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  6x07 - Sweet and Vaded
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Sweet and Vaded

(loud explosion)

Previously on Sons of Anarchy...

PATTERSON: What the hell happened last night?

ROOSEVELT: Teller indicated it was about ending a relationship. My guess, he pissed off his supplier.

PATTERSON: IRA-- they love to blow up shit.

GAALAN: The council is prepared to offer you terms for your betrayal. Clay will be handling the distribution

of our guns in Northern California. You wanted out? That includes profit as well.

JAX: I'll cut Connor and your other guys loose.

ROARKE: They're still alive?

JAX: I told you, I didn't want a war.

TARA: I might need your help. I'm filing for divorce. Asking for full custody.

UNSER: Well, who gets the boys if you go inside?

WENDY: Hey. I heard about the explosion. Is everyone else okay? Gemma?

You should check up on her, build the trust. - Yeah, okay.

GEMMA: What's your connection to Nero?

VENUS: Nero was the one who took me in. Kept the wolves from my door.

ROOSEVELT: I know that you want to find leverage to tie Nero and the Sons to the school shooting,

but he did not kill Erin Byrne.

PATTERSON: We won't know that until we get the DNA. Padilla gets processed. Murder charge sticks.

Time to go hood, sister. Tell your lawyer I'll be moving up the trial date three weeks. And I'll be prosecuting the case myself.

See you in court, Doctor.

TARA: I got to get out of here, Jax. There's just too much anxiety in my first trimester.

JAX: You've been recruiting for SAMCRO?

BOBBY: Yeah. Quinn, Montez and West. It's because I love this club. And I love you.

♪ ♪

(music stops playing)

JAX: Three months up front. Appreciate you letting us set up here.

JACOB: How long you need it?

JAX: I'm not sure. We still don't know if we're gonna be able to rebuild at TM. Might be a total tear-down.

JACOB: Bombs will do that. The whole town is spooked, Jax. The council meeting next week, there... folks are talking about how to get rid of the MC.

BOBBY: Well, it's a good thing the mayor has veto power.

JACOB: Yeah, for a minute. Shit went down with Charming Heights, I'm done after this term. It means you got, uh, about three months to buy some good will.

JAX: I know.

JACOB: If this block wasn't half empty, I'd never be able to get you in here.

BOBBY: This block is half empty because you're buying them all out for cents on the dollar. So who's the real bad guy here?

JACOB: Yeah, it might be me. I thought I was bringing opportunity to the city.

JAX: Where are we at with our "opportunity"?

JACOB: We'd be breaking ground next month if Damon Pope hadn't been murdered. By your president.

BOBBY: No. Former president.

JAX: Pope Enterprises is still on board.

JACOB: Yeah. But the transfer of power has slowed everything down. And your maintenance contracts don't kick in until the equipment's rolling, and that might be another six months.

JAX: Okay. Thanks.

(knocking on door)

TARA: Hi. Those the files?

MARGARET: Yes. This should be everything.

TARA: Okay. Oh. Thank you.

MARGARET: You okay?

TARA: Yeah. I'm sorry, with the trial pushed up, everything is moving so fast.

MARGARET: It's okay.

TARA: Thank you. I know I've put a lot on you. Things I've had no right to ask.

MARGARET: We've been through a lot together, Tara. I know you. I've been where you are. I thought a lot about all

this last night, and I can imagine how extreme it must feel to you. But you have to stay focused on the big picture.

TARA: Dire circumstances require desperate measures.

MARGARET: Yes, they do.

♪ ♪

RAT BOY: Jax, I think we're close.

JAX: Let's do it! Let's set up.

BOBBY: Home is where the reaper is.

JAX: Let's get the guys up here.

BOBBY: Yeah.

PATTERSON: Ms. Rodriguez, I assume you've fully explained the charge to your client?

RODRIGUEZ: I think we're all up to speed.

PATTERSON: You think? It's not that complicated. A young prostitute turns up dead?

NERO: Escort.

PATTERSON: Yes. DNA evidence found in his truck.

RODRIGUEZ: The physical evidence doesn't match up with my client's whereabouts at the time of the crime. We have alibis,

including a priest.

PATTERSON: Ah, and a biker queen. They sort of cancel each other out, don't you think?

