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  5x02 - Authority Vested
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Previously on Sons of Anarchy...

OPIE: Clay killed my old man!

CLAY: Opie found out the truth.

He's the one that shot me.

TIG: Why'd you lie, man?

JAX: I know you can't sit at the table with them.

I want you in SAMCRO, but whatever you decide to do,

I'm gonna back you.

OPIE: What I know is that the gavel turns shit around.

JAX: I'm not gonna turn into Clay.

OPIE I'm more afraid that I'm gonna turn into you.

GEMMA: I just went by the house to see my grandkids.

Who the hell decided to put them in day care?

JAX: Me and their mother.

GEMMA: We can take care of our own.

TARA: I don't think you're up for the task.

NERO: Whoa, whoa, easy now, love.

Was I that bad?

GEMMA: Who the hell are you?!

NERO: Nero Padilla.

I'm a companionator.

CANE: These two girls said they witnessed guys on

motorcycles shooting a black man in a SUV.

ROOSEVELT: Another two witnesses came in, identified

Tig Trager as the guy that ran down Veronica Pope.

TIG: I, uh, murdered an innocent girl.

CLAY: The lie was to protect Ope and the club.

UNSER: The county issued

warrants for you, Chibs and Tig.

GEMMA: I got a place you can go.

You'll be safe.

ROOSEVELT: Are you guys aware of the violence that is

happening in Charming?

Two home invasions in less than a week?

AUGUST: Gotta settle things with the Niners.

CHIBS: What the hell is this?

JAX: This is Pope letting us

know he's the one who decides who lives and dies.

DAWN: Daddy!

TIG: Stop!

DAMON: You know my pain, Mr. Trager.

(Dawn screaming)

TIG: No. No!


MAN: Go around back!

OPIE: Shit.

(indistinct radio transmission)

ROOSEVELT: Sorry to wake you, Opie.

We were hoping that you might be

able to tell us where we could find Jax Teller.

JAX: Yeah, keep an eye out front.

I want to know who's coming and going.

CHIBS: You want anybody else up here?

JAX: Not yet.

Keep trying Tig.

BOBBY: How long have you known this guy?

GEMMA: Not long.

I trust him.

CARLA: Come on.

There's a party at the Marriott.

WOMAN: I hate the Marriott.

It smells like old dudes.

CARLA: Those old dudes have money, Tinkerbell.

- Let's go.

WOMAN: - All right.

CARLA: I want them gone.

NERO: Sorry, Carla doesn't like surprises.

JAX: Yeah, me, neither.

NERO: We're over here.

So, you guys can crash back here in our therapy rooms.

No one'll bother you back there.

There's a studio upstairs.

You might be a little bit more comfortable.

Just let me know if you need anything.

GEMMA: Thanks.

JAX: Why you helping us?

I don't know you, your crew.

GEMMA: I can vouch for him.

JAX: I'm not asking you.

NERO: Let's just consider this networking, okay?

Maybe, at some point, you get to help me.

JAX: Yeah.


Found Tig.

The old Oakland rail yards, but we gotta go now.

JAX: Shit. Okay, let's go.

GEMMA: They'll be looking for your bikes.

NERO: Hey.

Blue pickup out back.

You want a note from my priest?

JAX: Thanks.




(groaning continues)

Son of a bitch!

(phone rings)

CLAY: Yeah.

UNSER: You better get over here.

Your house.

CLAY: Gemma okay?

UNSER: She-she ain't here.

Don't wanna give details over the phone.

It ain't...

(Clay snaps phone shut)

CHIBS: Tig?! Tiggy!

JAX: Shit.

Tig, I'm so sorry, brother.

BOBBY: Oh, man.

CHIBS: Jesus.

Mother of Christ.

TIG: Pope... he burned her alive...

right in front of me.

Uh... he threatened to do the same to Fawn.

I gotta find her.

JAX: The cop.

Is that you?

TIG: Yeah.

He's on Pope's payroll.

