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Previously, on

Sons of Anarchy...

Where are the letters?

Tara's still got 'em?

Just leave her out of it, huh?

Too late.

We have an internal threat.

The doctor-- that's your VP's old lady.

We'll clean it up.

Oh, God!

What are you doing!


God! Dad?

Oh, my God!


What are you doing here?!

Clay killed your old man.

You want to tell me what happened to Piney?

You should know.

You're Clay's boy.

Did you know?!

No, Ope!

You're gonna die... at the gavel.

Ope! Put it down.

What do I tell Roosevelt, huh? Mexicans?

No. Say it was black.

Clay wanted me to stay.

He had a feeling something was going down.

A brother asked for help... I turned my back.


Who's Veronica Pope?

Damon Pope's daughter.

The most dangerous gangster in the whole town.

Tig's in trouble, brother.

He needs an escort home.

It's time we all knew

the truth-- Clay Morrow killed your father.

Stole that seat away from this family, and he tried

to kill your wife.

You kill Clay before he's on his

feet and strikes first.

When Clay's back at the table, we can discuss

the deal.

The only way this deal happens is if he's running it.

CIA is subsidizing Galindo.

U.S. Attorney has more than enough to indict.

When things are

running smoothly with the Irish,

I'll do my best to get Munson clear of all the charges.

I read the letters.

The only reason I am not slicing

you open right now is 'cause I

need this cartel deal to happen.

Walking away from my club is one

thing, but letting it die, I can't-- it's a part of me.

Something happens at around 92 miles an hour.

Thunder headers drown out all sound.

Engine vibration travels at a heart's rate.

Field of vision funnels into the immediate.

And suddenly, you're not on the road, you're in it, a part of it.

Traffic, scenery, cops-- just cardboard cutouts blown over as you pass.

Sometimes I forget the rush of that.

That's why I love these long runs.

All your problems, all the noise, gone.

Nothing else to worry about except what's right in front of you.

Maybe that's the lesson for me today-- to hold on to these simple moments, appreciate them a little more.

There's not many of them left.

I don't ever want that for you.

Finding things that make you happy shouldn't be so hard.

I know you'll face pain, suffering, hard choices, but you can't let the weight of it choke the joy out of your life.

No matter what, you have to find the things that love you, run to them.

There's an old saying. That which doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

I don't believe that.

I think the things that try to kill you make you angry and sad.

Strength comes from the good things... your family, your friends, the satisfaction of hard work.

Those are the things that will keep you whole.

Those are the things to hold on to when you're broken.

Hey, Jackie boy.

You needing anything?

I'm good, brother.

Hey, boy.


Want to party?

We ready?

Nah, Happy's still getting his dick sucked.

In this skank hole?

Aw, come on, there's nothing wrong with the occasional skank.

Tell him to pull out.

I want to head home.

Hey, what do you think he's writing in those little pads?

It's a children's book.

All right, girls, dicks in, balls out.

Home's a speeding ticket away.

Let's go.


That's it. Let's go.


Shoot 'em!

Torch it!


Get me out of here!

Phil! Cover me!

Let's go! Let's go!

Come on! Come on!

Get me out! Get me out!

Come on!

Hap, let 'em go!

Get the haul!

Come on, come on.

You okay? They came out of nowhere.

Now what the hell are we gonna do with it?

Cops are gonna be here soon.

All right, let's leave the blow in the crate and stash it in the woods, get it tomorrow.

Come on. Now. Let's go.

Let's go. Come on.


Riding through this world

all alone

God takes your soul

You're on your own

The crow flies straight

a perfect line

on the devil's bed

until you die

Gotta look this life

in the eye

That's enough?


I'm fine.


Niners torched the truck.

Everyone's whole.

Now what?

I fix it.

I'm gonna keep Rat here at night.

I want you carrying that gun.


We're doing Piney's thing today.

I know.

You don't have to come.

I can't.

I'm training my new replacement.

Starting my new duties.

