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  1x08 - The Pull
 Posted: 04/28/13 18:50
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So where are we at with McKeavy's cash?

Called in every marker we had. Picked up another $40 grand.

Bobby got that gig in Laughlin. The owner fronted him the pay already.

Here's five grand more for the pot. We got 130.

McKeavy heads back to Ireland tomorrow.

And he's gonna need his whole $200 K by tonight.

We got one more place left to go.

The porn queen.

Otto's old lady? Gemma says Luann's picking up two Gs a week just from ad revenue from her website.

Yeah, factor in membership fees, downloads, she's making three times that much.

You should let Gemma talk to Luann; they're tight. Keep us clear of it.

That makes sense.

All right, well, I'm going to St. Thomas anyway. I'll talk to Mom.

Kid gets out of the toaster today. You get to hold your son.

That's great, Jackie boy. Seriously.

At least we know one good thing's gonna happen today?

Wait here.

I thought we agreed to meet alone. My son, Esai.

I don't travel far from home without family.

I'll bet you got a lot of family.

What do you want? How's your beef going with the Niners?

You guys making any ground stepping on that heroin monopoly?

Sucks when the competion's got all the big guns.

You make me drive 40 minutes to shit-talk me, asshole?

No. Got something you might find interesting.

Hope it's your last will and testament.

It's part of an ATF file on the Sons.

How'd you like to take over Sam Crow's gun business?

Niggers can't buy guns, can't protect their heroin.

Mayans win out on two fronts.

Horse trade and gun running.

Their Irish gun supplier.

This is legit?

I also know when, what and how the guns are coming in.

Everything you need to intercept and renegotiate the distribution agreement.

Where'd you get this? It's a going-away gift from a disgruntled agent.

Enemy of an enemy is a friend, right?

So what do you say... friend?

What do you want?

Same thing I always wanted:


You kill Clay Morrow, and while the chicken's running around without a head, you hit the rest, wipe out Sam Crow.

That's it?

A simple little massacre?

You sucking your own pipe, grey boy?

Charming PD and the feds have hit a wall with these bastards.

They sent me this file for a reason.

Now, do you really think they're gonna give a shit about an outlaw bloodbath?

They'll count the bodies, count their blessings and close the case.

All right...

Hey, hold it.

It's not that simple, man. No, it is that simple, man.

You hit Clay first, then you kill the rest.

I get Charming, you get the gun intel.

Now what part of that is confusing your little brown brain?

Do it quick before they catch on.

What'd he want?

Got to put down a couple of the dogs making my life miserable.

Let me and my boys do it.

You think you can handle that weight? Just tell me who.

Sam Crow boss.

And that greedy cracker shithead.

Episode 108: The Pull.

I'm sorry.

I didn't mean to go off on you last night.

I'm sorry, too.

It was a crazy day.

Strange time, Jax.

So much shit is changing.

I just worry... about you, about him.

About Tara.

What happened with me and Tara, that's ancient history, Mom. She hurt this family, tried to pull you away.

I didn't leave, did I? But she did. Roke your heart.

I guess.

You guess?

She crushed you, Jackson.

I was 19.

It was first love bullshit. I grew up, I got over it.

It's time you got over it, too.

Somebody hurts your baby, you never get over it.

Dr. Namid's still in surgery.

Gonna be a while before they take him out of there.

Yeah, I came early to talk to you.

We need a favor.

Hey, baby. Is Abel out yet? No, not yet.

Appreciate you coming. I wouldn't miss it.

Could we talk?

I need to ask you a favor. Sure.

What is it?

It's not for me, actually, it's for the club.

They need $70 grand cash by the end of the day.

What happened?

I don't know details.

You want me to front the money.

A loan. Yes.

That's a lot of cash.

I don't know, Gemma.

I got a pretty good idea what you bank account looks like.

What does that mean?

Come on.

Don't get all humble now.

You're always bragging about the business, the money, the Corvette, new tits.

Here's a chance to use your cash for something that matters.

I paid my dues.

Six years of taking two in the ass while some teenager blew a load on my face.

I earned that producer's chair.

No one said you didn't earn it.

But Otto is the one who fronted you the money, pulled those dicks out of your ass so you could put it in that chair.

Don't you ever forget that.

I could... probably get my hands on 50, maybe 55.

That would really help. Thank you.

20 percent.


Interest. It's business.

You better rethink that percentage.

Bad shit happens to greedy whores.

Five percent.

Get it.


Come on, man, get up on the hood! Okay, man.


On three: one, two, three.