The other guy's a cleaner.

Help me get Dawn out, yeah?

JAX: Okay, Chibs, listen--

the tarps in the back of the truck-- get 'em.

CHIBS: Yeah.

BOBBY: Come on.

Let's get them. Come on.

Come on.

UNSER: Coming over to feed the bird.

My closest friend lately.

They smashed through the door,

three of 'em, maybe four.

CLAY: Say anything?

What they wanted?

UNSER: Not that I heard.

I got knocked out, like, ten seconds in.

JUICE: Damn.

CLAY: Where's Gemma?

UNSER: I don't know.


Got no idea.

CLAY: It's a good thing she wasn't here.

UNSER: I didn't know which

way to jump with this thing;

club problem, Charming problem?

CLAY: Ah, you gotta call the sheriff.

It's the only way I collect the

insurance off of this shit.

JUICE: I'll get the prospects to clean up.

CLAY: Okay.

This had to be black.

Pope paying us back.

UNSER: Yeah. Makes sense.

CLAY: You really come over to feed the bird?

UNSER: She's on her own trip these days.

I got no idea where she goes or who with.

(groans in pain)

(groans) Damn it.

Charmed life, ain't it?

JAX: Hey, we should get out of here.

BOBBY: Give him a minute.

Riding through this world

All alone

God takes your soul

You're on your own

The crow flies straight

a perfect line

on the devil's bed

until you die

Gotta look this life

in the eye

BOBBY: Any luck with Romeo?

JAX: Just left him another message.

Both him and Luis.

BOBBY: Maybe we should reach out to Alvarez.

JAX: Romeo's the only one

that can protect us from Pope.

CHIBS: I'll call Juice, get Happy, Frankie Diamonds.

We need some extra weight.

JAX: Yeah, okay.

CHIBS: Yeah.

NERO: Yeah, Hector has the address.

JAX: Hey.

It might be a busy day for us.

This is for your time and inconvenience.

If you need more, you're gonna have to wait.

NERO: Nah, this is good.

You let me know.

I'll be around.

(Jax sighs)

CHIBS: We need to get out of here soon.

All this activity, it makes me very nervous.

JAX: All this activity makes me think we're in the

wrong business.

(knocking, door opens)

DAMON: What?

AUGUST: We found Goodman and

his cleaner in the pit with Laroy and Darnell...


No signs of Trager or the girl's body.

DAMON: Guess I shouldn't be surprised.

Goodman was a sloppy nigger.

Clean it up.

We don't want the rest of our

city employees getting rattled.

AUGUST: Already done.

The other two Sons have gone AWOL.

No one from the MC's been picked up.

POPE: These white boys are resourceful.

Dig into 'em deeper.

I want to know everything.

AUGUST: I got the Niners, East Dub, couple other crews

hunting SAMCRO.

Between us and the cops, we can flush 'em out.

DAMON: Maybe.

LOWEN: Eyewitnesses look legit.

20s, black. No priors.

BOBBY: Damon Pope bought those witnesses.

LOWEN: If he did, we prove that in court.

JAX: Pope doesn't want a trial.

GEMMA: He wants 'em dead.

TARA: She knows that.

JAX: I need time.

I got to secure us some protection inside.

LOWEN: If I tell the D.A.

you're gonna turn yourselves in, good faith gets you

about eight more hours.

After that, you're fugitives evading arrest.

(phone rings)

JAX: It's Clay.

See what he wants.

Mom, keep an eye on Tig.

GEMMA: Yeah.

(Tara sighs)

JAX: Fill her in about RICO?

TARA: As much as I could.

LOWEN: How do you know there's a RICO case

against the Sons?

JAX: Otto Delaney turned.

Gave up Bobby's involvement as history.

LOWEN: Why you?

BOBBY: Personal.

I was sleeping with his old lady.

Otto got me up to Stockton

to tell me why he was ratting.

Then, after that, the Feds picked me up.

I was in an ATF holding cell for three weeks.