I'm sorry.

Yeah, me, too.


I don't know how we do this, Tara.

I don't know where it all goes.

I know.

But we do it as a family.

I can promise you that.

I love you.

I love you.

Hey. Come here.

All right, then, little monster.

I'll see you later, okay?

What time is Gemma coming?

She's not.

I'm taking the boys with me.

I got them into the day care center at the hospital.

I thought we were gonna wait.

Till there was an opening.

I found out yesterday.

It's the best thing for Abel, and... lets me be close to Thomas.

You know, regular feedings.

Gemma know?

Not yet.

Whatever you think's best.

See you later.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, easy, now, love.

Was I that bad?

Who the hell are you?



You came home with me last night-- this is my place.

Look, I'm not gonna hurt you... Back off!

Yes, ma'am.

Okay, nice.

Let me guess-- JDate?

Something like that.

Well, listen, I really hate to step on your little post-coital ritual, but... Jeannie and Liz, they have morning dates.

Let's go, party pets.

Duty calls.

Let me use the bathroom first.


You got this?



You a pimp?

I'm a companionater.

I bring folks together.

I'm all about the love.

I sucked your dick, too, didn't I?

Oh, yeah.

Look, nothing bad went down.

I mean, this is all consensual.

I'm pretty sure we had fun.

Man... Oh, Jesus.

I did a spic pimp.

Yeah, and I did a drunken cracker MILF.


Now, put the gun down.

Yeah, okay.

Thank you.

You can use my shower.

I have clean towels in there.

I'm gonna head downstairs and have some coffee, a little Advil.

You can join me.

I'll get you a ride home.

Or not.

Well, if not, uh... address is on the card there.

You can call a cab yourself, head out the side exit.

It was nice... meeting you, Rose.


That's what you said your name was.


Who is it?


Heard about the Niners attack.


How's he doing?

Moving slowly, but... seems okay.

Misses her.

No, I get it.

All right, thanks.

How'd that go?

Not good.

Did you, uh, tell him the attack on the truck was because of me, had nothing to do with the guns?

Doesn't matter.

The Irish are hanging on to this cartel deal by a thin, red hair.

One more snafu, they bail.

All right, we got church this afternoon.

We take it to Jax.


Hey, you need a lift to Piney's memorial?

I think I'll, uh... sit this one out.

He was first nine.

Yeah, I'm aware.


I don't think he's ready to deal with that kind of shit.


Diosa International.

This is Kelly.



Lots of sugar.


Very legit.

Breakfast date?

Aroma therapy session.

And your neighbors don't mind the smell?

Oh, we're off the beaten path here.

We keep a low profile, make the right people happy.

My affiliations... keep the bad guys away.

Nero Padilla.



Nice to meet you... Gemma.

That's what started our little bar chat.

Scars of a feather.

Triple bypass at 42.

Open-heart surgery.

Bad genetics.

You're surrounded by barely legal pussy.

What the hell you doing picking up old broads?

Some kind of granny fetish?

Nah, I don't sleep with my coworkers.

Mainly because I'm old enough to be their father.

What about the Olsen twins?

That was all you, baby.



Oh, it was definitely wow.

Me, I like a little more, uh, patina on my precious metal.

Oh, man.

I must've been shit-faced to go for that whole Rico Suave thing.

You were funny, sexy, no wedding ring.

Seemed like a good idea.


I guess your name wasn't the only thing you forgot, huh?


Oh, that's me.

My cab.


Well, you take care, Gemma.


You, too... Nero... if that's really your name.

Thanks for not being a dick.

My life's ambition.



I'm glad you decided to do this.

It's not for me, it's for my kids.

This is good for everyone, Ope.

Let's them say good-bye.

And let's us bury the lie.

Piney Winston, killed by the Mexican cartel.

The truth will come out, man.

It just can't be now.

Too many people will get hurt.

I'm sorry you see that as a betrayal.

The only betrayal that I see is Clay not being the one going in that hole.


