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  6x05 - The Mad King
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The Mad King SOA

Previously on Sons of Anarchy...

ROOSEVELT: Do you know a Miss Erin Byrne?

NERO: Yeah. She works here. She's one of our, uh, escorts.

ROOSEVELT: She was found dead last night.

CANE: That's a warrant for your vehicle, Mr. Padilla.

ROOSEVELT: The caller who spotted the body said they saw a Ford pickup truck drive away from the scene.

CANE: Found clothing fragments, hair and blood.They're running the DNA now.

LEE: Did I mention Nero Padilla was tough on his girls? Kill happened in the morning. Body was dumped last night outside Charming.

PATTERSON: Eli Roosevelt's turf.

LEE: Yeah, but there may be some question as to who he's actually protecting.

PATTERSON: I'll deal with my sheriff. You get to Stockton, get Morrow to sign that affidavit.

LEE: And my deal is still on the table.

CLAY: Do you really think seeing how you destroyed one of my brothers is gonna scare me?

LEE: It should.

CLAY: No more, brother.

(Lee grunts)

AUGUST: You need to get out of guns.

JAX: Running guns doesn't sound much like a Pope Industries venture.

AUGUST: But it sounds like something Marks, Incorporated might handle. You hook me up with the

Irish gun distribution, I'll consider Trager's debt paid.

LOWEN: These go back before you were married?

WENDY: Yeah.

LOWEN: And you would be willing to testify about the violence?

- WENDY: Yes.

TARA: Did you talk to Gemma?

WENDY: Yeah. Told her everything you wanted me to. She wants me to keep feeding her your dirt.

UNSER: Oh, uh, sorry.

JAX: We can't take any more KG- 's, Gaalan. I already told you that.

CONNOR: You don't have to take them. Just pay for them.

GAALAN: You're not getting out of guns, son.


JAX: I will let you know if and when we need more guns.

- Until then, hands off my club.

GAALAN: Aye. Hands off.

(door creaking) (gate clicks shut)

(buzzer sounds)

(gate clicks shut)

(buzzer sounds)

(phone buzzes)

JAX: Yup.

TIG: Place is closed. No Gaalan, no Connor.

- Anything there?

JAX: Nothing.

TIG: You think SamBel got us good intel?

JAX: Right now, it's all we got. Stick with it.

TIG: Yeah. I'll check in with Chibs.

JAX: All right.

HAPPY: Get some sleep, boss.

JAX: I'm good.

(birds singing)

- GEMMA: Okay. You good?


- GEMMA: You all right?


GEMMA: How we doing on food?

CHUCK: We have enough to get us through tomorrow. We need beer and soda.

GEMMA: Hey, Nubs? Otto loved you. You wouldn't be here if he didn't.

CHUCK: He saved my life inside.

GEMMA: Remember that. More coffee.

JAX: We got something.

- I'm gonna get you close.

HAPPY: Okay.
Cut the engine. Hands on the wheel. Get out of the car!

JAX: What's your partner doing inside?

HUGH: He's taking a shit. Why don't you go on and wipe his ass?


JAX: All right, get his friend's attention.

(horn honking)

- (grunting)

Come here. Come here!

(panting) (grunting)

- (grunts)

JAX: Don't move.

- Where we going?

(man sighs)

- Taking a little trip?

(guttural gasping)


This looks a little above your pay grade. This Gaalan's shit?

NEIL: I don't know.

JAX: Get up! Now!

- (Neil groans)

Look, I know you're just doing your job,
but we don't need to make this any bloodier than it needs to be. (sighs)

Just tell me where Gaalan and Connor are.

- NEIL: I got no idea.

JAX: Really?

(screaming) (muffled screaming)

- Any ideas coming to you?


- (loud, muffled yelling)

How about now?

(indistinct, muffled speech)


What did you say?

NEIL: It's Connor's bag. We're picking him up.

JAX: And where's Gaalan?

NEIL: He's gone. He left yesterday.

(Neil pants loudly)

JAX: Where are you picking up Connor?

