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  3x05 - Turning and Turning
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ANNOUNCER: Previously on Sons of Anarchy:

CLAY: Why are you doing Mayan bitch work, ese?

JAX: We know Calaveras are patching over Mayan.

We want to know why.

HECTOR: You can't kill me.

I'm a patch president.

CLAY: I don't recognize your bullshit, MC.

STAHL: I guess Da raised a little Irish pussy.

Oh! Oh!

(two shots, Edmond groans)



I'm giving you a chance.


GEMMA: What are you doing?

STAHL: You need to put down the gun.

This is Stahl. Status update.

Edmond panicked, ran for the door, Gemma shot him in the back with my weapon.

GEMMA: I need a little help.

I'm on the lam.

CAMERON: Gemma killed my Eddie.

Son for a son.

TARA: No! No!


JIMMY: We'll be heading back home in a couple of days.

Luke'll take point here.

Any news about Cammy or the boy, I give you my word, you'll be the first to know.

KELLAN: Wait until dark.

Mark him.

I want everyone to know Cammy Hayes came home.

JIMMY: I needed Cammy to go away, not to be splayed out for public consumption.

KELLAN: Army Council sanctioned it.

Felt the Nor Cal operation had been compromised by Cameron and Eddie.

I've come for the boy, Mo.

MAUREEN: Why? Where you taking him?

KELLAN: A good Catholic family.

MAUREEN: He's already got a family.

CLAY: I don't want her finding out about Abel.

GEMMA: Could you connect me to Agent Stahl?

I got a line on a fugitive.

TARA: I went inside to check in Nate.

When I came back, Gemma and the car were gone.

JAX: She went home! CLAY: Abel.

MAUREEN: It's Maureen Ashby.

Cammy Hayes took your grandson.

He brought the wee one to me to take care of him.

GEMMA: What? MAUREEN: Abel's in Belfast.

(heart monitor beeping rhythmically)

(paper crinkling)

GEMMA: Hey, baby.

CLAY: Good morning.

GEMMA: Heart attack?

CLAY: No. Bad arrhythmia.

Knocked you on your ass.

You stopped taking your meds?

GEMMA: They make my feet feet swell.

Can't get into my boots.

CLAY: Fashion before health, that's my girl.

You need to get back on your medications, stabilize you.

Doc says you should be fine in a few days.

(handcuffs clatter)

GEMMA: Oh, shit!


CLAY: What were you thinking... coming back here?

GEMMA: I was thinking I was going to see my grandson.

You lied to me.

CLAY: Sorry.

GEMMA: Where's Jax?

I need some answers.


JAX: Hey.

BOBBY: How is she?

JAX: Still asleep.

I just had to get out of that room.

BOBBY: Yeah.

Well, we should talk.

JAX: Okay. Yo.

So what's going on?

BOBBY: I have to confirm the tracker with Serg today.

JAX: Pull the trigger.

Send the ten grand. BOBBY: Okay.

JAX: I'm making sure my mom's okay, and then I'm heading north.

You're going with?

I need ***

BOBBY: It doesn't matter how many of us go.

We're gonna need cash to pull it off.

TIG: Okay, these drugs we took from the rednecks. What are we looking at?

JUICE: Steroids and Adderall I can dump on the street.

The rest of it is that HIV shit.

It's gotta be peddled to the clinics.

JAX: You should go to Lumpy's.

See if he can unload the steroids.

JUICE: Okay, I'll call the Chicken Man.

I'm sure he'll gladly suck up the Adderall.

JAX: Yeah.

TARA: Gemma's awake. She wants to talk to you.

JAX: Okay.

TIG: We'll take care of everything.

JAX: Okay. TIG: Everything.

OPIE: Hey, tell her we love her.

JAX: Yeah.

Hey, Mom.

GEMMA: This is on you, too, Doc.

(Jax sighs)

GEMMA: What happened?

The truth.

All of it.

JAX: When Cameron killed Sack, he took Abel.

Feds weren't doing shit, so we hired a bounty hunter.

We got this a few days ago.

He's somewhere up in Vancouver.

We were just trying to protect you, Mom.

GEMMA: Bullshit!

You're trying to protect yourselves.

He's not in Vancouver.

The call I got last night... triggered all this?

