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  3x06 - To Have & To Hold
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Episode #306- "To Have & To Hold"

[3 days, 6 hours and 24 mins till wedding]

[Alarm ringing]

[alarm stops]

[wedding music playing]



ISABEL: I gotta go.

[Isabel arrives at the Crashdown]

MARIA: Good morning.

ISABEL: Don't you open at 6:30? It's 6:42. I'm gonna need a poppy-seed bagel, cream cheese, Tabasco, and a lot of coffee. Oh, my god, where is that phone number?


ISABEL: yeah, hi. Is this zippy print in Dallas? My name is Isabel Evans. I ordered 150 wedding place cards last week. Right. Well, they were supposed to be overnighted to me yesterday. So where are they? Look, buddy, your labor problems are not my labor problems. What's your name? All right, Ed, I'd like to speak to your manager.

[Crickets chirping- it is now nighttime and the Crashdown is closing]

MARIA: good night.

ISABEL: Well, I ordered the floral arrangements 3 days ago. I still need them here by Friday. No, I don't want a refund, I want them here on time or else. Trust me, you don't want to know what that means. Flowers. Friday. Or else.


LIZ: more pie?

ISABEL: No. Liz, thank you. I'm sorry for being such a bitch today.

LIZ: No, just don't even worry about it. I don't even know what I would be like 3 days before my wedding.

MARIA: How 'bout me? Imagine the stress involved getting married to Michael?

[Liz laughs]


LIZ: well, I mean, are you? Are you nervous at all? Not about the wedding, but about, you know, getting married? It's for the rest of your life.

ISABEL: Honestly, no.


MARIA: You're that sure?

ISABEL: I guess I am.

MARIA: Hmm. I really respect that.


ISABEL: thanks.

MARIA: I mean, here I am, totally in love with this amazing guy, but to marry him? Please!

LIZ: Oh, god, I know. Could you imagine? What if I had to marry Max?

[Liz and Maria's voices fade away. Isabel sees herself standing near giant windows with curtains billowing in the wind. A man walks up to her, and they kiss. She wakes up suddenly]

LIZ: are you ok?

ISABEL: Yeah, I'M...Fine. I'm fine.

[Kyle is working on a tour bus at the garage]

[Power tool buzzing]

KARTER: well? Well? Well? Come on, I need an answer.

KYLE: I'm still looking!

KARTER: Not talking to you. Hello? I I'm talking to you, Phil. Make sure the same time slots are gonna be open for us Saturday. Yeah, well, you'll find out. Ok, so what's the deal? Ok? Hello, I'm talking to you now, Gomer. What's wrong with the bus?

KYLE: Well, Mr. Karter-

KARTER: no, no, no. No mister, no last name, no first name, just Karter with a "k".

KYLE: Ok, look, I don't know what the problem is yet, so why don't you and the band go get a little cup of coffee and come back in an hour or two?

KARTER: Great, we're stuck for 2 hours in some rat hole called Ruston, New Mexico.

KYLE: Roswell.

KARTER: Not talking to you. Let kzab know we have to re-book the interview. Yeah--wait, who am I talking to?

[Isabel comes up to talk to Kyle]

ISABEL: Hey, you got a minute?


KYLE: I got all the time you need

ISABEL: I don't know. It was just the strangest dream, right. It was like it was me, but it wasn't me.

[Kyle hands Isabel a cup of coffee] Ooh, thanks. Like I was saying and doing things I had no control over, like it wasn't me, but... It was me.

KYLE: Yeah, you know, they say you should write down your dreams as soon as you wake up.

ISABEL: I don't know. The whole thing just felt really, um... Dangerous. But I was thrilled by it, by this man, this familiar man. It was pretty erotic. I mean... Don't tell anyone... But when I woke up in the Crashdown, I was so disappointed, I literally had to take a cold shower.

KYLE: That's quite a visual.

ISABEL: Shut up.

KYLE: Look, don't let it get you, don't--I mean, don't you really think this is a case of the pre-wedding jitters infecting your dream life?

ISABEL: Jitters? Surely you jest.

KYLE: No, and don't call me Shirley.

ISABEL: Shirley.

[Cell phone rings]

ISABEL: we are spending way too much time together.


