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NERO: Previously on Sons of Anarchy...

CLAY: Donation for the Cacuzza charity fund. And a case of Glocks for your trouble.

CACUZZA: Yeah, that works.

GEMMA: What are you doing with Lowen?!You divorcing Jax?You planning on some kind of custody coup?!

TARA: What I do with my family is none of your business.

GEMMA: Bitch!

- (screams) GEMMA: - Jesus!

UNSER: What the hell?

TARA: My baby... Look what you did.

GEMMA: I didn't do that.

MARGARET: Yes, you did. We all saw it.

TARA: I don't ever want her near our children again.Promise me.

JAX: I promise.You will never see those kids again.Grandma is dead.

PATTERSON: You know it's not you who deserves to be in jail.Full immunity for the proof of the gun running.It's the only offer you'll get.

TARA: I don't need to think about an offer.

JAX: I'm here to make you an offer.Gaalan O'Shay-- I will deliver him with a shipment of guns, open and shut.

PATTERSON: What's in it for you?

JAX: Immunity for the MC for all gun charges past and present.

PATTERSON: I figure you also have a personal request.

JAX: You need to look at Tara's case again.

NERO: I think that you should go back, take another look at what happened.Find the truth in all of it.

JAX: You think my wife is a liar?

GEMMA: Stop it! Stop it!Honey, it was all a lie, the pregnancy the miscarriage.Tara wants out, Jax, from you, the club.This is the truth.And if she won't tell you, you need to find someone who will.

JAX: Is Tara divorcing me?


JAX: And taking my sons.Get out!

LOWEN: Tara, it's Ally Lowen.

(door shuts)

TARA: Thomas?

Oh, God.


JAX: You should let him sleep.

TARA: Hi, sweetie.

JAX: There'll be someone watching you.Don't try to take them anywhere.

TARA: What are you gonna do?

JAX: I don't know.I can't see anything right now.But if I don't put some distance here, someone's gonna get hurt.

(door shuts)

♪ ♪

♪ ♪


♪ ♪

♪ ♪

(sobs softly)

♪ ♪

TYSON: Your lawyer say why?

CLAY: Guess the judge wants to get out ahead of allthe bad press been falling on my club.

TYSON: Ain't easy pulling a jury that ain't been exposed to all that shit, man.

CLAY: - Yeah, I know.

TYSON: - Whew. Man.

ELIAS: What the hell happened?

CLAY: Shrink double-dipped, gave me to the guard I went off on.

ELIAS: How'd you land back in gen pop?

CLAY: They yanked me out to have a chat with my lawyer. My trial's been moved up. Yeah, they cart me off to county tomorrow.

ELIAS: Shit. That's a problem.

CLAY: Yes, it is. You tell Gaalan. You have him reach out to Jax.

ELIAS: You able make to those business calls?

CLAY: Yeah, it's all in play. And, uh, had my lawyer get my old lady down here. I'll take care of all my personal shit. But you tell Gaalan he has got to make this happen tomorrow, all right? Pope was capital. That guilty verdict can send me anywhere. And then all this goes away.

ELIAS: I'll pass it along.

♪ Riding through this world ♪

♪ all alone ♪

♪ God takes your soul ♪

♪ You're on your own ♪

♪ The crow flies straight ♪

♪ a perfect line ♪

♪ on the devil's bed ♪

♪ until you die ♪

♪ Gotta look this life ♪

♪ in the eye ♪

(knocking) TARA: - Yes?

MARGARET: It's Margaret.


MARGARET: I saw the boys were in daycare, was hoping you might be here.

TARA: Yeah. Just looking at... lawyer résumés.

MARGARET: Why? What happened?

TARA: Jax knows the truth. He threatened Lowen, and she... told him everything.

MARGARET: What did he do?

TARA: Oh, he didn't hurt her. Me, either. And I don't know what pushed him at Lowen.

MARGARET: Gemma. She came here yesterday. Said she knew I forged documents to help you. Threatened to tell the hospital. She was bluffing, but my response was, uh, too cavalier. I... She knew I was protecting you.

TARA: What happened?

