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  5x08 - Ablation
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Previously on Sons of Anarchy...

LYLA: Hey, I was just showing the guys around.

CHIBS: Jackie boy, this place is fantastic!

TIG: I'm so excited.

CLAY: This thing with Gemma-- is it going anywhere?

NERO: I don't know.

RITA: I've got a gun, and I'm calling 911!

(screaming, gunfire)


CLAY: These break-ins were

supposed to put pressure on Jax,

not a homicide investigation on me.

FRANKIE: And what happens with our deal?

We get you back at the head of

the table, and we get a piece of your end.

GOGO: Guns, drugs, all of it.


GEMMA: Unser just called.

Greg and Gogo tried to kill him.

JAX: - What about Frankie? TIG: - Wasn't there.

JAX: You're using the Nomads to undermine my leadership.

CLAY: You got every right to

assume that I'd be the one setting fire to your table.

I would be willing to bet the guy doing this is Pope.

POPE: None of these attacks are coming out of my camp.

TARA: I was wondering if you could watch the boys.

GEMMA: Yeah, okay.

TARA: I'm trusting you'll be safe with them, Gemma.

(tires screeching)

(truck horn blaring) Aw, shit!

(baby crying)

(indistinct radio communication)

(chainsaw buzzing)

(moaning softly)


Ma'am, can you hear me?

You've been in a car accident and I need you to stay calm

and hold still so we can help you out.

What's your name?

The name, can you tell me your name?

GEMMA: Abel!

Oh, my... oh, my God!



TIG: Ready?

JAX: Yeah, yeah, I've got this.

JAX: - You've got it? TIG: - You've got it?

JAX: All right.

TIG: Shit!

TIG: Bobby's on his way.

Back to the cabin?

JAX: - Yeah. I'll drive Tara. TIG: - Okay.

What are you gonna tell her?

JAX: I'm gonna tell her there's a dead black guy in the back of her car.

TIG: Yeah, uh...

CLAY: Get out of here, Juice.

No more questions.

JUICE: Someone went after Jax.

Tried to blow him and Chibs off the road.

CLAY: - Shit. They okay?

JUICE: - Yeah.

That ain't all, Clay.

St. Thomas just called.

Gemma got in an accident.

TARA: How did they know where to find you?

Did they follow you?

JAX: I don't know.

They were probably trailing us from the clubhouse.

TARA: Jesus.

- Was it Frankie?

JAX: - I'm not sure.

TARA: If the other Nomads went after Unser...

JAX: We'll find out.

TARA: These were other members, Jax.


This isn't supposed to happen.

JAX: I know.


I need you to stay in here.

TARA: Why?

JAX: We got to take care of this guy.

TARA: Oh... Christ.

(R&B music playing)

BOBBY: How's she doing?

JAX: She'll be fine.

CHIBS: Couple of prison tats.

Black Nation, that's it.

TIG: How do you want to do this, boss?


Wrap him for a hole?

JAX: Other one.

Take one to Unser, have him ID the prints.

I want affiliations, who he works for, everything.

BOBBY: What's the other one for?

JAX: Damon Pope.

- Same request.

TIG: - Why Pope?

BOBBY: Because if he hired

him, he'll probably lie about who he is.

JAX: I'm tired of watching my back.

TARA: We have to go.

JAX: What happened?

TARA: It's my babies.

Riding through this world

All alone

God takes your soul

You're on your own

The crow flies straight

A perfect line

On the devil's bed

Until you die

Gotta look this life

In the eye

JAX: Jesus.

How long does this take?

TARA: They run the wire through his leg, up to his heart.

(Jax sighs)

It's gonna be okay, baby.

JAX: Like this kid hasn't been through enough shit.

TARA: - This is on Gemma.

JAX: - Yeah.

TARA: If she was drunk or high, I swear to God, Jax...

JAX: I know.

I know.

(moaning softly)

CLAY: You're at St. Thomas'.

GEMMA: - The boys... CLAY: - They're fine.

GEMMA: Abel... Abel, he was bleeding.

CLAY: He's gonna be okay. Just a cut on the head.

GEMMA: Oh, my God.