ISABEL: come on. Hello? What?! Are you out of your mind?

KYLE: No jitters there.

ISABEL: Oh, thanks, Kyle.

ISABEL: No, no, that's not gonna work. No, I'm not changing the date, it's not an option.

KYLE: God, I hate cell phones.

ISABEL: I don't understand. How do you run a business this way? You take an order, you take my payment-

[Mr and Mrs Evans are walking down the street]

Mrs. Evans: Isabel.


Mr. Evans: : How--ahem. How are you?


Mrs. Evans: Honey, wait. I know that you're hurt and you're angry, and we understand, but-

Mr. Evans: but you need to understand the reason we're not coming isn't because we don't love you.

Mrs. Evans: Of course not...

Mrs. Evans: But we can't support this. It's-

[Isabel turns her back on her parents and walks off]

ISABEL: you listen to me. This is my wedding and no one will screw it up! No one!

[Isabel and Max are talking in the park]

ISABEL: So how was Los Angeles?

MAX: Not quite what I expected. How's, uh... How are you?

ISABEL: Under a lot of pressure. 2 days and counting, you know.

MAX: Yeah.

ISABEL: Just say it, Max. You don't want me to marry Jesse. It's ok. Believe me, people aren't exactly jumping for joy when they hear the news.

MAX: Everyone's just a little concerned. It's not that we don't like Jesse.

ISABEL: It's that you don't know Jesse, it's how sudden this is,

ISABEL: it's that you don't want me to make a mistake I will regret for the rest of my life. I know. I have heard it all.

MAX: Don't you think there's a reason that everyone keeps telling you the same thing... Like maybe we're right?

ISABEL: Or maybe you could trust me. I would like to believe that my family would a find a way to be there for me.

MAX: You know we will.

ISABEL: No, I don't. Mom and dad aren't coming to my wedding. My parents aren't coming to my wedding. I can say it, but I can't quite make myself believe it.

MAX: I'm sorry, I didn't know.

ISABEL: It doesn't matter, ok? All that matters is that I know that Jesse is the one.

[Jesse walks up to Max and Isabel]


MAX: What's this?

ISABEL: Oh, this is a set-up.

JESSE: Hello, Max.

MAX: Hey.

JESSE: Hi. What's up?

ISABEL: Well, I thought I'd let you ask, dear. Tradition.

JESSE: Right. Ahem. I, uh, I know we don't know each other too well yet... But since we're going to be family, I thought that... Actually, Isabel and I thought that maybe we could start things off on the right foot by asking you if you, um, you'd consider being my best man.

MAX: Your...Best man?

ISABEL: Yeah, well, what do you say, Max?

MAX: Ok. Yeah, yeah, I'd--I'd be honored.

ISABEL: Ohh, great!

[Max and Michael are talking]

MAX: First we need a sample of his blood, make sure he's not an alien.

MICHAEL: Oh, yeah, that'll be easy.

MAX: Then we check into his background, talk to his family, his friends, try and find out everything we can about this guy. We can't let Isabel know. She already feels abandoned by most of her family. If she knows that I'm not into this...

MICHAEL: Max, you're not into this.

MAX: I know. I know, but... Now that I stupidly agreed to be best man, I can't let her know that. Not until I have something solid on Jesse.

[Scene switches back to Isabel and Jessee talking]

JESSE: Magruder called this afternoon, and he said there's still a chance we can rent the lodge for the reception, but he can't commit until the elks officially cancel.

ISABEL: Jesse, are you sure about this? No cold feet or last minute butterflies?

JESSE: Yeah, I'm sure. I don't think I've ever been more sure about anything in my life.

ISABEL: Ok, good.

JESSE: Are you sure?

ISABEL: Oh, I'm sure. Nothing is stopping this wedding. Nothing.

[Breathes deeply]

ISABEL: now I gotta go meet the new photographer. Bye.

JESSE: Hey, wait a minute. Something's wrong, I can tell.

ISABEL: No, it's just... Last minute wedding stuff, that's all.

JESSE: Well, don't stay up all night worrying about it.

ISABEL: Don't worry, I won't.

[Isabel goes to bed, and has a dream about the man she saw earlier in her vision]

ISABEL: Do you approve?

KIVAR: : Do you need my approval?


