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  6x08 - Los Fantasmas
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Los Fantasmas

Previously on Sons of Anarchy...

NERO: That boy that killed those kids at school--he used a KG- .

JAX: - Ours.

NERO: - Yeah.

PATTERSON: I'm willing to trade your murder for five others.

Testify against the MC and you'll walk away, back to your legit business.

And more importantly, your son.

TARA: - Did you talk to Gemma?

WENDY: - Yeah.

Told her everything you wanted me to.

TARA: I need to get a restraining order. Thank you.

UNSER: Want to tell me who needs restraining?


GEMMA: What are you doing with Lowen?

TARA: What I do with my family is none of your business.

GEMMA: They are my grandkids.

TARA: And I'm gonna make sure they never suffer the same fate as their father.

Those boys will not be raised in Charming.

They will not know this life, and they will not know their angry and psychotic grandmother.

(Gemma screams)

GEMMA: You're lucky you're pregnant.


GEMMA: Jesus!

UNSER: - What the hell?

TARA: - She attacked me.

- Oh, my baby...

GEMMA: - I didn't do that.

MARGARET: Yes, you did. We all saw it.

TARA: She killed our baby. I don't ever want her near our children again.

- Promise me.

JAX: - I promise.

(teapot whistling)

(Thomas fussing)

(Jax sighs)

JAX: You should eat something, babe.

TARA: Mmm...

No, I can't.

JAX: I'll take the boys to day care. You need to rest.

TARA: Thank you.

JAX: I have to check in with the club, but then I'll come home, okay?

TARA: Mmm. It's okay. I'll be fine.

(kisses gently)

JAX: Okay.

TARA: What are you gonna do about Gemma?

JAX: Don't worry about her. Restraining order keeps her away from you and the boys.

TARA: Who's gonna bail her out?

JAX: I don't give a shit.


(phone ringing in distance)

ROOSEVELT: Black, with lots of sugar.

- The coffee.

GEMMA: - Thanks.


GEMMA: Why am I still here?

ROOSEVELT: Well, you haven't given my sheriffs anything. I need more information

before I process you.

GEMMA: You got everything you need. Eyewitness saw me kick my

pregnant daughter in the stomach.

ROOSEVELT: Is that how it went down?

GEMMA: I'm the dirty biker whore with a record. She's the good doctor. Does it really matter

what I have to say?

ROOSEVELT: I need your statement. Tell me what happened.

(Gemma sighs)

GEMMA: Jax's ex found out that Tara was setting up a will, some kind of legal shit that

would give custody of the boys
to a stranger-- Margaret Murphy.

ROOSEVELT: - Administrator.

GEMMA: - Yeah.

I went down there to confront Tara. She baited me. Hit me. I checked myself and I

did not hit her back.
Then she threw herself on the edge of her desk, and started screaming that I kicked

her in the stomach.
Hurt that baby.

ROOSEVELT: And the eyewitnesses?

GEMMA: Margaret Murphy and Wendy Case, Jax's ex. They had to be part of it. I know how this sounds.

ROOSEVELT: But why, Gemma? Why would framing you be worth causing her own miscarriage?

GEMMA: To keep me away from her family. I don't think she was ever pregnant.


(starts engine)

RAT BOY: Bagger's out back. There's new plugs. It's all set, man.

JAX: Thanks, Rat.

BOBBY: How's Tara doing?

JAX: She'll be okay.

CHIBS: How're you?

JAX: I don't need to talk about it.


JAX: Happy and Juice get back?

TIG: Yeah.

Yeah, Juice is on his way.

JAX: Look, the shit that went down between my mom and Tara was crazy.

BOBBY: It's not about that.

JAX: Get everyone here.



NERO: You trying us in the court of public opinion, counselor?

PATTERSON: I have no control of what the press gets ahold of or how they spin it.

NERO: Right.

PATTERSON: Has your client made up his mind, Ms. Rodriguez?

RODRIGUEZ: You said hours. We still have some time.

PATTERSON: Although it's just media speculation, I'm afraid this unfortunate leak is going to

cause a great deal of outrage.
It'll force me to satisfy the people's need for action, which

means diverting a heavy police presence into Byz-lat territory.