I know you can't sit at the table with him.

I was wrong to ask you.

I love you, Ope.

And I want you in SAMCRO, but whatever you decide to do, I'm gonna back you.

I hope you know that.

What I know is that the gavel turns shit around.

I'm not gonna turn into Clay.

I'm more afraid that I'm gonna turn into you.


I... thought you were at Piney's memorial.

Oh... shit.

No, man, I forgot.

I didn't realize that today was... Where you been?

You look like hell.

Uh... Clay's here. He... come to pick up the rest of his shit.

He thought you'd be at the cemetery.

I'm feeling really uncomfortable.

Sorry, I, uh... I didn't think you'd be here.

Just looking for that ring Rusty gave me.

Thank you.

Don't take any of the photos.

I wasn't gonna.

Can we talk?


Two minutes?

Two minutes.

I know you want me dead.

That's why you gave Jax those letters.

Shit I did, it's the, uh... it's the move I deserved.

I'm not a complicated guy, Gem.

I'm... I'm not like JT.

I sink my teeth into a goal, I see it through.

It's the... it's the soldier in me.

All I could see was the endgame.

All that money.

The shit with Tara, me lying to you, just part of the mission.

Look, I'm not gonna... insult you by trying to say I'm sorry-- there's too much damage for that-- but...

...your involvement with John's death... the stuff he says about you... in some of those letters... I take that to my grave.

I-I don't expect you to... forgive me.

But at least I'll know I did one right thing.

I love you, Gem.

I always will.

You don't ever put a hand on me again.

The IRA is nervous about our black problem.

So am I.

Damon Pope is a serious man.

Yeah, hard to spin killing an innocent girl in a good direction.

I know.

Niners won't talk.

Laroy is on a rampage.

I need to get to Pope, try to make this right.

He's insulated.

Be hard to get that sit-down.

Then tap into your CIA contacts.

This only gets settled with a face-to-face.

Yeah? Then what?

You think you just say

"I'm sorry" and move on?

Better have something he needs.

Pope doesn't need anything.

I got to give him something he wants.

Only he knows what that is.

We'll try to set it up.

So, uh... the meet still on with Gaalan?

Yeah, he's in town next week.

The Irish will know that Clay's

running point, and you'll start getting your big guns.

What am I supposed to tell Bobby?

He knows that Otto gave him up to RICO.

You're gonna have to

share our confidential agreement with Mr. Munson.

But know this-- your club can't know about RICO or our affiliation.

My guys think he's inside on the Georgie Caruso hit.

I'll tell the club that the case fell apart.

Keep Elvis in the building.

You're gonna need to trust him.

Otto... gave up Bobby on

history, but someone current had

to be helping the D.A., too.

How would they know that gun deal was going down?

Keep your coke and, uh, guns running smoothly.

I'll keep RICO off your back.

And when are they off my back for good?

When I don't need you anymore.

I wouldn't dismiss me

that easily, Commander Parada.

You had no choice but to play your CIA card.

Gave you leverage, kept us in line.

But it also gave me a big stick.

Now, I'm sure Galindo's crew

embraces Uncle Sam's help, but

how would the street react to that?

Anyone around here finds out

you're doubling up as a Fed,

your sway in Cali ain't shit.

And your coke demand dies in a day.

Looks like we need each other.

Bobby Munson, as promised.

Let's get out of here.

I'm very happy to be out.

Kind of scared to ask how.

It's been a busy couple of weeks, brother.

Come on.

Where's Jax?

I hear he's your new president.

He's not here.

What do you want?

Are you guys aware of the violence that's happening in Charming?

Two home invasions in less than a week.

Contrary to popular belief... we can read.

Why, you think we had something to do with it?

Three weeks ago an unidentified man ran down Veronica Pope in what we can assume was an attempted hit on Laroy Wayne.

No witnesses came forward yet, but... some folks are saying that they saw the One-Niners chasing after a group of guys on motorcycles.


