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  1x05 - Giving Back
 Posted: 04/28/13 18:47
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Somebody help me, please!

I don't know, I swear!

Somebody help me, please!


Lin will get him when he gets out. Sam Crow can't protect his ass forever.

You okay? Yes.

Thanks, Otto.

Those guys don't give up, huh?

They never will, Chucky.

I'm out of here tomorrow.

Don't worry, I'm setting it up.

You're a good friend, Otto.

Not that good a friend.

How did you get this thing in here?

By myself.


Looks great.

How much?

Forget it, it's a gift.

No, Jax, I don't want...

I'm the one getting a deal.

I'll see you at the fund-raiser.

That Taste of Charming thing?

I'm doing the fireworks.


It's not a club thing, Donna.

Yeah, my mom started it years ago.

Raising money for the school district. We'll be there.

All right.

Come on, it'll be fun.

Give me some time to hang with the kids.

We'll go for a little while.

Thanks. How much he give you?

None of your business.

Tell everyone to leave room for the buses.

Who we bussing? Oakdale Assisted Living.

Seniors are all compulsive gamblers.

Triples our raffle dollars.

God bless Social Security.


Oh, hey, April.

Appreciate you coming to help. No problem.

Can I ask you something?


Charlie's band's playing during the fireworks tomorrow night.

He really wants his dad to come.

Shit, April, I don't think Clay is going to go for...

I would never ask anything like this.

Me and you, we understand what went down, but my kids...

Charlie doesn't know.

It breaks his heart that his dad can't come to anything around here...

No baseball games, no school stuff...

All right, all right, all right.

I'll bring it up to Clay. Thank you.

I can't promise anything.

Thanks for bringing this to the club.

They guys send their best. All good, man.

So who else is looking to meet with your friend?

He's got a couple of buddies in Chinatown.

They'd love to find him. Show him a good time.

If we pick him up, show him a good time first, how grateful is Chuck?

Probably bake you two honey cakes.

You trust him?

Been watching his back for 18 months.

Know him pretty good.

I trust him.

All right, we'll show him around. Good.

You make sure my gratitude goes to Luann.

Absolutely. Otto.



He's got a couple of issues.

It's a nervous tic kind of a thing.

Tics we can deal with.

No doubt.

Hey, baby.

All set for your picnic?

It's a fund-raiser.

Who we raising funds for this year?

Music department, middle school.

You are a saint.

Don't be an asshole.

I'm serious.

Yeah, I can tell.

Lowell, did you replace this main shaft?

I was talking to April Hobart.

What do you think about letting Kyle come tomorrow?

I don't think about it.

Opie went to prison because of that asshole. He's excommunicated.

It's not for Kyle.

April stayed in Charming when you stripped his patch.

Divorced him.

She divorced him 'cause he was nailing everything with two sets of lips.

The answer is no.

His kid's band is playing tomorrow night.

His father has never seen him play.

It's for April's kids. Jesus.

I guess I was just feeling charitable.

Thought maybe you'd like the opportunity to do the same thing.

I'm very charitable.

I know, darling.

You know what, I'll put it up for a vote. But it's not going to pass.

I love you.

That love's going to kill me.

"As I ride along, I hear a great sound.

"What could it be?

"What could it be?

"It's a merry-go-round."

I'm sorry, little man.

I'm not as good at this as Grandma.

Can I help you?

It's a beautiful boy.


Chuck's been cooking the books for the Asian mob.

Skimmed 400 K off of Henry Lin's crew.

Otto kept him safe up at Stockton, but he gets out tomorrow morning.

So we protect him, we pick up the cash, we get him out of Cali.

We're going to split the cash with Chucky boy.

25% goes to us.

Otto wants his 25 to go to Luann.

Ain't gonna be a cakewalk.

Lin's a dangerous cat.

Sneaky little bastard.

That's why we're going to work three-man shifts.

We will keep this place locked down. Chuck never leaves the clubhouse.

And the garage is open for pick-ups only.

Skim's hidden in one of the restaurants Lin uses as a front.

We're going to keep Chuck here until Sunday.

Go pick up the money when the place is closed.

Good, good.

Wait a minute, wait a minute.

There's one more thing.

April Hobart wants to know if her old man can come to the fund-raiser, see his kid's band play.

You got to be kidding. That's done, brother.

That's done. No, I know, but...

You know, she took a big hit staying behind.

She supported the club.

It's for her, not Kyle.

I figured I'd throw it up for a vote.

Let him come.

Are you serious? This can't be about getting even.

Not at the school. It's not about that.

The guy's got nothing, right? No club, no family.

