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  1x10 - Better Half
 Posted: 04/28/13 18:52
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Previously on Sons of Anarchy...

You promised you were done with this. It's got nothing to do with you.

I 'm the one who get shit on if you get caught again.

I 'm not going to can't live this way anymore.

Half our goddamn fights are about money, and I can't get ahead without the club. I want back in, Jax.

That ATF agent. I was with him.

It got violent. I tried to end it. He started stalking me.

Once a biker slut, always a...

Who the hell are you?

ATF. Just what we need.

You guys want to rent a goddamn wing?

Cam Hayes. Michael's cousin.

Here's to Michael McKeavy.

Good soldier, good friend.

Hear. Hear.

He's hurt real bad. We gotta get him back to the clubhouse.

I need you guys to do me a favor.

Brenan Hefner. You gotta take him out.

Take him out. Means, like, kill him.

Doc's here. He's going to fix you up.

I got the slugs out and stopped the bleeding.

If the penicillin kills the infection, he should make it.

Cameron was supposed to kill that piece of shit Hefner.

Murder for hire. It's not about money.

That asshole killed McKeavy.

Who does it? I do.

No mistakes.

I want Ope pulling the trigger on this.


You gonna pick me up after work? Yeah, if I can.


My permits are up to date. Actors all have their HIV card.

What's my shit got to do with ATF?

Why should Vice get all the fun, huh?

Viagra, poppers, blow.

Tools of the trade. This is bullshit.

Actually, it's possession, maybe even intent to distribute.

Shut it down.

It's a wrap for Cecil B. DeMilf.

When's Donna getting back? This morning.

You haven't said much to me since Oakland.

Don't got much to say, I guess.

You were right. I wasn't ready.

It's done, bro.

You doing all right with all that?

I'm just a bit out of practice dealing with that shit, you know?

It's about something bigger, man: club, family.

That got you past it?

I'm trying to run a department here.

You mind telling me how I'm gonna do that without an office?

You know about this?

No one knew.

I love a good surprise.

What the hell is going on?

I'm borrowing your house for a couple weeks.

Gonna be a little tight.

And what's your business here?

What do you think, Chief, huh?

I bet you've already made a call to Clay Morrow.

Your personal and professional relationship with the Sons of Anarchy has been well documented. Is that so?

Escort Chief Unser out.

He poses a security risk to my investigation.

You scrawny, uptight bitch.

You don't know shit about me or this town.

Why don't you take a little down time, Wayne?

Play golf, go fishing... get a round of chemo, you know.


You didn't have to humiliate the guy.

You're the one who got this ball rolling, Sparky. You wanna play in my backyard or the cow pastures? I want to stop Sam Crow.

Good. Then let's catch up.

We know the Sons are getting their guns in oil barrels from Dungloe, Ireland.

That's IRA territory.

True IRA territory. These guys did not buy into the peace accord.

The guns are how they keep their Pro-Irish agenda on fire.

Michael McKeavy, big Irish player.

He was found beaten to death

2 weeks ago, Pier 56, Oakland shipyard.

You think this was Clay? No, I don't.

I think it was this guy.

Brenan Hefner, Oakland Port Commissioner. Very dirty.

I think that a deal went south and Hefner killed McKeavy.

Who killed Hefner?

Sam Crow.

McKeavy was a friend. Hefner was an obstacle.

He was found gunned down in the projects.

Oakland DA's gonna keep me informed.

This intel, the murders we had here last week, this all points to the Sons.

Yes, and I've got shit to convict.

It's all circumstantial evidence.

That is why I am going to use RICO.

We need to prove that the Sons of Anarchy is an ongoing criminal enterprise.

And how does Luann Delaney play into this?

We have to show that there's been illegal activity over the past 10 years, so we use Luann's incarceration as a bargaining chip with her husband, Otto Delaney.

We dig up dirt in the past, and then go after the present.

These guys will never rat.

You're really missing the theme here, honey.

Outlaw clubs do not keep their women in the dark.

They're smart.

They use them.

We go after the ones who have the most to lose.

Job... family... freedom.

