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Previously on Sons of Anarchy...

I found some of JT's old letters.

John wanted to end the relationship with the Irish,

stop the club from selling guns.

He was killed before that meeting happened.

You kill the drug muling, or I'll let the rest of

the club read the letters.

Where are they? Where are the letters?

Tara still got 'em?

Just leave her out of it, huh?

Too late.

We have an internal threat.

I'm afraid she's gonna expose us.

The doctor.

That's your V.P.'s old lady.

Hoping you might want to handle it.

We'll clean it up.

Providence Hospital in Oregon-- they're interested in me.

You should go.

Bring the boys with you.

And we'll figure it all out.

Have him pull a sample from the load.

If he gets caught, they'll kill him.

Jesus. You took it?

Let's go.


The way you handled this thing with Miles--

I'm proud of you.

You earned this.

What's going on?

I need your advice, brother.

What about it?

Thought you caught it on a security chain at Oswald's.

Oh, shit, Juice.

I don't know what happened, man.

I guess... doing the time.

The Russians.

- Then, Miles, and... I'm not sure how you handle this.

It was a mistake.

I know that.

All right, give us a minute.

Jesus Christ.

Found him at Oswald's.

Trying to hide the evidence.

Sons don't kill themselves.

Club's gonna vote him out.

No one's gonna trust him.

I know.

But you do?

My first kill for the Irish-- young Constable in Omagh.

My age.

Me and him could have been classmates.

I put two bullets in the back of that boy's head.

Never even seen it coming.

Shit broke me, Jackie.

Came close to swinging from that tree myself.

Big difference between thinking about it and actually doing it.


Let me... let me watch him for a while, figure him out, find

out where he's really at.

And we got to get Clay to take him off this cartel shit.

Yeah, okay.

That Lobo we pressed was telling the truth.

Our intel confirms there are two dozen Lobo Sonora in the area,

making alliances for their coke.

Who they reaching out to?

We're not sure.

How about Henry Lin?

The Chinese branching out?

I don't think so.

Chinks' H trade has been growing.

They've taken over the Maze.

That's Niner turf.

Laroy's just handed over his territory?

Oh, shit.

Maybe it's Laroy who's doing the branching out.

Found himself a new product.

Oh, my God.

That would explain why he's been MIA last few times we reached out.

What's your relationship with them?


Has been for the past two years.

Yeah, we're supposed to drop guns to them next week.

All right, we'll move it up, meet today.

We'll find out where they're at.

I have three dozen men on the way, be here by noon.

We'll back you up.

If the Niners are buying from Lobo, this guy is gonna

slaughter them.

That changes the whole dynamic in Oaktown.

It wipes diplomacy off the table for good.

Maybe it's time we clean house.

Relationships are overrated.

Riding through this world

All alone

God takes your soul

You're on your own

The crow flies straight

A perfect line

On the devil's bed

Until you die

Gotta look this life

In the eye

Thanks, Mom.

Did you talk to your dad today?



Where's Juice?

Sheriffs are clearing out of TM, so I put him at the clubhouse, sweeping for bugs, checking the hard drives.


You really think Laroy's stepping on us?

Hooked up with Lobo?

It all points that way.

So what happens now?

Yeah, what happens when we find out Lobos are working with the Salvadorans or the Armenians?

What, we gonna take on everybody?

This ain't us leading the charge.

It's Romeo and Luis.

It's their fight.

Look, if the Niners are working with the Lobo, we'll get them to arrange a meet.

Galindo can take it from there.

Send this beef back to the border.

Yeah, 'cause all our plans with these guys have worked out just perfectly.


We voted it in!

We play it out.

You can't get behind that, turn in your goddamn patch.


O'Shay and Rourke.


Appreciate the call.

We've discussed your request at great length.

Reactions are mixed, Clay.

Council's worried about Mr. Galindo.

RPGs, 50-cals-- those are headline-making weapons.

The guy running it, Parada, I trust him.

He's a soldier, just like us.

Aye, but he's in a very different war.

We can't sit back and judge him, Gaalan.

If we took responsibility for every bullet fired from our guns...

We know how the cartel does business.

They're heathens.

Galindo will have bought more guns in two months than all my other buyers in the last two years, combined.

Just sit down with them, brother.

If you don't like what you hear, take your big guns and go home.

And you'll be at that sit-down?


I'm your guy, Gaalan.

Hey, I'm gonna help you make the biggest deal in the history of your organization.

Set the meet.

We'll be there.

But no guarantees, Clay.


Thank you.

Your guys already left.

Crime scene's down.

Oh, it was just a follow-up.

