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Previously on Sons of Anarchy... TARA: This RICO case will kill SAMCRO.

Anything you need, they'll try and make it happen.

Jax is putting together a care package for Otto.

It might be nice to include something that reminded him of Luann.

GEMMA: Perfume, it came in a blue bottle.

CLAY: How's Rita?

UNSER: Didn't make it.

FRANKIE: What happens to our deal? We get you back at the

head of the table, and we get a piece of your end.

CLAY: Supposed to put pressure on Jax, not a homicide

investigation on me.


GEMMA: Unser just called.

Greg and Gogo tried to kill him.

JAX: What about Frankie? FRANKIE: I want money.

JAX: We ain't a bank.

Drug money comes from the Mayans; cash from the guns goes

straight to the Irish.

NERO: I got that. I got that.

It's about 130 cash, good watches.

FRANKIE: This wasn't my idea, kid. Clay promised us shit he

couldn't deliver.

You're driving.

Get on your knees.


ROOSEVELT: There's somebody else talking to the Feds.

JAX: What do you want?

ROOSEVELT: I want Frankie Diamonds and anyone else

responsible for killing my wife.

JAX: And if I don't?

ROOSEVELT: Give them to me, and I give you the rat at your table.

NERO: Clay lied about her being run off the road.

JAX: She almost killed my kids!

NERO: Okay, the lie, that was because she was scared.

JAX: Are you gonna tell her or should I?

TARA: Get out!

JAX: You want to fix the damage you've done?


JAX: Clay was the one that put the Nomads in motion.

I need proof.

GEMMA: You want me to spy on him?

JAX: I want you to be with him.

The dirty secrets will start to flow just like they always did.

GEMMA: What if I can't do that?

JAX: Then get used to living in a brothel.

ABEL: Dada?

Wake up, Dada.

(Jax groans)

JAX: Hey, buddy.

How you feeling?

ABEL: I'm hungry.

JAX: Okay.

What do you feel like having?

ABEL: Cookies.

JAX: Good choice.

Chocolate chip, a little milk on the side?

Coming right up.

NERO: You like it black with sugar, right?

GEMMA: Yeah, thanks.

NERO: You haven't said much since your boy was here.

GEMMA: Yeah, he kind of leaves me speechless these days.

Setting the rules for grandma.

NERO: Right.

GEMMA: How about you and Jax?

I'm off limits.

NERO: Yeah, well, I'm a little too old for dating rules.

I see who I want to see.

GEMMA: Is that what this is?

We seeing each other?

NERO: Yeah.

I see you, Gemma.

GEMMA: I got to get to the garage.

NERO: You know who I haven't seen in a few days is Lucius.

And since my truck is MIA, I was wondering maybe you want

to give me a ride, meet my boy?

GEMMA: Oh, I don't know if that's a good idea.

NERO: Come on, he likes to meet my friends.

Especially the pretty ones.

He's a bit of a player.

GEMMA (chuckles): I'll keep that in mind.



Let me, um... Let me just check in at TM, and,

uh, pick you up around noon.

NERO: Cool, I appreciate that.

CACUZZA: How's that happen?

I thought you vetted your guys?

Prospects and shit.

CLAY: You know how it is.

Guys get lazy.


Piss all over loyalties.


You think Frankie reached out to one of the families?

CLAY: Well, he was muscle for the Gambinos back in Rockaway.

He's still got ties.

CACUZZA: He ain't in Oakland or I'd know about it.

He probably reached out to someone in Rizzi's or Pirelli's crew.

Means he's in Reno, up in the lakes.

CLAY: Donation for the Cacuzza charity fund.

And, uh, a case of Glocks for your troubles.

CACUZZA: Yeah, that works.

I'll dig in.

MARGARET: Good morning.

TARA: Morning.

MARGARET: I just got a call from the CDCR supervisor.

They want you to check in with Stockton.

TARA: They say why?