CLAY: What happened, Gem?


(elevator bell dings)

BOBBY: All right, Abel's heartbeat went irregular.

They got to do a thing to reverse it.

JUICE: - Oh, shit, man. That poor kid. BOBBY: - Yeah.

CHUCKY: How's the baby?

CHIBS: Tommy boy-- he's golden.

He didn't get a scratch.

TIG: Gemma's banged up, but she's gonna be okay.

PHIL: - How about you guys? CHIBS: - Fine.

HAPPY: We know who the shooter is?

BOBBY: Jax gonna bring everybody up to speed.

- Just stay available. Yeah.

(monitor beeping steadily)

MARGARET: I fed him. Put on a fresh diaper.

TARA: Thank you.

MARGARET: Abel did great.

His heartbeat is stable.

Keeping him here a couple days is just a precaution.

JAX: Appreciate that.

MARGARET: Let me know if you need anything.

JAX: Is my mother awake?

MARGARET: I'm not sure. I'll find out.

JAX: Thank you.


(quietly): Unser's here.

He's got some info.

UNSER: It was an easy trace.

Charles Turner.

Been inside more than out.

Armed robbery, assault, domestic violence...

JAX: What about his affiliations?

UNSER: Nothing on the outside.

Black Nation in Chino.

He just got out two months ago.

TIG: No ties to Pope?

UNSER: Ain't from Oakland.

San Diego, Long Beach.

JAX: Okay. Thanks.

UNSER: Hey, next time, few

fingerprints on a glass will suffice.


Gemma's awake.

JAX: Okay, thanks.

(cellphone rings)

BOBBY: This ain't gonna be good.

UNSER: No, it ain't.

NURSE: Let me know if you need anything at all.

JAX: What happened?

Were you drunk?

CLAY: Guys in a van came after her.

Ran her off the road, just like you.

JAX: Jesus Christ.

Did you get a look at them?


Happened, uh, happened really fast.

Van just came out of nowhere.

JAX: Oh, my God.

I'm sorry, Mom.

GEMMA: - Are my babies okay? JAX: - Yeah.

They're fine.

This is my fault.

GEMMA: Oh, no.

No, I-I'm okay, sweetheart.

You just go take care of business, all right?

CLAY: Only one guy we know gets off on dead kids.

TIG: Yeah.

BOBBY: Pope wants to meet.

Train yard.

CHIBS: Tiggy, you need to stay here.

I'll grab Hap.

JAX: You keep an eye on my family.

BOBBY: Always.

CLAY: I didn't know what else to do.

I can't have him hating you, too.

CLAY: Sheriff...

club owes you an apology.

ROOSEVELT: For killing my wife?

CLAY: For being careless, vetting new members.

ROOSEVELT: They were white, racist and violent.

That fits all the requirements, right?

CLAY: What do you need from us?

CLAY: Detectives will want to talk to you all about the Nomads.

And they'll need any records that you have on them.

BOBBY: Well, they ain't gonna be much.

They were only in the charter a heartbeat.

JUICE: I'll pull what we have.

ROOSEVELT: Ortiz, see you for a minute.

JUICE: - Why?

CLAY: - Now.

So where's Frankie Diamonds?

JUICE: We got no idea.

ROOSEVELT: Is he the one calling the shots?

JUICE: I don't know, man.

ROOSEVELT: Well, then find out.

JUICE: Who do you think I am, dude?

I don't know shit, man.

(door opens)

ROOSEVELT: You seem a little nervous.

Yeah, I bet you Clay's real curious about our private

little conversation right here,

our blood bond we share.

JUICE: You're gonna get me killed.

ROOSEVELT: That concern left

me when I watched my wife die.

DAMON: My company just closed the deal with the city on this property.

Five years from now this will be

be affordable housing, multi-family units.

Retail... Park... Metro station.

JAX: Where do they put your bronze statue?

(Damon laughs)

DAMON: Someplace where no one can chop the hands off.

I'll chalk that off to a decision made under duress.

Don't test me again.

JAX: He was black, what the

hell was I supposed to think?

DAMON: That someone wants you dead, and hired a black guy to do it.