NEIL: We've got a

beverage warehouse in Lodi.

(loud panting)

JAX: You write down the address. I hope you're not a lefty.

(loud panting)

♪ Riding through this world ♪

♪ All alone ♪

♪ God takes your soul ♪

♪ You're on your own ♪

♪ The crow flies straight♪

♪ A perfect line ♪

♪On the devil's bed ♪

♪Until you die ♪

♪Gotta look this life ♪

♪In the eye. ♪

JAX: He said they're picking up Connor at a beverage supply house in Lodi Gaalan split,

they don't know where.

TIG: You believe him?

JAX: I don't know. We show up in their SUV, try to lure Connor out.

CHIBS: Yeah, I'll contact Belfast, see if they know where their supply house is.

JAX: All right, I got to go deal with this Diosa shit in Stockton.

Pick me up at Colette's at : ?

CHIBS: Done.

TIG: All right.

JAX: Bring the Irish Suburban and the van.

JUICE: Who's with Tara today?

JAX: Oh. Shit. Get one of the Tacoma guys to come watch them. Rat?

You're with me.

(indistinct chatter)

PATTERSON: Lieutenant Roosevelt? San Joaquin District Attorney Thyne Patterson.

ROOSEVELT: Yes, ma'am. I know. How can I help you?

PATTERSON: Any progress on the murder of Erin Byrne?

ROOSEVELT: Uh, some leads, nothing solid. Does it mean something to you?

PATTERSON: Yes, it does. Is there somewhere we can talk?

ROOSEVELT: Yes, of course. This way.

PATTERSON: How did your interview go with Nero Padilla?

ROOSEVELT: Oh, well, uh, his alibi checked out, so I released him. We did find blood and fibers in his truck. We're waiting on lab results.

PATTERSON: Well, that feels pretty solid to me.

ROOSEVELT: I should have the lab results back today.

PATTERSON: What about the fire up at Gerber's ranch? CSU reports listed cases of KG- 's.

ROOSEVELT: Ah. This is about Padilla and the Sons.

PATTERSON: My special investigator believed Miss Byrne could tie the Byz-lats and the Sons of Anarchy to the gun that was used in the Count of Aquino shooting.

ROOSEVELT: You know, Lee Toric was killed by Otto Delaney two days ago in Stockton. You think it was a hit?

PATTERSON: If it was, Delaney won't be able to tell us. But I am hoping that Tara Knowles might be able to shed some light. She's being prosecuted by my office for her part in the murder of Toric's sister.

ROOSEVELT: I know. I brought her in.

PATTERSON: We need to find a bad guy, Lieutenant. Someone, some crew, has got to take the blame

for the murder of these four children.

ROOSEVELT: Yes, ma'am.

But Tara Knowles isn't the bad guy.

PATTERSON: In my book, she's bad until she does something good.

ROOSEVELT: What do you need from me?

PATTERSON: You put in time on the task force during the Sons RICO investigation?

ROOSEVELT: Yeah, some. I was more like the errand boy.

PATTERSON: Well, your first errand for me will be to dig into Padilla. Friends, enemies.

ROOSEVELT: Use him to find a way into the MC.

PATTERSON: Yes. And I'll get to know Dr. Knowles. Maybe motivate her to do a good deed.

(door opens)

(door closes)

NERO: How long does this, uh, lockdown last?

GEMMA: Oh, I'm not sure. Jax is into it with the Irish.

NERO: Can't be good for business.

GEMMA: We just tell 'em we're remodeling. Where's everyone else?

JAX: On the job.

GEMMA: And alive?

JAX: I'm not starting a war, Mom.

GEMMA: No more bodies, Jackson. Please.

(indistinct, distant chatter)

JAX: You ready?

NERO: Yep.

(Jax sighs) JAX: Sorry. Just give me a minute.



JAX: You sleep?

TARA: Not much.

JAX: The boys okay?

TARA: I guess. I got to get out of here, Jax. She scares me.

JAX: What happened?

TARA: Nothing... yet.