LOWEN: And they dropped the charges.

JAX: Not exactly...

LOWEN: I can't do my job with "not exactly."

JAX: The case is being held over our heads.

I can't say who.

There's a chance it could all crash down.

TARA: He's telling the truth.

LOWEN: Feds?

JAX: We gotta figure out how to kill this case.

(Lowen sighs)

LOWEN: You'd have to prove Otto's testimony was false.

That would close off past crimes.

What do you have for present?

JAX: Gun running.

Someone gave him intel.

LOWEN: Current member?

BOBBY: Not sure.

(Lowen laughs)

LOWEN: It's gonna be really

tough getting details on a case

I'm not even supposed to know about.

JAX: What about Otto?

Can you get to him?

LOWEN: My association with

the club, they won't let me near him.

JAX: Can you get anyone there to talk to him?

LOWEN: Depends how tightly they have him locked down.

JAX: This is all confidential.

Nobody other than Bobby and Tara can know.

CHIBS: Hey... Clay... It's not good.

House was hit last night.

Home invasion.

Unser was there, feeding the bird.

Got stomped.

TARA: Oh, my God.

JAX: My mom's house?


JAX: Pope's coming at our families.

BOBBY: This is not about payback, brother.

(Jax sighs)

JAX: Okay.

Take my mom to her house; sort out the damage.

Put the club on alert-- wives,

kids, everyone should be looking out.

BOBBY: Will do.

JAX: Let's get that goddamn address.

We gotta find Tig's other spawn,

before this psycho barbecues her.

All right?

Make the call.

Tell the D.A. we'll turn ourselves in tonight.


And I'll double your retainer

while you look into Otto.

LOWEN: Fair enough.

TARA: Thank you.

JAX: - Yeah. Thank you.

LOWEN: - Yeah.

ROOSEVELT: Third attack on the Sons.

Someone just ain't feeling you guys.

CLAY: We're an acquired taste.

ROOSEVELT: You know this is retaliation.

CLAY: I don't know nothin'.

I leave the crime fighting to the professionals.

Look at this.

Took my whole goddamn safe.

ROOSEVELT: Are you clear on what was inside?

CLAY: Eh, just personal

documents-- birth certificates, that kind of shit.

I'm not too sure about the cash.

Gotta ask my wife.

GEMMA: Jesus Christ!

BOBBY: Oh, man.

GEMMA: Oh, my God.

Wayne, are you okay?

UNSER: I'm, I'm, I'm fine.

It was like four of 'em.


I didn't have a chance.

Sorry about your place, sweetheart.

ROOSEVELT: So you weren't here, Gemma?

UNSER: No. Only me.

CLAY: Wayne was looking in on her.

We're separated; I worry.

ROOSEVELT: So you have no

- idea who would want to trash... GEMMA: - No.

ROOSEVELT: Any suspicious phone calls?

GEMMA: Save it.

I don't know shit.


Well, I told the other guys, so

I'll tell you. If this feud

blows back on any innocents, I

will call Gang Task Force and

have Charming locked down.

If you remember anything, give me a call.

CLAY: Find my safe.

TARA: Hey... they trashed your mom's place.

(Jax sighs)

JAX: I gotta fix this.

TARA: You will.

JAX: Thank you.

You really handled this, babe.

These charges, Lowen, us camping out here...

You're amazing.


Got an address for Fawn.


Hamilton and Irving.

40 minutes from here.

Juice has got our ride.

TARA: No, but the APB went wide.

JAX: Give me a minute.

TARA: Can't you let the other guys go?

JAX: I have to make sure Tig's kid is safe.

TARA: What about our kids?

What happens if you're in jail

for a long time again, Jax?

You have sons.

(Jax sighs)

TARA: Shit.

I'm sorry.

(wry laugh)

I'm really trying.

JAX: I know.


You're right.

Help Tig.

JAX: I'll be fine.

TARA: Okay.

(sighs anxiously)

JAX: Let's get married.


