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TARA: Previously onSons of Anarchy.

LEE: Lee Toric,US Marshal, retired.

The nurse that was murdered,she was my sister.

OTTO: RICO's dead, bitch.

LEE: These next few months will be the most excruciatinglypainful time of your sick and miserable life.

JAX: We haven't heard anything about Clay.

AUGUST: And you won't till he's out of protective custody.Someone wants him alive.

LEE: Former president turning state's evidence, feels like agood way to create some damage.

CLAY: No, I ain't giving him shit, so send me back to genpop, and it'll play out like expected.Just get it done.

That's gonna be your choice.

(men shouting)

Your friends in the GN say thank you.You might need this.

Welcome to Diosa Norte.

LEE: Do you have to spend time with them here?

Most of our escorts do out-service dates as well.

ERIN: Hey, baby...

(silenced gunshot, screams)

LEE: - Oh, Jesus, I'm sorry.

ERIN: - You shot me!

(silenced gunshot)

LEE: I'm gonna make all this matter.

ROOSEVELT: - Who spotted it?


Saw a Ford pickup truck pull awayas they stopped to change a flat and spotted the body.

JAX: Why is Wendy listed on there as a guardian?

TARA: She's the best choice.

WENDY: I was attacked.

GEMMA: Attacked? By who?

WENDY: Some asshole at an NA meeting.Mexican guy, prison ink. He was a scary dude.- I-I know Jax is pissed at me, but...

GEMMA: - It's okay.
Let me talk to him.

LOWEN: Are you certain about Wendy?

TARA: No, but I am certain about the alternative.

AUGUST: You still owe us Trager.

TIG: About time.

Oh, shit.


(clears throat)



(liquid boiling)

(motorcycle approaching)


(knocking on door)

JAX: - You're up early, brother.

TIG: - Yeah.

I got quite, quite the surprise last night at the port, man.August March showed up, a few of Pope's guys.Shit, I thought it was all going down.

JAX: What happened?

TIG: He was there looking for you.

Clay's in gen pop.I guess he's made some kind of deal.August needs to talk to you about it first thing this morning, power tower.

(baby crying)

JAX: Okay.Anything else?

TIG: No.


JAX: - Sorry.

TIG: - Morning.

TARA: Yes, it is.

JAX: Okay, well, I'll call August.

TIG: You know, the prospects,they never showed up with that truck last night.Man, I waited, like, three hours.

(Jax sighs)

JAX: I'm sorry. That was my bad, brother.I just got so much shit going on here.

TIG: No, I get it.I do.Am I good with you, Jax?

JAX: Yeah.Yeah.

TIG: Okay.

JAX: It's all good, brother.

TIG: All right.

All right.

(dog barking outside)

LYLA: Okay.

He's just pulling in now.

ROOSEVELT: Thank you.You mind me asking what happened?

LYLA: It was an accident.

ROOSEVELT: Work related?


NERO: Morning, gentlemen. How can I help you?

ROOSEVELT: Do you know a Ms. Erin Byrne?

NERO: Yeah, she, uh, she works here.She's one of our escorts.

ROOSEVELT: All right, she was found dead last night.Her body was dumped off of Highway ? .

NERO: Jesus Christ.

CANE: That's a warrant for your vehicle, Mr. Padilla. We need to take it in.

ROOSEVELT: The caller who spotted the body said theysaw a Ford pickup truck drive away from the scene.

NERO: He got one of these for me, too?

ROOSEVELT: Right now, we'd just like you to come down and answer a few questions.

LYLA: . Hey, I'll call Gemma.

NERO: - No, you won't.

ROOSEVELT: I don't think they're open just yet.

LEE: That's okay.

(engine starts)

I like to watch.

(car door opens)

(engine starts)

JAX: I got an early morning visit from a guy I never expected to see again.

AUGUST: Let's just say it wasn't Trager's time.

JAX: A loyalty test, maybe.

AUGUST: If it was, you passed.

JAX: And what happened with Clay?