It's Maureen Ashby.

JAX: Who's Maureen Ashby?

CLAY: McGee's old lady.

Friend of the MC.

GEMMA: She told me Abel's in Belfast.

JAX: No, it can't be.

Jimmy and O'Neill saw Cameron get scooped up as soon as he hit Belfast.

He didn't have Abel with him.

GEMMA: Well, then somebody's full of shit.

(alarm sounds)

CLAY: You need to take it easy, baby.

GEMMA: I'll take it easy as soon as I know where the hell my grandson is!

(labored breathing)

NURSE: Come on.

Everyone out. She needs rest.

(labored breathing)

JAX: We gotta call McGee.


If O'Neill lied to you, means Belfast could be in bed with Jimmy.

JAX: McGee's first nine.

You think he'd lie to us?

CLAY: I don't know.

But we got to talk to his old lady again.

She owns a grocery store a block away from the Belfast clubhouse.

TARA: She wants to see you.

GEMMA: Jax goes to Belfast, stones get unturned.

CLAY: I know.

GEMMA: Bound to happen, I guess.

CLAY: And what happens to you?

GEMMA: I called Stahl... made a deal.

Told her I'd sign off on her bullshit story.

She takes death off the table... I get weekly visitations.

Supposed to turn myself in this morning.

I'm sorry, baby.

Too old to run.

(Clay sighs)

Riding through this world all alone God takes your soul

You're on your own The crow flies straight a perfect line

On the devil's bed until you die Gotta look this life in the eye.

LUKE: What can I do for you, boys?

JAX: I have a problem, Luke.

We got word from a friend in Belfast that Cameron was spotted with the baby.

CHIBS: Before your Army boys offed him.

LUKE: If he was seen with a baby, it had to have been someone else's kid.

JAX: How do you know?

LUKE: I don't know who the friend is, brother, but they're feeding you some rubbish.

CHIBS: So why don't you reach out to that O'Phelan bastard and get us some fresh intel?

Consider it done.

(Jax sighs)

JAX: When you talk to your boss, you let him know if I find out he's been lying about my son, I'm gonna track him down.

I'm gonna beat the truth out of him, and then I'm gonna let Chibs cut him from ear to ear.

(Luke laughs)

LUKE: There's no need to get theatrical, boys.

We know that's not gonna happen.

(Luke chuckles)

OPIE: The safehouse is gone.

They're stashing the rest here.

JAX: Our AK's?

OPIE: Yeah.

(heart monitor beeping rhythmically)


GEMMA: Hey, Wayne.

UNSER: Hello, sweetheart.

How you feeling?

GEMMA: A little stupid.

UNSER: Join the club.

GEMMA: Thank you.

For everything.

UNSER: I'm just... I'm just glad you're okay.

GEMMA: Sorry about Hale.

UNSER: Kid shouldn't have gone out that way.

That's why I'm here, Gemma.

Town's worried.

CLAY: Hey.

She's been asking about you.

What's going on?

UNSER: I was, uh, I was just saying...

Folks in Charming are struggling with SAMCRO.

I got a lot of people looking over my shoulder.

I ain't gonna be able to run much interference.

CLAY: What does that mean for us?

UNSER: Means... I got to be a cop for a while.

I'm sorry.

Take care of yourself.

(door closes)

TIG: Oh, shit.

BOBBY: When did Rupert's close?

TIG: I don't know, man, but this whole block's gone derelict.

BOBBY: What the hell?

TIG: I don't know.

MAN: Go get the bag.

LUMPY: Arms up. Arms up.

BOBBY: Lumpy.

TIG: Lump. LUMPY: Oh, hey.

John, take five.

LUMPY: Hey, Tig. TIG: Hey, Lumpy. How you doing?

LUMPY: How are you? Good. How about you?

BOBBY: Good to see you, man.

LUMPY: Hey, Bobby, what's up?

BOBBY: What happened to Rupert's?

LUMPY: Oh, Rupert's closed about six weeks after the pawn shop folded.

And Leo's about a month before that.

BOBBY: They just went belly-up?

LUMPY: Oh, no, no, no, no, they made them offers they couldn't refuse.

TIG: What are you talking about?

LUMPY: Some kind of corporate interests coming to buy up the block.

