared.

BOWMAN: - Think she's running?

PATTERSON: - She's too smart for that.

ROOSEVELT: - Yeah. Well, she's out of options. By this time, they'll know she took the boys. There's no turning back.

BOWMAN: Do you think Teller would really kill her if he found out what she's doing?

PATTERSON: Let's find out. Come on, there you go, Chip.

GEMMA: Thanks, honey.

GEMMA: - Hey.

TIG: - Hey, baby.

BOBBY: - Hey.

GEMMA: - Darling, you okay?

BOBBY: Yeah, just sore. I'm okay.

GEMMA: Mm-hmm. You hear from Jax?

TIG: Yep. He's on his way. He's on his way.

GEMMA: 'Cause I saw Quinn and a sheriff outside his house when I left.

CHIBS: Aye. Well, we'll get West to the cabin. Montez at St. Thomas. Tara shows up, we'll be the first to know.

GEMMA: She's probably already in protection.

BOBBY: No, then why would there be sheriffs outside the house? If she gave up the club, we'd already be in custody.

TIG: We'll figure it out with Jax. Come on. Come on.

GEMMA: Hey. Give me a minute?

JUICE: Yeah.

GEMMA: Sweetheart, run up to Sarducci's. Pick up some sausage and peppers, dozen hard rolls, some sides. Guys are gonna be hungry.

BROOKE: - Sure.

CHUCKY: - Sarducci's? I can make better sandwiches here.

BROOKE: Come on. I'll introduce you to my friend Knee-pads Nina. She likes 'em kind of freaky.

CHUCKY: Why do they call her Knee-pads?

BROOKE: Wow. Where were you hatched?

CHUCKY: New Jersey. It's the Garden State.

BROOKE: Really? What exit?

GEMMA: I like that girl. She's got sass.

JUICE: Yeah, she's cute. Nuts, but cute. Jax is letting her work off the damage.

GEMMA: How 'bout you? Where you at with working off the damage?

JUICE: Not as good as you. You reek of bleach.

GEMMA: Yeah, well... I've just been staying busy. Tara's a shitty cleaner. There's a lot more to do. You dodged my question.

You okay?

JUICE: I'm sorry about Diosa. I just... lost track of what I took.

GEMMA: Bullshit. You are not a guy that loses track, Juice. You knew taking that many could kill you.

JUICE: But it didn't.

GEMMA: Grateful or disappointed?

(chuckles ruefully)

JUICE: I don't want to die, Gem. I'm just... (sighs) a little unsure about how to live in all this right now. You gonna tell Jax?

GEMMA: No. He's got enough shit on his plate right now.

JUICE: Yeah. Nero say anything about last night? I think I might've... over-shared on a few things.

GEMMA: It's okay. He knew you were gay. (Gemma chuckles) Don't worry. You didn't say anything. And he's not gonna, either.

JUICE: Yeah. Okay.

GEMMA: You gotta decide what you want, sweetheart. You hear me? Vulnerability is a liability. No place for it in this life.

Trust me... I know.

(bell above door rings)

Hey, babe. Where you been?

JAX: Just riding mostly. I'm okay.

GEMMA: You hear anything?

JAX: No.

JUICE: Everyone's upstairs, brother.

JAX: Okay. Thanks. Is Nero with Diosa?

GEMMA: Stockton. Be back in a few hours.

(car doors shut)

JUICE: Shit!

GEMMA: Are you kidding me? I'm about to go catfight on the colored girl.

JAX: Mom, not today.

PATTERSON: We should talk, Jackson.


JAX (softly): Tell Nero I'll see him at Diosa.

PATTERSON: Mrs. Teller.

GEMMA: Suck my white crack.

PATTERSON: We can't choose our family, right?

JAX: What do you want?

PATTERSON: I think I'd like to talk to Mr. Teller alone.

ROOSEVELT: Yes, ma'am.


PATTERSON: Our ties seem to be getting deeper.

JAX: How's that?

PATTERSON: Do you know where your wife is?

JAX: She took the boys. Little retreat.

PATTERSON: Where to?

JAX: Why do you care?

PATTERSON: We had a meeting. She missed it. I'm just trying to find out if we're going to reschedule.

JAX: When I see her, I'll let her know.

PATTERSON: Do you have a struggle with your need to be a good man?

JAX: I struggle with all my needs... just like everyone else.

