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  5x06 - Small World
 Posted: 04/29/13 13:18
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Previously on Sons of Anarchy...

What the hell do you want, man?

I know you're not dealing the coke, you're muling it.

- What's your end?

100 per shipment.

Now 50 of that is mine.

I need a dead Son for the Niner

and the cop you killed.

When that happens, you get out to earn.

Word from upstairs is one of you four leaves in a bag.

I got this.

We got a little

action going, put odds on how long he'll last.

I'll find out who you are and where you live,

and then I'm gonna kill you.

We never rubbed up against a guy like Pope.

I say we agree to his terms.

Maybe we can even use this guy to our advantage.

What advantage is that?

Those home invasions, that's got to be black.

Eli, is that you?

I've got a gun, and I'm calling 911.


How do you know there's a RICO case against the Sons?

Otto Delaney turned.

Gave up Bobby's involvement as history.

You have to prove Otto's testimony was false.

Can you get to him?

My association with the club, they won't let me near him.

I need you to fill out this paperwork.

CDC approval?

I'm gonna be doing some

gratis work at the prison.

I was just telling my

daughter how you almost got her husband killed today.



Sorry, I just, um... I fell asleep on the daybed.

I passed out on the couch.

Jax put us all to bed.


Where is he?


Club business.

Hey, baby.

I have some meetings off-site today.

Want to stop by and check on them?



Jesus Christ.

I know.

Rita's in intensive care.

Who the hell is doing this to us?

This sheriff already thinks these attacks are

connected to us.

After this, he's gonna have gang

task force up our ass.

Complicates everything.

None of these attacks

are coming out of my camp.

I know that for sure.

Then I need your help finding out who it is.

I need a name and I need a 20.

'Cause I got to shut this shit down.

I'll see what I can find out.


Half of our last mule.

You're an impressive young man.

Yeah, I get that a lot.

I got a proposal for you and SAMCRO.

Does it involve children and bonfires?

You are currently hauling back 20, 30 keys?


If you were to double

your haul-back, say 60 keys, I could move half of that in a day.


Reno, parts of Vegas.

I'd have the Niners distribute.

No bigger risk for you.

30, 40, 100 keys, it's all the

same trafficking charge.

What's in it for us?

I pay you another 100 on top of what the cartel gives you.

We don't take a bite out of any of it.

I don't know.

My crew wants out of the drug game.

What do you want?

Listen, you talk to the cartel, run it past your club.

In the interim, I'll arrange a

sit-down with the Mayans, Lin and the Niners.

If you decide it makes sense for SAMCRO, you take the

meeting, bring everybody up to speed.

If you pass on the deal, we keep things as is.

Fair enough?



I'll also kick back

two percent of my profits on the 30 keys to you.

Gentlemen's agreement, just between us.

You make millions in real estate and other legit trade.

Why do you still risk this shit?

Is it the rush?

I'm just a businessman, son.

And my most profitable and most

reliable business is narcotics.

Always has been.

I learned how to do it the right way.

With the right people, there is no risk.

You let me know.

How's she doing?

The same.

She fought back.

Gave one of them a pretty good scratch.

Good for her.


I sent it to the lab.

Got you on mandatory leave.

Yeah, ten days.

Anything I can do?

I'm not stepping away from this.


I-I'm here.

You know, sounding board, whatever.

You know, this has got

to be the East Dub crew hitting

me for bringing their guys in.

They answer to Damon Pope.

Doubt he'd sign off on hitting a sheriff.

Then it's the same crew doing the other attacks.

Retaliation of some sort.

Either way, it's tied to the MC.


I'm starting to see that.

Mr. Roosevelt, may I speak with you?

I'm very sorry.

Riding through this world

all alone

God takes your soul

You're on your own

The crow flies straight

a perfect line

on the devil's bed

until you die

Gotta look this life

in the eye

I'm very pleased by this, Clay.

Lung is looking very, very good.

O2 levels are in the mid 90s.

You're doing the rehab?


Feeling pretty strong.

I can see that.

You heal well.

Well, unless you're planning on

climbing any mountains, you're

not gonna need that anymore.

Okay, good.

So, keep up with the rehab, no cigars.

I'll see you in two months.

Hey, thanks, Doc.

You got it.

How'd it go?

Not so good.

I'm sorry, man.

I'll meet you at the van.



How's Rita?

Didn't make it.

Jesus Christ.


Did you talk to Eli?

Not since she passed.

He busted a bunch of

the East Dub Crew yesterday.

Must have been retaliation.

They'd be the, uh...

obvious suspects.

