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In previous installments of Sons Of Anarchy...

We both know that you again under attack dell'ATF.

Do you really think it is safe to have the warehouse full of illegal weapons not assembled?

We do sales transport and storage.

You will fill the pockets and make the deliveries.

From one location to another. We give you 20 percent.

The service of the Pony Express club will cost you '28 percent.

Ok. Put it to a vote, President.

Chi e 'in favor?

Done. You and Clay.

The boys are worried. There 'worry.

Convince me.

Who are you '? We believe that it would be better if interrompeste trade weapons with the Niners and the Mayans.

He finished selling arms to people of color.

No threat Samcro.

Black, brown... or white.

Who the hell is' what? A friend of Darby.

Nothing to worry about.

My child has swallowed something, choking. Please, help me!

Must report a message to his old comrade.

Tell him to stop selling arms to blacks and Mexicans, otherwise we will find and start over.

Oh, my God! Take me away from here.

Promise me that say it to anyone.

We must say to Clay. Not Clay.

And even at Jax. Nobody.




Make me do it.


Cortisone helps?

I'm fine without it.

I know.


When back?


Be careful.

Thank you.

Maybe a bit 'of time you will make separate 'good ti fara 'go whatever you have.


What should you do?

Collection of blood pediatric hospital in Eureka.

Samcro service to the community '.

And 'what we do, baby.


My small the master of timing.

I love you.

I love you too.

I'm going to take it.

Here we are.

Yes', I know.

That there '?

I'm your lady.

Let's go to breakfast.

become big and strong.

- Hey, we got everything? Yes', we have to eat for tonight.

I got beer, food. We're all set.


I did not know to come too.

Clay wants me to ride.

Mary is with the children?

My kids are doing well, Jax.

Chitty, Chitty, Bang Bang. Hey, ok!

Hey, an old fat on an old fat.


I thought I had sent retire the beast.

This fat lady has not yet the age 'of retirement.

It seems that I barely manage to reach the end of the parking.

And 'the best bike for a long journey.

And I'm ready to challenge your beautiful dynamo.

We stopped at a gay rodeo on the road?

Yee-haw. E 'Captain cattleman.

The cowhide protects men's skin.

Get in line, "Brokeback".

Oh, damn. Fuck.


Oh, damn, man. Now, I have to drive behind that thing?


You should be accustomed to you sprayed in the face, aspirant.

Usually from Bobby.

Succhiamelo, Chibs. See, the thing is'

I like a scrotum full when you taste some.

Oh, and 'so'?

It '? Ok, well, soon you will have it.

You will grow 'spontaneously one testicle? Boing.

No. What, what, what, what?

I put 'a neuticle. Do you put a thing?

You put a musical? Musical?

A ball fake. A neuticle. It 'a prosthesis. To give me a sense of symmetry.


Are you serious? Oh, yes'.

I'm just waiting for the ok insurance of veterans.

You put a ball of glass? No, no, no and 'glass.

E 'type... What '?

As if that were true, you know... soft schiacciabile.

As a... like a real ball.

I do not... and... do not even know that it means.


I'm trying to be communicative, ok?

Ok, you're really mature, guys.

You really class Chibs.

What's happening?

I do not want to know.


Hey, Bobby.

The shoulder will hold '?

Yes', the shoulder is fine.

I appreciate the fact that you take care of the garage while I'm gone.

No problem.

Of 'the boys can do overtime, I will not be submerged.

Terro 'an eye on her too, I know it 'been...

Very well.

Worried about the machines.

They have my full attention.

What you say, President? Let's save the children.

The shop stocks military and 'a coverage, perhaps we had thought of us.

E 'idea of Edmond, and' a genius. Really?

Avra 'taken from his mother.


Like the doors?

Ten guns in each. Srotolalo and shove them.

Of the bikers with the sleeping bags. Six motorcyclists, five dozen.

It 'a nice booty.

