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Previously on Sons of Anarchy...

It's your daddy, Juan Carlos.

What would the club do if they found out that you're black?

As far as SAMCRO is concerned, you never even existed.

If you're lucky enough, you'll walk out alive.

Sorry to interrupt your solitude, Mr. Delaney.

It's regarding the murder of your wife, Luann Delaney.

Traces of semen were found in your wife's undergarments.

Robert Munson.

You hiding something from me?

This fell out of one of Abel's coloring books.

Letters from John Teller would be very painful for my son to read.

They found some of JT's old letters.

John wanted to end the relationship with the Irish,

stop the club from selling guns.

He was killed before that meeting happened.

Tara had a copy of the accident report.

Now you only pull something like that if you have suspicions.

Clay, Jax-- Romero Parada.

Friends call me Romeo.

Sig 551's.

These are excellent.

Let's set up a shipment for every two weeks.

We can make that work.

I'll have the coke ready for you for the run back.

Sounds good.

Your old man wants us running drugs for the cartel.

You ever try to end-run me through my old lady again,

I'll slit your throat.

30 kilos of uncut Colombian cocaine.

Jesus, Otto.

What the hell happened?

Means to an end.

I'm sorry, sweetheart.

What do you need from me?

Luann-- I got to know something.

This sheriff paid me a visit.

His office took over the homicide.

Found semen on Luann.


Are you serious?


This new sheriff, he's been riding us. He's not...

I saw the report.

DNA's legit.

So were the stats.

The last guy tapping a bitch-- usually the one who killed her.

Bobby didn't kill Luann, Otto.

Someone did.

I don't know what you want me to do.

I want you to ask Clay a question.

What would it feel like...

to lose the one he loved the most?

You tell the club, you tell the guy who was bedding my wife,

they need to find the scumbag who killed her.


How you doing?

Heard it was a good trip.

Good as it gets, bro.

Cut-n-bag won't be up and running till tomorrow.

All right.

Guess we'll babysit till then.

I'll set up the pick-up.

Hey, amigo.

You forgetting something?

They're just here to help.


We can handle it.

Once that shipment hits north Cali, keeping it safe

lands on me.

One guy.

Rafi, stick around, huh?

Let's go.

Miles, lock those crates in the gun room.

No one gets in.


Phil and Rat Boy on the front and back.


All right, everybody grab some sleep.

Be at the club house by noon.

Welcome home.

How was the bike show?

Our P.O. signed off on the run.

I'm going to set up random piss tests.

Let's us get together and chat private.

Blow me.

You know, save the bad ass.

Your M.C. ain't gonna give a shit about you being loyal or hard.

'Cause all they're gonna see is black.

Now this is a simple trade, Juice.

You give me some truth and I'll protect yours.

Truth about what?

My sources inside Oaktown's gang unit say a major

player surfaced in northern Cali-- Galindo Cartel.

If I find out that you guys are bringing weight into Sanwa, I

will cripple you.

Where the hell you going with this?

I'm not going after your club.

I'm going after the drugs.

You're a sheriff, man.

You ain't got the reach for any of this shit.

I got important friends.

How important?

I will let you know.


Oh, hello.


What's happening?

Say hi.

Missed you guys.

I missed you too, Mama.

Yes, and you.

How was your trip?


Brought you a souvenir.


From the motorcycle show.

I can't wait.


Got to put it in the safety deposit box in your name.

There's going to be a lot more.

All in cash?

No strings, no tax.

This is real, babe.

Just like I promised you.

Talk to my mom, she knows the drill.




Riding through this world all alone God takes your soul

You're on your own the crow flies straight a perfect line

On the devil's bed until you die gotta look this life

In the eye

Otto reached out.

Our sheriff has a new lead on Luann's murder.

Told him they found cum in her panties. DNA came back a match.

They didn't give a name, but has to be someone who's been through the system.

Georgie Caruso.

That's always been my guess.

Should have handled this Luann shit when it first happened.

Old ladies-- they got a way of coming back and biting you in the ass.

If Roosevelt does have proof, he's going to go after Caruso.

We got to get to him first.

Might want it to happen before Otto gets out of the infirmary and loses visitation.

I want a brother to look him in the eye and tell him it's been handled.

He deserves that.

Ope, you think that Lyla will help us find Georgie?

Yeah, maybe.

She's on a shoot today.

Beautiful thing-- girls in love.

