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  3x03 - Significant Others
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Episode #303 - "Significant Others"

[Isabel and Jesse are shown kissing each other, and seeing each other on the street. At night, they have a redesvous at a movie theatre]

Isabel: I can't believe she married him.

Jesse: She loved him.

Isabel: She did. She really, really loved him.

Jesse: Even though he was damaged.

Isabel: And wounded. He was so wounded.

Jesse: She didn't care.

Jesse: She was brave enough to see past that, you know, to see how good he really was.

Isabel: I love old movies, you know? The hero always catches the bad guy or wins the war or gets married and lives happily ever after. I wish real life could be like that.

Jesse: It can be like that. [Later, at home, Isabel touches a picture of her and Jess, and enters his dream- in the dream he proposes to her]

Jesse: Isabel, will you marry me?

Isabel: Yes. (in the dream)

Isabel: Oh, my god! Oh, my god. [The next day, Isabel is looking at diamonds, and Alex (his ghost) appears]

Alex: I go away for a couple of days, and you're looking at wedding rings.

Isabel: Alex... Where have you been? I've missed you.

Alex: If only you loved me this much when i was alive.

Isabel: Alex.

Alex: I'm kidding. I'm kidding. [At the crashdown, Liz and her father are arguing with each other- Michael and the security guards come in for breakfast]

Liz: Chili and a hot dog.

Mr. Parker: No fries?

Liz: Did I say fries?

Maria: scrambled, bacon, buttered toast.

Mr. Parker: You got it.

Maria: You know, I work here, too.

Liz: Good. Maybe we could stage a revolt, burn down the kitchen, and free the slaves.

Maria: You're making life impossible.

Liz: Well, he could fire me.

Maria: Or i could kill you.

Liz: See, you're too late for that, because I'm working, like, 90 hours a week, which means I can't go anywhere or do anything. And you know, I'm probably gonna be dead from grease fumes by the end of the week. And I'm under constant threat of being sent to boarding school.

Maria: Could it possibly be that you and max robbed a convenience store?

Liz: We didn't actually rob it. [Scene switches to Alex and Isabel talking]

Alex: you've only known this guy a few months, isabel.

Isabel: Alex, I can't really talk to you about guys.

Alex: I'm dead. I'm beyond getting jealous.

Isabel: All right. Well, I guess the truth is i've never felt this way before. This is the first time i've met someone i can see being with for the rest of my life.

Alex: Ow, that stings a little bit. [Maria is taking the order for Michael and his friends]

Maria: Good morning.

Michael: Good morning.

Maria: Late night?

Michael: Endless. Am i on the schedule here today?

Maria: No, you have school today. Are you still ok for saturday?

Michael: Sure. What's saturday?

Maria: Date night, remember, romantic dinner, just you and me?

Michael: Right, and what-- what day is this?

Maria: This is thursday. You need sleep.

Michael: I need pancakes.

Fly: Hey, pancakes sound good. Make that 2 with coffee, black.

George: Hey, sweetie, how you doin'? Give me eggs over easy, side of wheat, and the biggest glass of milk you got. Same with no butter, side of bacon, thank you.

Monk: French toast.

Steve: Me, too, with sausage and bacon.

Monk: And, uh, orange juice for the table and water.

Michael: And a coffee, too.

Maria: You know, if you're planning on sleeping, you probably shouldn't have coffee.

Michael: With cream, please.

Steve: Is that her? That's your girl?

Michael: That's her.

Fly: Did you ever ask her to wear that uniform off duty?

Maria: Hey, can i help you?

Isabel: Yeah, I'm just here to pick that up. [Guys laughing]

Isabel: is michael laughing?

Maria: Apparently. Do you want a drink with that?

Isabel: No.

Isabel: Um, can I ask you

Maria: a question?

Isabel: Mm-hmm.

Isabel: If michael proposed, would you say yes?

Maria: Oh! [Maria drops the plate she has been holding- Michael's friends applaud]

Maria: Is there something i should know?

Isabel: No. No, no, no. It's just a survey for my sociology class at school.