PATTERSON: Mm. My guess is you struggle with it every day. What you are crashing into who you are.

JAX: Are we done?

PATTERSON: I know how much you love Tara. And I see how deeply she loves you. Betrayal is a very intense feeling.

One that can only be matched by the maternal instinct of a mother protecting her young.

JAX: I don't need a lesson in family feelings. If you have something to say, then say it.

PATTERSON: Whatever decisions happen here today... the outcome lands on you. Are you willing to let your family

pay the price for your mistakes? Is that what a good man would do? Because if that happens, I promise you, son, it's gonna destroy you

and everything else you love. And that's not the law in me talking. That's the flawed mother who made a lot of mistakes.

You're a husband... and a father... and a man before all of this. Own your place.

JAX: Patterson doesn't know where Tara is. She was supposed to meet. She never showed.

TIG: So she made a deal?

BOBBY: Obviously contingent on something she was supposed to bring or do at that meeting.

HAPPY: What does she have?

JAX: She's seen a lot. They want testimony.

CHIBS: You think she's running?

JAX: Not with the boys. She wouldn't put them through that. Abel has to be close to his doctors. It's too risky.

BOBBY: Means she's out there trying to decide where to jump.

TIG: And we need to find her first. To convince her that the club is depending on her.

JAX: To convince her not to rat.

JUICE: And if we can't?

JAX: Then we do what we have to do.

BOBBY: We will make that call when we know more. Right now, we just need to find out where the hell she is.

JAX: Yeah. Okay. She has no family here.

JUICE: The administrator at the hospital. She's tight with her.

CHIBS: Okay... I'll put Montez on that.

JAX: And the new lawyer. Unser knows who it is. Let's sit on him. See if he's in touch.

TIG: Maybe Barosky can help. Have his cops keep an eye out.

JAX: That's a good idea. Give him a call.


CHUCKY: Sorry, guys. Gentleman to see Jax-- Marcus Alvarez.

JAX: If you're here for ice cream, I'm afraid it's just a front.

ALVAREZ: - Jackson.

JAX: - Marcus.

ALVAREZ: Heard about Clay. My condolences.

JAX: Yeah.

ALVAREZ: Lot of changes going on with your club.

JAX: Yeah. You traveling all this way makes me think maybe that's a problem.

ALVAREZ: I have my concerns.

CHIBS: - Um...

JAX: - About?

ALVAREZ: You and Pope help tie together the boundaries and distribution in Oakland. Us, the black, Chinese, we're

making it work because we trusted that you'd keep everybody honest.

JAX: I never claimed to be godfather. I just set up the meeting. Boundaries and treaties were a mutual agreement.

ALVAREZ: Maybe you should've called another meeting, one to say you were giving up guns.

JAX: Every move I've made since picking up that gavel's been heading in this direction. You knew it was coming.

ALVAREZ: Handing off the guns to Marks, gunning down Lin's crew. Is that something else we should've seen coming?

(Jax sighs)

JAX: Irish pissed off Lin. He took it out on us. Grabbed one of my guys. I did what I had to do.

ALVAREZ: The cartel thing, Jax, it's closing down. Romeo, he crushed that though it wasn't a threat. Moving that blowing guns,

that was big cash for us. Losing it, that shit hurts. Now, that gun trade would've filled in the gap. You should have came

to us with that offer.

Jax: Okay, first of all, you would have never had that cartel income if it wasn't for us. Second, you don't have the reach

or the contacts that Marks has. Look, Marcus, I get it. Black taking over guns looks like a power shift. But it's not. August has no interest in

upsetting the balance in Oakland. He's just got the biggest network. He's insulated, he's got political ties.

That was our only play with the Irish.

They're behind two weeks on the gun shipment.

Transition's gonna take a minute.

I don't got a minute, ese.

This entomb the quiet in my neighborhood Because of your guys, it's about to jump off.

JAX: Marks should've gotten the first shipment from the Irish. I'll make a call. We'll get you your guns. And talk to August.

Hear it from him. Oaktown is gonna be business as usual.


JAX: Yeah, okay.

ALVAREZ: I want Nero there.

JAX: Why? Nero ain't part of this business.

ALVAREZ: Carving out a new relationship. I trust his judgment.

JAX: What kind of relationship?

ALVAREZ: Mayans are setting up in Stockton.

JAX: Since when?

