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Previously on Sons of Anarchy...

MI5 intelligence has confirmed the Irish Kings are planning a trip stateside.

If you give me the information, I will extract the Sons from the RICO equation.

Where are the letters?

Tara still got 'em?

Just leave her out of it, huh?

Too late.

We burned those letters.

There was no proof.

Why would he have to do this?

Clay read the letters.

The ones you saw burning were copies.

I'm calling this into the sheriff's.

We have to find those letters, Wayne.

I can prove to Clay that there's no threat.

Lobo approached us last month, before you guys even got out.

We didn't know about Galindo.

There's a neonatal conference tomorrow.

Providence is hosting.

I'm going.

I talked to Tara.

She's never going to tell Jax about those letters.

She's heading out of town tomorrow morning.

Promise me you won't hurt Tara.

I promise.

Got any more room in there?

I'm coming with you.

We have an internal threat.

I'm afraid she's going to expose us.

The doctor?

That's your VP's old lady.

Hoping you might want to handle it.

We'll clean it up.

There's only one number on the speed dial, so call it when you have a time and a place.

Once it's set in motion, it can't be stopped.

Morning. Hey.

You're up early. Yeah.

Gotta go handle this Mexican shit.

I'm afraid to ask what that means.

Well, don't.

Me and Jax got it handled.

I'll see you later.

Love you. Love you.

I packed a lunch.

I figured we could stop at that park outside Walnut Grove.


I like that park.

Hey, baby. Hey, Mom.

What are you doing here?

Well, you're taking my grandkids on a one-way trip to Oregon.

You think I'm not going to stop and say good-bye?

It's just four or five days.

Where's Elyda?

I'm actually going to take up Tara and the boys.

Turn it into a little family vacation.

Out of state? You're on release.

No, we're, we're staying in-state.

The conference is just a few hours over the border.

And I'll have Rogue River keep an eye on them up in Oregon.

Does Clay know?

He will after you tell him.

We got stuff with the Irish.

I'll be back day after tomorrow.

What about the Mexicans?

Nothing for us to do.

It's an internal beef.

We've been told to stay out of it.

Say goodbye to Grandma.


Hello, baby.

What happened to Ortiz?

Couple ATF agents took him out last night.

No explanation.


Something's wrong, Wayne.


Can't imagine... why you think that.

Clay emptied the safe this morning.

Had to be 20 or 30 grand.

Probably club stuff.


That's private cash.

Clay told me that he and Jax were going to handle the Mexicans.

But Jax is going up to Oregon with Tara.

He told me the club is staying out of cartel stuff.

So, uh... what did Clay need the money for?

Get back here. Please.

Destination info.

She left about 20 minutes ago.

She'll take 99 to the 5.

It's all there.

Okay, good.

I want it clean, I want it painless.

Don't mess up her face.


This old man, he played three, He played knick-knack on my knee With a knick-knack paddywhack Give a dog a bone, This old man came rolling home.

You handle that Mexican thing?

That's not your concern.

Where's Jax?

Went up to Oregon with Tara and the kids.

Family outing.

Guess that explains why he didn't show, huh?

Hey, we got a problem.

I need for you to stop what we set in motion this morning.


Jax and the kids are with Tara.

I didn't know.

Our man's independent.

There's got to be a way to get ahold of him.

I mean, you set it up.

Sorry, Clay. It's too late.

He checks in after he's done.

I'll let you know.

Let him know that Jax Teller and the kids are with the doctor.

Shouldn't we shut it down? No.

Just tell him to be careful.

I'm sure Teller's armed.

Need you to track down Jax.

He's on his way to Oregon with Tara.

Bad time to be traveling. I want him back now.

Got it.

Hey, Clay.

There's something up with Juice.

Nobody's heard from him, no phone calls, and he's not been home.

It's got to be Roosevelt.

Well, we would've heard something from Lowen if he got picked up.

Go check, will you?

I'm going to head up to his cabin.

Check with my old man.

Uh, you should stick around.

With Kozik still up north and Happy over at Oswald's, gonna need bods around.

Just in case we got to deal with this, uh, Lobo shit.

Yeah, okay.

Hurry back, okay?

Hey, relax. We're civilians.

Yeah, right.

Say, how you like it?

Excuse me?

My daughter wants one.

Oh, uh...

