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SOA Salvage

Previously on Sons of Anarchy...

ERIN: - Hey, baby, why...

LEE: - Jesus, I'm sorry.

ERIN: - You shot me!

LEE: - You're okay.

I'm really sorry.

ROOSEVELT: Do you know a Ms. Erin Byrne?

NERO: Yeah, she works here. She's one of our escorts.

ROOSEVELT: She was found dead last night.

CANE: There's a warrant for your vehicle, Mr. Padilla.

ROOSEVELT: The caller who spotted the body said they saw a Ford pickup truck drive away from the scene.

CANE: - DNA in Padilla's truck.

ROOSEVELT: - Go find him.

PATTERSON: My special investigator believed Ms. Byrne could tie the Byz-lat and the Sons of Anarchy to the gun that was used in the Count of Aquino shooting. We need to find a bad guy, Lieutenant. Someone, some crew has got to take the blame for the murder of these four children.

GEMMA: - How's Bobby?

JUICE: - I got a feeling he's

gonna patch out of Redwood.

GEMMA: - Nomads folded.

JUICE: All you need is four members that don't have a home anymore.

TARA: - I'm pregnant.

GEMMA: - Oh, my God. That's wonderful.

How's Jax with it?

TARA: - I just found out for sure-- I'll tell him tonight.

LOWEN: Are you certain about Wendy?

TARA: No, but I am certain about the alternative.


UNSER: Oh, sorry. Uh...

UNSER: - Do you need my help?

TARA: - If I said yes?

UNSER: Then I'd say I'm gonna need to know all the facts.

JAX: Let's bring Connor into the Wahewa. Get him to connect us to the Kings. I got no choice, Gaalan.

I got to move us out of guns.

GAALAN: I'll take it back to the Kings. Our history with the Sons of Anarchy has come to an end.

JAX: What delivery?

CHUCK: Beer. Gemma must've ordered it.

He gets what he wants, out of guns...

JAX: - Everyone out! Go!

GAALAN: ...and ties severed.

(loud explosion)

(indistinct chatter)

(siren wailing in distance)

(water dripping)

♪ ♪

(Jax sighs)

JAX: I did this.

(wood clatters)

(wood clatters)

CHIBS: We're gonna fix this, brother. You hear me?

JAX: Yeah.

♪ Riding through this world ♪
♪ all alone ♪
♪ God takes your soul ♪
♪ You're on your own ♪
♪ The crow flies straight ♪
♪ a perfect line ♪
♪ on the devil's bed ♪
♪ until you die ♪
♪ Gotta look this life ♪
♪ in the eye ♪

ROOSEVELT: I know explosives when I smell 'em.

JAX: I can't tell you who. But I can tell you why. I'm trying to end a relationship.

ROOSEVELT: Oh, then she's very pissed off.

CHIBS: Aye. She sure is.

ROOSEVELT: Listen, fellas, now, I know everyone in this town always looked the other way at how the-the club earned. The MC, well, you guys kept it small and safe. Unser, Clay, they made it work. It's not working anymore. Last couple of years, everything that SAMCRO does, it comes back to haunt them. And everybody knows that now. Do you think anybody is gonna come here to get their vehicle worked on anymore?

JAX: That's my burden.

CANE: LT, Gemma Teller's down at the station. She's making a scene about seeing Padilla.

JAX: And that's your burden.

ROOSEVELT: I'm headed in. Now, I know that this was the IRA. Is there something else that I should know?

JAX: I'm trying to put an end to this shit. I'm trying to put us on the right side of

things, but it's gonna take a minute.

ROOSEVELT: I'm afraid your minute might've ran out in that classroom last week.

JAX: Look, I know you're a good cop. We done a few rounds together, but I never tried to buy you and I'm not asking you to look the other way. I'm trying to be straight with you here. If you press the club on this, if you crawl up our ass right now, it's not gonna help either one of us or this town. I'm sorry that this happened.

CHIBS: We're gonna make sure none of this shit ever happens again.

ROOSEVELT: I can tell you guys really believe that. I'm just not sure I do.

JAX: Good luck with my mom.

GEMMA: I just want to go in there and make sure he's okay!

EGLEE: He's not allowed any visitors.

GEMMA: Come on! This is bullshit!

CARREIRA: Look, you can talk to his lawyer later.