RODRIGUEZ: Hmm, are you here to make an offer or you just gonna insult Mr. Padilla?

PATTERSON: Your client is a repeat felon. His rap sheet is filled with gang-banging, assault, drug charges...

RODRIGUEZ: All of which happened more than a decade ago.

PATTERSON: Yes, now he's a legitimate businessman. Running a brothel that fronts as an escort service.

NERO: Everything I do is completely legal.

PATTERSON: - Even murder?

NERO: - I didn't kill that girl.

RODRIGUEZ: Enough. We're done here.

PATTERSON: No, we're not. I'm willing to trade your murder for five others. I want Jax Teller and the Sons of Anarchy.

Testify that the MC sold you the KG- that wound up in the hands of Matthew Jennings and you'll walk away... back to your legit business.

And more importantly, your son. This will be my one and only offer. You have hours.

(knocking on door)

(lock buzzes)

JAX: Welcome to the new clubhouse. I wanted our first order of business to be voting in our new patches. Before I do that, I think it's only fair they know exactly where the club is at. As far as the Irish go, it looks like the peace is real. I'm gonna cut Connor loose today, make sure everything moves forward with Clay. Bobby can walk us through our sad financials.

BOBBY: Yeah, they are pretty sad, I'm afraid. Looks like it's gonna be a while before we get the green light to open TM.

And even once we do, my guess, it's gonna be pretty slow for a while. As far as the maintenance contract for Charming Heights

goes, looks like's not gonna happen until the fall. So we have Diosa. That helps, but we are paying Nero back straight out of the

profits, so... it just ain't putting out much.

JAX: Yeah, Colette and her girls are a little spooked by Nero's bullshit arrest, so the Diosa expansion in Stockton's on hold until I

can convince her otherwise. Let's just keep looking for ways to earn that don't put us in the fire. If you guys come up with any ideas,

please... bring 'em to the table. You guys good with all that?

QUINN: Good.

MONTEZ: Yeah. I get it.

WEST: I'm good, brother.

JAX: Okay. Allesandro Montez, Orlin West, Rane Quinn... Letters are good. They're free to jump charters. All in favor of making these three

men Redwood Original... Yea!

ALL: Yea!

JAX: Opposed? Welcome to SAMCRO, boys!


WEST: Yeah!

(conversing indistinctly)

TIG: Quinn, welcome to Crow, man.

CHIBS: - Quinn...

WEST: - All right!

Thank you, man.

CHIBS: Brother. Welcome, brother.

JAX: There's one more name I want to put on the table. Rat Boy. It's been almost a year since he put on the prospect patch, and I

think he's shown us a lot. He's smart, he's loyal, fearless, works like a dog, and unlike most of you gossip whores, he knows when to shut up.

(all laughing)

As his sponsor, I think he deserves a full patch. So... all in favor of making George Skogstrom a member of Redwood Original... Yea.

ALL: Yea.

JAX: Opposed? Go get him.

TIG: Hey, Rat! Hey! Get your skinny ass up here!

RAT BOY: Yeah?

JAX: Sit down.

RAT BOY: What... at the table?

TIG: No, on my dick. Yeah, at the table.

JAX: Take off the cut. On the table. I need you to cut off that prospect rocker.

CHIBS: Hey. Replace it with this, young brother.

(laughing, whooping)

JAX: Yeah, buddy.

You're in, son.

RAT BOY: - Thanks, brother.

♪ Riding through this world ♪
♪ all alone ♪
♪ God takes your soul ♪
♪ you're on your own ♪
♪ The crow flies straight ♪
♪ a perfect line ♪
♪ on the devil's bed ♪
♪ until you die ♪
♪ Gotta look this life ♪
♪ in the eye ♪

(engines rumble to a stop)

JAX: You know my VP, Chibs.

AUGUST: Hey, how you doing?

JAX: Bobby Munson, my consigliere.

AUGUST: Good to see you all again, gentlemen.

BOBBY: Yeah, you too.

AUGUST: Glad everyone's whole. I mean, you weren't kidding about things getting messy with the Irish.

JAX: Yeah. We were lucky.

AUGUST: Well, what happened?

JAX: Historical shit.

BOBBY: They are very pissed off.

AUGUST: - Losing distribution?

JAX: - Yeah. And my suggestion about how to fill the void.