You have got to pick up the phone when I call you, Juice.

Now, there's six disposable burners in there, and I know you're responsible for the club's communication.

I'm done.

I can't do this anymore.

Jesus Christ.

What did you do?

Tell them I want out.



You still upset with me?


Come in.

It was hospital policy.

Any threat against personnel had to be reported.

I know.

I'm fine.

There's a neonatal conference tomorrow.

Providence is hosting.

I'm going.


I'm happy to hear that.

They'll be a great fit for you, Tara.


I have a favor to ask.

Of course.

I'm going to leave something with you.

If anything happens to me. What do you mean?

What's going to happen?

No, no, no. Nothing.

Um, just, if it did, I... I want you to give it to Jax.


If not Jax, Piney Winston.

Can you do that?

I don't like this.

No, it's nothing illegal.

It's just some letters, and... What is it?

Uh... I must have left them at home.

I'm here all day.

Are you okay?

Yeah. I'll come find you.


You duplicitous bitch.

Did you give Juice the tapped burners?

He's calling our bluff.

Told me to rat him out, he's done.

I doubt that's true.

He's testing us.

No. He's not.

He tried to hang himself.

Bruises all over his neck.

That's unfortunate.

He's unstable.

He doesn't care if they kill him.

He won't be must use to us.

Let him hear the tape.

This was recorded at Stockton's infirmary visitation two days ago-- Robert Munson and Otto Delaney.

You find him?


Georgie Caruso.

He's the one who killed her.

You finish it?


We took him out.

Get Munson for murder.

Not exactly.

This is Georgie Caruso, porn king.

These were taken yesterday.


So, why would Munson lie?


He was bedding down Otto's now dead wife.

Trying to soothe Otto's pain by convincing him Caruso killed her and that the club finished

him off.

So turn Otto against Munson.

Otto Delaney has endured more pain and suffering

for his organization than any other felon I've ever known.

I think this betrayal pushes him over the line.

Even if you tie down your past connection,

you'll still need the present.

We'll have enough to prosecute with what we have.

I just need more specifics from Juice.

Well, I doubt that you'll get anything.


Let's just see where this magical day takes us.

It's been a minute, gentlemen.

Yes, it has.

Seems like our state facility treated y'all well.

So why are we meeting down here in the middle of the dead zone?

Y'all got some new merchandise y'all need to shoot off?


We just like the peace and quiet.

Yo, where the guns at?

Get 'em.

How's business?

Can't complain.

You, uh, rolling a little deep for a pickup.

So are you.

I hear you're moving out of H.

You got a new product.

Carousel of progress.

Cocaine carousel?

Not your business.

You sell the guns, I'll sell the drugs.

Look, man, it's all our business.

We made a deal with Galindo.

You buying from Lobo puts us at odds.

We can't have that.

I don't give a shit who you're dealing with.

You don't tell me how to make my goddamn money.

I ain't gonna tell you anything, but I have a feeling

these guys might want to weigh in.

What is this?

You set me up.


Easy! Back off!

These assholes will cut off your goddamn head.

Be cool, and I will try to get you out of here alive.

Lobo approached us last month, before you guys even got out.

We didn't know about Galindo.

What'd they offer?

Manpower, protection, a piece of anyone else we brought in to buy.

They want to grow.

Call them.

Tell them you have a big buyer with an urgent need.

I'm gonna line up your men, I'm gonna gun them down, and I'm

gonna drop their bodies on their mother's doorstep.

Let us talk to him.

Come on.

I turn on Lobo, they'll crucify us.

You see what we got behind us here?

You don't get on board, there won't be anything left to crucify.

Bro, we cannot get in the middle of a cartel beef.

Got to roll with Galindo.

We'll talk to Alvarez, figure out a way to cut in the Niners.

- All right. All right.

Oh, Jesus.

I told you.

Goddamn it, I told you!

You s... stupid old man!


How did this happen, Wayne?

This had to be Clay.

He lied to me last night.

Told me he was at the clubhouse.

We burned those letters.

There was no proof.

Why would he have to do this?

Clay read the letters.

The ones you saw burning were copies.

He thinks... Tara and Piney have the originals.

You son of a bitch.

I thought I could prevent this.

That's why you've been hovering over Tara.

Clay is like a wounded animal, Gemma.

He's gonna rip apart anything that comes too close.

Including Tara.

I can't protect your old man anymore.

I'm calling this in to the Sheriff's.

Have 'em pick up Clay.


The next corpse you're gonna be standing over is the mother of your grandchild.

Are you ready for that?

Clay cannot be saved.