Maria: Oh, so community college wants to know if i'd marry an alien?

Isabel: Well, forget about the alien thing. Pretend it's not an issue. How long do you think the courtship should last before it's socially ok to get married?

Maria: Well, is the couple in true, true love?

Isabel: Well, let's say they hypothetically were.

Maria: Ok, well, did they know from the first time they met that they were supposed to be together?

Isabel: Say they hypothetically did.

Maria: Ok, well, then my opinion is that, um, from the first second of the second minute, they're free to tie the knot. [Michael and the guys are laughing again]

Maria: But then again, I'm just a hopeless romantic. [Mr Evan's and Jesse are talking]

Mr. Evans: All I'm saying is roswell isn't exactly a hotbed of challenging legal adventures.

Jesse: After new york, I was looking for a slower pace.

Mr. Evans: Yeah, well, you've got that, which is fine for a middle-aged guy with a family. You must be bored to tears.

Jesse: No, not really.

Mr. Evans: Well, there must be something keeping you here. A woman?

Jesse: Shouldn't we get back to the case here? [Jesse opens the door to see Isabel sitting on her father's desk]

Jesse: Isabel. Nice to see you again.

Isabel: Mr. Ramirez, it's nice to see you again. Hi, dad.

Mr. Evans: Hi, isabel. Hey. What are you doing here?

Isabel: Well, I had some time to kill, so i thought i'd bring you lunch.

Mr. Evans: Oh, iz, that's wonderful. Oh, my little angel.

Isabel: Um, cheeseburger and... Oh, no, they screwed up the order.

Mr. Evans: What is that?

Isabel: I think it's cucumbers, sprouts, and hummus on pita bread.

Mr. Evans: Oh, god, no.

Isabel: Yeah, and lentil soup.

Mr. Evans: Oh...Oh. I'm gonna go next door and get chicken wings. Huh, you guys want anything?

Jesse: I'll take that if you don't want it.

Mr. Evans: Ooh, you're a brave, brave man. Ok, back in a minute.

Jesse: That was clever.

Isabel: I needed to speak to you alone.

Jesse: In your father's office? It's risky. Sexy.

Isabel: Jesse, i need to speak to you.

Jesse: Yeah, me, too.

Isabel: Jesse, what I wanted to say is just that, you know, if we're gonna continue in this relationship, it needs to be about now. I can't promise you tomorrow, and I just need you to understand that.

Jesse: Oh.

Isabel: What were you gonna say to me?

Jesse: Pretty much the opposite. Miss evans, I want to-- I want to love you with the lights on.

Alex: Kinky.

Jesse: Metaphorically speaking. Look, even though we've only known each other a few months, I feel i really know you. I feel i know everything about you. And the thing is, I'm proud to know you. I'm proud to love you, and I want the world to know about it.

Jesse: I don't--i don't want to hide this anymore.

Alex: This guy's good. [Scene switches to Isabel and Alex talking on a bench] [Alex Sighs]

Isabel: I'm cursed.

Alex: Isabel.

Isabel: I am. I am this cursed person.

Alex: You are not

Isabel: look what happened to you-- you were killed by an alien. And then there was Grant, the only other guy i was semi-involved with, and he was killed by that ridiculous alien jellyfish thing.

Alex: It's like you said. Jesse had a dream, and dreams aren't real. He isn't going to propose to you. It was just a thought passing through his head, so let it pass. [Scene switches to Max and Liz talking]

Liz: I want to move out.

Max: And then what?

Liz: Move in together? Don't you want to?

Max: I want to for the right reasons.

Liz: How 'bout being together? You know, we could just leave tonight and find some place.

Max: The cost's just too high.

Liz: We'll get jobs.

Max: Your family, liz. It would destroy your mom and dad.

Liz: They're destroying us.

Max: Liz--

Liz: they are, max. Well, my father is, anyway. How am i supposed to help you find your child if i can't even be with you?

Max: You are with me... All the time. All the time. [Liz's parents are talking]

Mrs. Parker: Jeff, you can't keep her under lock and key 24 hours a day.