Hey, you got it?

There they are.

We're good. Cool?

Well, all I know is some guy in a suit comes by every other week.

Each time he's got a little more money and a little less patience.

BOBBY: What guy?

LUMPY: I don't know.

I don't know and I don't care.

I sell this place, I got nothing.

We're good. Hey, John.

Take it easy, Lumpy. Hang in there. Ok, good bye.

Hey, John!

GEMMA: Hi, sweetheart.

JAX: Am I interrupting?

CLAY: Yes. Thank you.

How'd it go with Luke?

JAX: He's sticking to his story.

He's going to check in with Jimmy... get back to us.

I got the number for Ashby's Provisions.

CLAY: It's eight hours ahead in Belfast.

Should still be somebody there.

You ready to make this call?

GEMMA: Yeah.

STAHL: Good morning.

Glad to see you're feeling better.

GEMMA: Yeah, I'm the picture of health.

STAHL: I'm going to need to speak with her alone.

GEMMA: I'll be fine.

There's not much more this bitch can do to me.

CLAY: Don't underestimate her. She's been demoted. She's desperate.

STAHL: Hey, I'm in the room, kids.

JAX: Yeah, we know.

We just wish you weren't.

STAHL: The family that hates together.

I want to thank you for turning yourself in.

Saves us time and the taxpayer's money.

Any news on your grandson?

GEMMA: Shouldn't we be asking you that?

STAHL: Well, we're doing the best we can given the level of cooperation that we have received.

Dr. Knowles seems to be a little vague on what happened.

GEMMA: Well, I wouldn't know.

I was with you being framed, remember?

STAHL: That attitude is really not going to serve you.

GEMMA: You sound like my mother.

STAHL: A wise woman. GEMMA: I hated her.

And she's dead.

Let's just get this deal over with.

STAHL: Problem there.

GEMMA: What problem?

STAHL: Well, you see, when the U.S. Attorney signs off on deal it's very specific.

Very literal.

Now you were supposed to turn yourself in this morning.

GEMMA: I came back.

It's not my fault my heart had a goddamn other plan.

STAHL: I know, I know.

Look, I am just giving you a heads-up, okay?

It may all go away.

Now, if you were to speak with Tara and refresh her memory as to the Irish, well then, I may be able to help you.

GEMMA: I swear to God, I will kill you!

(alarm blaring)

STAHL: Easy, sweetheart.

We wouldn't want that little heart getting all skippy again, now would we?

You're going to have to step out.

STAHL: Yes, of course.

Thank you.

(phone ringing)

TRINITY: Ashby's.

JAX: Yeah, I was looking for Maureen.

TRINITY: Not here.

Who is this?

JAX: A friend. Who's this?

TRINITY: A daughter.

Got a name, friend?

JAX: Do you know when she'll be back?

TRINITY: She won't.

JAX: Look, it's very important that I talk to her.

TRINITY: So important you can't give me a name.

JAX: Just take down this number.

TRINITY: Just kiss my ass.

How do I know you ain't some bill collector?

JAX: Look, tell her someone from Charming needs to speak with her again.

Mother to mother.

She'll know what that means.

Now take down this number.

TIG: Is this the van?

JUICE: Yeah, that's the Chicken Man.

BOBBY: High roller.

JUICE: He's a little paranoid, so just let me deal with this one.

CHICKEN MAN: Juan Carlos, may I assume the stimulants are in your backpack bag?

JUICE: Yes, Chicken.

May I assume you have the cash?


Oh, would you mind getting in?

Talking this way makes me feel very conspicuous.

JUICE: All right.

(muffled yelling)

You tell Clay my bullshit MC's got some reach.

CHICKEN MAN: I'm sorry, Juan Carlos.

I've run up a bit of a tab with these Mexican fellows.

CLAY: Okay, thanks.

JAX: I left word for Maureen at her store.

CLAY: Good.

We'll get Gemma to reach out.

Jesus Christ, what now?

JAX: What happened?

JUICE: Salazar and two CL jumped me in the Chicken Man's van.

JAX: Jesus.

JUICE: They took my cut.

JAX: What?! Jesus Christ!

CHIBS: You let a goddamn puppet club strip your patch?

