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  6x12 - You Are My Sunshine
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You are my sunshine

TARA: Previously on Sons Of Anarchy...

JAX: I've got this.

Juice. Get the kid.

NERO: I've gotta know... that was your call?

JAX: No.

JAX: I'm here to make you an offer.

Gaalan O'Shay. I will deliver him with a shipment of guns open and shut. What's in it for you?

JAX: Immunity, for the MC for all gun charges. And you need to look at Tara's case again.

TARA: I want your deal.

Oh, I'm sorry, that deal's no longer on the table. There are other things pending.

BOHAI: You're getting out of the guns-- we should have that business. This is our territory. We own it. We deserve it.

CACUZZA: Yeah. That feels good.

GAALAN: They work even better on flesh.

CHIBS: Put it down! Down!

TIG: There is no way Lin's gonna believe we didn't plan this.

BOBBY: We burn the Chinese, things are gonna jump off in Oakland.

JAX: Then we lose the balance.

GAALAN: Clay's trial has been moved up. They'll transport him tomorrow. Gonna need some help.

Shit! This is Sierra- - .

We are under attack.

GEMMA: Bobby's been shot. It's bad.

GAALAN: Good job, Jackson.


CLAY: I guess you, uh, had another vote I wasn't privy to.

JAX: Yeah, we did. This time it was unanimous.


CONNOR: What the hell did you do?

JAX: We killed the man that killed your men. That's what you're gonna tell the Kings.

CONNOR: Did you murder them all?

JAX: I am giving you the truth you need-- the only story that protects both of us.

PATTERSON: Those other complications I had pending are now off the table, which means I've decided to take you up on your offer.

In exchange for your cooperation against the MC, you'll get immunity from Pamela Toric's murder.

TARA: If I pulled a bullet out of a club member from today's shooting... Would that be proof?

PATTERSON: With your testimony, yes. You only have one chance at this, Doctor.

JAX: I'm sorry you lost a man. Anything that gets in the way of the cause is just collateral damage to the IRA.

PATTERSON: Don't insult me. That wasn't just the IRA. You knew all about Clay Morrow's transport. That's what that wild gun chase was

all about-- to divert my manpower.

JAX: And without that diversion, you'd have had a lot more dead sheriffs.

PATTERSON: You expect me to believe that your lies and bullshit maneuvering was to protect my people?

JAX: Believe what you want. I did everything I could to make this work.

PATTERSON: Well, clearly, it didn't work for everyone. What happened to Morrow and O'Shay? Why take such a huge risk

just to kill each other?

JAX: Clay and Gaalan got years of history together. A lot of deals, both on and off the IRA table. Now, my guess is, whatever

deal they had set up went bad.

PATTERSON: There's a lot of that going around.

JAX: I know it's not the way you wanted it, but from what I've seen on the news, I delivered everything I promised.

KG- 's, IRA supplier, local gun dealer. I held up my half of the deal.

PATTERSON: You're a very smart man, Mr. Teller. I can see how you've risen to your rank.

JAX: Unfortunately, I inherited it.

PATTERSON: Mm, we all have a destiny.

JAX: Maybe.

PATTERSON: We have to finish our investigation. Then I'll decide if you kept your end of the deal.

JAX: Yeah.

TIG: How'd that go?

JAX: She knows she got played. She also knows she got what she needed. We got to wait and see how it lands.

TIG: Yeah.

CHIBS: Well, I got hold of Connor, told him to take the guns to Wahewa.

JAX: Okay. You good?

QUINN: - Yeah.

MONTEZ: - Ready, boss.

TIG: I'm all over it, like jizz on his mama.

MONTEZ: Hey, my mama's dead, man.

JAX: That won't stop him.

TIG: Let's go, Tattoo.

MONTEZ: Blow me, boss.

(footsteps approaching)

TARA: Oh. Thank you.

JUICE: - Need anything else?

TARA: - No, I'm fine.

(phone ringing)

JUICE: - All right, let me know.

TARA: - Okay.

(ringing continues)

TARA: Hello?

PATTERSON: Good morning, Doctor.

TARA: Uh, good morning.

PATTERSON: I've been able to arrange a meeting with the ATF. They'll be able to facilitate federal witness security.

We'll process through RICO. We can give you everything you and your family need.

TARA: Okay. How?

PATTERSON: You'll need to come to my office, with the evidence.

TARA: - I can't do that.


TARA: I have escorts.