KIVAR: Does your husband like this face?

ISABEL: He's not my husband.

KIVAR: You won't marry him.

ISABEL: You can't stop me.

KIVAR: You'll stop yourself. You will always be mine.

[Next morning at the Crashdown-1 day 5 hours till the wedding]

MARIA: Good morning.

[Maria is surprised that Isabel isn't there]

[Isabel is sitting on her bed looking at drawings she has made, when Maria knocks].



MARIA: Is everything ok?

ISABEL: Yeah, fine.

MARIA: Uh, Liz and I were a little worried when you didn't show up, so when I got a break, I thought I'd just pop on over and see how the wedding's going.

ISABEL: Oh, my god, what time is it? What day is this?

MARIA: It's Saturday, 11:30.

ISABEL: God, oh, my god, Maria, I'm really late. Um, I was supposed to be at the pavilion an hour ago to, um, to meet with a florist, and--and I've gotta pick up your bridesmaid dresses right now. Right now I have to do that. I was supposed to do that a really long time ago. Actually, if I had had more time, and I actually have to, um,

[voice rises] drop off the check at the lodge... Or they're gonna give my space away to someone else. Jeez,

MARIA: no, no, it's ok.

ISABEL: Oh, my god, I'm gonna-

MARIA: sit down, sit down, don't worry about it. Just--just don't worry, there's no problem. Everything's gonna be fine, I promise you. I promise you, I'm gonna help you, ok?

ISABEL: You're gonna help me?

MARIA: Mm-hmm.

ISABEL: Thank you. Thank you, Maria. Ok, ok... You can start with, um... Um...You know what, you just start with everything. I gotta go.

MARIA: Wait, you're gonna go?

ISABEL: Yeah, I gotta run. Um, thank you so much, so much, Maria.

[Liz and Maria are working on the wedding plans]

LIZ: this is so not like Isabel. Something's gotta be wrong.

MARIA: No argument, but you know what? The wedding is tomorrow, and what I've been able to gather by just glancing at everything is that there's like a million things that should've been done yesterday, so here's what I'm thinking. We should just jump into this right now with both feet and take control of the situation-

LIZ: or we could sit back and let it all fall apart.

MARIA: Exactly.

LIZ: So what's the most pressing emergency?

MARIA: Uh, my dress, your dress, and her dress in that order.

LIZ: My dress and your dress.

MARIA: Let me just show you what she picked out for us.

[Liz has a look of shock on her face when she sees the picture]

[Max and Jesse are trying on tuxedos, and Michael is hanging around]


JESSE: no, I don't think I can do this shawl collar. Let's try the double-breasted.

MICHAEL: Hey, Jesse.


MICHAEL: Uh, congratulations. All the best. I mean, you're really getting a great girl.

JESSE: Thanks, um... Michael. We met in-

MICHAEL: Utah, right.

JESSE: Exactly. I'm bad with names.

MICHAEL: Oh, no, don't sweat that. So 25 hours and counting... You've gotta be getting nervous.

JESSE: Oh, you know it.

MICHAEL: Oh, that's sharp right there.

JESSE: Thanks.

MICHAEL: Um, so Max tells me that you're a local boy.

JESSE: Yeah, born and raised.

MICHAEL: And then you went to Harvard.

JESSE: Yeah. First I did my undergraduate work at Cornell.

MAX: That's in, uh, upstate New York, right? Why so far away?

JESSE: A couple reasons. Scholarship was one. Mostly just wanted to get out of New Mexico.

MICHAEL: Yeah, I can relate. Family problems, right?

JESSE: No, no, nothing like that. Uh, this restless feeling, you know? Just an overwhelming desire to see something outside my window besides the desert.

MICHAEL: Yeah, I know that feeling. I'm dying to get out of this place. Tell me about Cornell. What was it like?

JESSE: Oh, it was beautiful. Sits up on this hill overlooking lake Cayuga. There's a lot of great hiking trails, the woods are gorgeous.

[Time has passed and Michael and Max are still grilling Jesse]

JESSE: Anyway, I didn't make the law review, so I knew I wouldn't be clerking for anyone on the supreme court.

MICHAEL: No, of course not.

MAX: Wait, can we go back for a minute? You said you changed apartments between your second and third year at Harvard. Why'd you move?