My old lady loves it. It's hers.

How fast is that 1150? Fast enough.

You ride? Yeah.

You miss the Defender? Ah, I miss the power.

Beamer's more comfortable. Got a shitty back.

Maybe it's time to trade it in for a cage, huh?

When I'm dead.

Amen to that.

Hey, little guy. How you doing?

All right.

You gentlemen have a good day. Yeah.

Eli. Please, come in.

Where's Juice? ATF holding.

Now that he knows of our RICO goals, it's best to keep him sequestered.

Until a trust can grow.

His crew was just downstairs, looking for him.

Assuming that I picked him up, and I did.

And I assume you calmed their suspicions?

I told them that there were no charges, and he was released last night.


You played me. Worse than the outlaws.

All that bullshit about my gang experience, and you just needed a local scapegoat.

Let all that shit pile up at my door, so you can keep your secret war room concealed.

And I jumped in like a goddamn Boy Scout.

Don't wallow in your discomfort, Eli.

This investigation will be a big win for you, too.

We all rise up.

No. We don't.

I'm done being your boy.

You want to dirty my jacket... go ahead.

Let me remind you of the document you signed several weeks ago.

I'm not gonna breech confidentiality.

It was more than keeping the secret.

It was an agreement of participation.

If I feel I need your services to expedite the case, you are legally obliged to aid in that task.

Then I guess we play it your way.

If this interview at Providence goes well, I think I should take the job.

You should.

Are you sure you mean that?

Tara... take the job.

You got to give St. Thomas, what, two, three weeks notice?

Yeah, probably.

I got one more deal to lock down, and I'm good.

I'm gonna be ready to go before you.


Clay, I can't get ahold of Jax, man.

He's not picking up his cell. Tara either.

I've got the name of the hotel.

I'll have Rogue River waiting.

You want me up there? No.

Keep calling.

Uh, Roosevelt picked up Juice yesterday.

Another piss test.

Released him last night, but, uh, he hasn't been seen since.

Call his old girlfriend.

Tends to crawl back there when he's wounded.

Well, Precious stays in touch with her.

I'll give her a call.

I need to ask you a question.


Why'd you take all that money out of the safe?

What'd I tell you about digging into club business?

That's not club money.

That's right. That's my money.

And as long as you got enough to take care of the house and amuse yourself, you don't need to worry about it.

Did you really just say that to me?

Maybe I should be saying shit like that to you more often.

Reminding you that you are not a member of this club, you're an old lady.

And don't forget it!


Oh, my God! What are you doing?! Tara!

Let me go! Let me go!

Let me go, goddamn it! Tara!

¡No pelees, puta!


Jax! Jax!



Okay, okay...

You're okay. You're okay.


You guys are okay?

You have to take me to St. Thomas.

Can't do that, ma'am. Out of our jurisdiction.

We'll take you to Memorial, they can transfer you from there.

She's a surgeon at St. Thomas.

You can't take her?

Take her to Charming.

I'll talk to your dispatcher.

All right?

Yes, sir. Thank you.

You're on federal release, Mr. Teller.

Folks nearby heard a lot of gunshots.

Hope you weren't the one firing the weapon.

No, sir. They did all the shooting.

Look, I got to get my boys home.

Can we do this at the hospital? Please?

We'll follow you there.

Thank you.


The boys.

They're fine. They're at the house with Elyda.

It's okay, babe. You're gonna be fine.

They're taking you to X-ray.

Dr. Balian will be down there to look at the hand, okay?

I love you.

Are you okay, baby? I'm fine.

Where they taking her? To X-ray.

I got to talk to the cops, Mom.

What happened, Jax?

Someone attacked Tara.

Tried to abduct her.

Let's talk, Mr. Teller.

Oh, my God.

I'm a Hanna Barbera fan myself.

Quick Draw McGraw was always my favorite.

My promise.

When we take down the Irish at this meet, we'll need to prosecute the club members present.

But that's where it stops.

I will not use RICO to dismantle the Sons.

It's all there.

Just awaiting my signature.

I don't know anything about a meet.

Then go and find out.

You're just gonna let me out?


Here's the deal, Juice.

We give you cell phone, acts as a monitoring device.

We know where you are 24/7.

You check in every four hours.

You don't check in, I get wind you exposed us... we rip this up, we come crashing in.