MARGARET: I told her she couldn't prove anything. She said she didn't have to, that her son would. She just needed a more reliable source than a junkie. Wendy must have talked. I was afraid to go home last night, Tara. I told Dave that I had to work through the night. And I... I stayed here, where I knew there were guards.

TARA: No, no, Jax-Jax got his information from Lowen. I really doubt he'd bother you.

MARGARET: I can't take that chance. I'm sorry. Um, I've got three weeks of vacation and comp time, and I'm gonna take 'em. I'm gonna go stay with my sister in Sedona.

TARA: I understand. I'm sorry. Thank you.

MARGARET: Please be careful.

NERO: Hey. Wasn't sure if you'd make it.

JAX: I'm here.

COLETTE: Showed up this morning. Diosa Del Sur Escorts and Massage, officially in business.

JAX: Ah, that's great.

COLETTE: Yes, it is. Thank you, gentlemen. I'm not sure what happened, but no more fighting.

JAX: I'll have Lyla come sit down with the girls. Get their info. Make sure we have everyone's W- s.

COLETTE: Weed out anyone who's not up to Diosa's very high standards.

JAX: Something like that.

You, um, you want me to put this someplace, sweetie?

JAX: No. I got it, darling. Thank you. Just gonna crash here for a few nights, if you don't mind.

COLETTE: Of course not. Come on. Put your stuff in my room for now.

JAX: Appreciate that.

COLETTE: Any reason why you're not sleeping at home?

JAX: Uh, you don't wanna know.

COLETTE: You're probably right.

BOBBY: - Hey.

JAX: - Hey. What's going on?

GEMMA: I got a Clay thing.

CHIBS: We've got an Irish thing.

COLETTE: Use my office.

GEMMA: Gemma Teller.

COLETTE: Colette Jane. Pleasure.

GEMMA: That's what I hear. Clay wants to see me. Lawyer says he can get me in this afternoon.

JAX: Did he say why?

GEMMA: (sighs) Papers he wants signed. Something like that. It's probably just an excuse for a sit-down.

JAX: What's going on with the Irish? It's okay. He knows most of it.

CHIBS: Okay. Gaalan's in town. Says we have to see him. Nor-u-Bev, minutes.

BOBBY: Got any idea what it might be?

JAX: No.

HAPPY: We should get going, the bridge is gonna be jammed.

JAX: I got something I need to tell you and Nero.

TIG: You want us to split?

JAX: No.I want you to hear this, too. I talked to Lowen last night. I got some truth about what happened with Tara. She was never pregnant. Tara set up my mom... made it look like a miscarriage so that I would sign off on Gemma never becoming legal guardian of our sons. She wants to divorce me. She wants full custody, and she was gonna split.

BOBBY: Jesus. What about jail?

JAX: Well, if she served time, she was gonna make sure Wendy became guardian and that she got my sons out of Charming. I'm sorry I didn't believe you.

GEMMA: How could you? I'm so sorry, honey.

JAX: - Sorry, man.

NERO: - I know, mano.It's okay.

CHIBS: What do you want to do, brother?

JAX: I got West watching Tara right now...making sure she doesn't go anywhere.None of this makes sense to me right now. I just think I need a couple days, figure it out.

BOBBY: She doesn't know West. Might be better if she had a familiar face behind her. Keep her motivated to stay close to home.

JUICE: I can watch her.

JAX: Yeah, okay. Thanks.

TIG: We're here, man. Let us know if you need anything.

JAX: All right, let's get out of here. You handle this?

NERO: Yeah, I got it.

JAX: I'm sorry. Be careful with Clay.

GEMMA: I'll be fine. Be careful with the butcher of Belfast.

JAX: We'll try to stay in one piece.

COLETTE: I'll see you later.

JAX: Yeah, you will.

GEMMA: How long has he been dipping into that?

NERO: Not long. Hey, he's working out his mommy issues.

(Gemma sighs)

GEMMA: How 'bout you, pimp daddy? You want to work out some mommy issues?

NERO: Hey, that's why I'm with you, mama.

(Gemma chuckles)

I may spank that brown ass.