Deliveries are organized for the next three months.

One every two weeks.

We will try to cover more 'deliveries possible with the voyages of charity.

The cops did not intrude never when we... helping humanity '.

Other times, we will travel in two, we'll be away from the main roads... should be no problems.

Thirty-two are satisfied it is working with Sam Crow.

You can tell the boys "scabby" The Fence "

I give my all for the Cause.

You can tell yourself. Edmond.

Jimmy O, one of the gang of Falcarragh, may be in the U.S., weather permitting.

Verra 'our day.


It '?



Drop it li '.

There 'anything else I can do?

Retrieve the golden keys of Sebring. Sure, honey.

This way, beautiful cheeks.


Sherman's is looking for?

They closed last month.

I hope it was not a given.

Excuse me, ma'am.

Excuse me, is coming out?

Is coming out or not?

Oh, shit!


Hey! Chi e 'fall?

Tig! Tig!

TIG, all right?

Shit, Tig! Tig!

I received a phone call alarmed a woman which says that you pointed a gun.


And 'that's all you know me? "It '"?

I have not shot.

Now what the hell should I do?

Want to make a bank robbery?

Wore them.


Oh, Jesus'.

I have left now in the mailbox.

In an envelope of Sherman's.

Just try to scare you.


Holy shit. Zobelle.

I'm sorry for the gun.

Come on, I'll take you home.

I have to do something.

Star 'well. Wait. Would you give me the gun?


You the largest refund 'late.

E 'stable. Bring acceptance.

Sorry, man. You let me look after.

We return after delivery.

You shove that bike upright in the ass.

Star '... well.

By now you're under his orders, and also pulirai ass If you're asked to do so.

Call Piney.

Tell him that we have two bikes in need of repair, we need the truck.

Hey, you. Call Piney.

I take it. Can I wear it.

I said that I take it.

What the fuck that means You can not hospitalize him?

Mr. Trager's base coverage.

Can 'only be admitted to a hospital provided by his insurance plan.

Is bleeding in your lane.

Sorry, we transfer to Red Bluff.

E 'stable enough to move.

Why 'not given painkillers?

I give him a bit 'of Advil.

Has a big gash in his leg as his arrogance.

Do you have enough Advil for that?

What is' to wait? There 'good news and bad.

You are stable enough to move around.

To go where?

Well, here's the bad news. We need to bring in another hospital.

Sanita 'public shit! Come on, damn it!

Give me the points!

Sons of bitches!

Call the Red Bluff. This guy must be transferred to more 'soon.


Hello, I am.

Find this name in your database.

Alexander Trager.

Oh, man.

We are closed for a few days, but...

I can do something for you?

Not here to buy.

Know who and 'her and what he does.

If it refers to the League of American nationality...

I'm not talking about what which is in a suit and tie.

I speak of what he does with rubber masks.

I fear not to follow.

Things will be resolved.

Will 'also his turn.

Sounds like a threat.

Charming and 'a city' special.

Not many are cut to live.

I like to think that both the City ' to choose its occupants.

Right ones remain, and the wrong... disappear.

I hate Kaiser.

The bitch still has your insurance card.


Where and 'the fucking hospital?

Find out. Do you want to ask him...

Find out! Ask whoever is in there.

Clay said that you're my slave. We ', he said.

I have a request:

You have to leave that disgusting storage of scrap metal on the roadside.

Hey that... e' la mia bambina. Roadside.

It 'the first that I purchased new. I was almost killed.

Fermi all.

Get up. Now. On your knees!

Let. Fuck. Jesus'...

Tig? Fuck! Look in the leg jerk.

Never mind. You are.


Damn bike.

Follow him! And do not miss out!

And you where the fuck were you?

And you let it...

No no, wait there '. You did enough damage for today.

What's'? Bounty hunters.

They've just taken Tig. And for what?

Do not they stop to explain it.

Half bag is following them. Christ.