She's not one of them. Tara's not one of them.

We've had surveillance on the club for the last four days, and Tara has spent every night there.

Kohn was right: he pushed her straight into Teller's arms.

What's the matter, Deputy?

You got a little stiffy for Miss Tara?

Tara, she's...

No, she's just an old friend.

Where should I put these?

Put those in my office. Thanks, Hale.

I really don't get it.

Episode 110: Better Half Excuse me. Sorry.

Missed a few Sundays. Trying to catch up a bit.

You Catholic?

I'm whatever I need to be.

How's the Irishman?


He hasn't left the cabin yet, has he?

Today's the first day he's been on his feet.

Make sure he stays put.

Unser just called.

That ATF bitch is back in Charming.


What's going on? I'm not sure yet, but, if Cameron's anything like McKeavy, he's probably on a dozen federal watch lists.

Gonna have Happy come down, smuggle him out up north.

Jesus Christ, Clay.

- I know.

We'll get through it, baby. We always do.

Be careful.

What's going on?

Feds are back.

We got to keep you up here till we can get you out.

Do you believe in God, Gemma?

I believe in family.

You think that's enough?

Who are you kidding?

Sitting here ticking off Hail Marys.

You think that gives you some kind of heavenly pass?

God's gonna open the pearly gates when those next two bullets catch you in the head?

It's all a little absurd, I guess.

Truth is, I know I'm going to hell.

The praying just makes my time here a little less miserable.

A few Acts of Contrition could make you feel good, too, love.

There's only one way these beads could make me feel good... love.

And it involves a whole different act.

Must be hard.

Two kids, full-time job, behind on the mortgage.

What is it, $32,000 in credit debt? We get by.

Or you get out.

Then, those moving boxes suggest the latter.

You're smart, Donna.

You get your kids and you get as far away as you possibly can before Sam Crow rips your family apart.

It's only a matter of time before Opie's back inside again.

We both know... I don't need a cop to tell me what's wrong with my family.

I don't know shit about Opie's club business.

And even if I did...

I'd never rat on him.

Get out of my house, bitch.

I know we got cash tied up in the rebuild, but I was hoping to get my payout for Hefner.

Two mortgage payments behind.

You should've said something, man.

I mean, waiting for the cash wasn't mandatory.

I know. I was just trying to help the club.

That's all right. I'll pull it out of the treasury funds.

Thanks, man.

You doing okay? Yeah.

Just... shit at home.

I got it handled.

What's going on with him?

His heart's in it, and his head's someplace else.

Too much of that shit going around lately.

Can I help you? Dr. Knowles?

I'm Agent Stahl, ATF.

May I ask you some questions?

Of course.

Thank you.

I'm trying to wrap my brain around your history with Sam Crow.

Excuse me?

Wait, your mom died when you were nine.

You left Charming and your drunk daddy 11 years ago.

Moved in with an aunt in San Diego.

My father's cousin. Right, right.

You graduated at UCSD with honors.

You were top of the class at Loyola Med, and you did your internship at Chicago Presbyterian.

Really very impressive.

Yeah, I know. I was there.

And now you're here... at Saint Redneck's... getting dirty with the bad boys again.

How does that happen?

My personal life is really none of your business. What do you want?

Fair enough.

Do you know of any illegal activity that Jax Teller or the Sons of Anarchy are involved in?

No, I don't.

That was easy.

Listen, if you do... think of something or you see something that just doesn't feel right, would you please give me a call?

Thank you for your time.

Now, what exactly is it you're hoping to find?

Just wondering what digging up dirt on old girlfriends gets you.

Is that what Kohn liked?

Your inquisitive nature?

Understand that he never got off the plane in Chicago.

He's MIA.

Threw away his career for love.

I just hope you're not doing the same.


She knew all about me. She knows about us...

It's all smoke.

Look, they've got nothing on Sam Crow, so now they're harassing people close to us.

I'm sorry.

You didn't say anything?

No. Of course not.

She mentioned Kohn. Said he was MIA.

Kohn was a wanted man.

He didn't show up in Chicago

'cause he doesn't want to go to jail.

