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  6x02 - One One Six
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One One Six

GEMMA: Previously on Sons of Anarchy

TARA: I am pulling my family far away from you, SAMCRO and all the shit that comes with it.

JAX: What is this? Why is Wendy listed on there as a guardian?

TARA: Just getting things in order.

OTTO: I gave Luann this crucifix. I just want to wear it for a few minutes.


ROOSEVELT: I have a warrant. Conspiracy to commit murder.

LEE: LEE Toric, U.S. Marshal, retired. The nurse that was murdered... she was my sister.

TARA: This was you?

LEE: I have no desire to help you. I want to use you. You need to give up your husband.

TARA: I'm not guilty, and I'm not a rat.

JAX: Do you want to earn your way back in?

JUICE: What does that mean?

JAX: It means you do everything I tell you to do.

LEE: I know you didn't kill Damon Pope.

CLAY: What do you want?


If you want to live, let the guard know before the next shift.

GEMMA: How's Bobby?

JUICE: I got a feeling he's gonna patch out of Redwood. He started out Nomad.

GEMMA: Nomads folded.

JUICE: All you need is four members that don't have a home anymore.

BAROSKY: I work with someone who runs girls out of the port.

She's looking to go legit.

JAX: We could help. We've been looking to move back to Stockton.

COLETTE: So I need a partner. Come see my house. It's very nice.

JAX: You'd be up for mixing girls? Yours and Diosa's?

COLETTE: Variety's the key to stimulation.

JAX: So what do you want?

RENALDO: We need AKs and Glocks to hold down our streets.

JAX: Why don't you just let me sell 'em the hardware? Got some old KG-9 's at the warehouse.


(automatic gunfire, screaming)

(motorcycle rumbling)

(GEMMA: breathing heavily)

GEMMA: Shit.

(sighs) Really?

(grunting, panting)

NERO: You expecting?

GEMMA: Not as long as you keep that brown dog covered.


I'm too old for a little ese.

NERO: You said your tubes were tied.

GEMMA: I said my tubes were tired.

(both chuckle)

(knocking continues)

All right.



Well, it's not my gardener. Must be for you.

NERO: Whoa, whoa.


NERO: The hell you doing, man?

ARCADIO: I'm sorry, mano, but we got to talk.

(GEMMA sighs)

GEMMA: I'll make some coffee.

(motorcycles rumbling)

ARCADIO: That shit at the school yesterday, at Count of Aquino. That was Matthew. He was the one shot everybody up.

NERO: Darvany's boy?


ARCADIO: My old lady's kid.

(NERO: groans)

GEMMA: Jesus Christ.

ARCADIO: It was my KG-9 , mano.

(speaking Spanish)

GEMMA: Hey, English!

NERO: The cops gonna be all over her.

ARCADIO: She told 'em she ain't ever seen the gun before, man.

GEMMA: Yeah, well, her kid just got killed. They're not pressing her yet.

NERO: She's at home?

ARCADIO: Yeah. Fiasco and Gomes. The cops are watching the house.

NERO: Reporters?

ARCADIO: Nah, they ain't released the name yet. I'm sorry, mano. I'm sorry.

NERO: Yeah, I know. I know, man. Come on. Come on. Be right back.

(door shuts)

(door buzzes)

(door shuts)

CLAY: So you... blame SAMCRO for the death of your sister. I get it. It's personal. But, uh... what's the endgame here? You gonna run down every reaper on a Harley?

LEE: You know why I was such a good lawman? I never gave a shit about justice. It was always about retribution for me. Hurting people who hurt people. That's always my endgame. OTTO Delaney put the final nail in RICO when he killed my sister, so I need another angle into the MC. Former president turning state's evidence feels like a good way to create some damage. Sign this agreement to cooperate, and I promise you a legal team to fight this bullshit murder, immunity for your MC missteps and WitSec anywhere in the world.

CLAY: I want to see my wife. And I want to see my son.

LEE: Why?

CLAY: 'Cause I want to hurt people, too.

LEE: You do know this is the only thing that's gonna buy you another night in your private suite here?

I wasn't bluffing. I've used up all my favors.