ALVAREZ: Charter will be live in two weeks. Comstock, east side.

JAX: I got business in Stockton. Legitimate business. Why am I just hearing about this now?

ALVAREZ: Come on, ese. Everything I been doing has been heading in that direction. You knew it was coming. I'll pick up the guns at the

boneyard like we always do. Call me.

HAPPY: Problems in taco nation?

JAX: Get me King Nero.

(dialing tones)

(line ringing)

(door opens)

(phone rings)

GLENDER: - Hello.

TARA: - Mitch, it's Tara Knowles.

GLENDER: - Tara, are you okay?

TARA: - Yeah.

GLENDER: Where are you? What happened?

TARA: I'm in Lodi. I just, I needed some time to think.

GLENDER: Patterson had a feeling that's what was going on. Look, the deal is still on the table, but it has to happen today.

TARA: Tell them I'm ready.

GLENDER: I have to bring you in. Another no-show, it'll be dead.

TARA: No, I want to meet with you first and make sure the deal is what they promised.

GLENDER: All right. Uh, I'm at the courthouse. I'm gonna need some time to get back to my office, pick up the documents.

TARA: Okay. I'll, um, I'll text you where to meet.

GLENDER: - See you then.

TARA: - Bye.

ABEL: - Was that Daddy?

TARA: - No, baby. That was my friend who's helping us with our trip. It's gonna be so much fun. They're gonna take us to a really cool

place with lots of things to play with. Then we get to pick anywhere in the world we want to go.

ABEL: We're going on an airplane?

TARA: Yeah, maybe two or three. But I need you to do me a favor. I think your little brother might be scared.

Lots of new people, new places. He's gonna really need his big brother.

ABEL: Hey, stinky monkey.

(Thomas babbles)

(babbling continues)

(engine starts)

BOBBY: So, let's play

"follow the lawyer."

JUICE: I'd rather play "let's run over the lawyer."

BOBBY: It's still early.

(motorcycle engines rumbling)

JAX: Find out where Marks is.

TIG: What's up, boys? Tyler, Rigs.

NERO: - You doing okay?

JAX: - Yeah, yeah. No word on Tara yet.

NERO: Yeah, I talked to Gemma. Sorry.

JAX: How long you known Mayans were setting up in Stockton?

NERO: Found out yesterday. What, you think I'd keep that from you?

JAX: I don't know. You and Alvarez got family ties. Did time together.

NERO: Yeah, we know each other. But I don't keep secrets from friends.

JAX: What does that mean?

NERO: You believe in karma, mano? You know, something greater that's moving all the pieces around?

JAX: Not today.

NERO: I do. I know it. Shit, I feel it every time I see my boy. You ever think maybe all these bad things that are happening to

the mother of your children, just maybe that's because of some heinous thing that you did to another child's mother?

JAX: I don't know where you're going with this, Nero...

NERO: Please don't lie to me twice, Jax. I know what happened to Darvany. I know what you had Juice do.

JAX: What did Juice do?

NERO: Killed an innocent woman. And then you looked at me in the eye and you lied to me about it. You embraced me and

called me "brother."

(motorcycles approach)

NERO: You think shit like that just gets buried? Goes away? It don't, mano. It comes back. And when it does...

it makes you pay.


TIG: Hey, Marks, he ain't coming. Tyler's handling all the street work now.

JAX: Jesus Christ.

CHIBS: So, how did that go?

JAX: A little different than I expected.

TYLER: - Marcus.

ALVAREZ: - Tyler, good to see you. Where's Marks?

TYLER: Mr. Marks can never be a part of what happens on the street. We understand that you got some worries

about how this shift affects Oaktown.

ALVAREZ: We ain't got no worries.

NERO: Yo, I-I think we all trying to understand what this new business model's gonna look like.

JAX: I assured the Mayans that nothing changes. Drug, pussy, street games all stay the same.

TIG: Yeah, just a different face handling the hardware, right?

TYLER: That's right. It's a prettier face. But everything else look familiar.

ALVAREZ: - What about Lin?

TYLER: - What about him? As long as he stay in line, he still keep his territory.

ALVAREZ: What, you keeping everybody in line now, ese? Is that it?

JAX: I already told you, Marcus, the thing with Lin was about the Irish and my guy.

HAPPY: That's right. Doesn't hurt Oakland.

ALVAREZ: You killed his uncle and eight of his guys. How does that not hurt Oakland?