Mr. Parker: I don't know who she is anymore. It's like she's become a different person.

Mrs. Parker: She's not a little girl.

Mr. Parker: I know that.

Mrs. Parker: Well, you've got to stop treating--

Mr. Parker: I'm not treating her like a child

Mrs. Parker: you're treating her like a criminal.

Mr. Parker: She was just in jail.

Mrs. Parker: Is this about liz, or is this about you?

Mr. Parker: This is about keeping our daughter safe.

Mrs. Parker: Don't you get it? You're driving her away. [Scene switches back to Isabel and Alex talking] [Door closes]

Alex: if he pulls a ring from his pocket, you can't get all weak in the knees.

Isabel: Don't go.

Alex: No, you're on your own. Eye of the tiger. You can do this. Just say no. [Jesse comes up to talk to Isabel]

Jesse: I thought we were supposed to meet in the balcony. Aren't we being a little risky?

Isabel: Hey. I can't do this.

Jesse: Look, did something happen? Did someone find out?

Isabel: No, and they never will.

Jesse: Wait, wait. Hold on. Hang on a second.

Isabel: We're done.

Jesse: Isabel we're just starting

Isabel: Don't call me. Don't try to see me.

Jesse: I need to know what happened. What changed?

Isabel: Let me go.

Jesse: Just wait. Whatever happened, listen to me. Whatever happened, we'll get through it we'll get through it if we're apart.

Jesse: What does that mean, isabel? Look, you have to give me an explanation, ok? You owe me an explanation.

Isabel: All right. Fine. This is going nowhere. We are going nowhere, ok? I'm 18. I want to go to college. I want a life. And you, what are you doing here, jesse? You came to visit your mother, and you've never left. You graduated with honors from harvard law school. You could be working for the most prestigious law firm in the country.

Isabel: If you stay here, you're throwing your future away, because we don't have a future.

Jesse: I love you, isabel.

Isabel: You can't, so don'T. Just don't. [Isabel goes to Alex and hugs him] [Later, Kyle opens the door to find Isabel standing there crying]

Kyle: whoa, jeez-Did you knock?

Isabel: No.

Kyle: So you're lurking now?

Isabel: No.

Kyle: What--what's wrong? Wait, you ok? Here, come on. Come on in. What happened? Do you want some water or something?

Isabel: No.

Kyle: Sit...Down. Do you want to talk about it?

Isabel: No.

Kyle: Ok, ok.

Isabel: Aren't you late for work?

Kyle: Oh, screw that. That's...

Kyle: What happened?

Isabel: I broke up with jesse.

Kyle: Why?

Isabel: Because there's no way. I can'T. I can't drag him into this. I can'T.

Kyle: What are you afraid of? What do you think's gonna happen? He's gonna run away? Isabel, Has anyone you've shared this with ever run away from you? Name one person.

Kyle: let him in. Let him deal with it.

Isabel: I can'T. max and michael and I, after alex died, we made a pact to never let anyone else in, ever.

Kyle: Well, just talk to 'em. I'm sure they'll understand.

Isabel: Yeah, right. [Scene switches to Max and Michael talking]

Max: Well, you can't move in with her. You'd have to move out of state to avoid her father. Do you still have to cross a state line to be a kidnapper?

Max: I don't know.

Michael: Thought maybe armed robbery would be ahead on the syllabus.

Max: Slow down.

Michael: Am i speaking too fast?

Max: Me and liz. Calm things down a little. Turn down the heat.

Michael: Back on the throttle. Sounds good. [Maria comes in to the apartment]

Michael: You want a snapple?

Maria: Where were you?

Michael: Where was i supposed to be?

Maria: We were supposed to have lunch at school today.

Michael: Today's saturday.

Maria: No, today's friday. Hello. Where are you?

Michael: I'm right here. Where's saturday?

Maria: What, are you guys saving the world from alien invasion?

Michael: Would that keep you from kicking my ass?

Max: I got to get going.

Michael: Good luck. [Maria looks at Michael with a pout]

Michael: Don't do that.