CLAY: Well, then you better get on it. 'Cause I ain't signing shit till I see both of 'em.


(door buzzes)

(door shuts)

GEMMA: (sighs) Is he okay?

NERO: I don't know. I... I love him, but that dude... that dude, he's always been the guy getting pulled out of the fire. I'm sorry about all that.

GEMMA: No, baby. It's fine.


You got to get his old lady out of there. Once the shock wears off, she's gonna want someone to pay.

NERO: Yeah, she will.

GEMMA: Club can help.

NERO: Appreciate that.

GEMMA: (sighs) I got to go to JAX:'s. Wifey comes home today.

NERO: I'll meet you over there?

GEMMA: Yeah. Yeah.

LOWEN: Should I ask about the hand?

TARA: I can't go to jail.

LOWEN: I am going to do everything I can to help you, TARA.

TARA: And what about Toric?

LOWEN: He's lashing out, trying to hurt you and the club, but he's got no jurisdiction, no badge.

LOWEN: I'm sorry. I asked him to wait for my call. Do you want me to tell him

you're not ready?


I wrote down everything I can remember. It's in the pads.

LOWEN: Okay.

TARA: Did you start the other paperwork?


TARA: I'll call you soon. Thank you.

LOWEN: Mm-hmm.

(birds chirping)

(engine starts)

♪ Riding through this world ♪

♪ All alone ♪
♪ God takes your soul ♪
♪ You're on your own ♪
♪ The crow flies straight ♪
♪ A perfect line ♪
♪ On the devil's bed ♪
♪ Until you die ♪
♪ Gotta look this life ♪
♪ In the eye. ♪

(Thomas cooing)

ABEL Mommy!

TARA: Oh, my God. I missed you so much. Hi. How are you? It's so good to see you. Aw.

Mommy needs to say hi to Thomas, okay?

Come here, you.

GEMMA: There we go.


Oh... (chuckling)

I've missed you guys so much.

(TARA: speaking indistinctly)

GEMMA: Uh... something went down with NERO's crew. He's coming by.

JAX: Now?

GEMMA: Yeah. Sorry.

JAX: What happened?

GEMMA: It's about that school shooting yesterday. You were right. KG-9 was street-converted. Full auto, no marks.

LEE: Final count?

Four dead. Three of them were kids. Nine injured, two critical. The security guard put two

rounds in the shooter's head when he was switching clips. Shooter was 11.

LEE: God bless America.

How'd you know about the gun?

LEE: Fits a familiar profile. Where's the D.A.?

She'd be the plus-size in the Oprah wig getting reamed by the archdiocese.

LEE: I wouldn't use the word "reamed" around the priests.

(laughs) Copy that.

LEE: I appreciate the contact.

Hey, do me a favor when you burn this bridge down, make sure I'm not on it.

(Thomas cooing)

TARA: Oh, that's beautiful.

(TARA: gasps)

Ooh. Such a good boy.

JAX: Daddy needs to talk to Mommy for a minute.

TARA: Okay.

I'll be right back.

JAX: I missed you.

TARA: I missed you, too.

(JAX: sighs)

TARA: So, do we finish that last conversation we started?

JAX: Is that really what you want?

TARA: Well, I guess I won't be going to Oregon any time soon.

JAX: I understand why you wanted me to sign those papers.

TARA: Did you sign them?

JAX: No. RICO's dead, and CLAY's gone. I'm gonna start moving the club in the right direction. I'm meeting with the Irish today, cutting ties. No more guns. We're gonna start earning legit.

TARA: What does that look like?

JAX: We're gonna grow Diosa. It's trashy money, but it ain't dirty. Or bloody. I can take care of us, TARA.

No one gets hurt anymore. We don't need papers or guardians to protect our family. I know staying here

isn't what we both wanted. I don't know if I can explain this, but... after Ope... I just feel like, if I step away now, none of that makes sense. Like what he did was for nothing.

TARA: Well, I guess it doesn't matter. My trial's in six weeks. I could be back inside.

JAX: Any jury is gonna understand you had nothing to do with that murder. You're not going anywhere.

ABEL: Look what I got, Mama.

TARA: (laughing) Oh, my God. Look at that.

