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  1x04 - Patch Over
 Posted: 04/28/13 18:46
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Previously on Sons of Anarchy Found a box in the storage unit.

It's like pictures and journals.

Things I never knew about him. When you and Dad hooked up, he ever talk to you about his vision, about what he wanted from the club?

Jax is going through some shit.

He's asking me, did he want to get into running guns?

Tonight he said that maybe we shouldn't rebuild the factory.

I just want to make sure he's following in the right father's footsteps.

Sam Crow's been in this town since I was a kid.

My old man was a county judge.

Saw some of the guys catch their due, but for the most part, Clay and the others keep slipping through the legal cracks.

Been chatting folks up last couple of days.

Most of them got pretty quiet when I ask about Sons of Anarchy.

Clay's got some of the locals convinced his brand of outlaw justice keeps away the corporate bogeyman. I'd say he's right.

Franchise development in Charming's pretty much nonexistent.

Been jonesing for a Starbucks since I got here.

Sam Crow isn't stonewalling growth by themselves.

They're getting a lot of help, some of it from inside this department.

Got to bring it in through here.

Afraid the amped-up carb's going to throw too much heat on the line.


That new Graytex cable can take a shitload of heat, though.

We got troubles.

Want to tell me what the fed's doing in Charming?

Showed up two days ago.

Chicago division.

Looking into Sam Crow. And I'm just finding out now?

How long is he going to be here? No idea.

He's collecting intel, fact-finding.

Didn't go into too much detail.

I don't want you out rogueing with this guy, you hear me?

Stick to Charming business.

This fed wants anything, he runs it through me.

Oh, of course.

You're the chief.

That's right.

I'm the goddamn chief.

We've taken every precaution to stay out of ATF's crosshairs.

No busts, no investigations for five years.

We don't know this guy's here for us. Hale flagged Bluebird as our gun warehouse.

He's pissed off we made Unser crush the case and he called in the feds.

I think it's got to be about us. Be my guess.

We got a garage full of 25-to-life.

Any legit place we store those guns is a straight line back to us.

Can't Rosen get us some storage short-term?

He's killing Bluebird, man.

I mean, He's setting up a dummy corp. It takes a few weeks.

We got that call from Jury last week.

Mayan's pressing the Devil's Tribe to pay him vig, to keep running book and pussy out of Nevada.

Look, maybe I do head to Indian Hills.

Offer Jury some advice, he offers our AKs a safe house.

No, that's a risky run, brother.

Knowing Nevada's Mayan territory.

No, they're still looking to settle a score from our little raid.

The Mayans know that the Tribe's a brother club.

Part of asking for that vig is about shitting on us.

They knew Jury would call.

They're going to will be watching. That's what I'm saying.

That's why just me and you go.

Under the radar.

We bring the guns in the same way.

And you think you can bring Jury on board?

Shit, my dad saved his ass in Tay Ninh.

He owes the Tellers a chit.

Look, man, we're not going to go cowboy.

I promise.



I don't want no wetbacks knowing we crossed into NV.

They pull this off, I want you and Juice driving the barrels.

Done. We'll need something big, though.

I'll call Unser.

Give me a minute. Yeah, I'll find you.

Everything okay?

I was hoping you could help with the Cutlass.

It's in pretty sad shape.


This is your dad's, right?

It was in the garage under two tons of old newspapers.

Why don't you bring it in back.

Have Lowell take a look at it. Okay.


I was hoping you could give me a lift home.

Actually, I'm just heading out for a couple of days.


Anything come up with the baby, who should I call?

He's out of the woods, right?

Just in case of procedural stuff.

Just let my mom know if you need anything.

Everything okay?

Yeah, fine. She's just here to get her car fixed.

Actually, Could you give Tara a ride home? She's got to leave the Cutlass here.

That's okay. I'll just take a... Love to give the good doctor a lift.

Where you going? Visit Uncle Jury.


