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  5x05 - Orca Shrugged
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TARA: Previously on Sons of Anarchy...

GAALAN: When Clay is back at

the table, we can discuss the deal.

The only way this deal happens is if he's runnin' it.

GEMMA: - You... EMMA JEAN: - What's going on?

CARLA: Your little tantrum got us all locked up.

Someone reported prostitution.

NERO: Eviction notice.

You really want to help?

Save the chick your mom almost

killed before my guys finish the job.

FIASCO: - I want a thumb. And a tit. JAX: - Okay.

Call Skeeter.

See who he's burning.

NERO: Cara Cara?

JAX: There's an old Elks Lodge.

It's the perfect location.

I'll cover all the new start-up costs.

Then we split everything, 50/50.

My mom.

I can't mix business and family.

You gotta stay clear of Gemma.

NERO: Okay.

UNSER: Wondering if you found

any pattern to these break-ins.

The beat-down was obligatory, not angry.

JAX: I think Opie's been looking for a way out since Donna died.

He went out a warrior.

JAX: It's hard not to hate.

People, things, institutions.

When they break your spirit and

take pleasure in watching you bleed... hate is the only

feeling that makes sense.

But I know what hate does to a man.

Tears him apart.

Turns him into something he's not.

Something he promised himself he'd never become.

That's what I need to tell you.

To let you know how hard I'm

trying not to cave under the

weight of all the awful things I feel in my heart.

Sometimes my life feels like a deadly balancing act.

What I feel slamming up against what I should do.

Impulsive reactions racing to

solutions, miles ahead of my brain.

When I look at my day, I realize

that most of it was spent cleaning up the damage of the

day before.

In that life, I have no future.

All I have is distraction and remorse.

I buried my best friend three

days ago, and as cliché as this

sounds, I left a part of me in that box.

A part I barely knew.

A part I'll never see again.

Every day is a new box, boys.

You open it, you take a look at what's inside.

You're the one who determines if

it's a gift or a coffin.

(knock on door)

BOBBY: Ready to do this?

JAX: Yeah.

BOBBY: Ah, yeah.

JAX: Mr. Mayor.

Do you mind if we join you?

(Jacob sighs)

JACOB: I was just reading an

article on these, uh, home invasion attacks.

People are very scared.

JAX: Mm.

I don't blame them.

JACOB: Most think it's tied

to the, uh, "criminal element"

here in Charming.

BOBBY: The city council?

JACOB: What do you want from me?

JAX: There is a commercial

building you own, out on Castle Road, Morada border.

JACOB: Old Elks Lodge.

JAX: That's right.

We know it's been vacant for over a year.

JAX: We'd like to lease it.

JACOB: Automotive?

CHIBS: Not exactly.

JAX: Escort service.

(Jacob laughs)

JACOB: You're kidding me?

You-you-you think I'm going to

let you set up a prostitution

ring in one of my properties?

BOBBY: Very legit.


BOBBY: Our partner has all the permits and licenses.

JACOB: Good for him.

And there are lots of other

"very legit" properties to rent.

JAX: We like being in business with people we know.

JACOB: Forget it.

Never gonna happen.

JAX: It's unfortunate about Charming Heights.

Minutes from the last six city council meetings.

It's not looking good for your dream project.

First you lost your investors,

now there's a motion before

council to revert the land back to agriculture.

It's all gonna go away.

That vote happens soon, right?

JACOB: Next week.

JAX: Well, according to the

preliminaries, you're gonna be

one vote shy of holding onto that land.

JACOB: I have poured my

life's blood into this project,

and I'm not gonna let you sabotage it.

JAX: You're missing the point here, Mayor.

I know how important Charming Heights is to you.

To this town.

We're gonna make your dream come true.

I'll be in touch.

Riding through this world

all alone

God takes your soul

You're on your own

The crow flies straight

a perfect line

On the devil's bed

Until you die

Gotta look this life

in the eye

JAX: All right.

Meeting's all set with Gaalan and the cartel.

Finally get this big gun deal locked down.

Make green and brown happy.

CLAY: It's currently black that concerns me.

FRANKIE: Everyone else, too.

People putting this home invasion shit on the club.

GOGO: Yeah, locals are very skittish, man.

JAX: We can't control what people think.

Charming's love and hate swings back and forth on us.

It always has.

CLAY: Be aware, son.