GEMMA: He couldn't wait.

(Abel giggles)

TARA: Wow.

GEMMA: Welcome home.

TARA: Thanks. Come on.

(TARA: laughs)

Show me where he lives.

(Abel giggles)

GEMMA: NERO's here.

(baby cooing)

NERO: Sorry to barge in on your, uh, homecoming here.

JAX: What happened?

NERO: That boy that killed those kids in the school yesterday... he belonged to my cousin's old lady.

He used a KG-9 .

JAX: Ours.

NERO: Yeah.

JAX: What did she tell the cops?

NERO: She didn't give it up. Not yet. But she ain't all there to begin with, man. We got to get her lost.

GEMMA: said you might be able to help with that. Maybe you can get her to one of your other charters?

JAX: Where is she now?

NERO: At her place. ARCADIO's there with her. But Stockton PD... they're staying close, though.

JAX: All right, we got a cabin out by Pine Grove. Let's figure out how to get her there, and then I'll make some calls.

(phone ringing)

NERO: I appreciate that, man. I'll let 'em know.

JAX: Hey, don't call her house. They probably got it tapped. And we got to stay off the cells. The Feds... they could be on us already.

NERO: Yeah.

(NERO groans)

Uh, I know this is bad timing, man.

GEMMA: Hey, it's for you. You got to take this.

JAX: Who is it?

GEMMA: County jail. They want to set visitation. CLAY... requesting to visit both of us.

(engines revving)

BOBBY: Thanks for meeting, Hop.

HOPPER: Yeah, of course. I got to say I was intrigued.

BOBBY: I'm glad. I hear things are getting tense in Vegas.

HOPPER: Oh, tense ain't the word, brother. Ever since they flipped Junior, shit's all sideways. Charter's hemorrhaging, man.

QUINN: Let's talk.

JAX: You okay with this?

TARA: Yeah. I'm just gonna hang with the boys, stay in. I'm exhausted.

JAX: Okay. I'll see you later. I love you.

TARA: Me, too.

(GEMMA: sniffles)

GEMMA: Like the hair.

TARA: Thanks. All the cholas are wearing it like this. Can hook you up if you want.

(GEMMA: laughs)

GEMMA: No. I'm good. I'm not the one who turned you in.

TARA: I know.

(TARA: clears throat)

TARA: I found these... in his toy chest.

GEMMA: I didn't do that, either. But what did you expect? Wendy as guardian, you talking about taking

his boys to Oregon.

TARA: Thank you for taking care of them.

GEMMA: You're welcome. You okay, Mom?

TARA: Yeah. Little tired. HAPPY to be home.

(loud, overlapping chatter)

Just give us some information. All right, crisis counselors available. We need you to sign up. We have to know exactly what we're doing here with the kids. We need to know how many... How the hell did this happen in school?

We're trying to...

GRAVES We looked at the mother, Darvany Jennings. Substance issues. Two years... possession, battery.

PATTERSON Affiliates?

GRAVES Byz-lats.

She was arrested with two of their members. Right now, she's not remembering anything, but we'll push harder

after the shock fades.

PATTERSON: It's faded. I've got a room full of priests, teachers and parents, terrified and pissed off. First thing they're going to want to know is how the hell an eleven-year-old kid got a hold of an illegal automatic weapon. If we could tie that disaster to a Mexican street gang, the whole thing will be a lot neater.

LEE: Hanging a gang face on this might give the locals some quick comfort, but that's a very bloody Band-Aid.

PATTERSON Who are you?

LEE: LEE Toric, U.S. Marshal, retired.

EAGAN: LEE's a friend of the Bureau. He had some insight on the weapon.

GRAVES: What kind of insight?

LEE: The Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club imports, modifies and sells illegal weapons to almost every street gang in and around the East Bay. I know for a fact they have a business relationship with your Stockton crew, the Byz-lats. One of the guns they put on the street... the KG-9 ... same gun Matthew Jennings used.

GRAVES: The MC is out of my jurisdiction.