MARGARET: No, just that it was urgent.

TARA: Okay, thanks.

MARGARET: Oh, I also changed your insurance status.

You still had yourself listed as single.

Jax and Abel are covered under your insurance now.

TARA: Great, thank you.

TARA: I just got off the phone with Stockton.

Their primaries are down with the flu and they asked if I

could come in this afternoon.

JAX: No, babe, come on.

Let's wait till Abel's home.

You got enough on your plate.

TARA: We might have a problem.

There was never any documentation of my connection to the club.

All my records here, I'm single.

But Margaret just updated my insurance status to cover Abel's stay.

JAX: Oh.


TARA: It might be just a matter of time before the CDCR

flag that I'm, you know, married to a felon.

I should go.

Try again.

(phone ringing)

(ringing continues)


JAX: Yeah.


Hey, what's up?

Oh, shit.

Thanks, brother.

All right, yeah.

I'm on my way.

Bobby picked up Chibs.

TARA: Oh, thank God.


JAX: All right, I want Rat to go with you to Stockton.

Stay in touch?

TARA: Okay.

JAX: You good?

TARA: Mmm-hmm.

JAX: All right.

Riding through this world

All alone

God takes your soul

You're on your own

The crow flies straight

A perfect line

On the devil's bed

Until you die

Gotta look this life

In the eye.

JAX: Hey.

The prodigal Scot.

Oh, man.

Thank God you're all right, man.

What happened?

CHIBS: Frankie, he dumped me out on the 99.

I really thought he was gonna put a bullet in the back of my head.

Some trucker found me.

Check this out.

JAX: Jesus Christ, man.

Did you see anything?

CHIBS: Too dark.

White SUV.

I couldn't see plates, faces.

Somebody's helping him.

BOBBY: Seems to be heading north, maybe breaking for Canada.

HAPPY: No, Tahoe.

Just talked to Quinn.

He found Frankie.

JAX: Well, let's go.

Come on.

HAPPY: Quinn says Frankie's in South Tahoe.

Hooked up with Leo Pirelli's crew.

JAX: He's bought himself some mob protection.

CLAY: Is that solid intel?

'Cause I'm a little cautious when it comes to Nomad integrity.

HAPPY: Quinn knows every pimp and hooker in a 300 mile radius.

Frankie still likes them young and slanted.

TIG: Yeah, pussy tells all.

JAX: All right, give him a call when we break.

Tell him we're on our way.

Make sure it's real.

BOBBY: Leo runs book and poker clubs.

It's a quiet crew, man.

Maybe Cacuzza could reach out, explain our situation.

Do this the easy way.

CLAY: Yeah.

I can call Jimmy.

JUICE: What happens when we find Frankie?

CHIBS: We cut his head off.

JAX: First we press him on the attacks, find out who's calling the shots.

TIG: Let's vote this shit.

JAX: Okay, we all know what Frankie did to compromise the club.

Vote's got to be unanimous.

All in favor of stripping his patch.


TIG: Yeah.



JAX: Yea.

As far as Mr. Mayhem goes, let's hear pros and cons.

TIG: He tried to kill you.

That would be a pro.

JAX: We only got the word of a non-member.

CLAY: Gogo and Greg tried to kill Unser.

Nomads were on a spree.

CHIBS: Yeah, and he shot Lyla, tried to whack me.

Frankie's made his bed, Jackie.

JAX: Anyone else?


All in favor of Frankie Diamonds meeting Mr. Mayhem.


TIG: Yea.

HAPPY: Yeah.

CLAY: Yea.

PHIL: Yea.

JUICE: Yeah.

BOBBY: Yeah.

JAX: Yea.

Okay, let's find him.

JAX: We can't kill Frankie.

Roosevelt, last night, made me an offer.

He knows all about you, Otto and RICO.

He said we got a rat at our table.

Someone gave up intel on Galindo.

BOBBY: Christ.