Darby runs his meth lab out of the diesel yard in Pope. That's where all the mill drivers score their crank. This is definitely Darby's shit.

This rock's been stepped on so many times, it's barely a narcotic.

See, Darby's making his move into Charming dealing at that lumber mill.

Clay, we got to send this Nazi asshole a clear message now.

Why don't we just go talk to the driver. Ask him where he bought the meth.


How's McKeavy's cash piling up?

Luann came up with 55. We need 15 more.

We've got six hours to find it.

If you ever want to own a top rocker prospect, then you better bring

15 grand to the table, sharpish. You got me?

Darby's guys.

Can't be good.

Holy shit.

Andy, who did this to you?



I was in way deep with Darby on my crank debt...


Where you buying?

Up in Pope.

Not in Charming?

Can't score shit in this town.

Anybody you want us to call... family or friends?


Oswald's going to fire my ass when he finds that tanker empty, man.

What are you talking about?

The Nords said that the diesel was payment for my crank debt.

So they came here and they beat the shit out of me and then they took my keys.

It was a full tanker? Yep.

It's at the county impound off the 18.

Well, there goes our 15 grand.

It's the goddamn SOA. Yeah. Here we go.

What the hell, asshole?!

Easy, white boy. Put it on the ground.

Dude, handle this for me.

Where you going? To get my top rocker.


No, you're not.

Yes, you are.

What the hell am I doing meeting you out here in the middle of nowhere?

Official police business.

Darby is dealing meth at the diesel yard up in Pope.

And why would I give a shit what happens in Pope?

I don't know. Just felt it was my civic duty to share information on a crime.

You know, set a good example and all.

Sam Crow is a leader in perpetuating civic reform.

Why am I looking at one of Oswald's tankers?

Leads us to our next conversation.

With the owner of Unser Trucking.

It's 8,500 gallons of diesel.

It's yours for 20 K.

Stolen diesel.

Gas costs got to be killing your bottom line.

I'm offering you a 50% discount.

Half the cost, twice the risk.

Come on. Fill your pumps after dark, and the uni finds the tanker on the side of the road.

Insurance covers Oswald, and you run your trucks at a buck 90 a gallon for the next six weeks.

Where's the risk in that?

Jesus Christ, can you at least pretend I'm a cop sometimes?

I'm gonna need that in cash.

So you stole an ambulance? I had nothing to do with this.


These things are worth, like, 100 grand easy.

Yeah, they are. That's why the people who buy them are, state and federal agencies and shit. Okay.

So, what, you want me to sell a stolen vehicle to the government?

No. Just... sell it to, like, a small hospital or something.

Like Uncle Freddy's Infirmary or what?

Why don't you just steal, like, a fire engine?

And then we could have our own rescue center.

We could have our own little uniforms and hats.

Okay, I get it.

Just trying to, you know, show a little initiative.

Hey, Chibs, get rid of this thing as soon as it gets dark.

You got it.

What the hell is this?

My prospect. Just, thinking outside the box.

You get a chance to talk to that tanker driver?

The Nords aren't dealing at the mill.

The driver bought the crank up in Pope.

It's where he filled his tanker with diesel.

That I just sold to Unser.

We're flush for the Irish. No?

My brother.

Einstein said that any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex and more violent, but it takes a touch of genius and lots of courage to move something in the opposite direction.

I'm realizing that my touch of genius and my courage are coming too little, too late.

And I fear that for Sam Crow, there may be no opposite direction.

Jackie boy, Clay's waiting.

Okay. Come on, kid.

We're all set. Devon just called.

The Irishman will meet you in the bar in half an hour.

You'll need that. Yeah, I guess I will.

I've been calling you on the cell.

They're taking Abel out of the incubation chamber.

Shit. Okay.

Get your ass going, Dad.

Hey, baby. Plainclothes?

Where you going? Meet an Irishman for a drink.

Well, be careful.

Hey, Tig. Yeah, darlin'.

Watch him. Absolutely.

Where's McKeavy? Don't know.

His cousin's waiting for you.

You know this guy? He's with the Cause.

Doesn't come stateside much. Must be important.

Cammy Hayes. I'm Michael's cousin. Clay Morrow.

Tig. Have a seat please.

Where is he?

He's dead.

Jesus. How?

The Oakland Port Commissioner threatened to bust open a shipment we got coming in on Monday. Wants to triple his payoff money.

Hefner. The greedy prick.

He's been riding roughshod over the ports for years.

Michael was pissed.

He went off on him for changing the deal.

Must have spooked Hefner.