I settle for the Mexicans and the Sons.

SAMCRO and all its charters will fall to RICO.

I'll give you until after The Jetsons to decide.

Then it's off the table.

What happened?

Someone tried to take Tara.

They hurt her real bad. Jesus.

We know who did it? No.

They were speaking Spanish.

It had to be Lobo retaliation.

I got a call into Romeo; I haven't heard back yet.

Let's find Laroy.

He knows how to get in touch with Lobo.


All right, we got V-Lin at your house with the nanny.

We'll keep Phil and Rat here with Tara.

Call Alvarez. We might need him.

Where you going, baby? Stay with Tara.

Keep me posted. Okay.

Jesus. Three broken metacarpals.

Median nerve? Yes.

There's damage from the trauma.

We should get in there right away.


I'll schedule it.

We're gonna do everything we can.

I know. Thank you.

Shit! Shit!

Down! Down! Down!

Stop firing!

Don't shoot! Don't shoot!


Laroy, get out of there!

What the hell, Laroy?!

You tell me!

We just walked in, your crew starts shooting at us.

Thought you were the damn cartel.

Do we look like a goddamn cartel?!

Your Mexicans do!

Put 'em down!

Lobo took out three of my men this morning.

We're all a little skittish.


You just killed one of my best soldiers, ese.

Don't do it, Laroy.

It's like that?

This wetback bitch over me?

Hey, you both lost a guy, you're even.

No, we ain't.

Get out!

I need your contact info for Lobo Sonora.

You need to get out before this place is crawling with purple, and I kill everything, brown and white.

Come on, Jax. Come on.

That was Romeo.

He's just finishing up a meet in Rio Vista.

All right, let's go.

You're too amped up.

What the hell do you expect?!

Go back to Charming.

You're going to be with Tara, all right?

I'll get the intel from Romeo.

I am talking to these guys!

Come on.


He's right.

Let Clay handle it, Jackie.

Hey, we're going to find out who did this to Tara and we're gonna hurt 'em.

I promise.

You go be with your family, all right?

Bobby and me, we're going to ride with you.

You stay with Jax.

No, can't ride alone. Not today.

All right, let's go.

It's awful, this attack on Tara.

Yeah, I know.

You have no remorse about what happened?

Sounds like you do. I guess I do.

I've been trying to get her to leave for over a year.

Tara belongs here.

You see what that gets her.

It got her a beautiful son.

She's blinded by an adolescent bond.

You know she doesn't belong with your son.

What Jax and Tara do is their business.

Are you kidding me?

The way you bully and manipulate her, use those babies as strings.

You better watch what you say next.

Or what?

You're going to beat the shit out of me?

I'm not afraid of you.

You're an awful woman.

And all this suffering landing on Tara, it's because of you.

Where the hell you been?


Roosevelt picked me up.

Yeah, we know.

Then what?

Had to clear my head. Took a ride out to Yosemite.

Should have checked in. I'm okay.

Probably should have stayed in Yosemite.

Shit's hit the fan, brother.

Lobo tried to take Tara this morning.

Jesus Christ.

Come on.

What the hell happened? Your VP happened.

This is bad, man.

What's the fallout?

Your guys crushed her goddamn hand.

That's the fallout.

Jax is on fire. Thinks the Lobos did it.

That's why I got the escorts.

Good. Good?

Shit, it's a goddamn disaster.

Paid 25K for a clean job. Here's your refund.

We'll take care of the hit personally.

No more middle man.

Nah, forget it. I can't do that.

She's still a threat. Has to be taken care of.

Jax is never going to leave her side, man.

Nah, nah, it's too risky.

It's more risky letting her undermine this operation.

It has to be handled. Soon.

We need to give Jax a few Lobos.

Satisfy his need for revenge. Understood.

We'll be in touch.

How bad?

Bones set easily. No issue there.

The nerve damage was severe.

Oh... God. What does that mean?

It means I won't have full use of my hand.

Is that permanent? We don't know yet.

Well, can you do more surgeries and fix it?

Yes, we'll try.

We're going to consult with Lane and Delafield out of Cedars.

They're the best hand surgeons in the country.

Okay, thank you.

What's the matter? Change your mind?

Get a refund 'cause they didn't kill her?

I don't know what the hell you're talking about.

