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  5x03 - Laying Pipe
 Posted: 04/29/13 13:16
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Previously on Sons of Anarchy...

Whoa, whoa, whoa, easy now, love.

Who the hell are you?

Nero Padilla. I'm a companionater.

Opie found out the truth.

He's the one that shot me.

I'm sorry you see that as a betrayal.

The only betrayal that I see is Clay not being the one going in that hole.

I murdered an innocent girl.

Who is Veronica Pope?

Damon Pope's daughter.

You know my pain, Mr. Trager.



This warrant's out for me, Tig and Chibs.

We need protection in County.

You keep us alive.

We'll see what we can do.

So, you came to say good-bye?


Get him out of here!

What the hell is Opie doing?

Staying close.

Here we go.

This ain't happening here, ese.

This is our beef.

You ain't got no business with these boys.

That word comes out of the shoe.

You got a spot with us, boy.

Appreciate that.

Oh, hey.


Sleep okay?

I had a nightmare my son didn't invite me to his wedding, and then he got arrested.


Love hurts.

Emma Jean's waiting.

Wants to book her schedule.

I don't think your Whore Friday is keen on me occupying your time.

Eh, Carla's a little intense.

I got a freelancer in from Indiana.

For the farmer's daughter's experience.

Something like that.

Depravity craves innocence.

Any word about your boy?


They're gonna be fine.


Pope finds out Brown has our back, he's gonna find other ways to hurt us.


Yeah, and the guards.

All these greedy bastards are on the take.


Let's go-- with me.

For what?

You shut your mouth and get your ass out here.

You talk to Romeo?


The guys are safe.

Thank God.

Thank vatos with shivs.

He wants to meet.

Lindelof Pines.

Seemed urgent.

About getting the guys out?

I don't know.

Are you up to it?

No choice.

What's going on?

Guys are okay.

Are you sure?

Yeah, positive.

I promise.

Does Tara know?

I just called her.

Okay, I'm heading over there.

We got a thing.

Yeah, okay.

Come in.

Sit down.

You want me to cuff him?


We're good.


Just here to talk.


Is that what you told Tig's girl before you set her on fire?

Let's not discuss the tragedy of dead girls.

That's an argument you'd lose.

Look, I tried to reach out to you, somehow make this right.

What the hell do you want, man?

You were able to get protection inside.

Profitable relationships with the Galindo cartel, Real IRA, guns, coke.

You guys are too smart.

Too, uh, ambitious.

For a bunch of white trash bikers?

To kill.

Now, I know you're not dealing the coke, you're muling it.

What's your end?

You don't think I'll find out?

A hundred per shipment.

Now 50 of that is mine.

That's not gonna happen without a... This is not a discussion.

This is about you learning how to survive.

Now, Trager, he stays inside for the rest of his life.

I'll make sure he's treated accordingly.

This way, every time I think about my daughter, I know where he is and what's being done to him.

I need a dead Son for the Niner and the cop you killed.

It maintains my relationships.

I don't care who.

The commander knows about it.

He'll set it up.

When that happens, witnesses are no longer witnesses and you get out to earn.

Come on, man.

I'm not just gonna kill one of my guys.

Yes, you are.

Before the next guard shift.

The cost of doing battle.

I'm not going to war.

You're already in it. Son.

Riding through this world All alone

God takes your soul.

You're on your own

The crow flies straight A perfect line

On the devil's bed Until you die

Gotta look this life In the eye.

I didn't know your office was for rent.

Thing you got to handle goes down in solitary.

Don't want riots in my yard.

Shift sergeant can walk you through the process. It's his game.

We're done.

Abel, you want to play with these blocks?

Hey. Hey, hey.

May I help you?

I'm here to see my grandkids, Abel and Thomas.

Abel and Thomas.

Hi, Grandma.

Hi, baby.

Sorry, only the father has access.

Excuse me?

You have to be on the list.

Uh, you can have his mom sign a consent form.


It's because Diana's abdominal wall hasn't fully developed, so Dr. Namid is gonna perform a s...

What are you doing, Gemma?

I'm so sorry.

Please excuse me.

She's in the middle of counseling.

Not now, Red.