NERO: Be careful.

GAALAN: Consider it handled. We'll talk when it's done. They're here now.

CONNOR: Jackson. Thanks for coming on such short notice.

JAX: Yeah. So what's so important?

GAALAN: It's all about the timing, son. Heard Clay made his calls.

JAX: Yeah, everyone's locked down except the Italians. Cacuzza's undecided.

GAALAN: That's your biggest customer.

- Three families, two territories.

JAX: - I know.
He's weighing an offer from the Chinese.

CONNOR: I thought Jimmy was loyal to Clay?

JAX: He is.

BOBBY: He's just trying to make us do a little dance for their business.

CONNOR: So when do you talk?

HAPPY: We're on our way from here.

Cacuzza's meeting with us first, then the Lin family.

JAX: I figured we'd show him some of the new mods.

GAALAN: Already assembled. Got nine cases of the AK's with the new scopes and grips. We can bring 'em to the meet, help you close the deal.

JAX: That's okay. I'll get Cacuzza on board.

GAALAN: No doubt. But just take Connor.Shows respect, lets them know how much we value their business.

CONNOR: Makes sense. I'll let you run it.

GAALAN: No time for discussion, son. We need to close the deal today.

JAX: What's the big rush?

GAALAN: Why I asked you here. Clay's trial has been moved up. They transport him tomorrow.

JAX: Aw, shit.

GAALAN: Aye. It complicates our plan. Gonna need some help.

JAX: We're not part of taking down that transport.

GAALAN: I have the vehicles, the route, the plan. It'll happen without a hitch. I can't get a crew here in time. Need about six of your men.

JAX: And what if we say no?

GAALAN: You really can't, Jackson. Take it to your table, have one of your votes. But we both need this to happen. Moves guns forward for us, puts 'em behind you.

JAX: I'll get you an answer.

GAALAN: Have a few more details to lock down. Then I can bring you all up to speed.

JAX: Yeah, okay.

CHIBS: So what, what do we do about Clay?

JAX: I don't think we have much of a choice.

BOBBY: We don't have time to take it to the table. If we don't want to do this, we gotta find somebody who will.

HAPPY: I'll call TM, get the vote.

TIG: Jax, Gaalan, Gaalan's a lunatic, but he's smart, man. No matter what the plan is, they're not gonna put themselves at risk.

JAX: I know. That's the problem. Irish will die before they get caught.

CHIBS: Aye. And if this shit goes sideways, they're gonna blast a very bloody way out.

JAX: (sighs) We're so damn close.I don't want our last push out of guns to end in a pile of dead cops.

TIG: It won't, brother.

(Jax sighs)

HAPPY: Yeah, I know, I know.

HAPPY: Uh-huh. All right. All right, mate. Talked with everyone, they're good with helping the Irish.

BOBBY: Okay. Looks like we're in.

(Chibs sighs)

CHIBS: Door's almost shut, brother.

(motorcycle engines start)

WENDY: Yeah, yeah, e-either one would be good. Nothing sooner? Okay. No, no, no, I can't. I did. Okay, okay, okay, thanks. Just forget it.



TARA: I know you're in there, Wendy.

(Wendy sighs)

WENDY: Hey. What's going on?

TARA: I know you told Gemma everything. What do you think happens now, hmm? To both of us?

WENDY: Can't be any worse than anything that's already happened.

TARA: Jesus Christ. Are you high?

WENDY: No. I'm just trying to get on the other side of it now.

TARA: Jax... knows everything. Do you know what that means? He'll have the claim against Gemma thrown out. And she'll get custody of my boys if I go to jail.

WENDY: I'm sorry.


What were you thinking?

WENDY: - I wasn't.

TARA: What the hell does that mean?

WENDY: It means, Tara, if I were capable of being a mother, I never would've agreed to help you. Because it was wrong.

TARA: Yeah, well, your Hazleton hindsight doesn't help me right now!

WENDY: Yeah. Thanks. I-I get it. Look, I don't wanna use again. I-I'm just trying to get myself into a sober living or a rehab or anything. God, Tara, you gotta come clean. Just talk to Jax, talk to Gemma.