Maria: What am I doing? What am I doing besides wondering where my boyfriend went?

Michael: I said i'm right here.

Maria: Sleeping? Or are you just waking up or are you going to bed? Or you're at work or you're at school. Where you're not, michael, is with me. And even when you are with me, it's like you're not with me.

Michael: I am.

Maria: No, you're not.

Michael: Everything i'm doing-- the jobs, getting my grades up, is to be with you-- to be better for you. So, what do you want me to do? Tell me. I'll do it.

Maria: I want a moment of your time. I want several moments. I want tomorrow night to be fun, for instance.

Michael: Date night?

Maria: Yes. And please, would you please wash your sheets?

Michael: Ok. Ok, sure. Me and you, tomorrow night, nothing but fun. I promise.

Maria: Do you really promise?

Michael: I promise, promise.

Maria: Can I have a snapple?

Michael: Oh. [Michael sees a note he left himself about bowling league on Saturday night]

Maria: What?

Michael: I don't know if i have a cold one, but I'll check. Oh, I do. [Max and Liz are talking in the eraser room]

Max: I want to talk to your father. I want him to understand.

Liz: I don't think he's interested in understanding anything right now.

Max: Why, what happened?

Liz: I don't know. Well, last night when i came home, they were arguing about me. My father was just-- I didn't know there was that side to him.

Max: What side?

Liz: Forget it. It's stupid. I don't want to weigh you down with it.

Max: Go ahead. Weigh me down. I'm pretty sure i can handle it. [A teacher opens the door and sees Max and Liz sitting on the floor]

Liz: Uh, we were just talking.

Teacher: Yeah. Steaming up the windows.

Teacher: Liz, out! Bad move, max.

Max: We were just talking.

Teacher: Planning a bank heist? [Isabel is in the kitchen with her parents]

Mrs. Evans: So, max is living with michael?

Isabel: More like crashing.

Mr. Evans: Crashing? Does he have his things there? A bed? Is he paying rent?

Isabel: Can we just try not to talk about max? For just this once, just tonight. Is that possible?

Mr. Evans: So, you're not gonna believe this, but I have to look for another lawyer. Again.

Mrs. Evans: Someone's leaving?

Mr. Evans: Jesse.

Mrs. Evans: What? Honey, you said he was the best lawyer your firm has ever had.

Mr. Evans: Apparently, too good for my firm. He's moving back to new york.

Mrs. Evans: New york? Well, I hope he gave you decent notice. That's the thing. He just walked out on me this afternoon. Totally uncharacteristic.

Isabel: You know, I actually forgot some books at school. I'm totally-- I'm not--i'm sorry. I'll be right back.

Mrs. Evans: Isabel? Honey, what about dinner?

Isabel: I'll be back. [Maria and Liz are talking at the crashdown]

Maria: are you ok?

Liz: Yeah. Why?

Maria: You're making a cottage cheese milk shake. Sweetie, what? What, what, what?

Liz: Nothing. I just don't know if i'm, like, mad or insane or what.

Maria: Mad as in angry mad?

Liz: Yes.

Maria: Well, I don't know. You said "insane." I thought maybe you were expanding on mad as in crazy. Ok, fine. You're mad. What are you mad about?

Liz: Impotence.

Maria: Is max...

Liz: No. I just-- I feel powerless. I don't know if I should pull the plug or what.

Maria: Suicide?

Liz: please stop. Stop it, ok? i need all of you to stop it so i can take a breath. [Max walks into the diner]

Mr. Parker: No, you don't! No, you don't! Max, get out of here.

Max: Mr. Parker, I need to speak with you for a second.

Mr. Parker: Get out before i throw you out.

Liz: Dad.

Max: Mr. Parker, I think that if we just talked--

Mr. Parker: I said go.

Liz: No, dad. Stop.

Max: It's ok. I'm leaving.

Liz: I hate you. (to her father) [Isabel knocks on the door of the Ramirez house]

Isabel: Mrs. Ramirez? Hi. I--i need to talk to your son.