And Pope runs them.

That he does.

That's what don't make sense to me.

Everybody knows that Pope is

tied to the streets, but nobody

can touch him because he's too smart.

Attacking a cop's wife, that ain't smart.

You got another theory?

It feels local to me, you know?

Like someone in Charming, maybe

working out a-a personal beef.

Somebody stirring the pot.

Getting folks all scared.

Trying to tear shit up from the inside.

You got any proof of that?

Not yet.

But it looks like Rita clawed back at one of them.

Sheriffs are running the DNA.




I'll keep you posted.

Appreciate that.

Oh, you check in on Gemma?

I'm guessing this Rita thing has got her shaken up.

No, I'll... I'll leave the TLC to you.


Oh, sh...!


How the hell'd you get in here?

One of my old skill sets.

What is this?

Let's go to your bedroom.


What do you want?



Yeah. It's me.


Yeah, it was.

No, no, no. I'm fine, baby.


Just visiting a friend of yours.

I pressed Pope on these home invasions.

He swears it ain't coming from him.

He's gonna dig into the street,

- see if he can turn up some new intel, but... - Jax.

You believe this guy?

Look, we all know who this guy is and what he's capable of.

But what he's doing now suggests

he's telling the truth.

Like what, taking half our muling cut?

Like offering to double it.

Pope can push another 30 keys east through Reno.

We talked to Luis.

Galindo can easily up the supply.

Now, what that means for us is

we'll haul 60 keys back from A-Z.

Pope gives us the 50 he was

gonna take-- that's another hundred on top.

This guy realizes he can make a lot more money if we're an ally.

You know... I've seen guys like Damon Pope before; I know how they operate.

They make you offers too good to pass up, they line your pockets with easy cash, and before you know it you're wearing shackles, calling him Massa.

My club is never gonna be anyone's boy.

Clay's right, man.

This shit gets us deeper.

We're getting out of the coke haul.

That's a promise.

But for now, for me, this makes sense.

Let's vote it.

Everyone in favor.







I'm sorry, man, it's a mistake. No.







You heading to the garage?


Close vote.


Table's dividing.

I know.


You hear from Tara?

Not yet.

Well, it's a... it's a simple, uh, system.

The inmates fill out requests and we screen 'em and you treat

'em, as best you can.

Okay, so you give Bucky the form, and then he brings you the patient.

Course, anybody makes you uncomfortable, he's just right outside the door.

I think I got it. Thanks.

Good, good.

You got to be shittin' me.

Goddamn it.


Back here.

That's who you called?

Thought you'd be pleased.


Jesus Christ.

You okay?

She's fine.

Are you trying to piss me off?

English, baby.

I don't want her to miss anything.

Come on, Carla.

Just stop.

You gonna use that on me?

Get undressed.



In the bed.

Both of you.

You are out of your goddamn head.

Do it! No!

Do it, sweet brother, or I'm gonna kill her.

All right, all right, all right.

Easy, easy.

Easy, Carla.

Turn around.

Get in bed.

Pope and the Sons have settled their differences.

We're good with the Niners again.

Yeah, I heard about the shift in management.

We here for a group hug?


Pope wants us to double the haul back-- 60 keys.

He's gonna push 30 east through Reno.

Stays clear to Oakland.

Niners are in bed with Pope.

How do I know his end don't flood my turf?

'Cause we ain't looking for beefs.

We'll step and bag it, run it outside, the same way you do up north.

Nothing changes in Oakland.

Your gun deals and action stay the same.

And I'm supposed to just trust that shit?

This came straight from Pope.

Look, anything goes wrong, I'll squash it.

Oh, you'll squash it?

The MC running with Pope's hit squad now?

No, I'm taking responsibility.

We got to think outside the hood, boys.

Staying in Pope's sunshine is good for all of us.

You clear this with Romeo?

Luis. He's good.

Cartel likes the idea of being in business with Pope.

Lot of shit happening with you at the head of the table, ese.

I inherited this shit.

Keep black in line... we're good.

Yeah, I'm good.

Like I got a choice, man.

All right.

Hey, let's do this more often.

I miss you guys.

Let's roll. - Vamos. Come on.

You got my name and address?


But not the one you asked for.

Can't shake nothing lose from the home invasions.

Street don't know shit.

Then what is that?

Mr. Pope thought this might buy some goodwill.

Prove his intentions are above

board and looking forward.

How do I know this is the right place?


No children.

Wife works till 6:00.

There's a chicken place around the corner.

Your crew can meet you there.

Call Tig.

Have him bring the wagon.

Now what?

Get him hard.