AUGUST: Ah... I guess the Irish Kings ain't as racially open-minded as the MC.

JAX: - Yeah.

CHIBS: - Aye, something like that.

AUGUST: How we gonna fix that problem?

JAX: We're working on something. I'll bring you in the loop as soon as I know more. Connor Malone.

Irish number two, stateside.

AUGUST: Cutting his ass loose?

JAX: Yeah. I'm tired of blood for blood.

AUGUST: - You're learning, son.

BOBBY: - Yes, he is.

(August chuckles)

AUGUST: Wait to hear from you.

CHIBS: Good luck.

BOBBY: Good to see you.

(Jax sighs)

TIG: - How'd that go?

JAX: - He understands.

BOBBY: For now.

JAX: I'm sending you home. My guys will drive you up the coast. Kings are sending someone to meet you in Mendocino.

CONNOR: I'm... glad to hear that.

JAX: August Marks. One of the reasons your crew tried to blow us to hell.

(Connor sighs)

JAX: Tell Gaalan I'm honoring his demands. We'll run the guns through Clay. But we all know that plan's a risk.

If it falls through, I want the Kings to know that Marks is still willing to distribute. Tell them that.

CONNOR: Aye. I'll pass it along.

CHIBS: You two. Make sure they get there whole.

JUICE: We will.

HAPPY: See you tomorrow, boys. Let's go.

CONNOR: Oh, Filip. Thank you.

CHIBS: Don't thank me, Con. I want you dead. He's the reason you're alive.

JUICE: Let's go.

GEMMA: Your lawyer offer any hope?

NERO: She's advising me to take a deal. She said proving that I was set up is a... a fight that I probably

can't win or afford.

GEMMA: Shit. What's the deal she wants you to take?

NERO: What do you think, mama? Patterson wants the gun source. Got a day to decide.

GEMMA: What you gonna do?

GUARD: Padilla, one minute.

NERO: I'm gonna think about you. New perfume?

GEMMA: Oh... (laughs) No. Not mine. It's a friend of yours. Venus. She came by Diosa.

NERO: Whoa, whoa, whoa. You met my girl, huh? She came by there with a client?

GEMMA: No, a shiner. She got some... some kind of family problems.

Her mother.

NERO: - Alice? Shit. What now?

GEMMA: Oh, honey, you got enough on your plate.

NERO: No, no, no. Venus... she's familia. What happened, Gem?

GEMMA: Oh... I guess, um, Alice got custody of Venus's nephew and now she's worried about the kid.

NERO: - Her nephew?

GEMMA: - Yeah. Joey.

NERO: - Ah.

GUARD: - Time's up, Padilla.

NERO: Jesus Christ.

- That's, uh...

GEMMA: - What?

GUARD: - Let's go.

NERO: - Watch it.

Gemma, you gotta get that kid away from Alice. Okay? I mean, she's bad. She's gonna hurt that boy.

GUARD: - Let's go.

NERO: - Seriously.
Ask Jax to help Venus. Okay? Will you do that for me? Please?

GEMMA: - Yeah, yeah, okay.

GUARD: - Come on.

NERO: Please.

ROOSEVELT: DNA from Toric's room could be back as early as tomorrow afternoon. You know, Nero's lawyer's

gonna be all over it.

PATTERSON: I'll press the OG for his decision before then.

ROOSEVELT: - You think he'll bend?

PATTERSON: - I doubt it.
Didn't factor in Teller's mother. Ties are twisted tight in that bunch.

Doctor won't budge, either. Need someone from outside the family circle.

ROOSEVELT: You know, I followed Teller and Padilla to a house in Stockton the other day. Seaport. Bumped into

an ex-cop, Barosky.

PATTERSON: Oh. What did that shark want?

ROOSEVELT: Well, he wasn't too happy that I was cruising the block. I think he was headed to the same house.

- He runs the port, doesn't he?

PATTERSON: - He thinks he does.
Charlie Barosky's a product of every slimy loophole in our

criminal justice system.
Look into him. Maybe there's a connection with the MC or the Byz-lats.

(door opens)

(door closes)

JAX: Huh.

TIG: Maybe she's here for the banana split.


Hi, baby.

JAX: Why?

GEMMA: She came to Diosa looking for Nero. It's a family problem. She needs help.

JAX: Then let her family handle it.