NERO: That's good. Maybe you can get our garbage picked up on time.

PATTERSON: This squeeze will jam up your crew on every petty infraction. Who knows, maybe we even pick

somebody up who doesn't have
your loyal fortitude and feels the need to save his own skin by corroborating this story.

Then... well, I guess I won't need you at all. Ms. Rodriguez, you've got six hours. I'd advise your

client to act sooner.
Giving up the Sons of Anarchy is going to be a very popular get out of jail free card.

♪ Riding through this world ♪

♪ all alone ♪

♪ God takes your soul ♪

♪ you're on your own ♪

♪ The crow flies straight ♪

♪ a perfect line ♪

♪ on the devil's bed ♪

♪ until you die ♪

♪ Gotta look this life ♪

♪ in the eye ♪

(knocking at door)

TARA: - Morning.

UNSER: - Uh, morning.

Can you give me a minute?

TARA: Yeah, of course. Come on inside. Can I get you anything?

UNSER: No, I'm-I'm good, thanks. Where are the kids?

TARA: Jax took 'em to day care. I'm just, uh, laying low.

UNSER: Yeah, of course. Complicated time for all of us, huh?

TARA: Yes, it is. Just say it, Wayne.

UNSER: I been replaying how it all went down yesterday. Chewing at me all night. I got you that restraining order

request before everything happened.

TARA: Yes.

UNSER: Coincidence? Oh. Part of the plan you couldn't share with me.

TARA: I needed to have protection in place. We both know she's dangerous.

UNSER: So this attack of Gemma's, causing a miscarriage, that was all part of it?

TARA: Do you really want to know?

UNSER: I can't imagine you doing anything that might actually harm your own baby.

TARA: No, I wouldn't.

UNSER: - But all that blood...

TARA: - What I did gives me
legal precedent to separate my kids from Gemma and the club.

I know how brutal it seems, but it was the only way.

UNSER: She could get manslaughter.

TARA: Well, I don't want that.

UNSER: Well, then you better call Roosevelt and tell him you ain't pressing charges.

TARA: Even if I don't, the county can still press charges.

- I'll have Lowen call...

UNSER: - Gemma is locked in a
cell, sitting with the weight of a dead grandchild. Appreciate you

making the call now.
I'll go talk to Eli, see if they're gonna charge her.

TARA: I did it to protect my kids, Wayne. I know how much you care about her.

UNSER: I'm not upset about Gemma, Doc. I'm upset about you. Breaks my heart that you had

to become something so wrong to do what you thought was right.

TARA: What are you gonna do?

UNSER: I ain't gonna tell her. But I'm afraid that... I can't help you no more.

(door opens, shuts)

(Jax sighs)

This is just a power play by the DA. They've got nothing, so they're stirring shit up.

BOBBY: Yeah. Unfortunately, it hurts us here. It's the last damn thing Charming needed.

JAX: I know. Talk to Hale, let him know it's bullshit. See if he can help.

TIG: I'm more worried about the Byz-lats. I am. They're already unraveled. Nero's inside, that shit

going down with Arcadio.

CHIBS: Aye. We should head to Stockton, check in with Fiasco. Make sure our brown

brothers are level.

JAX: Yeah, okay. Let him know we're coming.

CHIBS: Of course.

JAX: We got interviews today, too.

- Caracara girls.

BOBBY: - I can handle that.

- (all murmur)


I'm manager of operations.

JUICE: You totally just made that up.


BOBBY: They won't know that.

JAX: - How'd it go with Connor?

JUICE: - Okay.

Kings are keeping him stateside.

Want us to start tying down our buyers for Clay.

What Hap's doing.

Connor knows he's alive because of us, Jax.

We talked a lot on the way up.

He's... he's a decent guy.

I think he'll be on board when we make the shift.

JAX: Good. I appreciate your concern about my family. You don't have to say anything.

I can feel it. I love you all for that. Let's get to work.

ROOSEVELT: Gemma doesn't think she was pregnant. Suggested Tara set her up.

UNSER: I wouldn't know.