PINEY: Where were you two, anyway?

JUICE: It's on me.

BOBBY: No, it's on all of us.

JUICE: No. I let it happen.

JAX: Jesus Christ.

CLAY: Well, I think I know where we might find it.

I just got off the phone with T.O.

Bastard's got intel where the Mayans may be setting up their heroin shop.

Industrial park out by the Make Hill bend.

You, Bobby and Chibs.

JAX: I'll do it.

I can't do shit here.

Let's go.

JUICE: I'm sorry.

PINEY: Come on, hero, let's go.

Let's get you patched up, huh.

That hurt?

JUICE: (groans)


JAX: What?

BOBBY: Salazar and his crew never saw Tig, but we might need more than one unfamiliar face to scope this place out.

JAX: You want to go undercover, Chucky?

CHUCKY: I accept that.

BOBBY: All right.

TARA: You wanted me?

GEMMA: Yeah.

TARA: What is it?

GEMMA: Stahl came by.

Threatened to take away my deal.

Guess I didn't officially turn myself in.

TARA: But you called her.

She knew...

GEMMA: She's desperate.

Pressing me for intel on the Irish.

Your name came up.

TARA: She was in the room when the FBI interviewed me.

I didn't tell them anything.

GEMMA: Why don't you tell me.

TARA: It's what Jax said.

Cameron killed Half-Sack, tied me up and took Abel.

GEMMA: Nothing you could have done about that?

TARA: Had a gun pointed to my head.

GEMMA: What if it was your baby?

TARA: What the hell does that mean?

GEMMA: If it was your flesh and blood, you would have thrown yourself in front of a bullet.

TARA: That's unbelievably cruel.

I did everything I could.

GEMMA: Everything except save him.

(Tara sobbing)

GEMMA: How far along are you?

TARA: Six weeks.

No one knows.

With everything else going on, doesn't make sense.

GEMMA: You're quite the secret queen lately.

TARA: Yeah, well, I learned from the best.

GEMMA: I'm assuming it's Jax's.

TARA: Yes.

GEMMA: Good.

TARA: That's it?


GEMMA: For now.

Not exactly in a position of influence.

(knock at door)

MARGARET: May I speak with you, please?

MARGARET: I know you're still deciding about your leave, but we have an emergency gastroschisis.

Boy, 20 minutes old.

Dr. Namid needs an assist.

TARA: I don't, uh... I don't think that's a good idea.

MARGARET: Well, if you have a better one, then you can share it with his parents.

'Cause I don't know how to tell them that we may not be


McGEE: Trinity, it's me.

McGEE: Hey.

She here?

TRINITY: Making the deposits.

McGEE: Oh, right.

Well, I might catch her later, huh?

TRINITY: McGee, can I ask you something?


TRINITY: Who would my ma be calling in Charming?

McGEE: Well, that's the Redwood Originals.

Why do you ask?

TRINITY: Someone rang up the shop... very mysterious lad.

Insisted it was important for Ma to call back.

McGEE: Right.

Uh, they leave a number?


McGEE: Ah.

Right, well, I'll run it past her when she's back.


Be good.

Tell your ma I come.


McGEE: And, uh, lock up, huh?

T.O.: Followed one of Salazar's lieutenants, two other Calaveras to a janitorial supply house.

Been coming every day.

Madina Industries.

Now, it could just be a Mexican day job, but thought it might be worth looking at.

JAX: All right, cool.

T.O.: All right?

JAX: Thanks, bro.

T.O.: Yeah.

LANDER: Need us to back you up?

TIG: No, man, we're good.

T.O.: Happy hunting.

TIG: Hey, man.

I'm here to pick up supplies for my boss, but I... I forgot all my paperwork.

CLERK: All right.

You got a PO number?

TIG: No, I got nothing.

Uh, Hale Sewage Removal.


CLERK: Uh, it's not here.

Let me go check the system.

Be right back.

TIG: All right.

(keypad beeping)

JAX: Serious security door.

BOBBY: Yeah.

CHUCK: Must be some expensive cleaning supplies.


(door buzzes)

JAX: Go.


TIG: Come on.

Hurry up.

TIG: All right.

You're gonna take this aisle to the right.

Act Mexican.

CHUCK: What do I do if I see something?

