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CLAY: Previously onSons of Anarchy...

NERO: That boy that killed those kids in the school yesterday, he belonged to my cousin's old lady. He used a KG-9.

JAX: Ours?

NERO: Yeah.

LYLA (crying): Jax... It was supposed to be just some fetish stuff. It was torture porn.

JAX: Who were they?

LYLA: Persians. Ghanezi brothers.

(Tig yells)

AUGUST: You still owe us Trager.

JAX: My club has been cut in half. I lose another body, my charter folds.

AUGUST: Ain't my problem.

JAX: Haven't heard anything about Clay.

AUGUST: And you won't. Until he's out of protective custody. Someone wants him alive.

LEE: I need another angle into the MC. Sign this agreement to cooperate, and I promise you a legal team to fight this bullshit murder.

CLAY: I want to see my wife. And I want to see my son.

GEMMA: You think I feel bad for what I did?

CLAY: I just want you to know... you did the right thing.

GEMMA: Clay's telling me how he forgives me. He's crazy, Jax. You got to go find out what's going on.

LOWEN: The motion for Wendy to be the primary guardian for the boys, we should move on that right away. You will want that in place if something were to happen to you.

COLETTE: You okay?

JAX: I'm sorry. It's a family thing.

COLETTE: You know, I listen almost as good as I suck dick.

GEMMA: How's Bobby?

JUICE: I got a feeling he's gonna patch out of Redwood.

GEMMA: Nomads folded.

JUICE: All you need is four members that don't have a home anymore.

LEE: You need to sign.

CLAY: I'm gonna rat out my own son, I'm gonna look him in the eye before I do that.

LEE: Cooperation affidavit signed by the former president of the Sons of Anarchy, Clay Morrow. His testimony lets me reopen a RICO case against the MC. I point the gun dealing to San Joaquin and hand you your villains.

PATTERSON: You want these guys dead, don't you?

LEE: Hurting people who hurt people. That's always my endgame. Tell your boss he has a nice place.

PATTERSON: The boy's journal that was found at the crime scene has been analyzed by several psychiatric experts. I can't go into details about the contents other than to say they were violent and very disturbing. The journal and other belongings in the boy's locker supported the school's growing concern about the state of Matthew Jennings' mental health. We know that the diocese made a recommendation over a year ago that the boy seek outside counseling. Whether that intervention took place is still being determined as we continue our ongoing discussion with the Jennings family. As far as the weapon goes, we've identified it as an older, pre-, KG-9 submachine gun. Modified to be fully automatic, with a standard -round magazine. Because of the modification and the lack of serial numbers, we know that the gun had to be purchased illegally. We're still trying to determine whether and how Matthew acquired this weapon. Stockton police, the ATF and special investigators are deep into this. It is my highest priority, as your district attorney, as a proud resident of this county, and as a mother, to find the parties responsible for putting a weapon so deadly into the hands of a child so broken. Thank you. That's all for now. Tell me you found the mother.

GRAVES: Nowhere. Friends, coworkers-- no one's seen or heard from her.

PATTERSON: Shit. The boyfriend?

GRAVES: Arcadio Norona. MIA. We picked up the two Byz-lats that were at the house. They claim Darvany and Arcadio were both there when they left.

PATTERSON: - Leverage?

GRAVES: - None. They were clean. Had to release them.

(church bells toll)

GEMMA: How'd it go?

NERO: Makes me feel better.

GEMMA: That's good. What do you tell him?

(Nero scoffs)

NERO: My sins, mama. In a way.

GEMMA: Well, then what? He sprinkles his magic Jesus water, and everybody pretends the bad shit never happened?

NERO: Yeah. Something like that.

GEMMA: I'm sorry.

NERO: It's okay. Look, I don't know if it works. I guess I've been doing it for so long... I'm afraid how bad it gets if I stop.

GEMMA: You're a good man.

NERO: Hmm.

(water running)

(water flow slows)

(water dripping)

ERIN: Hey, baby, what...?

(silenced gunshot)

(Erin gasping)

LEE: Oh, Jesus, I'm sorry.

ERIN: - You shot me.

LEE: - Oh, shit. I'm sorry. - It's-it's okay. You're gonna... Um...

ERIN: - Oh. Oh, God.