Probably halfway around the world by now.

Yeah, halfway.

This will never blow back on you.

That's a promise.

I won't let you get hurt.


This will cover the mortgage, put a dent in some of the bills.

Where are the kids?

Next door. Lena's watching them.

So I don't get a say in any of this?

I didn't get a say in this decision, did I?


There was an ATF agent here this morning.

She's a real nasty bitch.

Grilled me about you, the club.

Said Sam Crow was gonna tear apart my family.

I'm sorry.

I'm moving in with my mom.

You know, Find a place near her for me and the kids...

Donna, just...

Why did you stay?

What do you mean ? When I was inside.

Why the hell didn't you get out five years ago?.

The kids were babies. Don't put it on the kids!

You knew that I was gonna go back to Sam Crow.

What the hell else was I gonna do? I'm not your brother.

I'm not your dad.

Can't be a good old boy chopping from 6:00 to 6:00.

I earn with the club.

That's what I know. That's how I support this family.

I'm doing this because of you!

Because I love you and the kids.

If you can't get behind that... keep packing.

I'm gonna go see my kids.

I gotta talk to you.

I didn't want to go by your place because I'm afraid the feds might be watching.

What do you know about that?

They just came to the nail salon looking for me.

I called Half-Sack, and the feds are going after all the women.

It's just a scare tactic.

Tell them you open beers and suck dick. That's it.

They got nothing.

I haven't been completely honest with Half-Sack.

I don't like where this is going.

I'm sorta married.


He was a sadistic asshole.

He wouldn't divorce me, so I left.

Took everything. Took the car, took the money, took the dog.

You're wanted for grand theft.

And arson.

I burned down our condo.

Nice touch.

He was such a dick, Gemma. Jesus Christ, Cherry.

It's actually Rita.

Cherry was our dog's name and she died and I always liked it better than mine.

That's sweet.

What am I gonna do?

I love Half-Sack.

It's going so good, Gemma. What the hell am I going to do?

You gotta get out of here, Rita.

But I don't want to leave him.

They're going to threaten you with jail time.

Yeah, but I'm not a rat.

You ever been inside?


Not so fast.


Very impressive, Vicky.

Hard to find good help these days, hmm?

Know what you mean.

That little tart doesn't know anything.

What about the porn star? We've got her in custody, too.

She can probably teach you how to give a great hummer, but I'm guessing you've got that covered.

I get by.

Picking off the ones that have the most to lose.


That's how I'd do it.

I've seen you in action.

You almost killed that one with a skateboard, didn't you?

We've mended fences. I guess so.

What was she doing, asking for the queen's advice?

What lies to tell?

I'll bet that there's enough secrets in that pretty head of yours to bury an empire.

I'm just a wife and mother, darling.

You know... you might want... to unscrew that penis sometimes.

It's fun being a girl.

If you want me... you know where I live.

You're lucky, Rita.

Nobody died in the fire.

Yeah, I gave it my best shot.

Apparently, he was more upset about losing his dog than you.

It was my dog.

What can you tell me about Indian Hills, Nevada?

Sons of Anarchy patching over the Devil's Tribe?


Well, I doubt that.

You got balls, sweetheart. I'll give you that.

The club must have found you very resourceful.

Nothing? All right, we're going nothing, then?

I'll go start your extradition paperwork.


Yeah. Nevada, they want you back.

Probably throw attempted murder at you: 25 years.

You'll get out just in time for menopause.

You think about that for a while, and we'll talk before you leave, okay?

My God.

Got Luann on drug charges, Cherry on theft and arson.

That don't make sense.

Stahl's trying to use RICO.

If you could prove her case, she could take you all down.

And if we go down?

Why do you think I'm sitting at the goddamn table, Scotty?

We got Anything to be worried about with the doc?

She's seen a lot of shit over the last couple weeks.

Little Miss Tara's the one who got the ATF here in the first place.

You got nothing to worry about with Tara. I trust her.

Rosen can't get through to Otto in Stockton.

He's on federal watch.

No calls in or out.


Stahl's squeezing him for history?

Using Luann as leverage.