But she still thinks I'm trying to take the boys away from her. She doesn't trust me. Vibes me. Don't... don't say anything. It's just too much anxiety in my first trimester.

JAX: What do you want me to do?

TARA: I don't know. I asked Margaret if I could use my old office. I'm gonna go and talk to Lowen.

JAX: Okay. I'll send Rat with you. If you need anything, just let him know. I don't want you alone.

TARA: All right.

NERO: I'm gonna see...

JAX: Where's my , homes?

NERO: Uh, just get in the car, scooter boy.


(engine starts, car radio plays)

GEMMA: Need anything, sweetheart?

TARA: No, I'm good. Thank you.

NERO: You guys have been doing a lot of... remodeling. So where you at with the Irish?

JAX: Thought you didn't want to know about my other business.

NERO: You're kidding me, right? You gave my guy a gun, and his old lady's kid used it to wipe out a whole classroom.

JAX: You putting that on me?

NERO: I'm putting it on both of us. I'm part of your other business right now. Whether I want it or not.

JAX: Look, Diosa is my priority. This partnership, this is the thing that is gonna end the violence.

NERO: Killing your guys... that's the Irish pissed about you moving off guns?

JAX: Yeah.

(Nero scoffs)

And it might get worse before it gets better.

NERO: You think they had anything to do with our girl getting killed?

JAX: No. No, if they wanted to kill someone close, it would've been family.

NERO: That's comforting.

JAX: Look, I know it's messy right now, but I promise I am gonna make this work. You don't have to believe me. Just don't bail on me. Let me prove it.

NERO: I'm just looking for a little disclosure, ese. You know, um, you don't have to give me no details.

Just tell me when to duck.

JAX: All right. Fair enough. I'll let you know.Plus, I'm letting you tap my mom.That's got to be worth something.

NERO: Ouch. I'm... I'm gonna pretend I didn't even hear that.

(engine shuts off)

COLETTE: Uh, excuse me. I'll show you around.

NERO: How's the inspection going?

COLETTE: It's okay, I think. Can't really get a read on the guy.

JAX: What'd you tell him about all the bedrooms?

NERO: Hey, her name's on the lease. She lives here, works here.

COLETTE: I have a big family.Come on. Inspector Orlo's got to meet the partners.

BAROSKY: Something I can help you with?

ROOSEVELT: I don't think so.

BAROSKY: What station you out of, Sheriff?

ROOSEVELT: Well, that's not your concern.

BAROSKY: Charlie Barosky. Stockton PD, detective first class, retired.

ROOSEVELT: That was mandatory retirement, wasn't it, Charlie?

Either that or prosecution.

BAROSKY: Tomato, tomahto.Why you watching the house?

ROOSEVELT: Well, I'm not at liberty to discuss the case.

BAROSKY: That hush-hush, huh?


BAROSKY: Well, tell you what,

I'll call a few friends, get 'em down here to help.You won't mind telling Captain Ensor why you're staking out his jurisdiction.

ROOSEVELT: Hmm.You know, I've seen all I need.

JAX: Excuse me. Be right back.

BAROSKY: Either one of you know a thick black sheriff?

JAX: Yeah. Why?

BAROSKY: He was sitting outside watching this house.

NERO: What? Here?


I just shooed him away.

You want to tell me why?

JAX: Come on. That girl that got killed, dumped outside Charming, she was one of ours.

NERO: And my pre-Chino résumé made me their first stop.

BAROSKY: If they got a tail on you, you may be their last stop as well.

JAX: No, man, this sheriff's just flexing. He ain't a real threat.

BAROSKY: He's on your payroll?

JAX: No, but we have an understanding.

BAROSKY: You got shit unless he's counting your cash.

NERO: It's my problem.

BAROSKY: You see where you're standing. Now it's my problem, too. I maintain a very delicate

balance in this neighborhood. I fund particular parties.

Keep crime and profiles low.

NERO: I know, I know. I... I got it.

JAX: Shit, I got to go. Look, I hear what you're saying. But right now, I got my

own balances to maintain.