Suck his dick.

Jesus Christ.

Carla... easy, easy, easy.

I'm sorry.


All right.

I'm not doing it.

I'm not doing it.

I'm not doing it!

Get back in bed.

You wanna kill me? Do it.

Go ahead.

But I'm not gonna let you humillate her. Neither her nor me.

So, go ahead, come on, shoot.

Go ahead, Carla.

No. Go ahead. Come on.

Come on, do it.

Yeah, do it! Do it!

I'm sorry, I just

wanted to go out watching you do your thing.

No, no, no, no!

Oh...! No!

No, no, no...

Sweet mother of God, forgive her.

Forgive her and take her with you.

Take her in your arms and take her away.

She called you

"sweet brother."

Who was she?

She was just... a half sister.

I found her down in Berdoo.

Put her in rehab, got her on the right meds.

Carla was the one that helped me.

She helped me turn legit.

Guess she was in love with you.


And the sister thing made that a little messy.


Yeah, I can see that.

Okay, so all this stuff

with you stirred it up, and,

uh... she stopped taking her meds, huh?

Oh, man.

I'm sorry.


I don't... I don't know.

I don't know what to do here.

No cops.

Only complicates shit.

She have any other family?

No, no, no f... No family.

All right, then we do it off the books.


Yeah, okay.

All right, now, go

and... you make sure your other girls are in one piece.

I'll take care of her.

Hey, hey, hey, hey.

Come on.

It's gonna be okay.

- Thank you.

- Yeah.


Hi, this is Wayne, you know what to do.

Hope you're happy, bitch.

Hey, shit bag.

Shit! Oh.


Remember me?

I keep my promises.

Get out of my house!

Let's tie this prick up.

Come here, you prick.

Let's go!

This one's a problem.

No, she's not.

The hell you doing?

Jesus Christ, Tig.

She's collateral damage.

Ope's murder.

Yeah. What about him?

Find a pipe.

I told the guard, I don't need med care.

I know.

My name is Tara Knowles, Otto.

My husband is Jax Teller.

I remember you.

The Feds won't let the club see you.

I volunteered here because I

have some things I need to tell you.


The club didn't betray you.

What Bobby told you was the truth.


- Otto... No, I'm done with this shit.

What happened to Bobby is on Bobby.

I'm dead soon, Doc.

Just leave me alone.

Bobby got out.

Feds have stalled the RICO case.

Jax and Bobby are the only ones who know about it.

Feds need you, Otto.

Your execution stalls with the case.

It could be years.

Jax knows you're angry, but the

club needs you to reverse your testimony.

This RICO case will kill SAMCRO.

Anything you want, anything you

need, they'll try and make it happen.


And they're gonna do that through you?


Get on your knees.


You said anything I want, so...

get on your knees.

I'm not going to do that.

Me, either.

No more visits, Doc.

Do not make me do something horrible.

Jesus Christ.

You know why she did this?

Not really.

You and Nero?

Was he here?

That doesn't matter.

Yeah, you're right.

Look, I'm sorry.

I, uh... I didn't know who else to call.

I don't want the club to know.

It's been a little rough with me and Tara.

Jax, too.

I-I just don't want him to find out.

No, no, I get it.

Um... I'm gonna need a little help.

I trust Juice.

He won't say anything.


Uh, I'm supposed to, um, go see the kids in day care.

No, go ahead.

I'll handle this.

You sure?


Hey, you mind if I, uh,

come by later, check in on you?

I can do a sweep for crazy bitches.

Yeah, you can come by.

No pipe, but I found these.

Small world.

Yeah, it is.

Take his gag off.

Anyone figures out

this was you guys, you know what

happens next time you're inside?

You wager how long it takes to kill one of us?


I'm sorry about your friend.

I was told to do it.

It wasn't my call.

Don't pass the buck, man.

That's weak.

I want to hear how sorry you are.

I am sorry.

Oh, God.

I'm sorry.


I'll do anything you want.

Help anyone inside.


I'm still not feeling it.

We doing this?

I got this.



Come on.

Come on.

It's done.

I figured I'd drop the bodies in Chigger Woods.

Aye, good, but you'll need Happy.

And Phil.

They get hikers up through there.

You got to put 'em in deep.

I will.


You okay?


I am.

That was really good for me.


Up high.

Down low.

Oh, up too slow.

Up high. There you go.

Uh, down low.


- Hi.

- Hi.


Thomas asleep?

He went down right after he ate.

How did your meetings go?

Oh. Boring.

Pointless, actually.


That kind of day.


Well, I got someone,

uh, cleaning rugs at the house.

