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3x07 - Interruptus
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Episode #307- "Interruptus"

[Jesse and Max are packing the trunk of the car, as Isabel and Jesse prepare to leave for the honeymoon]

KYLE: Hey, guys. How's it going? Everything ok?

JESSE: Yeah. Fine.

KYLE: You sure?

MAX: Yeah. What's up?

KYLE: Nothing. Nothing. Is Isabel around?

MAX: Yeah, she's, uh, upstairs changing.

KYLE: Great. Sorry.

LIZ: Kitchen.

MICHAEL: I'm not washing all these.

LIZ: Go.

KYLE: Hey, what are you doing? You didn't tell them?

ISABEL: No. You tell them. After I'm gone.

KYLE: Hold on. Isn't this guy like an alien killer?

ISABEL: Look, I get one honeymoon, all right? He's not gonna ruin it!

KYLE: Isabel, I'm all for denial as A... Way of life, but you can't just run away from this one.

ISABEL: Yes, i can.

MICHAEL: You wanna wash or dry?

KYLE: I can't believe she didn't tell you.

MICHAEL: Tell me what?

JESSE: All right, Mrs. Ramirez. Time to go or we are going to miss our plane.

ISABEL: I know. See ya in a week!

MICHAEL: Have fun.



Mrs Evans: We'll miss you!

ISABEL: Mom, it's only a week. I'll call.

Mr Evans: Have a great time!

KYLE: I'm sure she will.

Mrs Evans: Everything is different now.

MAX: Yeah, it is.

MICHAEL: What's going on?

KYLE: Is she officially gone yet?


MAX: I'm leaving.

MICHAEL: Wait. Kyle's gonna tell us something.

MICHAEL: Spit it out.

KYLE: I can't believe she didn't tell you.

MICHAEL: Tell us what?

KYLE: About Kivar. What, did I say his name wrong?

MICHAEL: What about Kivar?

KYLE: He's here.

MICHAEL: He's here?

KYLE: She saw him. She danced with him.

MICHAEL: She what?

KYLE: At the reception. He looks normal. Looks like a human.

MICHAEL: How does Isabel's former alien lover crash her wedding and we don't know about it?

KYLE: I don't know, but he's here.

[The gang is watching the tape]

KYLE: No, no, that's it. Stop it. Stop it.

MICHAEL: How can that be him? That's him?

MARIA: Woof. I'm just saying.

KYLE: So what's the deal with this guy?

MICHAEL: Son of a bitch killed us.

MAX: All of us.

KYLE: He killed you?

MAX: Yeah. We don't remember a lot. In our other life, Kivar was our enemy. He was trying to take over my throne. Isabel fell in love with him and helped him overtake us. It was a bloodbath. We were all killed, including Isabel. Our genetic material was mixed with human DNA, and then we were sent here.

KYLE: Nothing's ever simple with you people, is it?

LIZ: What is Kivar doing here?

MICHAEL: I doubt he's on vacation.

LIZ: What are you gonna do?

MAX: What we have to.

MICHAEL: We're going to la Jolla.

[Micheael uses his power to create airline tickets]

MICHAEL: First class. And we're gonna kill him.


[Jesse and Isabel arrive at the hotel- Isabel nervously looks around and sees Kivar getting out of a cab]

JESSE: You ok?

ISABEL: Yeah. Yeah, I'm just tired.

JESSE: Well, let's get checked in and, uh, slip into something a little more... Married?

[Both laughing as Jesse carries Isabel over the threshold]

JESSE: wow. Look at this.

ISABEL: Oh, my god. It's so beautiful.

JESSE: Oh, you're beautiful.

JESSE: Hold on while I take care of the bellman. Here you go.

BELLMAN: Thanks.


ISABEL: whoo! Yeah!

JESSE: What?

ISABEL: Nothing. I'm ok.

JESSE: You're tired.

ISABEL: I'm fine. I'm fine.

JESSE: Come here. Come here. Catch our breath for a moment. We're going to be married for a long, long time ok? There's no reason to rush anything anymore. Everything's going to be fine.

[Maria overhears Mr. Parker and Mr Evans as Mr Evans comes into the Crashdown]

Mr Evans: Jeff.

Mr Parker: Oh, hey, Philip. Congratulations. Oh, thanks.

Mr Parker: Do you wanna see a menu or something?

Mr Evans: Uh, no, no. Look, I feel kinda funny about this, but could I speak to you for a minute?