NERO: Why don't you and Colette stop by Diosa this afternoon. We'll show you the whole operation. Put your mind at ease.

JAX: Yeah, that's a good idea. All right. Thanks.

BAROSKY: Hope you know what you're doing, ese.

(engine starts) (car departs)

UNSER: Oh, whoa, watch it. (chuckles)

Oh! Ow. Ow. Wait. Ho, ho, ho. Oh.

TARA: Hey, you shouldn't be exerting yourself.

UNSER: Uh... (chuckles) I get a little carried away with this one.

TARA: Sit down.

- UNSER: Oh, no, I'm okay.

TARA: Sit.

Come on.

UNSER: Aw...


TARA: Let me just take a look.

(Unser grunts)

TARA: Sorry. Well, doesn't look like you pulled the stitches.

- UNSER: Thanks.

TARA: It's good.

UNSER: That, uh... little coven I walked in on the other day. Not sure what was going on, but, uh... I got the impression it was all very hush-hush. Pretty, uh, obvious you didn't

want the queen to be privy.
Exit strategy?

TARA: It's best you don't know, Wayne.

UNSER: Do you need my help?

TARA: If I said yes?

UNSER: Then I'd say I'm gonna need to know all the facts. The cop in me.It's an offer. Think it over.

(grunts) Hey there, buddy.

(chuckles) Let's get going again.

All right, easy this time.

TIG: Juice, we're in position. We got two out front.

JUICE: Back is quiet.

TIG: Okay. Stay put. All right.

- JAX: Here we go.

CONNOR: No, there's nothing much.

Hugh and Neil just got here.

Aye, I'm on my way now.

CHIBS: What do you think?

Should we go in?

JAX: No, wait here.

Let him come to us.

CONNOR: I'm on it. Don't worry about it.


CHIBS: Shit.

(tires screech)


(tires screech) (gunshots)

JAX: Get Connor!

Hey! We need him alive!

(tires screech)

- (tires screech)

CONNOR: Christ!

JUICE: Jax said alive!


HAPPY: Hey, he's around that corner.

(Connor shouts) (glass shattering)

TIG: Let's get him.

CHIBS: Nice driving!

JAX: Thank you.

(Connor grunting loudly)

TIG: Get up, get up.

(Connor coughing)

CHIBS: Jesus, another fine Irishman brought down by the bottle.

TIG: Jax. Jax. Found our guns, man. There are AKs and Glocks stored in a storage room back there.

JAX: Okay. Put him with the guns.

CHIBS: Guy that got away, you know he's reached out to Gaalan by now.

JAX: I know. Let's bring him to the Wahewa. Get him to connect us to the Kings.

TIG: Guns, too?

JAX: No, leave 'em. A peace offering.

CHIBS: With a dead body on top?

JAX: They still come out ahead.


JAX: All right, you and Juicy head to TM. We need bodies.

TIG: All right, I'm gonna reach out to Bobby, man.

Tell him we need Jury's crew.

JAX: No.

See if San Bernardino is still in town.

If not, get Rogue River.

TIG: Yeah.


(indistinct chatter)

ELIAS (Irish accent): Need anything, Tyson?

TYSON: Not today.

ELIAS: How 'bout you, friend?

CLAY: Yeah, maybe.

ELIAS: I think you'll like this one.

Gets real good around page .

CLAY: Okay. Thanks.

JAX: Find his phone. Take off the gag.

CHIBS: Come on, Con.

(Connor coughing)

JAX: How do I call the Kings?

CONNOR: I'm... pretty sure the number's not listed.

JAX: Stop it. Stop.

CHIBS: Enough.

JAX: Hey, look at me. Me reaching out is about making peace. I have every intention of putting you on a flight back to Belfast. Letting you give that little bracelet to whoever's supposed to get it.

CHIBS: Come on, Con. No more blood.

JAX: Come on, Connor.

CONNOR: In my texts. From Dungloe Imports. There's burner numbers there.


JAX: I'm gonna make sure this is real. Try to leverage your boyhood memories. Find out where Gaalan went.


(phone ringing)

ROARKE: Connor?