ROOSEVELT: But you knew that Tara wasn't gonna press charges.

UNSER: - I... I had a feeling.


UNSER: Anything criminal on your end?

ROOSEVELT: What would you have done?

UNSER: If no one pressed charges, I'd handle it like a - . Let the family work it out. Keep an eye on 'em.

ROOSEVELT: That what I should do?

UNSER: Oh, it's your jurisdiction, Sheriff. Use your best judgment. Tell Gemma I'll be downstairs

if she wants a ride.

ROOSEVELT: And what makes you think that I'm gonna cut her loose?

UNSER: Uh, Tellers, MC... they're so deeply woven into the fabric of this town. On some level, you

know same way I did...
If you rip them out, Charming unravels, never looks the same.

WOMAN: - Hey, what's going on?

MAN: - I don't know.

TIG: Juicy, let's take a walk.

Come on.

JAX: - Looks like they're on one.

CHIBS: - Mm-hmm.

FIASCO: Yo, any word about Nero?

JAX: Nothing. That's what this headline's about, man-- DA setting fires, hoping

someone on the street jumps.

FIASCO: Yeah? We almost there, man. Already got three dudes MIA. The rest of these fools are

spooked, and now I got the
Triple Two's circling, homey? That ain't good.

CHIBS: Hey, listen, we can give you the manpower, help you

- push back the street beef. Good?

GOMES: - Yeah, that'll help.

TIG: Hey! We got something, middle of the block. One deep brown idling, just sitting there staring at us.

JAX: - Is he a cop?

JUICE: - Gotta be.

By the looks of the ride, it's probably Vice.

GOMES: Shit.

JAX: That's what they're gonna do-- sit on us, wait for a mistake.


(Jax sighs)

JAX: Look, you got this until Nero gets out, you hear me? It's on you. We gotta keep shit

tight here, man.
Both crews gotta keep our guys in line. Let everyone know it all works

out if everyone stays even.

CHIBS: No one breaks, no one talks. Got it?

FIASCO: Yeah, you got it.

TIG: He's rolling this way.

JAX: All right, business as usual.

(tires squeal)

TIG: Hey! Hey!

(tires squealing)

FIASCO: No! No! No! Come on, man! You gotta get up!

JAX: Find something to wrap the body.

FIASCO: - Come on, man!

JAX: - Juice, Juice, come on.

FIASCO: No! No! Oh! Ah! You gotta get up, dawg! You gotta get up, dawg! You gotta get up!

QUINN: Fiasco, come on. He's dead, man. Come on.

FIASCO: Get off me, man!

QUINN: - Come on, man, he's...

FIASCO: - Get off of me!
Who the hell was that?!

JAX: I don't know, brother, but we need to get out of here now. Hey, go get your car,

put him in the trunk.

TIG: - Wrap him up...

FIASCO: - Wait, wait!

MAN: Are you serious?!

CHIBS: Well, you can't leave him in the street.

- Let's go!

QUINN: - Come on!

TIG: Jax, Jax, that was an old, blue ' -' LeSabre. There's not a lot of those cars around, man.

JAX: All right, man. Hey, I need you to stay with these guys. Take Gomes to Skeeter. And then you put the word out.

Find that car.

CHIBS: Jackie, you should head home. Go see your wife. We got this.

JAX: I'm good, brother.

CHIBS: Hey, hey... go. Let me take care of this. I'll call you the minute we hear something. Come on.

JAX: All right, man. Hey, thank you.

GEMMA: How'd you know I was getting out?

UNSER: Didn't know for sure. What did Eli say?

GEMMA: Tara wasn't pressing charges. He's still conducting his investigation. He suggested I stay close.

I may not have earned this, Wayne, but I want to know the truth. I promise I won't turn it on you.

Did you know about any of this?

UNSER: No. I just know she's just doing what you would do. Protecting her family from whatever...

GEMMA: Tara framed me for the killing of her unborn baby. That pregnancy was bullshit. You know that.

UNSER: You want the truth or not? Your control over those boys, your family... it ain't healthy.

GEMMA: I am just doing what any mother would do.