Do me good to see that. Appreciate what I got.

Anybody opposed? Yeah, me.

I don't agree with it.

This is wrong, man.

Majority rule.

Vote passes. Let him come.

You all better be at that fund-raiser tomorrow, unless you want a size-nine high heel boot up your ass.

You coming? I'd rather have my balls cut off.

Jesus Christ.

What, too soon for that joke?

Watch Kyle tomorrow, right?

I don't want anything going down at Gemma's gig.

Keep him away from Ope. All right.

You Chuck? Yeah, yeah, thanks.

Thank you, guys.

I'm really, really in your debt.

You got no idea how much I appreciate you helping me out.

Episode 105: Giving Back You should put on your sunblock.

You know how you burn. I did.

What's up, buttercup?

Hey, Charlie boy. Hey, Dad.

How's it going?

I can't believe you brought her here. Kyle, this is about the kids.

Relax. She just wanted to hear Charlie play, okay?

Yeah, that makes sense. She's just about the same age.


This was a bad idea.

Check in with Gemma.

There you go. Okay.


You are late, Elvis.

Do you have any idea how difficult it is to get this into a helmet?

The kids are waiting. I know, I know, I know.

Bless my soul.

Look at all God's children.

So tell me, who wants to look like Elvis? Me! Me! Me!

Isn't that guy Sam Crow?

Not anymore.

He got out?

Sort of. Why don't you take the kids? I'll catch up.

Come on, babies.


How you doing, doll? Hi.

She know about Kyle? No.

Kyle looks like he's doing all right.

Go hang with your family.

Give us a minute, baby, all right?

No need to say anything. I know my boundaries.

I'm gonna tell you anyway.

You stay away from everyone.

The kid's done playing, you and your teenager climb in your pretty little cage and drive away.

Jax, wait.

I have something for the club.

This thing fell into my lap, man.

I'm making stupid money funneling stolen parts at my gig over at Sparks Brothers.

I want to hook you guys up.

That's why you're here? You're trying to buy us back?

Pull us into one of your bullshit schemes?

Not bullshit, okay? I want to share this with you guys.

Get out of my sight.

This is a really nice place.

Thank you for having me.

Thanks. That's on the house, man.

That's very nice of you.

Excellent draft.

So, you really got 400 thou stashed away, huh, Chucky?

416 thou.


Lin was real sloppy with his money.

Arrogant wasteful prick.

There's so much of it, too.

Counterfeiting, prostitution.

So I cooked his books for about a year.

I skimmed a little hoping he would fire me, but nobody noticed so I kept on skimming.

What'd you get busted for? Lin's lawyer finally caught on.

I got scared, so I blew the whistle. I cut a deal.

So you're a thief and a rat.

I accept that.

The hand on the dick, what's the deal?

I'm sorry, man.

I'm sorry. Sorry. I have this condition. I'm not even aware of it.

Condition? CMD.

Compulsive Masturbation Disorder.

I couldn't get the right meds in Stockton, so it's a little out of control right now.

You know, I used to have that, and then I turned 13.

It's a lot more common than you think.


It stems from childhood trauma.

I was sexually abused. Hey, Chuck, I don't give a shit about your trauma.

If I see your hands dance in your pants again, I'm gonna tie you up and I'll throw you in the goddamn closet.

Are we clear?

Accept that.

Can we talk?

I just wanted to give you a heads up. Let you know I'm in town.

I'm here on ATF business. What business?

It's an interstate weapons case.

I shouldn't be telling you this.

Originated in South Chicago, big arms deal led back here.

Sons of Anarchy are involved.

The rose petals and the sick photo, that business, too?

I just know you really love pink roses.

And I don't want to see you get hurt, Tara, not by that guy.

I'm not with him.

First love dies hard.

That restraining order is still in effect.

You come near my house or you come to my work again, and I will file a police report.

Actually, my federal jurisdiction take precedence over a state-ordered mandate.

But I understand how you feel.

And I promise, no more contact.

It's been good talking to you.

I miss that.

The King'd be so proud.

There you go.

Who's next?

Want to try the egg toss?

I'm not so good at catching.

Me neither.

Give it a shot, see how it goes?

That's okay, sweetie.

Go play with your friends.

Got to get the fireworks ready.

So, how are the guys handling Kyle?

Nothing to handle. Kyle's dead.

No, he's not dead to Opie.

You bow out of the egg toss?


Yeah, I did.

I wanted the guy to be a miserable broken piece of shit without Sam Crow.

I tell you, I'm having a hard time, man.


You know, this club means everything to me.