I'm sorry.

I got it.

What the hell are you doing?

Apparently, I'm not on the list.

Jesus Christ.

Yes, the hospital requires consent upon visitation.

I'm not a visitor.

I'm their goddamn grandmother.

And I'm their goddamn mother.

You will not bully me into changing how I raise my children.

I am not bullying.

I'm just helping the strangers that are taking care of my grandkids.

I don't need your help.

Wrap a scarf around that shit.

What are you, 15?

Hear you loud and clear, Mom.

I hate it when she makes you stoop to her level.

I didn't stoop.

What happened?

I'll fill everyone in.

Aren't you getting tired of this?

Lockup or being confused by your vague questions?

I don't know, it just ain't fun anymore.

Chasing cash we don't need and spending every dime trying to stay alive.

American dream.

Where they take you?

Commander's office.

Face time with Damon Pope.

Shit, man.

That guy's got everybody tapped.

He gave me his demands.

He wants me dead.

He didn't say that.

He wants half our muling earn.

50 K per shipment.

What else?

I'm not sure.

He's gonna have a guard fill me in.

And what?

What does that mean?

We'll find out.

Our sources confirm that Pope met with Jax.



Idi Amin's got reach.

Yeah. And he laid out his terms.

We have to prepare for every scenario.

Meaning if they don't get out alive.

Meaning one of our shipments was attacked.

Torched trucks don't give us much comfort.

And Mr. Galindo needs to know that everyone is paying attention.

That attack was personal, not business.

You got your coke on time.

Tell Galindo to relax.

The MC will get his guns and blow in one piece, on schedule.


And you make sure that our guys get out of County alive.

We hear anything from you men, we'll call you.


You know where she's been.



No, I don't know anything.

That wasn't a question.

You know where she's been.

Not really.

I can't, Clay.

I lost my seat.

Half a lung.

If I'm not riding in a month, I lose my vote.

She's the only thing I got left.

I-I just need to find out if it is what I think it is.

Her killing time with somebody to hurt me.

I ain't gonna set it on fire.

I promise.


Juice, it's killing me.

Aw, shit.

I'll be outside in a minute.

They told me I could wait for you.

Everything all right?

Abel's fine.

You mind?

Jax got picked up.


Oh, shit.

Highway shooting last month.

Charges are bullshit.

They always are.

How's Tara?

Not good.

Between what's going on with Jax, and her hand getting messed up...

She's in bad shape.

That's why I'm here.

I think she's self-medicating.


Pain meds?


Now I'm worried about the kids.

Does Jax know?

He's blind to it.

Well, you should tell someone at the hospital.


I'm not letting in outsiders.

Why are you telling me this, Gemma?

You want Abel in your life?

You want me to threaten her with oxy abuse?

What the hell did she do to you?

Doesn't matter.

I'm giving you the leverage you need.


Yeah, it's a shitty way in.

But it beats some messy custody suit, which we both know is the only other way you're gonna ever get to see your kid.

It's a small, unstable window.

Just think about it.

"He will never call you Mommy."

Your promise to me.



I remember everything.

Yard is closing.

E Block, line up for return to quarters.


Yo, yard duty up already?

Cutting back on guards.

Bring half of us in before shift change.



Guard I got to speak to is in solitary.

We got to do this now, before the shift change.

You with me?


We got to take this one alone, ese.

You know what I mean?


What the hell?

Come on, guys, get these cracker bitches!

Get down! Everybody down!

On the ground, move, move!

All inmates should be facedown on the ground, hands behind your back.

Face in.

Two to a room.

No yard time.

One meal.

Yeah, my big, black dick.

Who said that?

All I see is teeth.

What did you say?

Save that shit for the box!

Now get your ass up.

You, too.

Get up!

Get back in line.

It's open.


Sorry to barge in.

This is not a good time.

I guess not.

I heard about Jax.


You and everyone else.

Oh, my God, he's so beautiful.

Thank you.

I have to go.

We need to begin the conversation about Abel.

There is no conversation.

Look, your life is very messy, Tara.

I know... it used to be my life.

And with Jax running the club, it's only going to get more complicated.

And what does that have to do with my son?