LEE: But it's not out of yours, ma'am. You have an atrocity on your hands. The tragedy of dead children. Your broken county, the state, the whole country is watching. Do the right thing. Don't just close the book on your murder. Stop hundreds more from happening, and I can help you do that. This is my cell. I'm staying at the Pirsig Motel on Alpine. I look forward to hearing from you.

NERO: Whoa, what happened there?

JAX: Brotherly love.

(dog barking)

NERO: Where are they?

FIASCO: Kid's room. What's going on, homes?

JAX: The cops see you come in?


Darvany let us in. They didn't ask any questions.

NERO: We got to get her out of here.


Crank up the music. Keep an eye on the back.

JAX: (whispering) Watch the cops.

(music plays loudly)

NERO: Darvany? Hey, wake up. Come on, sweetheart, wake up. Come on, sweetheart. Hey, hey, let's go.

DARVANY: What the hell are you doing?

NERO: Let's keep it down, okay? We got to get you out of here right now, okay?

We got to go. Come on.



(muffled shouting)



JAX: (quietly) Cops, cops.

NERO: Hey, stop! Stop. They're not gonna hurt her. Hear me? They're not gonna hurt her.

CHIBS: Hey! Hey!

JAX: Stop. Stop.

NERO: Make sure she's okay.

HAPPY: Cops didn't hear shit.

JAX: Look, we got to get you and your old lady out of town. Hey. The cops are gonna crush her on that gun.

ARCADIO: She ain't a problem, man.

JAX: It's okay. All right.


(Darvany exhales)

JAX: That's a problem.

ARCADIO: Darvany.

NERO: She was clean for nine months.


JAX: Only one thing more dangerous than a rat

that's a junkie rat.

NERO: I hear that.

I'll have my guys head out front, keep the PD distracted, and we'll move her out back.

JAX: You're gonna be the first stop when they realize she's gone.

NERO: Yeah. Oh, I know that.

JAX: All right. You stay with them. We'll meet you at the cabin after the Irish.

HAPPY: You got it.

ARCADIO: Hey, baby. You're okay.

(door shuts)

(GEMMA: clears throat)

CLAY: Thank you for coming.

GEMMA: JAX had club business. He's on the road. What do you want?

(CLAY sighs)

CLAY: I know why you did it. Even when it was all going down... you, JUICE, the gun... I saw it. I got it. It was like watching the other shoe drop in slow motion. I was never easy to be with, Gem. You and me, we embraced some serious shit from day one. But you were always an amazing old lady. Always kept me on task. You always kept me strong.

(CLAY sighs)

These last six months, shit I did... You want to know why I lied to you about all of it? 'Cause I knew you'd set me straight. And I didn't want to be straight. That would've been too hard. So I convinced myself

that everything I was doing was for us. Which was bullshit. It was just for me.

GEMMA: Why am I here, CLAY?

CLAY: I just wanted you to know that whatever goes down... none of this lands on you.

GEMMA: What? You think I feel bad? That I'm sorry for what I did? For telling the truth?

CLAY: I never loved anybody the way I love you, Gem. And I know you feel the same.

GEMMA: You don't know shit about what I feel.

CLAY: (sighs) Well... I just wanted you to know you did the right thing.

GEMMA: Well, thank you. I'll go home and untie the noose.

(knocks) Let me out of here.

CLAY: I love you, Gem.

GEMMA: Let me out of here!

LEE: "Love alters not with his brief hours and weeks... "

GEMMA: Open the goddamn door!

LEE: "But bears it out even

to the edge of doom."

(Door buzzes)

(door shuts)


(sighs heavily)

GEMMA: You stupid bitch. Don't let him... you... Don't let him do that.

(indistinct voice over P.A.)

LEE: That must have been really hard for you. Still a lot of big feelings there.

GEMMA: You're the coward behind the glass?

LEE: LEE Toric, Pamela's brother. The nurse OTTO stabbed in the throat.

GEMMA: Jesus Christ. You're law.

(buzzer sounds)

You're the one protecting him.

LEE: Right now, I'm just a heartbroken family member like you.

GEMMA: You turn CLAY? Is that why he's puking up all that sorrow?

LEE: I don't want to spoil the big surprise. He really wants to tell JAX in person.

GEMMA: You're a dick.

GAALAN Jackson.