Otto will never rat.

Now, if it was me and they had Gemma, I'd give 'em something useless., \you know? Some old shit, wouldn't hurt the club.

With RICO, no info's useless.

The way Otto pines for Luann, he'd do anything he can to protect her.

Little Cherry pie knows all about Indian Hills. Cherry would never say nothing.


You willing to bet your top rocker on that, prospect?

We all have our past and present indiscretions, boys.

Goddamn ATF bitch. Goddamn bitch!

They keep the girls in your cell overnight?

You still got your keys? What are you thinking here?

Get a message to Luann.

She talks to Otto, she can warn him about Stahl using RICO.

What about Cherry?

We'll see where she's at.

You think you can get me inside?

I doubt the feds are working around the clock, but I got four guys and Dispatch on 11:00 to 7:00.

Maybe we come up with something keeps them busy.

Well, you clear 'em out, I'll get you in.

What about, like, security cameras? It's a police station.

I got cops. I don't need cameras.

Maybe I should go with you, talk to Cherry.

No, retard, you shouldn't.

Me and Ope.

Everybody in favor? Hear, hear.

Yeah. Hear, hear.

Put your goddamn hand down.

Otto, I'm Agent Stahl, ATF.

Luann sends her best.

Too bad you don't have a sister prison.

You guys could visit each other. Go to the dance together.

We raided your wife's studio.

Found enough narcotics to put her away for a dime, maybe more.

Jesus Christ, Luann.

Yeah, it's very sad.

All those teenage boys with nothing to jerk off to.

What do you want?

You give me something on Sam Crow, and I cut your wife loose.

You went after her to get to me?

It's a waste of time.

Turn the camera off.

All right, look, I'm gonna be straight with you, okay?

I got this bullshit case dumped on me.

Last thing I want to be doing is running around humping outlaw bikers.

I just need something to take back to my bosses.

If the intel leads nowhere, then I really don't give a shit.

I know you have a parole up in three months.

If you help me with this, I can make it happen this time.

And you'd throw me a recommendation?

I would.

Luann walks, you get out of here and I get to move on to a real case.

This is a win-win-win situation.

Shit I know is all dead.

I'm not plugged into Sam Crow anymore.

My boss doesn't know that, does he?

Just give me any old dead shit. I really don't care.

I want it all in writing, all of it.

And a conjugal.

I want to see Luann.

I'll try to make that happen.


I can stay.

I gotta just... be okay here, you know?


All right, then I'll go.

What would have happened... if you'd left with me 11 years ago?

I don't know, Tara.

What would have happened if you stayed?

Maybe I wouldn't have killed someone.

You didn't.

You're gonna get past this.

It won't feel like this forever.

Honestly, Tara.

Your mom says that I have to end this.

That whatever we're doing here can't work.

You believe her?

What is this?

I mean, is it just about the Kohn thing?

What do you want?

I want you to stop listening to my crazy mom and get some sleep.

We can't keep looking the other way. We need to think about this.

What the hell are we doing?

Do you love me?

It's a simple question, babe.

It's not a simple answer.

I know.

All right.

I'm gonna go, okay?

You ever get high off of this?

It's just oxygen. No, I know, I know, but can't you turn it way up and get, like, you know, a Blue Velvet kind of thing going on?

What the hell is wrong with him? The list is too long, my friend.

Bobby, we should do this.

Listen, Bob. I'll do it.

What? Don't worry. I'll do it.

All right. No.

How's it going? How's it going,

Look, guys, last thing I want to do is start any trouble.

My girl, she's Mexican, too. These assholes over here at this table, the shit they're saying about her.

I don't want to bother you fellows, but I got a daughter at home just about her age, and them rednecks over there are saying things about your girl that are more than rude.

They are downright disgusting. Who said it?!

It's that black-haired prick right behind me.

Well done.

I do what I can.

Dispatcher's in a separate office. She won't hear us.

Get to the cells through the back door.

You here, man?


That's our cue.

Stay here. Call if anyone shows up.

I thought you wanted me...? Just keep your eyes open, dude.

Holy shit.