Unemployment's crushing the hood, brothers need work.

JAX: Well, you were right.


JAX: Attacks are coming from inside.

But how do I know the orders aren't coming from you?

DAMON: The hand belonged to Charles Turner.

Tyler has the intel on his known associates.

I assume one of them will be the second shooter.

Maybe they'll provide the truth you need.

JAX: Look, man, if I get a member trying to take me out,

I got to cross everyone else off the list before I go there.

DAMON: Understood.

Betrayal's an awful thing.

JAX: Maybe I should get me one of them goon squads.

DAMON: Stay close, Jax.

You won't need one.

JAX: So what you know about Turner?

TYLER: He ain't local.

Got a brother-in-law lives on the six-six.

That's it.

JAX: All right, let's go.

GEMMA: Thank you.


(gentle knocking on door)

NERO: Can you give us a minute, friend?

CHUCKY: Okey-dokey.

NERO: - Thanks.

CHUCKY: - All right.

NERO: What happened there?

GEMMA: Chinese cut 'em off cause he couldn't

stop playing with himself.

NERO: See, I should've put that together.

I'm sorry this happened to you.

NERO: Hey, it's gonna be all right.


GEMMA: I was stoned driving those kids.

I thought I'd be okay.

I drive high all the time.

And I-I didn't want to miss my chance to be with them.

NERO: I hear you.

It's okay, baby. It's okay.

GEMMA: No, it's not.

Clay lied for me.

Told Jax someone ran me off the road.

I let him believe it.

Jax and Tara are never gonna forgive me if they find out.

NERO: That'll come back, Gemma.

You know how that shit works.

You gotta get in front of it.

You tell 'em the truth.

- You tell 'em the truth... CHUCKY: - Um, Clay's coming.

I thought maybe I should tell you that.

I need to step out.

My bowels get very loose in situations like this.

NERO: Well, on that note... I'll check in on you.

GEMMA: Yeah. Thanks.

CLAY: I'll walk you out.

CLAY: Whatever it was with you and my wife, it's over.

NERO: Well, maybe we should let her make that call.

CLAY: I know you and Jax are

tight and club appreciates your pussy salvation,

but make no mistake, you get in

my way with Gemma, I'll kill ya.

NERO: Don't worry, mano.

I don't make mistakes.

Not like you.

JAX: That looks familiar.

CHIBS: Aye, but where's the brother who's driving it?

JAX: Let's find out.

Hey, what the hell is this?

JAX: Guess it was him.

Hey, clear this place out.

(three gunshots)

Ray, there's nowhere left to go!

CHIBS: That's a bad idea, Ray.

RAY: Look, I didn't know what the job was, man.

I was just helping Charlie.

JAX: I get it, bro.

A gig's a gig.

RAY: Yeah.

CHIBS: Why was Charlie trying to kill us?

RAY: Just him.

A guy we knew in Chino, Frankie Diamonds, he hired us.

Gave Charlie his custom chopper, worth like 75K.

JAX: Why'd you go after my mom and kids?

RAY: We didn't go after your family.

I don't even know you, man.

That wasn't us.

CHIBS: So, Frankie hires a black guy, makes it look like Pope.

That greaseball is smarter than he looks.

HAPPY: What do we do with him?

JAX: Come here.

(Ray gasping)

RAY: Oh, shit.

Please... shit. Please.


JUICE: Hey, what are you doing here?

CLAY: I hate hospitals.

(Juice chuckles)

JUICE: Yeah, I get that.

(Clay sighs)

All I have is dues payments for the Nomads.

Think that's cool with Roosevelt?

CLAY: Yeah.

This stuff won't tell 'em shit.

Anything you need to tell me?

About Roosevelt?

JUICE: No. Why?

JAX: Well, he's been pressing you pretty hard since

we got out of Stockton.

JUICE: Yeah, I guess.

JAX: Why just you?

JUICE: I don't know.

CLAY: I think you do.

JUICE: He's just an asshole cop, man.

CLAY: What's he know, Juice?

JUICE: Nothing.

Come on, Clay.

CLAY: - Don't lie to me.