Had his port goons jump Michael.

They beat him, broke his neck.

Left him for dead.


That's awful shit, man. Condolences.

Thank you.

Anything we can do to help with this?

No. No, it's personal.

I'll handle Mr. Hefner.

Michael spoke very highly of Sam Crow.

He trusted you.

Hope to be able to continue the relationship.

That's why I'm here. I'll be your new contact.

No disrespect... I'm sure everything you're saying is the truth...

No, no. Wish we had a secret handshake, a business card.

That's the package there that we're delivering to McKeavy.

Two months and a month insurance... 200 K.

Mind if I take a quick count? I got all night, brother.

Thank you.

I don't know how to break this to you, kid, but I'm your old man.

Are you kidding me? These guys are a joke.

Is it just me?

***Or are they horrible?***


This'll float the Cause. Keep Sam Crow and us in business.

Glad we could work it out, Clay. Me, too, Cameron.

How is the Cause going?

Like any good war, slow and steady.

Michael McKeavey, good soldier, good friend.

To a unified Ireland. It'll never happen through nonviolence.

Hear, hear.

What the hell you guys want?

Watch my back!

Yo, we get it. ***

What's the matter, man?! I'm not sure this is the right dude.

Goddamn, it's gotta be! We gotta split, dawg! Let's go!

Clay, you okay? Yeah, Damn it.


Cameron, that's bad. We gotta get you to an ER.

I'm wanted on four continents. I can't just check into a hospital.

Call the guys. Lock the doors. Get some rags.

We need to apply some pressure to these wounds.

Mayans, man.

I guess it's on.

And this war ain't gonna be slow and steady.

Hey, you okay? Yeah,

I can't track down Gemma, though. She's at the hospital with the kid.

Okay, good. Where's McKeavey?

He's dead.

Port Commissioner had him beat to death.

Jesus, Mary and Joseph. We'll get rid of the Mexicans.

All right, we'll take care of Cammy. He's hurt real bad.

We got to get him back to the clubhouse somehow.

Not a problem.

Uncle Freddy's Infirmary at your service.

In you go.

Those slugs are deep.

What the hell you're doing, Scotsman?

Five months in Her Majesty's armed forces as a medic.

Five months? Till I was court-martialed.


You think this hit was just about us, or us and the Irishman?

I don't know.

How would Alvarez know about the Irish?

Darby, man.

It was Darby.

The Nords and the Mayans have joined forces.

I saw it happening weeks ago when we blew up that warehouse.

I told you we should have handled it then.

This is Bloody Sunday, brother.

We got to call in all the Sons, all of 'em.

Kill this Cracker-Wetback alliance now.

Tig's right.

Need bodies, need guns.

You with us here?

We're not ready for war.

We got no cash, we got no weapon surplus, not to mention ATF's still in place. You can always find cash and weapons.

The question is are you with us here?!

Can you give us a minute? Yeah, sure.

You think I'm distracted?

All this shit with my kid? I'm very concerned about your focus, but I'm having serious doubts about your level of commitment to this club.

I risked my life for 15 grand today

'cause this club need it.

My commitment hasn't changed. And the damage that happened to my family? Yeah, I'm seeing things different.

Big picture shit for me, this club.

But I ain't afraid to get bloody, Clay.

I'm just afraid all that blood's gonna kill Sam Crow.

Alvarez tried to assassinate me today.

Right now this is only about blood.

And I'll worry about all that, that big picture shit after this score gets settled!

We even out this shit with Alvarez, it's gonna trigger a lot of SOA and Mayan beef. I want you and Juice to get on the horn, all right? Washington, Utah, Nevada, I want the number one and number two in Charming by the end of day tomorrow.

Clay, I'm worried about this, okay?

Jax is smart, and I appreciate his lead on a lot of stuff, but where we gotta go now, it ain't about being smart.

It's about killing shit.

I know. No.

I mean, I don't trust him.

When push comes to blood, I don't.

I don't think he's got the balls to pull the trigger, you hear what I'm saying? I hear you!

I hear you.

The slug in his ass may have hit an artery.

It's probably the only thing that slowing down the blood loss.

The only way we're gonna save this guy is if we get some surgical tools.

Like what? Scalpels, clamps, sutures... Needles. That kind of shit.

What happened? Ask him.

My God.

I'm fine. I'm fine.

I knew it. Goddamn it, I knew something bad was happening.

Holy shit! Where'd we get an ambulance?

Numbnuts stole it. We'll patch up the Irishman.

All right, so what do you need me to do?