His father is a convicted felon, and his guardian is psychologically fragile.

That's bullshit.

And I'm not just his guardian, I'm his mother.

Legally, we got married.





You still have to tell Abel that I'm his mother.

Or the court will.

Why do this today?


Of course.

It had to happen.

Do you really think she wants Abel to know you're his mom?

She tried to kill you.

Or have you forgotten that?


She's pissed because I'm not letting her run my family.

What did she tell you?

That I'm unstable?


Strung out on painkillers?

Look at me.

You know what opiates look like.

My eyes pinned?

I haven't taken a pill in over a month.

She played you.

Like she does me, like she does everybody.


But it doesn't change the truth.

What truth?

That I'm a surgeon, and you're some ex-junkie biker whore.

You want to come after me and my family?

Bring it on, darling.

I'm not afraid of you.

Or your bullshit custody threat.

Okay, Gemma.

What aren't you telling us?

Lying by omission is still lying, and you suck at it.

You the one calling it?

I guess.

I need a minute alone.

He can stay.

Word from upstairs is one of you four leaves in a bag.

Pick the guy.

I'll handle the rest.

And what's the rest?

We go to the box after the shift change.

He fights... until he loses.

I'm guessing it's one of the other two.

I need to know which one.

We got a little action going... put odds on how long he'll last.

I'll give you a few minutes to figure it out.

Pope wants Tig to rot inside.

And he wants a dead Son for the Niner and the cop we killed.

I'm treading water here, Ope.

I got no idea how to keep everyone alive.

I miss your old man.

Yeah, me, too.

Tara found some letters.

Maureen Ashby stuffed them in my gear.

They were love letters between her and my dad.

They made it pretty clear that JT wanted to get us out of guns, and Clay didn't want it.

JT predicted that Clay was gonna kill him.

Specifically, that he would sabotage his bike.

And he was right.

Yeah, that's... that's insane.

Tara told Piney, Ope.

She was digging into him for truth.

It's when we were inside.

When the cartel shit went down, Piney must've threatened Clay with the letters.

So, that's... that's why Clay killed my old man?



Why didn't you let me kill him?

Why didn't you let me kill him?

There's a RICO case pending against the club.

Otto gave up Bobby.

How do you know?

Romeo is doing double time.

He's cartel and CIA.

He put a pin in RICO so we could keep the big guns and drugs flowing.

That pin gets pulled, we all go down.

And Clay doesn't know.

Just me and Bobby.

Clay is the only one that Gaalan will sell big guns to.

Romeo needs him alive.

That's it, Ope.

That's all the truth.

I had to make a choice, brother.

Kill Clay or save the club.

You made the wrong choice.

My office said you called?

Yeah, I need you to fill out this, um, paperwork.

CDC approval?

I'm gonna be doing some gratis work at the prison.



Some of the nurses were saying you got married?


It was a quick, private thing.

We didn't tell anyone.

Oh, uh, security paged me on the way up.

Gemma's waiting outside daycare for the kids.

You want me to handle it?


It's a family thing.

I got it.

You're late.

Wendy paid me a visit today.

What did that bitch want?

I love you, Gemma.

I really do.

You and me, we've been down a long road, and I know you love Jax and the boys, and they adore you.

Where is this sad song going?

You're pissed off.

Afraid I'm trying to push you out.

That's why you're twisting up Wendy, trying to use her to hurt me.

Oh, save the bullshit indignation.

She copped to it.

I forgot.

You're the smart one.

My pretty little Frankenstein.

That's right.

And here's something else that might sound familiar.

Don't ever try to hurt me or my family again.

Or what, Doctor?

You gonna kill me?


But my husband might.

Yeah, what?

So, I've got two of your guys just walked in.

Real cute thing and some old dude; he's carting O2.

Oh, shit.

That's my old man.

I'll be right there.


You ditching another warrant?

Nah, we're just looking around.

You mind?

No, no, not at all.

It's all good.

I'm Nero.


You got a nice shop.


This is Gemma's old man.

Yeah, and I'm guessing you're the new one.

Look, I got no idea what your situation is, man.

Just know this right here is not the place to try to work it out.

I think we should go.