UNSER: Just let me finish. What drives you is bad history. It ain't real and it ain't

what's best for those boys.
I'm sorry this happened to you. I am. You got a lot of

love in you, Gemma.
Sweet, deep love. I've seen it. But it's so wrapped around secrets and hate, I don't know

if you can find it anymore.

GEMMA: So, what, I... I just let her destroy my life? Take away my family? Is that the payback for

all the secrets and hate?

UNSER: You got a couple of roads in front of you, sweetheart. One of 'em is... real slow and

probably very uncomfortable, but eventually leads back to those boys.

GEMMA: And the other one?

UNSER: It's the road you're already on.

LOWEN: Judge filed your restraining order. It'll be served to Gemma's house today.

TARA: And the custody waivers, they in place?

LOWEN: Yes. The case we've built, I doubt any court would award custody to Jax or Gemma.

TARA: Good.

(Lowen sighs)

LOWEN: - I have to ask you...

TARA: - So this is... this account is from the sale of my father's house, so I'll still be able to pay you when

we file against Jax.

LOWEN: That is not what I was going to ask.

TARA: I know. But that's what you should be focusing on. Doing your job.

LOWEN: I need full disclosure, Tara. That's how I can defend you best.

TARA: Plausible deniability and payment is how you defend me best. You should go.

LOWEN: Tara, I know what you did.

TARA: You can show yourself out.

(door closes)

(ragged breathing)

TARA (quietly): Stop it. You stop it.

PATTERSON: - Send him in.

AIDE: - Yes, ma'am.

PATTERSON: Thanks for coming to see me, Charlie.

BAROSKY: Least I could do, you springing for the private car and all.

PATTERSON: I assume you read the bad news about your business partners.

BAROSKY: Yeah. Some very creative coverage. Harvey Levin would be proud.

PATTERSON: This is a proposed redistricting of our city resources to cope with our current fiscal issues. That's my request for

law enforcement. This puts the port under the jurisdiction of the sheriff's department, which means all

your cronies will have to find another way to supplement their paychecks.

BAROSKY: I know I'm just an old, dirty dinosaur. Probably just half as smart as I think I am. But I doubt you'd be giving me a

heads-up about all this, which means, currently... that's just a threat.

PATTERSON: An hour ago, a homeless couple up by the old Hobart plant saw a bunch of gang members and guys on motorcycles.

They fit a familiar profile. Then one of them ran down one of the bangers, crushed him, dragged the body, threw it into the

trunk of a car and they all took off. I want you to find out who it was and why it happened.

(knocking at door)

AIDE: Gloria Rodriguez on line two-- said it's urgent.

PATTERSON: Okay. Show Mr. Barosky out. We're done.

BAROSKY: What if I can't find anything? Then this is no longer a threat... it's a heads-up.

JAX: Tara? Babe, you home?

(phone buzzing)

(phone keypad beeping)

BAROSKY: Hey. You on a burner?

JAX: Yeah. What's going on?

BAROSKY: Patterson pulled me into her office this morning. I'm standing in a men's room right now, stalling before my

police escort takes me home.

JAX: About the headline?

BAROSKY: Yeah, that and that hit-and-run this morning.

JAX: Jesus Christ.

BAROSKY: She's crushing me, kid. She's threatening to bring in the sheriffs to police the port, and that steps on

everybody's game.

JAX: What does she want?

BAROSKY: For starters, that driver who ran down your banger buddy this morning.

JAX: And what does she know?

BAROSKY: Nothing. She just knows it happened. She wants me to fill in the blanks. Listen, I'm swinging in the

breeze here, handsome Jack. I gotta give her something. You owe me one, kid.

JAX: My guys are looking for the driver.

BAROSKY: - I need him.

JAX: - All right, I'm heading there now. I'll let you know when we get a hit.

BAROSKY: Get it soon.

(light knocking on door)

WENDY: Hey, I, um... I was looking for Tara.

JAX: She's not here. What do you want?

WENDY: I was there yesterday, at the hospital. I just wanted to check on her.

JAX: You don't need to do that. And don't come to this house again.

WENDY: What are you gonna do? Bang another speedball in my arm?