JAX: No.

It's Jax Teller.

ROARKE: Jackson. It's Brendan Roarke. How'd you get this number?

JAX: From Malone. He's here with me now.

ROARKE: What is it you want?

JAX: It's what I don't want.


Me reaching out to you directly... forgive the boldness of that... but I already had two men killed. I don't want anymore.

ROARKE: We're hearing about a couple incidents today. Men killed, others taken.

BROGAN: Apparently for their phone numbers.

JAX: I needed to get your attention.

GRIFFIN: Kidnapping gets our attention.

JAX: Yeah, just like Gaalan slaughtering two of my crew got mine. We killed one of your

men at the beer warehouse. I'm sorry. That couldn't be helped. Other two are here with Connor.

ROARKE: And what happens to them now?

JAX: I let all of them go as soon as I get assurances.

BROGAN: We're listening.

JAX: I told Gaalan why we need out of guns. Fed heat is gonna hurt all of us if we don't cut ties. I offered him distribution to keep the north and new business down south.

ROARKE: And he told the council that both those things were false promises. And that you delivered that betrayal with a good dose of blasphemy.

JAX: I didn't break my promise.I needed time to make it work. Gaalan doesn't want to make it work.

ROARKE: Why is that?

JAX: Gaalan and Clay go back more than years. They've done deals off the books, shit that neither of our organizations know about. They got secrets to protect.

BROGAN: That's a weighty accusation.

JAX: I'm not accusing anyone. I'm just giving you the facts. Gaalan hates that I'm at

the head of the table now. He is undermining your cause to hurt me and my club.

GRIFFIN: So what's the truth, then?

JAX: Clay is an unreliable source. His days in Stockton are numbered. But I got someone real. August Marks. Heir to Damon Pope. He wants to distribute.

ROARKE: Pope built his empire on heroin. We don't like those kind of associations.

JAX: Come on, Roarke, let's be honest. We know it's not the drugs you have a problem with. You guys have a thing about partners of a different shade. But Marks can triple your buyers,distribute anywhere in Northern Cali. His connections are deep. He'll be good for the cause.

ROARKE: I'll need to talk to the others. I'll call you on this phone when we've made a decision.

JAX: Okay.

ROARKE: We've lost four distributors in six cities in the last year.

We cannot afford to lose Northern California.

GAALAN: We won't.

Teller's just like his old man...weak, lost, loyalties in the wrong place. Spics, and now the niggers? Marks won't triple our business. He'll just use us to set up his network, then dump us for a local, cheaper source. Shit players, all of 'em. Clay Morrow's still our connection to Northern Cali.

BROGAN: Is there anything we should know about you and Morrow?

GAALAN: Any deal I've made with Clay has fed this table. I got no secrets from you.

GRIFFIN: Can Clay get the job done inside?

GAALAN: He won't be in for long. I've already set up other protection and transport here.Our deal with Clay will be locked down by the end of the day. Our history with the Sons of Anarchy has come to an end.

ROARKE: And Teller?

GAALAN: He gets what he wants. Out of guns. And ties severed.

WENDY: You should read everything.


WENDY: Okay.

GEMMA: Excuse me, we're looking for Wendy Case. She's right down the hall on the left.

GEMMA: Thanks.

WENDY (quietly): Shit.

(light knocking)

Uh, c... ome in.



GEMMA: Sorry to bug you at work.

UNSER: I, uh... I'll wait in the car.

GEMMA: Yeah, okay.

My bodyguard.


What's going on?

GEMMA (sighs): We're on lockdown.

WENDY: Oh. What now?

GEMMA: Irish.

Killed a couple of our guys.

Phil, the... the big one...


GEMMA: and a prospect.

WENDY: Jesus.

IRA? Well, what the hell does that mean, now?

GEMMA: Well, it ain't good. And I'm thinking that this is gonna send Tara's exit strategy into high gear. You hear anything?

WENDY: No. Not since the other day. What are you gonna do, Gemma? About Tara.

GEMMA: You're gonna bring me a copy of that will, and then I'm gonna show Jax just what she's up to.