TARA: They already know the truth.

WENDY: They don't know your truth. Tell them why you really did this. Let them see the pain that you've been in.

TARA: And then what? Beg them for forgiveness?

WENDY: No. Just stop lying. It's the right thing.

TARA: Everything I did was right.

WENDY: Tara, I'm sorry.

TARA: Will you stop it?! You are not sorry Do you know why you're not capable of being a mother? Because you're a coward! I'm not afraid of them. Not anymore.

WENDY: What is that supposed to mean?

TARA: Means you're a stupid, weak junkie.

JUICE: Shit! Crazy bitch!

JAX: Jimmy.

CACUZZA: How are you, man?

JAX: Ah, we're okay. Not too thrilled about having to put on a gun and pony show.

CACUZZA: I know. But I got a lot of years sitting around my table, too, Jax. Aldo's known old man Lin since before you were born. I gotta honor that, talk to Henry and his uncle, at least hear what they gotta say.

(car doors shut)


JAX: Yeah. Yeah, they wanted to be here.

Show respect.

GAALAN: Mr. Cacuzza.

JAX: Gaalan O'Shay, Connor Malone.

CONNOR: - Pleasure.

CACUZZA: - Gentlemen. Made quite a commute for the sales call.

GAALAN: We think your business is worth it.

CACUZZA: Wow. I should do this more often. You guys are great for my esteem. What do we got?

JAX: Handguns you know, Glocks are full auto. Got the extended clips. AK's are original Russian stock. Fully updated, new action, quick load.

CACUZZA: - Military handles?

GAALAN: - Aye.

Absorb % more recoil.

JAX: It's the new ElCan scope.

BOBBY: Yo, Jax, Chinese.

GAALAN: Try the scope. It can split a Protestant hair from three blocks away.

CACUZZA: Ah, a good Catholic boy. Yeah, that feels good.

GAALAN: They work even better on flesh.

CHIBS: Put it down! Down!

JAX: Chibs, don't!

LIN: Go! Go! Go!

(man speaks Chinese)

Go, go, go!

CACUZZA: What the hell was that?!

GAALAN: That was just me letting you know how much we want your business, Jimmy. Apologies for the blood, but a strong message was needed. I'm sure you can understand the importance of that.

CACUZZA: Mm. What message was that?

GAALAN: We're the only source for guns in Northern California. Lin knew that. That kinda undermines the free market strategy that we were attempting here.

GAALAN: We've better guns, better price.

CACUZZA: Did you know this was going down?

JAX: No. This wasn't the way I planned to get your business, Jimmy.

GAALAN: You've been paying % above cost. I'll drop it to ten for the next year while Clay makes the transition. After that, it tops out at the % CACUZZA: This is gonna upset some of my people.

GAALAN: % for months. Then it jumps to .

CACUZZA: Two years at %, then it jumps to .

GAALAN: Fair enough. Do we have a deal?

CACUZZA: Yeah. I think I can make everyone understand.

GAALAN: Excellent.

Throw the body in the car.

We'll get it.

Did you discuss the new arrangements with your table?

JAX: Yeah. We're good with that. But this shit? This is a complication.

GAALAN: No, it's not. Gentlemen, been a pleasure.

CONNOR: I didn't know this was coming. Sorry.

CACUZZA: Your partner knows how to close a sale.

JAX: Yeah. I'm sorry. Now you know why we're getting out.

CACUZZA: Don't sweat it, kid. I was never gonna go with the chinks.

JAX: Try to get ahold of Lin or the old man. We need to clean this shit up.

CHIBS: Trust me, I'm on it.

TIG: There's no way Lin's gonna believe we didn't plan this.

BOBBY: We burn the Chinese, things are gonna jump off in Oakland.

HAPPY: Then what happens?

JAX: Then we lose the balance.

(brakes squeal)

I just got a call from Wendy. Tara went to her place. Uh, very pissed off. Said she seemed unraveled.

GEMMA: What does that mean?

UNSER: I don't know, but we just sent Rat to pick up Juice and his bike. Tara backed over him to the lose the tail.

