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  5x07 - Toad's Wild Ride
 Posted: 04/29/13 13:19
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Previously on

Sons of Anarchy...


Yeah, it's the porn biz we used to handle.

Girls on that list, they need a booker.

Diosa Norte.


I remember you.

I volunteered here because I have some things I need to tell you.

The club didn't betray you.

This RICO case will kill SAMCRO.

Anything you need, they'll try and make it happen.

Get on your knees.

I'm not gonna do that. Me either.

Let's go up to the cabin for a couple of days, just the two of us.

What about the boys? Who's gonna watch 'em?

I love you, sweetheart.

If we hooked up right now, it'd just ruin us.

There ain't no "us," Gemma!

And you got no friends.

Open your eyes, mother.

Everybody knows who you are.

Can I buy you a drink? Why not?

How's Rita? Didn't make it.

It looks like Rita clawed back at one of 'em.

Sheriffs are running the DNA.

It feels local.

Someone trying to tear shit up from the inside.

You weren't supposed to kill her!

Sheriff's got skin from her fingernails.

You're in the system.

Can't convict on just DNA.

His skin comes back a match, murder blows back on all of us.

So what do we do?

Unser's all over this shit.

What, the ex-cop?

Ain't no such thing as an ex-cop.

He knows these attacks are coming from the inside.

Why does he give a shit?

It's personal.

Look... you guys are gonna have to get out of town.

Leave Charming for a few weeks.

And what happens with our deal?

We get you back at the head of the table and we get a piece of your end.

Guns, drugs, all of it, man.

You promised us.

These break-ins were supposed to put pressure on Jax, not a homicide investigation on me.

Shit, we didn't wanna hit the cop.

You're the one that sent us... You killed her!

It was an accident! Tell that to the DA!

You're a hard man to find.

Can we talk?


Not sure.

What happened to your land?

Sold it to the county.

Cancer ain't cheap.

Providing overnight security services to my former business establishment... exchange for their, uh... lovely setting.

They give you a badge?

What's on your mind, son?

I just talked to Eli.

I need to know everything you got on these home invasions.

It ain't much.

Just a few leftover bruises and a feeling.

That feeling got a name?

Come on.

You've been busy.

It's good to have a hobby.

How is it us?

We ain't trying to jam you up.

If it is Samcro, it wasn't a club call.

We just want to know who you're looking at.

I've been digging into the three hits on the club, including mine.

They hardly took anything.

Just trashed the place, threw a beat-down and split.

That ain't a robbery.

That's a message.

What about Roosevelt?

That one was a mistake.

They underestimated the wife of a cop.

Pope would be the obvious fall guy for all of this.

It wasn't black that jumped me.

Who has something to gain by making the club look weak?

Turning the town and the sheriffs against them?

Suddenly the pretty guy they gave the gavel to, he ain't looking all that smart.

Who does it for him?

Who's new? Nomads.

Look, man, we better have some proof before we start throwing brothers in the mix.

Rita got a good scratch into one of 'em.

DNA comes back conclusive, we don't need a mix.

The Nomads are staying at Lowell's old place on Bethel.

Why don't you stop by, tell 'em you're a friend of the club, just giving an introduction.

Feel those guys out a little bit.

What about Clay?

Clay's my problem.

Clay takes back the gavel.

He keeps the drugs, the guns, the cash flowing.

Cleans up before he steps away.

It's always been his retirement plan.

It still is.

Oh, shit!

Where's my wallet?

Goddamn it!



No, you son of a bitch!


Riding through this world

All alone

God takes your soul

You're on your own

The crow flies straight

A perfect line

On the devil's bed

Until you die

Gotta look this life

In the eye

Where you taking it?

Hey. We're going up north to the Easy Rider bike shows.

Do 'em every year.

Right on.

- How long you gone? Couple weeks.

I gave Juice my proxy info.

All my dues are square.

It's probably a good

time to split, all this heat...

home invasions, dead wives.

Charming's become a very messy

place since you guys showed up.


Where are Greg and Gogo?

Not sure.


you should stay in touch.