GEMMA: Nero is inside because of us, Jax. He asked us to help her out. We owe him.

JAX: Mom, we are on everyone's radar right now. We got to keep the circle closed.

GEMMA: She's in trouble. Venus is like family to Nero. And he's family to me. So just-just hear her out.

VENUS: So, I-I-I have this nephew, and he's years old. He's a sensitive thing. His mother passed

while I was away.
And I-I've just now become aware that...

JAX: Wait. Your sister?

VENUS: Yes, my sister Lula. And the-the-the boy, Joey, has fallen into the very precarious care of my mother Alice.

She unfortunately was documented as the "Next of kin."

GEMMA: Yeah, Nero says she's really bad news.

VENUS: Oh, Alice is a -hour network of bad news. Abuse abounds within the walls of that house.

BOBBY: What kind of abuse?

VENUS: Um, the kind that never leaves you. I was, um... ten years old when my inclinations began to

dominate my gender direction.
And my mother Alice, she would get me drunk and, um... and lovingly try to,

uh, straighten me out.

Um, I'm...

Her husband at the time began filming the experiment, and, uh, that's when it all began. I-I was, um... before

long, having more
sex than my hooker mama. And, uh, and in turn helped her launch a very, very, um, lucrative

child pornography service.
Needless to say, young Vincent Noone did not want to host many slumber parties when

he was a child.

JAX: Jesus Christ.

VENUS: I-I tried to reason with my dear mother yesterday, in hopes of getting Joey out of there.

But I-I did not possess the adequate resources to convince her.

GEMMA: How big is your mother?

VENUS: Oh, she's of a similar build. Although gravity has not been her friend. It was her latest spousal diversion,

however, who showed me the door.
Miss Alice has the uncanny ability of attracting consorts who are equal parts

dim and dangerous.

JAX: Mr. Dim and Dangerous have friends?

VENUS: A few. Of equal size and intelligence.

CHIBS: So, darling... what should we do with your nephew once we get him out?

VENUS: He can emancipate in a few months. And I have some very dear friends in Seattle who can watch him until then.

Boys, I'm-I'm sorry, but I'm... I'm literally at your mercy.

JAX: Hey... I guess I'm just a sucker for a pretty face.

VENUS: Oh, Jackson... Jackson, thank you. Thank you so much.

LOWEN: It would deny Gemma any kind of custody, or unsupervised visitation.

TARA: - Can she fight this?

LOWEN: - She can try.

Some of it's creative language, but most of it is based on legal precedent. If the parents deem a

grandparent unfit, they can
petition for their exclusion from the child's upbringing.

TARA: Good.

LOWEN: This has no weight without the signatures of both parents.

TARA: I know.

LOWEN: And, uh, you think Jax will sign it?

TARA: Yes, I do.

(knocking on door)

UNSER: - Oh, hey, Doc.

TARA: - Hi.

UNSER: Um, sorry, I didn't know you were...

TARA: No, it's okay.

UNSER: Hello, Counselor.

LOWEN: Mr. Unser. Uh, if you need anything, leave me a message. I'll be in court the

rest of the day.

TARA: Thank you. Thanks for coming by.

UNSER: Oh, yeah, sure. How can I help you, sweetheart?

TARA: Come on, I'm gonna go check on the boys.

UNSER: Okay.

TARA: Are you still friends with that city clerk in Lodi?

UNSER: Yeah. Why?

TARA: I need to get a restraining order.

BAROSKY: - Thank you, Rhoda.

RHODA: - You're welcome.

BAROSKY: - Fresh baked.

PATTERSON: - Thanks. Glad to see you're up and running. Heard about the drive-by.

BAROSKY: Yeah, thank God that kind of shit is a rarity in this neighborhood.

PATTERSON: That's right. Thanks to you. Charlie supplements his retirement funds by acting as a bit of a regulator.

BAROSKY: I'm a river to my people.

ROOSEVELT: Do those people include Jax Teller and Nero Padilla?

BAROSKY: What do you want?

ROOSEVELT: Padilla was arrested yesterday for the murder of one of his girls.

PATTERSON: And I know Teller's crew supplied the KG- that was used at the Aquino shooting.

BAROSKY: - Then why are you talking to me?

PATTERSON: - Come on, Charlie.