JESSE: Heh heh heh! What, are you guys interrogating me or something?

MAX: No!

MICHAEL: No, no, no!

MAX: Just curious. You know, small town boys eager to hear about the outside world.

MICHAEL: Wow, that's sharp.

MAX: I mean, you've been a lot of other places that we really haven't, so...

JESSE: Right. No, it's true, I understand.

MAX: Roswell is Roswell.

JESSE: Yeah, you can say that again.

[Michael slips a pin into the sleeve of the jacket]

MICHAEL: Here, here. Try this on.

JESSE: Ouch!

MAX: You ok?

JESSE: There's still a pin in there.

MICHAEL: Oh, I'm sorry about that.

MAX: Still a pin in the jacket.

[Michael hands Jesses a handerkecheif- he gets it back with a blood spot on it, and folds it up and pockets it]

MICHAEL: Oh, Max, we gotta go because we gotta do that thing we gotta do.

MAX: Yeah, yeah, sorry.

MICHAEL: Yeah, it was nice talking to you.

JESSE: Yeah, you, too.

MICHAEL: Good luck.

JESSE: Thanks. All right, Max. Thanks, guys.

[Michael is looking at the blood under a microscope while talking to Max on the phone]

MICHAEL: We've got bad news, Maxwell. Jesse Ramirez is... Ta-da! Human. Yeah, nice red blood cells. Not a green one in the bunch.

[Knock on door]

MICHAEL: I gotta go.

[Repeated knocking]

MICHAEL: all right, I'm coming, I'm coming!

[Michael opens the door to find a nervous Isabel]

ISABEL: Michael, I'm in trouble. We may all be in trouble. There's an alien out there somewhere and he's after me.

MICHAEL: you know, it might just be a dream, Isabel. You're under a lot of pressure, a lot of anxiety. And what's so strange about dreaming about an alien?

ISABEL: No, this is an alien who--who knows me, who's... Intimate with me, I mean--I mean, what if it's--god!


ISABEL: Kivar. What if it's Kivar?

MICHAEL: So what if it is? It's probably still just a dream. Yeah, ok. Think about it for a second. Who's Kivar? He's a man you had an affair with-

ISABEL: no, that wasn't me. That was that other person. That was you on another planet, ok? And how did this illicit affair turn out? It got us all killed.

ISABEL: This isn't helping.

MICHAEL: Because you're not listening. Don't see what's going on? It's just a dream, Isabel. Your subconscious mind is screwing with you. I mean, you know guilt? You feel guilty about what you did back then.

ISABEL: I don't even know what I did back then for sure. I mean, all I really know is that I betrayed you and Max and my whole family for this-- this Kivar. Oh, god, why? What is wrong with me? I mean... Who does something like that? What if I betray Jesse the way I betrayed all of you?

MICHAEL: Hey, no, sit down. None of us know what happened in that life. All we know for certain is who are in this life. And in this life, you're Isabel, and Isabel isn't the kind of person who's gonna betray her husband.

ISABEL: What if they're not just dreams? What if Kivar is really trying to contact me?

MICHAEL: So what? Kivar isn't here. He's up there somewhere on a different planet. If he's trying to contact you, then we'll deal with it.

ISABEL: Ok. Yeah, ok.



MICHAEL: What is this?

MICHAEL: Uh, school project.

ISABEL: Huh. Whose blood is this? Is this Jesse's blood? Are you testing his blood now?

MICHAEL: And he passed! Because I knew he would pass. I told Max-

ISABEL: Max is in on this?

[Maria opens the door and rushes in]

MARIA: Oh, thank god you're here! Oh...Ok... Um, here's the situation. Uh, there's a slight kink in the plans. Your... Your dress is in Florida.

ISABEL: What? What?! Oh, God.

[Scene switches to the Evans' house- Philip and Diane enter laughing- Max is standing there with shoes in his hand]

MAX: hi.

Mrs. Evans: What are you doing here, Max?

MAX: I, uh, I needed... For the wedding.

Mr. Evans: So you're going?

MAX: Yeah, it's--it's kind of complicated, but I'm the-- the best man.

Mrs. Evans: Really? I thought you didn't approve.

MAX: Well, not entirely, but, you know, family.