See, I'm real close to figuring

out who's behind these attacks.

When I know, I need everyone's input,

how we hurt the guys responsible.

Whatever you need, brother, I'm there.




Wayne Unser.

I don't believe we formally met.

It's Greg.

What are you doing here, man?

Friend of the club, just wanted to stop by

and make an introduction.

Well, I gotta get this done, so...

Don't let me stop you.

The other fellas around?

Dude, it's not a good time, all right?

We got shit to do.

Oh, here you go.

Oh, hey, morning. Wayne Unser.

What's going on?

I was telling Greg I just wanted to come by and say hello.

Yeah, well, we're in the middle of something.


Hey, you get into it with one one of them crow-eaters?


Scratches on your chest there.

Yeah, my girl likes it a little rough.

Oh, I guess so.

Where you fellas headed?

You know, you ask a lot of questions for a guy

who's just here to say hello.

Oh, that's in my nature.

Sometimes I forget I'm retired.

Yeah, well... maybe you should remember that.

Greg, let's go.

Hey, nice meeting you.

Have a good run.

- Hey, darling.

- Hey.

- Hey. - Hey, I was just showing the guys around.

Jackie boy, this place is fantastic!

I'm so excited.

Are you doing good?


Nero's a good guy.



Looks like Lyla's working out, huh?

Oh, yeah, she's great.

Any flack from Carla?


I'm pretty sure she's moved on.

I just got a call from that

other crazy chick in our lives.

Shit. What now?

Well, we'll see if the manager saw anything.

The Armenians run the

chop shops around here, so I got

my guys looking for the SUV.

If I wanted them to

come, I would've called them.

What the hell happened?

I crashed here last night and someone stole my Caddy.


Since when do you drink banana vodka?

What happened?

I, um... woke up to take a piss, and, uh...

he stole my wallet and my SUV.

I don't remember his name.

Jesus Christ.

Who are you?

This is why I called you

'cause I don't need that shit.


I'm sorry you got pulled into this.

She's a goddamn train wreck.

She's still your mother, ese.

Respect that.

You know, she's caught

between a husband she hates and

a kid she thinks hates her.

Women like your mom, Jax--

they don't do so good without family.


Go easy.

What's up?


Clerk didn't remember nothing.

He said that whoever stayed in that room paid cash for it.

Hey, listen.

My guys-- they found the Escalade.

And the dude is there.


I'll get her home.


I didn't know anybody was in here.

Otto, huh?

We're gonna have to say something to each other

- sooner or later.

- No, we won't.

Jax should've killed me.

You and I both know I'm living on borrowed time.

What? Now I'm supposed to feel sorry for you?

No, you're supposed to hate me.

Like you do.

You're not on borrowed time.

To me, you're already dead.

Stay away.

What happened, Clay?

What'd you do to her?

Same thing I always do.

What do you want?

Greg the Peg just called looking for you.

Sounded important.


He showed up an hour ago with the Escalade.

He's part of a crew.

Scams older broads, jacks their shit.

Cocky prick.

So this may go hard, eh?

No worries.

Just don't do it here, huh?

That's him.

Hey, hey!

Out front.



Get out of the way!

- Hey, hey, Jax!

- This piece of shit!

You want to be on the 5:00 news?

Take what's yours.

Let's get out of here.

I should kill you for what you did to my mother.

That makes sense.

But you're not gonna do that, right?

Not today.

Check his pockets.


That's, like, that's, like, 3K, man.


Which is fair.

So just call it even?

No, we won't.

Well, I guess I'm walking.

What the hell's going on?

I thought I told you to split.

Yeah, we tried.

Unser came by the house this morning, spotted Gogo.

Saw the scratches.


Yeah, that ain't it.

Jax rattled Frankie, man.

He and Unser both know we did the break-ins.

They're coming after us.

Where are the others?

They're spun out, Clay.

Frankie and Gogo-- they're

talking about killing Unser.

It's all turned to shit, man.

I don't know what to do.

They're right.

Unser's got to go.

He's on to me, too.

You go to Frankie and Gogo,

tell them I came to you, made the request.