AUGUST: I got him protection, but I can't control how that's earned. Clay offed a peckerwood shot caller.The guards didn't see him do it, but the skinheads did.

JAX: - Jesus Christ.

AUGUST: - Yeah.
Our angry white friends are trying to rebound in San Joaquin.This could blow back on the MC.

JAX: Okay. I'll dig in. You couldn't give this intel to Trager?

AUGUST: Your need to get out of guns. What happens to that business?

JAX: I haven't figured that out yet.Irish want to keep the territory and the customers.Running guns doesn't sound muchlike a Pope Industries venture.

AUGUST (chuckles): No, no.But it sounds like somethingMarks Incorporated might handle. You hook me up with the Irishgun distribution, I'll consider Trager's debt paid.

GEMMA: Wayne? Wayne?

UNSER: Gemma!

(quietly): - Gemma...

GEMMA: - Wayne?


GEMMA: Oh, my God!


(Unser groaning)

GEMMA: Oh, my G... Wayne, here. Come on.

(Unser groaning)

GEMMA: Oh, my God. You're okay. It's gonna be okay. Get Jax!

(Unser groans)

(Gemma panting)

GEMMA: It's okay.

♪ Riding through this world ♪

♪ all alone ♪

♪ God takes your soul ♪

♪ You're on your own ♪

♪ The crow flies straight ♪

♪ a perfect line ♪

♪ on the devil's bed ♪

♪ until you die ♪

♪ Gotta look this life ♪

♪ in the eye ♪

HAPPY: In the garage, bro.

(indistinct talking in distance)


JAX: Holy shit.

CHIBS: Hey, clubhouse is clear. All the action happened in here. Your mom found him.

GEMMA: Found him hanging from the goddamn lift.

JAX: - Are you okay?

GEMMA: - Yeah.

(Unser clears throat)

JAX: Who was it?

UNSER: Three of them. White, ski masks. Asshole did the cutting had these Nazi hooks tatted on his neck.

JAX: Did they say anything?

(engine revving)

UNSER: Yeah, there was some back and forth on how bad to carve me up.


They didn't sound too organized.

CHIBS: Sam Dino.

JAX: We're gonna find who did this.

UNSER: And then what?

JAX: - Thank you.

TARA: - Yeah.

(Tara sighs)

JAX: Put Phil and V-Lin on the gun warehouse. Hey, no one rides alone.

TIG: Yeah, done.

CHIBS: What brings you north?

PACKER: Oh, we got this family thing in Folsom tomorrow. I thought I'd stop by and get a little face time with Mother.

CHIBS: - You might.

PACKER: - What's going on?

JAX: Morning visit from the Hitler Youth. Let's get everyone to the table.

CHIBS: Come on, boys.

You, too. Come on, son.

JAX: - Hey.

PACKER: I thought you cleaned up that neo-Nazi problem a while back.

JAX: We did. I hope you're here to talk about the Irish details.

PACKER: I am, but, uh, it's not the details you want. Charter voted down the gun deal. It's too much heat right now. I know you went out on a limb to get us that offer. I wanted to tell you face-to-face.

JAX: That's a big problem for us.

PACKER: I get that. I'm sorry. I pushed for it. Table said no.

JAX: Let me tell the club.

CHUCK: Excuse me, Jax. Lyla's been trying to get ahold of you. One of the Diosa girls was found dead this morning, dumped down . Think it was a brunette. Cute smile. Funny laugh. I'm sorry.

TARA: You need a tetanus shot and some antibiotics. Can you have somebody bring you by the hospital later this afternoon?


GEMMA: I'll get one of the prospects.

(Tara sighs)

TARA: Look, I'm treating him privately. And... by "privately," I mean "illegally." I think it'd be better to have somebody bring him by not wearing a cut.

UNSER: - I'll get Chucky.

GEMMA: - Yeah.

UNSER: - All right.

GEMMA: - Okay.

UNSER: Yeah. Hey... Gemma... What if I had the boys this morning? I mean, you bring 'em... drop 'em by here sometimes. Early. What if I had Abel o-or the baby when these assholes showed?