GEMMA: - Idiots!

CARREIRA: - Gemma, come on.

EGLEE: Whoa. Whoa! Hey! Wait a minute, Gemma. Just hang on. Whoa, Gemma.

CARREIRA: - Gemma, enough.

EGLEE: - Come on, Gemma.

GEMMA: - Hey!

EGLEE: - Stop it! Stop it now!

GEMMA: - Hey! Hey! Hey!

EGLEE: - Okay, all right!

All right!

NERO: How's it going?

GEMMA: Okay. Just, uh, you know, thought I'd come by and say hi.


NERO: What am I gonna do with you?

GEMMA: I'm sorry.

NERO: You okay?

GEMMA: I guess. Haven't slept.

NERO: Anybody hurt over there?

GEMMA: Oh, no. No. Freaked out but no one got hurt.

NERO: Shit. That was a first for me, mama.

(sighs) Goddamn.

GEMMA: Yeah, I know. I don't want you to go away, baby.

NERO: The state may have other ideas about that.

GEMMA: I mean away from me. I know you want to get away from the MC. And after last night, I'm sure

you're feeling the crush of that. I want to be with you, Nero. I do. But I-I need to be

there for my family. Especially now. I want to figure a way to do both. Just need some time.

NERO: You might have to life.

GEMMA: Those charges are bullshit. And they are gonna find a way to prove that.

NERO: I hope so.

(door opens)

JAX: Where's Tara?

HAPPY: With the boys in your old room.

JAX: Did we hear anything yet?

TIG: Well, talked to Belfast. They're whole. All the other charters, too.

JAX: See if they're ready?


(door opens)

(door closes)

JAX: Hey. How's he doing?

TARA: I don't know. He didn't sleep. Wouldn't eat anything.

JAX: We're heading up to Chester. Sitting down with the Northwest. Letting them know why this happened.

TARA: Okay. I'm gonna go to St. Thomas and get an ultrasound.

JAX: Is there something wrong?

TARA: No. I don't think so. It's just a precaution.

JAX: Jesus.


(door opens)

CHUCK: You got a long-distance call, Jax.

JAX: All right.

(Tara sighs)

(door closes)

JAX: Hey, stay.

(Jax sighs)

We're all here.

GAALAN: The council is prepared to offer you terms for your betrayal.

JAX: Our betrayal?

GAALAN: That's right. A peaceful transition. Or we do what we did yesterday

to every clubhouse between here and San Bernardino.

JAX: What terms?

GAALAN: Clay will be handling the distribution of our guns in Northern California. How is none of your concern. What is your concern is facilitating that transition, making sure all your buyers are on board.

And you won't be taking a percentage. You wanted out-- that includes profit as well. Understood?

JAX: We'll have to take a vote.

GAALAN: I don't give a shit about your democracy. Are we understood?

TIG (quietly): Yeah.

JAX: Yeah. Understood.

ROARKE: Glad to hear that, Jackson.

JAX: Really? 'Cause your plan was to blow up our clubhouse with a full table, so forgive me if I have a little trouble believing you're glad to hear anything from me.

ROARKE: We regret being pushed to such desperate measures. Let's make sure that never happens again.

JAX: All of us here can live with that. I'm not sure everyone at your table feels the same way.

GAALAN: We all want the same thing, Jax.

JAX: No, we don't. I'll cut Connor and your other guys loose.

ROARKE: They're still alive?

JAX: Yeah. I told you. I didn't want a war.


GAALAN: I'll move forward with Clay.

(door opens)

(door closes)

CHIBS: I say we keep Connor for a couple more days. Make sure this peace shit is real.

JAX: Is that what you all want?

TIG: Yeah. Yeah.

HAPPY: At least a couple days.

JUICE: - Makes sense.

JAX: - Okay. Tacoma's still at the barn. Let's keep them there until we get back.

TIG: Uh, Jax, Rogue River, Indian Hills, Eureka, Moab,

Tacoma-- all officers are confirmed.

JAX: All right. Let's go.

(vehicle approaching)

(indistinct radio chatter)

EGLEE: Have a nice day.

At home.

GEMMA: Eat me.


JAX: Police escort?

GEMMA: Don't ask.

JAX: How's Nero?

GEMMA: Not very hopeful.