Isabel: I'm isabel.

Mrs. Ramirez: Come on in.

Isabel: Ok. [Jesse and Isabel go into the backyard- they look at the garden]

Isabel: This is beautiful

Jesse: it's my mom's pride and joy.

Isabel: I thought that'd be you.

Jesse: No, I don't bend easily enough to her wishes. So we should talk.

Isabel: You want to put down those shears first? I don't want to lose you, jesse.

Jesse: Isabel, you broke up with me.

Isabel: I know.

Jesse: Maybe we should go out to dinner tomorrow night.

Isabel: Dinner?

Jesse: I think we both need to lay our cards on the table. [Max and Michael are playing table soccer, as Isabel knocks]

Michael: Come in. It's open. You're going down. (to Max)

Isabel: I need to talk to you guys.

Michael: All right. Make it quick. I got a big night ahead of me.

Max: What's up, iz?

Isabel: Ok, I'm just gonna make it simple. And I don't really think it's that big of a deal anyway so, you know, I'm just gonna say it, and you can react. There's--there's someone i want to tell about us.

Michael: Well, I'm glad you don't think that's a big deal. Who?

Isabel: His name is jesse ramirez. You both know him. He's--

Max: the lawyer who works for dad?

Isabel: Yeah.

Max: And why do you want to tell him?

Isabel: Because we've gotten close.

Max: Close?

Isabel: Yes, close.

Max: Meaning you and he are, uh--

Isabel: involved.

Michael: Are you pregnant?

Isabel: No. We haven't even slept together.

Michael: Has he seen you use your powers?

Isabel: No.

Michael: Why are we having this conversation?

Max: Well, then why do you need to tell him?

Isabel: I don't need to. I want to. I want him to know because I want to be honest with him. I love him, and i want him to know me. I don't want to hide. Do you guys know how humiliating this is for me? To have to come here and ask your permission to have an open conversation with my boyfriend? Can you just imagine it for a second and put yourself in my position?

Michael: I'm gonna put this as simple as possible. Isabel, I'm happy you have a boyfriend. Congrats. That said, lie about the alien thing. [Michael leaves]

Isabel: he's gonna leave, max. If i'm not honest with him, he's gonna leave.

Max: How long have you two been, uh...

Isabel: 3 months. But I know him. I know him. This is the first time i've ever felt this way. I'm in love with him, and if i lose this, I don't know what the hell i'm doing here on earth. I mean, you have liz, michael has maria. This is the first time i've had someone.

Max: Isabel, what if in 3 months from now or even 6 months from now, you two break up?

Isabel: We won't.

Max: How do you know?

Isabel: How did you know to tell liz? I just do.

Max: Right now, I'm not so sure it was the best idea to tell liz. It's screwing up her entire life.

Isabel: No matter how much it screws up her life, you still have each other. Isn't that the most important thing?

Max: Think about jesse, isabel. We agreed not to tell anyone else after alex died because we didn't want to put anyone else at risk. The second you tell jesse, his life changes... Forever. He becomes a part of a secret he didn't ask to be part of. You can't tell him, isabel. For his sake. [Bowling pins crashing]

Maria: it's not quite what i had in mind.

Michael: I thought you liked their tuna melts.

Maria: Yeah, when i'm in a tuna melt kinda mood.

Michael: What kind of mood are you in? That's a loaded question. Do you want both barrels now, or should I save one for later in case you forgot to clean the sheets?

Michael: Are you joking me?!

Maria: Do you even think of me at all? I mean, at all? We've been doing this for 2 years, and just when I think you're getting it, you don't!

Michael: Listen--

Voice on PA: Would the owner of the ford festiva please go to the parking lot. Your lights are on.

Michael: I'll be right back. [Scene switches to Jesse and Isabel heading to the restaurant]

Jesse: Are you cold?

Isabel: Yeah.

Jesse: Here. (he gives her his coat- she finds a ring in the pocket)

Isabel: Oh. Thank you.

Jesse: You're welcome. Ok, I'll check on the wait. Be right back.

Isabel: Thanks.