TARA: Are you serious?

I thought you wanted to...

JAX: I don't want to wait any more.

Whatever happens, Tara, I want you to be my wife.

I always have.

TARA: Here... in a brothel... wanted for murder.

JAX: Hey... I'm all about the fairy tale, baby.

TARA: So much for romance.

JAX: Hey... I killed a Fed for you.

Nothing says endless love like capital murder.

TARA: Well, I guess that's true.

Who should I tell?

JAX: No one.

Let's just do it.

We'll do something for these knuckleheads later.

CHIBS: Jackie.

We need to go.

TARA: I'll make the arrangements.

JAX: I'll see you later.


JAX: Make an honest woman out of you.

(Tara laughs gently)

TARA: Good luck.

(knocking on door)

ROOSEVELT: You forgot to tell

me something at the house?

UNSER: Maybe.

ROOSEVELT: Well, you've got my attention.

UNSER: I was wondering if you found any patterns

in these break-ins?

ROOSEVELT: You mean besides the fact that they're all

pointed to your MC buddies?

UNSER: Yeah. Besides that.

ROOSEVELT: No. The victims

didn't see anything, and if they

did, like you, they're not saying much.

UNSER: This wasn't black retaliation.

It felt more white to me.


And how does "white" feel?

UNSER: Sloppy, clumsy, uh...

Beat down was obligatory, not angry.

ROOSEVELT: Clay send you over here?

UNSER: I wore a badge for

30 years in Charming.

I learned how to make it work with the Sons.

And, yeah, I got a little more

comfortable with them than I should have.

But I never did dirty work.

Still don't.

I'm going to be poking around these home invasions.

I find anything, I'll let you know.

I'd appreciate the same.

(door closes)

TIG: Oh, shit.

Three deep on the porch.

JAX: All right, let's do this easy.


JAX: Hey, we don't know the situation here.

TIG: We're gonna find out.

JAX: Looking for Fawn Trager.

TIG: On your knees!

(all shouting)

TIG: On your knees, bitches,

before I blow your coon bellies.

JAX: Tig! Put the gun down, man.

MAN: Chill, man!

JAX: Tig! This is what got us into this mess.

(Tig groans)

JUICE: Ain't got no ink.

They're not Niners.

WOMAN: - Stop! Stop!

MAN: - Bitch!

TIG: Aw, shit!

FRANKIE: We got this.

TIG: - Fawnsy!

WOMAN: - You're hurting me!

- Stop!

MAN: - Shut your mouth!

TIG: Fawnsy!

WOMAN: Please, stop!

It hurts!

- Stop it!

MAN: - I'm gonna kill you, bitch!

FAWN: It hurts!

MAN: You like it when it hurts.

Who the hell...!

FAWN: Dad, no!

No, Dad! Stop!

TIG: I'll kill you!

FAWN: No! He's my boyfriend!

TIG: He's what?

FAWN: He's my boyfriend, you asshole.

TIG: - But he was... he was... FAWN: - Jesus Christ.

JAX: Wow.

TIG: I had, I had to find you, baby.

You might be in trouble.

There's a guy... there's a black

guy... he wants to hurt me, my family.

FAWN: Why?

What the hell did you do now?

TIG: Well... I-I, just, you gotta get out of town for awhile, please.

FAWN: What about Dawn?

You get her to leave?

Or maybe you just paid her to go.

FAWN: Oh, shit.


Where is she?

FAWN: I hate you.

TIG: - Aw... FAWN: - I hate you!

- I hate you!

TIG: - I know, I know.

FAWN: I hate you, you pig!

FAWN: I hate you!

FRANKIE: - Come on... FAWN: - I hate you!

BOYFRIEND: - Baby, baby, hey... FAWN: - I hate you!

JAX: - Whoa, whoa, whoa... BOYFRIEND: - Let her go!

JAX: - Hey, hey, hey!

BOYFRIEND: - Let her go!

JAX: - Whoa, whoa... look at me.