As long as these attacks keep

happening, that hate swings that

far out... may never get the love back.

TIG: You guys are all full of shit.

Town knows these attacks are not on us.

- That's right.

- It's true.

FRANKIE: You calling us liars, Tiggy?

TIG: - Well... CHIBS: - No, no, what he's saying is...

TIG: - Well... CHIBS:, you, and you

don't know shit about our town.

GREG: Knows Roosevelt's gonna be up our ass.

JAX: I'm sitting down with

Pope as soon as he's back in town.

If it's black, it'll stop.

End of discussion.

CHIBS: It ain't the attacks we should be worried about, boys.

It's the coke mule.

We gotta figure out that endgame.

JAX: He's right.

FRANKIE: So you want out?

CHIBS: I want to stay alive.

We're down three brothers since this started.

TIG: Maybe you forgot about that little truck-burning

incident happened out on 108?

JAX: Look, business with the

cartel does bring in a lot of cash.

But it also brings in a lot of heat, man.

We voted this in knowing it would be short-term.

I'm also looking for other ways to earn.

Steady cash without the risk.

BOBBY: It's pink, wet, tastes like sunshine.

HAPPY: Pussy.

TIG: Or-or Italian ice.

I'm okay with both.


JAX: Nero Padilla.

Guy that gave us safe haven before we went to County.

He's been running a legit escort service for five years.

Recently got pushed out of Stockton due to our complication.

He's looking for a new place to set up shop.

I've made a deal with him.

I'm gonna be his partner.

We'll tap into Cara Cara, add a

little star power to her stable.

CLAY: What's that look like for the table?

JAX: Right now, I'm fronting

the merger, but I want this to be a club business.

CLAY: You trust this guy?

JAX: I do.

He's straight up about profit.

PHIL: What kind of money is it?

JAX: It ain't as lucrative as hauling coke.

But it'll keep us comfortable.

BOBBY: And out of Fed crosshairs.

JAX: When it's up and running, take a look.

You guys want in, we'll vote it.

CLAY: Why wait?

Let's vote it now.

JAX: All right.

Everyone in favor of moving into the companion business, yea.

TIG: - Yea. Yea.

- Yea. Yea.

- Yea. JAX: - Good.

We'll figure out percentages

when I nail shit down with Nero.

BOBBY: Chucky, what are you cooking in there?

Smells good.

JAX: Thought I'd get resistance about Diosa.

CLAY: Why?

'Cause your new partner's bedding my wife?

JAX: That stops.

That's wrong.

CLAY: Yeah, it is.

JAX: Problem?

GEMMA: Not really.

Uh... Just been trying to contact Nero.

He's not picking up or returning.

JAX: Don't get attached to that.

He's business, not pleasure.

BALIAN: This is good.

Inflammation on the median nerve is down considerably.

Much burning or numbness?

TARA: Uh... not so much anymore.

BALIAN: What happened there?

TARA: Oh, I, uh... banged it up carrying the stroller.

So where am I?

BALIAN: I'm not an optimist,

Tara, but this is much better than I expected.

TARA: Much better as in I'll

be able to continue surgery?

BALIAN: We can't make that

call yet, but... I wouldn't rule it out.

TARA: Okay.

BALIAN: We'll put a soft cast

on, and we'll take another look in six weeks.

TARA: Thank you.

JUICE: Gonna be okay without it?

CLAY: Long as I don't have to dance.

I'll be fine, Mom.


(Clay laughs)

GAALAN: Good to see you up and about, brother.

CLAY: You, too, brother.

GAALAN: How's your lung holding up?

CLAY: Ah, I gotta cut back

a little bit on the cigars, but,

uh... I'm still fit for combat.


Wasn't aware there was an election.

CLAY: Well, I figured with me

down, it'd be a good time to move Jax up.

Nothing changes with us, though.

GAALAN: I hope that's true.

Our seniority's earned, not sewn on with cheap thread.

JAX: Hey.

We got some kind of beef, let's throw it on the table.

GAALAN: Don't be so sensitive, laddie.

JAX: Grow some balls, you Irish prick.

You got a problem with me, you tell me to my face.

GAALAN: All right.

I think you're arrogant, selfish, and explosive.

Wreckage you caused in Belfast

got a man of God and one of my dearest friends killed.

JAX: You talking about the priest?