First home invasion was Lynette Brice, one of your croweaters.

2:30 this morning, Wade Steiner was attacked in his own kitchen.

He's a mechanic here at the TM.

Do you, uh, see the pattern here?

If these home invasions are retaliation by Pope or the Niners...

We ain't heard of any beefs, man.




Then who would attack your auto parts truck outside of Modesto last night?

Angry pirates.

I don't give a shit if Pope blows up every goddamn truck of yours, but not in my quadrant.

One innocent gets hurt, and I make Pope look like an altar boy, you understand?

I see what you did there.

I love Catholic jokes.

You know, remember the two nuns?


They walk into a dyke bar... Hey! Bobby!

Munson's free.

RICO's dead.

I guess you're free and clear, too, huh?

Don't worry, I'm not gonna out you.

But... this Pope thing spills over into Charming, I expect you to tell me.

Good faith gesture.

How's it feel, man?


What did I tell your crew three weeks ago?

Lay low.

Yes, mm-hmm.

We don't make decisions in the heat of rage.

Look, Laroy's still feeling the pain of losing his girl.

She wasn't... his girl.

He told us to hit that truck.

Said we waited long enough.

My daughter was murdered.

Someone goes after the men suspected of doing it, all eyes look my way.

Sons killed TJ on that highway.

Now, we got to answer back, or we look weak.

You know how that works, man.

I just got a call... from the military arm of the Galindo drug cartel... wanting me to sit down with Jax Teller.

Do you know how hard I have worked to distance myself from that element?

Your need for street cred is making my life difficult.

It stops now.

Why ain't you laying this all on Laroy, okay?

'Cause he's the one making the calls.

All we do is...

Look, I'm s...

Our detectives got the address.

I'll set it all up.


I'm too close to this, Augie... all right?

No loose ends.

Yes, sir.

Shit, man, is that Laroy?

Most of him.

Little bitch was screaming so loud, I... I kind of lost my shit.


You're in charge.

No... wait, wait, what if I don't want to be in charge?

Rise to it, brother.

With great power comes great responsibility.

I ain't no Spiderman, nigga.

As we all know, our Nomad Charter is disbanding.


We got Frankie Diamonds, Gogo, and Greg the Peg looking to land in Charming.

I think we'd be lucky to have 'em.

Sorry I'm late.

Sit down.

We're just voting in the Nomads.


Frankie, you got anything you want to say?

Just want to say we're honored to be sitting at this table.

We know you've been taking some hits lately, and we're here to help as much as we can.

Yeah, it's good to have a home again, man.

Yeah, someplace we can put our feet up.

All right, Peggie.

Any opposing?


What do we say?

Welcome to SAMCRO, boys.

Thank you.

It's great to have Bobby Elvis back at the table.

Good to be home.

What, did they... drop the charges on Georgie?

Yeah. Apparently it was a suicide.

Climbed into the trunk, shot himself ten times.

I've asked Bobby to be my VP.

What, uh, what about Ope?

I think Ope's gonna have to step away from the club for awhile.

Too much damage done to his family.

He's having a hard time not putting that pain on SAMCRO.

I second Bobby.

Thank you.

Any opposing?

What do we say?

Love you, brother.

I just wanted to say how happy I am to have a lot of you back at the table and, uh... not as much room on my right with you here, but, uh, glad you made the cut.


With Opie stepping away, something I need to tell this club.

It's complicated, so I'm hoping you hear me out.

Lobo cartel... did not kill Piney, I did.

Everybody knows that there was no love lost between Piney and me.

Most of you were witnesses to him trying to blow my head off in this room.

I went up to the cabin, and I thought we could maybe work out this cartel business.

I thought, maybe, me and him, one on one, cut through the bullshit.

He was a fifth of Patron deep when I arrived.

I could hardly get out an argument when he, uh... he drew on me.

I managed to wrestle the sawed-off out of his hand.

Then he pulled a nine.

I had no choice.