Before we all sail off to the isle of Lesbos... For a job well done.

This is for Cappy and Miles.

Keep this in the safe till they get back.

Okay, fellas, that's it.

If you don't want that, I'm sure I can find somebody that would be happy to spend it for you.

Close the door when you leave.

JT would have never touched drugs.

JT was a good businessman.

He would have seen the value in this.

John knew that anything that brought too much heat was bad for the club.

That's why he changed his mind about the guns.


Yeah, he talked about, uh, getting us out.

No, he did more than talk.

He reached out to Kellan.

Set a meet with the IRA.

Made a decision to get us out of the gun-running business.

A decision that you couldn't let him live with.

Your near-death experience gets you talking to ghosts, old man?

Nah, not exactly.

We found some old letters.

John's handwriting.

Proof that he wanted out.

Proof that he feared you would do something to stop him.

Before that meet could ever happen, John Teller was murdered.

And the letters-- they paint a vivid picture of who did it.

JT laid his bike down on 580, was crushed by a semi.

It was an accident.

We'll never know.

Lowell Senior disappeared the next week, and he was the only one JT trusted to work on his bike.

Just what do you get out of this?

It's not about me.

You kill the drug muling, or I'll let the rest of the club read the letters.

You ain't got any letters.


Doesn't matter to me.

Either way, I get what I want.

It's a goddamn cartel.

I just can't walk away from the deal.

Sure, you can.

You got till the end of the week to figure it out.

And in case you're still thinking about slitting my throat, I wouldn't.

I have, uh... contingencies in place.

You told Clay I was banging Luann?

No, man.

The sheriff did give Otto a name-- yours.

We're protecting you.

Shit. Otto knows.

Yeah. Look, obviously, we know you didn't kill Luann.

Sheriff's got my DNA.

Why haven't they questioned me?

I don't know.

Just fishing, I guess.

Roosevelt knows that your DNA doesn't prove you killed Luann, so, just stirring shit up.

Seeing if Otto reacts, and maybe gives you up on something else.

Otto would never turn on the club.

If anything could do it, it would be Luann.

We got to end this. Today.

Get a 20 on Georgie.

I got to head up to Unser's.

What's going on?


I just got to lock down a truck for the next shipment.

You got to do it now?

Yeah, I do.


Piney says he knows I killed JT.

Threatened to tell the club.

Are you serious?

He's just had a mortal jolt.

He knew shit only me and JT knew.

Says he found some old letters.

Guess maybe Tara did tell somebody.

We don't know that.

I'm sure John wrote about how Piney was the only one he trusted.

Makes sense for Tara to turn to him.

Tara would not hurt this family.

Old man's protecting himself.

He says he's got contingencies.

There's only one other person who can blow the whistle on us.

What you're thinking... The history that Tara and Piney know... very dangerous.

You're talking about the co-founder of this club and the mother of our grandchild.

I had John Teller killed while I was bedding his wife.

It doesn't matter what the reason was.

Jax finds that out, he cuts off my goddamn head, he sticks it on the reaper pole.

Now we got to stop this in its tracks, you and me.

Otherwise, we lose everything.

You told me not to go setting fires.

That's exactly what you're doing here.

We don't know if there's anything threatening in those letters.

This could be Piney just digging up old suspicions.

And all this shit going on with the cartel.

He is just clawing at you.

We need to find those letters.

Without them, it doesn't matter what anyone knows.

They'll have no proof.


All right.

They're not in Jax's house.

They got to be at the hospital.

I'll go find 'em.

All right.

And until I do, Clay, nothing happens.

You understand?

Not to Piney.

Not to Tara.

You hurt them, you hurt Jax.

I know.

Promise me.

I promise.

Came out great, Clay.

You guys did an amazing job.

Time and money... fixes everything.

What do I owe you?

Nothing, man.

Consider it my first payment on a long overdue debt.


I appreciate that.

What do you need?

My interest in Tara the other day... I think she found some of JT's letters.

Contents could embarrass?

Contents could cripple all of us.

I need you to find them... now.

She probably wouldn't have them in her house, so maybe her car or her office.

And if I track 'em down?

When you track

'em down, you give 'em to me.

I get rid of them.

That's it? That's it.

And if, uh, Tara read them, her knowledge, uh, that a crippling thing, too?

Enjoy that Sportster.

Didn't know you were heading up here.