LEE: Oh, shit. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, you're gonna be fine. Shh, shh. No, no, no, no.

(Erin sobbing)

You're okay. You're okay. Shh, shh, shh. It's gonna be okay. Shh.

ERIN: - Oh, God, no.

LEE: - I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

(silenced gunshots)

Room six.

PATTERSON: - Okay, thanks.


♪ Riding through this world ♪

♪ all alone ♪

♪ God takes your soul ♪

♪ You're on your own ♪

♪ The crow flies straight ♪

♪ a perfect line ♪

♪ on the devil's bed ♪

♪ until you die ♪

♪ Gotta look this life ♪

♪ in the eye ♪




LEE: I'm coming!

PATTERSON: - Did we wake you?

LEE: - Yeah. I was up late. Research.

PATTERSON: Why didn't you tell me about Tara Knowles? I just came from my weekly case briefings.

LEE: I talked to her. She's toeing the family line.

PATTERSON: She's a surgeon facing manslaughter. No room to push there?

LEE: The reality of jail time hasn't set in yet. Morrow was burned by the club. Now he's facing a yard full of shivs.

He's our best play.

PATTERSON: - Play it. Agreement to turn State's evidence.

Get him to sign it.

LEE: - It's my first stop.

PATTERSON: Make this your second. Matthew Jennings' mother's missing. Literally slipped out the back door while we were babysitting.

LEE: Banger beau's missing, too, I assume.

PATTERSON: Yes, and of course, nobody knows anything.

LEE: Nero Padilla. He's Arcadio Norona's cousin. He's a Byz-lat OG. Runs semi-legit escorts. Currently in business with Jax Teller, SOA's president and Dr. Knowles' significant other. If anyone knows where the kid's mom is, it'll be Padilla.

PATTERSON: Good. Start with the two shit heads at the Jennings house. Maybe they'll flip on the OG, give us some leverage.

LEE: Does this mean I'm on the team?

PATTERSON: Track down Darvany Jennings, find out who gave her son a submachine gun.

LEE: I'll take that as a yes.

PATTERSON: Take it any way you want.



CANE: Teller's here. Wants to talk to you.


JAX: What's going on with Clay? He summoned me to County.

ROOSEVELT: Talk to his public defender. He should be at his parole violation hearing right about now.

JAX: Gemma saw Clay yesterday, ran into an ex-marshal, Toric. Brother of the nurse Otto killed.

(Roosevelt sighs)

Is this him?

ROOSEVELT: Well, I heard the marshal's been pulling some serious favors to keep Clay whole and away from Pope's kill squad. He also paid a visit to Tara inside. He's the one that processed her arrest.

JAX: What does he want from Tara?

ROOSEVELT: The same thing that he wants from Clay. Something to crush the guys that murdered his sister.

JAX: And I guess you can relate. Same hate you got for Clay for killing your wife.

ROOSEVELT: I'm not involved here.

JAX: Yeah, okay.

(clears throat)



(door opening)

(distant siren blaring)

UNSER: - Morning.

TARA: - Hey.

UNSER: - Let me get that.

TARA: - Oh. Thanks.

UNSER: No problem. Uh, there you go.

TARA: - Gemma here?

UNSER: - Uh, not yet. I can, uh, handle 'em for a while if you got to run.

TARA: Uh, I can wait for a bit.

(Abel giggles)

UNSER: Okay. Hey! Ah. Easy. Look at him go.

TARA: How's that working out for you?

UNSER: Spending my twilight years in a trailer next to a used oil bin? What I dreamed of since I was a boy.

(both chuckle)

How you doing? You getting through this?

TARA: No choice, right?

UNSER: You're gonna be okay, sweetheart.

TARA: Not about me anymore.

(car door opens)

(car door shuts)

GEMMA: - Hey.

TARA: - Hey.

GEMMA: - You dropping 'em off?

TARA: - Is that okay? I have to go to St. Thomas and get my hand checked.

GEMMA: That happen in County?

TARA: Making friends the Gemma way.

(Gemma chuckles)

They missed you.

GEMMA: Yeah, that's nice to know.

TARA: I'll be back in a few hours.

GEMMA: Yeah, sure.

UNSER: That's a very worried mother.

GEMMA: She's got no idea.

(door buzzes)

(door shuts)

CLAY: Didn't think you'd come.