GEMMA: - But you didn't.

UNSER: - This time. I mean, these aren't crazy hypotheticals I'm spinning here.

There's kids in the mix now...

GEMMA: - My kids! My grandchildren.

V-LIN: Sorry, Gem. Line one.

PHIL: V-Lin, let's go! Come on.

GEMMA: Yeah.

WENDY: Hey, it's Wendy. You got a minute?

GEMMA: What?

WENDY: Well... Tara's lawyer reached out to me. Um, she wants me to sign off on the guardianship. I guess Tara's drawing up another will or something.

GEMMA: Shit.


WENDY: - I don't know. But we need to talk. I have an hour at lunch.

GEMMA: My house.

WENDY: Okay. I'll see you then.

(hangs up)

(engines revving)

JAX: Black must've realized they can use Clay to their advantage. Had him take out an Aryan shot caller for protection.

CHIBS: Shit. And we get to deal with the payback while he's spooning Mandingo.

HAPPY: We're locked down till we know who.

YATES: Why would Marks give you the heads up?

JAX: We got business with Pope Industries. They're just protecting their investment.

TIG: Do you think these Nazis had anything to do with that girl getting killed?

JAX: I don't know.

PACKER: If they were gonna kill anybody, they would've killed your guy.

CHIBS: Well, we gotta find out who "they" are.

JAX: Darby.

JUICE: He's been out for almost two years. Married one of his Mexican workers.

JAX: That's exactly why he'll know. You don't just turn your back on the brotherhood. He's gonna be sleeping with one eye open.

CHIBS: Well, we got the Irish in town. More of them KG-9 's. So we got to set up a meet with them.

JAX: I was hoping our SoCal brothers could help us with that. Maybe take a little of the Irish trade.

PACKER: Sorry, boys. Charter voted it down.

YATES: We're here to show respect for the offer.

JAX: We'll deal with the Irish after Darby.

CHIBS: Can I have a minute, Pres? Saw the little private chat that you had with Gaalan. Is that what this is about? Handing the guns off to Sam Dino?

JAX: Irish are never gonna let us walk away unless we give the cause another pipeline.

CHIBS: You're making decisions... big decisions...without bringing 'em here. That's not how this works.

(Jax chuckles)

JAX: "How this works"? Look at this goddamn charter, Chibs. We have become the whipping boy for the IRA and the cartel. We've dwindled to six guys, while RICO and this psycho marshal circles us, just waiting for us to make the next bad move. Brother, nothing here works. I'm trying to change that. I'm trying to give us a future. And yes, if that means stepping outside the lines, or making a couple calls on the fly, then that is exactly what I am gonna do.

CHIBS: Wow. You know who you sound like? The guy who used to sit in that seat.

JAX: Everything I do in this club is for this club. I'm not Clay. I never will be.

(door opens, shuts)

(knocking on door, door opens)

LEE: Did I mention Nero Padilla was tough on his girls? Erin Byrne, one of his escorts. I chatted her up at Diosa. She seemed willing to talk. Someone wanted her quiet.


LEE: Kill happened in the morning, body was dumped last night outside Charming.

PATTERSON: - Eli Roosevelt's turf.

LEE: - Yeah. But there may be some question as to who he's actually protecting and serving.

PATTERSON: Well, I'll deal with my sheriff. You get to Stockton. Get Morrow to sign that affidavit.

LEE: He's a little reluctant to sign your version. Page count alone's making him sweat.

PATTERSON: You told me you had him agreeable.

LEE: What I told you was that you gotta turn a guy like Clay a notch at a time. Your commitment spooked him.

PATTERSON: Then unspook him. State's Agreement, signed, end of day... or that badge turns into a paperweight.

NERO: I was, uh, with Gemma. We made an early Mass. St. Philips. Was with her all last night. Hey, I had nothing to do with Erin's death.

ROOSEVELT: Do you have any idea who might? You know, say, a jealous boyfriend, uh, violent clients?