JAX: I'll do whatever I have to do.

WENDY: I don't doubt that. Look, Jax, I know how much you love your sons. And-and I know that everything you do,

good and bad, is about taking care of them.

JAX: Not really looking for your approval, Wendy.

WENDY: I'm not the enemy, Jax. I want the same thing you want.

JAX: You don't know what I want.

WENDY: For your son to grow up without hate in his heart. That's what I want. I'm tired of being hated.

(jail door lock buzzes)

PATTERSON: Where's Ms. Rodriguez?

NERO: I told her I needed to talk to you alone.

PATTERSON: You don't have time to play this game, Mr. Padilla.

NERO: No game. I'm ready. I'm ready to give up the source of the KG- .

PATTERSON: I'm listening.

NERO: You know about my son Lucius?

PATTERSON: Yes. I'm aware of his condition.

NERO: His condition... I want him moved to the best facility in the state. He gets the best care available.

For the rest of his life.

PATTERSON: I can arrange that.

NERO: I want to end up someplace near him, so he can visit.

PATTERSON: If you cooperate, he won't have to visit you in jail.

NERO: Yeah, he will. It wasn't Teller who supplied the gun, it was me. I bought the KG- off the

street, some journeyman dealer. Never seen him before. I gave it to Darvany Jennings for protection.

Matthew... must've found the gun. I'm responsible for the death of those children.

RAT BOY: - Hey.

TARA: - Hi.

RAT BOY: - You looking for Jax?

TARA: - I guess.

RAT BOY: Um, he had to head into Stockton.

BOBBY: Stay for a minute, all right? I got this, Rat.

RAT BOY: All right.

BOBBY: Good to see you.

TARA: Yeah, you, too. I don't want to interrupt.

BOBBY: Oh, no. I need a break. The IQ's are overwhelming me.

TARA: Looking for a counter girl?

BOBBY: Yeah, something like that.

TARA: Thanks.

BOBBY: - Mind?

TARA: - No. Please, go ahead.

BOBBY: How you feeling?

TARA: All right, I guess. A little sore.

BOBBY: I don't know what happened between you and Gemma. I guess it's none of my business. But I do feel like I know

you both pretty well. And if there is anything you need me to do...

TARA: I appreciate that. It'll work itself out.

BOBBY: Oh, yeah, yeah. Always does.

TARA: Do you think he can do it? Move SAMCRO into legitimate business?

BOBBY: It's always easy to move, just hard to stay there. You know, Jax is still trying to figure out how to be king.

When he settles into that, he'll do what's best for the club. The run we've been on the last couple of years, almost any direction

is a better direction. You think he can do it?

TARA: It doesn't matter what I think. I'm just an old lady. Thanks.

BOBBY: Look, Doc... don't give up on him. Jax is someone who needs to be with someone. Always been that guy. We're up against it here.

I honestly don't know if we're gonna make it. But he ain't got a chance without you.

TIG: We found the car, Jax. Down there, end of the block.

JAX: Do we know who?

CHIBS: - Well, he ain't a cop.

JUICE: - Local dude.

Guess he used to roll with Camino Muerto.

TIG: Yeah, and they ain't been around for years, bro.

JAX: You think he's working OG for someone else?

TIG: Ah, nobody knows.

CHIBS: But we got a problem. Fiasco put the call out.

JAX: - Oh, shit.

TIG: - Yeah.

They want to knock the door down and blow his brains out.

CHIBS: You know what? Maybe we should back away from this one.

JAX: No, there's a better way. DA pressed Barosky about the hit-and-run this morning. Threatening to undo his Port control

if he doesn't give 'em something.

CHIBS: All right, so he gives her the driver.

JUICE: Yeah, but we don't even know who this guy is.

JAX: Whoever he is, it ain't about us. Barosky feeds her to the cops, puts this guy out of commission, we keep our

relationships intact.

CHIBS: Aye, makes sense. What do we do about the, uh, three amigos over there?

JAX: Nothing. Just keep 'em calm till we hear sirens.

(Chibs clears throat)

What's up, man?

Hi, Lieutenant Roosevelt.