PATTERSON: Your hospital office, can you make that work?

TARA: I think so.

PATTERSON: Where are you now?

TARA: Um, I'm about an hour away. I... I'll call you when I'm close.

PATTERSON: Do you have the bullet?

(Bobby groans quietly)

TARA: Yes. Um, I have to go.


(Bobby groaning quietly)

BOBBY: - Hey.

TARA: - Hi. How are you feeling?

BOBBY (laughs weakly):

How do I look?

TARA: Like you been shot.

(Bobby laughs, groans in pain)

Oh. Shh.

(Bobby exhales)

BOBBY: Thanks, Doc.


GEMMA: Come on in.

UNSER: - Morning.

GEMMA: - Would you get those?

UNSER: Oh, yeah, sure.

- Aah! God... da...

GEMMA: - It's hot.

UNSER (groans): Thanks.

GEMMA: Here you go, baby.

UNSER: Where's your Latin lover?

GEMMA: With the whores.

UNSER: - Really?

GEMMA (quietly): - Oh, Christ.
Relax. Hey, babe, ready for some scrambled eggs?


UNSER: Hey, you okay, buddy?

ABEL: Where's Mommy?

JAX: Who'd you talk to?

CONNOR: I spoke to Roarke. He didn't say much. The BBC have picked up on the story. I gave him the details

on how it went down.

JAX: And what about August?

CONNOR: We didn't have time to get into it. They had some duck-and-cover work to do.

JAX: Okay, well, let me know when you talk.

CONNOR: Aye. Hopefully soon.

CHIBS: Think you got enough protection around here?

CONNOR: Uh, got Hugh and Malloy. Why? You really think the Chinese will try and hit us here?

JAX: Lin finds out Gaalan was killed, he might make a move. Your guns will be safe at Wahewa. We can see everything coming

and going at the barn.

CONNOR: All right.

CHIBS: Later, Conn.


TIG: - Hey, man.

NEIL: - Hey, brother.

TIG: Jax wanted us to come by to make sure the guns got here safe, right?

NEIL: Aye. Everything... safe and sound.

TIG: - Yeah.

QUINN: - That all of them?

NEIL: - Everything but the KG- 's.

MONTEZ: - Cool.

TIG: Thank you, gentlemen.


MONTEZ: - Sorry about that.

TIG: - No.


Not the hair, man.

Not the hair.

Come on.

Come on.

♪ Riding through this world ♪

♪ all alone ♪

♪ God takes your soul ♪

♪ You're on your own ♪

♪ The crow flies straight ♪

♪ a perfect line ♪

♪ on the devil's bed ♪

♪ until you die ♪

♪ Gotta look this life ♪

♪ in the eye ♪

JAX: I'm assuming you saw the news about what happened to Gaalan?

BOHAI: I did. Was that you?

JAX: Couldn't be helped.

BOHAI (sighs): Unfortunate.

JAX: Is my guy in the van?

(Bohai speaks Chinese)

(man shouts in Chinese)

BOHAI: Where are the guns, and Gaalan's men?

(doors creaking)

TIG: This couldn't be helped, either.

BOHAI: Do you understand how vengeance works? The satisfaction comes from the doing. They killed one of my men. Almost killed my nephew.

I need to do something to make it right!

JAX: We got you the guns. With Gaalan dead, the Irish are hurt.

BOHAI: (speaks Chinese) I don't want them hurt. I want them gone! Gaalan's number two-- who is he?

CHIBS: Connor. What about him?

BOHAI: Deliver him... and then I'll let your man go free.

JAX: I can't do that.

BOHAI: Then... I cannot let your man live.

JAX: Starting a war drains both sides.

BOHAI: I am not starting it, I am joining it.

(shouts in Chinese)

(speaks Chinese)

(engines start)

JAX: Let's reach out to Marks.



LYLA: Jesus. We're not open yet.

NERO: Lyla.

He's all right.

FIASCO: Can we talk?

NERO: In here. Move some of that shit, have a seat. What's going on?

(Fiasco sighs)

FIASCO: I got to lay it out for you, hermano. It's been coming for a while.

NERO: All right, I'm listening.

FIASCO: The Byzlats-- I'm afraid we're about done.

NERO (chuckles): Done? What are you talking about?

FIASCO: Look, when that shit went down with you and Renaldo, you blowing him away... that was crazy.

But I was, like, okay, it's allright, our OG is back in charge.Firme.Maybe we could show some

weight, start recruiting.