JUICE: - I'm not.

CLAY: Hey...

you can tell me the truth, son.

JUICE: Please, Clay, I can't.

CLAY: You got no choice.

Tell me, Juice.

JUICE: My father...

he's black.

Eli found out.

He tried to get me to work with the Feds.

CLAY: Why? For what?

JUICE: There's a RICO case.

Otto flipped.

Gave them past crimes.

Eli threatened me.

The Feds want the Irish and the the cartel.

He said that if I gave him some

evidence, that he would spare the club.

CLAY: Jesus Christ.

What did you do?

JUICE: I stole that brick of coke.

Miles caught me doing it.

I panicked.

We fought.

He came at me with a knife.

CLAY: The RICO case went away?

JUICE: I guess they couldn't make it, the Feds.

They cut me loose.

I'm not sure about Otto.

(Clay sighs)

CLAY: I sent the Nomads to the trailer.

Unser took down Gogo.

I killed Greg.

JUICE: What happens now?

CLAY: Well, you take this

bullshit intel to the sheriff,

I catch up on some paperwork.

JUICE: - Clay, I didn't... CLAY: - Listen to me.

Everybody at that table's done something that puts them outside the reaper.

Self-disclosure kills the group.

Now, what we just shared here makes us even-- honest.

We're connected.

Nobody else needs to know.

That's how it works.

TARA: Hey.

They released you?

GEMMA: Yeah, pretty soon.

TARA: How you feeling?

GEMMA: Little sore.

I'm okay.

TARA: Jax told me what happened.

GEMMA: Yeah.

TARA: Thank you... for keeping them safe.

GEMMA: I hit a goddamn tree.

TARA: I'm so glad it was you behind the wheel.

It could've been so much worse.

JAX: Hey. You doing okay?

GEMMA: Yeah.

Where you been?

TARA: Looking for the guy who

tried to kill both of you.

GEMMA: Any luck?

JAX: We're still putting it together.

Do you remember anything from last night?

Make or model of the van?


JAX: Color?

GEMMA: Dark.

Brown maybe.

(phone ringing)

JAX: Don't worry.

We'll find this guy.

Yeah, what's going on, ese?

GEMMA: Can I see Abel?

TARA: Of course.

BOBBY: Oh. Yo, anyone home?

NERO: Back here, mano.

FRANKIE: - Guns and knives.

JAX: - Jesus Christ!

FRANKIE: Drop your clips, slide 'em across the floor.

- Now!

JAX: - Okay!

JAX: These two have got nothing to do with--

FRANKIE: Shut up and get on your knees!

Put your hands behind your heads!

BOBBY: Come on, Frankie, what the hell is this?

FRANKIE: What do you think?

I want money!

I know you got cartel cash in the chapel safe.

JAX: We ain't a bank, Frankie.

Drug money comes from the Mayans.

Cash from the guns goes straight to the Irish.

FRANKIE: Hey, I don't give a shit where you get it.

I need 200 grand, or I kill Ope's whore.

NERO: I got that, I got that.

In my studio, there's about 130 cash, couple of good watches.

You want that?


NERO: Just take that gun out of her mouth, okay?

FRANKIE: All right, Elvis, get up off your fat ass and

go get it-- move!

You try anything, I'll kill 'em both.

NERO: The safe is in my closet.


JAX: How do you think this ends, Frankie?

FRANKIE: This wasn't my idea, kid.

Clay promised us shit he couldn't deliver.

JAX: You're telling me Clay was behind the break-ins?

FRANKIE: Come on, Jax, you know he'd do anything to get the

gavel back, and his cash points.

JAX: He sign off on you going after me and my family?

FRANKIE: I never went after your family.

JAX: Someone went after Gemma and my kids last night!

FRANKIE: Now, why the hell would I do that?

CHIBS: 'Cause you're a greasy scumbag animal!

BOBBY: Hey, hey, hey, hey!

FRANKIE: On the table.

Get back on your knees.

(Lyla whimpers, gasps)

FRANKIE: Is that your truck out back?

NERO: Yeah, homes.

Here-- key's in my pocket.