Mr Parker: Sure. Right now?

Mr Evans: Yeah. Uh...In private?

Mr Parker: Yeah. Let's go in the back.

[Back on the honeymoon, Isabel is sleeping as Jesse watches TV- Jesse looks at the hotel info, and sees the steam room- he enters the room, and closes his eyes. When he opens them, the man from Isabel's dreams is in the room]

KIVAR: hi.

[Isabel wakes up]

ISABEL: Jesse, sweetheart, are you here?

JESSE: (from the note laying on the bed) "Dear Mrs. Ramirez, "I didn't want to wake you. "I've gone to the spa. It's 2:30. I'll be back in an hour."

[Isabel looks at the clock, and its 5:38]

[Back at the Crashdown]

LIZ: Well, what did they say?

MARIA: I couldn't hear. They were whispering.

LIZ: They were whispering?

MARIA: Yeah. Something's brewing.

LIZ: Well, something bad?

MARIA: I don't know, but you and I, we're not included. And the way they were skulking around, it reminded me of us.

LIZ: No. No. Screw that.

MARIA: What are you doing?

LIZ: No, don't. Back in one second.

[Liz walks in the back room where her father is working on the shake machine]

LIZ: That break again?

Mr Parker:

[Laughs] might be time for a new one.

LIZ: So, um, what did Mr. Evans want?

Mr Parker: Um... You know, we share the same accountant, and he's gonna raise his rates, so... We're just not sure if we wanna pay the increase. So, uh...

LIZ: Oh. See, I thought that he was unhappy with the catering, but...

Mr Parker: No. The catering was fine.

LIZ: Good. That's really good.

Mr Parker: Oh, um... Table 8. Could you get them some menus and water?

LIZ: Ok.

Mr Parker: Thank you.

[Isabel is looking for Jesse and sees him by the pool ]

ISABEL: Jesse.

JESSE: Baby! Oh, I'm sorry.

ISABEL: Where have you been?

JESSE: I was just about to come wake you up.

ISABEL: Where were you?

JESSE: Uh--driving range.

[Kivar walks up]

KIVAR: Your husband's quite a golfer.

[Jesse Isabel and Kivar are talking]

JESSE: Oh I knew the moment I met her.

KIVAR: Really?

Jesse: Yeah. Love at first site.

ISABEL: That is so sweet, honey. Maybe we should-

JESSE: kevin, what about you? Is there anyone special in your life?

KIVAR: As a matter of fact, there is.

JESSE: Great. Maybe we could all hook up and go out for dinner one night.

KIVAR: That'd be difficult, Jesse. See, she's gone.

JESSE: Gone?

KIVAR: She's not-- she's not dead, just... Just missing.

JESSE: Oh, my god.

KIVAR: Seems like I've been searching for her forever.

JESSE: Wow... Kevin, I'm sorry. That's... How did it happen?

ISABEL: Jesse, you know, it's private, so...

KIVAR: Hey, it's all right. Really. Look, to fully understand what happened, you gotta go back to the first night we met. See, we were supposed to fall in love. Our families were enemies, we were at the palace, and it was one of those rare moments where they were trying to find peace.

JESSE: The palace.

KIVAR: We were by the water, and... She pleaded with me not to, but I kissed her.

[Isabel remembers her dream]

KIVAR: And that was it. From that point on, we were together. We would have done anything for each other, and we did. Till one bad night. One... One night I lost her.

ISABEL: Well, it all sounds pretty far-fetched to me.

KIVAR: But it's all true.

[Back in Roswell- the doorbell rings at the Valenti house]

JIM: I got it, Kyle.


JIM: Hey. What's up, Philip?

Mr Evans: Hi, sheriff. Uh, Jim. Uh, listen, I feel really odd about this...

JIM: About what?

Mr Evans: Well, I'm not sure. I've been talking to Jeff parker, and, um... And I know this is gonna sound strange, but there's some things i need to know, and I was wondering if you could help me out. Can I come in?

JIM: Sure! Yeah, I'm sorry. Come on in. Come on in.

Mr Parker: Thanks.

JIM: So, uh... What kinda things?

Mr Parker: It's about the kids. Um... About max, actually.

JIM: Something happened?

Mr Evans: Something's been happening for a few years now, and I don't know what it is. I'm just trying to find out more information on my son.

JIM: How can I help you?

Mr Evans: Well... I used to see him all the time with this girl. She had blonde hair. I think she was staying at your house.