The only thing I ever wanted from the time I went here.

And everything else:

Donna, the kids, work.

I'm heading in the opposite direction. I just can't hook shit up.

Feel like I'm missing on every front.

I got no answers.

My family plan is right out of the Sid and Nancy handbook.

I'm so used to shit moving in the other direction, I don't know what I'd do if something actually hooked up.

You think he's happy?

I don't know.

Hold on. I don't want to get any egg on you.

He still has that tat.


This is me.

So how's that new high hat I bought you?

It's great, Dad. Thanks.

Just grab the box. I'll grab the heavy one.

I'll meet you outside, all right? I'll get the rest of your stuff later.

Okay, Dad.

I been doing what Jax asked. I'm staying clear of everyone.

Think you and I need to settle a few things.

Yeah, I guess we do.

I wanted to come up to Chino to try to explain what happened.

But you didn't. Coming up on family day, it didn't feel right, taking time away from Donna and the kids Stop.

Little Harry looks like he knows his way around a gun.

I'm kidding.

Thanks for the crib money. Any little bit helps right now.

Yeah, I get how rough it is for you guys.

I know you've always had trouble wrapping your head around the M.C. life, but Sam Crow is the only...

Your mom's already given me the "Sam Crow is the glue," speech.

I'm not talking about you and Sam Crow.

I'm talking about you and Ope.

What happens with me and Opie is no one's business.

You're wrong. He's my best pal.

I love that guy more than anyone.

But I also see what's happening to him, and it scares the shit out of me.

Opie can't be half in, half out.

It'll get him killed, Donna.

Then I want him out.

That other guy got out... Kyle.

Kyle was kicked out.

You know why?

'Cause the night Opie got arrested for blowing up that truck yard, Kyle was supposed to be his getaway ride, only the asshole panicked when he heard sirens.

Left Opie behind. Opie never said anything...

'Cause Opie's not a rat.

Brothers don't turn on each other.

He did the time. It's what we do.

Opie will never walk away from the club.

We both know that.

He's like me.

It's all we know. It's in our DNA.

If you keep pulling him in the other direction...

We're not the glue, Donna, you are.

See you two have been talking. Yeah.

You seem to be doing all right.

New truck, nice piece of ass.

Yeah, I guess.

I miss it, man.

I miss it all.

When I had that cut on, everybody knew who I was.

Even if I never met 'em, man, I got instant respect.

Now I'm just like every other shithead.

You started telling me something earlier.

The stolen parts thing.

Yeah, I'd love to bring it to the club.

Let you guys share in the pie.

It's my way of saying sorry.

We could run it by Clay.

Yeah? Yeah.

It's kind of a complicated time for us right now, so...

We should probably do it tonight while you're still in town.

Yeah, absolutely.

What about your kid's band?

Hey, it's cool.

I can hear him some other time.

All right.

It's the plum-colored Volvo.


Paperwork must be in the garage.

Excuse me. Have you seen Clay?

Yeah, he's looking for some paperwork. Okay.


Jesus Christ!

What...? I'm sorry.

Get the hell away from me! It's not sexual!

I'm not sick that way! Please... Get away!

Freak! Please!

Chuck! Jesus Christ!

Step outside for five goddamn minutes, you can't watch him? I was just in the can.

I was getting him the soft toilet paper. He hates the scratchy kind.

Well, I'm glad your ass is feeling loved.

Let's go, Chucky. We're picking up the Chink money now.

We can't go now. The restaurant's open. Everybody's there.

Yeah, everybody but us. I'm not sticking around for two more days and watching your hand puppet show. Get your stuff, now.

Is that wise...? Now!

Blue Beemer camped out front. It's the same one I saw at the prison.

Chinese? No, it's the hand job police.

Call the guys. We got to do this thing now. And it could get messy.

You seen Jax? He's with Ope. Why?

The boss wants us. You got two more hours in that booth.

Sorry, Mother. Come on.

Jesus Christ. Clay...

It sucks being the boss, don't it?

You know that fried shit's gonna kill you.

Yeah, 'cause the cancer's keeping me fit and spunky.

Hey, who's that guy behind the grill?

That's our new best friend... Agent Kohn. ATF.

The fed looking into the club is grilling sausages?

Must be part of his special federal training.

Good chili.

Are we okay here? Yeah.

What's up? We got to go.

The chow mein's ready. Now?


I'll catch you guys back at the clubhouse.

You gonna leave them alone? I'll tell you on the way.

That's good wangler, pal. You win.

Jax, who's it there?

Look at him. **

You tell Clay I'm pissed off.

Bad enough his sorry ass isn't here. Now he's talking all my manpower.