This is Connor Malone. He'll be handling things for me stateside.

JAX: JAX. Good to meet you.

CONNOR: Likewise.

TIG: Tig.

CONNOR: Cheers.


CONNOR: Filip.

CHIBS: How are you?

CONNOR: Good, my boy.

CHIBS: Good to see you.

GAALAN: Moving up the Scot. Number two. Maybe you're smarter than you look.

JAX: I'm glad you stuck around for a while.

GAALAN: I'm not. I hate California. But after I heard about CLAY, thought it best.

CONNOR: What happened with Pope?

JAX: That wasn't a club call. CLAY let his rage get the best of him. Got sloppy.

GAALAN: I've known CLAY a very long time. He's a lot of things. Sloppy isn't one of them. Maybe you can enlighten me.

JAX: Let's talk. You got something you need to say?

GAALAN: The last conversation I had with CLAY, he wanted two things... lay low in Belfast

because of internal heat, and set himself up as my U.S. distributor, because he knew you had plans to shed the gun business. So you can see why I'm a bit curious about his sudden incarceration.

JAX: CLAY was right. I've been giving a lot of thought to moving us out of guns. It's a different climate, different world than it was ten years ago. We're under the microscope. MC just barely squeezed past a RICO crush. Next time, we're not gonna be so lucky.

GAALAN: We always find ways around the law.

JAX: It's not just about heat from the cops. Yesterday, some kid blew away his classmates with one of our KG- 9's. That shit grips the public, whips everyone up.

GAALAN: Some politician pledges vengeance and reform. Six months from now, no one remembers. Just ride it out.

JAX: Part of that reform usually means finding a scapegoat. Right now, we're low-hanging fruit. I got no choice, Gaalan. I got to move us out of guns.

GAALAN: I'd advise against that.

JAX: Yeah, I figured you would. There's another charter... San Bernardino. They've always wanted

a biggerpiece of guns for SoCal. I can get Sam Dino to pick up our whole inventory. Nothing changes on your end. Sambel runs protection. You ship through Mendocino. Same deal, just a different territory.

Granted, I know how much you'll miss working with me.

GAALAN: I'll take it back to the Kings. I think they'll let you walk away if they know you're doubling their business.

JAX: It's not gonna get doubled.

GAALAN Yes, it will. We've worked too hard to build this business in Northern Cali. There's no way I'm gonna let it default to the Chinks. I understand you want to wash your hands of it, but if CLAY does get locked up, I'll want access to him. I'll need him to reach out to your customers, make sure they stay in my camp.

JAX: Club can't be a part of that. You distribute on your own out here.

GAALAN: We can make that work.

JAX: Okay.

GAALAN: One more thing. Just an inventory issue. We've a surplus of KG- 9's. I'm gonna ship 'em all out to you.

JAX: Did you hear what I just said?

GAALAN: I heard you. But you know how it works, son. Fear stokes the imagination. Everyone wants the deadliest gun. Double the price, KG- 9's will sell themselves. Looks like we all have something to gain from this tragedy. I'll let you know what the Kings decide. Until then, business as usual.

CHIBS: What was that all about?

JAX: Just learning how to bond.

(car doors close, engine starts)

Get the prospects to move these guns to the warehouse. You don't put anything out till I say so.

CHIBS: Come on, Jackie. We got a lot of people waiting for deliveries.

JAX: I don't give a shit about people. Feds are gonna put us on the radar after this shooting. I'm not putting any goddamn guns on the street.

CHIBS: We just laid out a load of cash. Selling is club business.

We need to take this to the table.

JAX: We're not gonna have a table, CHIBS, if we don't play this shit the right way.

TIG: We got it. We got it, we got it.

Chibby, we'll work this out at chapel.

CHIBS: Yeah. TIG Come on.

(buzzer sounds)

(buzzer sounds)

CLAY: You know my deal.

LEE: I need to track down JAX. This gives me the time to do that. If you want to be alive to talk to the guy you want to hurt,

you need to sign.

CLAY I'm gonna rat out my own son, give up my club, I'm gonna look him in the eye before I do that, tell him why.


TARA: Hey. Thanks for coming by.