NERO: - Damn. GEMMA: - Where are the boys?

UNSER: - They're still in day care.

GEMMA: - Juice okay?

UNSER: Yeah, he's just pissed.

GEMMA: All right, tell Rat to take Juice down to St. Thomas.

Keep an eye on those boys.

UNSER: - Yeah.

Uh, I think I better be the one to go look for Tara. I think you should check on Wendy. She didn't sound so good.

GEMMA: High?

UNSER: Uh, sick.

GEMMA: No, you got to go check on Wendy. I got to go see Clay.

UNSER: - What do we do about Tara?

GEMMA: - Let her unravel.

NERO: Maybe I should go with you, talk to Wendy. Junkie to junkie.

GEMMA: - Yeah, if you want.

NERO: - I'll drive.

UNSER: In that?

NERO: Come on, Wayne, I'll get you in touch with your inner cholo.

UNSER: I had that removed with my spleen. It's a little cancer humor.

NERO: Right.

UNSER: I'll call Rat.

GEMMA: Just a heads up... he's kind of in love with me.

Have fun.

(gun clicks)

(engine starts)

(keypad beeping)

(locks clicking)

GEMMA: I didn't know anyone was here.

(door closes)

TARA: What do you want?

GEMMA: Coming by to get some of the boys' things. Just in case they need to spend some time at Grandma's.

TARA: Yeah, that's not gonna happen.

GEMMA: Really? And what is it you think is going to happen, Tara?

TARA: You know why you hate what I did so much? Because it's something you would've done. You've been my teacher, Gemma, my... (sighs) old lady coach since I came back to Charming. Thought you would've been proud of me. Pushing the envelope to protect my family.

GEMMA: Yeah, there's a lot of things I'd do to protect my family. Faking the death of a baby-- that ain't one of them.

TARA: Guess I misjudged you. I didn't realize you had a line that couldn't be crossed.

GEMMA: Seems you misjudged everyone, darling. That's why you're all alone.

TARA: Get out of my house.

GEMMA: Or what? You gonna run me over?Your bridges are all burning, Mom. I'd think you'd be trying to make as many friends as possible.

TARA: I don't need friends. I have my family.

GEMMA: You honestly believe that, don't you?

(chuckles softly)

How'd you think this was gonna play out? Best case scenario, your plan worked. You divorce Jax, either you or Wendy take those boys on up to Oregon or wherever. Did you really think Jax was gonna let that happen?

TARA: He'd have no choice.

GEMMA: Do you have any idea who your husband is? What he's capable of?

TARA: I know him better than you do.

GEMMA: Oh, no. Clearly you don't. My son loves deep... hates deeper. It's in our genes. Betrayal is unforgivable. What you did, what you were planning to do-- there's no coming back from that. All you can do now is tell him you're sorry and go away.

TARA: I'll never do that. Not without my sons.

GEMMA: You need to hear this, Tara. And understand it on every level. Thomas and Abel will not be raised by you. What you do now will determine how we deliver that message. Mommy moved away... or Mommy passed away. Your call.

(door opens)

(door closes)

CHIBS: Couldn't connect with Lin or the uncle. Tried the restaurant, the warehouse.


JAX: - Okay. Well, I'm gonna make sure that tomorrow's job doesn't end up in a -minute gunfight with sheriffs.

CHIBS: How do you think this one plays out, brother?

BOBBY: I don't know, man. It's hard to unplug when everybody depends on you for the power.

(phone ringing)

PATTERSON: Yes? I have Jax Teller on the line.

PATTERSON: - Put him through. - Line two.

(line clicks)

PATTERSON: Mr. Teller, how can I help you?

JAX: We got our license for Diosa Del Sur today. Thank you.

PATTERSON: You're welcome. Now it's your turn to deliver.

JAX: I'll give you Gaalan O'Shay within the next hours.

PATTERSON: Can you be a little more specific?

JAX: I'll meet you tomorrow, give you all the details. Can you prove your end?

PATTERSON: I've drafted an immunity deal for you and the club. Had my team set up a plea agreement for Tara. There's some fines, community service, but no jail time.