Moore tells me you picked up Teller's mother on a domestic last night.


PATTERSON: - What happened?

ROOSEVELT: Family dispute got physical. Doctor Knowles miscarried in the attack.

PATTERSON: Jesus. Are these people just godless?

ROOSEVELT: I don't know. This is the report from Lee Toric's hotel room. They found trace DNA from

blood on the linoleum. Belongs to Erin Byrne. Toric killed her. Not Nero.

PATTERSON: It's very sad. We meet the end we deserve, I guess.

ROOSEVELT: Yeah. So... do you want me to cut loose Padilla?

ROOSEVELT: Nero Padilla admitted to supplying the gun to Darvany Jennings this morning.


PATTERSON: No. He said he bought the KG- on the street.

ROOSEVELT: But you know he's lying.

PATTERSON: About where he got the gun, yes. But Padilla's far from innocent in this crime, Lieutenant.

ROOSEVELT: You know, I get that. But you're leveraging a confession with a bogus murder charge. You don't think his lawyer's gonna

take a look at this report? She'll get him to claim coercion. They'll throw out the confession.

ROOSEVELT: I'm putting together a deal that will give his son a better life, in return for his full admission.

ROOSEVELT: And that makes it okay?

PATTERSON: I get the sense he's a man looking for a penance, and I'm gonna give him one. That's my job... to look at the

greater justice, Lieutenant. That's what this is.

ROOSEVELT: Yeah, okay.

PATTERSON: What happens to Mrs. Teller?

ROOSEVELT: I cut her loose for now.

PATTERSON: You think that's wise?

ROOSEVELT: The facts were unclear. Things didn't add up. I guess I was looking at the simpler justice. Guilty or not guilty.

You have a good day.

JAX: All right, Barosky's gonna feed the intel to the DA. We should clear out.

JUICE: What's this about?

JAX: Oh, shit, they're taking him.

TIG: Hey!

JAX: Fiasco!


Bro, what the hell are you doing?! We need to bounce now!

FIASCO: This ain't your business, Teller!

This guy's a dead man!

(man yells)

(man screams)

Get on that bitch! Let me see that face!

Look at me, huh? Do you remember me, huh?!

You jacked with the wrong crew!

JAX: - Stop! Stop!

FIASCO: I'm gonna put a hole through you like you did to my homeboy!

Look in my eyes! Look at me!

JAX: - I said stop!

TIG: - No! Guys, guys!

JAX: His kid was at the the school.

FIASCO: What the hell are you talking about?!

JAX: - His kid!

FIASCO: - What?

JAX: Is this your boy?

FELIPE: It was... you piece of shit! You guys gave that freak the gun!

He killed my baby boy!

TIG: - Aw, shit, man.

JAX: Look, man, we just found out the cops know about the hit-and-run. They're on the way here now.

You want to kill this guy, house full of evidence? Your car's parked outside, dude.

FIASCO: Shit. So now what? We just let him go?

TIG: His baby boy was gunned down, brother-- dead. I mean, he blames us for that. What would you do?

JUICE: Goddamn headlines did this.

(Felipe groans)

TIG: It's for your own good. Come on.

Let's get out of here.

CHIBS: - Aye.

(Fiasco speaks Spanish)

JAX: - Come on. Come on.

TIG: - Let's go. Come on.

JAX: I'm sorry.

(sirens approach)

(tires screech, sirens stop)

(car doors open, shut)

OFFICER: Drop the knife!

Sir, put down the knife.

OFFICER : - You heard him!

OFFICER: - Listen to me.

Sir, don't stand up.

Sir, drop the knife!

OFFICER : Put it down now!

OFFICER: Oh, shit!

James, get an RA!

OFFICER : Get a medical

response right away!

Get 'em on the radio! Hurry up!

OFFICER: Goddamn it.

Give me a towel!

OFFICER: Let's go!

EMT: That's . We're on scene.

Getting to the house.

OFFICER: He stabbed himself. He's dead. Goddamn it!

PATTERSON: Give me that.

Oh, my God.

WENDY: I... I didn't know you would... be out yet.