Mrs. Evans: So...How is your sister? I mean, she must be getting nervous.

Mr. Evans: Knowing Isabel, I'm sure she's got everything completely wired right down to the number of petals on the roses.

MAX: Well, actually, she's been having kind of a tough time.

Mr. Evans: Oh? Yeah, the, uh, dressmaker lost her wedding dress, so... Ha...

MAX: So you're still not going to the wedding.

Mrs. Evans: She's making the biggest mistake of her life, Max. I can't stand there with a smile on my face and pretend to be happy about it.

MAX: You don't, you'll lose her. You and I... We're having problems, and...I don't know what to do about that right now, but I hope that eventually we'll work it out. But you miss your own daughter's wedding, and I don't think you'll ever work that out.

[Mr Parker walks into the kitchen of the crashdown]

Mr. Parker: Liz, what the hell is going on? I just got a call from the bakery about a wedding cake.

Liz: Uh, yeah, I'm catering Isabel's wedding.

Mr. Parker: I'm not laughing.

Liz: I'm not joking.

Mr. Parker: First of all, this is not a charity. This is a business.

LIZ: It's being paid for.

Mr. Parker: And second of all, I'm not stupid. I know Max is gonna be in this wedding, and if you think you've found some sort of loophole to be around him, well, it's not gonna work.

LIZ: I'm helping out a friend. You see, my parents, they taught me that friends help each other. So unless you plan on having me put away in handcuffs, I'm gonna behave like the person I was raised to be. Now excuse me.

[Jim is trying to convince Maria to hire the Kit Shcikers for the reception]

JIM: Come on, you're gonna need a band at the reception.

MARIA: Not a country western band.

JIM: Maria, we need the exposure.

MARIA: You know, you can play the bachelor party, how's that?

[Kyle walks in]

JIM: hey, Kyle! Tell her how good we are.

KYLE: I'm not your publicist.

[Isabel rushes in and comes up to Jim]

ISABEL: I need to talk to you. Um, I want you to do something for me at the wedding, during the ceremony actually.

JIM: It's not an usher, is it? I look so bad in those monkey suits. I mean, I'm touched and all but-

ISABEL: no, I--i want you to give me away.

JIM: You mean...

ISABEL: Walk me down the aisle. My, um, my parents aren't going, and since I sort of think of you as a father figure I thought... What do you say?

JIM: Yes. Yes, it would be an honor.

ISABEL: Thank you.

[Karter comes over to Kyle's booth]

KYLE: Have a seat.

KARTER: I get it.

KYLE: I don't know what you're talking about.

KARTER: I get it, ok? The whole stuck in Mayberry until we're nice to Gomer routine. Sorry I hurt your poor little feelings. Now how much will it take to get you to fix the bus so the band can get back on the road and make the air dates I keep booking-

MARIA: wait a minute, you manage a band?

KARTER: No, Alice, I'm the program director of 7, count them, 7 radio stations spread across the southwestern united states.

MARIA: What band?


MARIA: Ivy? Here?

KARTER: Unfortunately.

MARIA: Let's talk.


[Scene switches to the bachelor party]

[Kit Shickers performing]

JIM: I was 5 foot 3 when I seen that little girl...

MAX: So what happened after the two of you passed the bar exam?

MAN: We kind of went our separate ways. I didn't really see him again until probably a year ago.

MAX: What was he doing then?

MAN 2: He was in private practice working for a big-time corporate law firm.

MAN 2: You boys don't play much 9-ball out here, do you?

KYLE: Not like you Harvard guys.

MAN 2: Ooh, it's like a nightmare, isn't it? Just keeps getting worse and worse. And that's the game. That's 20 big ones, my friend.

JIM: You came back here to break hearts you'd better start with mine...

MAN: Listen, I'd love to sit here and answer your questions all night, but I'm married, this is a bachelor party, and time is a-wasting. Whoa! Excuse me.

MICHAEL: Max, it's time to let it go. You're not gonna find anything on that guy because there's nothing to find.

KYLE: My alien friend, there's someone I'd like you to meet.

MAX: Hey, I'm Max Evans, I'm the best man. So tell me, how long have you known Jesse?

[Isabel is sleeping and dreaming about Kivar again]

KIVAR: You will always be mine.