JAX: I'm sorry.

GEMMA: I know, baby. You guys headed north?

JAX: Yeah. I need Clay to know what happened. I want him to take that Irish deal.

GEMMA: Another conjugal?

JAX: No, you don't need privacy for this message. Just a simple "move forward."

GEMMA: Okay.

JAX: Come here.

(Gemma sighs)

(Gemma sniffling, exhales)

GEMMA (exhales): I'm here. I'll go see Clay. Uh, you let me know if there's anything else I can do.

JAX: Just... keep an eye on Tara.

Make sure she's not alone.

GEMMA: - Of course.

TARA: Come on. Give me your hand.

(engines starting)

GEMMA: - Where you heading?

TARA: - St. Thomas. I'm gonna put the boys in day care and work with Lowen on the trial.

GEMMA: Okay. How's that looking?

TARA: Not so good.

GEMMA: Sorry.

(vehicle approaching)

You and Unser seem to be bonding.

TARA: Yeah.

ABEL: - Wayne!

UNSER: - Ah, morning!


UNSER: Hey! Oh, easy, buddy.

Oh! (chuckling) Whoa.

TARA: Bye.

UNSER: Ow, I got me a little Nazi owie here. Go on. Let's get in the truck.

ABEL: I can drive.

EGLEE: - I took the insurance...

PATTERSON: - What the hell happened last night?

ROOSEVELT: Residue tests will be back in a couple of days, but it had to be a bomb.

Plastics most likely.

PATTERSON: - Anybody talking?

ROOSEVELT: Teller indicated it was about ending a relationship. My guess? He pissed off his supplier.

PATTERSON: IRA? Well, they love to blow shit up. Padilla was processed?

ROOSEVELT: He's with his lawyer.

Come here.

(Roosevelt sighs) Okay.

You're not gonna want to hear this.

PATTERSON: Then don't say it.

ROOSEVELT: I know the DNA was a match, but I don't like Padilla for the murder. It's too neat. I think he was set up.

PATTERSON: Well, as much as I appreciate a good hunch, I'm gonna stick to the concrete, scientific evidence for now.

(Patterson sighs)

I need to make some calls.


(Roosevelt sighs)

Oh. Uh... Do you want to...



PATTERSON: - Thanks.

(door closes)

TARA: Bye, guys. See you later.

We're gonna have fun.

TARA: - Bye-bye.

(children laughing)

(Tara sighs)

UNSER: You doing okay, sweetheart?

TARA: I guess. It's just surreal to me, Wayne. I don't know what's more frightening, the violence getting worse or my ability to simply take it in stride.

I see how living this way can make you...

UNSER: - Gemma?

You give any more thought to my offer?

TARA: Yeah. I might need your help. I can't tell you everything.

UNSER: Why not start with what you can?

TARA: If I have to go to jail, I am not letting my boys stay in Charming.

UNSER: Jax is their dad.

TARA: I'm filing for divorce. Asking for full custody.

UNSER: Who gets the boys if you go inside?

WENDY: Hey. I heard about the explosion.

TARA: The boys are fine. I'm-I'm so sorry I didn't call you.

WENDY: - Shit. What happened?

TARA: - What do you think?

WENDY: Is everyone else okay?


TARA: She's fine. You should check up on her, build the trust.

WENDY: Yeah, okay.

TARA: This is exactly why we need to stay on task, Wendy. If I go away, I need you to take

those boys out of here before something else blows up.

WENDY: - Okay.

TARA: - Wayne knows.

He's... here to help us.

UNSER: Yeah.

WENDY: All right.

TARA: Abel's in day care. I told him his friend Wendy was coming back to play with him.

He was very excited.

WENDY: - Yeah?



UNSER: You're, uh... you're spinning a lot of plates there, sweetheart.

TARA: Yeah.


(siren wailing)

RAT BOY: Shit.

(siren continues wailing)

JAX: Hey, pull over.

(siren stops)

JAX (quietly): We all clean?

HAPPY: Yeah, Rat's got all the hardware.

PLYMPTON: Welcome to paradise, boys. Had a little trouble catching up to you. You know, the speed limit's

on our road here.

JAX: Yeah, sorry about that. Guess we were just enjoying the scenery.

TOFER: - Where you headed?

CHIBS: - To Chester.