MARGARET: Of course. Saw the boys downstairs.

They look HAPPY.

TARA: Yeah. They're good.

MARGARET: Is your hand acting up again?

TARA: Doesn't matter. I know Oregon pulled their offer.

MARGARET: I'm so sorry. What can I do?

TARA: I need to ask you a favor. I need some blood work done confidentially.

MARGARET: Are you okay?

TARA: I need a pregnancy test.

(bell ringing)

(indistinct, distant shouting)

CLAY: Hey! Is that the last bell?

GUARD: Yup. Locking it down. No more visitors, no more calls.

TARA: So, this is all the stuff from the office.

Documents my injury and...


TARA: ... the dates. Did you go through the pads?

LOWEN: Yes. They are, uh, very... very thorough. And terrifying.

TARA: You know, some of that stuff... I... I let it happen. I stayed. Doesn't that implicate me?

LOWEN: No, this isn't about criminality. It's about a culture of violence. If you do need to serve time,

we have to establish that JAX and his association with the club was a danger to your boys. He is not a viable guardian. But the things you wrote down won't indict you or him of any crimes.

TARA: Okay.

LOWEN: We still have to contend with GEMMA. Grandmothers pushing for custody

make a compelling case.

TARA: That's not gonna happen.

LOWEN: Here's a rough draft. Look it over. Are you certain about Wendy?

TARA: No. But I am certain about the alternative.

LOWEN: Okay. I will wait until right before your trial to file for the divorce, but as far as the motion for Wendy to be the primary guardian for the boys, we should move on that right away. You will want that in place if something were to happen to you.

(baby babbling)

(Darvany pants loudly)

ARCADIO: Hey, how long we gonna be here, man?

NERO: I don't know. We're gonna try to get her up north

until this all dies down.

DARVANY No. I don't want to go up north. That's bullshit. I got to bury my baby.

NERO: Look, Darvany, Darvany. Look, I know how hard this must be for you, but we're doing this for your own good. Hey, we're doing this to protect you.

(motorcycle engines approaching)

(NERO: sighs)

(Darvany cries quietly)

DARVANY They think I'm gonna tell the cops

about the gun. They're gonna kill me.

ARCADIO: No, no, no.

They're gonna help you, baby.



You got to keep me even.

I can't do this cold.

ARCADIO: I know, I know.

I know. It's gonna be okay. It's gonna be okay.



Mommy's sorry, baby. Mommy's so sorry. I'm so sorry, baby. I'm so sorry.

JAX: How she doing?

NERO: Even for now. Got to try to keep her that way.

ARCADIO: I got my guys making a run.

JAX: Yeah, okay.

(car approaches)


JAX: Jesus Christ. What are you doing here?

GEMMA: Hey, I got to talk to you.

(car door shuts)

JAX: What happened?

GEMMA: I found out who's protecting him. That nurse that OTTO killed, it's her brother.

JAX: Oh, shit.

He's a marshal.

GEMMA: It was crazy, JAX. CLAY's telling me how he forgives me. Thinks I did the right thing.

JAX: That doesn't sound like CLAY.


Sounds like a guy who's bLEEding guilt 'cause he made a deal. You got to go find out what's going on.

(shotgun blast)

DARVANY: Put 'em down!

NERO: Whoa! Whoa!

DARVANY Put 'em down now!

CHIBS: Hey, hey, hey.

DARVANY Put the guns on the table!

ARCADIO: Baby, don't do this.

DARVANY Back up!

We got to get out of here.

ARCADIO: Put the gun down. Darvy, put the gun down.

Please, baby...

(Darvany panting)

DARVANY: ARCADIO, please, you have to...

ARCADIO: No! Drop it, JAX!

DARVANY: Drop it!

(Darvany panting)

NERO: No, no, no, no!

(Darvany grunts)

DARVANY: Drop it!



DARVANY: Drop it now!

Move! Keys!

GEMMA: Ignition!

ARCADIO: Baby, don't do this!

DARVANY: They're gonna kill us! Please! Come with me!


ARCADIO: Shit. Slide over.






(Darvany grunting)


No, no, no, mano!

No, no, no!

We can't do that.