JAX: He wants to trade him for Frankie.

BOBBY: Do you believe him?

JAX: Eli must've been working with the U.S. Attorney.

He knows something.

BOBBY: So how do we make that work?

JAX: Fi we gotta make sure Clay doesn't get to Frankie before we do.

'Cause he is gonna blow his goddamn head off.

BOBBY: Yeah, well, how do we stop the rest of them from doing that?

(Jax sighs)

JAX: When we find Frankie, I insist on pulling the trigger.

Then you and me split off to do the kill.

We take him someplace the sheriff can intercept.

BOBBY: That's a lot of moves.

That's a lot of lies.

JAX: What do you suggest, VP?

GEMMA: Club going on a run?

CLAY: Yep.


Looking for the lost Nomad.

GEMMA: You riding?

CLAY: I'm gonna try.

I got Juice in the van.

GEMMA: Be careful.

CLAY: Hey, uh, I just got a call from Skeeter.

He's got Nero's whore set aside.

You know, her ashes.



Hey, um... Thanks again for handling all that.

CLAY: You're welcome.

JAX: You get a hold of Cacuzza?

CLAY: Left word.

PAM: Dr. Knowles, Pamela Toric.

I'm your charge nurse today.


PAM: Thanks for filling in, we're like blind babies in a beehive, here.

TARA: Oh, no problem.

PAM: I was going through your follow-up requests.

See Otto Delaney came in for staph, he was prescribed methicillin.

So why do you need to see him again?

TARA: Uh, he was very sensitive to light.

I'm afraid the staph might be a precursor to meningitis.

PAM: Shit.


Bring him in and order the tests.

I'm around if you need me.

TARA: Thanks.

PHIL: There he is.

JUICE: How they doing?

CLAY: Ah, I should've brought the cortisone.

PHIL: Anything we can do?


JAX: You okay?

CLAY: Lung's holding up.

My goddamn hands.

JAX: Hop in the van.

Let Phil ride it out.

CLAY: Okay.

PHIL: Sorry, Clay.

JUICE: I got him.

(engines revving)

CLAY: Thanks.

I appreciate that.


That was Cacuzza.

Pirelli's got a fishing cabin up at Lake Cascade.

Uses it as a stash house.

They think he's got Frankie there.

JUICE: Cool. Let's catch up with the guys.

CLAY: Let's you and me vet it out, see if it's real.

Let 'em stay on the poker club.


I just had to pass off my goddamn ride.

Let me do something useful here, Juice.

JUICE: Yeah, okay.

GEMMA: Why'd you jump back in if you knew you wanted out?

NERO: I tried to play straight when I first got out.

But... ex-junkie, ex-con.

Those, uh, six-figure offers were kind of slim.

GEMMA: It's hard to be a land baron on minimum wage.

NERO: Exactly.

What about you, mama?

Being an old lady's your life's ambition?

GEMMA: My only ambition was to keep moving.

Hooked up with JT when I was 18.


Bad boy thing, huh?

GEMMA: Yeah, I was all in from that first ride.

Knocked up two months later.


Hey, Lucius, look, your dad's here.

NERO: Hey!

I missed you, mi hijo.

I want you to meet my friend, Gemma.

GEMMA: Hi, Lucius.


She really is pretty.

(Gemma laughs)


Your dad's right.

You're a player.

JAX: Hey, Quinn! QUINN: Hey, brother.

CHIBS: Quinn!

JAX: What's up, bro? Yo, man.

QUINN: Sorry to hear about Ope.

Pirelli's inside.

HANK: Hey, what do you guys need?

JAX: We're just looking around, big fella.

HANK: Yeah, we're a quiet place.

Gotta do it without the patches.

CHIBS: Hey, take it easy.

We're just here to see Pirelli, okay?

HANK: Hey, call his office and make an appointment.

QUINN: That's Leo right there.

JAX: Leo!

You made a bad mistake helping Frankie Diamonds, man.