FAWN: What did you do?

Sit down, please.

Sit down.

You care about her?

Do you care about her?

Well, then, man, you gotta pack

a bag and you gotta get her out of town.

All right?

I'll tell you when it's safe to come back.


Go on.

Go on.

CHIBS: Nothing from Romeo.

JAX: Shit.

Stay here.

I don't trust these guys.

Make sure Fawn gets out of Oakland.

I'm going to call Nero, get a

lift back to Diosa, wait for Romeo's call.

CHIBS: It's too dangerous.

You're not traveling alone, Jackie, all right?

JAX: Chibs, we're safer if we split up, all right?

I'm fine.

Just handle this.

CHIBS: Okay.

JAX (whispering): Watch.

(door closes)

CLAY: Turn here.

BOBBY: Really?

This is Opie's street.


Now, it wasn't easy, what you did yesterday.

And all the guys are spun out by

it all, but they all know the

history between you and Piney.

Nobody's gonna vote you out.

CLAY: Pull over.

BOBBY: You... you... Does he know you're coming by?

(brakes squeak)

I mean, I mean, you really think this is smart?

He still might be pissed.

Maybe you are, too.

CLAY: Me coming clean about

Piney, the one guy who needed to

hear it most wasn't at that table.

Whatever happens, I'm good.

I'm sorry I didn't give you...

OPIE: I heard about Tig's

kid and the warrants, if that's why you're here.

CLAY: No, that's not it.

OPIE: Then I got shit to do.

CLAY: You know, when you pulled that trigger,

a part of me was relieved.

It's an easier way to go out than dealing with this.

OPIE: What the hell is this, Clay?

CLAY: I told the club the truth.

About me and your old man.

History escalated.

Kill or be killed.

OPIE: That's your truth.

If this is some kind of bullshit apology then...

CLAY: No apology.

I ain't that stupid.

This is me telling you you're walking away from SAMCRO

'cause of your hatred for me.

That's a mistake.

I'm almost done.

I'm half dead, for Christ's sake.

Jax is the head of the table now.

It's your time.

The guys are turning themselves in today.

OPIE: They get protection inside?

CLAY: I don't know.

But I do know this.

Whatever happens, Jax is gonna want you at that table.

He needs you.

(tires squeal)

JAX: Thanks for the lift, man.

NERO: No problem.

I, uh, got to make a stop

though; take about 15 minutes.

JAX: All right, cool.

NERO: So, how did that go?

JAX: As bad as expected.

NERO: Damn.

You guys are having a rough run.

JAX: Yeah.

How long you been working girls?

NERO: A long time.

Just moved indoors, though, like, uh, four years ago.

JAX: The escort thing not get much heat?

NERO: Vice, they're always

sniffing around, but as long as

I got my permits in order, I ain't making no noise.

They pretty much back off.

JAX: How's the money?

NERO: I take 25% in house,

30% for out-calls.

That's after taxes.

JAX: That's it?

NERO: Hey, it don't pay to be greedy.

You know, you got to treat your girls good.

They stay happy.

They all got regulars.

Feria, the money, stays steady.

JAX: How does your crew work into that?

NERO: Oh, they get a piece of my end.

Free pussy.

Keep away the competition.

So, I know you guys run guns.

How does that pay out?

JAX: Percenteses.

And blood.


NERO: Cuates.

Weapons, man.

That's a lot of heat.

JAX: Yeah.

NERO: So, uh, this whole murder wrap, that's what,

retaliation blowback?

JAX: No, man, stupidity.

Tig, guy lost his daughter,

shoots first, thinks later.

NERO: Yeah, I got a couple of those guys myself.

JAX: You run your crew?

NERO: Not anymore.

No upside of management.


NERO: Since I was 15.

Everyone I ran with, though,

either dead or permanently residing in the C.D.C.

JAX: You're still standing.

NERO: Lucky bust.

I spent my 30s in Chino.