I'm just getting comfortable.



Is she available?

You really think that's a good idea?

Look, friend, I'm just a wounded guy in need of a little comfort.

Come on, Clay.

Shut up. Okay.

You think he's up to that?

Hi, I'm Emma.

I don't know.

Come on, baby.

It's time to graduate.



What are you doing?

You think you're the only one who gets to play with white trash?

Actually, I'm Puerto Rican.

Stop talking, honey.


Looks like you two came to a decision.

Which guy goes?

We're still working it out.

We just want to make sure we cover the spread.

Bad idea.

This is my hell, bitch.

I make the rules.

If you don't pick which guy fights, I will.

You all right?


What're you gonna do?

Pick the guy.

Excuse me.


Where is he?

You knew he came up?

Well, Carla called.

Yeah, well, he was just pissing on my shoes.

You know, they already split.

We're not together.

You're not divorced.


What are you doing here?

Where is he?




Let's just go upstairs.

You want me kicking in every goddamn door?

Are you kidding?

Room three.

What's going on?


Get off me!

Get off me!

Gemma, let go!


Get off me!

Okay, okay, okay.

What is happening?

You boys okay?


You, uh, you find out what's going on?

Pope wants one of us dead.

Jesus Christ.



No, you, he wants alive and inside.


Oh, all right, so... how we handling this, Jackie? Huh?

I don't give a shit who Pope is or how deep his reach is.

He doesn't make that call.

We decide our fate.


Am I choosing... or you?

My call.


No, no!

Hey, hey!

You stupid bitch!

Throw him in.

No! No! No!

Get back!

Get back!

All right!

No! No!

Let him go.

Keep it interesting, shithead.


I got this.

He's all yours.

Come on!

A man who wants to see you.

You guys are heading back to gen pop.

I'm getting released... and there's nothing you can do to stop that.

I'll find out who you are and where you live.

And then I'm gonna kill you.

How's the girl?

Wouldn't talk to me. She took off.

Back to Indiana?

Another escort service.

Emma's an earner.

I'm sorry.

I lost my shit.

Maybe you should slow down with that.

You telling me what to do now? No.

I see what happens when people try to do that.

He pissed me off... coming up here.

The other side of anger.

It ain't love.

I got nothing good left for Clay.

Sounds like things went according to plan.

There's a new plan.

I just watched my best friend get beaten to death... for you.

Now I'm gonna get the club to sign off on your cash, but I need Trager outside.

Him knowing I saved his life gives me an internal advantage I'm gonna need.

And when I'm done... you can send him out the same way you did his kid.

'Cause I really don't give a shit.

There you go.

Finding the hidden advantage in an unfortunate circumstance.

Using pain to take you to the next level.

Those are the things that turn players into kings.

Yeah, I guess you would know.

Yes, I would.

Keep a short leash on Trager.

And these home invasions gotta stop.

Not my doing. The Niners, then.

It better not be, but I'll look into it.

I'd like to call my wife.

Let her know that I'm safe.

There you go.

Be smart, Mr. Teller.

It's who you are.

Want me to get it?




Are you okay?

Let me see your hands!

Let me see your hands!

What the hell's going on?!

What are you...?!

Don't move!

Paramedics for my homey over there, man, huh?

Over here.

Hey, why are you doing this? This is not fair!

I didn't do anything!

You have the right to remain silent.

Anything you say or do... Hey, hey, that's not necessary, homeboy.

It had to be Emma Jean.

This is bullshit.

Just put her with the others.

News travels fast.

Talk to Pope?

Give us a minute.

Yeah, sure.

The deal is set with Pope.

We'll be out of here tomorrow morning.

Figure out who we owe favors to in here.

And get me some intel on that sergeant in solitary.


What about him?

He goes with us.


Send him over.

Hey, he wants you.

I'm sorry, Jax.

I know it should have been me in the box.

But it wasn't.

I talked to Pope.

The witnesses that put you killing his girl go away.

You're coming out with us.

You got me clear?

Yes, I did.

Thank you, man.

It's not about thanks.

From now on, you back my every play.

You support all my deals.

And you never... vote against me again.

You got my word, brother.

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