Who's that guy with the cops? That's your ATF guy.

That guy was at the hospital last night watching me with Abel.

That's dangerous, brother. Shit.

Well, you keep an eye on him.

If he follows us out of here or leave at any point, you give me a call.

Pre-pay? Yeah.

What's to stop them from calling the cops?

Trespassing, vandalism.

I'm more worried they'll call Lin.

None of them have direct contact with him.

Is this really necessary? Yeah.

You sure this is the place?

I did the books out of the back office.

Restaurants are how they wash the money.

Our friends in the Beemer shouldn't be far behind.

We'll be ready.

Masturbater, masturbater! I accept that.

Get out of my restaurant! You no work here.

No eat... go right now!

Where? Kitchen.

Hey, jerky-jerky man!

The ceiling above the stove.

That square of new plastic.

You get out of the kitchen! You go now!

Used to be an exhaust fan.

I stuffed it in there before they plastered it.

Gonna need something heavy.

I call cops!

You ruin my kitchen, crazy knife man!

Down the side vent to the left.

Holy shit! Told you.

I accept that.

You pay for damage! You go to jail!

All you crazy man... Shut up.

I love jerky-jerkoff.

You come back, okay?

Friends of the Beamer are here. Another interested party.

He's been taking laps in a silver Caddy.

The shit is on. All right, let's move.

Jax drives. Crap.

Shit. Hold on.

Sunday would've been so much better.

Well, that didn't work.


Shit. What's the plan here, Clay?

All we want is the bag. Plates.

Give us the bag, you can go. These are plates for a 20.

This shit's counterfeit? It's not shit. It's really good.

These bills'll pass anywhere. God damn.

This is your last chance. Hold up!


I think we can make a deal.

I want to talk to Lin.

There's your money.

But I'm guessing that's not what you're looking for.

Where's the other plate? It's in the van.

Look, we both got jerked around here. Now, I need real cash.

You need the cash-maker. Hey. Cops'll be here in a heartbeat.

I got the cops under control.

Ten grand. Hundred.


60, and I'll throw in the door prize.


Was there ever any real skim money? No.

I'm sorry! Let's go.

I need a protection. I figured you guys could still spend the money.

You know?

This was not our deal. Shut up.

I want to talk to Otto.

Pay Elvis and his friends.

Get the other plate.

Guys, guys, really. This is, this is a big mistake.

You don't want to do this. Come on. Really, you don't want to do this.

Look, I had a deal with big Otto. I kept my end of the bargain.


See ya, Chucky. Clay. Please. Clay!

Please! Clay! They're gonna cut me up into little pieces!

I do not accept this! Put him in.

How'd it go with the Chinese? Not too good.

Well, where's Chucky? That's the up side.

Clay. It's good to see you, man.

So I hear you got an offer I can't refuse.

Something like that.

Well, I better get back to do the fireworks, or your mom's gonna be stuffing gunpowder up my ass.

Yeah, I'm sure we're all on Gemma's shit list by now.

I live on that shit list.


You okay with this? Yeah.


I'm good.

Look, about what I was saying earlier... doesn't mean I don't want this.

I know.

I'd rather be dead than be that guy.

Yeah, me, too.

We should get going.

I can hear my mom swearing from here.

Do you know where Kyle is? No, I don't.

Bimbo's here. Truck's here. Can't find him.

He was with Jax and Opie.

Well, it's about time. There's Ope. I'll ask him.

Bobby! You tell Kyle about the knucklehead?

Who got a knucklehead?

48 Mint.


It's so beautiful. It'll blind you.

Where? Come on. Let's take a look at it.

You want to see it, all right? Yeah.

Yeah. Let's go!

Right this way, mister.

What you riding? I'm not riding anymore.

Okay, everybody, listen up here and let's... dig into those pockets and purses, okay, and get those tickets out.

Let's see if we can give away a few prizes here.

Here we go. Here we go.

Now, when I call your number, take it over to the booth over there and get your prize.

First one's seven, nine, three, six, three, nine, nine, five, one, seven.

Where's the knuckle?

What is this? Take your shirt off.

Come on, Jax. Take it off!

Son of a bitch!

See that?

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, Clay.

I know I was supposed to black it out and I tried, man.

But I went a bunch of times and I couldn't...

I couldn't do it.

This is the only thing I have left, Jax. Please, I'm sorry.

Fire or knife?

Answer him.


Fire. All right.


Where is he?

You should head over to St. Thomas.

I'll bring your kids home.

Jesus, what'd they do? I don't know anything else.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

I love you, baby.

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