You're right.

He's a wounded animal.

And he needs us, Wayne, more than ever.

What kind of wife would I be if I... if I turn on him now?

One that wanted to survive.

I love him.

We are all responsible for this.

Our hands are just as bloody as Clay's.

Did you lie to me, too?

Did you know the real reason why Clay wanted JT dead?

Him... ending guns?

I supported Clay's decision.

I knew it was the best thing for the town... and the club... and my family.

I never knew the details.

I'm gonna choose to believe that.

We have to find those letters, Wayne.

I can prove to Clay that there's no threat.

I know I can bring him close again, I know I can.

Please, Wayne?

It, uh, looks like... Clay made an attempt to point this at the cartel shit.

I can help with that.

And make sure it doesn't blow back on him... or the club.

Thank you.

You should get out of here.

I-I can handle this.


Where's this new buyer?

Waiting for my call.

You have the blow?

Three keys, half already cut and bagged.

They're a few minutes away.

Back up!

Go, go...

Get us out of here.

Shit! Get down.


Goddamn it!

What the hell was that?!

Guess the threat was bigger than you thought, huh?

Line 'em up.


Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

What are you doing?!

Sending a message.


You can't let them do this.

I did what you asked!


You can't do this.

This is not your business.

It's all our business!

This isn't Mexico.

We're not kings here, man.

We got to work with other crews.

You start gunning people down, no one is going to trust us.

You want to move your product, we need relationships.

Not this relationship.

Laroy made a bad choice.

Better message is that he changed his mind, decided to

roll with Galindo.

You kill this guy, you're killing everything.

One more bad decision and I'm gonna wipe 19th Street from the map.

You got a minute?

Get 'em up.

Yeah, come on.

Get 'em up.


Romeo wanted me to let you know... he has a solution to

your doctor problem.

There's only one number on the speed dial, so call it when you have a time and a place.

But he's an independent contractor, so once it's set in

motion, it can't be stopped.

Yeah, okay.

This can't blow back on me... or my club.

It has to look like something from the outside.

Well, considering our current state of affairs,

that doesn't seem to be a problem.

Let's go.

You waiting on Jax?


You took the letters from my office.

I had Unser take 'em.

He burned 'em before I could read any of it.

Also told me they were copies, which means you still have the originals.

You have no idea what you just stirred up.

I haven't done anything with them.

You let Piney read 'em.

No, I didn't.

I-I asked him about John, told him I read some things.

Did he say that he read them?

You want out of here?

Don't you?

Look at the last three weeks, Gemma.

We are all in danger.

How could you want your grandchildren to be raised in this chaos?

Then why didn't you let Jax read those letters?

You were right.

Things John wrote about would be very painful for Jax to read.

The truth about Clay... You're afraid Jax would kill him.


Finding out how John really felt at the end-- it would break Jax's heart knowing how he had been hating his father so... deeply.

Th-The, the guilt would push him deeper into the club and...

I'd lose him.

What about me?

What would he feel about me if he read 'em?

He'd learn some hurtful truth.

You being with Clay before John died.

I made mistakes.

Did you know that Clay tried to kill JT?

I know what everyone else does.

John went out the way they should all go out-- on two wheels at high speed.

I don't know if Clay killed JT.

All I know is, he brought me back to life.

What are you gonna do?

I'm gonna drive up to Oregon tomorrow.

Surgical conference.

Give me some time to think.

Mr. Delaney, Deputy Sheriff Marcel.

Thank you for seeing me again.

More family photos?

Not quite.

There were a couple of suspects in your wife's murder.

One was Georgie Caruso.

I know Robert Munson was trying to convince you that he was guilty, but Georgie's alibi checks out.

He was in Thailand when Luann was murdered.

I also know Bobby led you to believe that the club had avenged Luann's death, but... that's not true either.

That's Mr. Caruso outside of his place of business yesterday.

Time stamps in the corner.

I can make arrangements for you to reach out and confirm.

Georgie's alive and well.

This makes no sense.

Why would they lie to me?

They didn't kill Georgie because he wasn't guilty.

I still believe the statistic holds true.

Bobby Elvis was sleeping with Luann.

When he became concerned that you and the club would find out, he killed her.

You came to Stockton to do a six-year stretch.

The moves you made in here for the club added another 30.

You lost your freedom, your vision... your sanity.

And now you're on death row.

Seems to me there is a substantial inequity at play here.

Who are you?

Sheriffs don't have the juice to bug infirmary visitation rooms.

I'm just a guy trying to balance the scales.

Can I talk to you for a minute?

What's going on?

Tara's going to head up to Oregon tomorrow.