JIM: Tess.

Mr Parker: Yeah. They dated, didn't they?

JIM: Yeah. I think. I mean, for a while, yeah. You know kids. Hard to keep up.

Mr Parker: Yeah.

Mr Parker: where is she now?

JIM: She left.

Mr Parker: Oh.

JIM: She went back east. She's got relatives there... An aunt and uncle.

Mr Parker: Do you have a way of contacting her?

JIM: What, uh--why?

Mr Parker: I was just gonna ask her a few questions.

JIM: About max.

Mr Parker: Do you have a phone number for her?

JIM: Yeah, somewhere. I've got her address here. God knows where that is. Let me ask Kyle when he gets back. And, uh... We'll see if we can't track her down for you.

Mr Parker: I'd appreciate that. Thanks, sheriff.

JIM: Sure. Sure, no problem.

ISABEL: He bugs me.

JESSE: Who, Kevin? What, you think he's some freak who preys on honeymooning newlyweds?

[Kivar moves his hand over a drink and it changes color]

JESSE: Ok. Let's sneak out this way.

KIVAR: Jesse. Here

[Hand him the drink]

JESSE: Oh. Thanks.

KIVAR: Isabel, did you want anything?


KIVAR: Look, I feel like I'm intruding. I'm gonna leave you two alone.

JESSE: Well, I'm sure we'll see you later.

ISABEL: We're gonna be really busy.


JESSE: she's got a point.

KIVAR: Yes, she does. Congratulations. I hope you guys have a long and happy life together.

JESSE: Thanks.


JESSE: Just us.

ISABEL: Thank god!

JESSE: (acting sick) Oh! Uh...

ISABEL: What's wrong?

JESSE: Oh, I don't think that oyster appetizer was a good idea. Oh! I'll be right back.

ISABEL: Uh... Excuse me. I'm sorry.

[Kivar grabs Isabel and starts dancing with her]

ISABEL: What did you do to Jesse?

KIVAR: He'll be fine. Just used him to steal a moment. I've been searching for you for an eternity.

ISABEL: I'm not Vilandra anymore.

KIVAR: Yes, you are. I can feel it. I can feel it right now.

ISABEL: You got what you wanted from me. Please, just leave me alone now.

KIVAR: Ditch the human toy and meet me by the water. Like when we first met.

ISABEL: No. No. No.

[Back at the Crashdown]

LIZ: Thank you. So what did your dad say to him?

KYLE: Well, he handled it for the moment, but it's true. Max's dad is investigating.

MARIA: You guys, I really-- I wouldn't worry about this. Look at it from Mr. Evans' point of view. His son is practically a hardened criminal. Suddenly daughter gets married. He's trying to get a grip on his new world order.

KYLE: Suppose he discovers the interstellar love triangle and the alien hit squad winging its way to honeymoon central?

LIZ: No, he won't.

KYLE: He might. He might.

LIZ: He won't.

MARIA: What's this.

LIZ: I don't know. What is it?

[Maria picks up a missing person flyer]

MARIA: Guess what.

LIZ: What?

MARIA: Isabel's alien lover is a man named Denny.

KYLE: He's not from Antar?

LIZ: No. That's how he got here. Kivar took possession.

MARIA: This guy's totally innocent.

LIZ: With a wife.

KYLE: And max and Michael are gonna kill him.

[on the honeymoon]

ISABEL: Jesse, are you coming out?

[Isabel has flashbacks]

JESSE: Yeah. One second.

ISABEL: Oh, Jesse, hurry.

[Isabel looks out the window and sees Kivar- she uses her power to melt the door knob and lock Jesse in the bathroom]

JESSE: hey, Isabel! Something's wrong with the door. Can you push it or something?

ISABEL: Um, it's stuck, honey. I can't even turn the handle.

JESSE: How much did we pay for this hotel room?

ISABEL: Jesse, sweetheart, I'm going to go and find some maintenance people and see if they can get it open. I'll be right back.

JESSE: Isabel... Isabel, just use the phone.

[Isabel walks up to Kivar]

ISABEL: What have you done to me?

KIVAR: What do you mean?

ISABEL: You've taken control, used some kind of power to get me here.

KIVAR: I've done nothing. You're here because it's where Vilandra wants to be.

ISABEL: Vilandra is dead. She doesn't exist.

KIVAR: She does. Within you.