NERO: I really don't know. Um... She was sweet. Kind of quiet, actually.

ROOSEVELT: Well, there were no clients on the books the night before she was killed, so... Did she have any regulars?

NERO: These girls are free to take outside work.

ROOSEVELT: Okay. Look, I'm trying to give you a chance, here, man. You come clean with me now... that goes a long way if we find something in your truck.

NERO: Sheriff, I was a junkie thug pimp for a lot of years. Okay? I served my time. What I do now... it's about giving these girls a better, safer place to do the thing that they're gonna do anyhow.

ROOSEVELT: Don't kid yourself. There's no dignity in what you do. Call it what you want, but you make money off of the low self-esteem of broken women.

NERO: I guess we all kid ourselves about the service we provide.

ROOSEVELT: Why don't you hang around and wait for CSU to get done with your truck? Hmm? Carreira, why don't we make Mr. Padilla, here, comfortable? Now, we don't have a goddess bar with beer and wine, but the coffee's not terrible.

NERO: Say, uh... you working with a marshal?

ROOSEVELT: What marshal?

NERO: Day before yesterday, some marshal came into Diosa, started talking with my girls. Erin, too. Left a card.


NERO: - Toric, yeah.

ROOSEVELT: - And why was he in Diosa?

NERO: - I don't know. But, uh, yesterday, he roughed up a couple of my homeboys, asking questions about me and my crew.

ROOSEVELT: What kind of questions?

NERO: The ones where the wrong answers gets your teeth smashed in.

ROOSEVELT: No. He's not working on this investigation.

NERO: Mmm. Maybe somebody should tell him that.

GEMMA: Anything else from Lowen?

WENDY: Just messages. From Tara. But that's what I need to talk to you about. She found out I came to you for help.

GEMMA: Well, what'd she say?

WENDY: Something has happened with her, Gemma. I don't know if it's the hand, or having gotten arrested, but it... I know she's been through some awful shit, but she scares me.

GEMMA: Scares you how?

WENDY: I don't know, like... like she's completely... disconnected. And she's so hell-bent on getting those boys out of Charming that she's not even thinking about how bad it could hurt them. I'm worried.

GEMMA: Mm-mm. Those boys aren't going anywhere.

WENDY: I hope not. You better be careful, because she knows you're her biggest obstacle.

GEMMA: Mm-hmm.

(knocking on door)

LYLA: - Hey.

GEMMA: - Hey.

LYLA: Oh, uh, sorry. Chucky told me you were here.

GEMMA: No, no. It's all right.

(Lyla sighs)

LYLA: Nero didn't want me saying anything.

GEMMA: - About what?

LYLA: - Sheriffs picked him up. They think he had something to do with Erin's murder. He's been there all morning.

GEMMA: Oh, shit. Dead hooker.

WENDY: Hate that.

GEMMA: I'll be right there. Thanks.

(motorcycles approaching)

DARBY: You gotta be shitting me.

REINA: - Who are they, Ernesto?

DARBY: - It's okay.

JAX: Hi.

How's business?

DARBY: - Slow. What do you want?

JAX: Just some information.

DARBY: You need six guys for that?

JAX: Clay is in Stockton. He offed an Aryan shot caller to earn protection. MC caught the blowback. We need to know who we should be looking for.

DARBY: It's not my life no more, man. I'm married. I'm doing the Jesus thing. I can't help you.

JAX: Come on, Darby. You don't just marry the help and turn in your brown shirt.

TIG: No, there's a reason you're sanding tables with a piece in your pants. Come on.

JAX: Who's she so afraid of?

DARBY: One of my old crew, Eddie Gerber. Finished up a dime in Chino a couple months back. I hear he's recruiting for the brotherhood, trying to reestablish a street game here in Sanwa.

CHIBS: - He threaten you?

DARBY: - Not yet.

HAPPY: Where do we find him?

DARBY: He's got six acres on the edge of Oswald's land. It's off the grid.

CHIBS: - Hangout or headquarters?