Jesse: it's a 40-minute wait. It's $1.50 kung pao burrito night. So, listen, there's this new place i've been wanting to try...

Isabel: Fine.

Jesse: And, uh, it's french.

Isabel: What?

Jesse: It's the eiffel, as in tower. It's a few blocks up. We can walk. Are you ok?

Isabel: Yeah. Let's go. [Back to the bowling alley]

Michael: You want anything else?

Maria: Yeah.

Michael: What? A

Maria: nything but this.

Voice on PA: Attention, please. Would the owner of the ford festiva please go to the parking lot. Your trunk is wide open and your jack is showing.

Michael: I'll be right back.

Maria: Where are you going now?

Michael: I've gotta hit the head. I think I have a bladder infection or something.

Michael: Your jack is showing, man?

Fly: Hey, do you want to win this or not?

Michael: Yeah.

Monk: Hey, how's date night going?

Michael: I'll be lucky if she ever talks to me again.

Kyle: Oh. These yours?

Michael: Hey. How we doing?

Kyle: You're losing.

Michael: All right.

Fly: Final frame, baby. You get a strike we win this mother.

Kyle: Right. Like that's gonna happen.

Fly: Hey, don't look over there. You don't need none of that psych-out crap,

Steve: but if you screw up, I still love you, man.

Michael: Thanks.

Kyle: Hey, hey. Remember, uh, no alien funny business.

Michael: Hey! Back off. [Michael gets a strike and his friends cheer and congratulate him. He turns around and Maria is standing there.]

Michael: I double-booked. I made a mistake because I promised the guys, and then i promised you--

Maria: shut up.

Michael: Maria--

Maria: shut up. I've got something to say, all right?

Michael: ok, let me have it.

Maria: All right. The other day at the crashdown, you were there and they were there, and isabel asked me a question which I chose to ignore at the moment. She asked, "is michael laughing," and you were. And I was jealous because I just-- you never laugh like that when you're with me.

Michael: I do.

Maria: No. Not like that. I've never heard you laugh like that until that moment. Something happened. You got friends, and that's important.

Michael: I'm confused.

Maria: I'm an idiot 'cause i wanted you all to myself, and that's not right 'cause i've never seen you that happy before, and I love you happy. I love you.

Michael: This is ok?

Maria: Yes, this is ok. Now you realize you have to take me somewhere to make up for that tuna melt, right? [Liz enters her room, and her mom is waiting there]

Liz: Hey, mom.

Mrs. Parker: You do know that there's nothing that you can do or think that i haven't done or thought of myself?

Liz: Hmm?

Mrs. Parker: So if you're thinking of sneaking out tonight, you might want to stay close to home, please.

Liz: Ok.

Mrs. Parker: Yeah?

Liz: Mm-hmm. Does dad know?

Mrs. Parker: This is not something he needs to hear about right now.

Liz: Is he ok?

Mrs. Parker: No. He's going through hell.

Liz: Because of me?

Mrs. Parker: No. Because of him.

Liz: Mom, please tell me what's going on. Please.

Mrs. Parker: Come here. When your father was 17, he was trouble-- a hellion, as my parents used to say. Oh, he smoked, he drank, he broke into people's homes... And he had a girlfriend... Before me. He loved her very much, and she was very good for him, and everybody thought that they would end up together.

Liz: But they didn'T.

Mrs. Parker: And he wrote her the most beautiful poetry.

Liz: So what happened?

Mrs. Parker: Your dad was driving. He was drunk. There was an accident, and she got killed. And, honey, he's never forgiven himself for that, and I don't think he ever will. Now he is so terrified that he's about to lose the person he loves most in this whole world all over again. [Scene switches to Isabel talking to Alex]

Isabel: He's gonna propose. He's gonna tell me either I'm with him forever or he's leaving forever.

Alex: And what will you say?

Isabel: I don't want to ruin his life.

Alex: You didn't ruin my life, isabel. You made me alive.

Isabel: I also killed you.

Alex: No, you didn't. You didn't kill me, isabel, and you didn't kill grant either. We were victims of circumstance. That's all. And you need to forgive yourself.