I figured if the, uh, cartel or the Irish heard that there was internal beef, that they would pull the plug on the deal, so I, uh... I put it on the Mexicans.

I planned on telling everybody what went down soon as all the heat was off but, uh... Opie found out the truth before I could do that.

He's the one that shot me.



I lied to Jax.

I told him it was black.

Why'd you lie, man?

You were protecting Ope.

We needed an ambulance.

EMS would report the bullet wound.

I don't blame Ope for trying to kill me.

I only wish I could explain to him what happened.

Anyway... I killed a member, self-defense or not.

You gotta vote on whether I stay or go.

We need to live with this for awhile.

Let's take a day or two before we vote.

You give me a minute?

What are you doing?

Still a lot of truth I can't cop to, so... I figured I would, uh, get out the rest of what there is.

I'm supposed to believe you're just gonna throw yourself at the mercy of the club?

Come on, man.

Mea culpas aren't your style.

What's the play?

I'm all out of play.

I'm just trying to do what's best for SAMCRO.

What's your play, son?

I mean, I get why you stopped Opie, but... you found out about JT...

How come you didn't kill me?

I need you alive to keep the Irish happy.

Ah, you never wanted this cartel deal.

Why would you give a shit if the Irish are happy?

Just trying to do what's best for SAMCRO.


I just went by the house to see my grandkids.

Who the hell decided to put them in day care?

Me and their mother.

We don't let other people raise our children.

It's selfish and lazy.

I don't have time for this, Mom.

You want to see the kids, work it out with Tara.

I still don't understand, Jackson.

You don't have to.

His time will come.



Just making sure you got home okay.


Well, yeah... yeah, I did.

I'm fine.


So now you have my number.

In case you ever need anything.



Weapons... on the hood of the car.

It's cool.

Mr. Pope has given the problem some more thought, and he realizes nothing the Sons offer is gonna be good enough.

But you... get to give 'em your message.

What am I supposed to do with this?

Kill Teller.

I thought this meeting was with Pope?

Mr. Pope would like this discussion to happen first.

I'm his associate, August Marks.


Gotta settle things with the Niners.

Where the hell's Laroy?

Darnell's in charge now.

Work it out.


Look, man, we got a lot of history with your crew.

We've beefed before, both made mistakes, but we get through it.

Just tell me what you need.

Drop him, Darnell!

Go, Jackie, boy!

We'll get back at these bastards!

Kill, Jackie!

Come on, D, get up, man!

That's enough.

That's enough!


JJ! Jackie boy!

I thought you pulled weapons?

I did.

Jesus Christ.

He didn't really want to be in charge anyway.

You, what's your name?

TYLER Ty... T-Tyler.

Well, T-T Tyler, you need to go back to your crew and tell 'em the beef with the Sons is done.

If it continues, so will the turnover in leadership.

There ain't nothing to think over. Go!

Yeah, all right.

Well, go!

All right.

What the hell is this?

Mr. Pope will reach out to you soon.

Dump him!

This is Pope letting us know... he's the one who decides who lives and dies.

I think that's the last of it.

Showerhead's leaking.

I'll have Chucky come by tomorrow and change the washers.


I know how hard it was to admit that today.

I'm glad you came clean.

No one's gonna vote you out.

It's out of my shaky little hands.


I'm good. Thanks.

I, uh... murdered... an innocent girl.

The lie was to protect Ope and the club, not me.

I was with you... in the hospital... every day... for three weeks.

You should've told me the truth, Clay.

I didn't know how.





No, I'll come and get her.

No. Yeah.

Yeah, all right. Yeah, thanks.

What's that?

Oakland detective stopped Dawn for DUI.

His, uh, brother-in-law's a Grim Bastard.

But if I pick her up myself, they won't charge her.

We good?

I don't know.


LT, these two girls came in, said they witnessed guys on motorcycles shooting a black man in an SUV.

Picked out Teller and Chibs.

Oakland PD just called.