DARBY: - I'm not sure. Eddie was always more talk than walk.

HAPPY: We should do some reconnaissance.

TIG: Yeah, man, I mean, this Gerber guy doesn't know who we are. We just roll up, we act like we're interested in the cause. Suss out who, how many?

CHIBS: Jax, we got the Irish.

(Jax laughs)

JAX: You and Rat, tell them you're father and son. They love that shit.

TIG: Wait, wait, what? Really? Really me? Come on. You think I look old enough to be his old man?

JUICE: If you washed that black shoe polish out of your hair.

TIG: That coming from a guy who's had a faux-hawk since the ninth grade?

RAT BOY: Come on, Dad. We can do this.

TIG: My old man used to rape me. I'm just saying.

JAX: Okay.

JUICE: Now it all makes sense.

JAX: Do you think you could find Gerber's place?

DARBY: Probably. But I ain't.

JAX: Just take us to the entrance.

DARBY: What, are you crazy? Come on, they see me or know that I'm helping you...

JAX: - The enemy of my enemy...

DARBY: - Is gonna get me killed.

JAX: They're not gonna know you're involved. We settle our score, slow down recruitment. Let you and the missus sleep a little sounder.

CHIBS: Or we use you for bait.

DARBY: Shit, this is gonna end up bad.

TIG: Okay.

JAX: Hey... You play it safe. If it looks dicey, you get the hell out.

TIG: Got it.

JAX: Go with them. Watch their back.

We'll meet you here after the Irish.

TIG: - All right.

DARBY: Take this dirt road. Gerber's place should be about three or four miles in. See wagon wheels and a metal gate.

TIG: All right. Not gonna be long, Juice.

(bird squawks)

(cows bellowing)

(country music plays quietly)

TIG: Oh, yeah. This looks like the place, boy.

MAN: What the hell do you want?

TIG: Sorry, bud. Um, I didn't see no bell or nothing at the gate.

GERBER: Who are you?

TIG: My name's Al Whiteman. Uh, this is my boy George.

RAT BOY: Really, white man?

TIG: Shut up. I'm looking for Eddie Gerber. I hear he's looking for some like-minded folk.

BEATIE: Hmm, who told you that?

RAT BOY: Some friends in Stockton State. I just got out.

TIG: - Proud of you, boy.

RAT BOY: - Yeah.

TIG: Proud of you. We've been told you guys are looking for some new members. We'd just like to talk. Maybe look at your operation.

GERBER: But why would we want to talk with you?

TIG: Well, about a month ago, I watched a bunch of niggers burn my daughter alive. And I can still smell her flesh.

RAT BOY: We earn big and hate deep.

GERBER: - All right. Let's talk.

TIG: - All right, good.

(tires screech)

(Juice grunts)

PLOW: Look who we found strolling along the main road. A race traitor and his spic boyfriend.

RAT BOY: - I'll blow his shit out!

PLOW: - Son of a bitch.

TIG: He means brains. He's a little excited right now.

RAT BOY: Yeah, so put down the guns. Now!

GERBER: Do it.

RAT BOY: Come on.

TIG: Boyfriend... you're driving. I got him, get in the back.

(bangs on roof)

GERBER: Count your days, traitor. It's just a matter of time before we come back for you and that wetback whore.

(Gerber grunts)

DARBY: - Thanks.

TIG: - Yeah. Sorry, about that, buddy. Bye-bye.

GAALAN: - Where's your truck?

JAX: - There ain't one coming. We can't take any more KG-9 's, Gaalan. I already told you that. We got too much heat.

CONNOR: You don't have to take them. Just pay for them.

CHIBS: That ain't happening either.

(Gaalan sighs)

JAX: Look, we get pinched with those guns, we're dead. And then you got nothing.

GAALAN: Have your SoCal charter take the KG-9 's. We can fold them into their next shipment.

JAX: San Bernardino voted down the guns.

GAALAN: That's unfortunate. The Kings are all set on the idea of doubling their business here. Looks like that burden falls on you now. You're not getting out of guns, son. The cause needs you. Greater good.

