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  2x02 - Small Tears
 Posted: 04/28/13 19:43
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Just dropping by here to give you a little friendly advice.

We feel it would be best for all concerned if you stopped dealing arms to the One-Niners and the Mayans.

You're done selling guns to color. Nobody threatens Sam Crow.

Black, brown or white.

Opie has turned on us.

His death never... lands at our feet. Love you.

Love you back.

What, a drive-by? Make it ghetto. Make it gangster.

Shit! Clay tried to kill my son.

Slaughtered his wife by mistake.

I'm depending on you to make that right.

That's so Alvarez knows who and why. I'll dump the body.

Where are you on this? Me and Jax? You really want my advice?

Total disclosure. I'm gonna stay, I need to know the truth, not just what you think I can handle.

I need all of it.

I helped Opie kill a man today.

Retaliation for Donna.


My baby swallowed something. He's choking. Please help me.

We need you to pass on the message to your old man.

Tell him to stop selling guns to niggers and wetbacks, or we find you, and we do this again.


Anybody in there?


Oh, my god.

Get me out of here.

How'd you know I was there?

I heard it over the radio.

Recognized the description of the car.

Anonymous tip?

You got to tell me something here, Gemma.

Where are you going?

St. Thomas.

Got to get you to the hospital.

No hospital.

What am I supposed to do here, Gemma?

Give me your cell.

Tara, it's you.


Jax see you leave?

I told him it was the hospital.

You need to tell me what happened so I can help you.

Use your imagination.

Maybe we should let her rest a while. We have to get her to the hospital.

I can't treat you in my living room. Look, I'd have to check in.

The insurance and shit.

Everybody'll know.

We'll go home, get you some clothes, then...

Then pick up Abel. We'll sign him in.

We'll say we're running more tests.

You could get fired for that.

I'll figure it out.

Promise me...

You won't tell anyone.


We got to tell Clay. Not Clay.

Not Jax.

No one.

All right.

I won't say anything.

They're gonna see her face.

I know.

Stay with her, all right?


Just a minute.

I love you.

I do.


Get out!

Come on, it's Alvarez on the prepay.

Niners came into my hood and took out one of my guys.

How do you know it was the Niners?

Niggers blew out his guts, got him holding up nine fingers.

Shit's going sideways out here, man.

Gonna need those AKs. As many as you got.

I'm sorry, man.

I want to help you out, but this ATF thing's got us tapped.

You better be telling me some straight shit, ese.

I'm as straight as shit gets, man.


Thought you said Opie tagged that Mayan SOA?

He did. He carved it on his belly. Well, Alvarez just found the guy, his guts blown out, holding up a nine.

Had to be Jax.

All right.

Call Laroy.

Tell him it's about to jump off.

He's gonna need some guns.

Another magical day to be alive.

Riding through this world

All alone

God takes your soul

You're on your own

The crow flies straight

A perfect line

On the devil's bed

Until you die

Gotta look this life

In the eye

Episode 202

SMALL TEARS All right.

I'll send somebody out.


Otto wants to talk to us.

Here comes Captain Black.

Premium or regular, sir?

Your intel checked out.

Dead Mayan was flashing our sign.

Had to be the Mexicans killed their own guy.

Guess you and me, pos(192,220) we're going steady again. I'm happy to say that our little Mexican retail experiment... in the rearview, brother.

You look tired, man.

Recreational H is drying up.

Ain't no stimulus package for the middle-class powder user.

Black and brown back to fighting over the junkie trade.

Recession sucks. Going to need two dozen AKs.

All right.

They'll be simple, though. No scopes, no mods.

Need them tonight. I'll call you with the location.

Something you fellows need?

Black man can't stop for gas in Charming?

As long as he buys enough to get him back to the hood.

Boys have a nice day.

Thought we don't shit where we eat. Relax.

Just mending some fences.


There's a car out by the power and water construction site.

Needs a tow. Call the garage.

It's Gemma's caddy.

She ran off the road last night heading home from Jax's.

She all right?

She's with Tara at St. Thomas.

You 're just telling tell me this shit now, right? Just found out.

I came looking for you.


Neeta started today.

Good morning.


My god. What happened?

I'm fine.

I need to get him to St. Thomas.


I'll have him back before lunch.

Thought he just had all his tests.

He needs more.

Is something wrong?

I'm Dr. Knowles.

I'm his doctor.

Want to tell me what's going on here?

I need to get both of them to the hospital.

Maybe I should follow you.

That would be good.

Step aside, step aside. Man down, man down.

Out of the way.

How's the homecoming queen? He's a little green.

How's Gemma?

Better than you.

Good, good. Alright, alright.

There's a number of small tears.

It's nothing that won't heal on its own.

We'll start you on antibiotics right away.

It's standard procedure to treat for chlamydia and gonorrhea, even before the test results are back.

You should have a plastic surgeon look at this.

I've been hit before.

Sorry to interrupt, doc.

I need a word with Gemma.

Let him in.


What is it?

Clay is here.

You son of a bitch.

I told him you were in a car accident.