TOFER: - Hmm. From where?

JAX: - Sanwa. Charming.

PLYMPTON: Well, I don't know what the laws are in Charming, but here, in Eden, wearing those

gang colors, that's illegal.

HAPPY: We're not a gang; we're a club.

TOFER: The Rotary, Knights of Columbus, -H-- those are clubs. Rockers and reapers suggest something else.

TIG: Officer, we didn't mean any disrespect, you know? We know you got a beautiful place here.

PLYMPTON: Yes, we do. And we intend to keep it that way. Let's see some ID. We had a big robbery last week. Bikes stolen off a truck headed for a Butte County Harley dealer. A few Dynas, half a dozen baggers.

CHIBS: - None of these bikes are new.

TIG: - Or stolen.

TOFER: No, it looks like you got some recent modifications though.

JAX: Yeah, we own a garage, do the work ourselves.

PLYMPTON: Ah, good for you. Tell you what. I'm gonna do you a solid, okay? I'm gonna have the bikes picked up. We'll run the serials for anything aftermarket. Make sure no one sold you any stolen parts.

JAX: Look, you made your point, man. We won't come through Eden again. We got a family thing we

really need to get to.

PLYMPTON: I feel you, pres. I do. But I got a job to do.

JUICE: And what job is that?

PLYMPTON: That some kind of tribal shit? You supposed to be a warrior, son?

JUICE: No. I'm just a guy who knows a coward when I see one.

JAX: Okay, look, I'm sorry. We're all just a little road weary. He didn't mean no disrespect.

TOFER: Dispatch wants us at exit . CHP request.

PLYMPTON: Oh. Okay. You call Pagone?

TOFER: Yeah. Flatbed's on the way.

CHIBS: - Really? Come on.

TIG: - Oh, really? Really? Just write us up for speeding, get your quota.

PLYMPTON: Eden doesn't have quotas. You fellas, uh, you're all about the brotherhood, right? Loyalty? That kind of shit?That's good.

CHIBS: What? Are you serious?

TOFER: - Hey, don't be stupid.

PLYMPTON: - That's right.

JAX: Everything's cool, man. All right?

PLYMPTON: My partner and I, we got to head out. I want you boys to sit here and wait for impound and backup to arrive. This right here? That's where you can pick up your bikes.

TOFER: Yeah, if there's anything left.

PLYMPTON: We know you wouldn't desert a brother, would you?

(grunts) JAX: Juice!

TOFER: - Hey, hey, hey!

JAX: - Knock it off!

CHIBS: Enough, Juice, enough!

JAX: Juice!

CHIBS: Juice!

JAX: Juice, stop! Happy!

TOFER: Okay, you better think twice about this move!

PLYMPTON: Assaulting a cop gets you killed in this town!

TOFER: And we know who you are!

JAX: Yeah, and we know a scam when we see one!

TIG: That's right we do. I've seen Smokey and the Bandit a thousand times! Love that movie.

PLYMPTON: You scumbags are done.

- You won't make it out of...

JAX: - Juice! Stop!

CHIBS: Enough! Enough!

(distant siren wailing)

JAX: Let's go.

HAPPY: We should go now.

TIG: Come on, Juice, come on!

JAX: Come on! (Tig grunts)

TIG: Come on, good buddy, let's go!

(engines starting)

(distant sirens wailing)

♪ ♪

PLYMPTON: Go, go, go, go, go!

JAX: The hell is he doing? He's jamming us up!

PLYMPTON: Go around him!

RAT BOY: Juice! Come on!

(Juice grunts)

(tires screeching)

JAX: Holy shit!


TOFER: - You all right?

PLYMPTON: - Yeah, you?

TOFER: - I'm good.


(Rat Boy and Juice laughing)

RAT BOY: Hell yeah, man!

CHIBS: Juice! Juice! Juice! That boy ain't right!

JUICE: Yeah!

(Juice whoops)

(engines shut off)

(birds chirping, calling)

(Juice sighs)

JUICE: I talked to Barosky. No APB, no POI call. No one's looking for us.

HAPPY: Which means they were dirty.

TIG: Most of the stolen parts come from Butte and Plumas County, bro.

JAX: Guess the cops feed the pipeline. Pull over anything dirty or dark.

CHIBS: So what do you want to do about our friends in Eden?