By yourself?

With Bobby.

Does Clay know? Relax, Mom, it's going to be fine.

You sent him into Nevada?

It was his idea.

It's club business.

He has a ten-day-old kid. He's distracted.

You have to protect him. Protect him?

From what? Himself.

He's fine. Relax.

And this one.

What's she doing here?

Anything she can to get close to Jax.

Maybe she just needs a tune-up.

Didn't trust her then.

Don't trust her now.

Hey. Hey, Gemma.

Back it up, prospect. Come on. Back it up.

Lowell, my back tire needs air.

I gotta admit, Clay's old lady gives me a serious MILF chubby.

Hey, I brought that car out of the garage.

It's clear now.

If you need me to clean it out again, I can...

Clip a truck from Muntz's tonight. Make it look like you stole it.

Cancer boy wants deniability.

MILF chubby?

It's like a compliment, you know, 'cause she's hot.


What do we got?


So much for low-profile.

Two on three?

Hey, Doc, got to sign these.

Thanks a lot.

Mind if I smoke?

And if I said yes?


Must be strange being in that house alone.

Everybody gone.

Hard to get lonely.

My dad was a bit of a packrat.

Can barely turn around without stepping on some piece of history.

Clay's the same way.

Never throws anything out.

Still has underwear from 1967.

Me, I hate clutter.

I get that.


Want to tell me why you're carrying?

The gun in your bag.

You went through my bag?

I spotted it.

I'm very observant.

I started carrying it when I was in Chicago.

I lived in a rough neighborhood.

Just Haven't gotten around to getting rid of it yet.

Beretta's not an old tampon.

You don't just forget it's in your bag.

Is it registered? I have a permit. It's legal.

You know how to use it?

Yeah. I do.

Gimme the pre-pay.

So, Mayans spotted us.

Well, this forces our hand.

Can't risk bringing those AKs in with the Mayans onto our visit.

We need a bigger presence. Why don't the Vegas boys head up?

Oh, no, I'm talking about a permanent presence.

It'll be months before the warehouse is up and running.

Indian Hills could be really useful.

You talking patch-over?

I don't know, Clay.

Tribe might've started outlaw, but now, I mean shit, they're bookkeepers and bouncers.

They're earning outlaw-sized money.

It's just a matter of time before the Mayans push 'em out.

They need us for their own protection.

Jury was a real good friend of my old man's, Clay.

I don't feel right, slamming a patch, no warning.

It's good for both clubs.

Now if you don't want to break it to him, I'll tell him myself at church.

We're riding to Indian Hills. Mandatory.

Patching over the tribe.

What, you serious? Do I look serious?

We're-we're short, I mean, Chibs, he's up North with McKeavy.

Anybody visiting?

Happy's down from Tacoma. Doing an Autism Run.

He's got Lorca, Bully, Donut, couple prospects with him. Get 'em.

Okay, well...

Jury's got all that beautiful pussy, man.

It's gonna be a four-shot patch-over party.

Unfortunately, you're driving the precious cargo.

No, no, Christ. Clay, come on. You need me...

Last time you had free range on pussy, you throat-pumped two brownies, your DNA almost brought us down.

Besides, you're the only one I can trust to handle this.

Come on. Hauling barrels? Let the prospect go with Juice.

What prospect?

Which one is it?

What are you an idiot? Take the picture.

Can't find the button. Sorry. Jesus.

Here, let me do it.

Holy shit. I... told him not to sit on your bike. That's all right.

Look like a guy who knows how to get his way.

You do that to her lip?

Bitch has a mouth on her, you know? Sure, I get it.

So you like Harleys, huh? Yeah, they look good, but I'm way into the slant bikes for their speed, you know.

Right, right.

All right.

Say cheese. Cheese.


That's before.


You don't ever sit on another man's bike, asshole.

Holy shit. Shut up, bitch!

Little respect for the fairer sex.