I want the three of you to meet me in two hours at his Airstream.

Back of Unser's Trucking.

I'll get there first.

Make sure all the weapons are out of reach.

Don't be late.


What are we gonna do?

You're gonna put on your masks...

you're gonna break in... and you're gonna kill him.

I just want to have something when I see him.

Some kind of, you know, peace offering or personal thing.

Something that reminds him of what he used to love.

Well, Otto ain't gonna want to look at pictures of us.

Bring him shit that reminds him of Luann.

That'll get you closer.

Where can I get more on her?

Gemma. They were best friends.


- Oh, hey. Hey.

- You talk to Jax? About what?

Um... my SUV got stolen.

Oh, my God. I'm sorry.


Can I ask you about Luann Delaney?

What about her?

Jax is putting together a care package for Otto, and

I was thinking it might be nice

to include something that reminded him of Luann.

Oh, that's sweet.

Well, he-he liked to watch her movies.

But I'm guessing they're not

gonna let you bring a stack of old videotapes in there.

Probably not.


Otto loved that goddamn perfume.

Smelled like cum and patchouli.

It was godawful.

But he wouldn't let her wear anything else.

It came in a blue bottle.

It's like Blue Roses, Blue Violet, something like that.

Thank you.

We, uh, got to get back to work.

We open shop in two days.

- Hey, thanks, brother.

- No problem, man.

How'd you get her SUV back?


You ready to go?

Pretty much.

I packed our bags.

I just need to go by Saint Thomas and change a few

appointments, pick up the boys.

All right, great.

- I'll meet you back here.

- Mm-hmm.

I'm sorry I embarrassed you.

It's okay.

You and Tara...

that's all gonna get worked out.

I know.

What's going on with you, Mom?

After my Thomas died,

I did the worst thing a mother could do.


I made you make up for the love

that he couldn't give me anymore.

I'm sorry, Jackson.

I'm sorry that I've always been too much.

You know when he died,

I felt so bad.

I know, baby.

It wasn't because he was dead.

It's because I would have you all to myself.

And I knew how wrong that was.

I love you, Mom.

And we're get through all this.

I promise.

Come here.

It's all right.


Just call me and let me know.

All right.

What's going on?

We should talk.

Can I come in?

You ain't gonna like

what I've done to the place.

Never have.

What do you want?

Guess I earned that level of trust.

Yeah, you did.


Me too.

I've made a lot of mistakes, Wayne.

Nobody's seen more of them than you.

If this is a confessional, maybe you should let me turn on a recorder.

You know, I miss Chief Unser.

Oswald is gonna beat Hale in the next election.

He's already talking about reinstating Charming PD.

Wouldn't it be nice to see you come out of retirement.

That's a noble plan, but I suspect I'll be dead in a year.

Is this what you've come to talk about?

You were right.

These home invasions-- they're an inside job.


And how do you know about that?


They're pulling up already.

Okay, thanks.

What should I do?

Just head back to TM.

Clay, what's going on?

That thing loaded?

Yeah, why?

You were a good friend, Wayne.

I'm sorry I wrecked that too.

Oh, shit.

Jesus Christ.

How did you know they would show up here?

After we talked in the hospital, I started digging into them.

They were already on to your suspicions.

So when I saw them skipping town, I figured...

this might be a stop.

These two and the other one, they, uh,

they ain't the brightest trio in the choir.

Someone else had to be calling the shots.

I wasn't trying to sabotage Jax.

You think I would've stopped

them from blowing your head off?

Maybe sentimentality got the best of you.

Ain't my nature.


I guess not.

See, y-you being here is just gonna complicate shit.

You should split.

What about them?

I'll let the sheriffs handle it.

I'll keep you out of the mix,

Clay, but these two are part of a murder investigation.

It could land hard on the club.

He's got a nine-mil slug in his head.

I put a nine in his skull

'cause he kept coming at me.


Watch your back, Wayne.

There's still one of them out there.


I'm watching.

Unser spotted some gnarly scratches on Gogo's chest.



Got to be why he and Greg were heading out of town, just like Frankie.

Let's call Quinn.