(chains rattle)

JAX: Well, I'm here.

CLAY: Appreciate that.

JAX: So say what you got to say.

CLAY: Everything that went down... I get it. I earned it.

JAX: I'm not buying the mea culpa. What did you give the marshal for PC?

CLAY: Promised to give up the club if he let me see you and Gemma. I just... just wanted you to know... I'm sorry. For all of it.

JAX: You shedding the guilt before you turn?

CLAY: No turn. No. No, I ain't giving him shit. They'll send me back to gen pop. And that'll play out like expected.


All right. That's all I wanted to say.

JAX: I'm sorry about your sister. I can feel how personal this is for you. But SAMCRO didn't kill her. Otto acted alone. He's not a member anymore. He's just a broken guy, more than a few blocks from sane. I don't give a shit what you do to him. But if you try to come after my wife... try to tie her to this murder... you're gonna feel how personal this is for me.


(door buzzes)

(door shuts)

(door buzzes, opens)

(door shuts)

LEE: I'm hoping that was all posturing. Protecting your outlaw legacy for as long as you can. Your parole violation sends you back to Stockton. They got you on the transport. My guess... you'll never make it to the inside of a cell. You are too smart to go down like this. Your club sets you up for murder. Your wife betrayed you. Come on, Clay. I know how much you want to hurt them.


You know, I can't help but see the irony in all of this. You've gotten away with how many kills in the last years? Hmm? And the one that gets you the death sentence is the one you didn't do.


(motorcycle rumbling)

(shuts engine off)

(Thomas cooing)

JAX: Where's Tara?

GEMMA: She had a doctor's appointment. Her hand.

JAX: She say when she'll be back?

GEMMA: Couple hours. Why?

JAX: I need to ask her something.

GEMMA: - Did you see Clay?

JAX: - Yeah. Got the same sad speech.

GEMMA: Did you find out what he gave the marshal? Why he's protecting him?

JAX: Clay swears he didn't give Toric anything.

TIG: You believe him?

JAX: He's supposed to transfer to Stockton this morning. We'll see where he ends up. If he's still in protective custody, he was lying.

TIG: All right.

CHIBS: And if he isn't... he's dead.

JAX: Either way, this marshal is still a problem. I got no doubt he's already made the Byz-lat connection to this school shooting.

HAPPY: We're laying low on guns. Byz-lat ties are buried.

JAX: Yeah, he's gonna come at this any way he can. We got to assume every move we make is being watched. Play it straight. Not even a parking ticket, you understand?

JUICE: - Yeah.

CHIBS: - Aye.

TIG: All right.

JAX: All right, I got to meet Nero in Stockton, sign these new Diosa papers.

CHIBS: Okay, well, me, Tig, Juice, Hap, we'll come with you. Phil, I need you to grab some of the prospects, jump into TM. Our place is falling way behind.

JUICE: Someone should reach out to Bobby, fill him in about Clay.

JAX: Then do it.

CHIBS: Jackie boy, you need to call Bobby. He needs to hear from you.

JAX: If he misses me so much, he shouldn't have left. Let's go.

BOBBY: - Thanks.

You're welcome.

BOBBY: I knew this would be a huge change for you guys. Grown accustomed to the gambling and over-the-counter pussy, but it's an opportunity to make club history.

HOPPER: North Vegas is cool with me moving on.

QUINN: Indian Hills, too.

BOBBY: Jury was the one who recommended we talk to you. Knowing that Reno was getting a little thick. Jax signed off on you putting this thing together?

BOBBY: No. It was my call. It's time for a change. I need it, and this club needs it.

I'm in.

Me, too.

LEE: Is this barrio brew any good? Hmm?


Where is an opener? Where are Darvany Jennings and Arcadio Norona?


(Lee chuckles)

(grunting, muffled shouting)


LEE: Damn.

(Fiasco pants)

FIASCO: We ain't got no idea, guero. (groaning) (groaning) (panting)

LEE: What do you know? Twist-off. That is good. That's real good. Mmm.

GEMMA: Little thing.

UNSER: Go ahead. I'll watch 'em.

GEMMA: Here, baby. Come on.

- Hey.

WENDY: - Hey.

GEMMA: - What do you need?

WENDY: - Sorry.
I... I didn't know they were here.

- Is Jax around?