We're going to have a full house tomorrow.

Maybe you could prep that, you know, food, booze.

Okay, I'll get the girls into it.

Man, I hate this shit.

Love you.

Love you.

Be careful.

I love you. Love you, too.

Chibs, make a list of the surgical shit you need.

I'll call Tara, see if she can help. Okay, kid.

I appreciate you helping us out.

See what I have in my kit.

I couldn't take anything from St. Thomas, they inventory.

Yeah, of course. Whatever you have's fine.

Here's some of the things that you need.

Great. Thanks.

I'm not sure what's going on, Jax, but I hope it works out okay.


I'm sorry.

For what?

You know, when I heard you were back in town, I ran the scenario of how this would work, you and me.

What'd it look like?

Like this.

You wondering what kind of bad shit I was doing, me saying I'm sorry.


Guess this conversation feels familiar.

Yeah, 'cause I'm the same guy wearing the same cut.

But you, you're someone different, doc.

That's a good thing.


I saw a father who loves his son.

No fear of being vulnerable, letting someone in.

It might be the same cut, but it's not the same guy.

Good night.


Good-bye, Mr. Crow.

You okay?

No screaming, you understand?

You're hurting me.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry I had to do it this way, Tara, but I just, I needed five minutes and I knew there was no other way. You're in a lot of trouble, Josh.

Please, just leave. Five minutes.

I need five goddamn minutes! Okay!

Sure, five minutes.

Let's start over...


Thank you for giving me this chance.

I know that my behavior has been less than chivalrous, and I apologize for that.

Sometimes love, passion, inspires a man's baser instincts.

He does things he's not proud of.

I'm sorry for those things.

I never meant to scare you, but the restraining order... come on.

That was so out of the blue.

And it made me feel like some kind of psycho.

I'm sorry.

I heard you talking to Teller out there.

Sounded kind of intimate.

You and him... that can never happen, you know that.

You know that's all wrong, don't you?

It's okay.

Water under the bridge.

All that matters... is this moment, right now.

You and me, Tara.

We have... the chance to put it all on the table, work it out, build the foundation that this relationship needs.



Why don't you... why don't you start.


I guess I should talk about, what do you want me to... No. Sweetie, this is about what you want.

This is your opportunity to clear the air, tell me everything that you... think doesn't work in our relationship.

Be... straight with me, brutally honest.


I guess, you know...

I was concerned.

Back in Chicago, you... you were very... possessive. Yes.

That's true. Yes. And I...

I got... Frightened.

I know.

Sometimes my energy can be very big.

I'm an intense guy, and I own that.

Yes, right. I got frightened.

That's why I filed the restraining order.

But you know now that there was nothing to be afraid of, right?

You just, you weren't used to being loved... so deeply.

Okay, relax...

My little worry wart.

Is there anything else you... you need to tell me?

Get off your conscience?

Our baby?

You don't want to mention that?

I... I had an abortion at six weeks. It was never a baby.

That's right, you... had an abortion.

Didn't bother to ask me howI felt about it.

It was my baby, too. It was never a baby.

You never gave him a chance!

I know in my heart this is the right thing.

What I feel for you is... it's deep.

It's... it's God-given.

This is our chance for a fresh start, Tara.

To do it right this time.

Let me... let me give you that gift.

No, wait! Wait, Josh, wait!

Please... please... Not this way.

It's... it's a fresh start.

Make love to me.

Gentle, like I know you can.

Please, baby.

I know you don't want to hurt me.

I know you don't. I know you love me.

I do love you.

Then love me.

I'm sorry.

I don't want to hurt you.

I just, I'm in so much pain when I think about you.

Do you have any idea how this feels? I know, babe. But I'm with you now, right?

It's just you and me.

Joshy and Tar-Tar.


I love you so much.


You stupid bitch!

Call an ambulance. I'll bleed out.

I'm sorry. Don't let me die. Please don't let me die.

Please? I'm s...

I'm sorry.

Holy shit!

I couldn't stop him. I tried to talk to h...

It's okay. It's all right.

Where is he? The bedroom.

Give me that.


You stupid bitch.

I didn't know what to do. I shot him, Jax.

I had to. What do I... what do I do?

What do we do? Okay.

We call this in. You're not gonna get charged, he is.

They're gonna patch him up, he'll do a few years for assault.

Then he's gonna be out, free to do this again.

No! He can't do this again, Jax!

Please... Teller's your solution?

You pathetic whore!

Once a biker slut, always a...

What have you...! It's okay.

It's okay.

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