JAX: Good. Gaalan will have a large, well-armed crew. You're gonna need manpower and lots of it. I'll tell you where and when to send them tomorrow.

(line clicks)

BOBBY: Think she'll take the bait?

JAX: Depends what it is.

CHIBS: Okay, boss, where to?

JAX: Colette's.

NERO: So, uh... you know Gemma since she was, like, a kid, huh?

UNSER: Yeah.

NERO: She as crazy then as she is now? (chuckles)

UNSER: I guess.

NERO: Jax's ex, this, uh, Wendy-- sh-she been clean for a while or...?

UNSER: Yeah.

NERO: She grow up here in Charming?


NERO: So I guess the cancer's eaten away that part of your brain that can actually hold a conversation.

UNSER: No, it's eaten away at my patience for people I don't give a shit about.

(Nero scoffs)

NERO: For the record, someone talks to me that way, I usually grab their ass out of the car and throw them an appropriate beat-down.

UNSER: Guess I'm getting a pardon on account of my sickness.

NERO: Hey, look, I've been dead twice, I've been cut open three times. I got a kid with spina bifida, probably won't make it till he's . So your cancer, it don't mean shit to me, man. I'm trying to make an effort here because I know how much Gemma loves you. Trust me, I know how hard it is to earn that.

UNSER: Thanks for making me feel like shit.

NERO: No problem, holmes.


HAPPY: Left side!

JAX: Jump off!

(truck horn blaring)

(tires screeching)

(automatic gunfire)

(tires screeching)

JAX: Shit!

CHIBS: - Jax! Are you okay? - Pick him up!

(men shouting)

Behind you.

TIG: - Shit!


JAX: Put 'em down. Put 'em down.

CHIBS: - All right, all right.

JAX: - All right.

(Lin shouts in Chinese)

JAX: We got no control over what Gaalan does! Psycho just cut two of my guys into pieces and blew up our goddamn clubhouse! We got the cartebusiness with Henry. Why would we okay the Irish to take him out?

LIN: Relax. If I wanted you dead, I could've killed you six times already.

JAX: Well, what the hell do you want?

LIN: You're getting out of the guns. We should have that business. The cartel shipments have been grinding to a halt. We need the street. This is our territory. We own it, we deserve it.

JAX: It's not that simple, sir.

LIN: Then let me dumb it down for you, son. The only way any of you walk away from here is if you shut down the Irish pipeline and my family take control over the guns in Northern Californ.

JAX: I guess I don't really have a choice, do I?

LIN: No, you don't. And you close the deal when you tell me where I can find Mr. Gaalan O'Shay and their guns. I need to even the score after what they did today.

JAX: Gaalan's got a shipment coming in tomorrow. Drop is at a new location. I'll let you know when and where.

LIN: Okay. But I'll entertain one of your men until then. Keep everyone honest. I like the crazy-looking one.

HAPPY: Get your hands off me!

JAX: I'm not letting you take one of my guys.

LIN: - Then I keep you.

CHIBS: - Ain't happening!

TIG: - No, you're not!

HAPPY: - I'm cool, boss.

You guys split.I'll chill with old Wang Chung.

LIN: Tomorrow.

TARA: What are you doing here?

JUICE: I always come to a hospital when someone runs me over.

TARA: Tell Jax I don't need a watchdog.

(Juice sighs)

JUICE: I'm just keeping an eye on Abel and Thomas. To make sure they don't go anywhere they're not supposed to. A request of their grandmother.

TARA: - Where is he?

JUICE: - I don't know.

TARA: Just tell me where he is, asshole.

JUICE: Diosa. Stockton. Meeting with his partner Colette. Here. Let me get you the address.

UNSER: That's her car down there. Wendy! You in there? It's Wayne.

NERO: That's smoke, man.

(Unser clears throat)


UNSER: Oh, shit.It's coming from inside. Hey, Wendy!

NERO: Step back, step back.

UNSER: No, kick it... kick right there, there right.

NERO: All right.



UNSER: Aw, man.

Oh, shit.

UNSER: Over here.

(Wendy coughs)


Over here.