GEMMA: - No.
What's going on?

WENDY: I was attacked.

GEMMA: Attacked? By who?

WENDY: Some asshole at an NA meeting.

GEMMA: Come on.

(Wendy sighs) What happened?

WENDY: This newcomer asked me for my number. Mexican guy, prison ink. He was a scary dude. And I said no. And I saw him again at another meeting the next night, and he followed me out to my car, grabbed me by the neck and shoved his hands down my pants.

(Wendy sighs)

So I gouged his eyes, I run to my car. And as I'm pulling out, he starts screaming that him and his friends are gonna find me and rape me bloody.

(Wendy sighs) I believe him.

GEMMA: Did you get a name?

WENDY: Just a first. His name is Luis. I'm scared, Gemma. I-I know Jax is pissed at me, but...

GEMMA: It's okay. I... Let me talk to him.

WENDY: Okay. Thanks.

(Wendy sighs)


GEMMA: Hey, look, why don't you come by the house today when you're done with work?

WENDY: Okay. Thanks.

GEMMA: Come here, honey. It's gonna be okay.

NERO: Now, once you apply for a license, they send someone from the city manager's office. They do an inspection, make sure everything's legit.

BAROSKY: I could probably help with that.

COLETTE: How deep is that inspection? Do they look at my books?

JAX: Yeah, everything. And they can drop by any time. Nero will show you how to protect the in-house income.

NERO: Girls got to be willing to do things by the book, though.

COLETTE: They know. I run a very conservative house.

JAX: We like pussy that slants a little to the right.

(automatic gunfire)

(people yelling)

(tires screeching)

(glass breaking)

(car alarm sounding)

(siren whoops)

BAROSKY: - Thanks, Steve.

STEVE: - No problem.

NERO: - How's your guy?

He's got three bullets in his back.

How do you think he is?

JAX: - Was this us or you?

BAROSKY: Witness got a partial plate on the white Mercedes. One match-- Amir Ghanezi.

CHIBS: - Torture porn scumbag.

JAX: - I thought that was handled.

BAROSKY: So did I. Anything I should know?

JAX: No, man. We did exactly as you said.

NERO: We also stole his money and his drugs, trashed his studio. That could have stirred up some bad feelings.

BAROSKY: Well, let's go find out. He's got a boat in the marina. It's probably halfway to the Caspian Sea by now.

JAX: Hey, we need to give you a ride to your house?

BAROSKY: She should stay here. My guys will keep an eye on her.

COLETTE: - Yeah, I'll wait here.

JAX: - Juice? Hang with Colette. Keep your eyes open.

BAROSKY: Am I talking to myself here or what?

NERO: Hey, just in case your guys actually get a real police call, huh?

COLETTE: Yeah, don't fight over me, boys. My daddy says I'm not worth it.

JAX: I'll check in later.

(motorcycle engine starts)

PATTERSON: - Did Morrow sign the affidavit?

LEE: - I missed him at County. I got to wait till he's processed in Stockton. I did chat with the two Byz-lats. They couldn't say much.

PATTERSON: - Couldn't or wouldn't?

LEE: - Both. They're protecting Nero Padilla. He's the way to tie the MC to the gun.

PATTERSON: I checked him out. OG's been living clean.

There's nothing outstanding.

LEE: - I hear he's brutal with his girls. I'll need to run a check on all his escorts, see if any have something they may want to trade.

PATTERSON: Do it. DA Patterson's office.


PATTERSON: Sign this. Covers my ass in case you go rogue. Special investigator is a week-to-week gig. This week's almost up. I assume you have a gun.

LEE: I might have one laying around.

NERO: I forgot how much work this is. Active duty. Very few straight lines, eh?

BAROSKY: East dock, slip . The boat's called the Dayoos. I count three on the deck.

NERO: Okay, so how we gonna do this? (indistinct chatter)

BAROSKY: Let's make it a social call.

JAX: These assholes just tried to blow us away.

BAROSKY: What's the matter, kid-- too risky?

CHIBS: No, no, no. Too stupid.

JAX: No, it's okay.

CHIBS: - Jackie...

JAX: - Who's gonna take a shot
at me when I'm with the Lord of the Docks? Let's go make some friends.

(seagull squawking)

(distant chatter)

Amir? Amir?