JAX: Claim our property.

CHIBS: Good.

TIG: I'll get a on this chop shop.

CHIBS: Great. Get on it, Tiggy.

JAX: Hey.


JURY: Good to see you, Jax.

JAX: You, too, Jury.

JURY: That flash looks good on your chest.

JAX: Just trying to live up to it, you know?

JURY: He asked to come. I figured it made sense.

JAX: It's all good.

JURY: - What's up, bro?

TIG: - Been a long time, boss.

BOBBY: Good to see you, brother.

JAX: You, too.


Glad you came.

BOBBY: Can you give me some time afterwards? I got something I want to talk to you about. It's important.

JAX: Sure.

BOBBY: Good.

CHIBS: - Who's this guy?

TIG: - Who's that? Who's that?

CHIBS: Who's this guy?!

(Chibs, Tig and Happy laughing)

Who is this guy?

TIG: You never call, you never write.

(indistinct chatter)

CLAY: You doing okay? I know there's nothing to do about it now, but the shit that those guards did, it's

not gonna go unpunished.

GEMMA: - Irish blew up the clubhouse.

CLAY: - What?!

GEMMA: They smuggled in

C- in a beer delivery.

CLAY: Jesus Christ. Is... is everybody whole?

GEMMA: Yeah.

CLAY: What do you want me to do?

GEMMA: Jax said to move forward with the offer. Needs you inside that circle.

CLAY: Right. That makes sense. What else?

GEMMA: In County... that marshal that was pulling the strings-- you got

any sense of him? You know, just how far he was willing to go?

CLAY: What's it matter? Otto killed him.

GEMMA: Nero was arrested on the murder of one of his girls. It was bullshit. Evidence was planted.

He's thinking maybe Toric set him up, use him as leverage against the club. You think he was capable

of crossing that line?

CLAY: You asking me to help clear your boyfriend?

GEMMA: Considering I rode your cock yesterday for that creep show, didn't say shit to

Jax-- I was thinking maybe you owe me one.

CLAY: Toric was completely warped. He'd do anything to hurt the MC. I don't know if he was always that unhinged, or losing his sister pushed him there. The shit he did to Otto-- beating and raping him like clockwork-- threatened to do the same thing to me. What Otto did... was to save me as much as himself.

(buzzer sounds)

(door clanks open)

(door closes)

(door closes)

JAX: I want to say thank you for making the ride. It means a lot to me to have a full table. I'm certain you have questions and doubts. That's what this meeting is for. I know every charter is independent. You run them as you want. But I also know, the things we do in Redwood, especially here in the Northwest, impact your local relationships and affect the way you earn. Some of you knew my old man. Some just knew his legacy. It's no secret that he was conflicted at the end. Questioned every decision he'd ever made. About the club. About his family. That fear, that doubt... it ruined him. Made him vulnerable. I'm here to tell you that I'm not following that path. The choices that I make are not because I'm afraid, or because I have any doubts about this club. I watched my best friend get his head caved in to protect what we have here. We've all watched brothers die in the service of this club. There's two things you can do when that happens. You can run from the pain, bail. Or you can allow it to burn into your heart... to leave its mark. A constant reminder of the love that brought us all here.

(man clears his throat)

Sons of Anarchy-- it's at a crossroads. Our clubhouse blowing up last night-- that's a sign of the times. The end result of a bloody relationship with the IRA. It'd be easy for me to sit here and blame our mistakes on my predecessor, but that won't solve shit. We don't need blame. What we need, boys, is change. I want us out of guns.

(throat clearing)

The RICO heat, the competition, the Irish blowback. It's just not practical. Between the lawyers and repairing the damage, we barely earn a profit.I'm gonna move Redwood into more legitimate enterprises. Diosa-- it's doing great. We're earning real money. We're gonna open another house in Stockton. We're going to reboot Caracara. Just found a warehouse down by the docks. So, I guess it's fair to say that SAMCRO's future is in pussy, not bullets.

(scattered chuckles)

We struck a deal with the Irish. One that keeps the peace. But that transition means we all take a hit. Now, I know everyone here has had a taste of the gun business, whether it's in protection, storage or distribution. It's gonna sting at first, letting go of that cash. But if we don't... I'm telling you... this club won't have a future. We've had members killed in the last two years. All of those deaths tied to the gun business. Outside of guns, how you earn is up to you. But, if you would like, my charter will do everything it can to help you move in a legitimate direction. A direction that keeps us out of jail, that keeps us whole and that keeps us alive. Yeah!