You might've been dirty, but you were a very smart cop. There's no direct line to the MC.

I need leverage.

BAROSKY: - So press the OG.

ROOSEVELT: Oh, right now, he's feeling a little loyal.

PATTERSON: We checked the city records, found out about Diosa del Sur. Padilla and Teller applied for an escort license in your hood.

ROOSEVELT: At the house I saw them at the other day.

BAROSKY: I'm aware. That don't mean I'm involved.

PATTERSON: Then get involved. Because I need something and you're gonna get it for me.

BAROSKY: Really? Now, how in the hell am I gonna do that?

PATTERSON: Because you're a scumbag. You'll have no problem finding dirt. And if you don't, I'm gonna spend my ever-dwindling

resources inconveniencing every last one of your retirement funds.

(door opens, bells jingle)

(door closes, bells jingle)

JAX: Hey, wait here. Lead the way.

VENUS: - I hate this house.

GEMMA: - Come here, darling.

VENUS: You're a very kind person, Gemma.

GEMMA: Thank you.

MAN: Oh, Christ.

TIG: No, no, no, Fabio. Lady wants a word.

VENUS: We're here for Joey.

MAN: - Alice!

VENUS: - Hey, Joey.

MAN: - Tranny's back.

JOEY: - Hey, Aunt Venus.

MAN: - Brought some friends.

MAN : - Alice!

VENUS: - What are you playing?

ALICE: - Stop shouting. I can hear you.

Oh, Lord Jesus. Are we really gonna play this game, Vincent?

Joey, go to your room.

JOEY: - Why?

MAN : Do what your grandma says.

VENUS: Joey, you need to come with me.

JOEY: I'm supposed to be staying with Grandma.

VENUS: Please, sweetheart, this is not a safe place for you.

ALICE: Don't listen to the mutation, Joey. It'll fill your head with lies.

VENUS: Joey, I'm telling you the truth, okay, baby? I want you to take my hand. We need to go. Aunt Venus will explain

everything to you, okay?

ALICE: Be very careful, Aunt Venus. Telling the truth-- that can unravel so many ugly things.

VENUS: Mama, don't.

(voice breaking): Please.

Don't do this today. Not here. Please?

(Alice yells)

VENUS: - Don't you ever touch me, bitch!

MAN : - Back off!

TIG: - Gun!

JOEY: Grandma, what the hell was that?

Why does he have a gun?

ALICE: - Shut up and move.

JOEY: Where we going?

MAN : - Get off of me!

TIG: - Stay or I'll cut you.

(men grunting)

VENUS: Boys, stop it! She's getting away!

(engine revving outside)

VENUS: Let's go!

MAN : You ain't ever getting your son back, you lady-boy freak.

JAX: - What's he talking about?

VENUS: - Will you go, please? Just go!

GEMMA: Go left!

JAX: The truth. Now.

VENUS: His mother Lula-- She was my best friend. I was and still discovering my womanhood when-when we both

got drunk and coiled in a clumsy act of confused love. Joey was the result.

(horn blaring)

VENUS: Lula raised him in Seattle. I would send money every month. Aunt Venus would visit whenever she could.

JAX: Why didn't you just tell us he was your son?

VENUS: An agreement we both mutually accepted. We did not want him to know.

GEMMA: - He is your son.

VENUS: - I am aware.

MAN: Let's go, let's

go, let's go!

VENUS: Look, he's a boy with some troubles. A bit of a half-formed soul.

Confusing him with the reality of his father turned auntie did not seem like the right thing to do.


VENUS: Goddamn it!

JAX: - Jesus Christ!

GEMMA: - Venus!


ANDY: Go now!

VENUS: I'm sorry!

TIG: What the hell, baby?

JAX: Shit!

BOBBY: You okay?

JAX: - Yeah.

CHIBS: - Mom, you all right?

GEMMA: - Yeah, I think so.

CHIBS: - How you doing, darling?

VENUS: I'm overheated, but in one piece.

JAX: What the hell is the matter with you?

VENUS: I'm sorry, Jackson. I'm afraid Vincent's rage has become uncorked.

JAX: Well, at the risk of where this might go, please, put the cork back in!

VENUS: - Okay.

GEMMA: - We better get out of here.

BOBBY: They lost a plate.

JAX: Call Barosky, see if he can pull an address.

