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Previously, on Sons of Anarchy...

Charming don't trust me, Jimmy. I can smell it on 'em.

And McGee? I don't know if he's got the heart for this.

I don't need heart!

I need gut and brains!

There's my girls.

You want to tell me why you gave my girl the money to bail me out?

We got a lot in common, Hector.

We both lost someone 'cause of the Sons of Anarchy.

We both want that debt settled.

What do you want from me?

I want to give you two grand now, two later, for a few hours of your time.

Son of a bitch! What are you doing?!

You tell the Sons... nobody messes with the Mayans.

I'll hand-deliver Jimmy O'Phelan.

And what do you want?

My son, my mother and my club.

And what makes you think that I would actually believe that the prince would turn rat?

My club finds out, I am dead.

It's Maureen Ashby.

Cammy Hayes took your grandson. What?

Abel's in Belfast.

My son... he knows nothing about John and Belfast.

Nor does my Triny. Who's Triny?

Trinity, my daughter.

What does she have to do with John?

You don't know, do you?

Maureen said you have my son.

Your son was in danger.

Jimmy is a grave threat... to both our families.

You kill Jimmy O'Phelan, and I promise I will make sure Abel goes home in the arms of his loving family.

Come on, Jax, I'll take you back. I'll walk.

I need some time alone.

Aye. Slam the door on your way out.

A government bill to crack down on laboratory experiments on animals is Hello?

You ever hear of Kellan Ashby?

Are you in Belfast?


Then I'm guessing that's where Gemma is.

I had no idea that was going down.

Escaping custody is another federal charge.

We can talk about that shit later.

Kellan Ashby. He's a priest.

What do you know about him?

He's a friend to the Army, right?

More than a friend.

He's a shot caller.

I need to know everything about him.

Why? He's got Abel.

And he wants me to kill Jimmy to get him back.

You listen to me.

Jimmy O dies, so does our deal.

I need you to deliver him to me alive.

I know.

I'll figure it out.

Just get me some intel on the priest.

Yeah, I'm just gonna handle it tomorrow, okay?


Who was that?

Uh, it was Estevez.

He needs some field docs that I don't have with me.

So, what do we know?

Kellan says he moved Abel out of Belfast to protect him... from Jimmy.

Why? What does Jimmy want with Abel?

Leverage... against what Kellan wants from us... Jimmy dead.

Apparently, he's become a problem for the Army.

Then we kill Jimmy.

It's not that simple.

Yeah, it is. No, it isn't!

Look, everything they say is... it's, like, smoky truth.

I don't trust them. I don't trust their priest.

The only thing we know for sure is he wants Jimmy.

So we find Jimmy... trade him for Abel.

I think that's the only thing that makes sense.

We can't kill O'Phelan.

Should I bring SAMBEL up to speed on this?

No. As far as they know, we want Jimmy to grill him about Abel.

Let's just leave it at that.

Belfast has a protection run this afternoon.

Gun shipment.

McGee told me that Jimmy will be at the pickup in Dungloe.

And so are we.

I'm sorry, guys.

I had no idea what I was walking you into.

Shit going on down here... You'd better crash for a few hours.

It's gonna be another fun-filled day in the six counties.

Are you coming, baby?

Be there in a minute.

This feels all wrong to me.

Who the hell are these people?

They're using a baby like a goddamn poker chip.

It's not just them, Mom.

This happened because we deal guns with the Irish.

Let's not kid ourselves we're the victims here.

Maybe that, um, profound awareness helps relieve your guilt... but now is not the time for soul-searching.

You focus on all the hate you need to kill all these Irish pricks.

* Riding through this world all alone God takes your soul You're on your own *

* The crow flies straight a perfect line On the devil's bed Until you die *

* Gotta look this world in the eye. *

You got no idea who did this?

Fighter, trainer?


I know you ain't got much use for me, but clearly SAMCRO ain't able to protect you no more.

You got to give me something, Lump, or I'm gonna have to go by the book.

Talk to your employees, search lockers... check INS status.


Okay, I get it.

The guy was a Mexican.

Told me not to mess with the Mayans.

All right.

You hang in there.

Holy shit, Lump, what happened?

Let him rest.

Think you guys have helped enough.

Lump told Unser it was the Mayans.

It wasn't Darby, return visit?


Why the hell would Alvarez shit on the deal?

'Cause it's in his nature.

It's over, fellas.

Even... with insurance... too much... too much damage.

I got to sell.

It's got to be the same guys that hired Darby to put the Mexicans up to it.

All right, let's go visit our angry white friend.

Oh, hey, Doc. Hi. I'll catch up with you.


Hey, we heard from the guys... they got to Belfast okay.

Why don't you say it a little louder?

A few people in the E.R. didn't hear you.