Kellan Ashby took me out of the streets of Armagh.

Saved my life.

JAX: Right.

Gave you the Catholic blessing of the blood?

Made you a gangster of Christ?

(Gaalan grunts)


JAX: Hey, hey, hey!


JAX: - That's it!

Now we're making progress.

Take him out, Jax!

Come on, Jackie boy. Come on, come on.


Come on, Jax.

GAALAN: Maybe you do have

some Irish blood left in you, boy.

JAX: Yeah?

By the time I'm done, yours is

gonna be in a puddle at your feet.


Put him down. Put him down, Jax.

GAALAN: Don't want to embarrass you in front of your

little brown friends.

JAX: They ain't my friends.

But you want to stop, all you

gotta do is lay down, old man.


ROMEO: I didn't know you were

gonna have entertainment.

CLAY: Just a little Irish discussion.

ROMEO: Should I be worried?

CLAY: Nah.

It'll all end in Guinness and man-hugs.


(clears throat)

ALLEN: Can I help you?

CHUCKY: No, sir, but I could help you.

To Uncle Fudgie's crazy delicious fudge.


VA Bill got me money to open up my own shop.

I'm dropping off free samples to my neighbors.

ALLEN: I appreciate it, but I'm a diabetic.

I can't eat that.

CHUCKY: Oh, I'm sorry.

ALLEN: Yeah.

Hey, chief.

Why don't you leave it for my clients?

CHUCKY: Absolutely!

ALLEN: Mm... mm.

ROMEO: Trust you gentlemen worked things out.

JAX: Right as rain.

GAALAN: Let's get to it.

LUIS: Whole payment for this

shipment, half down on the next.

ROMEO: We'll haul these back today.

But we're gonna need a drop every two weeks.

CLAY: Yeah.

We can make that work.

GAALAN: Us, too.

ROMEO: Good.

Pon toda la droga!

CHIBS (quietly): Uncle Chucky made the delivery.

GAALAN: Don't you want to check your hardware first?

ROMEO: I trust you.

GAALAN: I insist.

Open the door.

(Chibs yells)

CHIBS: You filthy Irish pummil!

(Chibs yelling)

It's gone!

HAPPY: Chibs... Chibs.

JAX: Well, now you know what they can do.

Way to close the deal, brother.

We'll send you the bill for the bikes.

JAX: How much did he eat?

TIG: How much?

CHUCKY: All of it.

TIG: Chucky and I think he actually licked the box.

JAX: How long do we have?

JUICE: He's a big boy.

Maybe like four hours?

BOBBY: You sure we want to do this?

It's a risky bet on a horse we hate.

JAX: Come on, man.

This is for the long game, brother.

First bite of the apple's gotta be tasty.

BOBBY: I hope you're right.

JAX: Okay, boys.

TIG: Come on.

NERO: You lost?

GEMMA: Is it that obvious?

NERO: What are you doing here, Gemma?

GEMMA: Making sure you're still alive.

Four days you don't pick up your phone.

NERO: Been a little busy here.

GEMMA: Where's Carla?

NERO: Hopefully healing someplace.

GEMMA: Yeah.


NERO: Hey, Carla's got her demons.

She's a complicated girl.

GEMMA: Yeah, I get that.

She almost got Jax killed.

Tara went a little medieval on her.

NERO: Oh, that was all Tara's fault, huh?


No, it was my doing.

Is that why you're shutting me out?

NERO: Carla shouldn't have gone behind my back.


There's no trust there anymore.

GEMMA: Where you gonna go?

NERO: Talk to your kid, Gemma.

Moving Diosa north.

GEMMA: You getting in bed with the club?

NERO: Yeah, looks that way.

GEMMA: I guess you'll be around a lot more.

NERO: Yeah, I guess.

GEMMA: What the hell is this?

If you're pissed, just tell me.

NERO: Hey, I ain't got time for this shit, okay?

GEMMA: You know, it's been a

while since I've been dumped,

but from what I remember, there

is usually a goddamn reason.

NERO: Just go, Gemma.

GEMMA: Talk to me asshole.

NERO: Hey, you need to get out of here.

GEMMA: Don't you blow me off!

NERO: Hey!

GEMMA: - Don't you blow... NERO: - What?

GEMMA: Don't... Don't.

NERO: I can't do this.


NERO: I made a promise.


And you signed off on that shit?