ISABEL: I marry him tomorrow.

KIVAR: It means nothing.

ISABEL: No, it means I'm finished with you. Good-bye, Kivar.

[Back at the party]

JIM: I'm a t-shirt man in a button-down world i like an uptown leg on a downtown girl...

MAN 3: Yeah, we talked on the phone all the time. Well, I mean, except when he was doing that FBI thing.

MAX: Fbi?

MAN 3: I don't know what he did, man. He wouldn't talk about it. Said it was classified, national security, that kind of stuff.

JIM: You're never gonna catch me working 9 t0 5...

MAN 1: Man: I can't believe you sunk the 9 ball again. Double or nothing.

MICHAEL: You read my mind.

JIM: I never was good at playing the game all you can lose drive a man insane swing you high like a ball on a chain...

JESSE: You interrogating my friends?

MAX: Just asking questions.

KYLE: It's like a nightmare, isn't it?

JESSE: Oh, so that's what that was all about in the tuxedo shop, too, wasn't it? You and your friend trying to build some kind dossier on me?

MAX: Dossier? That's an interesting word for someone who used to work for the FBI.

JESSE: What? What are you talking about? I never worked for the FBI.

MAX: Louis said you had a mysterious classified job at the FBI.

JESSE: Ha ha ha! Louis is an idiot. I did an internship at the DEA. For a semester, and yeah, some of it was classified. What the hell business is it of yours anyway? What, are you looking for some dirt on me, some excuse to get Isabel to call off the wedding?

MAX: That's not it.

JESSE: The hell it isn't. Hey, hey, hey, come on, guys, come on.

MAN 1: Nobody makes shots like that. It's a statistical impossibility.

MICHAEL: How would you know?

MAN 1: I'm a statistician.

KYLE: Ooh! Whatever. Just give him his money back, man.

JESSE: Ritchie, what's going on?

MAN 1: These red neck jerk-offs are trying to hustle us.

KYLE: What did you just call us?

MAN 1: Oh, didn't you hear? I said you're a red neck jerk-off!

MAX: Hey! Hey!

JESSE: Back off! Ow!

[A fight breaks out and Max punches Jesse]

[After the party, Max is talking to Isabel]

ISABEL: You broke his nose?!

MAX: I didn't mean to. It just...Happened.

ISABEL: Oh, it just happened. You just happened to be swinging your fist in the air, and he just happened to step in front it!

MAX: Look, I am sorry. It was a party. People were drinking too much, I-- things got out of control.

ISABEL: Oh! Like your investigation. Is that one of those things that got a little out of control?

MAX: I can explain-

ISABEL: don't bother. I understand perfectly. You don't trust me.

MAX: It's not about trust.

ISABEL: It is all about trust, Max. God, do you really think that I would marry someone that I don't even know? Someone who might be secretly working for the FBI or even--ohh! An alien? Don't you think I have walked through his dreams a few times, and that maybe I checked on his alien status a long time ago? God, Max! The irony here is that I trusted you. I trusted you to stand up at my wedding when my whole family bailed. I trusted you to be there for me... And you weren't.

[Maria and Liz are helping Isabel get ready]

MARIA: I know it's not exactly what you wanted, but...

LIZ: We searched every store in Roswell, really.

ISABEL: No, it's fine, and thank you. Thank you both so much for everything you've already done., And it'll be really... Really fine.

[Door opens]

Mrs. Evans: It's lovely. I mean, really it is, but I just thought that maybe as an option. This was my wedding dress, girls, and my mother wore it before I did, and I'd be honored-

ISABEL: I love you, mom.

Mrs. Evans: I mean, I don't know if we could possibly get it altered in time.

ISABEL: Oh, no, I will find a way.

Mrs. Evans: Good.

[Jesse is getting ready also-Knock on door]

Mrs. Delgado: guess who's here?

MAX: Hey.

Mrs. Evans: Can I leave you two alone, or do I have to referee?

JESSE: Thanks, mom.

MAX: I picked up a steak on the way over.

JESSE: That's an old wives' tale, Max.

MAX: Look, I just-- I wanted to say that-- forget about it. No, really, I-- I was way out of line interrogating your friends. I mean... Isabel's obviously in love with you, and you obviously make her happy, and...I don't know, I couldn't accept that.