Yeah, just setting up the next trucking run.


My weekly bud run.


See you later.

Love you.

Yeah. Love you, too.

I got plenty of dope.

What does he want?

Like he said, uh, just trucking shit.

Don't you lie to me.

Oh, shit.

I'm between a big rock and a really hard place here, Gemma.

He tasked you to find those letters.

Goddamn it.

He's worried.

Yeah, he's more than worried.

All letters are in Tara's office, locked drawer.

Accordion file.

Grab everything, Wayne.

Tara goes home for lunch.

It'll buy you an hour.

You find them, and you bring 'em to me.

Clay cannot get his hands on those letters.

Understand? Yeah.

Georgie's out of the film biz.

Doing some kind of high-end sex toy thing.

Sex toys, huh?


He talked to Dondo about Ima and I doing something with the Saffron Sisters, but I passed.

Dondo's her producer-director.

She's under contract.

Let's go talk to Dondo.

Yeah, he's waiting for me on set.

I don't need to watch it.

Georgie contacted me a few weeks ago.

Said he wanted to use my best seller--

Saffron Sorority Girls.

Said he wanted to make a new run at his dolls.

Wait, wait, dolls?



Life-sized sex dolls.

Look and feel just like the real thing.

It's a huge market.

Well, I'm going to need you to call him back, Dondo.

Tell him Sorority Girl number one had a change of heart.

And why would I do that?

For Luann.

You're telling me that Georgie had something to do with

Luann's murder?

That's what we're trying to find out.

We need you to get him here.

Let us have a private chat.

Yeah, well, I know what that means; that means

you're gonna whack him.

We don't whack people, Dondo.

Well, that's too bad,

'cause I'm not going to hook you

up unless you crush that hyper douchbag's skull.

I loved Luann.

She mentored me.

She taught me that I was more than just a big cock.

I want Georgie dead.

Set it up.



POTTER: Buenas tardes, Señor Roosevelt.

All of our players are in place,

including Señor Galindo.


So, where are we with Juan Carlos?

We're close.

But he's gonna need some assurances.

So you're gonna have to close the deal.

We need to set the hook deeper into his mouth before I risk stepping out from behind the magic curtain.

Okay. What? You want him to wear a wire?

They're too techno-savvy.

Anti-tap software, bug alarms.

Probably wand the place before every sit-down.

He, uh, confirm a shipment?

He didn't deny it.

Have him, uh, pull a sample from the load.

Couple grams.

Lets us confirm point of origin and his level of commitment.

If he gets caught, they'll kill him.

That's the point.

Proves the risk of getting outed for color is greater than the risk of working with us.

Eh, that's a dangerous way to play the race card.

But you see what's at stake here.

Yeah, I do.

But I also know what's at stake for a black sheriff in a white town.

Word gets out that I got someone killed leveraging color...

Hmm. I'll make sure your involvement with Juan Carlos is stricken from the record.

No credit, no responsibility.

Fair enough?

Yeah. Okay.

You know we can't strike him from the record.

Shit's already been upload... Shh, shh, shh.

I'm eating.

What the hell are you doing?

I wish I'd have never found 'em.

Lies were easier to stomach.

Save the pain and sorrow for my old lady.

That's the difference between you and me, Clay-- I actually feel bad for some of the shit I've done.

The lie you fed me about why John Teller needed to die...

That wasn't a lie.

You told me JT's weakness was gonna bring violence to Charming.

War brewing with the Mayans.

That was true.

Not according to those.

JT wasn't weak, he was conflicted.

He wanted to end guns, go legit.

That's why you killed him, had me cover it up.

The only thing I ever asked you to do was to lose a little paperwork to protect my club and your town.

I don't regret that.

JT suspected you made two attempts to kill him.

Details are in there.

You regret any of that?

John was delusional with grief.

And Gemma?

She delusional, too?

Does she know the real reason why you killed her old man?

What's the matter, Chief?

You afraid the love of your life betrayed you, too?

This is a smart business, Dondo.

You package videos with the dolls.

You tie in personal appearances.

Huge dough.

Son of a bitch!

Georgie, we need to talk.

I didn't do anything!

Hey, hey! Whoa, whoa!

Shit. Get out of here.



Hey, hey, chill!

Chill out!

These are copies.

The originals are still out there.

I searched her whole office.

Those were in her desk drawer.

All she had.