Gave up the needle, picked up some books,

saw the bigger picture.

JAX: And the bigger picture was pussy.

NERO: Every picture is pussy, ese.


NERO: So, uh, I'll be back in a few.

JAX: Should I keep the motor running?

NERO: Not unless you want to pay for gas.


GEMMA: Why you chatting up Wade?

UNSER: Just making sure he's okay.

Got hit with a home invasion, too.

GEMMA: I know.

What's with the notebook?

UNSER: Oh, well... (knocking)

LOWEN: Sorry to bother you.

Tara's waiting for this.

I rushed through a marriage license.

Can you take it up?

I'm late for a deposition.

GEMMA: Sure.


UNSER: Didn't know, did you?


NERO: Hey, buddy.

BOY: Papi.

NERO: Come on.

You got it.

NERO: Who's that?

What do you say?




JAX: Was that your boy?

NERO: Lucius.

He's a badass.

Spina bifida.

He was born with it.

It's only gonna get worse.

JAX: I'm sorry.

That's rough, man.

What causes that?

NERO: Neglect.

I wasn't paying attention during the pregnancy.

My ex was using.

JAX: Well, my first boy was

born with his insides upside down.

Mom was a junkie.

I wasn't paying attention either.

NERO: Pecados del padre, homes.

We got admirers.

They been tailing us since we left my kid.

(cocks gun)

JAX: All right, pull down a side street.

I'll dump out.

They're after me.

JAX: You gonna slow it down,

or do you want me to dive out at 60?

NERO: Hold on, ese.

JAX: What are you doing?

NERO: Seeing what these brothers are made of...

JAX: I think they're made of

about two tons of reinforced steel, brother.

NERO: I got to admit, part of

me is trying to impress you.

JAX: No need to impress me, brother, or kill me.

(horn honking)

NERO: Come on!

(horn honks)



That was fun.

Sorry, I don't get out much.

(medical monitors beeping)


(bell rings)

Take five.

Yeah, go ahead.

(indistinct talking)

IMA: You okay?

LYLA: Yeah.

- What are you doing her OPIE: - I tried calling.

I didn't know that you were shooting.

Can I talk to you?

LYLA: I guess.

OPIE: Glad to see the Saffron

sisters are still together.

LYLA: Oh, it's my most lucrative title.

OPIE: You still just doing girl?

LYLA: Is this what you wanted to talk about?

OPIE: Yeah.

Look, I was hoping that you

could take care of Kenny and Ellie.

LYLA: Why?

Where are you going?

OPIE: I got to leave town for a while.

I don't know how long I'm gonna be gone.

There's 20 grand here.

Should take care of living expenses.

LYLA: What the hell is going on, Ope?

OPIE: If you can't, I'll just take them to my mom's.

They love you.

Miss Piper a lot.

LYLA: Jesus, Ope, you can't just spring this on me.

OPIE: I'm... I'm sorry.

I know that you're busy.

There's enough money here to hire a nanny and sitters.

I can't tell you much more than that.

(Lyla sighs)

I'll explain it all when I get back.

Please, Lyla.

LYLA: Did you ever love me, Ope?

Or was I just a distraction

to get you to the next exit?

OPIE: You weren't a distraction.

I don't know if I love anything.


LYLA: A few weeks.

OPIE: Thank you.

CHIBS: Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, Jackie.

JAX: Hey.

What are you doing here?

GEMMA: Messenger.

Marriage license.

JAX: Look, Mom, I didn't plan it like this...

GEMMA: Don't you insult me with an excuse.

Where's Tara?

JAX: Will you leave her out of this?

I was the one who told her not to tell anyone.

NERO: Hey, man.

Judge Cooper's gotta split soon.

We need to do this.

JAX: All right.

Aw, shit.

TARA: You looking for me?

GEMMA: Yeah.

TARA: Not how you planned it, is it?

GEMMA: Not being invited to my son's wedding?

No, it's not.

TARA: I meant Jax marrying me.