BAROSKY: Hey, Amir, we just want to talk, figure out what the beef is.

(Amir speaks quietly)

Toss your guns.

(gulls screeching)

JAX: What's the matter, old man? Too risky?

(buoy bell clanging)

(buoy bell clanging)

AMIR: So talk.

JAX: We know you were the one that tried to blow our heads off.

AMIR: Yeah? Then have me arrested.

BAROSKY: Hey, you shot up my place, you put a friend of mine in the hospital.

AMIR: These biker assholes crashed my studio, scared my girls.

JAX: We scared your girls? You had them caged and raped, you filthy Arab.

BAROSKY: Okay, okay, okay. Enough.

- We settled that.

AMIR: - No.
I... haven't seen my brother since they took him. But... we found his jacket in the water this morning. I know they killed him! And they dumped his body in the bay.

JAX: Amir, I don't know what happened to your brother, but I am telling you, we didn't kill him.

BAROSKY: It's true. I was with him in the warehouse when they cut your brother loose.

JAX: You see? And he was pissed that you caved. That's probably why he split.

AMIR: No. Kia would never just walk away from his family.

JAX: Well, then, keep looking, because we got no idea where he is.

BAROSKY: Amir, this is done. Get it?

AMIR: For now... we're even.

BAROSKY: Well, I didn't say we were even.



(gun cocks)

JAX: - Don't move.

BAROSKY: - Now, that feels like even.

JAX: Jesus Christ.

BAROSKY: Now, you start your boat, and you set sail, and you keep going. And if I ever see you or your goddamned Iranian kin in my town again, I will personally gut every one of you. Want to tell me what happened to the brother?

JAX: I don't know. Look, I'm not playing you, man. I told my guy to cut him loose.

BAROSKY: And did he? If you can't trust your crew, I can't trust you.

JAX: I'll handle it.

BAROSKY: You owe me one, handsome Jack.

CHIBS: So... what went down on that boat?

JAX: You were right. They were pissed 'cause we pushed them out.

NERO: Are we all settled now? I hope.

JAX: Yeah. All settled.

NERO: I got to get back, check in with Diosa. You want to handle this? On the gate.

(door buzzes)

(door opens)

(door shuts)

(chains rattling)

Nuts and butts, Morrow.


(door opens)

(door shuts)

Ain't nobody watching.

CLAY: That didn't take long. That's cause it's your day of reckoning, old white dude.




CLAY: Just get it done. That's gonna be your choice.

TARA: - Hey.

GEMMA: - Hey.

TARA: Where's Abel?

GEMMA: Unser and Phil are making him popcorn.

That one just ate.

TARA: - Mmm, good.

GEMMA: - How's the hand?

TARA: - Oh, about the same. Thank you... for looking after them.

GEMMA: Of course. Hey. Um... you and Jax ever... ever talk to Wendy about that whole guardian thing?

TARA: No, not really. I have other things on my mind.

GEMMA: Yeah, I guess so. Need help with any of that?

TARA: Uh, I don't think so. At least, not yet.

GEMMA: What's that supposed to mean?

TARA: If I... tell you something, do you promise to keep it to yourself?

GEMMA: Secrets are what I do.

TARA (chuckles): I'm pregnant. About eight weeks.

GEMMA (exhales): Oh, my God. That's wonderful.

TARA: The timing kind of sucks, but yeah...

GEMMA: - H-How's Jax with it?

TARA: - I just found out for sure. I'll tell him tonight.

GEMMA: Oh, honey, we're gonna figure everything out, sweetheart. That's fantastic.

ABEL: Mommy! (Tara chuckles)


TARA (laughs): Come here. What are you doing? You been having such a good time?

(Abel laughs)

(motorcycles roaring)

(engines stop)

JAX: What's going on? Where's Colette?

JUICE: Closed up shop. One of Barosky's guys picked her up a few minutes ago.

Said she'd call you.

JAX: - All right. I'm gonna go see her. Tig.

TIG: - Yeah.

JAX: - You're with me. Rest of you guys head back to TM. I need you there. Put everyone on notice, just until we know this Persian thing is done.

CHIBS: Aye. Okay. Let's go.

(engines start)

TIG: - So we heading over to Colette's?

JAX: - Just me. I didn't want to say anything at the docks in front of our Catholic friend.