Ran your caddy into a concrete barrier out by the utility shed.

Take my head off if you want.

I just didn't seen any other way to sell this.

He don't know about nothing else.

I'll go and talk to him.

I don't want to see him yet.

Actually, they're all here.

Jax and the guys. Jesus Christ.

Is there anyone you didn't tell?

I'll handle it.

Maybe I should help her.

This wasn't about me.

What do you mean?

What those animals did was to hurt Clay, Jax.

Anyone finds out...

They win.

I can't let that happen.

Who's "they," honey?

That don't matter.

How is she?

She's fine.

Just a few bruises.

Okay, good.

And you?

Look, I'm glad you asked for the truth.

It means a lot to me you want to figure out how to make this work.

I have to let Clay know.

What's going on? Is she okay?

When she hit the barrier, she took a pretty good shot to the face.

There's some swelling.

I have to run a few more tests, but she's going to be fine.

But, uh, it's nothing serious?

Can I see her? It's gonna be a little while.

I appreciate you taking care of her, doc.

Of course.

Something wrong?

They found that Mayan we visited.

He was throwing up nine fingers.

Brown's a little pissed at black.

I made a decision... for the good of the club.

You settle that shit on your own?

Spur of the moment, seemed like the right thing.

I'm sure you can understand.

Feds raided Luann's studio.

Asset seizure.

Wiped her out.

Me and Ope will go deal with Otto. Ope goes with Tig.

Take Bobby. He can use the fresh air.

I'll handle it.

Arranged a little entertainment. Appreciate that.

White on white?

What's that about?

Our Aryan friends are getting a little choosy about who they burn crosses with.

Something's trickling down from the top of mount whitey.

Not sure what.

Not why I asked to see you.

I know. I heard about Luann.

How can we help?

This punk producer's making a play for her talent.

Feds shutting her down, this asshole will hijack all of them.

We'll talk to him.

She needs time and money to get up and running in a new space.

We can get her the time.

And the money?

We're only half healed, Otto.

We don't have it.

This seizure by the feds, it's Stahl pissing in my mouth for what I did to her.

And I did that for Sam Crow.

I know that.

I don't want her back in front of the camera, Jax.

I told her she'd never have to do that again.

I won't let that happen.

That's a promise.

Dump those in the back.

She didn't tell him.

Morrow's old lady.

They don't know what happened. How do you know?

The nigger nanny said Gemma got hurt in a car accident.

Clay's laughing, playing with some little kid.

You said this was gonna rip them up. It will.

Unraveling the matriarch will destabilize them.

They're all little boys who need a strong mommy.

But if this bitch doesn't say anything, what the hell does that mean?

It means we underestimated Mrs. Morrow.


I'm so sorry.

I'm sorry. Oh, no, it's okay.

I'm just... I'm just kind of jumpy.

Now, you got to lay off them midnight joyrides.

You okay?

I'm fine.

It's kind of hot.


That's what I was going for.

Are you ready to go home?

You know, they have to... They got to do some more x-rays.

Neeta can give me a lift.

I can wait.

No, honey. It's okay.

Yeah, it's gonna be a while.

You sure? I'm sure.

I'm really...

I'm fine.


I love you.

I love you too.

I got to add these two cameras to the list.

Here's half your retainers.

I'll give you the other half at the end of the week.

You stay away from Georgie, hear me?

All his actors end up strung out and turning tricks.

We will.


My god, they did clean you out of the way.***

Otto wasn't kidding.

That's some lovely merchandise walking out that door.

And they'll keep walking if I don't come up with the rest of their money.

Otto said some guy's giving you trouble?

Georgie Caruso.

Shitbag's threatening my girls, they don't join his company.

His name is georgie?

Can't you just talk to him, make some kind of temporary arrangement?

Isn't how it works with this.

Georgie's game is fear.

Goddam roy crew runs his girls like pimp's running pussy If I could just get the money I loaned sam crow...

That's not going to happen today.

Look, I said to Otto I'd back this guy off of you, and that's what I'm gonna do.

Where's this guy's office?

I love that movie.

I laughed, I cried, I came.

Holy shit, it must have been good. It won an anal oscar.

Here we go.

You need something? We're here to see Georgie.

You got an appointment?

Then you don't see him.

Auditions are out back.

Let me guess... Georgie Caruso.

They were just leaving, mr. Caruso.

That's too bad, 'cause this one here's got kind of a Brad Pitt thing going.

Only not quite as gay.

I'm a friend of Luann Delaney.

Is that so?

I'm real sorry about what happened.

You're terrorizing her actors.

That stops now.

I'm helping those girls.

Luann is out of business.

Luann's not out of business.

That's not what I heard.

Don't make me come back here.

Bye, Georgie.

You got a problem?

Not now, man. I feel pretty good. Thanks.

I told you I was sick.

Need six more.

You doing okay?

I mean, family and stuff.

I guess.

I lost an old lady.

Yeah, I dumped an fxr on the I-5 and the poor bitch slid right in front of oncoming traffic.

Shit, I didn't know that.

Your kid's mom? I wish it was that gash.