Yeah, I know.

She's taking the boys with her.


She's their mother.

She's gonna take Elyda to help her.

For how long?

I'm not sure.

What are you doing, Jackson?

I'm getting my boys clear of headless bodies.

You can't do that.

Mom, it's just until we get past this cartel shit.

Tara's just doing what you would do.

She's protecting her family.


I was wondering if you'd seen Juice.

He's not picking up his cell phone and, uh, I can't find him.


Hello, Juan Carlos.

Lincoln Potter.

I'm a big fan.

What the hell is this?

I'm so glad you asked.

After you, sir.

Oh, shit.

Have you ever seen the inside of a RICO operation?

Get off him!

You were great today.

Talking the cartel down, saving Laroy and all those other guys.

It was impressive.

This club needs that.

Can't lose you.

Yeah, I know you're jumping out with Clay.

Who told you?

It was Clay talking to me about handing me the gavel after he steps down.

You are supposed to be the next president, not me.

It's your path.

It isn't.

You ain't gonna make it anyplace else.

I'm gonna try.

Like you tried with Ima.

Your solution to a problem will always be a club solution.

It's the way you're wired.

I can change.


Well, maybe.

You told Bobby I was getting out?

Promised him that seat?

I'm sorry.

Opie can't lead this club.

It's just not who he is.

I'm only trying to protect what we worked so hard to build.

At this rate, ain't gonna be much left of that building.

The cartel was a mistake.

You almost took Bobby's head off this morning for barking that same gripe.

I'm not just griping about it.

We need an exit strategy.

I'm gonna come up with one, and then I'm out.

What are you talking about?

We're gonna make this deal with the Irish, get Romeo his WMDs, and then, we're gonna sit down and plan a way to get this club free of Galindo.

See an end date.

And then I'm gone.

I'm taking Tara and my boys, and we're getting clear of this.

You promised me, you would finish this out.

And you promised me the cartel would be good for the club.

I guess we both lied.

Doctor pussy's clouding who you are, son.

If you ever talk that way about Tara again, I will pound those half-dead hands so hard into this table, you won't ever be able to hold that gavel again.

We've been on this RICO operation for almost two years.

Started with the Russians, and it's ending with Sons of Anarchy.

We're turning Otto Delaney.

He'll give us past criminal activities.

That coupled with the MC's ongoing relationship with the cartel will give us our historical pattern of organized crime.

I have enough to shut down every charter from here to Belfast.


You don't.

Or you wouldn't be standing here.

I want the Real IRA.

I can collect you and the Mexicans without issue, but the clandestine Irish, even with the help of Scotland Yard and Interpol, will be impossible to hurt at home.

They will slither back into their secret snake holes, and the source of all my woes will still be at large.

I don't know where they are.

Never met them.

MI-5 intelligence has confirmed the Irish Kings are planning a trip stateside.

Most likely to accompany a shipment.

But I know it's about a face-to-face with the cartel.

Old school protocol.

You're going to find out when and where that handshake happens.

That's above my pay grade.

Well, then, I suggest you apply yourself.

If you give me the information on the cartel-Irish sit-down, I will extract the Sons from the RICO equation.

You're gonna just let us walk?


But I won't use Federal law to shut down your entire organization.

What happens to my club?

Some members of SAMCRO will have to pay for their involvement, but the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club will survive.


Maybe saving the reaper will be just the karmic balm your psychic neck wound needs.

Little late for Legos, ain't it?

I guess.

Rough day.


I live with so many lies, Clay.

So many things I... can't ever speak of.

I'm okay with that.

I do it to protect what we have.

But I can't lie to you.

You're the only truth I have.

I know, baby.

I went to the cabin today.

I know why you did it.

I know you read JT's letters.

Burned the copies.

So... what do we do with this truth?


Stays between us.

Piney wanted a hard way out.

Going down defending John was probably the noblest way for him.

But it stops here.

I talked to Tara.

She's never gonna tell Jax about those letters.

She knows it would just push him deeper into the club.

She's heading out of town tomorrow morning.

Going up to Oregon for some hospital thing.

When she gets back, I'll get the letters.

And I promise you... I won't let her hurt this club or our family.

But you have to promise me... you won't hurt Tara.


Look me in the eyes and tell me.

I promise... I won't hurt Tara.

I love you, Gemma.

Everything I do is for you.

Got any more room in there?

I'm coming with you.

Are you serious?

Yeah, I'm gonna drive you up, have someone from Rogue River bring me home.

I'm out, babe.

Just got a few things to tie up when I get back.

Be home in a few.


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