I'm not talking to you, shithead.

Hey, easy.

Well, thank you for letting me know.


Come on.

You do realize one of us is gonna end up dead, right?

I'm counting on it.

What's this about?

We want in on the Dungloe run.

That's a short list, brother.

Can't be taking bread off our tables.

We don't need a cut.

We just want to talk to Jimmy.

Look, Kellan didn't shed enough light on my kid.

Just that Jimmy might be involved.

We know he's gonna be at the other end of this pickup in Dungloe.

Some sort of... power beef going down in the Army ranks.

I don't know what it is, but we got to dance around it.

We can't piss off Jimmy, we can't piss off Ashby.

You guys okay with that?

You need a vote?

We don't need a vote.

Be good for you, you'd cut off all your lads to see what we go through... to put bread on your table.

All right, well, I'll call Dungloe, let them know.

Well, well, well, ask and ye shall receive.

What are you doing here?

I heard about the old Jew.

Check it out. Come here. Come on in.

Hey, you mind giving us a minute?

Sit down, Darby.

So what do you want?

Well, what happened to your pretty face?

Chemical accident.

What kind of chemicals you find in a porn studio?

Listen, whatever you guys think that I did, you're wrong.

Ask around, I'm out of the game.

All right.

Somebody, last night, broke into Lumpy's gym and nearly beat him to death.

We know you were there yesterday.

Yeah, I went there.

But I wasn't the one who worked him over last night.

Well, then who did?

I don't know. That's why I came to see him.

Oh, so you're feeling guilty?

Are we done here?

No, we're not.

Who put you to task on Lumpy?

You wouldn't believe me if I told you.

And you couldn't prove it if you wanted to.

Jacob Hale sent Darby to muscle Lumpy into selling his gym. That's it.

Darby couldn't finish the job.

But someone did and Hale initiated it.

And you're here, telling me this... because you want me to do what?

I don't know, uh...

Cop shit... Uh, look into it.

Look into arresting the guy whose family's been trying to shut down the MC for two decades.

That's a little convenient, ain't it?

This ain't about our beef with the Hales. No.

It's about the word of two felons, against the guy who's gonna be our next mayor.

How do you think that plays out?

We... we are telling you...

It wasn't the Mayans that recked Lumpy.

We got witnesses, saw a motorcycle flee the scene.

Harley, ape-hangers.

That what Hale's riding these days?

Line two, chief.

If you'll excuse me, I got some "cop shit" I got to do.


All right.

Hey, I got through to Alvarez.

He swears the Mayans had nothing to do with it.

Yeah, we know.

What other Harley-riding Mexicans have got something to gainy putting it on the Mayans?


Aye, it's done.

SAMCRO coming on the run.

They think it was their idea.


Let's get it done right this time.

Stay on 14.

You'll find some pissers near the border.

You pass through, Clay and his boys will be detained.

Look, these Charming boys are smart.

They know something's going on.

Pay off the coppers, make a show of it.

SAMCRO won't suspect anything.


I'll see you at the farm.


Arrange things at the barn.

Are you sure about this, brother?

This could set off a chain of events that we may not be able to contain.


It'll get done.

Father Kellan.

How are you? Filip.

We have a few Italian priests visiting.

I thought it might be best if

*** kept his eye on Fi for a few hours.

Of course.

Good lad.

Okay. Thank you, father.

Hi, darling.

Be careful.



It's all right, sweetheart.

I'm just going to give these Irish boys an escort.

I'll be back later.



Love you, Dad.

I love you, baby.

You look out for your mom.

Have a safe run.

Hope you find what you're looking for.

Mrs. Teller.


Are you kidding me with this shit?

Is this legit?


Near the Republic border. It's routine.

Money will get us through.

I got some American brothers visiting.

Alright, we're good.

Send them through.

All right, truck, move.

We'll pass through first.

And they'll check your IDs.

Shouldn't be a problem.

What the hell do we do now?

He paid them off.

Yeah, but for what?

Let's find out.

IDs? IDs, let's go.

Where are you headed? Coast.

Got a charter up in Dungloe.

Go on, then.


They're getting through.

I don't know.

Go on.

Hey. Thanks for handling that. Aye.

It's all good, brother.

Can I go down to the shop, hang with Trinity?

No. You stay up here.


Afraid someone's gonna shoot me?

Don't you brash me.

If you go down to the shop, Triny'll have you stocking shells.

Come on, we'll go in your room and set you up with some movies, love.

Ooh, I remember that age.

I'd have a rod taken to my ass if I talked like that to my ma.

Good old days.

You were right.

Me going to Chibs in Charming set this all in motion.

Sometimes the heart beats the head.


What do you know about Kellan Ashby?

This is bad, Donny.