Isabel: I can'T.

Alex: Well, I forgive you, and since I'm part of you, you just did. [Liz goes to talk to her father, who is doing the accounting]

Liz: do you need help with those?

Mr. Parker: Thanks.

Liz: Do you have any poems that i could read?

Mr. Parker: What?

Liz: Poems. Yours. I would like to read one.

Mr. Parker: I, uh, i threw 'em away. It was a long time ago.

Liz: Well, maybe you could write a new one. I don't hate you, dad.

Mr. Parker: You're the poem, liz. You're the poem. [Scene switches to Jesse and Isabel at dinner]

Jesse: isabel--

Isabel: yes.

Jesse: This is, uh, so hard for me to say.

Isabel: I'm listening.

Jesse: Ok. I can't do this anymore.

Isabel: Can't do what?

Jesse: Be with you like this. I can'T. I can't. Ok? And--and-- there are things that you don't want, and there are things that i do want, and we'd be lying to each other-- I mean, we're lying to each other now, pretending that somehow we're going to fake our way through this, whatever this is... Now. Am i making any sense?

Isabel: You want out. But what--what about this? [Isabel pulls out the engagement ring from Jesse's pocket]

Jesse: Where did you get that from?

Isabel: In your coat. It was in your coat. Are you gonna chicken out now? Here?

Jesse: Chicken out? What-- oh, no. Isabel, this is my mother's ring. She asked me to hock it to pay off some debt, and I took it to the jewelers here, but I--i just couldn't do it, and--

Isabel: oh, my god. What is wrong with me?

Jesse: You found this in my coat pocket when you were waiting for me outside?

Isabel: I'm such an idiot. Oh, I'm such an idiot.

Jesse: Ohh. You thought that i was going to-- [jesse laughs]

Jesse: no wonder you looked so pale.

Isabel: I've never, never felt quite this stupid. Wow. Well... Its a relief I guess? Ha.

Jesse: You guess?

Isabel: It is. I think.

Jesse: Ok. We both came here to lay our cards on the table, right?

Jesse: You were right... About 99% of what you said before when you broke up with me. If i stay here in roswell instead of having a big law career, I will be kicking myself for the rest of my life, and it's true. I stayed here the last few months to be with you.

Jesse: but there's one thing that you didn't get right. And that's the fact that i would gladly live anywhere and do anything if it meant being with you. Isabel, I've never met anyone like you before, and I've never felt this way about anyone. And so, god, help me, but here goes

Jesse: isabel evans... Will you marry me?

Isabel: Jesse, i-- I can'T. I really, really want to. I really want to, but I can'T.

Jesse: Oh.

Isabel: I'm so sorry.

Jesse: No. It's ok. I just feel... Really... Stupid.

Isabel: I didn't mean for you to-- I-- I think i should just go. Good-bye, isabel.

Alex: Go--go to him.

Isabel: I can'T. Isabel, will you look at what you're doing to your life? You're stopping it. You're killing it. You're--you're sitting at a table with no one. I'm not really here. You need to move on. You need to move past me, and you need to start now.

Isabel: If I ever have a son, I'm going to name him Alex

Alex: Wha, thank you thats trully... thanks... now go! [Isabel runs after Jesse and knocks over a table]

Isabel: Oh, I am so sorry. I'm so sorry. Oh, jeez. Oh. Ok.

Isabel: Ok.

Jesse: What?

Isabel: Ok. Ok.

Jesse: Ok. What?

Isabel: Ok. I want to marry you. Isabel.

Isabel: So, if you don't take it too personally that I ust forced you to propose and then said no, I want to marry you because I have never loved anyone the way I love you, because I'm young, and because you don't know everything about me, but you will...eventually-

Isabel: Jesse will you just say something here?

Jesse: I have only one thing to say which is, just this once, am i allowed to kiss you in public?

Isabel: Please do.

Jesse: I love you, isabel. [Alex is watching. He waves, and fades away]

Isabel: I love you, too, jesse.

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