JAX: That's not your worry.

TYLER: We gonna deal with the blowback. We just reached out to Henry Lin.

CHIBS: I would just stay focused on your guns, gentlemen.

ALVAREZ: Okay. I heard what I needed to hear. We'll take your guns. My guys will unload. Give Rigs the cash.

See you next month.

TYLER: - Good man.

JAX: - Yes, sir.

TYLER: Take care.

ALVAREZ: I guess neither one of us is important enough to get Marks on the street.

JAX: He can't be seen with the hardware.

I'll arrange...

ALVAREZ: - Wake up, ese. I'm just a wetback thug and you're an obsolete white boy. Neither one us can

eat at his table. Want to help us load the guns?

NERO: Yeah... sure.

(motorcycle engines start)

NERO: What happened with the Chinese?

ALVAREZ: Tyler and your boy Teller gunned them down in cold blood. My guess, to impress the IRA, close the deal with Marks.

ALVAREZ: Hey, hold on. Open them up.

RIG: Let him see.

ALVAREZ: That's good.

ALVAREZ: Give him the money, huh?

RIG: What is this shit?

NERO: What the hell you doing, mano?!

ALVAREZ: Just putting food on our table, carnal. Load 'em up! Let's go! Mano, andale, vamos.

BAROSKY: I'll have my guys keep an eye open and pass this on to the other divisions. How long ago did she split?

JAX: Last night. I don't want anyone pulling her over, spooking her. I just need to know where she is.

BAROSKY: I get it. Look, I'm sorry, kid. Taking your boys, that shit's rough.

JAX: Yeah.

BAROSKY: Got some good news. Navy's back in town. Colette's doubled her business. Looks like things are

stabilizing around here.

JAX: Yeah, I heard. It's good. The Mayans MC, you know 'em?

BAROSKY: Alvarez, right?

JAX: Yeah. I just found out he's setting up a charter in Stockton, east side. Won't affect you directly, but I

wanted you to hear it from me.

BAROSKY: Mayans and Niners, that beef still on?

JAX: No, not anymore.

RAT BOY: Hey. Sorry to interrupt. I just talked to Bobby. They followed that lawyer to a park in Lodi.

JAX: - Is Tara there?

RAT BOY: - Not yet. But he said the guy's just sitting in the car like he's waiting for someone.

JAX: - What park?

RAT BOY: - Near the strip. With the kid rides and the Mother Goose shit.

JAX: Abel loves that park.

Thanks, Charlie.

BAROSKY: - You bet, good luck.

JAX: You call Bobby. If Tara shows up, don't let her leave.

TIG: - Done.

JAX: - Hap, you're with me. When your boss settles his domestic crisis, he may have to deal with another.

TIG: What are you talking about?

BAROSKY: Before you got here, heard a call on the city band. Four black guys with One-Niner ink gunned

down in a junkyard outside of Oakland. Fresh motorcycle tracks all over the yard.

CHIBS: Shit.

BAROSKY: I'll take that as a confirmation.

TIG: Mayans are pissed off that we gave black gun distribution.

BAROSKY: I saw that coming. It ain't easy giving up the crown, boys. Every peasant and whore's gonna

be fighting for your jewels.

CHIBS: Don't you worry, Charlie, your jewels are safe. It won't spill into Stockton.

BAROSKY: You sure about that? Where's our boy Nero land on this? Brown loves brown.

NERO: You blindsided me with that shit, homes.

ALVAREZ: I didn't know it was gonna go down like that. It just played out. No disrespect, huh?

NERO: I can't be part of that, Marcus. I got more than just business with the MC.

ALVAREZ: Yeah, I heard. Clay's old lady.

NERO: Yeah. Yeah, she matters to me.

ALVAREZ: Look, nobody's trying to force your hand. I know you been trying to get out of the streets. You deserve it.

Pass it on to your boy over there. He looks eager.

NERO (laughs): Yeah. And what's that gonna look like?

ALVAREZ: Like you're letting go of Stockton. You still dreaming about the farm, huh? Then retire, ese.

Go get that shit.

(Nero laughs)

NERO: Just fade away?

ALVAREZ: Yeah, alive and with someone. That don't happen very often. Not to guys like us, ese. We're sitting down with

the Chinese tonight. Lin's place. Breaking down Stockton and Oakland. It's gonna get bloody for a while. Send Fiasco.