NERO: Hey, nobody made no promises about growing.

FIASCO: It ain't about growing anymore.It's about staying alive.You bailed on us, jefe.Look, I know you got Diosa with

the MC and you're all hooked upwith Teller's mom and shit, butwe got business, too, ese,

- and you ain't been anywhere around...

NERO: - Hey, hey!
I just got rung out for a murder that I didn't do! All that bullshit with Arcadio...

esas pendejadas!
I got heat from the DA.Check it, Fiasco, 'cause I feel like I'm drowning here, you see that?

FIASCO: We're all drowning here!Ever since you met the Sons!Look, I know we need alliances,but this club... they ain't

been nothin' but problems.
Crew feels the same way.

NERO: So what, you want me to move off? That's why you're here?

FIASCO: - No, no, no, no, no.

NERO: - You gonna take it?

FIASCO: It ain't like that, all right?Look, we got nada but respect and love for you. Truth is, you step off, homes,

we are most definitely dead. Marcus Alvarez... he reached out, wants to talk to you. Thinks he can help us.

NERO: Dale! Help us how?

FIASCO: Come on.

NERO: I mean, I'm all good with the Mayans, but that's... that's Oakland, homes.

FIASCO: Just talk to him, hear him out. The guys like the idea of brown helping brown. You don't at least sit down with him, crew

reads that like you don't give a shit.

Then it's over, eh?

I can't hold them together.

NERO: Orale.All right. Set it up.

FIASCO: Orale.

(footsteps approaching)

GEMMA: Hey, sweetie.Whatcha making?

(Gemma chuckles)

You know, Wayne's out in the dining room playing with your Legos. I'll bet he could use some help building that new clubhouse.

Does he talk to you at all?

WENDY: Not really. He misses his mom.

GEMMA: Green tea. You hungry?

WENDY: Uh-uh. No, thanks. I can't even keep anything down. This nausea's worse than my headache.

GEMMA: Well, we got to check you in by noon tomorrow. You want me to call your girl, have her bring your stuff?

WENDY (laughs softly): There is no girl. She, uh... went back to 'Frisco. Back to her ex.

GEMMA: Sorry.

Well, you want me to... send Wayne over to your place, pick up whatever you need?

WENDY: Yeah. Sure.

GEMMA (quietly): Okay.

WENDY: Gemma. I don't get it. I appreciate all this help. I just need to understand...

is this all some kind of power play-- helping me to hurt Tara?

GEMMA: There's a pretty good chance... that Tara's going to jail, so she don't need any more hurt.

But I'm gonna need some help. It's been brought to my attention I'm not as spry as I used to be.

WENDY (wry laugh): And you want me to help you?

GEMMA: Well, I can't afford a nanny... so my options are limited. I got Uncle Cancer out there.

I got some half-bright croweaters reeking of cum and Tig's aftershave... and I got the junkie mom.

(Wendy laughs wryly)

WENDY: Wow. I feel special.

GEMMA: You betrayed me. But you bought it back. And you paid the price. And I know how much

you love that boy.

WENDY: Jax is never gonna let me near Abel.

GEMMA: I'll work on Jax. You just get clean. Get yourself back on track. And go back to dick.

Girls are shit.

TARA: Hey. I need some more supplies. I have to head back to St. Thomas.

JUICE: Rat will go with.

TARA: I'd be lost without him.

WEST: Anything we need to do for Bobby?

TARA: Don't let him die. He'll be okay. Let's go.

RAT BOY: Mm. Yes, ma'am.

JUICE: Really?

BOBBY: Doctor's orders. Sit down. So I guess it played out the way it was planned. Clay.

JUICE: Yeah. Other than Gemma and Tara being there.

BOBBY: Had to happen, brother.

JUICE: Why'd you change your mind, vote yes this time?

BOBBY: Clay deserved the mayhem for what he did. I never had any doubt about that. But the first time... just

wasn't best for the club.
It was no good for Jax. But this time... it made sense.

(Bobby groans quietly)

JUICE: Yeah.

BOBBY: Hate when I gotta do this...

(Bobby coughs, groans)

When was the last time you had your dick sucked?

JUICE: I don't think you're up to it, brother.

(Bobby laughs, coughs)

BOBBY: Uh... just... go to Diosa, shithead. Get a massage, drop a few oxy, get some head. You need to unwind, man.

You're making everybody nervous... especially me.