We got to find out everything

we can about these Nomads.


Unser just called.

Greg and Gogo tried to kill him.

He shot them both.

They're dead.

Jesus Christ.


Just happened.

What about Frankie?

Wasn't there.

Sheriff's on his way.

Wayne sounded real bad.

I'm gonna head over.

Yeah, okay.

Why the hell would the

Nomads try and kill Unser?

Unser's been digging into these home invasions.

He thinks they might be internal.

Maybe he was getting a little too close.

You think the Nomads were the ones doing the attacks?

That makes no sense.

It does if you're trying to compromise the club

and bring a shitload of heat to our front door.

The Nomads are on someone's payroll.


I'm not sure.

There's still one more out there.

We track down Frankie, maybe we get the truth.

All right.

Uh, excuse me.

You okay?


You didn't have to come.

I'm fine.

Can we sit and have a smoke?

Yeah, sure.

They didn't say anything?


Just busted in, masks, guns out.

I been keeping the double barrel close since the beat-down.


This is bad, Wayne.

Whatever it is... it's really bad.

Yeah. I know, sweetheart.

Listen... the shit I said the other day...

You were pissed.

Saw that guy heading into your house, guess I was just

- feeling like... Too many people feeling shit.

That's the problem.

What you said was the truth.

More people would do that,

there'd be less bodies lying on the floors.

Don't do it again.

- Oh, shit. What?

Tara and I are supposed to go up to the cabin for a few days.

That's not a bad idea.

Sheriffs are gonna be all over us.

Maybe you could run things from the cabin till this cools off.

Yeah, okay.

- Hey. Hey.

Elyda bailed on us again.

Something about her mom.

I have a call to a pediatrics nurse that I trust.

I'm sorry, baby.

Why don't we let Gemma stay stay with them?

Come on, babe.

We got to cut her some slack.



Where is she?

She went to see Unser.

You should give her a call.

Thank you.

I got some shit to handle here.

It's gonna be a while before we can leave.

Let me head up.

Gemma can pick up the boys here.

I'll make some dinner, air the place out.

That'd be great.

I want Tig to ride up with you.



Oh, come on. I mean,

what if there's snakes in the cabinets, grizzlies under the bed?


I love you.

Hurry up.

Yes, ma'am.

Tiggy, eyes open.

Nothing touches her, boss.

Why don't you give me the night with Tara?

I'll tell her what's going on.

You guys can come up tomorrow.


Gemma will be by later, pick up the boys.

Need you with me.

Where are we going?

Check on a sick friend.

Everything okay?

Yeah. I was wondering if you could watch the boys while Jax and I are at the cabin.

Elyda's mom is sick again.

Well, yeah.

Yeah, sure, of course.

Uh, where are they?

At the clubhouse.

You can pick them up here.

There's plenty of milk pumped in the fridge.

Yeah, okay.

I'm trusting you'll be safe with them, Gemma.



We'll check in tomorrow.

Yeah, okay.

Hey, thanks for driving.

Sure, any time.


What are you doing here?

I'm sorry to startle you, ma'am, but you should get home to your family,

I need to talk to your friend.

Come on, man.

Hey, go home!

So what now?

Now we call it even.

You knew Unser was on to the Nomads.

Just giving an old friend a heads-up.

Did you kill Greg and Gogo?

The Nomads are working for somebody else.

They ain't members. They're traitors.

Jesus Christ, Clay, you gotta tell the club.

I got a feeling they might already know.

Hey, Juicy... I'm sorry I dragged you into this.

I need a minute. Let's go, Juicy.

No O2?

You must be breathing a little easier.


That coffee's almost ready.

It's not gonna take that long.

You're using the Nomads to undermine my leadership.

You're the one behind these home invasions.

Now it's backfired.

I know you think I'm the devil, son... and you got every right to assume that I'd be the one setting fire to your table.


I would be willing to bet whatever life I got left that the guy doing this is setting fire to everybody you and me love.

This is Pope.

Then let's find Frankie, get the truth, take it to the table.

Let Samcro decide who lives and dies.

Fair enough.



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