You promised me.

You looked me in the eye and you promised me you wouldn't hurt Tara!

You're insane.

I had nothing to do with what happened to Tara.

You took money out of that safe this morning.

Hours later, somebody goes after Tara.

She'd probably be dead if Jax wasn't with her!

You need to stop, right now!

You didn't know that Jax was going to be with her, did you?

Or the boys.

Jesus Christ, those babies could have been hurt!


Maybe Jax needs to know that truth.

You stay away from me, you son of a bitch.

You stay away from my family. Or what?

You're going to kill me, Gemma? Huh?

Like you did the first husband?

You killed John. Nah.

Baby, you killed him.

You played me for a chump, and I was.

I was no match for that tight pussy and that broken, angry heart.

Yeah, maybe Jax needs to read some of that truth.

Get away from me! You piece of shit!

Now goddamn stay away from me!

Hey, do you want to say good night to Abel?

Just, um, tell him Mommy's sleeping.

Thank you, Elyda.

Tell me what I can do for you. Nothing.

Please, get mad at me, Tara.

Scream at me or something. I know this is all my fault.

No. It's not, Jax.

This had to happen.

What are you talking about?


We're supposed to be together, right?

But you can't leave here.

I am leaving here. With you.


The club won't let you. Gemma won't let you. Charming won't let you.

Come on.

Babe, that's just the drugs talking.

You should get some sleep.

The only way I can be with you is if I lose my way out.

I lost that today, baby.


I have a dead hand. No one will want me.

No one...

I'll never save another life again.

I'll never fix a tiny heart.

Hey, come on. Don't do this.

It's okay.

'Cause now we can be together, you, me, Gemma... here in beautiful Charming.

Happy family.

Maybe I should smash my other hand.

That way I can just stay at home.

Be a mom, raise babies.

Tara, stop.

Don't... don't do that.

You should leave now. Okay, I'm sorry.

I can't see you. Anyone.

Please just go. Baby, come on.

Go! Go! Go!


I heard about Tara.

Not now, bro.



Oh, Christ.

I see you found your lost friend.


No thanks to you.

Give me a minute?

Back off.

It's cool.

I'll be right there.

Yeah? Yeah.


What do you want?

I want to apologize.

I'm getting tossed around by this DA just as much as you are.

The way I've conducted myself...

I'm sorry.

Little late for that now.

I know.

It doesn't mean that I can't man up and tell you I was wrong.

Yeah, okay.

I know what happened to Tara.

If you need anything, you let me know, okay?


Oh, hey, brother. How are you doing?

Yo. How's Tara?

She's okay. She's resting.

How you doing? I'm all right.

Where's Clay? Oh, he went home.

He said he was going to check in with you later, all right?

He met with Romeo.

They're going to find the Lobos who did it.


Where were you? I had to think.

Yeah? I get it.

Hey, thanks for being here.

Come on.

Absolutely, brother.

Come on.

I'm going to hang.

I'm going to stay with Tara, but you guys should head back.

We'll leave the prospects.

Need anything? I'm good.

Ope. Can I talk to you a minute? Yeah.

What's up brother?

I've been lying to you, Ope.

The deal I made with Clay about the cartel, it was to get me out, too.

Uh... what do you mean? I'm leaving SAMCRO, Ope.

I was going to jump when Clay retired, but now...

I'm out when we get done with this deal with the Irish.

After my five-year stretch, I wanted out, too.

I know.

You talked me into staying.

Yeah, I did.

I love you, Ope. You're my best friend.

I need you in this club.

My family needs me more.

You were right, man.

I should have let you get out.

Donna would probably still be alive.

I'm so sorry, bro.

You need to fix things with your wife.

Go talk to your old man.

You hold on to that shit, Ope.


Checking in.

What the hell happened to you?


It's open.

What's going on?

Oh. Oh, Jesus.

Holy shit, Gemma. Clay did this.

Goddamn him.

Sit down. Sit, hell!

Got to get you to the hospital!

No. No.

Noth-nothing's broken.

Just sit. Please.

What do you need, sweetheart?

Just tell me what I can do. Nothing else to do.

It's done, Wayne.

Clay can't be saved.

Okay. I'll point Piney's murder at him.

We'll put him away. No.

He's not going down by law.

He's going to die... by the hand of a Son.

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