JUICE: I'll be fine.

BOBBY: It ain't a suggestion.

Just go.

(Bobby groans)


(Bobby groans, pants)

You're gonna need to hold my dick while I piss. You're gonna need two hands.

WEST: Is he serious?

JUICE: Yeah.

He's huge. You're gonna need both hands.

BOBBY: Come on! Ain't got all day.

(Bobby groans)

BOBBY: Get the seat.

(Bobby sighs, urinating)

BOBBY: - All right... (groans)

WEST: - That it...?

NERO: Orale.Good to see you, Marcus.

ALVAREZ: You, too, Nero.Thanks for making the time, huh.

NERO: Hey, it's all good.I gotta say, though, I'm a little more than curious aboutyour offer to my boy Fiasco--

Mayans helping Byzlats.
How's that work?

ALVAREZ: Shit that happens in Oaktown don't stay in Oaktown. It affects everyone.

NERO: What shit is that?

ALVAREZ: We got a delicate balance-- us, Niners, Chinese,Italians-- we all got our piece and we all got our boundaries...

and we all get our guns from SAMCRO.Same price, same quality.But the nature of the business,MC became the de facto referee,

and Jax embraced that.

NERO: - But not anymore.

ALVAREZ: - That's right.
You see, Sons pulling out creates a void-- not just in guns but in power. Word is Jax is handing over the

Irish guns to August Marks...
and that move gives black a lot of weight, ese.Upsets the balance.Makes a real problem

for all of us.

NERO: Sit down.Have a meet with the MC, work it out.

ALVAREZ: Jax should've thought about that before he started killing people.Not my meeting to call.Now I gotta sit down with the Chinese

and see what my options are.

NERO: Why you telling me all this?

ALVAREZ: You got a relationship, ese.

NERO: Business partner. I'm just Teller's business partner.We're moving a little pussy, you know?I got no say in what

he does with his club.

ALVAREZ: Mayans are starting up a charter up in Stockton.I've got members from Vegas and Oakland gonna make the jump.

Things play out in Oaktown the way I think, it's gonna be brownand yellow against black and white.Now, I know that puts you at odds with

Teller and your own streets, ese.

NERO: Jesus Christ, that's the way this is gonna go down?

ALVAREZ: Just giving you a heads up, mano, that's all.

NERO: Best we stay neutral.

ALVAREZ: Come on, ese, there ain't no Switzerland in the hood.

(men speaking indistinctly)

ALVAREZ: Let's roll.

JAX: We got a call from one of the guys who press our bullets. Wahewa found the truck about three miles from the barn.

Your guns were gone. Your guys were dead.

CONNOR: Jesus Christ!

HUGH: Who did it?

CHIBS: Lin. Had to be.

TIG: Probably followed your truck from here, took 'em out once they left the county road, man.


CONNOR: This is all going to shit! This is the last thing the Kings will want to hear.

JAX: This is why you need August Marks. Without local protection, you guys are just drunk lambs at a wolf party. Marks dictates to

three crews out here. One of which is the Niners, who got no love for the Chinese. Talk to Marks. At least then you got an

option to present to Roarke.

CONNOR: - Okay.

TIG: - Yeah.

JAX: Good. I'll set it up.

TARA: What are you doing here?

GEMMA: West told me that you were coming by to pick up supplies. Figured I'd meet you at the scene of the crime.


How many dead babies does it take to ruin a carpet?

TARA: What do you want, Gemma?

GEMMA: Wendy needs some antinausea scrips.

TARA: Mm... I'm sorry for Wendy, but I don't have the keys to the pharmacy. I can check the doctors' lounge for samples.

Otherwise, just pick up some Emetrol from Mort's.

GEMMA: Okay. How's Bobby?

TARA: Oh, he's going to be fine. But I need to get back up there. Need some files for my lawyer. Then I need to casually steal from

the hospital I no longer work for. I'll meet you out front in minutes.

GEMMA: Yes, ma'am.

PATTERSON: Mrs. Teller.


I don't remember...

PATTERSON: - Thyne Patterson.

GEMMA: Oh, yeah, right. Pressing business?

PATTERSON: Yes. We had three sheriffs injured yesterday in a shoot-out. One killed. Maybe you heard about it.

GEMMA: Yeah, I'm familiar with some of that wreckage.

PATTERSON: That's right. Sorry for your loss.

GEMMA: No, you're not. But I'm not sorry for yours, either, so I guess we're even.