NERO: I need to get this up and running.

My kid's future depends on that.


(camera shutting clicking)

BOBBY: Okay, get the face.

And the nip ring.

CHUCKY: We got something coming.

VENUS: Uh, Nero sent me?

Salutations, gentlemen.

Venus Van Dam, at your pleasure.

JAX: Venus.

Thanks for coming.

VENUS: Not yet, baby.

You gotta eat dinner

'fore you get dessert.

Is he dead?

'Cause I don't do dead.

CHUCKY: No, he's just fat.

JAX: Nero explain the situation?

I need to know what happens here stays here.

VENUS: All my dates have that need, baby.

But discretion ain't cheap.

JAX: I was, uh, told $2,000.

VENUS: You were told right.

That will do.

My lips are sealed.

Although I might open them up a little bit for you.



He has been spending a little too much time at the pie-eatin' table.

What am I supposed to do with Shamu?

JAX: Um... just ride him a little bit.

A few other things.

- He won't remember any... VENUS: - Yes, but unfortunately

I will.

Powder room?

TIG: Yeah.

It's-it's back here, beautiful.

I can give you a hand.

VENUS: It's not gonna happen, tiger.

JUICE: Really?

CLAY: Sounds like a solid lead.

The, uh, sheriffs busted a bunch

of black guys in a van full of stolen shit.

Think it might have something to

do with the home invasions.

They want to know if we're

willing to come down, identify any of it.


CANE: Yes, ma'am.

If we can't prove the goods are

stolen, we got to cut 'em loose.

GEMMA: All right.

I'll drive myself.

PHIL: Gem, someone dropped this off for Jax.

Said it was real important.

You know where he is?

GEMMA: Just put it in the

back, I'll take it to his house.

(Venus moans)

JAX: That's great, more of that.

BOBBY: Right on his face.

CHUCKY: Like this?

Ziggy, come on.

JAX: Reach around and tickle his balls.


JAX: Oh, that's fantastic.

JUICE: I don't know if that's the right word.

CHUCKY: You got the face?

It's no good without the face.

JUICE: I got it, I got it.

JAX: Get all the Christian shit on the wall, too.

How about like an air traffic controller?

BOBBY: Are you sure you can get rid of that tape?

JUICE: That's Photoshop 101.

VENUS: Whoo!

JUICE: Software I got?

I can make this guy shit unicorns.

VENUS: There will be no shitting anything while I'm this

close to that giant ass crack.


You expecting somebody else?

JAX: All right.

We got enough, let's wrap this up.

DEVIN: Oh, shit!

Hey, whoa!

(nervous laugh)

Oh, my God.

What are you doing to Allen?

VENUS: Charming Community Theater, baby.

DEVIN: Yeah, right.

I know who you guys are.

You're Sons.

Yeah, what, you guys drug him or something?



Damn... You dudes are totally blackmailing him.

CHIBS: What do we do with this, Jackie?

JAX: Who are you?

DEVIN: Devin Price, his stepson.

BOBBY: Oh, Christ.

DEVIN: Nah, it's cool, man.

We can work something out.

JAX: - Work something out how?

DEVIN: - Yeah.

Shit, man, ow!

What, dude?

I just want to use this shit against him, too.

JAX: I'm guessing you two aren't very close.

DEVIN: Nah, he's a total dick, man.

VENUS: How... how old are you, sugar?

DEVIN: Twenty-one.


I do like 'em young and sweet.

DEVIN: Shit.

Dude, you're like, a dude.

VENUS: Why, didn't your daddy

ever tell you never judge a book by its penis?

Now have you... ah.

Have you ever had your dick

sucked by a Southern girl with a huge cock?

Oh, baby, you are in for a treat.

I will make you come so hard

it'll make your grandmamma wet.

(kissing sounds)

DEVIN: My grandmother's dead.

VENUS: Well, now you're catching on, young gun.

JAX: Doesn't mean you're gay, man.

- We all been there. DEVIN: - What?

- Really? Yeah, sure.

JUICE: - Lot of cock. DEVIN: - Really?

JUICE: - Yeah. TIG: - Oh, yeah.

CHUCKY: - Oh, yeah. DEVIN: - All you guys?

CHIBS: - Two dicks. DEVIN: - Yeah?

JUICE: - Slamming cock. DEVIN: - All right.