Another two witnesses came in, identified Tig Trager as the guy that ran down Veronica Pope.

Detective Goodman, Oakland PD.

You Trager?

Yeah. Where's Dawn?

Hands on your head.

Shit, man, you gotta be kidding me.

Do it!


No, man.

I'm not going anywhere until... Shut up!


Oh, goddamn it.

Do you know who I am, Mr. Trager?


And do you know what happens now?

You kill me.

That'd be too easy.

Oh, no. Oh, no.


Dawny, hey, Dawn.


Oh, baby... Wake up! Oh, man... Oh, shit! No, baby... No! No!

Hey, baby!

Oh, baby, oh... Stop! Oh, baby!


I'm so sorry, baby.

Oh, oh, baby...

Let me go! No!

What's happening?

Goddamn it!

Let me go! Let me go!

Daddy, get me out of here!

Oh, baby...

Oh, man, I'm sorry.

Please... please, not her.

Kill me. Please, I beg you.

Please, kill me, please?


Know my pain, Mr. Trager.

Oh, baby... Oh, no!



Mr. Trager, you and some of your crew have been ID'd for the murder of my daughter and the highway shooting.

Detective Goodman will take you to County.

You should keep this vivid memory to yourself.

I'd hate to see the same thing happen to your other daughter.

I am gonna cut your ugly, black head off.

Get your cleaner out here.

You got it.

Let's go.

Thomas is congested.

Need a humidifier in that room.

It's not a dry cough.

A humidifier won't help.

And they don't need to be in day care.

We can take care of our own.

They need to socialize with other children.

And let's be honest... I don't think you're up for the task.

Excuse me?

You have every right to be distracted, you've been through a lot... Just say what you mean.

I smell weed and alcohol on your breath every morning.

I don't smoke or drink in the morning.

I'm a doctor, Gemma.

I know how long drugs and alcohol stay in your system.

And until you... you pull it together, I don't want you alone with my boys.


Jax feel the same way?

I didn't tell him, but he knows you're not yourself.

Hey, baby.


I knew you'd be here.

Hello, my love.

Welcome home, sweetheart.

Oh, I'm glad you're out.

Bobby wanted to see the boys.

Oh, they just went down.

Go ahead.

We okay?

Oh, yeah.

We're perfect.


Hey, uh, Gemma.

I need Jax.


Let me talk to him, please?


Hey, what's happening?

I just heard from Eglee at Lodi PD.

County issued warrants for you, Chibs, and Tig.

Murder of Veronica Pope and Laroy's guy.

APB's going wide.


Four witnesses turned up today.

Two saw Tig, two saw you and the Scot.



Thank you.

All right.

Oh, God.

Now what?

One of 'em is burned up pretty bad.

Yeah, I got it.

I got you.

How long?

Two hours.

Maybe a little longer.

You're dead, niggers... You're all dead.

You kidding me with this shit?


Die. Die.

You all right?


No, please, please, please...

This guy bought those witnesses.

I'll call Lowen.

If Pope got these people to lie, we can prove that.

No, you can't turn yourselves in.

Pope did this to get you inside.

Black Nation offs us in County, kill never gets put on him.


Sheriffs are at the clubhouse looking for us.

Next stop is here.

You gotta go, Jax. No, you can't run. That's insane.

And getting shived to death isn't?

He's not gonna end up a fugitive, I'm sorry... - He is not going to jail.

No, we have two small boys... Yeah, that is exactly the point, and why he is... He is... - Stop!

Baby, you gotta buy yourself some time.

You make sure you're protected.

She's right.

I know where you can go.

You'd be safe.

All right.

Don't do this, Jax.


We're dead if we go inside now.

Stay here.

Take care of our boys.

I'll call you when I have a plan.

Let's go.

There you go, buddy.

Chow time.

Doing okay?

Miss her, don't ya?

Yeah, me, too.

Want some ice cream?

Mr. Pope...

Thank you, Mr. Pope!



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