- See you. Bye.

Hey, bye, babe.

Good to see you.

See you later.

Thanks for doing this.

Yeah, anytime.

Settled your score?


And you still think I'm responsible for the attacks in Charming?

I don't know.

I'm trying to put together another scenario that makes sense.

Your deal's a go.

The club and the cartel signed off.


Glad it all worked out.

Next mule is in a week.

We'll start then.

Look inside.

Close the door.

These attacks... friends, family, now cops.

All that blowback lands in your lap.

Somebody's trying to compromise you.

So trust no one.

Loyalty has contingencies.

Look, you know what happens if I take a bullet?


Your hit squad settles the score.

Independent security contractors.

First one who kills my killer

gets five million dollars.

Fear protects me.

Greed ensures it.

Well, the next time I have a spare five mill,

I'll hire myself some assassins.

You don't need money, Jackson.

Just the ability to see the inevitable.

Have a good night.

Hey, I tried calling you.

Oh, yeah?

What do you need now?


I was just, uh, I was just checking in.

I guess you heard about Rita?


Crazy shit.

That it is.

I got to... check on Eli.

Where's he land with this?

He lands with a dead wife.


What's going on with you?

This Nero guy... what the hell is it?

He's a friend.

I see.

A friend.

Am I a friend, Gemma?


Same kind of friend?

Oh, Christ.

I can't do this right now.

And when should we do this, Gemma? Huh?

Next time you kiss me?

Look, I'm sorry, Wayne.

I love you, sweetheart.

But you got to trust me, if we hooked up right now,

it would just ruin us.

There ain't no us, Gemma.

And you got no friends.

You just got people that would do shit for you.

And then you throw the poor

suckers a smile and a promise to keep 'em coming back.

All right.

I get it.

You're pissed.

It ain't just me.

Open your eyes, mother.

Everybody knows who you are.

Jax and Tara, they ain't ever gonna let you do to...

to their family what you did to JT and your own boys.

You better wrap your head around that fact.

'Cause you're gonna die alone.

Just like me.

Pull over!

I said, pull over!

- Bobby!

- Bobby!


You good?

- What the hell... Yes.

- Eli.

- Oh, you!

What is your problem, you doony bastard.

Oh, nice.

Really? Come on here.

Help me bend these bars back.

That was some outlaw shit, man.

I'm sorry about your wife.

It's tied to you guys.

I know it is.

Look, man, no one wants these attacks to end more than me.

If SAMCRO takes the heat, all of this shit lands in my lap.

Well, you reap what you sow.

I'm gonna crush your club.

I just had a conversation with Damon Pope.

He assures me these attacks aren't him.

Which means we ain't the cause.

Now why would you be sitting down with Pope?

Let's just say we've reached an understanding.

One that stops getting people killed.

Why don't we consider the same thing?

Help each other find these scumbags that are shitting on our town.

First Unser, now the MC.

Just a few brothers working together.

I can't imagine how much

pain you're in right now, but we ain't the cause.

Please let me know if I can help.

And don't do this again.

Hey, Gemma?


She ain't here.


Well, you see her, uh... tell her I came by.

I cleaned things up.

Your girl... she's being cremated.

I'll get you the ashes, you want to do something with them.


I appreciate that.

This thing... with Gemma... is it going anywhere?

Come on, man.

I'm not gonna answer that.

Man to man, just tell me.

I don't know.

That's the truth.



Did you get my messages?

Yeah, I'm sorry.

I had to rush home for the boys.

How'd it go?

Did you see Otto?


I put in a request, but they were backlogged.

I'm back next week.

Babe, you don't have to do this.

I'm the only way to get to Otto.

I can do this.

I promise.

We know you can, darling.

How was Oakland?


We're working things out with Pope.

He's not behind these attacks.

Otherwise, it's a pretty quiet day.

Yep. Real quiet.

That's nice for a change.

Yeah. I'm gonna kiss the boys good night.

Then we got to close up the garage.



Let's go up to the cabin for a couple of days.



Um, I have some things tomorrow,

but after that I'm, I'm good.

All right. Let's go tomorrow then, after work.

What about the boys?

Bring them with us?

Just the two of us.

Who's gonna watch them?

Mind if I have seat?

Mind if I don't give a shit?

My therapist warned me about this.

My insatiable attraction to older, abusive women.

Who's your mommy?


Can I buy you a drink... mom?

Why not?

You need anything?

I'm fine.

You did good today, Juicy.




Sorry, man.

- We didn't know that she was... Idiots!

You weren't supposed to kill her!

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