ISABEL: Vilandra betrayed my entire family. She murdered them, and I've been given a second chance, and it doesn't include you!

KIVAR: Yes, it does! Just by being here. We can leave tonight. Right now.


KIVAR: It's a new mode of transit, something we've been working on. It's better than a ship. Just come with me.

ISABEL: No. And if you really love me, don't come back.

[Kivar kisses Isabel]

[Michael and Max arrive]

MICHAEL: What if he's not here? What if this is some wild goose chase?

MAX: Oh, he's here. He wants Isabel. Kivar's nothing if not determined.

MICHAEL: Then i hope we're not-- ...

[They see Isabel and Kivar kissing]

MICHAEL: Too late.

KIVAR: Return with me, Vilandra.

ISABEL: I'm not Vilandra.

KIVAR: You can be. We can leave all this behind.

[Cell phone rings]

MICHAEL: you ever hear of vibrate?

ISABEL: Jesse.

KIVAR: He doesn't matter.

ISABEL: He does! He does matter.

LIZ: Max, hi. You're still alive!

MICHAEL: Is that Liz?

MAX: I can't talk right now.

LIZ: Max, did you kill him?

MAX: No. I love you, but I gotta go.

MARIA: Is Michael ok?

KYLE: What about Isabel?

LIZ: Max, don't kill him, ok?

MICHAEL: Hang it up.

LIZ: He's a human being. His name is Denny Ridgley, he's married, and he's a local.

MARIA: Is Michael ok?

MICHAEL: Max, hang it up!

MAX: Yeah. Michael's. Fine.

LIZ: Yes, he's fine.

KYLE: Have they found isabel?

MAX: Who's denny ridgely?

MICHAEL: They're gone!

LIZ: Max, his wife has been putting out missing persons posters all over town.

MICHAEL: Come on! They're gone.

LIZ: I personally think that kivar has like taken him over. It's gotta be a possession thing. Oh, my god, and one more thing. Your father, he's been going around town asking questions.

MAX: About what?

LIZ: About you and tess.

MAX: Find out what he's after. I gotta go.

MAX: Kivar's possessing some guy named denny.


MAX: So we can't kill him.

MICHAEL: Yeah, who says?

[Isabel returns to the room and opens the door]

JESSE: What did you do?

ISABEL: Nothing.

JESSE: To the door?

ISABEL: What-- oh! Um... The front desk. They told me that sometimes it sticks, and you have to-

JESSE: were you outside?

ISABEL: No. Yes. The maintenance guy was outside. So I had to find him to ask him about the door, and he said that sometimes you just have to lean into it and...And pull back. All at the same time.

JESSE: Lean in and... Pull back all at the same time? Is that what you have to do?

[Jesse carries Isabel to the bed]

JESSE: Now, where were we?

[Knock at the door]

ISABEL: I'll get it.

JESSE: Ignore it

ISABEL: Just don't move, justÂ…

JESSE: Whatever

[Isabel goes to the door- some one says "Room Service"- she opens it to see Max and Michael standing there]

MAX: Hi.

MICHAEL: We're here to kill your boyfriend.

JESSE: Who is it?

ISABEL: Room service.

JESSE: Did you order something?

ISABEL: No. It was a mistake.

JESSE: Come to bed.

ISABEL: I really want a drink.

JESSE: What?

ISABEL: Yeah. Honey, would you be a fantastic husband and go down to the bar and get me one of those, um... Fruity, pineappley umbrella drinks?

JESSE: What? Come on!

ISABEL: All that running around made me thirsty.

JESSE: Well, tell the room service guy.

ISABEL: He's gone.

JESSE: What's going on?

ISABEL: I'm nervous. I need to relax.

JESSE: We have champagne.

ISABEL: Yeah, but I'm really in the mood for one of those-

JESSE: fruity, pineappley umbrella drinks.

ISABEL: Yes. Please? Thanks, honey.

[Isabel hurries Jesse out the door- Max and Michael come in]

ISABEL: What are you guys doing here?

MICHAEL: Taking care of your problem.

MAX: Why didn't you tell us before you left?

ISABEL: Well, I didn't expect him to follow me here.

MICHAEL: He sure as hell doesn't have the hots for us, now, does he?

ISABEL: You can't kill him.

MAX: We know.

MICHAEL: We're going to.

MICHAEL: . Kivar possessed some idiot.


MICHAEL: I don't care. It doesn't matter. He's dead.