Sit down, Casey.

Mother Mary.

Find the girl.

What the hell are you doing, Jimmy?

Setting things right.


Oh, my God!

You've burned it now, Jimmy.

Kellan practically raised those brothers.

They are like sons to him.

Well, now he can bury one of them, yeah?

Let's go.

We're not going with you.

Do I have to kill another one for you to show you how much I love you?

I'm taking my family home.

Ma... Okay.

Okay. No more blood.

Come on, sweetheart.

It'll be all right.

My stuff.

I-I left my iPod in the bedroom.

Donny, would you be so kind as to retrieve my lovely stepdaughter's iPod?




Drop the gun.

Drop the gun! Do it!

Triny, Triny!


It's me.

We okay in there?

Yeah, she's fine.

I heard a scream.

On the floor.

Face down, hands above your head.


Take Triny and Kerrianne downstairs.

What are you going to do, Gemma?

My family has a few things to work out with Jimmy.

That's a mistake.

Then it's my mistake!

Get the girls out of here!

Go on, girls, come on.

Put it down.

What the hell are you doing? Protecting you.

Give me the gun.

I got to kill this son of a bitch.

Not before I kill you.

Mother of Christ.

You're crazy bitches, the lot.

Shut up!

Get out.

You come trying to fetch me and Kerri again, and I swear on my Catholic God, I'll fill your thick Irish skull with bullets.


Gemma, always a pleasure.

I'll see you real soon, love.

Why the hell did you stop me?

You kill Jimmy, and his crew would wipe out your whole family.

Total bloody genocide.

You don't know.

Hey, brother.

How you doing?


Welcome to the Republic, gents.

Thanks. Pretty country.


Jimmy's guys?

No, real army men keeping tabs.

These are Jimmy's boys.

Boys is right.

How old are they?

15, maybe.

That's who Jimmy is recruiting?

Aye, mostly.

Where's the guns?


What happened back there?

The pissers were supposed to pick up SAMCRO.

Don't know.

Got no word from Jimmy.

Call him. I haven't heard him in so long.

These are magnificent.


Who's dealing these?

We don't ask those questions.

Brilliant shit, man.

Seen a dozen trucks hauling hay.

Just another farmer bringing the food back to the horses.

Never been stopped yet.

Let's hope we can keep that streak going.

Once we're loaded, army will drive the lorry.

We ride ahead and scout.

We'll pick up the rear, make sure nobody flanks us.


Where to?

It's another barn.

It's Hannahstown, just outside Belfast.

Then the army takes it over from there.

Right, come on, boys.

Let's get some muscle.

All right, buddy.

Where's Jimmy?

He's on his way.

You talk to him?

Look, Jimmy never misses a transport. He'll be here.

What are you doing?

I thought I cleared your schedule.

I wasn't the one having the procedure yesterday.

It really was a friend.

I'm sorry I jumped to that conclusion.

Well, you weren't wrong.

I am pregnant.

I made an appointment for this evening, so I'll need my day cleared tomorrow.

Do you have a ride?

I'll take a cab.

That's ridiculous.

I can take you.

That's okay.

I take 99 home.

It's not that far out of my way.

All right, thank you.



Keep an eye on O'Neill.

Got it.


We should get moving.

We're not going anywhere until Jimmy gets here.

That's not our call, brother. The army sets the pace when they're ready.

Where the hell is he going?

Hey, where the hell are you going?

Got to murder a shite.

Want to watch?

Do you?

No, I'm good.

Let's go.

Jesus Christ.

No, no, just give me a moment.

Right, okay.

That was Mo.

Jimmy's in Belfast. He was looking for Fiona.

Why, what happened?

It's all right, they're all okay.

Hey, hey! What's this?


Hey, what are you kids doing?

Come on...

It's a bloody trap!

Ram that door!


Don't you start that!

Go, go, go, go, go!

Stand back!

Ram the goddamn door!



Are you okay?




My boy...



This was Jimmy.

We don't know that.

Blowing up guns, had to be the Ulsters.

Where the hell were you?

I was taking a shit. Your boys were watching.

The explosion was seen for miles.

We gotta get out of here now.

Load the wounded.

Let's go.

Chibs, I'm sorry, man.

We gotta go.

Come on, brother. Come on.

No! Come on, mate.

He's gone. He's gone!

Come on.

You bastards are dead!


You bastards are dead!

What do you need?

I heard about Lumpy. What happened?

Head injury, internal bleeding.

It's pretty bad.

Any leads?

Lump says the guy was Mexican... Mayan.

Jesus Christ.

I'm trying to save Charming PD, Wayne, but I'm running out of shit to put in the plus column.

After this, I may not be able to sway city council.

I need some wins.



How are you?

Oh, not so good.