That's after.

Where you headed? No place special.

Me, too.

I'm Suzi.

I'm Jax.

Just don't ask any questions, okay?

I'll let 'em know you're with me.

You are the James T. Kirk of the MC world.

Going where no man has gone before.

Let me tell you, brother, I think every man's gone there before.

Jackson Teller. Uncle Jury.

You guys rember Bobby. Bobby.

Needles, how you been? Bobby Elvis.

MC royalty in the house, folks.

Jax Teller and Bobby Elvis of the Sons.


Let's make 'em feel at home. Good to see you, man.

We got 'em all shapes and sizes.

I think I could be in love with that perfect darkness.

Daytona, come on over and say hi to Bobby.

Daytona? As in 500?

As in 1200.

A night.

My treat, brother.

Show me the way.

That your old lady? Nah.

Picked her up at the border. Little doe in the headlights.


This honey's with Jax.

Show her the ropes, darling. Sure thing.

Come on, sweetheart.

I'll see you in a couple of days.

Call me. Let me know he's okay.

You know I'll drive out there.

How embarrassing would that shit be? I'll call.

Started the sports book with the escorts and strip clubs.

First stop over the border.

Must be churning some serious cash.

You got the Mayans circling for a percentage.

They're jamming me up, Jax.

If I don't pay the Mexicans, turn my business inside out.

If I kick up a vig up to 'em, I disrespect you guys.

Tribe attracts a good membership.


Real good boys.

You still get along with local law?

Douglas County.

Sheriff likes the girls. Right.

How you doin', babe? I'm good.

Hey, girls, the beers are warm.

We just pulled those.

I'll get those. Excuse me.

So, how we gonna handle the Mayans?

We're hoping actually maybe you could help us out with a problem.


Got a garage full of AK-47s.

Need a place to assemble and store 'em till we find a buyer.

It's a temporary thing.

Got a strip club off out on 95. Huge basement. Private.

Sounds perfect.

Appreciate it.

You'll talk to Clay, let me know how to handle this Mayan thing.

You can talk to him yourself.

He's on his way.

Clay's comin' out?


It's about the future, Jury. Future of what?

The tribe.

Jesus, Jax.


It's time, Jury. This whole area is blowing up.

We don't patch you over, Mayans will run right through you.

We get a foothold in Nevada.

You get status to protect your business.

Best move for both clubs.

Lot of my guys aren't Sam Crow.

The ones that are cut out for it will make it. Others will fall off.

I'm not a young man anymore either, Jax.

I don't know how much outlaw I got left in me.

You'll do fine, Jury.

Never throw these guys any lip, okay?

I didn't. Just asked him a question.

Yeah, that's even worse.

Where's Bobby?

Out front. All right.

So, how long you been his old lady?

We just met. Yeah, that's what I thought.

You better pay close attention to what I do, baby girl.

Whose old lady are you?

No one's yet.

But soon one of these guy will realize what a fine old lady I'm gonna make.

How long have you been doing it?

It's about three years.

You and Jury get into it?

Didn't see it coming.

I don't know if the old man's going to be able to hang a reaper on his back.

This shit don't feel good to me, Bobby.

Clay's making a mistake. Tribe ain't SOA material.

You all right, brother?


Why? Just checking in.

You've been through a lot of shit in the last couple of weeks: baby, junkie...

Maybe all that noise in your head's got you turned around a bit.

Noise in my head?

You got something to say, man, just say it.

You been second-guessing Clay ever since your boy was born.

Club's picking up on it.

You got to get right with that.

Next time this gavel slams down... will be the last for the Devil's Tribe.

History between our clubs...

Jury and John Teller were in the same platoon in 'Nam.

Needles' brother's a 20-year member of our Fresno charter.

We have a deep respect for each other.

Now it's time to become brothers.

I know some of you look forward to wearing the reaper.

Others of you are afraid of it.

That's a choice each man will have to make.