ISABEL: Look, I really think you guys should go. Because I've got this totally under control. I'm gonna get rid of him.

MICHAEL: Yeah. You're gonna give him what he wants.


MICHAEL: You're gonna ride his handlebars all the way back to Antar, aren't you?

MAX: We saw you.

MICHAEL: By the gazebo.

ISABEL: Why is this happening to me? Oh, I'm married! I love Jesse! I love him!

MAX: I know.

ISABEL: But I love Kivar.

MAX: No... No, you don't.

ISABEL: Vilandra does. She wants control. She wants to go back.

MAX: She's gone.

ISABEL: She's not! I wish she was! I hate her! I hate what she did! But she isn't gone, max! She's still inside of me!

MAX: Listen to me. Isabel! Listen. This is what we're gonna do. You are gonna stay here in this room with your husband. We're gonna find Kivar.

ISABEL: No! No, max. You're not going without me. What if something goes wrong and you need me there?

MICHAEL: Is this some kind of closure thing?

ISABEL: Yes. Yes. I need to get over him. I need to conquer this now!

MAX: All right. Ok. Ok. You stay here. We'll wait outside just in case he comes looking. If he doesn't, you leave here at dawn. Get away from Jesse. We'll be right behind you, out of sight. You find Kivar... Take him someplace secluded. We'll get Kivar out of Ridgeley somehow.

ISABEL: Then what?

MICHAEL: I'm gonna get a t-shirt printed up. We're gonna kill him, Isabel!

MAX: He's after you now, but we're unfinished business. Do you understand? It's either him or us. Isabel.

ISABEL: Yes. Ok.

[Knock on door]

JESSE: It's me.

ISABEL: That was fast.

JESSE: I'm motivated.

ISABEL: Thanks, honey. Ok. Um... I'll be right there. I'll be right there.

[Max and Michael sneak out as Jesse goes into the bedroom]

JESSE: Are you alright?

[clears throat loudly]

ISABEL: just...Listen to me for a second. Don't say anything. Just... Let me get this out. I'm not who you think I am. I'm from another planet.


JESSE: you mean, like, men are from mars, women are from Venus? I'm from Antar. I'm an alien.


JESSE: sure. Ok.

[Isabel uses her powers to melt a candle]

JESSE: How did you do that?

ISABEL: Max, Michael.

JESSE: W-what is this?

ISABEL: We're all aliens. Our ship crashed in Roswell over 50 years ago. It wasn't a hoax. It was a government cover-up. We're hybrids. Alien-human dna. We crawled out of our secret... Pod chamber about 12 years ago into the desert. And nobody knows. Not even our parents.

MICHAEL: Some people know, like his girlfriend.

MAX: And his.

ISABEL: And now you.

JESSE: This is some weird family practical joke, right?

MICHAEL: Constantly.

MAX: You know when Liz and I robbed that convenience store? We were after an alien spaceship hidden in the basement.

ISABEL: See, he got this girl pregnant. She's alien, too, and now he's got this kid out there.

MAX: Somewhere. And i needed a ship to track him down.

MICHAEL: Out there.

JESSE: You're not kidding!

ISABEL: No. But, honey, look, it doesn't mean that we can't have a perfectly normal, healthy, happy marriage.

JESSE: R-righ right... Right. Sure. Help! Help! Let me outta here! I gotta get outta here! Help!

[Glass shatters as Jesse breaks the door- Isabel leans back- this was just her imagination]


JESSE: are you all right? What's going on?

ISABEL: You know that oyster appetizer? I think you're right. It wasn't such a good idea.

JESSE: Are you sick?

ISABEL: I think so.

JESSE: So you won't be wanting this drink, then, right?


JESSE: Oh. Well, that's a shame.

[Back in Roswell, Mr. Parker calls Mr. Evans as Liz eavesdrops]

Mr Parker: Hi, Philip. It's Jeff. Look, I'm sorry to call you so late, but, um...


Mr Parker: yeah. Look, Phil, there are some things that I remember. Yeah. Where do you want to get together? Ok. Your-- your office tomorrow. Yeah. Sure.

[The next morning on the honeymoon, Isabel leaves the room with Jesse asleep- he wakes up to find her gone- she walks past Max and Michael without speaking]

JESSE: Isabel! Isabel?

MAX: Let's go.

MICHAEL: Come on.

[Jesse is looking for Isabel and sees Max and Michael hiding]

JESSE: Max? What the hell are you doing' here?