(Jax scoffs)

JAX: You know why my old man wanted out?

(Gaalan snickers)

GAALAN: Don't know. Don't care. Lifetime ago.

JAX: Yeah, it was. But nothing's changed. JT realized there's nothing more dangerous than a gangster who thinks he's got God in his pocket.

(Gaalan scoffs)

JAX: The cause may have been the greater good at one point, but for guys like you... Jimmy O... it's just killing people with Catholic bullets to line your own pockets.

(all clamoring)

JAX: No!

(Gaalan groans, laughs)

We are done with this game. I will let you know if and when we need more guns. Until then, hands off my club.

GAALAN: Aye. Hands off.

CHIBS: You just ripped off a very old scab, Jackie.

NERO: - Did he call you here?

GEMMA: - No. But why didn't you? Hey! What kind of bullshit is this?

NERO: That's why.

GEMMA: He has been with me every night.


GEMMA: He had nothing to do with that murder.

ROOSEVELT: You know, this is the second guy in the past two weeks depending on you for an alibi.

GEMMA: This one's not a killer.

CANE: LT, need a minute.

ROOSEVELT: Give your statement to Sheriff Carreira.

GEMMA: Eli. Nero is a good guy. He would never hurt a woman.

CANE: Found clothing fragments, hair and blood. They're running the DNA now.

ROOSEVELT: Smeared on the seat, the floor, the door panel.


CANE: - Yeah.

ROOSEVELT: Does he look like a guy that knows that his truck was covered in incriminating evidence?

CANE: - Well, he's an OG, right?

ROOSEVELT: - Mm-hmm.

CANE: Maybe he thinks he cleaned up enough.

ROOSEVELT: This wasn't a vehicle that was cleaned up. This was evidence that was meant to be found.

CANE: What do you mean?

ROOSEVELT: Call Moore's office and tell him that I need the file of a retired Marshal Lee Toric.

Everything that he's got.

CANE: - Yeah.

All right.

(lock buzzes)

CLAY: Do you have any idea how much I've missed you?

(Lee laughs)

LEE: First Jax frames you... then I'm assuming... he's the one that made some kind of deal to keep you alive. You obviously had to earn that. Was the stay of execution because you didn't rat? Was it some kind of reward? Hmm? A last minute remorse reprieve? Because we both know it's just a matter of time before black-- and now white-- slits your throat. I know this is the last thing you want to hear, but I am the the only friend you have left, Clay.

CLAY: Well, then just kill me now.

(Clay grunts)

LEE: Every day you refuse to sign that affidavit,you're gonna wish you were dead.

(Clay grunts)

CLAY: I've known guys like you my whole life. You don't hate me 'cause I'm bad, you hate me 'cause I'm familiar.

LEE: Guilty. Looks like your arthritis is flaring up. We gotta get you to the infirmary. You know, there's someone there I want you to see. I'll make an appointment.

(lock clicks)

(Clay grunts)

(Clay breathes heavily)

JAX: What happened?

TIG: Some of their crew spotted Juice and Darby after we got on the inside.

JAX: Goddamn, Juice.

JUICE: We got out whole, but he...

DARBY: But now they're coming after me and Reina.

JAX: I'm sorry, man. Bring her to TM, we'll keep you safe.

DARBY: No, this is on me. It's my wreckage. It's just a matter of time before this went down. I gotta handle it.

CHIBS: How big was this crew?

RAT BOY: We only saw five guys.

JUICE: Yeah, the guys that took us had the Nazi hooks, but didn't look like an organized effort.

(phone rings)

JAX: What?

PHIL: Jax, Irish are here saying they got a delivery.

JAX: They're at the warehouse?

PHIL: Yeah. I thought we only took deliveries at Wahewa.

JAX: - Tell them to wait.

PHIL: - Okay.

JAX: We're on our way.

Hey, Chibs... the Irish showed up at Oswald's with the guns.

CHIBS: Shit.

