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Previously on Sons of Anarchy...

My son? He knows nothing about John and Belfast.

Nor does my Triny. Who's Triny?

Trinity, my daughter.

What does she have to do with John?

You don't know, do you?

Hi, I'm so sorry.

Hey. I know you.

You're Jax Teller's girl, right?

Who are you?

I'm his girl.

What the hell is this?

Check her ink.

She's a supervisor, all right.

Kellan Ashby.

He's a shot caller and he wants me to kill Jimmy to get him back.

You listen to me.

Jimmy O dies, so does our deal.

I need you to deliver him to me alive.

Charming don't trust me, Jimmy.

I can smell it on 'em.

McGee, I don't know if he's got the heart for this.

I don't need heart.

I need gut and brains.

We want in on the Dungloe run.

As far as Jimmy knows, we're just tagging along to see how the operation works.

It's done.

SAMCRO's coming on the run.

They think it was their idea.


Let's get it done right this time.

These Charming boys are smart.

They know something's going on.

Arrange things at the barn.

This is going to set off a chain of events that we may not be able to contain.

Hey! Hey! What's this?

It's a bloody trap!

Good morning.

What time is it?

Almost noon.

Guess you heard.


I'm sorry about Patrick.

Jimmy killed your brother and five members of my club.

That blast was meant for Sam Crow.

Greed pushed him over the line.

This betrayal means he's gone rogue.

I need to know where to find Jimmy.

We'll make that happen, but first we have to prove that Jimmy blew up that truck.


Our conversation the other night.

When I show the council proof that Jimmy sabotaged that shipment, knowingly murdered two of our men, then that task I put on you is no longer covert.

You do it with the full support of the Army.

And what about my kid?

With Jimmy out of the way... your son will return to his loving family.

Like I got a choice.

You'll need to find someone working with Jimmy, the closer the better.

I got a few ideas.

Once you, uh, find the right man, give Sean a ring.

You'll find he's quite resourceful.

So, what's the fallout?

If Kellan proves to the council at the attacker was you, I don't know how we're going to spin it.

I'm not sure how our crew will react.

These are my boys. I pulled them out of the stinking gutter.

Yeah, you did, but the ones who chained up that barn thought they were killing traitors.

When the truth comes out, then you become the traitor.


We can feed our boys any truth that we need.

Only one that can prove that I was connected to that blast is O'Neill, so you and I are going to go and tie up that loose end, yeah?


Hey, I went looking for you last night, O'Neill.

I didn't go home.


Must've had a lot on your mind.

I guess.

You knew Jim was gonna blow that truck!

I didn't know!

Don't lie to me, brother. I'm not lying.

You gotta believe me, Keith.

It sure doesn't matter what I believe.

I say, lay steady.

SAMCRO is gonna rip you open and get the truth and we're both dead men.

What should I do?

Get the hell out of here and lay low.

*** and leave.


I guess you weren't lying.

We got ourselves a doctor and a hospital boss.

What do you want?

Shut up.

You don't get to ask questions.

I need a way to reach your club.

Why? What do you want?

What did I just say, bitch?

They need to make their demands.


So she's the boss?

Give them a number, Tara.

Kellan needs us to prove Jimmy blew up that gun truck.

And what about Abel?

Same promise.

Get Jimmy, we get Abel.

Then we start with O'Neill. Yeah.

Him and Jimmy's guys were the only ones not in that barn.

Any remote detonator could cover that distance.

It had to be him.

O'Neill's their officer.

We call him out as a rat, we pretty much condemn the whole charter.

Maybe it's time we look at that.

How do we know Jimmy didn't turn others?


Without that rat bastard... Because my boys are loyal to the MC.

Aye, you're right about O'Neill.

The Irish became more important than the patch.

Well, that's not what you told me.

'Cause I like to give my boys the benefit of the doubt, Clay.

But after yesterday, there's no doubt left.

He's gone, his flat's empty, and he's got to be with Jimmy.

Son of a bitch!


I'll take care of O'Neill.

SAMBEL will take care of the betrayal but we need to get to Niuwry and put a bullet in Jimmy. - No.

Only way I get my son back is if we find O'Neill and make that bitch tell the truth.

Alright, great.

So I guess it's the truth we're after.

Need to find O'Neill.

Why? What happened?

Liam's in some trouble, Cherry.

Your old man was responsible for that blast yesterday.

No. No, Liam loves the club.

We just got to find him, get the truth.