TIG: - Because...?

JAX: - We lost Alice.

It's the only chance we're gonna get at finding this kid.

VENUS: You mean you're still gonna help me even after all that?

JAX: No more Vincent.

VENUS: No more Vincent, I promise, I promise.

JAX: You take Gemma home. We'll see if this goes anywhere.

BOBBY: - You sure?

JAX: - Yeah.

GEMMA: All right, you keep my boys safe.

VENUS: I will, sweet mama. Thank you, Gemma. Thank you.

BOBBY: Come on. Let's go, sweetheart.

CHIBS: Not quite the day you were expecting, eh, boss?

JAX: Uh, no, brother, it's not.

(Chibs sighs)

UNSER: Oh, there you go.

WENDY: - Let me smell it...

UNSER: - Here you go.

(Abel laughs)

WENDY: You like it?

(Abel laughs)

MARGARET: - Ready?

UNSER: - He likes it.

MARGARET: We need to do this.

TARA: Okay. I know. Just...

MARGARET: Time for that meeting.

WENDY: Yeah, okay.

TARA: Hey, there.

UNSER: Is, uh... everything all right?

TARA: Yeah. Did you have any luck?

UNSER: Yeah. Here's the, uh, DV- . Just needs the offending party and signatures. I'll run it back.

TARA: Thank you.

UNSER: Want to tell me who it is that needs restraining? I need to know what you're doing, Tara.

TARA: You will. It'll all make sense.

(kisses gently)

ABEL: Bye-bye, Mommy.

BAROSKY: I'm afraid to ask.

JAX: That's good, 'cause I don't really have an answer.

BAROSKY: Registered to Happy Carousel, Suite .

JAX: Do you know this place, Happy Carousel?

VENUS: Uh, no, no, but that was the name of their portrait studio.

JAX: Jesus Christ. Carousel's only happy when when the kids ride naked.

CHIBS: Three. One, two, three. Hey, hey, hey, Venus!

VENUS: Joey, Joey, Joey.

Joey! Joey!

Joey, baby?

TIG: You getting this?

VENUS: She drugged him.

JAX: Tig, check the rooms.

VENUS: Hey, baby, come on... Aunt Venus is here.

BAROSKY: Editing home movies.

TIG: Do you want some water?

VENUS: Please. Will you see if they have a napkin or something?

Hey, baby.

(footsteps approach)

CHIBS: Jackie.

TIG: Heads up-- visitors.

TIG: Come on. In.

CHIBS: In. Get in, you piece of shit! In!

ROD: Hey, whoa, whoa, man. We ain't armed.

ALICE: Well, aren't you resourceful?

TIG: - No, no, Venus!

BAROSKY: - What the hell?

JAX: Whoa, Venus. Come on, darling.

TIG: Don't do it, baby.

CHIBS: Put it down.

JAX: You get out. And that kid is coming with us.

Get the hell out, now!

Get out.

ALICE: - What're you gonna do, Vincent?

JAX: - Get out of here.

ALICE: Raise him as your own? Give him a bright future?

JAX: - You, too, Alice.

ALICE: - When I'm ready.

You don't deserve a son. I had a son once. Then he forgot who he was, deserted his family. Turned into a freak

of the fringe. You go ahead. You tell that sweet boy all about his daddy. How much you love him, want the best for him.

It won't matter, because when he finds out what you are, he's gonna grow up hating you. Hating your lies. Hating the life you

forced him into. And hating himself. This boy's gonna blow his brains out before his balls completely drop. Not 'cause of me, or his dead mama...

but because of you. The awful thing that turned out to be his father.

(Venus panting)

ALICE (on video): Just give it a little kiss, Tommy.

MAN (on video): Yeah, that's good. It'll only hurt for a minute.



If you hadn't killed that bitch, I would've.

JAX: What about the others?

BAROSKY: I'll have my guys track 'em down, make a hard point. See that they never come back here again. You did this hood a service.

JAX: - What about her?

BAROSKY: - I'll take care of it.

My treat.

JAX: Guess handsome Jack owes you another.

TIG: It's all clean.

VENUS: I think he's starting to wake up.

JAX: We'll take you to Diosa. He shouldn't see any of this.

VENUS: That would be best.

JAX: You should tell him the truth.