JAX: Now wait here. Rat'll stick around. Look, we'll handle Gerber. It's our wreckage, too.

DARBY: Yeah, okay.

JAX: All right, man. Come on. Let's go.

V-LIN: What did Jax say?

PHIL: Wants 'em to wait. Jax says he's on his way.

(Gaalan spits)

GAALAN: Get the saw.

CHIBS: Phil!


(flies buzzing)

(Roosevelt sighs)

ROOSEVELT: We're done here for now. But I'm gonna need to keep your truck for a little while longer.

NERO: Something I should know?

ROOSEVELT: Just stay available. Tell Jax that I need to talk with him.

GEMMA: He's a big boy. He doesn't listen to his mommy anymore.

ROOSEVELT: I find that hard to believe.


ROOSEVELT: Gotta wait for the DNA to come back.

CANE: But you had more than enough to hold him.

ROOSEVELT: Yeah, I know.

CHIBS: All their guns are are gone except the KG- 9's. They left both cases.

JAX: Call Belfast, let them know. Lock it all down. UK charters, too.

TIG: Juice and Happy are putting them in the big crates.

JAX: You be able to find Gerber's place again?

TIG: Yeah, think so.

CHIBS: Why? What's the plan, Jackie?

JAX: We're gonna finish our Nazi hunt.

CHIBS: I think this club needs a breather.

JAX: We got two crates filled with hacked-up members. What this club needs is to settle a score.

CHIBS: Why don't you take a vote?

JAX: I'll proxy Phil. He says yes.

(music plays on radio)

GEMMA: You still mad I came down? Roosevelt knows you had nothing to do with that. Gotta put some distance here, Gemma.

GEMMA: From what?

NERO: Two months into my connection with SAMCRO and I'm already neck-deep in shit that I spent ten years trying to get away from.

GEMMA: You're the one that put those OG colors back on. Club didn't force that shit.

NERO: I know. It's on me. My choice.

Byzlats... (chuckles)

We've run two blocks for years... we never been associated with another crew. I'm not looking to take on that kind of weight.

GEMMA: Am I part of that... that weight you don't want to take on?

NERO: No, mama. You're the thing that I do want here. Listen to what I'm trying to say. Look, I-I hope it doesn't come to this, but-but if I had to, if I have to cut ties, I would want you with me. This is, this is good for me. This is good for us. I love you, Gemma.

GEMMA: I love you, too.

CLAY: Jesus Christ.

LEE: The side you can't see looks worse. A glimpse into your future.

CLAY: Can I get a minute with him?

LEE: He ain't gonna say much.

(Otto grunts)

(Clay sighs)

CLAY: I'm sorry.

(Otto sniffles)

(Otto sobs softly)

No more, brother.

Get me the hell out of here.

JUICE: - Yeah, hold on.

HAPPY: - I got it.

CHIBS: The charters have been alerted. Tacoma are on their way down to help.

JAX: All right. Hi. How are the girls doing?

NERO: They're shaken up. No outcalls for a while.

JAX: The sheriffs know anything?

NERO: No, not yet.

JAX: - You doing okay?

NERO: Yeah. Guess so. It's all starting to sink in.

Everything okay here?

JAX: - Yeah. It's routine shit, you know?

NERO: I'm gonna go back. See you later. Hey.

GEMMA: Where are the boys?

JAX: St. Thomas with Tara.

GEMMA: Maybe I'll give Unser a lift, see if she wants me to watch them.

JAX: That'll be good. I think it's gonna be a late one for me.

GEMMA: What's really going on?

JAX: The Irish. We're on lockdown. We lost Phil and V-Lin.

GEMMA: Oh, God.

CHIBS: - Handle it here?

GEMMA: - Yeah.

(lock buzzes)

LEE: I was hoping you had some time to...

(sniffs) reconsider your options.

CLAY: Do you really think seeing how you destroyed one of my brothers is gonna scare me into your corner?