TIG: What's going on?

JAX: That Persian porn equipment, we pack all that shit up?

TIG: Yeah, man. It's at the port.

JAX: All right. I need you to head down there. I'm gonna send a prospect with the van. I want you to store it at the gun warehouse, just in case Ghanezi comes looking for it.

TIG: I thought that was all handled.

JAX: The younger brother never showed up. They found his jacket in the bay this morning. Amir thinks we killed him.

TIG: You kidding me? I cut him loose, man.

JAX: I know. You remember where it is?

TIG: Yeah, it's just off of Fremont.

JAX: All right.

I love you, brother.

TIG: - Love you, too.

(indistinct chatter)

(door buzzes)

CLAY: Clay Morrow. Just dropped into K-Level. You already got tagged out.

What happened?

CLAY: - Internal matter. Ask around. Lenny the Pimp's a brother. MC don't mean shit around here.

CLAY: I know the drill.

All right, wait here. Let me talk to Carson.

LEE: I'm gonna make all this matter.



(indistinct chatter)


Hey. Think she's upstairs.

COLETTE: Oh, yeah. Oh, yes. Oh, yeah.

BAROSKY: That's it.


That's it, baby! That's it, baby.

That's it.

COLETTE: - Oh, yes. Oh, yeah.

BAROSKY: That's it. Get it. Get it. That's it, baby.

(Colette moaning)

(indistinct chatter)

CARSON: Clay. Heard you buried Damon Pope. Need some cover from GN.

CLAY: Yeah. Gray boy!


(inmates shouting)


(car door opens, shuts)

(car door opens)

AUGUST: Keep it tight. Stay sharp. Jackson.

JAX: August. I haven't heard anything from Stockton.

AUGUST: Clay's still alive. But he had to earn it.

JAX: Thanks for making that happen.

AUGUST: Hey, don't thank me yet. He's dead before morning if I don't like the reason.

JAX: I'm taking your mentor's lead. Shedding the thing that brings us heat.

AUGUST: - Guns.

JAX: - Yeah. Clay has old-school ties with the IRA. I might need him to navigate a very messy breakup. I want him dead as much as you do. This is business. It's the smart play.

AUGUST: It's smart for you. It compromises me. It sends the wrong message.

JAX: I get that. I'm resurrecting Caracara. It's our own porn studio. I know it's not exactly the type of business Pope Industries usually associates with, but... it could be very lucrative for a silent partner.

AUGUST: And our other piece of business? Send me the business plan for your adult entertainment enterprise, okay?

JAX: Yeah.

(car door opens)

(car door shuts)

(engine starts)

(car departs)

HOPPER: Gonna head out with Montez and West.

BOBBY: Cool. Get them to put in their letters right away. I want those charters to sign off. I want to be on the road by the end of the week.

HOPPER: They know. I'll see you then, brother.


(Gemma sighs)

(knocking continues)

GEMMA: Coming!


WENDY: - Hey.

GEMMA: - Any problems?

WENDY: - No. Scumbag didn't come by work. You talk to Jax yet?

GEMMA: It's not a good time.

WENDY: Shit.

GEMMA: Here.

WENDY: - Oh, Jesus Christ.

GEMMA: - Hey. Until we shut this guy down, you got to protect yourself. He's probably just noise. You show him that, chances are you'll never see him again.

WENDY: Yeah, unless he pulls his own out and blows my head off.

GEMMA: Then you blow first. I know these scumbags. This is the only way they learn. Look, it's... it's got no numbers on it. Can never be traced to you. Just keeping it in your bag will give you comfort.

WENDY: - It's a Kahr?

GEMMA: - Yeah.

WENDY: How's the recoil on this thing?

GEMMA: Little snappy. Come on. I'll walk you out.


(door buzzes)

(Clay grunts)


(door shuts, buzzes)


♪ ♪ ♪ ♪

(line ringing)

♪ ♪

(door opens)

Friends in the GN say thank you. Might need this.


♪ ♪

(Nero speaks indistinctly)

(door clicks)

ROOSEVELT: - Who spotted it? - call. Saw a Ford pickup truck pull away as they stopped to change a flat.

(flashlight clicks)

♪ ♪

(door creaks)

TIG: About time.

(speaks indistinctly)

Oh, shit.

JAX: I love you.

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