HANK: All right, out. Move!

CHIBS: Hey, hey.


What the hell, man.

Come on, get 'em!


PIRELLI: What the hell is wrong with you guys?

Somebody sneezes, you throw a fist?

How do you get any business done?

TIG: Johnny Goombah put up hands first.

HANK: Aw, screw this... PIRELLI: Hey, hey!



Okay, so you got my attention.

JAX: Frankie Diamonds.

Leo, we know you're helping him get out of the States.

PIRELLI: You don't know shit.

(Jax sighs)

JAX: You know, Frankie Diamonds stole half a million dollars from me and my associates.

He's using our cash to bankroll his exit.

If you think we're noisy, wait till the cartel and the IRA come knocking.

BOBBY: Machetes and grenade launchers?

They can spill a few stacks of chips.

QUINN: We just want Frankie.

JAX: You can even keep the cash.

PIRELLI: Make a call.

Follow us.

But if you're telling me a story, kid, this ain't gonna be such a beautiful, sunshiny day here in the splendor of the lakes.

You understand?

JAX: Not exactly, but I think I get the point.

TARA: Restraints?

PAM: Mr. Delaney likes to stick shit in people's ears.

Be careful.

I'll send someone in to do the blood and the CT's.

TARA: Thanks.

OTTO: Now I know why they've been forcing antibiotics down my throat.

You're a persistent little gash.

TARA: Yes, I am.

I brought you something.

OTTO: Why are you doing this?

TARA: To remind you of the things you love.

I know why you want to die, Otto.

It's not just about losing Luann.

It's about the guilt you feel turning on the club.

OTTO: You a shrink, now, too?


I'm an old lady.

Protecting my man.

Just like Luann would've done for you.

OTTO: Put some on your wrist.


OTTO: Closer.

(inhales sharply)


(door opens)

I need some blood, Otto.

PETEY: Yeah, yeah, I got it.

No. Inside.

Yeah. Bye.

FRANKIE: That Leo? Yeah.

PETEY: I need you to be completely honest, Frankie.

FRANKIE: I been straight with you guys.

PETEY: I hope so.

'Cause if Leo found out you were lying about the cash, like maybe you got a lot more, that would be bad.

FRANKIE: What're you talking about?

I gave you a hundred and fifty.

That's all I got.

Somebody's lying to you guys.

PETEY: Okay. Well, those somebodies are on their way.

I guess we'll... Oh, shit!

CLAY: Somebody's here.

Juice, go.

FRANKIE: Aw, shit!

CLAY: Down!


Put the phone away, Juice.

We gotta do this.

JUICE: Clay, Jax wants info on Frankie.

CLAY: Jax ain't here, Juice!

Cover the back. Go!


(engine revs)


(shotgun racking, gunshot)

JUICE: It's over, Frankie.

FRANKIE: It wasn't me, Juicy, I swear.

Clay put this whole Nomad shit storm in motion.

JUICE: You're a liar.

FRANKIE: No, I ain't.

We stole his safe, gave him back all that legal shit.

CLAY: Step away, Juice.

JAX: No! Not yet!

CHIBS: Frankie...

JAX: Lower the shotgun.

PIRELLI: You piece of shit.

GEMMA: Well, here's Carla.

NERO: Thanks.


It all comes down to this, huh?

GEMMA: Come in crying, go out in Tupperware.

(Nero snorts)

NERO: You make me laugh, Gemma.

GEMMA: What do you want to do with her?

NERO: Uh...

Come on.

GEMMA: This has got to be bad luck.

NERO: No, no, no, this is, this is genius, babe.

Carla, she always wanted to be buried in some fancy mausoleum.

GEMMA: Yeah, well, hurry up, Houdini.

I don't want to get nabbed for grave robbing.

NERO: You never broke into one of these things when you were a kid?

GEMMA: No, I'm not Tig.

Never mind.

NERO: Damn! Almost.