I know what that means.

You going to kill him?

He'll get his say.

Just tell them what you know, sweetheart.

I don't know anything.

Okay, he didn't come home last night. He hasn't called.

He have family?

Someplace he might lay low?


I mean, the club is his only family.

I'm sorry, I-I really... I have no idea.

Let's go turn over his apartment.

Hold on.

You hear what happened to Half-Sack?


You know O'Neill's connected to that, right?


No, she's right.

Cammy and Liam.

Both under Jimmy's authority.

You know, Liam was privy to your man getting a knife in the belly.

And your protecting this guy makes you just as guilty.

I'm... No... O'Neill's not in the MC anymore.

He turned on his brothers, and he bailed on you.

Just tell them what you know, Cher.

All right.

Last week, I found a lot of cash in his pocket, so it made me curious and I went looking through his things, and I dug up two receipts for bank accounts, both with a lot of money and a contract for some kind of a loft down at the docks.

So maybe he's there.


Never, ever lie to the club.

Do you understand me? Do you understand me?



Get the club.

Glad you reached out.

Been worried.

Sorry, Jimmy.

It all went to shite.

SAMCRO's on to me. I'm underground.

Deed served its purpose.

You did good, brother.

Now tell me where you're at so me and Donny can come and collect you.



Appreciate that.


Let me talk to a member of the Sons.

I can help you.

Are you a member?

Trusted friend.

Put a goddamn member on the phone!



Not very nice.


This is Piney.

You a patched member?

Who the hell is this?

The guy pointing a gun at Jax Teller's old lady.

It's Tara. He's telling the truth.

He wants us to kill Alvarez and steal a quarter of a mil from his home safe.

This dude's gone off the deep end, man.

You're certain that Salazar's got Tara?

Yeah. He took her and that redhead from the hospital.

We don't deliver in 12 hours, they're both dead.

We got to let Jax know.


He's got enough on his plate.

Yes, he does.

We need to handle this.

We got to reach out to Alvarez, get him to play along.

I mean, he could supply intel on Salazar.

He might even know where he's got the girls.

Don't let that horse truce fool you.

The Mayans hate us.

What else are we gonna do?

We gonna whack Alvarez, start a blood war?

It's our only shot.

What if he says no?

He could say no. Then we've played our hand. Girls are dead.

Alvarez is a smart guy, man.

He's got a family.

He'll get it.

Better be right.

O'Neill's loft's got to be near the water.

This way.

What's wrong?

Aye. I've just been a bit unsteady since the blast yesterday.

Just give me a moment.

I'll be all right.

Come on, let's go.


Where are you?

Storage loft.

Get out. Sam Crow's nearly there.

Where the hell is he going?

That's got to be him.

I'll kill ya!

Easy, brother.

Not yet.

Call Sean Casey.

Tell him we got a confession to record.

Club's handling the traitor issue.

We need some lads with years, at least four.

And the automatic rifles.

You got him?


Feeling all right?

Aye. Good.

'Cause I got a feeling you're gonna need a strong stomach.

Sean Casey's joined the party.

Then we can be sure O'Neill's sharing his most intimate secrets.

All right, lads, let's sort out this lot, yeah?

I need you to tell me who ordered you to blow up that truck, Liam.

I didn't blow it up.

Please, Sean.

I didn't... I didn't...

God, please!

Can't watch this.

This is some medieval shit.

Who... ordered... the hit?


Please. I did it.

I'm sorry.

I had a detonator.

I waited till Jimmy's boys chained the barn.

Jimmy O'Phelan ordered you to blow up that shipment and kill Army men?

Jimmy set it up.

I put it in motion.

We didn't tell McGee about it.

Knew he wouldn't get on board.

McGee's working for Jimmy?

Who else?

No one. Just us.

Who else?!

No one. Just us.

Get him!

Did you get what you need?

Oh, aye.

Turn off the camera.

McGee took off, and Jimmy's crew's heading this way.

Lock the doors.

Make sure Kellan gets this.

No matter what, he keeps his promise about my kid.

Get the thinner.

Get out of here, boys.


Shoot it.

Shite. They carved him up.

The door.

Hey! Hey, you bastard.

It's locked!

Mother of Christ, let's get to the roof!

Up the ladder, quick!

Caught you, you bastard.

It's the priest who He's playing you, Jackson, he's never gonna give you your son back.

***, Jimmy! McGee!



It's over.


No place to go.

Just tell me why.