GEMMA: I'm out.

Can we, uh... go inside and talk?

(Wendy sighs)

WENDY: Just do whatever you're gonna do, Gemma.

GEMMA: What'd she promise you? Some kind of... custody, visitation deal?

WENDY: Does it really even matter?

GEMMA: I'm the one who's supposed to be hopeless here, sweetheart. Was any of it true?

The newcomer attack?


Tapping into my rape rage to bond.


Your idea or Tara's?

WENDY: - I'm not gonna do this.

Oh, it's too late for that, darling.

It's already done.

Tara's very smart.

Very ambitious.

But she's not blood.

I don't know how, but eventually Jax is gonna realize what she's done.

And the question for you is... when he finds out the truth, what side of the fence do you want to be on?

WENDY: I'm starting to realize that, uh... I lose either way.

GEMMA: Oh, no, it doesn't have to be that way. You backed the wrong horse. I'm giving you a chance

to change your bet. Help me prove what she's done.

WENDY: And what? You're gonna be the one who gives me time with my son?

GEMMA: No. I'll make sure Jax doesn't kill you. Think it over.

WENDY: Gemma...

You should take this.

Will you take that, too?


(Wendy sighs)

GEMMA: You're gonna have to get rid of that on your own, sweetheart.

Prove to me that you can be trusted. To be a good mommy.


JAX: We had no idea who the guy was.

BAROSKY: Patterson's gonna want my balls in a paper cup.

JAX: I'm sorry.

(Barosky chuckles)

BAROSKY: Ah, it serves that bitch right. This shit's on her, man. Leaking that story. Kind of wish I was

there to see her face.

JAX: So what are you gonna do?

BAROSKY: Play her game. She may want to cut off my balls, but she knows that I know the truth. And this is one headline she

ain't gonna want leaked, "District Attorney Forces Victim's Daddy to Slit His Own Throat."

CHIBS: That's very catchy.

BAROSKY: No worries. You did good, Prez.

JAX: Yeah.


What'd you do with Alice?

BAROSKY: The thing that should happen to every pedophile. Chopped, burned and buried.

JAX: I shouldn't have killed her.

BAROSKY: Don't worry about it, kid, I'm not gonna use it against you. Unless I have to.

CHIBS: Let's go home, my brother.

JAX: Yeah.

JAX: - What are you doing here?

GEMMA: - I know.

I got the restraining order, but I just... I had to see you.

JAX: I've got nothing to say to you.

GEMMA: But I gotta say this to you. I did not hurt Tara. I didn't cause that miscarriage.

I would never...

JAX: - You're a liar.

And you're a sick, twisted bitch.

GEMMA: You hate me all you want... but I'm telling you the truth.

JAX: Let this eat into your brain, Mother... You're never gonna see my wife. And you will never see

those kids again. Grandma is dead.

♪ ♪

(breathing shakily)

(door lock buzzes)

NERO: This your deal for Lucius, I want my lawyer here for this.


NERO: What is this?

PATTERSON: You're trying to do right by your kid?

I want to do right by these.

NERO: - I am doing the right thing.

PATTERSON: No, you're not. You're too proud, too stupid to do the right thing. If you cared about these kids, you'd

tell me everything. The whole truth.

NERO: I don't know where you're going with this, but I ain't saying another word to you without my lawyer.

PATTERSON: You don't need a lawyer. Toric killed Erin Byrne.

PATTERSON: You hold on to these. And you think about them every time you visit Lucius. And know that if we believe in the

same God, debts will be paid.

(knocks on door)

(door lock buzzes)

He's free to go.

(Tara sighs, laughs quietly)

JAX: Do you ever regret it?

Coming back?

TARA: A lot of things I'd do differently.

(Tara sighs)

But no.

He makes it all worth it.

Do you?

JAX: I sometimes wish you'd come back five years sooner. Or five years later. I'm lost here, Tara.

I'm trying to put it back together, but... I don't know if I can.

TARA: I know.

JAX: I just feel so far away from you now. I know that's my fault. Please, just tell me, how do I get back?

TARA: I'm not sure.

JAX: Babe... please let me back in.

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