LEE: It should. Otto made sure his RICO testimony was useless. That doesn't mean he can't give state's evidence in other cases. Like, say, one against you. He's ratted once. The condition he's in... Sign this right now, and my deal is still on the table. I'll help you beat this murder rap. Get you set up in WitSec. Last chance.

CLAY: Otto ain't gonna rat again.

(Lee clears throat)

LEE: Tomorrow morning, the gentlemen who have been visiting Otto are gonna be stopping by to see you, too. I suggest you get some sleep. May be the last time you ever lay down comfortably.

(Lee snickers)

(Lowen sighs)

LOWEN: These go back before you were married.

WENDY: Yeah. I was a Crow Eater for almost a year before Jax and I started hooking up. That's all I could remember.

LOWEN: And you would be willing to testify about the violence?

WENDY: I guess.



(baby crying)

MARGARET: Oh, sweetheart.

TARA: Did you talk to Gemma?

WENDY: Yeah, I told her everything you wanted me to. She wants me to keep feeding her your dirt.

(knocking on door)

UNSER: Oh. Uh, sorry. I heard the baby. I-I thought it was just you in here, Doc.

TARA: Shit.

UNSER: - Oh, I, uh, I'm sorry.

TARA: - No, that's okay.

Look, I know you're...


GEMMA: Here.

TARA: I didn't know you were coming by.

UNSER: Yeah, she's my ride.

GEMMA: I was gonna see if you wanted me to watch the boys. Is Abel in here?

UNSER: No, he's, uh, down in day care.

TARA: Yeah, I was just about to go get him.

GEMMA: Everything okay?

TARA: Yeah, you know, I'm just treating him on the QT.

GEMMA: Oh, right, right. Yeah, we really appreciate that. Hey, how about if I take the boys home and you help Wayne?

TARA: - That would be great.

GEMMA: - Okay.

TARA: - Thank you.

GEMMA: - Here, take that.

TARA: Go with Grandma.

GEMMA: There you go. Oh, here we go.


You'll give him a ride back to TM?

TARA: - Of course.

GEMMA: - All right.


TARA: - Thank you, Wayne.

UNSER: - Yeah. Um, I'll just wait out here till you're done.

TARA: Okay.

UNSER: And Doc... at some point, I'm gonna ask a few questions.

TARA: I know.

(door shuts)

UNSER (groans): Shit.

(gun clicks)

(gun clicks)

(guns clicking)

JAX: Let's do this.

(engines start)

(engines roaring)

(engines shut off)

(automatic gunfire)

(shouting, groaning)

JAX: Wipe down the guns. Make it look like an internal beef. Stash the KG- 9s in the house. Then burn it all down.

LEE: Can I have a minute with him? Please? I know how much pain I've caused you. Do you want it to stop?

OTTO: Mm-hmm.

LEE: Me, too. I'm glad you got to see Clay.

(Otto grunts softly)

LEE: He's betrayed the club. That's why he's here. I'm sure you know more about that than I do. Clay's not a member. You wouldn't be ratting out the MC. Just give me something. Give me something I can use against him. And I will make the time you have left here... very comfortable.

OTTO (muffled): Right hand. Mm.

(keys jangle)

LEE: Otto.

OTTO: Mm...?

LEE: It's okay.

(Otto grunting softly)

(Otto grunts softly)

LEE: That's good. That's real good.

OTTO: Mm-hmm.

LEE: You animal.

(Lee shouts, grunting)

(Lee shouts)

(Otto grunting)

(Lee screams)

(Lee shouting)

(Otto moaning)

(Otto panting)

(Otto mumbles)

LEE: Get out! Get out!

(alarm ringing)

GUARD: We need help in the infirmary!

LEE: Wow. I didn't even see that coming.

(Chibs clears throat)

CHIBS: Talked to Belfast. They're up to speed. Now we'll just try to find some known IRA addresses here in North Cal.

TIG: We're off to Oswald's now.

CHIBS: Yeah.

♪ ♪

GUARD : Drop the knife!


♪ ♪

(camera shutter clicking)

♪ ♪
♪ ♪

JAX: Bury 'em.

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