WENDY: He has no idea?


He's neck-deep in club shit. Tara making this move behind his back... it's gonna rip him apart. I'm not gonna...I'm not gonna say anything unless I have proof.

WENDY: Yeah. Okay.

GEMMA: All right. Oh, hey, I, uh... I was cleaning out some drawers and I... I found copies of these. Abel's baby pictures. I figured you probably didn't have any.

WENDY: Thanks.

GEMMA: I should be going.

WENDY: Gemma... why are you doing this? Letting me in.

GEMMA: All this push and pull with Tara.. I hate it. I just want the family to be right. I don't know, I've just been thinking about.. about how it was before she showed up. I loved you, Wendy. A lot.

You're a good fit for Jax. It should've worked. You let the junk shit all over that.

WENDY: I know.

GEMMA: You just keep doing what you're doing.

(door opens) (door closes)

JUICE: All right. Yeah. I'll let everybody know. All right.

TIG: Hey. Rogue River's on their way down now.

JAX: Okay, good. Hap's with the Irish. We should hear something hopefully from the Kings soon.

How's things going here?

TIG: Fine.

Tara and Rat are at the hospital.

Gemma and Unser went somewhere.

JAX: All right. I got to go to Diosa,

meet Colette and Barosky.

TIG: I'll see youse later.

JUICE: Hey, uh...I just got off with Clay's lawyer. He set up a... a conjugal between Clay and Gemma.

JAX: Oh.



He's waiting.

He said to tell Gemma to bring $ cash.

CHIBS: Bought himself a cell.

JUICE: What the hell does that mean?

TIG: That means the state cannot wire a conjugal. You have to do it with your spouse.

Clay needs to tell us something.

JUICE: Yeah?

And who's gonna tell her?

TIG: Sounds like a job for a loving son to me.

JAX: Yeah.


CHIBS: Aw, m... Aye, I'll back you up.


NERO: Give me a minute?


NERO: Something I should know, Sheriff? 'Cause I get a little anxious when I know that I'm being followed by law enforcement.

ROOSEVELT: Let's just call it curiosity.

NERO: No, let's just call it you're up my ass over a murder I had nothing to do with. Either charge me, so that I can engage proper legal counsel, or back off.

ROOSEVELT: Now, why do you think it was you that I was following? The San Juan D.A. knows that SAMCRO is connected to the KG- that was used in the Aquino shooting.

NERO: So, all this curiosity is about the MC, not about Erin's murder?

ROOSEVELT: Well, now, thatdepends on the DNA results. And I should have those back in a few hours.

NERO: Shit. You want to follow me, Sheriff, I'll make it easy. I'll be at Diosa most of the afternoon, then probably head over to TM. May make a stop along the way, buy a pack of gum, kill a hooker or two. You know, just another day.

(door closes)

LOWEN: Lee Toric's murder hurts our case.

TARA: How? I mean, it just proves that Otto's a psychopath.

LOWEN: Just the opposite. I found out Toric was on the D.A.'s payroll. Helping her look for leads

in that school shooting.

TARA: You think he was going after the MC for that?

LOWEN: I think the marshal is looking for anything, any way to hurt the Sons.

TARA (whispers): Christ.If he was, Otto killing Toric

looks like an organized move.


Argues against him acting alone in his sister's murder.

TARA (sighs): Unbelievable.

LOWEN: Yeah.

RAT BOY: Wait, how do you use those things? You...

Shit. Hey, hey!

She blew right past me.

WENDY: I need to talk to you. Alone.

(Tara exhales)

TARA: I got it.

LOWEN: I'll grab a coffee.

TARA: I'd like a coffee, too.

RAT BOY: Yeah. All right.

TARA (whispers): You can't just come here without calling. That guy is gonna tell Jax that you were here.

WENDY: I can't do this anymore.

TARA: What are you talking about?

WENDY: I can't keep doing this, I can't keep lying to everyone.

TARA: Look, I know this is hard for you, I know... I know it rubs against the way you're trying to live, but you need to think big picture here, greater good.