Just getting old, Clay.

This life hasn't given me much in the way of retirement.

It's just about the money, brother.

Jimmy got away.

Give me the coat.


Let's get out of here.

I asked the father to bring you here.

We want to thank you personally.

This information confirms a suspicion we've had about Jimmy for quite some time.

We know you risked your lives to get it.

We owe you.

How do we get to O'Phelan?

That's an Army matter.

He's a traitor.

Be dealt with as such.

That's not the deal.

I'm afraid it is, Jackson.

What are you talking about?!

You said I would get support to take out Jimmy!



Not here.

This is a... sensitive situation.

Has to be handled internally.

I'm sure you can understand that, lad.

Jackson and I have some... outside issues to discuss.

We'll do that later, son.

Let her breathe.

Your club's cooperating.

Are you okay?

Yeah. You?


I don't know why they're doing this.

I'm sure it's about money.

Yeah, well, then they're out of luck, 'cause the club doesn't have any.

I am sorry this is happening to you.

So am I.

The, um... tattoo on your back?

Another life.

What is it?

I thought I was in love.

That's a... serious amount of ink.

I was in deep.

Started out just another groupie.

Before I knew it, I was giving him my money, buying him drugs, then dealing for him.

Christmas Eve 1989, we both O.D.'d on fentanyl-laced heroin.

He died... and I woke up.

I'm sorry.

I'm not.

I leave it there so I remember all that shit is behind me.


What happened, brother?

I went to St. Matt's.

Kellan wasn't there.

Casey wouldn't tell me where he was.

Well, the cops found the bodies on the docks, and they're gonna be here asking questions.

We find Abel, catch Oswald's plane tomorrow night, and get the hell off of this musk covered shit hole.

Amen, my brother.

I can't just sit here.

I'm going for a walk.

You watch him.

Yes, ma'am.

SAMBEL's gathering to take a quick vote and tap Ryan as president.

Good. We need this charter whole.

All right, Chibs.

Give me a minute.

What's the matter?

Just want to make sure you're okay.

I'm fine.

I'm sorry about McGee. Nothing to be sorry about.

He sold us out; he got what he deserves.

It's okay to feel bad, baby.

McGee was first nine.

You'd known him for 40 years.

Time don't mean shit.

Who did it?

Who do you think?

His chopper's in the driveway; looks like he's home.

Alvarez, we need to talk to you.

What the hell you doing here?

Shit! Hey, hey, hey... What are you doing here?

Don't, don't don't! What are you doing here?

Look, we just need...

Drop the guns! Hold it, hold it!

Jesus, wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute.

Think this through.

Baby, ***

Look, we just need to talk to you, okay?

This is a friendly visit.

Put 'em away.

Put 'em away.

Come on, man. Come on.


Alvarez, he's right, we come in peace.


Take Tessa.

How'd you get my address?

Got it from Salazar, man.

You know what he's done?

He's kidnapped Jax's old lady and a woman she works with.

You serious?

He's got a very interesting list of demands.

Salazar wanted us to come here and kill you, and then take that 250K you got hidden in your safe.

You know what I got in that safe?

Two old watches, insurance policies and my kid's baby teeth.

Go ahead, check it out.

Aw, shit!

We'll get the money someplace else.

What we need from you is to be dead, just until we get Tara back.

Excuse me?

Just... just put it on the street, man...

Alright? It'll get back to Salazar. That buys us some time.

You know what happens to my business if my competition thinks I'm dead?

Marcus, we just need 24 hours.

Then you can rise from the dead, and all them vatos will go spooky respect with that shit, you know?

You come to my house, where my family is, pull guns and make demands.

You got any idea what I can do to you?

Okay, it was stupid coming here, we know.

But Jax's son is already missing.

And the thought of him losing the girl he loves, we can't let that happen.

Look, I'm really sorry we upset your family, but we're desperate.

You're the only shot we got at saving those women.

Look, we'll make it up to you... somehow.


All right.

I'll play dead 24 hours, and that's it.

Thank you.

And you come here again, truce, no truce... I'll kill all of you.

Heard you're gonna be leaving.

Yeah. Soon as I get my kid.

Hopefully, tomorrow.

That's good.

Getting your son.

I'm sorry about McGee.


Guess he was the closest thing I had to a da.

Where's your old man?

Killed in Lebanon.

I was a baby.

He was a soldier?


Oh, my God.

I heard they buried Kip with his patch.