Let him represent. You and me? We're good, homes.

TARA: Come on.

JUICE: Mommy dearest. You can go ahead.

GLENDER: - He's cute.

TARA: - Yeah.

TARA: Perfect. In the shade.

(opens briefcase)

GLENDER: It's everything she promised. Full immunity for Pamela Toric. The WITSEC is complicated. Essentially, you give them that

bullet, and your testimony allows them to use RICO.

TARA: I'd have to testify in court?

GLENDER: If it went to trial, most likely, yes.

TARA: Okay.

TARA: I'm staying at the Barnes Motel. Off of Canyon, room . They can pick me up there. This is the first time

he's had fun in days. Can you, can you give us a little time?

GLENDER: Sure. I'll let Patterson know.

BOBBY: Looks like she's staying.


GEMMA: - Hey.

UNSER: - Hey. Anything new on Tara?

GEMMA: Guys don't think she made a deal yet. That bitch DA is looking for her, too.

GEMMA: Black?

UNSER: Uh, yeah, sure. And what if, uh... Tara's running?

GEMMA: Jax will find her. Do what needs to be done.

UNSER: Is, uh, Wendy almost ready?

GEMMA: Yeah. Thanks for taking her.

UNSER: Yeah, no problem. You off to see the pimp?

GEMMA: I am. Did you go this morning?

UNSER: Yeah.

GEMMA: Anyone else there?

UNSER: No. Just me and the cons burying him. What was that for?

GEMMA: I don't know what I'd do without you. I love you, Wayne. I hope you know that.

UNSER: Yeah, well, uh... I'm very lovable.

WENDY: Hey. Any word from Tara?

GEMMA: Don't you worry about Tara.

WENDY: Well, I don't want to check in until I know Abel's safe.

GEMMA: Oh, sure. I'll go out and score you another balloon so you can have something to do while you wait.

UNSER: You know the drill, sweetheart. You ain't of any use to your kid until you get yourself straightened out.

WENDY: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I just hate practicing what I preach.

GEMMA: Tell me about it. You get well. We'll come see you at family day.

WENDY: Oh, Jesus Christ. That's terrifying. You're my family.

GEMMA: Yes, we are. No detours.

UNSER: Yes, Mother.

GEMMA: I'll be at Diosa.

UNSER: Want some?

WENDY: Yeah. Hey, we are gonna have to stop by my place so I can grab some more shit, okay? Let my landlady know that I'm

gonna be on... vacation.

UNSER: Then, uh, we should head out soon.

WENDY: Yeah. Okay.

UNSER: Gemma told me about your girl and all, and... didn't know if you wanted me to call her or something.

WENDY: Oh... no, thanks. I don't really want to rip off that scab right now.

UNSER: Oh, yeah. I get it.

WENDY: How's your wife?

UNSER: Uh, she split. My, uh, cancer wasn't exactly the retirement she had planned. She's in Boca. Hooked up with some

guy with a boat. A goddamn boat.

WENDY: What a bitch.


UNSER: Hey, to the bitches we hate.

(Wendy laughs)

WENDY: So, then, why are you still in Charming? No job, no wife. I mean, I mean, I don't want to sound harsh or anything, but if

my clock were ticking, I don't think I'd want to spend my final time in this place.

UNSER: Oh, I don't know. I guess 'cause it's the only place where someone still loves me. You still love him?


(Unser grunts)

Wendy: No. We should've never been married. We were just drinking buddies who, uh, had some great sex. Gemma was driving

that wedding train. She wanted grandkids. Jax had a good heart. I always felt safe with him. I'm-I'm afraid that's gone.

UNSER: I know. I know.

(kids clamoring nearby)

TARA: There you go... There he is...


Here he comes.

ABEL: Daddy!


TARA: Oh, my God.

BOBBY: Hey, want to play? Let's go play.

JAX: Sit down.

(Tara breathing hard)

TARA: What are you gonna do?

JAX: I just need to talk to you. I know you think you need to do this, but I can't let you. You know that.

TARA: Please don't... hurt me in front of the kids.

JAX: That's not what I want.

TARA: But that's all there is. There is no other ending. I... I have sacrificed everything for you.

I have tried... to see what you see, how you see it, but I can't. All I see are the lies and the violence, and...

how it's changed you. Turned you into a monster. I'll die if I have to. At least I know I tried to save

them from becoming what you are.