WENDY: I am starting to lose sight of that.

TARA: We have to get Thomas and Abel away from the club. Away from Gemma.

WENDY: There's got to be another way.

TARA: There's not!

(laughs) I'm going to jail,

Wendy, I have to face that reality, and the only way I can do that is to know that my son... your... son... is out of danger. I need you to take care of them.

WENDY: My son?

(sniffles) (Wendy crying)

TARA: Yeah. Your son.

(Wendy sighs heavily)

I can't do this without you. Please?

(Wendy sighs)

WENDY: I want to spend time with Abel.I don't care what you have to tell him.

TARA: Okay.

We can do that. (Wendy sniffles)

WENDY: Soon.


TARA: Mm-hmm.

(softly): Yeah.

WENDY: Okay.

(Wendy sighs)

GEMMA: Gemma Teller-Morrow...for Clay Morrow.

(indistinct shouts in distance) (door buzzes)

GEMMA: Hold that for me. (door squeaks) You bought yourself two minutes.

(door buzzes)

GEMMA: What do you want to tell me?

CLAY: The Irish reached out to me. What the hell's been going on?

GEMMA: Gaalan killed Phil and V-Lin two days ago. Chopped them into pieces.

CLAY (whispers): Jesus Christ.

GEMMA: Jax is trying to broker a peace. Can't afford to go to war.

CLAY: Jax offered distribution to Pope's guy. Wants to back the MC out of guns.

GEMMA: What? Why would he do that?

CLAY: Well, that's a question for your son, isn't it? Micks don't like working with color. They don't trust any skin they can't see through. Gaalan let me know that the offer for me to be their distributor's still on the table. They want to spring me out of here. Take down the transports bringing me to my hearing in two weeks.

GEMMA: Shit. What then?

CLAY: I go underground, I put together a crew. I go to Northern Ireland, then I run the whole thing from Belfast.

GEMMA: What does that mean for the club?

CLAY: It means the Kings don't like the offer. They're setting up alternatives. They're gonna shut the MC out. This ain't good. Ask Jax what he wants me to do.

GEMMA: Okay.


We're done here. (door buzzes)

No, we're not. Conjugal's a conjugal, Morrow.

(door closes)

CLAY: Man, you got paid. Let it go.

(Clay yells) Money was for the chat.

Us watching is payment for the visit.

So let's get to it.

GEMMA: That ain't gonna happen, pig.

(Clay grunts)

This goes down one of two ways. We watch while you tap that MILF ass, or I watch while Crane does it. Either way, I get off. Okay, then.

CLAY: You touch her, I'll cut your goddamn heart out.

(Clay grunts)

GEMMA: Okay.


Come on.

Kiss him.

(whispering): Yeah. Yeah.

CRANE: Undress. I want to see those tits.

CLAY: I'm so sorry.

(Gemma sighs)

CLAY: I'm gonna kill both of 'em.

GEMMA: No, you're not. Jax needs you.

You're no good to us in the hole...

or dead.

(buzzer sounds) (door opens)

(buzzer sounds)

You talk, he dies.

(buzzer sounds)

CHIBS: Okay, sweetheart?

GEMMA: Just get me out of here.

(buzzer sounds)

JAX: I know. We bring some heat with us right now.

BAROSKY: Some? I did some digging, kid. The Sanwa D.A.'s got a hard-on for your MC and your little merry band of bangers. She's trying to tie you both to the school shooting.

JAX: Take it easy. There is nothing to tie.

COLETTE: What does this have to do with my house?

BAROSKY: Just shut up a sec, let me finish.

JAX: Hey, she's not one of your street whores, asshole.

BAROSKY: She's not one of yours either.

COLETTE: No, stop it.

NERO: All right, all right, enough. This D.A. is the one that's pushing our sheriff at me. I did a little digging, too. Roosevelt's following me, looking for a bad move, it means they ain't got dick.

BAROSKY: I know Patterson. She's not the kind of road just throws shit against the wall, hopes it sticks.