Chief Unser just filled me in on the attack at Lumpy's.

It was the same faction that was responsible for David's death.

More brutal acts of violence brought on by the men that you bailed from jail.

He sure knows how to make an exit.

Yeah. He's a dick.

Was it really Mayan retaliation?

Doesn't make sense.

What are you talking about?

Clay assured me that the feud between SAMCRO and the Mayans was put to bed.

I saw him and Alvarez shake hands at St. Thomas two days ago.

Thank you.

There's a lot of bad blood there.

Don't take much to kick it back up.

You need to check out that stretch of Liberty Street.

Every store went belly up.

Lumpy's the only one left.

I checked with the bank.

Not one of them foreclosed.

Then who owns them?

I don't know.

My guess?

A single developer's buying out that block.

And they'd have a lot to gain by clearing out Lumpy.

You're safe now.

No harm's gonna come to you.

Let's take the ladies to the rectory.

I'll have someone to watch them there.

We'll let Sean grieve.

Come on, girls.

Sorry about your friend.

So am I.

Can we talk?

Why are you doing this to us?

If you know where my grandson is, just tell me.

I know it seems unfair.

You and your son are caught up in a very ugly struggle, and I am sorry for that.

But the things I do are not just about my Irish loyalty.

They're about keeping promises to your family.

To my family?

John and I grew very close while he was here.

I loved him dearly.

Guess you're the one, granted him absolution from adultery?


He struggled greatly with his love for you.

John bailed on his family.

I watched my baby sleeping in a coma while he was here playing house with your sister.

So don't tell me how he struggled.

I didn't mean to be dismissive of your pain.

I understand you feel... You don't understand shit!


All of you.

Take the prospects, head around back.

No. You take the prospects around back.

We're going to the front.

I'm gonna need a little man.

20 count.

Okay. Go.

Oh, oh, oh.

Should I be counting, like from now, or when they left?


I'm good.

Shut up.

It's empty.

No Salazar.


From the County Clerk.

Group buying up the properties on Liberty Street...

Miltona Trust.

List of investors.

Thanks. Uh-uh.

Son of a bitch.

What the hell are you doing here?

We need to talk. Get in.

Don't ever come to my place with business again. Do you understand?

Oh, what's the matter, Mr. Hale?

You ashamed doing business with me?

I'm regretting it.

You were supposed to scare Lumpy, not beat him half to death.

I got him to sell, didn't I?

What do you want?

Need a favor.

I got some unfinished business with the Sons.

Need to know where I can find Jax Teller's old lady.

She ain't at the house. We checked.

I need to know where she works.

I'm not telling you anything.


You ashamed of doing business with me?

I'm regretting it.

You were supposed to scare Lumpy, not beat him half to death.

I got him to sell...

This is blackmail.


I got a nap for that, homs.

How're the girls?

Yeah, they're ok.


Produce a dunphy on 'em.

I want a patch on them from now on.

You got it.

Talked to Oswald.

He's got cargo leaving Manchester day after tomorrow.

You got to get your family out of here.

He's right, Chibs.

Take Fi and Kerrianne, head back to Charming.


You got to protect them, brother.

I am.

This is Kerrianne's home.

And she does not want to leave, and I'm not gonna force her.

And the only way that I can keep my baby safe is when that bastard O'Phelan is dead.

And I guarantee I am gonna make that happen.

Yeah, okay, bro.


Can you talk?


Um... I ran Kellan Ashby through every database that I could.

Now, it's common knowledge that he's a friend of the cause, but nothing ties him.

I mean, there are no arrests, there's no seizures, he's never been interrogated.

He is a revered priest who has turned down three promotions from the Vatican.

A saint.

Yeah, I'm afraid so.

I got another name for you... Liam O'Neill.

SOA Belfast.

One of yours?

Pretty sure he and Jimmy tried to blow us up today.

Are you all right?

Yeah, but five others are spread out over a farm outside Dungloe.

Hey, look, I need you back in one piece, okay, Jax?

I appreciate your concern.

Spare a fag?

It's almost 3:00.

Why aren't you in bed?

Not much of a sleeper.

Yeah, I get that.

How are you, Jackson?

I'm tired, Trinity.



Are you ok? Yeah.

Oh, my God. I'm so sorry.

I wasn't paying attention. I...

Oh... Doesn't look like there's any damage.

Hey, I know you.

You're Jax Teller's girl, right?

Uh, I... yeah. Who are you?

I'm his girl.


What the hell is this?


Brunette's his old lady.

What about the redhead?

She an old lady, too?

I'm... I'm a doctor at St. Thomas Hospital.

She's the supervisor. Check her.

She's a supervisor all right.

Come on.

We're going for a ride.

Come on, let's go.

Get in.

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