GEMMA: Here.

NERO: I'm in.

GEMMA: Magic.

(Nero coughs)

GEMMA: Jesus!

Smells like dead shit in here.

NERO: Yeah.

Been awhile since someone visited.

GEMMA: Yeah, that's 'cause they're all in here.

No one's left.

All right, this shit's creeping me out.

Can we dump little sister, please?

NERO: Yeah.


(speaks Spanish)

(speaks Spanish)

Please don't let that ever be me.

Go ahead.

Come on.

JAX: Not the way I wanted this to happen.

PIRELLI: I'm an idiot for trusting Frankie.

Sometimes, I lean too much on his guinea thing.

JAX: So how are we gonna make this right?

PIRELLI: Cover the damage on the club and the cabin.

Guns, cash, don't matter.

I'll call it even.

JAX: Fair enough.

BOBBY: We okay?

JAX: Oh, great.

You got a van or a truck I can borrow?

We gotta haul Frankie back.

QUINN: Yeah.

JAX: Thanks, bro.

How'd you know where Frankie was?

CLAY: Cacuzza. He called me as you guys were pulling out.

Me and Juice wanted to check it out before we hit you up.

JUICE: Make sure it was real.

JAX: It was real.

CLAY: Yeah.

TARA: Sorry about all the tests.

(Otto sighs)

(Tara sighs)

You need to recant your statement, Otto.

Say you lied.

Do something to kill this RICO case.

OTTO: Where's the perfume?

TARA: I have it.

It's in my pocket.

OTTO: Unhook my hand.

Just the right.

Please. I'm not going to hurt you.

Come to me.

Hold my head.

TARA: I don't think you should... OTTO: Please.

I just want to feel a woman's hand on me... one more time.


(Otto breathing heavily)

(Otto sobbing)

JAX: Hey, thanks again for the truck, man.

QUINN: Any time, bro.

QUINN: I'm here.

BOBBY: What are you gonna do about Eli?

JAX: Deliver the third Nomad.

BOBBY: Oh, come on.

What, you gonna prop him up in in the front seat and play

Weekend at Frankie's?

JAX: I'm more concerned what we do about him.

BOBBY: We got nothing, brother.

JAX: We know it was Clay.

BOBBY: Yeah, but we need tangible evidence.

The guy who could give it to us is dead.

We take this to the club with just Frankie's story,

sorry, Clay stays put.

And you look vindictive and weak.

JAX: Yeah.

Will you pull some cash for Skeeter?

BOBBY: Yeah.

JAX: I'll be back for Frankie in a bit.


JAX: You're back.

Did you see Otto?

TARA: Yes, I did.

JAX: What happened?

TARA: Uh, it was just incredibly sad.

He's just emotionally broken.

The perfume crushed him.

He was sobbing.

I think I got through to him.

JAX: Thank you for doing this.


MARGARET: Sorry to interrupt.

How did it go at Stockton?

TARA: Fine.

They need me all week.

Was hoping we could work that out.

MARGARET: We should.

I'll get into it.

Good news.

Abel's been released.

Just need a few signatures.

JAX: That's great.

Thank you.

MARGARET: Oh, I got a call from Karen Dunhill at Providence Hospital.

Her Oregon team will be down for the conference,

Wanted to know if you were available.

TARA: She say why?

MARGARET: Probably about the offer.

TARA: I'll give her a call.

(pen scratches on paper)

JAX: The Oregon offer's still on the table?

TARA: I don't know.

Let's take the boys home.


CLAY: Skeeter's ash cash?


(Clay groans)

CLAY: Anything I should know, VP?

BOBBY: About?

CLAY: My future.

BOBBY: I don't know.

You got something you want to share?

CLAY: My conscience is clear.

BOBBY: Yeah?

That was something that never got in your way.

CLAY: Where do you think he ends up?


He's making good choices.

CLAY: Yeah.

And the better they are, the more familiar he'll feel.