Some of it was too burnt to read.

Who knows what else was in there?

What are you going to do?

I'm going to protect both of us.


A little crisis at Clear Passages.

Smokers or shitters?


Go. We got this.

Thanks, man.

Been waiting on your call.

You burned them?

The shit John wrote-- too painful for you to read.


Yeah, it's okay.

It's done.

Thank you, Wayne.

Yeah. You're welcome, sweetheart.

My friend the string-puller, now he needs a little bit of good faith.

You must be kidding me with this shit.

That shipment that you muled out of Tucson?

He wants a sample.

If it's uncut, it has markers and the lab can isolate the region.

There's no coke.

You tell me who's pushing it out in Sanwa.

We connect the cartel, leave SAMCRO out of it.

Look... I just want things to get back to normal.

Your M.C.'s out of drugs, your daddy back in the color closet.

It's a lose-lose if you fight me, Juice.

I'll give you two days.


We missed you.

He ain't giving it up on Luann.

Jesus Christ, Clay, can you talk some sense into these psychos?

Hey, these are my rational guys.

I get Happy down here, ball gag takes on a whole new meaning.

I didn't kill Luann.

Yes, you did.

Let's do it.

Whoa, whoa, please.

Wait, I got money!

I got millions! Oh!

I got millions, Clay!

Anything you want!


Wow, these sex dolls must be selling like sex dolls.

Dream Dolls.

I got Asian backing.

Billionaire sex freaks.

I'm serious.

I got this.

No. Hold it.

These Asians, they looking for any other investments?

All the time.

He telling the truth?

Yeah. Natsuki family.

Huge Japanese money.

What the hell we doing here?

I think maybe we can use Georgie.

You talking about the Asians?


Gemma found out there's a ticking clock on Charming Heights.

Hale's still looking for investors.

If Georgie can front load his guys, make Hale think they're his salvation...

Then we pull 'em out at the last minute.

Yeah, all we got to do is convince City Council to stomp on Hale's dream.

What the hell do we tell Otto?

What the hell do you tell Otto?

Tell him the truth.

The club needs Georgie alive for a minute.

That's a post-dated check.

As soon as we shut down Hale, we cut Georgie's heart out.

What's going on, guys?

All right. All right.

Hold on to that big dick of yours, Dondo.

We'll keep you posted.

Everything cool, man?

Yeah. Just had to check something at the weed shop.

Figured I'd come by.

See how watch is going.

All quiet, man.

It's kind of peaceful out here.

Where are the rest of the guys?

Rat's on a coffee run.

Miles and the Mayan are somewhere around back.

Well, I'm just going to do a walk-through.

Juice, you in there, man?


What's up?

Why aren't you out front?

Kind of lonely, I guess.

I'll be right out.


Hey. What are you doing?

Just checking on my guys.

It's all good.

See you in the morning.

Okay, good night.


Oh, shit, oh, shit.

Oh, shit, shit.

You got home late.

Everything okay?


Just handling that Otto thing.

It's handled.


What's this?

The letters.

Found them in Tara's office.

Locked in a desk drawer.

Mostly just, uh, love letters to Maureen.

Painful shit.

I had to burn 'em.


It's done, baby.

Piney's suspicions don't mean shit.

Nobody can hurt us.


Thank God.

You looking for Ope?

Why, is he here?

Yeah. Apartment.



What you doing here?

Rough night.

Well... Morning.

Really rough.

Guess I'll leave you to it.

You should go.

Did you lose your mind?


Hey, you got a family, man.

You got a new wife.

Getting your dick sucked by a croweater's I know.

Do you?

I found birth control, morning after pills in Lyla's stuff.

This whole time that I've been trying to have kids, she's been killing it off.

Oh, God.

Tapping that crazy bitch is your solution?

Worked for you.

Yeah, I guess I had that coming.

What's going on?

I don't know.

I keep trying to force things and the shit don't fit.

And Lyla... None of it feels real.

I mean, I miss...

I miss Donna.

How you holding up, brother?

You got something to tell me?


I got no excuse.

It just happened.

How long?

A few months.

Did you love her?


And she didn't love me.

You were the only one who mattered.

You find him?


Georgie Caruso-- he's the one who killed her.

You finish it?


We took him out.

Good work, brothers.

That's it?

That's it.

We're one brick light.

What are you talking about?

I'm talking about there should be 30 keys here.



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