TIG: You're gonna come back to that van alive.

Now, go.

(buttons on phone beeping)

(camera phone clicking)

(motorcycle engines rumbling)

JAX: Shit.


BOBBY: Ho, ho, ho... What are we gonna do?

They see us, they close this place down.

We're back to square one.

CHIBS: I'll give Tig a heads-up.

(indistinct chatter)

(camera phone clicking)

TIG: Yeah.

Who the hell are you?

CHUCK: Hola.

TIG: Shit.

I better find Chucky.

CHUCK: Hey, guys.


I didn't do anything.

Leave me alone.

TIG: Oh, I just found him.

CHUCK: Help me.

CALAVERAS: Who the hell are you, man?

Come here, man.

Get him! Get him!

(Calaveras speaking Spanish)

CALAVERAS: Who the hell are you, man? Whoa!


CALAVERAS: Who the hell is that?

(motorcycle engines rumbling)

(door opens)


Kettle's still warm.


He's waiting for you to call him back.

You better tell me, darling, 'cause now you're messing in my business.

MAUREEN: It's got nothing to do with you.

McGEE: My club.

MAUREEN: My problem.

(McGee chuckling)

McGEE: You know, we know Cammy took Jax Teller's boy.

And there was no trace of him when they found him in the street.

And I know he came to see you, Mo,

'cause he had no one else to turn to.

Do you know where that baby is?

Is that why you're calling Charming?

Look... just tell me.

'Cause I can help you.

MAUREEN: I love you, Mac.

And you know I would do anything for the club... you know that.

But this matter involves the other half of my life.

I piss you off, you smack me around.

I piss off the Army, I end up with my head squeezed off by a razor wire.

I'm sorry, darling.

I have nothing to say.

McGEE: You said plenty.

(door opens and closes)

JAX: So Chucky saw a couple Mayans guarding a door inside the warehouse.

BOBBY: Then Salazar and the CL rolled up.

TIG: Chucky got roughed up a little bit.

CLAY: You think they're onto us? TIG: I don't think so.

JAX: No.

CLAY: Well, we know where the Mexicans are cutting and bagging the heroin.

JAX: And when they're shipping.

TIG: I took a pic of a distribution schedule.

There's deliveries to Stockton Prison every week.

Next one: tomorrow afternoon.

(cell phone ringing)

CLAY: Nice.

JAX: Belfast.

GEMMA (over phone): I got your message.

MAUREEN: I'm calling from a house line.

GEMMA: Okay.

MAUREEN: Was that JT's boy that called the shop?

GEMMA: My boy.


I understand you've, uh, made contact with someone else we know.

MAUREEN: Aye, I have.

GEMMA: How can I be sure of that?

MAUREEN: He's a fighter. Scar on his belly.

GEMMA: What was he wearing?

MAUREEN: Cheap onesie.

Blue hat, white pompom.

JAX: Where is he?

MAUREEN: Abel's with a friend.

I'm not sure how much longer he can keep him safe.

That's all I can say right now.

Boy needs his da.

(phone clicks)

CLAY: What did she say?

JAX: We got to get to Belfast.

MAUREEN: I'll finish those books, darling.

TRINITY: How was your phone call?

MAUREEN: What did you hear?

TRINITY: You were talking about a baby.

Like he was missing or something.

Who's the friend that has him?

Is it Uncle Kel?

MAUREEN: You already know too much.

TRINITY: Damn it, Ma.

I'm not a child.

Tell me the truth.

MAUREEN: Members from the original charter are coming out here soon.

You'll have more truth than you can handle.

(door closes)

(monitor beeping steadily)


What are you doing?

You guys are good.

Where is this from?

Where is your grandson, Gemma?

GEMMA: I don't know.

You may want to learn to be more cooperative.

CLAY: Not gonna let your gash boss give my old lady a heart attack.

I'm going in.

STAHL: It's okay.

Come on in, gentlemen.

You should hear this, as well.

(door closes)

STAHL: The U.S. Attorney has refused to honor the deal.

Says he has no proof that you were actually going to turn yourself in.

CLAY: You lying piece of shit.

STAHL: Hey, hey, hey, don't shoot the messenger.

Between you and me, I think he's going to press you real hard for intel on the club.