From this point on, we're family.

Indian Hills, Nevada charter Sons of Anarchy.


It is my personal hope that every one of you wears this cut.

I know you got a lot to talk about. I'll leave you to your business.

Did you dose it? Triple dose.

Patch-over bash, man.

Makes Mardi Gras look like a sweet 16 party.

With Jury's stable... shit.

Nothing but young, tight, perfect pussy.

Well, Fido's having his own party.

Which one? Unser said take the cargo truck.

The keys should be in it.

Holy shit! Run! Go! Go!

Shit! Run!

Open the door!


Damn it!


I thought you said you drugged the meat.

I did.

Look at him. He's foaming at the mouth.

That thing should be dead. I dosed it with, like, two grams.

Grams? Grams of what? Crank.

You fed crystal to a killer Doberman?

Are you retarded?


Should I shoot him?



Put it in.

Look at my ass.

Hey, darling. Do me a favor? Sure, babe.

Guy distributes your stuff... he still have access to that federal marshal?

Think so. Been feeding his Pillsbury dough girl fetish for years.

What do you need?

How do you think this thing'll play out?

Half, maybe more will stay.

And that pack'll thin out once the Mayans come a-knocking.

Which will be real soon.

You can't leave these guys with no backup.

Vegas can hang.

Indian Hills is gonna have to learn how to protect their ground.

Best way to thin out a herd.

Herd's already pretty thin, Clay.

I want to be here for Jury when the shit goes down.

I ain't worried about Jury; he can handle himself.

You believe that?

Looks like the vote's in?

We're in.

Patch-over party!

What's a patch-over?

Means things are about to change.

I have a cousin in Iraq.

He still have both his nuts, but he's lost a couple buddies.

Yeah, you know, sometimes I feel guilty I left after just one TOD.

You shouldn't. I mean, you're a hero.

Can you still have kids or...?

Yeah, lefty's real potent.

You ever been to Ireland? Shut up.

Look, man, it's not my fault that you got bit, all right?

You didn't specify what kind of drug.

I am not happy about being here either.

At least you and I,{you know, we can try to have a decent conversation.

What do you want? You want to bond?

You want to get closer?


What are you doing? I'm gonna dunk my balls in your mouth.

You're gonna gag, I'm gonna laugh, we'll be best friends forever.

Why do you got to be that way? You ever been to Attica?

Shut up.

Pull your pants up.

You okay?

Want something?

I could get used to this.

Let's just take it a night at a time, babe.

The brunette, she anybody's old lady?

No, Cherry's just a sweetbutt.

Good girl. How good?

What's mine is yours, brother.

Watch my stogie.

Can I cut in? Yeah, sure.

Hi, baby.


Come to Daddy.

I got to admit this one gives me a serious chubby.

Look at this shit.

Hey, guys.

Here we go.

The first time I read Emma Goldman wasn't in a book.

I was 16, hiking near the Nevada border.

The quote was painted on a wall in red.

When I saw those words, it was like someone ripped them from the inside of my head.


"stands for liberation of the human mind

"and the dominion of religion.

"Liberation of the human body from the dominion of property.

"Liberation from shackles

"and the restraint of government.

"It stands for social order

"based on the free grouping of individuals."

The concept was pure, simple, true.

It inspired me. Lit a rebellious fire.

But ultimately, I learned the lesson that Goldman, Proudhon and the others learned: that true freedom requires sacrifice and pain.

Most human beings only think they want freedom.

In truth, they yearn for the bondage of social order, rigid laws, materialism.

The only freedom man really wants is the freedom to be comfortable.


I hate you.

What's up, killer? I hate all of you.

Morning, Cherry. Morning.

You want some coffee? Whip up some breakfast?


I thought you liked that guy.

I do.

Well, then why'd you sleep with that old dude?

'Cause that's what we do.

You mean, you just sleep with whoever they tell you to?