What are you doing here? We think the feds are pressing Otto.

Something's going on. They're letting me see him tomorrow.

You got to get a message to him. Luann.

They're trying to use RICO act against the club.

You got to tell Otto he can't give them any info, all right? Nothing... no matter how small or old. Shit.

All right? I'll tell him.

What are they asking you?

You got to take me with you, man, please.

I can't.

That bitch wants to send me back to Nevada.

I'm gonna do hard time like a hundred goddamn years.

I can't do that.

Your mom's right. I'll rat if I stay in here.

I'll rat! Come on.


Please, take me with you... All right. Shut up.

Come on.

Where the hell you going with her? We got to take this one with us.

You're breaking her out?

Hey, aren't you the police chief?

I've got no idea what I am anymore. He's a friend.

Put her in the van. I'm gonna check your office, see what I can find.

Come on, little girl, before something else bites me in the ass. It's over there.


Now it's my turn.

I cannot believe we let them sneak her out under our noses, while you and I are...

Ease up, sweetheart. Don't slit your wrists just yet.

Cherry was half your case.

Oakland DA's office just faxed me these.

Turned up an eyewitness to Hefner's murder; ID'd two guys.

Holy shit. This is Bobby Elvis, and this looks like Opie.

I sent their mug shots up this morning.

We should have a positive ID by this afternoon.

Screw the tart. This gives us our present-day crime.

Now I'm gonna go get me... some yesterday.

Luann's immunity and your get-out-of-jail-free card.

You're, missing a couple of signatures.

Well, I sign off on them after you hold up your end.

I'm reaching in my pocket, just a napkin.

Big hijack, nine years ago.

Sam Crow, two other charters.

You type it up, I'll sign it.

After you sign off on these.

Luann's freedom now, yours after you sign.

Fair enough.

Fair enough.

The warden would only give you ten minutes with her.

You do what you want with the time, but the cameras will be on.

Sorry about that.

Our cargo's doubled.

We got two heading up.

Chief Unser here has been kind enough to supply us with a truck.

Shipment manifest for two pallets of electronics,

180 pounds and...

98 pounds. That ought to get you and the cargo across the Canadian border without a stop.


This is my gift to you.

You know my mom's real sick.

She's in a home in Bakersfield. Yeah.

I'm thinking about going Nomad;

I can spend some more time with her.

You know there's always a seat at the table for you, my brother.

Thank you.

Absolutely. Thanks, Bobby.

You let us know if your ma needs anything.

Let's move out.

He seems like a nice fellow.

LUANN Jax said ATF sis using RICO against the club.

Are the feds pressing you to turn... because of me? No, baby.

I took care of it.

I got you clear.

Jesus, Otto did you rat?

If Clay... sees I got out, he'll know you made some kind of deal, and you'll know what they'll do to you.

Don't worry. Don't worry, baby.

I'll get a message to the MC.


I'm more worried about you.

You got to be smart, Luann.

They'll do whatever they can to hurt us.

Poor Otto... not even a hand job.

Is there anything else?

No, that's everything.

You sure? I swear.

I swear.

You know, I don't think I could ever get used to calling you Rita.

I don't want you to.

I'm sorry.

It's all right.

Wrap it up, kids!

It's time to go!

I have something I want you to have.



Don't forget me.

I just talked to Smith.

Eyewitness could only ID Bobby Munson.

Couldn't get a positive on Opie.

Well... after this, they all go down.

You're healing nicely. Thanks, Doc.

His dressings need to be changed every day.

As long as he doesn't move around too much, he should be fine.


Did you sleep okay?

Irishman good to go?

Thanks, Doc.

Ready for the road trip, kids?

Just in case.

Be safe. Okay.

Let's go, Cammy.

Thank you.

No more burning down shit.


Let's get you inside.


Here is your statement.

You want to make sure we got it all right, please?

I hope you had a nice visit.

I did. Thanks.

You sign, then I'll sign.


What's the matter?

I don't have my glasses.

Did I say this was June or July here?

Looks like July to me...


Get off me!

Get off me!

I'm burning these assholes. ***

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