How fucking and 'success?

Only jew knows. It must have been in the hospital.

The bounty hunters pay nurses to report the types and intrigue.

If Tig had a mandate pending, I would know.

Could be another state. If the size and 'large enough, might make him even in Maine.

We must go get him. We have a delivery to make.

Hunters do not have jurisdiction, nothing forbids us to catch him.

What made this impossible, are six Sleeping bags full of guns illegal.

If we follow it now we have a chance ', but if you cross the border...

Tig If he were here, would you vote to surrender their weapons.

We leave the bags in a safe place and delivery is postponed for a few hours.

Come on. Maybe we should put to a vote.

You vote what you want. I'm going to surrender their weapons.

Cursed. Shit.

Will do, make it.

At three, ready? One, two...

There are days when I can not even out his cock from his pants.

Why we are aspiring.


Are you all right?


I think so '.

The road helps.

Reminds me why 'I joined this bullshit in the beginning.

Amen, brother.

We have to go get Tig.

This thing between you and Jax do not know what but it is distracting from what we are.

I'm on your side in any case.


He just needs to know that we are with him.

Let's get Tig.

I received your call. The head Hunser you are looking for.

Is everything okay?

You tell me, You seem to have many visits, both sides of the law.


I did not want to disturb you.

What happens?

Gemma. E 'Did something happen?

Is not very good.

E 'matter of time before that hurt someone.

Or herself.

Non.. I do not know how to help.

Should talk to someone and of what 'success.

I tried.

You hold her.

I know her since she was 12 years.

We were looking for me and Emily Koza to dissuade her from escaping the house.

If e 'melts to 16 years.

And 'returned 10 years later with a child and a motorcycle club.

A little 'as you did, except the child and so on.

Gia '.

It seems that between you and Jax is well.

No, we're trying to understand.

What... think of us?

The doctor and the motorcyclist...

I saw more couples' weird.

Sorry, the technical cardio-respiratory you are looking for.

Thank you.

Do not think too much, doctor.

If something happens to you does not make you unhappy... enjoy it.

Nobody wants to tell me because I 'was taken?


No chat, nothing...

"One hundred bottles of beer on the wall,"

"Row, row, row your boat and go"?


Started it.

I suppose you've played football in college, pelatone.

In attack.

Too chickenshits for become professional And too stupid to graduate. Shut up, asshole.

Oh, you're in it clearly for your problems of aggression '.

You heard what he said? And you are at least half a fag.

Perhaps you're in love him... and this work... and 'a way to stay near him.

Stop it!

Staying there be supplying ailments.

E 'Oregon.


I have no slope in Oregon.


Assault and indecent exposure in a truck for transport of livestock.


I thought it was all settled. No.

You've slipped away on a

$ 40,000 bail.


You're dying to to try it with me, right?

Come on, go.

I bet you've got half hard, Oprah. Imbavaglialo.

Christ's sake, stop it! Ok, ok.

Son of a bitch.

Get him out of here! Let me go!

Out of here!

Perche '... Why 'I beaten?

I was working.


Where are the bounty hunters?

They brought in a hotel Tig two miles from here.

Have you spoken to Gemma?

I tried to contact her to let her know I was coming here but... nothing.

Where the hell is'? I do not know.

Your woman does not take it well when someone gets their cocks.

Gia '.

I said a Dog in Clayton and to close if not all return.


Thanks, old man.


Tig take in a motel with two miles from here. Are four.

Flaunt scrap heavy. First floor, room 12.

Why 'stopped at a motel? I do not know, have beaten Tig on the road The Motel was the next stop.

Freaky has prompted them.

They can not deliver it massacred. So they're patched.

Ok, let's do.

If I went to a motel, will have much way to go, will be there 'for a while'.

Call the assembly of 'the boys Tacoma to get back here.

It will take hours.

We must do it now. No.

He's right.

We do not know what... Eh? In broad daylight?