FRANKIE: Get the keys.

(Lyla whimpers)

FRANKIE: Get up, Scotty.

JAX: - Frankie... FRANKIE: - Get back, Jax!

Get back!

CHIBS: Jackie...

FRANKIE: You're driving.

Let's go.

CHIBS: All right.

FRANKIE: You come after me, I'll kill him.

JAX: You're making a mistake.

(gunshot, Lyla yells)

Jesus Christ!

(all shouting, Lyla gasping)

CHIBS: - Oh, Jesus! All right.

(Lyla groans, gasps)

LYLA: Is he gonna kill Chibs?

BOBBY: No, he'll-he'll probably just let him out

when he gets far enough away.

(Lyla pants)

NERO: I got a doctor on the way.

He's a client; we're fine.

(Lyla groans)

NERO: You remember what you promised?

JAX: I know.

I'm sorry this shit landed here.

NERO: We ain't even open yet,

and I got an employee with a bullet in her leg.

JAX: I know.

I'm gonna handle it.

NERO: How you gonna handle it, more bullets?

JAX: Come on, man, it's a club problem.

NERO: No, no, it's-it's

your problem.

And now it's my problem.

That's the way this whole partner thing works, man.

JAX: I got it.

And I'm telling you, it's not gonna happen again.


NERO: But we both know that's a lie, right?

JAX: So, what you saying, man?

You want out?

NERO: Yeah, I do.

That's why we got into this, remember?

You got a beautiful wife, you got two healthy kids-- you need to accelerate the endgame, Jax.

Get away from all the shit that's trying to kill you.

JAX: I know.

I know what I have to do.

NARRATOR: And what about the rest of them?

'Cause if Clay set these guys in motion, brother on brother, shit, mano, you ain't got no trust to lean on.

JAX: I'm gonna get together the cash we owe you.

NERO: What are you gonna do about Gemma?

JAX: Now, that's not your concern, Nero.

NERO: Oh, you got to be kidding me with that shit, right?

After all this, I think I earned a little concern.

Clay lied about her being run off the road.

She wanted to tell you the truth, but she got caught up in all that stuff going on with Tara... JAX: - She almost killed my kids!

NERO: Okay, I'm not saying that she didn't make a mistake-- but the lie, that was because she was scared.

JAX: Yeah, she should be.

NERO: Really?

Well, what are you gonna do, Pres?

You gonna beat the shit out of your mom?

Ain't that been done enough by your family?

JAX: Hey, you know what, bro?

BOBBY: Hey, hey, hey, hey.

JAX: You want to be with Gemma?

Be my guest!

She's your problem now.


GEMMA (whispers): That's a good boy.

That's a good boy.

JAX: Could you give us a minute?

MARGARET: Uh, sure.

I'll be in NICU. TARA: - Okay.

What's the matter, baby?

JAX: I got some new information.

Are you gonna tell her, or should I?

GEMMA: I love him so much, baby.

TARA: What happened?

(Gemma sighs softly)

GEMMA: No one tried to run me off the road.

When you called last night, I was getting high with Unser.

I thought I'd be okay to drive.

I just didn't want to miss my chance to be with them.


I'm sorry.

TARA: You're done.

You don't call... see or come near my kids again.

GEMMA: - Tara, pl... TARA: - Get out! (sobs)

(Thomas crying)

(Tara takes deep breath)

(Thomas continues crying)

(Tara sobbing)

(Thomas continues crying)

(engine turns off)

FRANKIE: Get out of the truck.

Get out.

I said get out!

Get out!

Move it.


Get on your knees.


Least you can look me in the eyes before you kill me, you Guinea coward.

(honks horn)


(gunshot, air hissing)

(engine starts)

(door opens)

(door closes)

(vehicle driving away)

(engines rumbling)

JAX: Just tell 'em about Frankie and Chibs.

(engines turn off)

BOBBY: What about Clay?

JAX: We don't know anything yet.

Not until we can prove it.

Until then, he can't know we're on to him.

BOBBY: However this thing unravels with Clay... it's got to come to the club.

JAX: I know.

BOBBY: Do you?