PATTERSON: I'll meet you in the waiting area.

BOWMAN: All right.

GEMMA: Why aren't your guys going to Stockton Med Center?

PATTERSON: The ocular trauma specialist here is the best in the state.

GEMMA: Oh, right. Got to have them eyes to see the bad guys.

PATTERSON (chuckling): Yes, you do. How is Mr. Padilla? Still spreading sunshine with the power of human connection?

GEMMA: Oh, yeah. He's all about the love.

PATTERSON: Tell him he's been on my mind.

GEMMA: I will. You have a good visit. I'm going to just duck into the chapel, light a candle.

PATTERSON: Maybe you should light two. Raymond Bowman, ATF.

BOWMAN: Doctor.

PATTERSON: Oh, we should wait for her lawyer.

TARA: I... I-I didn't have time to call him. Um, and we have to hurry. Gemma's downstairs waiting for me. She's already been up here.

BOWMAN: We've prepared the WITSEC agreement. Included your sons. US Marshals will execute it.

PATTERSON: The immunity will come from my office.

TARA: Send it to my lawyer.

BOWMAN: Do you have the evidence?

May I?

TARA: - No.

You get it once I know both the immunity and protection are set.

PATTERSON: This isn't a game, Tara.

TARA: I know it's not a goddamn game. This is my life. Send the documents to Glender. He says I'm protected... I'll pick

up my boys and meet you tonight.

BOWMAN: Well, that's not how this is done, okay? We'll send an agent with you to collect your boys...

TARA: No one is collecting my sons. The last memory of their father will not be of them being ripped from his arms at gunpoint.

I'll handle it. That's the only way you get my cooperation.

PATTERSON: We'll send the papers to your lawyer. When he signs off, you come to my office with the boys and bullet.

Can we make that work?

BOWMAN: Not much of a choice. What time?

TARA: He says I should take it, I'll be there by : .

PATTERSON: We'll see you then.

BOWMAN: She hasn't made up her mind yet.

PATTERSON: Yeah, it's a big decision. She loves Teller, and she grew up without a father. Hates having to repeat that pattern.

BOWMAN: And what if she bails?

PATTERSON: If she doesn't testify, I'll bury her in court. If she tries to run with those boys, the MC will hunt her down and kill her.

JAX: Yeah. It's all set up. They'll be there.

BOBBY: I sent him to Diosa. He's seriously twisted. That boy needs to relax.

CHIBS: - What's up, Doc?

TIG: - Hey, Doc.

TARA: Oh, that's good. Alcohol and opiates? Next time, I'll bring the defibrillator.

TIG: - Oh, I love me some zap and tickle.

BOBBY: - The what?

TIG: Oh, yeah, right, like you've never had electrodes on your sack.

BOBBY: - Direct current?

TIG: - Yeah, you know.

BOBBY: What does it do?

(Tig imitates buzzing electricity)

TIG: Ay, yi, yi, yi, yi, yi!


(footsteps approaching)

JAX: Bobby looks better.

TARA: He shouldn't be drinking.

JAX: He knows.

(Tara sighs)

TARA: You headed home after this?

JAX: No. We got some stuff to clean up with the Irish. It's going to be a late one for me.

TARA: The boys staying with Gemma?

JAX: Yeah. Go say good night if you want.

(Tara chuckles) TARA: No, I should just stay here again. It's easier.

JAX: Okay. After your trial, we're going to figure all this out.

TARA: I'm sorry.

JAX: Hey, we should get going. Tara's going to stay here. You're with us.

WEST: Can I go? Please? I'd rather get shot at than to have to help him piss again.

BOBBY: Oh, come on, man. We're so good together.

Mm, nice.

Make it count, boys.

CHIBS: Yeah, blow me.

JAX: Thank you.

BOBBY: Want to get me more?

TARA: - Hey.

BOBBY: - What?

TARA: You need to stop drinking and get back into bed.

BOBBY: Yes, dear.

TARA: Come on.

(Bobby groaning)

Help me up with him.

(door closes)

LYLA: Hey, honey. Business or pleasure?

JUICE: Thanks. Pleasure, I think.

LYLA: You okay?

JUICE: I'm working on it.

LYLA: I heard about what went down yesterday. I'm sorry.

JUICE: Mm. It's not like it didn't have to happen. Or he didn't have it coming to him.

LYLA: It'll be good again.

JUICE: I'm sorry. I'm kind of high.