(Darvany sobbing)

(motorcycles roaring)

(groans, sighs)






(grunts loudly)



(Darvany sobbing in distance)

JAX: You let me know what you want to do.

(NERO: sniffles)

(shuddering breath, sighs)


JAX: She locked down tight?

TIG: Yeah, she's not going anywhere.

CHIBS: She's starting to bend pretty bad.

JAX: You got it?

JAX: CHIBS... I got this. You guys start cleaning GEMMA's car. Break down that rifle.

CHIBS: Okay.

JAX: JUICE, get the kit.

HAPPY: Got your ball-peen?


PATTERSON: We can get one of those later on.

(siren wailing in distance)

LEE: Cooperation affidavit signed by the former president of the Sons of Anarchy, CLAY Morrow. His testimony lets me reopen a RICO case against the MC. I point the gun dealing to San Joaquin, hand you your villains.

PATTERSON: We both know this is generic, inadmissible bullshit.

LEE: You got to move slowly with these guys, get 'em to swallow a piece at a time. Turning rat doesn't come easy.

PATTERSON: I don't have time to move slowly. You want to use this guy, I'll have my office draft up

an agreement of cooperation, something with teeth. Then maybe we can get a shot at RICO.

LEE: I'll make that happen.

PATTERSON: You want these guys dead, don't you?

LEE: Yeah. And you want out of this bullshit county, and this win puts your résumé on the map, coast to coast.

PATTERSON : You, Mr. Toric, are a risk. Your... jacket reads like a bad detective novel. Volatile, recalcitrant.

LEE: And the highest arrest record in the history of my field office.

PATTERSON: Before we bring these bikers down, I need a public hanging of this local crew. Yes, a win here will help my career, but dead kids makes this case as personal for me as the murder of your sister is for you.

LEE: Understood.

PATTERSON: I'll get you that agreement.

LEE: You better give county a call. If CLAY Morrow loses his PC, there won't be anyone alive to sign it.

JUICE: Relax, okay?

I got it, dude.

(door shuts)

(breathing softly)

(JUICE sighs)

(muffled shout)


(muffled whimpering)

JAX: She good?

JUICE: Yeah.

(water running)

(crowd chatter) (door closes)

Welcome to Diosa Norte. Do you have an appointment?

LEE: No. Is that okay?

Of course. These are the girls here tonight and our fees.

LEE: Do you have to spend time with them here?

Most of our escorts do out-service dates, as well. This is our Goddess Bar. Feel free to mingle. Drinks are complimentary.

LEE: Thank you. Club soda.

(indistinct chatter)


JUICE: I don't know, man. Gave her half the ten-pack. Look at the balloon. There's still dope in it.

NERO: Where'd you get it?

FIASCO Waterloo.

NERO: Casey's crew?


I... I know the dude.

JAX: Who knows what else she took? She probably dropped something before she went commando.

It's all right.

(indistinct chatter)

NERO: ARCADIO betrayed me. That had to happen. But she... has two other kids. Live with the dad.

Her youngest is dead now, mano. Dead 'cause of me and you. Don't matter what the risk is! We don't hurt people like that. But I got to know. Her dead in that other room... that was your call?

JAX: No.


JAX: it had to be the drugs. I'm sorry. I know how rough this has been on you, brother. But everything I'm doing here is for you.

(NERO sighs)

(JAX sighs)

JAX: Can you handle this? I got to get home, see the wife.

CHIBS: We got this.

(crickets chirping)

(buzzer sounds)

Looks like you bought yourself another good night's sLEEp.

(door slams shut)

(door creaks open)

(door creaks shut)

JAX: I'm so glad you're home, babe.

TARA: Me, too.

(JAX sighs)

JAX: Sorry I was gone all day.

TARA: It's okay. What's going on with NERO?

JAX: Nothing. Little Latino family crisis. How about you? Anything happen here?

TARA: (chuckles) No. Quiet mom day.

LEE: Tell your boss he has a nice place.

(speaking Spanish)

NERO: I'll see you on the other side.

(insects chirring)

Hey. Okay.

(body tumbles into grave)


GEMMA: I'm here, baby.


(bed springs creaking)

(TARA: gasping)

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