BOBBY: He ain't you.

CLAY: Oh, it ain't about me, it's about that seat.

BOBBY: I know how bad you want it back.

(Clay snorts)

CLAY: Yeah, I thought I did.

BOBBY: That why you set the Nomads in motion?

CLAY: If that was a real threat, you wouldn't be lobbing

it at me as I walked out the door.

BOBBY: I really hope you're as smart as you think you are.

I am tired of burning friends.

CLAY: Me, too.

(door opens)

JAX: What are you doing here?

GEMMA: Figured I should return my house key.

TARA: I'll put him down.

JAX: Go back to sleep.

That it?


Sit down.


I can count the times I've been really happy on one hand:

you and your brother... Abel and Thomas.

JAX: I know.

GEMMA: I like Nero, Jax.

Haven't felt... light

in a very long time.

(footsteps approach)

The thing you want me to do... with Clay?

I can't do both.

And you're right.

We lay down together, things get old and familiar.

If I'm gonna go back to that place...

I need to know that what you

promised is real.

JAX: It's real.

GEMMA: Not from you.

From her.

TARA: I'm aware what Jax asked you to do.

And if you help him get what he needs from Clay,

you can have that key back.

And the family that goes with it.

JAX: You good?

GEMMA: No, son.

I'm really not.

JAX: I'll be home in a couple hours.

JAX: Hold that thought.

TARA: I'm here.

NERO: Hey.

Coffee's hot.

GEMMA: Oh, okay.


NERO: I can get cleaned up.

Maybe we can grab some dinner?

GEMMA: Not really hungry.

NERO: Okay.

What's going on?

GEMMA: Sit down.

(birds chirping)

NERO: My new friends.

NERO: I was gonna get some fish or something.

Then I saw you had this thing for birds.

GEMMA: You did this for me?

NERO: Well, Lyla picked them out.

Lovebirds, too on the nose, right?


They're beautiful.

Thank you.

NERO: So what's going on?

GEMMA: I'm exhausted.

I need to, uh, I need to go home, soak in a tub.

Sleep for a couple of days.

NERO: That's a good idea.

I'm here.

(birds chirping)

ROOSEVELT: Put your hands on the hood.

JAX: Really?

ROOSEVELT: A cop meeting a violent felon on a dark road in the middle of the woods.

Call me cautious.

JAX: Good point.

.45 in the cut.

ROOSEVELT: Wearing colors, carrying weapons.

Some serious parole violations.

JAX: Good thing you're off duty.

ROOSEVELT: That's not for me, is it?

JAX: No.

It's for Frankie.

ROOSEVELT: Is he in there?

JAX: Yep.

He's in the back.

ROOSEVELT: Jesus Christ.

This is not what I wanted!

JAX: Me neither.

Frankie pissed off a lot of people.

This happened before we could get to him.

It wasn't us.

ROOSEVELT: So what the hell am I supposed to do with him?

JAX: You tell me.

He's been dead too long to stage a kill; maybe you find him in Chigger Woods.

Or I can handle it.


What the hell am I doing?

Get out of here.

JAX: Who's the rat?

ROOSEVELT: I'm not doing this.

I'm not gonna be responsible for another dead body.

JAX: Too late.

I know it wasn't me or Bobby.

Chibs, Tig, Happy, they'd cut their own hearts out before they'd talk to the cops.

Phil, the prospects, don't know dick.

Clay, not enough upside for him to rat.

Only leaves one guy.

A guy who tried to hang himself a few months back.

ROOSEVELT: You know, he had no choice.

JAX: We always have a choice.

ROOSEVELT: So what happens to him now?

(doorbell rings)

CLAY: Hey.

GEMMA: I thought you might need a little relief after the run.

CLAY: Sure, that'd be great.

My hands missed you.


JUICE: Cables are good.

I'll have Wade check the discs tomorrow.

CLAY: Thanks, Juicy.

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