(indistinct shouts)

CARREIRA: Really? Are you kidding me?

GEMMA: Got to talk to your boss.

EGLEE: Come on. Let's get this.

CARREIRA: Gemma, seriously. Come on!

EGLEE: Hey, Gemma! Hey!

PATTERSON: Tell me as fast as you can. I'll call you back.

GEMMA: - Who are you?

PATTERSON: - My question, also.

ROOSEVELT: It's okay, you guys.

Gemma, what the hell are you doing here?

GEMMA: - Who's this?

ROOSEVELT: - District Attorney Patterson. She's prosecuting Nero's case.

Gemma Teller Morrow.


GEMMA: - Old lady.

PATTERSON: And Jax Teller's mother. Didn't know there was an old-lady connection, too.

GEMMA: Yeah, well, there's a lot of shit you don't know. You mind if I share?

(door closes)

Nero was set up. That marshal, Toric. He told Clay he would do anything to hurt the club. He was having Otto Delaney raped every day to punish him for what he did to his sister, and then, he threatened to do the same thing to Clay. That's why Otto killed Toric. Couldn't take it anymore. That marshal was nuts. Nero would never hurt one of his girls. He was with me the entire night. Next morning, he went to church. I know you want to find the devil who put the gun in that boy's hand. It wasn't Nero.

PATTERSON: Then who was it?

ROOSEVELT: Toric was on your payroll. If anybody finds out that he set up Padilla, that's gonna look like the call of a desperate boss pressing for leverage.You might want to get in front of that.

PATTERSON: Lieutenant? Let's check his hotel. Paid for the month up front. Showed me his badge. I didn't know he was killed. Sorry to hear that.

CANE: We need to talk to anyone who's cleaned the room. He didn't want maid service. He

didn't want anyone in his room. Said he was working on a case or something.

ROOSEVELT: All right, thanks. Let me know when you're done.


Smell that? (Cane sniffs)

CANE: - Bleach.

ROOSEVELT: - Mm-hmm.

(door closes)

Uh-huh. Guns.

Check the bags.

CANE: Yup. That's a guy expecting trouble.

ROOSEVELT: Or looking to cause it. Why don't you check out the the bathroom?

(Cane coughs)


CANE: - Spotless.


CANE: It's been showered in bleach.



(door opening)

CANE: Damn. Linoleum underneath. These are definitely bullet holes.

PATTERSON: Oh, shit. Call CSU, get 'em down here.

ROOSEVELT: Found a bag of pharmaceuticals and a set of works. You know, that Toric was a few kinds of sick. Linoleum is porous. We should be able to pull DNA. Now, I know that you want to find leverage to tie Nero and the Sons to your school shooting, but I'm sorry, ma'am. He did not kill Erin Byrne.

PATTERSON: We won't know that until we get the DNA.

ROOSEVELT: That could take days.

PATTERSON: All we know right now is that Toric was on medication, he liked to live

germ-free, and he discharged a weapon. Padilla gets processed. Murder charge sticks.

JAX: Hey.

(music playing, people chattering)

You tell me what the hell that was today?

JUICE: Was kind of just doing it before I even realized what was going on.

JAX: You don't have anything to prove, Juice. We're good.

JUICE: Yeah. I'm not sure Chibs

JAX: Ah. I'm guessing he'll be healed by the time your face is.

(phone ringing)

No more cowboy shit.

JUICE: Sure. Okay.

JAX: - Hey, babe.

TARA: - Hi.

JAX: How'd it go-- the baby?

TARA: The ultrasound was fine.

JAX: Oh, thank God.

TARA: Yeah.

JAX: You know this one's a girl, right?

TARA: Why do you say that?

JAX: I just got a feeling. She's gonna be strong and beautiful, like her mom.

TARA: Oh, maybe.

JAX: How's Abel doing?

TARA: His appetite's back. How's it going there?

JAX: Good, good. I let everyone know we're out of guns, what our plans are. They all get it.

Every charter's on board.

TARA: - Oh, that's great.


TARA: Hey, Lowen just arrived.