LYLA: Come on. Get undressed. Put on a robe. I'll send someone back. Preference?

JUICE: Someone nice.

LYLA: Okay. Oh, hey, darling. He's not back yet.

GEMMA: Still in Stockton?

LYLA: Think so. Look, sorry about Clay.

GEMMA: Yeah.

LYLA: Grab a drink. I'm getting Juice a date.

GEMMA: Juice is here?

LYLA: Yeah. He's a little... undone.

GEMMA: Yeah, I'm sure he is.

LYLA: Hi. So, I got this guy...

(quick, deep breath)



(Bobby groans)

BOBBY: Thank you so much, sweetheart.

TARA: You're welcome. You need to stay in bed and get some rest.

BOBBY: Not a problem. We love you, Doc.

WEST: How's he doing?

TARA: He's resting. I'm just gonna wash up and do the same. I'm exhausted.

WEST: Sounds like a plan.

(distant thunder rumbling)

JAX: Did you talk to Roarke?

CONNOR: Aye. It wasn't a cheerful response. But he knows we have limited options. He's gonna talk to the other Kings,

wait for my call after the meeting.

JAX: Okay.

CONNOR: This Marks?

JAX: That's the boss.

TIG: No, no, no. No!

(all yelling)

CONNOR: You piece of shit, Teller.

JAX: Don't worry. It ends well.

CONNOR: The Kings will crucify you, boy. Fierce slaughter on every one of you.

BOHAI: Mr. Connor. Thank you for joining us.

JAX: You don't get him, until I get my guy.

(distant thunder rumbling)

(Bohai speaks Chinese)

(man speaks Chinese)

BOHAI: Happy? (chuckles)

JAX: - You okay?

HAPPY: - Yeah.

JAX: Go on.

(Chibs speaks indistinctly)

JAX: Guns are still in the truck.

(van door closes)

(distant thunder rumbling)

(Bohai speaks Chinese)




(Bohai groaning)

HAPPY: I love you guys.

(Bohai groaning)


TIG: And we love you.

You're all right. Come here.

(phone ringing)

TARA: Hello?

PATTERSON: Dr. Knowles. Thyne Patterson. Have you spoken to your lawyer?

TARA: No. Why?

PATTERSON: He made a few tweaks, but he likes the deal we made for you. Wants us to move ahead.

TARA: Okay, I'll give him a call.

PATTERSON: We'll expect to see you by : .

TARA: Okay.


JAX: - I told you it ends well.


CONNOR: What if the old man put a bullet in my head at first sight?

Then what?

JAX: - That's your style, not his.

CHIBS: Yeah, 'cause he would take you back to his warehouse, torture you for a while, then he'd slit your throat.

CONNOR: This is some real cowboy shit here.

JAX: It was necessary. Sets the Chinese back. Lets you see what Marks can provide.

CONNOR: And you answer to him?

TYLER: Mr. Marks, like Mr. Pope, is our benefactor. He protects our interests. We protect his. We gonna wait till after dark.

We gonna park the van in front of Lin's restaurant.

JAX: That'll make a statement.

TYLER: - It was good meeting you.

CONNOR: - Aye.

TYLER: See you soon.

JAX: No, you won't.

TYLER: Come on, Teller. Who you kidding?

CONNOR: So, what does it do to Oakland?

JAX: It unravels a little. I'll let Marks break it down for you. He's on his way.

CONNOR: Okay. Okay.

GEMMA: Look, I don't care how cute they are, this isn't . We don't barter.

CHUCK: Their fur is very valuable. I figured we'd breed them, and make coats. Or hats! Little soft, furry hats.

GEMMA: We take cash or credit.

CHUCK: We're missing an opportunity.

GEMMA: I'm gonna choke one of little fur balls out right in front of you.

CHUCK: I barely accept that.


GEMMA: Sorry. My crack office manager, wanting to trade repairs for chinchillas.

NERO: Somehow that doesn't surprise me.

GEMMA: - Bad day?

NERO: - Complicating. Shit with my crew.

GEMMA: Want to talk about it?

SANDY: Help! Please! There's something wrong with Juice! Oh, my God.

NERO: What happened?

SANDY: I was rubbing him down, asked him to flip over. Next thing I know he was on the floor.

GEMMA: Jesus! Juice! Juice?

NERO: Hey.

GEMMA: Juice, sweetheart!

Come on!

NERO: Juice, Juice. His eyes are pinned.