JAX: Okay, look. If we stopped doing business every time the PD liked us for a crime, we'd never earn a dime. Let us move forward with Colette. If this D.A.'s case heats up, we'll pull out of Stockton.

COLETTE: Look, I need these guys, Charlie.

BAROSKY: Yeah, I can see that. Okay... but hear this. This better not blow back in my face. Let's go.

NERO: Hey.


NERO: I'll be right back.

GEMMA: Who's the blonde?

CHIBS: New whore partner.

JAX: You talk to Clay?

GEMMA: Yeah.

CHIBS: I'll fill you in. Kitchen.

JAX: All right.

LYLA: What can I make you, sweetheart?

(Gemma sighs)

GEMMA: Three hours younger.

JAX: So, what did Clay say?

CHIBS: Are you out of your mind? Offering Kings black as a partner? Jesus Christ. Why don't you just ask if you could rape their mothers? Same level of offense.

JAX: Do you want to tell me what Clay said?

(Chibs sighs)

CHIBS: Told Gemma the Kings reached out, and they want him to run point on distribution.

JAX: Oh, shit.

CHIBS: Aye...


You cannot run this club on your own.

JAX: August made the offer. I didn't say yes or no. I... I floated it to the Irish as an option.

CHIBS: Behind my back. I could have told you how deep this hatred runs. Do you trust me, Jackie? Do you trust any of us? 'Cause it's not just your club.

JAX: It might not be anyone's club for much longer.

CHIBS: Mind if I stay for this one? Don't give up Clay. He may be our only way into them.

JAX: All right.

(line ringing)


JAX: It's Jax.

Just wondering if you'd made a decision.

ROARKE: I was just about to phone you up, Jackson. We're very close. Still need to discuss it with a few people. It's what, : there?

JAX: Yeah, just about.

ROARKE: We'll give you a call at : your time. Don't use that phone anymore.

It's traceable by now.

Still keep burners at the clubhouse?

JAX: Yeah.

I'll text you the number.

ROARKE: We'll give you our answer and conditions. You'll need to vote on them right away. We'll want to know how to move forward.

JAX: I'll make sure I've got a full table.

ROARKE: Aye. Until then.

JAX: Maybe their greed's trumping their racism.

CHIBS: Well... that will be a first, Jackie boy.

GEMMA: New partner's very cute.

NERO: Blondes ain't my thing. You okay?

GEMMA: Oh, yeah. Just really tired. You mind driving me back to TM?

NERO: Sure.

GEMMA: I got to tell you something.

NERO: Okay. Yeah? What's going on, Gem?

GEMMA: I don't want to keep things from you.

(indistinct radio transmission)

CANE: DNA from Padilla's truck.

ROOSEVELT: Hmm. Find him and I'll meet you outside.

(door opens)

(door closes)

CHIBS: I brought everyone up to speed.

JAX: Okay. Thank you.

CHIBS: We're all here for you... my brother.

JAX: I know.

(Thomas crying)

(brakes screech)

GEMMA: You gonna be okay with this?

NERO: I'm trying.

GEMMA: Promise you won't take it to Jax... not now.

(siren chirps)

TIG: What the hell is Sheriff Remus doing here?

JAX: Oh, shit.

UNSER: Hey, I'll go see.

JAX: Thank you.

ROOSEVELT: Give me a minute.

JAX: What time is it?

JUICE: Two minutes to : .

JAX: All right, everyone to the table. Let's take this call. Yeah.

CHIBS: Table, boys. Table.

JAX: Hey, Chucky. You know where this pen came from?

CHUCK: Yeah, it's a shamrock pen. Delivery guy left it a few hours ago.

JAX: What delivery?

CHUCK: Beer.

Gemma must've ordered it.

CHIBS: : .

JAX: Full table for the vote.

Everyone out! Get out!

(overlapping shouting)

Now, get out!

TARA: What's going on?

JAX: Go!

TARA: No, no, no, Abel! In your room.

JAX: I got him! Get her out!

CHIBS: Get out!


(Chibs shouts indistinctly)

(Thomas crying)

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