E 'so' that we spend unnoticed, right?

We will exit from these parts a two weeks, with a blanket full of weapons.

And call other five men make us' go unnoticed?

Wait for the darkness, someone will come out 'to search for food...

We do not know if they still here when you make 'dark!

We are 8 versus 4. Did you hear Bobby?

They are armed to the teeth. We did idea of what power have,

We have guns. We have a surprise.

Call the boys. Let's put to a vote!

Do not put to a vote.

You will not put your fucking hands on!

Hey, you two! Forward!

We are all under pressure... and e 'my fault. E 'due Tig and me that it 'hurt.

A fucking problem!

But we must give all calm down.

Fumat a straw, take a trip.

Schiariamoci all the ideas!

Where are you going?

If you want to really this thing salts behind.

So 'not good.

I guess that is about to get worse.

Chiba, half a bag, come on! What?

Let's break a bit 'of asses! I'm in!

Where the hell are you going?


E 'deteriorated quickly.

But there we have a plan?

Ask the old man.

Okay, Hang guys!

Gia ', and' a simple plan.


Ready to strike, ladies!

Come on!

Do not move! Or you'll blow your balls!

Hey, guys! Listen, do I have to say...

I enjoyed very much. Now I really go away, I found a passage.

Thank you really for everything. Hope we can do it again some time or another.

Go! Go!

Go! Go! Go!


Hey, champ!


WHAT 'gone the training?

Oh, and 'fantastic, Cliffy.

I told you so.

The trouble can happen, right?




Well, help your brother in this thing.

Cliffy, just do it.

Okay, champ.

Okay, see you later.

And then I think that I should want to die...

Looks like a fucking crazy, man.

Nothing to say?

It 'just that I go plan, I think.

I'm not sure what I say will not reach 'the ears of Clay.

What the hell does this mean? Tell me, brother.

Do not involve me in trouble you're having with your stepfather, okay?


I know you're pissed off, but the boys they were right this time.

The motel was a quick break, I arrived in Oregon by evening.

Bring to Saint Thomas.

If all goes well, and 'this is the plan.

Not 'blame Jax, and 'was my idea.

Bound him to... dementia.

Oh, shit!

Sara 'a long journey! Here.

Have another straw?


Are you one less?

Yes', we lost a motorcycle outside Chico.

But 'we have the whole load.

I knew it was Tig.

E 'in one piece? Yes', we are okay.

Okay guys, put them on the bike.

All right, brother.


Take care.

Stop them well.


I'm Wayne.

Ah, you '... true.

You know I have filed away serial number, right?

I prefer to remain anonymous.

It would be better if you carry around.

I'm not sure potertelo promise.

I do not know how I can help you, Gemma.

I can only do my job.

I will not leave 'you do harm again.

Gia '...


Good night. Night.

Fa 'attention, sweetie.

Has a crystal ball.

To tell the truth ', and 'a crystal ball.

Allows me to see the future of my penis.

And how 'the future?

Quite promising, I guess.

Not know just roll a joint.

A work of art.

When we return, I close Jax and Clay in a room...

So 'that solve their problems. It's not 'the problem.

Jax must forget the shit her daddy died.

Rubbish. Clay does not accept that is aging, and the boy is taking his place.

Clay does not go anywhere.

I did not know the intentions of the old up such time as they began the march back.

I do not give a shit today.

What happens tomorrow?

And next week?

In what sense?

Your need to put in My question every decision.

I have no need of the kind.

When object, I always do for the club.


It 'a thing between us.

Well, maybe it's 'so'.

I suppose I should accept who you are.

This' you've done.


You own.

You who have decades of experience...

Why 'do not tell me how?

How do I accept that you have tried to kill a brother in secret to the club.

Is that your henchman has blown brains to an innocent woman.

Well... you will find it alone the way, son.


I have to hurry.

Why 'if you only try to nominate women, or accident again...

I'll kill you.

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