Which means you either give up your boys or your boys give up you.

Have a nice life.


How'd it go? As expected.

STAHL: Fine.

Still in one piece.

Well, I'm not that fragile, baby.

Gemma's ***

MARGARET: I heard it went well.

Thank you.

TARA: There were two other surgeons qualified to assist with that procedure.

MARGARET: Not with your skill.

TARA: What are you doing?

MARGARET: Protecting this hospital.

Consider your request for a leave denied.

LUKE: Hurry up, lads, will you?

That's all the AK's, Luke.

(engine starts)

(ignition sputtering)

It's not starting.

LUKE: Piece of British shit.

Check the battery.


Jesus Christ, Jax!

JAX: You and Jimmy lied to me.

LUKE: You're making a grave mistake.

JAX: Who has my son?

Is it Jimmy?

Why is he doing this?!

LUKE: I don't know.

JAX: I do.

LUKE: Jax, no!

(monitor beeping steadily)

GEMMA: Sorry, baby.

Should've listened to you.

Went up north.

CLAY: It's okay.

You just get some sleep.

We'll make it all right.




STAHL: What the hell are you doing here?

JAX: Put the gun away.

STAHL: How did you get my address?

JAX: ATF took away your shiny black sedan, making you drive your own car.

STAHL: Juice is hacking DMV now?

STAHL: What do you want?

JAX: A deal.

TYLER: What the hell is he doing here?

STAHL: Hey, just go back to bed, okay?

TYLER: He shouldn't be here, June!

STAHL: Why don't you shout it a little louder?

Now, I am handling it.

Please go back to bed.

JAX: Bringing your work home with you, huh?

STAHL: I never seem to learn.

You got five minutes.

JAX: Your career's taken a huge hit.

Booted off the Irish.

Stripped of your team.

We both know you're looking at a transfer to some left-for-dead field office.

STAHL: This is what you came here to tell me?

JAX: Not only can I give you your career back, I can make you an ATF legend.

The agent who single-handedly broke the real IRA NorCal terrorist threat.

I'll hand-deliver Jimmy O'Phelan.

Give you the names of his real IRA contacts.

And my sworn statement.

Everything you need to know about the gun-running.

STAHL: And what do you want?

My son, my mother and my club.

STAHL: And how am I supposed to deliver those things, hmm?

JAX: No witness from Zobelle's church party is gonna testify.

That just leaves the federal automatic weapons charges.

STAHL: With all the priors that you guys have, the U.S. Attorney will never drop 'em.

JAX: We just want them reduced.

Short time.

MC's got a bail hearing tomorrow.

You need to slow that down.

We need a couple of weeks.

STAHL: So you can get to Belfast.

For Jimmy.

And I'm guessing that's where Abel is.

No, even if I could push the bail hearing, you guys still can't leave the country.

JAX: That's my problem.

We just can't have the fugitive heat.

STAHL: And your mother?

JAX: Your lie set this whole nightmare in motion.

I don't give a shit what you have to do.

Recant your statement.

Tell some new lies. Find a scapegoat.


You just set that truth straight.

STAHL: Immunity is a complicated prob...

JAX: Immunity is bullshit.

Too many strings.

I want a statement signed by you clearing her of both kills.

(Stahl chuckles)

STAHL: And I'm supposed to just trust you, huh?

Just take your word on this deal of a lifetime.

Guy who wants me dead.

JAX: Hey, my club finds out, I'm dead.

My risk is just as great.

STAHL: And what makes you think that I would actually believe that the prince would turn rat?

LUKE: Hey, hey.


JAX: Luke Moran.

Jimmy's number two.

Enough illegal weapons to trip Homeland Security?

STAHL: More than enough.

This asshole has to disappear.

We can't reach out. No lawyers.

Or this all goes away for both of us.

STAHL: Terrorists don't get phone calls.

JAX: I'll bring him back to Hainey's Pub, put him and the guns in his SUV.

We have a deal?

STAHL: I'm going to need to draw something up.

JAX: No.

This is a simple trade.

I deliver Jimmy and my sworn statement, you sign off on the club's gun charges, and my mom.

Hey, I'm the one that's got to deliver.

You got nothing to lose.

It's you and me.

We're all we got, June.

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