JAX: Okay.

TARA: And get home safe.

JAX: Yeah, I will. I love you.

TARA: Me, too. Bye. You're here early.

LOWEN: I got a call from the DA's office. Patterson wants to meet, offer you some sort of deal.

TARA: - When?

LOWEN: - Now.

She's on her way here.

TARA: Well, I don't need a deal. We have a plan.

LOWEN: You have a plan for Jax, for the boys, for Wendy. You need a plan for Tara. Let's hear what she has to say. Okay?

(Lowen sighs)

(indistinct chattering)

(motorcycle engine running)

BOBBY: I'm glad I came. That was some powerful stuff in there.

JAX: Thanks. See you posse'd up. That your Nomad crew?

BOBBY: I guess that's the buzz around the charters. We gossip more than teenage girls.

JAX: That your transfer?

BOBBY: Not mine. Quinn, Montez and West. Hopper got spooked by the explosion. He's out.

JAX: You've been recruiting for SAMCRO?

BOBBY: Yeah. We'll ride back with you. Club can vote on it when we get to Charming. I ripped that flash off because I didn't know how to help you that way anymore. I handpicked these guys, because they're loyal, they're smart, they got families, they're hardworking, and their priorities are in the right place. It's exactly what this charter needs. This ain't no kind of power grab. I got no interest in the gavel or a new patch.This is because I love this club. And I love you.

(Jax laughs)

PATTERSON: I'm aware Toric made a run at you in County. I'm sorry if his methods were questionable,

but he was not working for me at the time.

TARA: But you both want the same thing.

LOWEN: Tara.

PATTERSON: Toric wanted vengeance. I want justice. The process to get to those two things might feel the same, but the motivation is very different. Like when you gave Otto Delaney the crucifix. I don't believe your motivation was vengeance.

LOWEN: We're not here to discuss the alleged details. Do you have something to offer or not?

PATTERSON: The doctor already knows my offer. A loving mother for a dangerous husband. What's best for the boys?

LOWEN: This is bullshit. When you have something real, put it in writing.

PATTERSON: You're not really going to go to jail for him?

Leave your children?

LOWEN: - Don't answer that. We're done.

TARA: - I love my husband.

LOWEN: - Tara?

TARA: I know who he is and what he does.

PATTERSON: Then you know it's not you who deserves to be in jail. Full immunity for the

proof of the gunrunning. It's the only offer you'll get.

(door opens)

WOMAN (over PA): Dr. Gordon...

(door closes)

LOWEN: - You okay?

TARA: - Yeah.

LOWEN: I need you to think about that offer, Tara. I know how much you love Jax.

TARA: No, you don't. The betrayal of love has boundaries. Ones that I have to live with. I don't need to think about an offer.

LOWEN: Okay.

LYLA: Hey, Gem.

Did you see Nero?

GEMMA: - Yeah.

LYLA: How is he?

GEMMA: On his way to County.

(Lyla sighs)

LYLA: Jesus Christ.

GEMMA: Yeah, but he ain't gonna be there long. We just got to help Jax to keep this place

up and running until he gets out, okay?

LYLA: I know.

GEMMA: Anything I can help you with?

LYLA: Yeah. Friend of Nero's came in looking for him. Seemed pretty upset. I didn't know what I should tell her. Said she wanted to wait, so, I put her in his room.

(door opens)

GEMMA: One of Nero's girls?

(door closes)

LYLA: Um... yes and no. Hey, Eric. How are you?


(water running)

(water stops running)

(door opens)

VENUS: Oh, I'm... I'm so sorry, darling. If-if you're looking for Nero, he's not back yet.


VENUS: Oh. Yes. At the very least.

(Venus laughs)


Thank you, Gem.

GEMMA: Sure.

(Venus sighs)

VENUS: I knew Nero had himself a new lady. I just didn't realize she was so substantial.

(Gemma laughs)

GEMMA: Yeah, that's me, the substantial one.

(Venus laughs)

(Venus sighs)

That's much better.


GEMMA: - Oh, wait.

Here, I'll take it.

VENUS: - Thank you.

(Venus sighs)

Darling, I am so sorry to hear about Nero's incarceration. I-I know him. That man would never

raise a hand to a woman.

GEMMA: Yeah, I know. What's your connection... to Nero? How do you know him?