JAX: I never forced my life on you. You came back to me. You're part of what I am, Tara. You always have been. And that was my mistake.

Thinking our love, our bond, was stronger than the pull of your... history.

Tara: But it's not. You were gonna pull them out of this, remember? You were gonna break the cycle. I know the turmoil

you live with, Jax. I feel the pain you wake up with every day. And now you condemn your sons to that same torture.

They will suffer... with this.


Can you let me say good-bye to them before you take me?

JAX: I'm not... going to hurt you. I'm not going to hurt them. You don't have to run. Not anymore.

TARA: What am I supposed to do?

JAX: Just be a good mother. Save our boys. Please.

NERO: - Hey.

GEMMA: - Hey.

Been in Stockton this whole time?

NERO: Yeah. How long you been, uh, waiting?

GEMMA: Long enough. Everything okay? Been in the barrio a lot.

NERO: Shit with my crew.

GEMMA: - Mmm...

NERO: - Any word on-on Tara?

GEMMA: No. I was, uh, I was gonna head over to Jax's, finish up some work. Came by to see if you wanted to come with.

NERO: Nah. Complicated day.

GEMMA: Yeah, no shit. You want to talk about it?


GEMMA: Mind if I do?

NERO: Not now. Sorry, Gemma.

GEMMA: - What the hell's going on?

NERO: - Nothing, nothing. I-I just, I... I just got some shit that I gotta work out, and... I need to be alone for a while.

GEMMA: What do you mean, "a while"?

NERO: Right now! Okay?

GEMMA: Yeah. Okay. Jesus Christ.

NERO: - Gemma...

GEMMA: - What?! I can't handle this shit today. Do not play with me.

NERO: See, I-I can't do this shit!

GEMMA: What are you talking about?

NERO: If I were to tell you right now... let's just go, mama. Get away. You and me.

Out of Stockton, out of Charming...

GEMMA: - What the hell happened to...

NERO: Would you come with me? Could you leave all this behind? Your boy? Your club?

GEMMA: You know I can't make that choice.

NERO: I know, I know. I know. But I have to.

GEMMA: What are you saying? Jesus Christ. Are you dumping me? You son of a bitch.

NERO: I don't know... I don't know what I'm doing...

GEMMA: Get off of me! Asshole!

NERO: Gem, I...

(door slams)

(knocking at door)

TARA: We need to speak with you. Alone, please.

PATTERSON: Uh... give us a minute. What is this?

JAX: This is me, owning my place. Here's how it works. I turn myself in as the source of the KG- that Matthew Jennings used.

Just me. Not my club. You drop all charges against Tara.

PATTERSON: - I can't protect her with that.

TARA: - I won't need it.

JAX: Nothing will happen to her or my boys. She's free to take them anywhere she wants. You get the real devil

responsible for the death of four kids, and an innocent woman is set free.

PATTERSON: Where are your boys now?

JAX: They're at the ice cream shop with my guys. I'm going to go and spend some time with them. Then I'll meet you at

our house at : . Turn myself in.

TARA: That's the only deal.

PATTERSON: Are you sure you want this?

TARA: Yes. I've called my lawyer and he's putting it together.

PATTERSON: - If you don't honor this...

JAX: - I will.

PATTERSON: I'll let everybody know. And I'll keep Lieutenant Roosevelt posted here.

TARA: Okay. Thank you.

JAX: I love you.

TARA: I love you.

CHIBS: There's gotta be another way.

JAX: There's not, man. I can't ask my wife to take the hit for us. And I'm not letting it land on the club.

Maybe this is what was supposed to happen. Why I've been so hell-bent on trying to get us out of guns.

CHIBS: I hate this.

JAX: I know, brother.

BOBBY: What are they charging you with?

JAX: Possession, conspiracy.

BOBBY: With the parole violation and, uh, priors... I hate to say, they're gonna hang you.

JAX: Surrendering buys me some good faith. Tara's lawyer thinks they'll settle for . Parole in ten, maybe

seven if I'm lucky.

CHIBS: - Jesus...

JAX: - I'm good with it. I'll still get to see my boys grow. And we got the club in a good place. I mean, shit's a little bumpy

with brown, but that'll iron out. Did you talk to Alvarez or Nero after the buy?

BOBBY: No. All quiet. You should tell the rest of the club.