GEMMA: - All right, come on.

NERO: - Let's get him up.

GEMMA: - Come on, baby, let's go.

NERO: - What did he take?!

SANDY: Nothing with me.

LYLA: He was pretty high when he came in.

GEMMA: All right, check the trash.

NERO: Here. Juice?

Hey, man, come on. Come on, man.

GEMMA: - Juice?

LYLA: - Shit.


GEMMA: Aw, man, you idiot. How many?

LYLA: If they were full, six.

NERO: Let me see. s. That's bad.

GEMMA: - Come on.

NERO: - Hey, man.

LYLA: - Should I call ?

BOTH: - No!

GEMMA: Uh, yeah, all right. Give me that.

NERO: - I'll hold them.

GEMMA: - Give me the can.

NERO: All right, Juicy.

GEMMA: Come on, doll. Okay, baby, you bite me, I'll rip your tongue out. Come on, here we go!


(Sandy groans)

NERO: Glamorous life, mama.

GEMMA: That's right, baby. Come on, come on. There we go, there we go!

(car doors open)

(car doors close)

AUGUST: Sorry for the bloody day, gentlemen. It's a shame this had to happen. That kind of call, never easy. But one I'm willing

to make if I got to.

CONNOR: We're well aware of what you're willing and not willing to do.

JAX: Yeah, well, one of the things they're willing to do is double your network.

CONNOR: How does that work?

AUGUST: I got ties to the street, Oakland to Reno. South to Fresno. North to the Oregon border. Significant buyers. If you can provide the product, I can

put them in twice as many hands.

JAX: And it's not just street ties. He's got cops, judges, council seats in his pocket. Pope Industries runs the third largest charitable organization in the state.

This is one of our Red Cross earthquake kits we hand out to lower income families.

CONNOR: Jesus.

AUGUST: Of course most of them just got batteries and water.

CONNOR: How much...?

AUGUST: Half a million. For our first order. Four times the MC's usual shipment. You talk to your organization. Let them know I'm very serious

about being in business with them. And if it helps, my mom's maiden name was McDuffy.

CONNOR: You're just gonna leave me here with the cash?

AUGUST: Partners got to trust each other.

JAX: Well done, McDuffy.

(August chuckles)

AUGUST: You, too, man. Whatever, uh, happens here, you've done your part. Trager's clear.

JAX: - Thank you.

AUGUST: - Yeah.

JAX: I'll let you know what the Kings say.

AUGUST: All right, keep an eye on my money.

NERO: Him dropping that many, maybe it was about getting high, but, uh, that sounds like a guy who really didn't give a shit about waking up.

GEMMA: Yeah, I know. Do me a favor, let me talk to Juice before you or the girls say anything to Jax.

NERO: Yeah, yeah.

(phone ringing)

LYLA: He's coming around.

GEMMA: All right, I'll be right there.

LYLA: Okay.

GEMMA: Yeah?

TARA: Hi, uh, it's Tara. I-I need help. Bobby's bleeding again, and all the guys are with Jax. They had something with the Irish.

GEMMA: What happened? Bobby was fine.

TARA: He's been drinking all day, his blood's so thin, his stitches opened up, he's-he's a mess. I-I need another pair of hands.

GEMMA: Shit. Okay.

You need me to bring anything?

TARA: - No.

Um, is-is... is there someone who can stay with the boys? They can't come here.

GEMMA: Well, I'm at Diosa. They're at my house with Wayne.

TARA: Okay. Hurry, please!

GEMMA: Yep. I'm on my way.

(Tara sighs)


NERO: Come on, gotta keep drinking.

Everything okay?

GEMMA: - No, of course not. First the little one ODs, and now the fat one is bleeding out. I gotta go back

up to the cabin.

I'm sorry.

NERO: - We got this. Go.

GEMMA: - Okay.

LYLA: - Keep drinking.

NERO: - Come on, man.

GEMMA: Thank you. Love you.

NERO: Love you, mama. Go. We're good.

LYLA: That's sweet.

NERO: Yeah. Sweet.

(Juice gags)

Uh, we should probably, uh... get him walking around. Blood moving and all.

LYLA: Uh-huh. Okay.

SANDY: We need you out front, sweetheart. We're filling up.

LYLA: - Oh...

NERO: - Go do your thing. I got it.

LYLA: Okay.

NERO: Juice. Hey, come on. Get up.

We gotta walk around, huh? On your feet.