VENUS: I'm just not ready to lose him yet.

JAX: And how do you know you're gonna lose him? He finds out what you did for him today, he's gonna be proud as hell of you.

VENUS: That is a very kind sentiment. I'm afraid my lineage suggests something else, Jackson. My family... we

judge and we hate. And when we have scorched every earth and we're all used up... we die... miserably. I had to be reborn

to escape that doom. I just hope something comes along to liberate my son from that fate.

JAX: Yeah, I hope so.

GEMMA: I'm so glad you're back, sweetheart.

BOBBY: I never left, Gem.

GEMMA: I know, I know, I know. I'll see you later.

BOBBY: Yeah, I'll be making sundaes.

(Gemma laughs)

GEMMA: - You waiting for me?

WENDY: - Yeah. It's Tara. You're not gonna believe what I just found out.

GEMMA: What?

WENDY: Well, I asked her about the will and this guardian shit. And she told me that my commitment to the boys was wavering, and that she didn't think

that I was responsible enough yet. So she picked another person to become the boys' guardian. Margaret Murphy.

GEMMA: Are you kidding? That ginger gash.

WENDY: And there's more, Gem. I think she's doing something else. Her and that bitch lawyer are plotting something. I think that she is gonna leave

Jax, and try to box us all out... away from our boys. You gotta stop her.

GEMMA: - Where is she?

WENDY: - St. Thomas.

GEMMA: I need to talk to you... now. You, too, Red-- outside!

MARGARET: We're eating dinner.

GEMMA: Yeah, well, you're gonna be eating your own teeth in a minute! Let's go!

TARA: What the hell is going on, Gemma?

GEMMA: That's exactly what I'm trying to find out. Where's your lizard lawyer? I understand you've been busy making

arrangements for my grandkids!

TARA: Mm, yeah, I'm not having this conversation with you.

MARGARET: You better calm down or I'm gonna call...

GEMMA: - Stay out of my way!

UNSER: - Gemma!

Gemma, stop it!

WOMAN: Somebody should call Security.

TARA: Okay, okay... Okay...


TARA: Okay.


(door opens)

GEMMA: What are you doing with Lowen? You divorcing Jax? You planning on some kind of custody coup?

TARA: What I do with my family is none of your business.

GEMMA: They are my grandkids.

TARA: And I'm going to make sure they never suffer the same fate as their father. Those boys will not be raised in Charming.

They will not know this life. And they will not know their angry and psychotic grandmother!

GEMMA: Bitch!

(Gemma screams)

TARA: You evil old whore.

(Gemma screams)

(Gemma panting)

GEMMA: You're lucky you're pregnant.

(Tara screams)

GEMMA: Jesus!

(Tara moans)


TARA: - Oh my... (moans)

UNSER: - Tara?

(Tara sobbing)

UNSER: - What the hell?

TARA: - She attacked me.

GEMMA: What are you talking about?

(Tara sobs)

TARA: Oh, my... my baby.

GEMMA: Oh, my God!

(over PA): Code Gray, Administration.

Code Gray, Administration...

TARA: - My baby... Look what you did.

GEMMA: I didn't do that.

(Tara sobbing)

MARGARET: Yes, you did. We all saw it.

NURSE: Dr. Knowles? Are you okay?

TARA (weeping): Get out! Get out! Leave me alone! I want my husband! I want Jax...

MARGARET: She's the one. Take her out of here.

SECURITY GUARD: Ma'am... Come on.

(Tara sobbing)

JAX: Oh, my God.

MARGARET: She wouldn't let anyone else help her.

JAX: What do you want me to do?

TARA: Nothing.

JAX: Oh, my God...

♪ ♪

TARA: I lost our baby girl.

JAX: I know. I'm so sorry.

TARA: I can't... I can't be around her anymore, Jax.


(Jax sniffling)

JAX: I know.

TARA: She... she kicked me in the stomach. What kind of sick person does that?

JAX: Why?

TARA: She thinks I'm still trying to take the boys away from her. She's so... violent, Jax. I don't even tell you half

the things that happen.

JAX: I didn't know.

TARA: I don't ever want her near our children again.

JAX: I know.

TARA: Promise me.

JAX: - I will...

TARA: - You promise me.

JAX: I promise.

Babe, I promise.

♪ ♪

The End

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