JESSE: You probably know this from all of your, uh, "research," but my father died when I was 13. What you probably don't know is that it was 4 years before my mother ever saw another man, and I couldn't take it, not even then. I hated them.

MAX: You didn't want anyone replacing your father.

JESSE: Partially, yeah. But even more than that it was... They weren't good enough for my mother. No one, to tell you the truth, could ever be good enough for my mother. So I understand. No one's ever going to be good enough for Isabel.

MAX: I'll get over it.

JESSE: Maybe. I never did. But we gotta put it behind us, all right? Because even if we're not going to be friends, we are going to be family. So you gonna eat that steak or what?

MAX: Uh... Um, just hold it there. It just takes a second.

[Max puts the steak on Jesse's nose- he uses his powers to heal him]

MAX: Uh... I don't know, take a look.

JESSE: Yeah.

MAX: Well, look at that.

[Wedding march playing- Jim is holding Isabel's arm getting ready to walk her down the aisle]

ISABEL: this is it. Are you ready?

JIM: I don't think so.

[Mr Evan's walks up and puts out his arm]

Mr. Evans: May I?

[Isabel and her father walk down the aisle- the wedding starts]

ISABEL: I, Isabel Amanda, take thee, Jesse Esteban, to be my wedded husband.

JESSE: I, Jesse Esteban, take thee, Isabel Amanda, to be my wedded wife.

ISABEL: In sickness and in health...

JESSE: In plenty and in want...

ISABEL: Through joy and through sorrow...

JESSE: So long as we both shall live.

MINISTER: By the authority committed unto me, as a minister of the church of Jesus Christ, I now proclaim that Jesse and Isabel are husband and wife. You may kiss the bride.

[Max is speaking at the reception]

MAX: can we have your attention, please? Hi. I'm Max Evans. The best man. Ahem. Isabel and i, uh... Well, I'm sure you all know the story, how they found us... Little kids wandering in the desert. No one knew where we came from or where we belonged. We didn't know anything either, who our parents were, how we got there. All we had was each other. Two people took us in, gave us names, made us part of their family, something I'll always-- we'll always be grateful for. Growing up, I was always... I always felt very protective of my big sister, always tried to look out for her. I guess... What I've come to realize is that she doesn't need me anymore to protect her. She's too strong for that. So, uh... To Jesse... Welcome to the family. I think you'll find it's going to be an interesting experience.

[Guests chuckle]

MAX: and to Isabel... I love you. I trust you. And I wish you all the happiness in the world. To Jesse and Isabel.

ALL: To Jesse and Isabel.

MARIA: All right, Karter. You're on.

KARTER: Hit it.

[Ivy Plays while the guests dance]

IVY SINGING: there's a place I dream about where the sun never goes out and the sky is deep in blue won't you take me there with you? Ooh, we can begin again shed our skin, let the sun shine in at the edge of the ocean we can start over again sha la la la la la la sha la la sha la la sha la la la la la la sha la la sha la la there's a world...

Mr. Parker: There's a chafing dish in my truck. Can you get that?

LIZ: Dad.

Mr. Parker: Yes.

LIZ: I'm gonna dance with Max. Not because it's tradition and not because I found some kind of loophole but because it's my choice. We love each other, and we are going to be together. And I love you, too.

IVY SINGING: At the edge of the ocean we can start over again sha la la la la la la sha la la sha la la sha la la la la la la sha la la sha la la

[Isabel is dancing with Michael- A man comes up to cut in, and Isabel starts dancing with him- it is the man from her dream]

KIVAR: stay calm and keep smiling, Isabel.

ISABEL: You're not here. You're not really here.

KIVAR: Oh, I am here. I've come for you.

ISABEL: No. I'm dreaming or sleeping or something.

KIVAR: May I? To your happy day. And, uh... Many more happy days still to come. I'll see you soon.

[Kivar disappears into the crowd, and Kyle walks up]

KYLE: Can I, uh, dance with the bride?

ISABEL: Kyle, did you see that guy who was here?

KYLE: The guy you were talking to and dancing with?

ISABEL: You saw him? You really saw him?

KYLE: Sure. Why? Who was he?

ISABEL: Someone who can't be here.

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