VENUS: Oh, it was from another life, darling.

GEMMA: Before the... the transformation?

VENUS: Oh, um... yes. Back in the days of young Vincent Noone. My darling mother, Alice, was one of Nero's best, um, uh... street performers. Um, unfortunately, her ability to drain semen from the front seat of a parked car far exceeded her ability to raise a boy of questionable orientation. I was, uh, when Miss Alice checked into the North Cali Women's Facility for an extended holiday. Nero was the one who took me in, kept the wolves from my door. He never asked me for anything. He was, uh... my guardian angel.

GEMMA: And, um... what's this? More wolves at your door?

VENUS: Oh, I, uh... I'm afraid I-I ran smack into a low-hanging branch of my gnarled family tree. I... I didn't quite know where to go, and before I knew it, I was, uh... I was here.

GEMMA: Come here.

(Venus cries) You're safe.

You are safe here.

Come on, come on.

(Venus sobs)

(engines revving)

JAX: All right. Me and Hap. Rest of you guys stay close.

(train whistle blowing)

Montez, watch the bikes.

(bell clangs)

(bell clanging)


(Jax laughs)

We're closed.

JAX: Hey, an Eden cop told me to give you this. What kind of car is it?



JAX: - You alone?

Mm, yeah.

JAX: - Uh, keys.

(man groans)

Come on!

(gate creaks open)

CHIBS: - I got him, I got him.


CHIBS: Come here, mate, come here.


TIG: - Yeah.

CHIBS: - Find Juice's bike.

TIG: - Rat.

(man groans)

JAX: This okay with you, Mom?

BOBBY: Blow me, boy.

JUICE: Hey! Hey! That's my bike.

(man groans)

Hey, Juice!

CHIBS: - Hey, Juicy!

Hey, hey! Hey, hey,

hey, hey, come on!

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!

It ain't right.

BOBBY: - That's new.

JAX: Yeah.

TIG: - Jax?

You got to see this in the garage, man.

HAPPY: - Phew.

JAX: - Oh, snap.

TIG: I checked the stickers. They're brand-new. All of 'em are going to Bernacchi Harley in Butte County, Jax.

CHIBS: Wow. What do you want to do, boss?

JAX: What you're supposed to do when you find stolen merchandise. Call the police.

(Chibs laughs)

LOWEN: Sorry, no deal, all right?

PATTERSON: Understood.

LOWEN: Thank you.

(woman speaks indistinctly over PA)

PATTERSON: Time to go hood, sister.

(woman speaks indistinctly over PA)

Tell your lawyer I'll be moving up the trial date three weeks. And I'll be prosecuting

the case myself. See you in court, Doctor.

(train whistle blowing)

PLYMPTON: Pagone? What the hell's going on?


PAGONE: In here.


JAX: No need for guns, boys. We're all friends now.

PAGONE: They made me call you.

JAX: Yes, we did. We also took pictures of all these vehicles, just in case we need to return them to

their rightful owners.

TIG: Did you know that these are the bikes that you said were stolen? And we found them all here. I mean, how crazy is that?

PLYMPTON: What do you want?

JAX: First of all, leaving all this shit here-- that's just stupid and lazy.

BOBBY: Yeah, if you're gonna go outlaw, boys, use half a brain. I mean, you're making us all look bad.

CHIBS: Which one do you want, Juicy?

JUICE: This one is good.

JAX: He's gonna take Liberace's bike. Don't worry. We'll change the numbers ourselves. What I need you to do is make sure that none of the shit that happened today comes back to bite us in the ass, or all of this goes very public.

PLYMPTON: Okay. Yeah.

JAX: And... I need you both to apologize to all my guys for your behavior today.

TOFER: You got to be kidding me.

(Tofer grunting)

JAX: Do you think I'm kidding?

PLYMPTON: Sorry for my behavior today.

TOFER: Sorry for my behavior today.

TIG: Yeah.

PLYMPTON: Sorry for my behavior today.

(Bobby laughs)

BOBBY: It is good to be back.

TOFER: Sorry for my behavior today.

PLYMPTON: Sorry for my behavior today.

TOFER: Sorry for my behavior today.

PLYMPTON: - Sorry for my behavior...

JAX: - Get home safe.

(motorcycle engine revving)

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