Cool, let's do this.

VENUS: Pants off.

Wrap this... ha... around your eyes.

I like the element of surprise.

- Back there. DEVIN: - Hell, yeah.

This is awesome!

JAX: You in for a treat, my boy.

DEVIN: Yeah!

VENUS: Now I suggest you

clean up Tubby while I get some

photos of this disenchanted little boy.

JAX: That would be very helpful.

VENUS: Oh, I'm not about helping you, blondie.

It's about my bottom line.

JAX: I'll give you another grand.



You jealous, tiger?

TIG: Kind of.

VENUS: I know you are.


JAX: All right, let's get

orca back into insurance mode.


(knock at door)


CANE: Got 'em looking at Polaroids, LT.

ROOSEVELT: All right. Thanks, man.


I hear he moved out.



I don't see how a marriage can

survive that type of life.

RITA: You mean one where the

man carries a gun and is hardly ever home?


RITA: Kidding.

Sort of.

ROOSEVELT: Hey, come here.

RITA: Hmm.

ROOSEVELT: I love you.

RITA: I love you, too, babe.

(indistinct radio chatter)

MAN: Hey!

Didn't you hear what I said?

Hey, I gotta take a piss, man!


ROOSEVELT: Would you take him to the head, please?

Yes, sir.

So, any of this belong to you?

CLAY: I don't see no safe.


GEMMA: Nope.

But I, um, I'd like this silver

teapot here, if no one claims it.

CANE: That was Oakland PD.

Two of them are East Dub Crew with priors.

DA's trying to get warrants for their homes.


That's Damon Pope's jurisdiction.



CLAY: Hey, you should take off.

I'll get a bite to eat and come by later.

See what else these guys turn up on, uh, all this stuff.

A good one.

That's a good one.

JAX: - Hey. DEVIN: - Ha ha.

JAX: - You good? DEVIN: - Yeah, man.

It was... intense.

JAX: So let me tell you what happens now.

You go home, you tell no one about any of this.

DEVIN: Of course, man.

JAX: 'Cause if you do, your

stepdad, he ain't gonna be the

only one with a new photo album.

Check it out.


How would you like these bad

boys blowing up your Facebook page?

DEVIN: Dude.


VENUS: Love is a fickle beast.

JAX: - You understand? DEVIN: - Yeah, yeah, no, man.

But I'm... I would never rat on you guys, man.

I think the MC's awesome.

JAX: Yeah, we are.

All right.

DEVIN: Yeah, no, I mean seriously.

I'd like to, like, hang out with you guys sometime.

BOBBY: Sure.

Why not?

CHIBS: Aye, absolutely.

Come by the clubhouse Saturday morning.

You can clean the cum and the

puke off the bathroom floor.



DEVIN: That's so cool, man.

JAX: - Yeah.

DEVIN: - Thanks.

JAX: - All right, get out of here.

DEVIN: - Thanks, man.


JAX: Thank you, darlin'.

VENUS: Whenever y'all need a

little Venus love, give me a call.

I'm the belle who does not tell.

Good-bye, tiger.

Come on. Let's get him to the desk.



TIG: Aw, shit!



Why does this always happen to me?

TARA: Jesus Christ.

JAX: What do you think?

TARA: I... I think whoever bit him should be wearing a

collar and a muzzle.


CHIBS: Check.

TIG: You, uh... you gonna be able to stitch me up here, doc?

TARA: Yeah.

JAX: Oh, shit.

- It was your appointment today. TARA: - Yeah.

JAX: - This is good news, right? TARA: - Mm.

Just a new cast.

More mobility.

Will you give him a local?

I'll go get ready.

CHIBS: Sure.

TIG: Oh, boy.

Aw, man.

BOBBY: We can help her do this.

JAX: - Yeah? BOBBY: - Yeah.

JAX: All right, thanks.


Feel better.

TIG: Yeah, all right.

CHIBS: On three.

One... ready.

(Tig moans)

JUICE: Check this out.

JUICE: I printed out ten of my best shots.

JAX: Oh, my God.


All right, thanks, Juicy.

That's great.

GEMMA: I gotta talk to you.

JAX: Not now.


JAX: I gotta go.

GEMMA: Me and Nero.

That's got nothing to do with SAMCRO.

You got no right to shit on that.

JAX: We barely know this guy.

GEMMA: Oh, bullshit.