No, it was before I got patched. Found out she was pregnant.

Really loved that one.

I keep dreaming.

I'm back in Chino.

Really violent shit.

Then I wake up relieved, that I'm home.

It takes me a minute to realize that I'm alone in bed.

You're not alone, Ope.

I appreciate it.



That's just someone I don't want to see.

She's gonna have a million questions.

We can wait in here.

I'm not gonna do it today,

'cause I ain't a stupid sister, but you know at some point, I'm gonna have some questions.

I know.

While we're here, you want to say a prayer with me?

I'm not big on praying.

Sure you are.

Look at the way you're holding him.

I can see it in your face... you're thanking god.

It's gonna be okay. Just tip your head back a little bit.

I don't think it's broken, so... Wait a minute, hang on to that.

I told you not to stir things up. Look what that asshole did to her.

This was Caruso? Who do you think?

Little prick.

You guys must have really put the fear of god into him.

Tell them what Georgie said.

He told me to tell Luann that if the little biker boys show up again, he's going to roll the cameras while he jams his dick up all your asses.

We'll see Gemma later.

Jax, don't you do anything!

Who the hell do you think you're talking to?!

Get her patched up!

Call the rest of your talent, tell them to lock their goddamn doors!


Should we call Clay?

He's on the guns. Call the others.

It's baseball time.


God, you're so stiff, You won't score in the second half.

Get the hell out! This is a closed set!

Come on!

Get back. Don't even think about moving.

After I saw what they did to Lyla, I just...

Get her out of here.

Happy to see you, too, sugar...

You so much as send a friendly text to any of Luann's girls, your next movie...

Canseco does Georgie.

You understand? I get it.

There's a ton of guys like Georgie out there.

Luann can't pay her talent, they'll keep coming...

So to speak.

That's why she wants the 50k.

That's not gonna happen. Obviously, but we can offer her something else: a partner.

What are you talking about?

The empty gun warehouse we just built.

Same size as Caruso films.

All of a sudden you're Larry Flint?

Georgie's just a scumbag with muscle and a lease, right?

His staff and talent do all the work.

We already have staff and talent: Luann.

So we're the scumbags with the lease and muscle?

Why not?

We offer her protection, a space, front her a little cash for the shit the feds took, split the profits.

And I can upgrade her internet shit.

There's plenty of room for servers in that space.

And that's where the real cash is. And I was blessed with an excellent eye for casting.

Clubs get into trouble when they take on too much.

Guns have been downsized. We could use the extra income.

It's a legitimate business.

We run it clean, feds think we turned over a new leaf, they go away.

And the very least, we'll get Bobby laid.


Everybody loves pussy.

I second that.

Third it. I'm a very big fan of pussy.

All in favor? Like I gotta ask.


All right, looks like we're making movies.

We got a delivery to make.

I'll tell Luann she's got a new partner.

Anyone here?

Shit. You okay?


I'm sorry. It's okay.

I didn't mean to be such a pain in the ass, Jax.

Wait a minute. Don't.


You think I brought you here to Adriana you?

I'm not gonna hurt you.

I'm gonna help you.

Your new studio.

New studio?

What do you mean?

You're not gonna be able to compete without protection and investors.

We're gonna help you get back on your feet.

Sam Crow as a partner?

What's the split?

50-50, and our debt goes away.

And if I say no?

It's your only play, darling. We both know that.

Life was so much easier when I was just sucking dick.

All right, boys.

Two dozen AKs. Looks good.

Pay the man.



Clay, it's the Mayans.

Bobby's been hit in the shoulder! He's bleeding real bad!

Hold your fire, man! Let 'em have the guns.

Those are our guns! We'll get you more goddamn guns!

Gotta take care of our guys.

Jesus Christ!

Let's get the hell out of here!

Nice homecoming.

The information was good.

I owe you.

Yes, you do.

Who was that?

It was just... a friend from my church.

Sorry I'm so late.

What time is it? It's 10:00.

How are you?

I'm fine.

You need to talk to somebody about what happened.

Doesn't mean you're weak. It just... That's why I've got you.


Shit. I'm sorry.

I fell asleep.

You didn't have to stay. It's okay.

Feel better.

Excuse me.

What? I have to go to the clubhouse.

Medical emergency.

Shit. Stay here.

No. Go ahead.

I'll watch him.

Is it all right?

You're lucky, it went straight through.

Jesus Christ.

The Mayans, they crashed our little Niner delivery, man.

You okay, bro?

I'm in good hands.

They got away with two cases of the AKs.

In here.

That little judgment call you made for the good of the club came back to bite us in the ass. Almost killed Bobby.

I see that.

Whatever you may think, the truth is, everything I do is to protect what we got.

It's never arbitrary...

And it's never reactive.

Been doing this for 30 years. I know a few things.

Taking that tag off the Mayan was the right decision.

You know that.

You want to challenge me?


I don't give a shit.

But the minute it stops becoming about this club and it starts becoming personal...

They'll know that.

They'll lose respect for you and they won't trust you anymore.

And then you'll be handling everything on your own.

Think about that...


You okay?


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