(vehicle approaches)

JAX: You just bring the guys up to speed.

We gave your detectives everything we had.


How's your boy?

JAX: He's gonna be fine.

ROOSEVELT: Wow, that's... that's good.

You know, Rita was pregnant.

Seven weeks in.

I don't even know if it was gonna be a boy or a girl.

JAX: Oh, man.

I'm sorry.

ROOSEVELT: The DNA under her nails was inconclusive, so I can't tie her death to the MC.

So that puts me back at square one.

So anyone who knows anything is either... dead... or ain't talking.

JAX: We don't know any more than you do.

ROOSEVELT: Do you know why Bobby Munson was released from Federal holding?

That RICO case fall apart?

JAX: What RICO case?

Bobby was inside for Georgie Caruso.

ROOSEVELT: Yeah, I get it.

You and Munson gotta keep that secret.

JAX: Where is this headed?

ROOSEVELT: That wasn't the only RICO secret in SAMCRO.

There's somebody else talking to the Feds.

Giving them information on the cartel.

You said we should work together.

JAX: What do you want?

ROOSEVELT: I want Frankie Diamonds and anyone else responsible for killing my wife and my unborn child.

I know you will find him before I will.

JAX: And if I do?

ROOSEVELT: Give him to me, and I give you the rat at your table.

(door opens)

(door closes)

(engine starts, truck departs)

(Jax sighs)

(Tara sighs)

JAX: Do you ever regret coming back?

TARA: To Charming?



I wonder what would have happened if I never left.

JAX: Yeah.

I think about that, too.

I think about all those choices lately.

TARA: You want to tell me?

JAX: I'm pretty sure Clay was the one calling the shots with the Nomads.

TARA: How do you know that?

JAX: We caught up with Frankie.

Clay was using the home invasions to create a shitstorm, hoping the noise in and out of the club would push me out of my seat.

TARA: What do you do now?

JAX: I gotta prove it.

Let the club make the call.

TARA: What call?

JAX: To cut him out and kill him.

TARA: How do we do that?

JAX: I have a plan.

You may not like it.

(motorcycle approaching)

(turns off engine)

(door closes)

CLAY: I got calls in to everybody.

We're gonna find Frankie, put this shit to bed.

JAX (sighs): I know.

CLAY: What'd Pope have to say?

JAX: Gave us some good intel on the second shooter.

CLAY: Uh-huh.

JAX: My guess is that Frankie hired black to put us off the truth.

Got some facts straight.

CLAY: Oh, yeah?

And what's that?

JAX: No one went after Gemma or my kids.

I know why you lied for her.

I'd have done the same thing to protect Tara.

CLAY: Does Gemma know?

JAX: Yeah.

Tara's cut her out.

She's dead to my family.

CLAY: Shit.

JAX: You're the only thing she's got left.

CLAY: She don't want me.

JAX: I'm worried about her, Clay.

She's already on edge.

I'm not sure what happens to her without family.

She's gonna need you.

(door opens)

(door closes)

(knocking, door opens)

NERO: Somebody to see you, babe.

NERO: We okay here?

JAX: Yeah.

I heard what you said. NERO: - Good.

Be civil.

GEMMA: I didn't feel like going home.

(Jax sighs)

JAX: You want to fix the damage you've done?

GEMMA: Yes. Of course I do.

JAX: Then you need to prove to Tara that you can be trusted.

GEMMA: I'm cold turkey, Jax.

No booze, no weed.

I'm serious.

JAX: It's not that easy.

GEMMA: Then how?

Just tell me.

JAX: Clay was the one that put the Nomads in motion.

The home invasions, attack on me and Chibs, everything.

GEMMA: Oh, my God.

JAX: I need proof.

You're gonna get it for me.

GEMMA: What are you talking about?

JAX: He'd do anything for you.

Let him in.

Get his trust.

GEMMA: You want me to spy on him?

JAX: I want you to be with him.

Sleep with him.

Make him feel like a king.

The dirty secrets will start to flow just like they always did.

GEMMA: What if I can't do that?

JAX: Then get used to living in a brothel.

Because hookers and bangers are gonna be your only family.

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