You hated the idea

14 years ago.

GEMMA: Life moves on.

We change.

I hate different things now.

TARA: Just say it, Gemma.

GEMMA: These were mine and John's.

Figured you didn't have time to get rings.

JAX: You all right?

TARA: Yeah.

JAX: We're gonna lose our john judge.

TARA: I'm almost ready.

GEMMA: You gotta put distance between us.

Own your place.

I get it.

But there is no one else who

understands what you are going

through right now better than I do.

You remember that.

Now, I would like to stay and

watch you marry my only son.

You okay with that?

TARA: Yes.

COOPER: Okay, we're here to join in legal matrimony,

Jackson Nathaniel Teller and Tara Grace Knowles.

You're both here of your own

free will, intent on marriage?

JAX: - Yes.

TARA: - Yes.

JUDGE: Do you, Tara, take Jackson to be your

lawfully wedded husband?

TARA: I do.

JUDGE: And you, Jackson, do you take Tara to be your

lawfully wedded wife?

JAX: Yes, I do.

JUDGE: You have rings?

JAX: - No... TARA: - Yes.

JUDGE: You can put 'em on, if you want.

TARA: Gemma.

JUDGE: Anybody want to say anything?


JAX: Aw, Jesus.

CHIBS: Excuse me.

May the Lord hold you in His

hand, and may he never close His fist too tight.

Beannachd Dia dhuit.

I love yous both.

JUDGE: Lovely.

By the power invested in me by

the State of California, I now

pronounce you husband and wife.

Uh, the witnesses need to sign

the license... and good luck.

BOBBY: Yeah!

(cheering, applauding)

NERO: You okay, mama?

GEMMA: I'm trying.

(cell phone ringing)

TIG: I'm really happy for you.

BOBBY: Hold on.


A wedding gift.

JAX: Pope set us up.

There's warrants out for me, Tig and Chibs.

We need protection in County and we gotta make these

bullshit charges go away.

ROMEO: Local charges, that's not so easy.

JAX: If you want our relationship to keep running

smooth, you need me alive and out of jail.

ROMEO: Don't let that president's patch go to your

head, son.

JAX: I am trying to survive.

It ain't easy living on both

sides of the fence, jefe.

You should know that.

LUIS: When do you turn yourselves in?

JAX: We're on our way now.

LUIS: That's not much time.

JAX: Come on, man, you're CIA; you don't need time.

You keep us alive.

ROMEO: We'll see what we can do.

LUIS: What happens if we can't get him out?

ROMEO: Let black kill him.

Go to plan "B."

LUIS: We don't have a plan "B."

ROMEO: We will.

JAX: You keep in touch with Romeo.

Let Tara know what's going on.

And you keep Clay close.

BOBBY: No problem there.

He's all broken, man.

JAX: Yeah, I want to keep him that way.

BOBBY: Yes, sir, Prez.

(sirens wailing)

CHIBS: All right, laddies.

Our ride's here.

TARA: I love you.

- Please stay safe.

JAX: - I will.


GEMMA: Don't you worry, sweetheart.

We'll take care of your baby.

(pounding at door)

MAN: San Joaquin Sheriff.

Open up.

GEMMA: Keep my boy safe.

CHIBS: You know I will, mum.

ROOSEVELT: I have the warrants.

LOWEN: They're ready.

JAX: Thank you.

(motorcycle revs)

ROOSEVELT: All right, fellas, look alive and couple.

Let's go.

(indistinct radio chatter)

ROOSEVELT: So you came to say goodbye.

OPIE: Yeah.




DEPUTY: Don't move!

ROOSEVELT: You're still standing here?

Get him out of here!

TARA: What the hell is Opie doing?

GEMMA: He's staying close.

JAX: Is this you becoming me?

OPIE: How'd I do?

JAX: Not bad.

GEMMA: Is this okay?

NINO: Yeah.

AUGUST: Sheriffs are picking up the Sons.

They'll be in County within the hour.

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