(Nero coughs)

She's breathing. We gotta help her. Get her up there.

NERO: All right, come on. Come on.


UNSER: Come on, let's go, come on.



NERO: - Shit.

UNSER: Sit down, sit down, sit down.


Hey. Wendy.

Come on. Hey, kid.

Wake up, come on.

NERO: It ain't the smoke, man.

UNSER: What are you talking about?

NERO: Those are fresh.

UNSER: Oh, shit.

Hey. I'm glad you were here.

NERO: Don't suck up to me now, homes. It's, like, embarrassing.

(Unser laughs)

(door buzzes)

CLAY: Appreciate you making the trip, such short notice.

GEMMA: Yeah. What's this?

CLAY: I had my lawyer draft something up quick. It's a letter of intent. Turning over assets to you. My half of TM, house, bikes, whatever I got left in the bank.

GEMMA: Why you doing this?

CLAY: Well, 'cause when I drop out, I won't be able to file for divorce, you know? This gives you everything without all the hassle.

GEMMA: Yeah. Okay. That all set? Your drop out?

CLAY: We're working on it.

GEMMA: Well, I... I hope that all turns out the way you want it.

CLAY: Yeah, I'm sure it will.

GEMMA: Thank you.

CLAY: See you on the other side.

GEMMA: Yeah.

(door closes)

It's busy.

COLETTE: Business handled?

JAX: For now. How's things going here?

COLETTE: Good. We're all set. I'm going to sit down with Lyla tomorrow. Come up with a schedule.

JAX: That's great.

COLETTE: Yes, it is. Make yourselves at home, gentlemen.

JAX: Go on, unwind. Tomorrow's a big one.

COLETTE: Come on. Time for you to unwind.

NERO: Hey. Looks like she was trying to get herself in rehab.

GEMMA: Wayne, pack her a bag.

UNSER: - Where's she going?

GEMMA: - Rehab.

The If You Use Again I'll Rip Your Tits Off rehab.

NERO: I love that place.

GEMMA: Come help me.

NERO: - Hello...

GEMMA: - Come on, babe.

WENDY: Hey... but where are we going?

GEMMA: Home, sweetheart. Hi. Can I help you?

TARA: Um... yeah. I'm looking for somebody. Sure. What's her name?

TARA: Oh, it's not a... um... uh, Colette. You know what? She's upstairs with a client right now. But if you want to have a seat and relax, I'll let you know as soon as she's done.

TARA: - Thanks. - Yeah.

(Colette moans)

TARA: You son of a bitch.

(Colette screams)

JAX: Tara! Tara!

COLETTE: - Crazy... bitch!

JAX: - Tara!

TARA: Get off!

You stupid piece of shit! Get off of me! Oh!

TIG: Go. I got this.

JAX: Yeah.

COLETTE: - Ah...

TIG: - Ouch.

Are you okay?

COLETTE: Who the hell was that?

TIG: The wife.

JAX: Tara! Hey! Tara!

TARA: - No, you...

JAX: - What are you...

TARA: Stay away from me!

JAX: What are you doing with that?

TARA: Look what you did to me. Oh, God. What's happening to me? What happened to me?

(Tara sobs)

(engine starts)

(Jax sighs)

♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪

(Happy laughing)

♪ ♪

(knocking at door)

PATTERSON: It sounded very urgent, Dr. Knowles.

TARA: - It is.

PATTERSON: - Thank you. Are you okay?

TARA: No. I'm not. I'm ready to talk.

PATTERSON: Please... About what?

TARA: I want your deal.

PATTERSON: - Are you in danger?

TARA: - I don't know. I just want to take care of my boys. I want them in witness protection.

PATTERSON: Well, I'm sorry. That deal's no longer on the table.

TARA: Please don't punish me. I'm here without a lawyer. I'll give you whatever you need. This isn't about me.

PATTERSON: I can see that.I just can't offer that deal at this time. There are other things pending. Uh... If you fear for the safety of you and your boys, I can help.

TARA: No, you can't.Nobody can help me.

PATTERSON: Dr. Knowles. Tara!

The End

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