Don't pretend you're protecting me.

This is about Clay, and JT.

You and Tara have been shutting me out since...

JAX: You've been shutting yourself out.

You're getting wasted every night.

- You're... GEMMA: - Oh, pimp daddy's gonna

give me some moral lecture?

You blame me for what happened to your father.

Whether you know it or not.

I can feel it.

JAX: You're connected to that history.

To Clay. And yeah, maybe I am having a

little trouble separating my hate.

GEMMA: You can't hate me, Jackson.

You're the only thing I still love.

JAX: I'm sorry.

But getting involved with Nero is not a good idea.

Not now.

Tig had an accident.

Tara's patching him up.

She could use some help.

I got to go.

(engine starts)

(Tig sighing)


CHIBS: Hey, doc.

Why don't we double-team him.

You walk me through it.

TARA: Okay.

(Tig sighing)

CHIBS: Oh, sorry.

Hold onto this thing, would you please.


All right, need two hands.

TARA: No, no, the stitches need to be further apart.

CHIBS: Further apart.

Got it.

GEMMA: How you holding up, Tiggy?

TIG: I don't know if this is

good or bad, but I'm totally hard right now.

(Gemma chuckles)

Just saying.

JACOB: I'll call you back.

Thought I was very clear this morning.

JAX: You were.

JACOB: Jesus Christ.


Is that Allen Biancone?

JAX: Mm-hmm.

JACOB: Did you do this?

JAX: No, he did.

We just happened to be there with a camera.


What the hell is this?

JAX: Biancone is your obstacle to Charming Heights.

His vote gets you your dream.

JACOB: I'm not in the business of blackmail.

JAX: No, but I am.

You say the word and I send him copies of these with a

polite request to back Charming Heights.

The dirt never touches you.

JACOB: You're unbelievable.

JAX: Oh, I'm just getting started, Jake.

I can also get you a new investor.

One of the biggest developers in Oakland.

JACOB: And this is all about

getting that property on Castle Road?

JAX: It's all about being in

business with the right people.

Whether you like it or not,

there is no one in this town

that can help you more than me.

I ain't Clay.

I ain't Oswald's boy.

You let me know what you want me to do with these.

GEMMA: You okay?

TARA: Fine.

GEMMA: You did good.

TARA: I did shit.

Can't even sew up someone's ass.

GEMMA: Well... we all got a lot of healing to do.

TARA: Thing that happened with Carla, in the garage...

I didn't tell Jax.

GEMMA: I didn't think you would.

TARA: It scares me sometimes, the extremes.

GEMMA: Not a lot of gray in this life, sweetheart.

Extremes become average.

TARA: I'm not sure I find that comforting.

GEMMA: You're not supposed to.

(phones ringing)

(indistinct radio chatter)

ROOSEVELT: One of their apartments was packed with

stolen goods.

CANE: Got the pics in an e-mail.

CLAY: So you release them?

ROOSEVELT: The beat-down was enough to charge them.

They're all going to County.

CLAY: Good.

Further away from Charming the better.


That's right.

(distant thump)

RITA: Babe?

Eli, is that you?


I've got a gun and I'm calling 911!

911. What is your emergency?

RITA: Yes, I'm alone and there are, I don't know...



Don't touch me!


(man grunts)


(Rita groans)

- Damn it. Shit.

What did you guys do?

Let's keep the hell out of here.

You're gonna just leave her?

Let's go.


GEMMA: - Hey. Hey.

Sorry. I, um, I meant to drop this off earlier.

It's for Jax.

TARA: What is it?

GEMMA: I'm not sure.

Parts maybe.

Boys asleep?

TARA: Yeah.

GEMMA: Okay.


TARA: It's almost time to feed Thomas.

I'm kind of tired.

GEMMA: Yeah.


Thank you.

TARA: You're welcome.

The victim's name is Rita Rosabell. Gunshot wound...

Sorry, Sheriff, you'll need to wait here.

ROOSEVELT: I need the skin under her fingernails.

Got it.

(vehicle approaching)

(Jacob sighs)

JACOB: Lease agreement on Castle Road.

We'll need three months down.

JAX: Okay.

Thank you.

I'm assuming I should move

forward on securing Charming Heights.

JACOB: Yeah.

(engine starts)

(engine starts)

JAX (whispers): Good night, baby boy.


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