I take care of them and they take care of me. It's a family.

And when I finally hook up, I'll belong to that guy and that guy only.

See, good old ladies, they can make or break a club.

Come here.

Hi. Car's ready.

Figured you'd need it for work.

Yeah. You drove it here?

I'm thinking, me and you got off to a bad start.

It's my way of saying sorry.

That's nice of you.


You weren't kidding about the clutter.

Working through a room at a time.

Your dad was real handsome.

Kinda nuts, but cute.

Yeah. Why are you here, Gemma? Your car.

Yeah, the good Samaritan bit's not really playing.

What do you want?

You left Charming because it was incestuous, backward, and small-minded.

It's pretty much an exact quote.

I don't forget.

You leave Chicago to come back to this: shit-filled house, mediocre gig at a community hospital?

Needed to tie up family business.

People don't up-end their lives to pack up a dead relative's house.

You seem to be spending a lot of time and energy worrying about my life.

Do I scare you that much, Gemma? I don't forget.

I'm not worried about you.

Just the people you touch.

Jax is in a real strange place.

He doesn't need any outside voices in his head.

Stay clear of him.

We're not 19 years old anymore. You can't dictate what he does, who he sees... I'm his mother.

And until I am dead and cold, I am gonna do anything I have to do to protect him.

And, I'm not sure why you're carrying a gun, but if you're gonna use one, make sure to be safe...

No serial numbers.

Any problems?

Truck's out back. It's all good.

He still pouting?

Who, Tiggy? Why don't you give him the sweetbutt?

Nah, I'm good with Half-Sack. That score's settled.

Where the hell are you? Yeah, looks like Jury's gonna have some backup when the Mayan shit goes down.

What are you talking about? I'm on my way back and I'm not alone.

Shit! Mayans.

Where? Pack of 'em trailing Jax.

Get rid of the goddamned truck. Got it.

Mayans? What do you want to do? Weapons behind the bar.

You two should get out of here. What's going on?

Let's go out.

Why? Just go.

What can I do? Girls all gone?

Open up the garage. Move the bikes inside!

Everybody got a weapon?

Go! Go!

Jesus Christ!

Moby's doing good.

He likes school. Yeah, he likes to draw a lot.

I don't see his mom too much, but...

Hey, I'm real happy that Jax's kid's gonna be okay.

That's a blessing.

What happened to Wendy should be a lesson to you, Lowell.

It is.

And I know.

I've been doing real good with all that, Gemma.

You can ask Clay.


Hey. Any luck?

Nothing really flagged.

No outstanding warrants.

She had a restraing order a few months back.

Against her? No, she filed it.

My guy said the name was omitted from the report.

What kind of neighborhood she live in?

Old Town. Pretty nice, I think.

You really don't trust this bitch, do you?

Cleared his book debt. We're good.

What happens now, I'm probably gonna lose couple more guys 'cause of this.

There won't be another hit for a while.

That pop-off was just about dick size.

They want to let us know they're watching.

Vegas'll stick around for a while.

Appreciate that.



I'm sorry about all this, man. It's all good. It's all good.

You want to tell me what happened out there?

I went for a ride to clear my head, and the Mayans spotted me.

You saw the rest.

Juice will stick around and watch over the AK assembly.

I'll have Vegas, you know, bring up some illegals, help him out.

I got some helpers for you.

No, really?

I love you. I know. You don't deserve this.

I love all of you. Yes, I do. I love all of you.

Come on. One, two, three.

Look, I want to go back to see the kid.

I'll ride back with Happy and his guys.

How's he doing? Hard to say.

I got anything to worry about?

Not yet.

Thought that bitch was with you?

Dr. Knowles, this came for you.

Hey. Hey.

How's it going? Fine. Your mom's in there.

Where else would she be?

How was Nevada?



You okay?

I'm fine.

You think maybe someone could have called? I've been sitting...

Hey, little guy.

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