One, two, three... up.


JUICE: - Nero...

NERO: - Yeah.

JUICE: - Oh, shit...

NERO: - We're gonna walk.

JUICE: - I'm sorry.

NERO: - That's all right.

We gonna... we gonna get you well, homie.

JUICE: I didn't want to do it.

NERO: I know, I know. Let's just walk, huh?


JUICE: - Jax said it was what I had to do.

Earn my way... I'm sorry.

She was so pretty... so sad...

NERO: - Who was?

JUICE: The kid's mom. I did it fast. That's what I want. I want it that way.

NERO: Darvany? You... you killed her? Jax put that on you?

JUICE: Yeah. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.


(sobbing continues)

UNSER: Put this one on top of there...

(knocking at door)

UNSER: Oh. I'll get that.


TARA: - Hey. Is Gemma here?

UNSER: Uh, no.

Uh, I think she's with the pimp.

ABEL: - Mommy...

TARA: - Hi, my baby.

I'm here. Mama's here. Come on. Come on.

ABEL: Bye, Wendy.

UNSER: Whoa. What're you doing, Tara?

TARA: We're gonna go get some dinner.

UNSER: All right. But, uh... I'll have to drive you.

TARA: I want to spend some time alone with my boys.

UNSER: I understand that.

TARA: You need to move, Wayne.

UNSER: I can't. You know that.

WENDY: Tara. Where you gonna take 'em?

UNSER: - I... Tara, Jesus...

WENDY: - Jesus Christ, Tara!

TARA: Shut up! You tell Gemma I pulled this on you and you had to let me take them. You had no choice.

(Unser sighs)

ABEL: Mommy, we are leaving?

TARA: Yeah, baby, we are.

UNSER: How far you think you're gonna get, Tara?

TARA: We'll be safe.

UNSER: Oh, shit. Protection? Feds.

WENDY: What does that mean? Tara, did you make a deal?

TARA: Let us out, Wayne. Doing it the other way is only gonna be worse for them.

Let's go, sweetheart.

WENDY: Abel! Abel, I'm your real mother!

Baby, I'm your mommy!

TARA: - Shut up!

WENDY: - Baby, I love you, baby!

TARA: - Shut up!

(Wendy gasps)


(Thomas crying)

It's okay, baby. It's okay.

(Wendy sobbing)

(phone ringing)

GEMMA: Hello.



(tires screeching)

(engine revs)

CONNOR: All right. I'll tell him. Aye. Roarke spoke to the others. The Kings are willing to give Mr. Marks a try. We'll see how the first shipment goes.

JAX: I'm glad to hear that.

CONNOR: It's been an interesting road, Jackson. One I'm really looking forward to getting off of.

JAX: You and me both, brother.

CONNOR: You take care.



CHIBS: Safe travels, Conn.

CONNOR: Aye. Let's go.

(Chibs sighs)

CHIBS: Well, Jackie boy, you just advanced race relations in Ireland by years.

TIG: And half a million dollars.

CHIBS: And half a million dollars.


(phone ringing)

JAX: What's happening, Mom?

LYLA: Gemma called. Said she wants you to meet her and Jax at his house. Sounded urgent.

TARA: Mommies have to make decisions that are really, really hard. To protect their children. And sometimes people don't like that,

and it makes them say crazy things. And that's what happened tonight. I'm so sorry, baby. You know, everything I do,

Abel, is for you and Thomas. That's my job. I love you guys so much.

ABEL: Okay.

TARA: Should we sing some songs?


♪ You are my sunshine ♪
♪ my only sunshine ♪
♪ You make me happy ♪
♪ when skies are gray... ♪

ABEL: Where are we going, Mommy?

Is Daddy gonna be there?

♪ ♪

Still no answer.

♪ ♪

(distant thunder rumbling)

(knocking at door)


♪ ♪

(rain falling)

TARA: Okay. Come on.

(thunder crashing)

(rain falling)

♪ ♪
♪ ♪

(door opens)

(Gemma sighs)

JAX: All their stuff's gone. She took my sons.

(Gemma exhales)

GEMMA: I saw Patterson at St. Thomas. She must've made a deal.

♪ ♪

PATTERSON: I'll have my sheriffs start looking for her.

BOWMAN: Let me know.

♪ ♪

(door closes)

(Gemma sighs)

GEMMA: Tara ratted. She took the boys.

♪ ♪
♪ ♪

♪ ♪

The End

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