JAX: No. You should tell the rest of the club.

BOBBY: I don't want it.

JAX: You're always talking about "what is best for the club", Bobby. You leading is best. With him at your left,

we have a chance. Just keep moving towards legitimate shit. Get Caracara up and running. TM back on track. SAMCRO will be fine.

BOBBY: Chibs?

CHIBS: Yeah.

BOBBY: Okay.

JAX: There's one more thing. I was wrong about Juice. He can't be trusted.

BOBBY: Why? What happened?

JAX: Bring him up to speed.


JAX: I'm gonna go be with my boys.

BOBBY: Yeah, good.

CHIBS: We'll look after your family, Jackie.

JAX: Whatever Tara wants, you support it.

BOBBY: Of course.

JAX: Thank you. I love you both so much.

(Bobby chuckles)

(loud knocking)

(door opens)

UNSER: Hey. You okay? I've been calling you.

GEMMA: You drop off Wendy?

UNSER: Yeah. You, uh, talk to Jax or the guys?

GEMMA: No. Why? What happened?

UNSER: I, uh... I got a call from Tara's lawyer looking to pull police archives from Charming.

They're arresting him, Gem. I guess Tara made a deal.

GEMMA: I gotta finish some things.

UNSER: What do you...? Whoa. Where you going?

GEMMA: To work.

UNSER: Uh, my truck is blocking you in the driveway.

Let me drive.

GEMMA: - I'm fine, Wayne.

UNSER: Hey, maybe you don't remember what happened the last time I let you drive in this condition.

GEMMA: Oh, it doesn't matter anyway. I'm never gonna see my grandsons again. Hey, man, I'm feeling, um...

feeling really light-headed. Would you get my pills?

UNSER: - What, the heart ones?

GEMMA: - Yeah. They're in my bathroom in a white bottle.

UNSER: All right, just, just relax, okay?

GEMMA: Yeah.

(pills rattling)

BROOKE: - Thank you.

BOBBY: - Bye, honey.

UNSER: - Hey.

BROOKE: - Hey.

TIG: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. Uh-huh, yeah, yeah.

UNSER: Yeah, okay.

ABEL: Other one.

UNSER: I know some of what's happening, son.

JAX: The guys will fill you in.

UNSER: Someone better fill your mom in.

JAX: Yeah, we've been trying to find her.

UNSER: She was at the house. I'm not sure where she went. She was, uh... in pretty bad shape. She took my truck.

JUICE: I'll find her.

JAX: Yeah, okay.

CHIBS: Come on, good chippy.

BOBBY: All right, what's on my head?

JUICE: I'm gonna miss you, brother.

JAX: You betrayed me.

BOBBY: Go for the ceiling.

ABEL: Gone... if it goes to the ceiling, it's gonna break.

ROOSEVELT: Is Wayne here?

TARA: Um, I'm not sure.

ROOSEVELT: I'm, uh, glad it turned out this way, Tara. I know it's still a sad day for your family, but, uh, it's the right thing.

TARA: I know. Wayne? Hmm. He's probably helping Jax.

ROOSEVELT: All right, well, I'm gonna go wait outside for Patterson, okay?

TARA: Thank you.


(door opens, shuts)

Hey, Wayne, is that you?

(Tara groans)

(Gemma grunts)

JUICE: I'm looking for Gemma.

ROOSEVELT: Nah, she's not here. I just dropped off Tara.

JUICE: She took Unser's truck.

(glass breaks)

(door opens)

ROOSEVELT: Oh, my God.

GEMMA: It had to be done. Had to be done. I had work to do. It had to be done.

ROOSEVELT: - What did you do?

GEMMA: - She did this. She did this. She made a deal. She-she betrayed him.

ROOSEVELT: Tara didn't rat, Gemma. Jax gave himself up to protect her. To keep her safe. We got a...

(Gemma sobbing)

(Gemma sobs)


(Thomas fusses)

JAX: Tara will come pick 'em up after I go.

RAT BOY: Take care of yourself, okay? I love you, brother.

JAX: We're all good.

(Chibs sniffles)

I love you, brother.

You'll be okay, brother.

I love you, my brother.

I love you.

(vehicle approaches)

LIN: I'm glad you're here, my friend.

(motorcycle starts, departs)

JAX: Babe?




(door opens)

JAX: I'm sorry. I'm sorry.


The End

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