That's good.

No tears for the man that just died?

Why? He was a liar... and a rat.

You don't know the facts.

Do you?

McGee ever say anything about Jimmy?


He was more distant than usual.

I didn't see this coming.

Desperate times, huh? Makes men do desperate things.

What do you know about desperate?

All our times here are desperate!

SAMCRO has no idea the risk Belfast takes to keep Charming safe and cozy.

Redwood put SAMBEL on the map.

Aye, and after four days you nearly wiped them off.

I'll assume that's the drink talking.

You assume whatever you want.

All I know is, since you and your boys rolled into our alley, we're short three lives.

And I'm missing my grandson, 'cause your asshole brother is playing a shell game with his life.

I should take your right eye for talking shite about a man of God.

It wouldn't be the first thing you took from me.

Well, maybe if you didn't chew men up like a meat grinder, they wouldn't be overseas looking for some tenderness.

You little dink of a whore!

What the hell are you guys talking about?

I need smokes.

I need whiskey.

I need a new life.

What the...?

What's that?

You get the door.


Christ, Ma!

You want to shut the door?

This is very bad.


Little slut.

Yeah. He is.

Well... unless we want a three-headed grandchild, looks like we're gonna have to share some family history.

I don't understand.

You said my da was a soldier.

I know.

He was a member of the club?

Founding member.


John Teller?


Why wouldn't you tell me that?

Why the hell did you lie to me?

I lied to everybody, Triny.

Your nana shipped me off to Dublin to have you in secret.

She wanted me to give you up for Catholic adoption.

I couldn't do that.

John had another life, another family.

And when he died so young... I thought it best to give you a better memory.

Neal Duffy was a lad I knew that was killed in the line of duty.

He was a sweet, noble lad.

He had no kin... no loose ends to untie.

I almost shagged my brother, Ma.

You know how humiliating that is?

Sorry, Triny.

I'm sorry.

Who else knows about this?

Apparently, John didn't tell anyone.



Sorry you had to find out like this.

Yeah, no shit.

Two minutes later, I'd have been dancing in Tig territory.

How'd you find out?

I found a letter that your dad wrote to her.

A love letter.

Like the ones he used to write me.

She was 19.

A fresh start.

Sorry, Mom.

Kellan's here.

I cleared out the clubhouse.

All right.

Look... you go out there and find our boy.

That priest does not leave this alley until you have an address, you understand me?


Time's up.

For what? What are you gonna do?

Your crew ain't taking me serious.

So I'm gonna kill the red bitch.

No. I'm the one you wanted.

Yeah, and you still have some value.

I can get you money. Let me make a call.

Shut up! Please!

Don't! I'm pregnant!

It's true. She is.

It's done.

We've killed Alvarez. We've got the 250K.

I'll need to confirm it.

Me, too. Put Tara on the phone.


Doing okay, sweetheart?

Yeah, we're okay.

Okay, we're gonna bring you home. I promise.

I'll call back to arrange a meet.

If you're lying... she's dead.

All right.

Now all we've got to do is come up with 250K by tomorrow night.

You want me in there?


This is between me and the priest.


The piece.

Where's my kid?

I'm about to break a oath of confidentiality I had with your father.

What does that have to do with my kid?




I got to know J.T. very well.

I loved him like a brother.

Well, that makes sense, considering he had a kid with your sister.

I listened to his confession for over three years.

I heard every... sin and sorrow that he carried.

Your father's pain distills into one resolute desire...

That his sons never followed his path.

He never wanted this life for you.

Why are you telling me this?

Because he died before he could keep his promise.

I couldn't do anything to help save the son...

But I can do something to save the grandson.

Save him from what?!

The life of his father.

Where the hell is my kid?

He's in the arms of a loving family.

You son of a bitch!

You tell me where my son is, or I will kill him.

Stop. Stop!

All right, oh, I'll tell you, I'll tell you.

2309 Upper Springfield Road, where it crosses Wheeler.

Stone house on the corner.

And wait until mid-morning.

Sometimes the sisters take the infants to the convent for the night.

What sisters?

Private missionaries.

They look for good Catholic homes.

You filthy Judas.


Get out.

Get out!

I know you think I'm an evil man... but it's my job to look at the greater good.

With Jimmy, with your child.

That's what leaders do.

Your father knew that the patch was a mistake.

And so do you.

Look at the violence in the last three days alone.

Is that the life you want for your child?

If you love him... give him more.


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