MAX: Jesse.

JESSE: I--I said, what are you doing here?

MICHAEL: Vacation.

JESSE: What?

MAX: Yeah. Isabel did such a good job describing the place, and we had some free time, so...

JESSE: Hey, look, cut the crap. What's going on?

MAX: We gotta go.

JESSE: Where? Where?

MICHAEL: Scuba lessons.

JESSE: Scuba lessons?

JESSE: Where's Isabel?!

MICHAEL: She's your wife.

MAX: Yeah, and when you find her, say hi. We gotta go.

JESSE: Yeah, w-- what's going on?!

MAX: Michael.


[Michael uses his power to pull a whellbarrow in front of Jesse]

JESSE: Aaahh!

[Isabel meets Kivar]


KIVAR: have you made up your mind?

ISABEL: Yes. I'm coming with you.

KIVAR: Good. Let's go home.

MAX: This way.

MICHAEL: Wait. Wait. Get down.

[Max and Michael see Kivar kissing Isabel]

MICHAEL: Is that part of the plan?

MAX: I don't think so.

KIVAR: What's wrong? Tell me.

[Isabel flashes back to the dreams]

ISABEL: Max and Michael are here. They're gonna kill you.

KIVAR: Where?

[Isabel's eyes turn black, and flash blue- she raises her hand and uses her powers to turn the wall hiding Michael and Max into dust.]

MICHAEL: Thanks, Isabel.

ISABEL: Vilandra.

KIVAR: Well, Zan, it's been a long time. I wondered about this moment when our paths would cross again.

MAX: We are not letting you take Isabel.

KIVAR: I'm not taking anyone anywhere, am I?

MAX: Isabel, let go of his hand.

MICHAEL: Isabel!

ISABEL: Let us leave. Please.

KIVAR: Don't make her kill ya again. It would feel redundant.

MAX: She wouldn't.

KIVAR: She did before.

MICHAEL: No, she didn't. I remember something. You led Kivar into the city with his men, but he convinced you that he wanted peace. He said he wasn't gonna kill anybody, that he was there to call a truce. And once you helped him gain access, he killed all of us. You didn't kill us, Isabel. He did. He betrayed you.

[Kivar raises his hand and Max and Michael go flying backwards]

KIVAR: No more troubles, ok? I promise. Are you ready?

ISABEL: Yes. Let's go home.

[Jesse comes up as Kivar is using his power to open a portal to Antar]

JESSE: Get your hands off my wife!

JESSE: What is this?

ISABEL: You have to go.

JESSE: What's wrong with your eyes? Did he do something to you? Isabel... Tell me what happened. Please talk to me. Isabel, I love you. Please talk to me. I'm sorry, Jesse.

[Isabel uses her power to pull down a tree branch which knocks Jesse out]

ISABEL: If we're gonna go, we have to go now.

MAX: Isabel, nooooo!

ISABEL: You come back... I'll kill you myself.

[Isabel pushes Kivar into the portal- Denny falls out, and Kivar is now gone]

DENNY: What happened...

MAX: Get him outta here.

MICHAEL: You ok? Hey, whatever your name is.

DENNY: I think so. Where am I? La Jolla. Come on, you need to call your wife.

DENNY: How'd I get in California?

MICHAEL: I don't know. Maybe you were kidnapped by aliens or something. Come on.

MAX: What happened?

ISABEL: He saved me. He took on Kivar all by himself, and then i... Knocked him out.

MAX: What did he see?

ISABEL: Everything.

MAX: Well, that could be a problem.

[Back in Roswell, Liz watches as her father goes to meet Mr. Evans]

JESSE: Isabel?

ISABEL: I'm here. I'm right here.

JESSE: What happened?

JESSE: W-where's that son of a bitch? Was he...

ISABEL: A very dangerous man.

JESSE: I--i think he drugged us... Because I got sick... Did he...

ISABEL: I'm fine. What else do you remember?

JESSE: We were in the room... And we danced. And he made a pass at you, right? Yeah. And then... H-how'd we get back here?

ISABEL: You walked. I helped.

JESSE: Before that.

ISABEL: There was a fight. He hit you... And hit him back, hard. And he ran off. You rescued me.


JESSE: wow.

ISABEL: Do you remember that this is our honeymoon?


ISABEL: Do you wanna do something about that?

JESSE: You mean, we haven't...

ISABEL: Not yet.


JESSE: well, what are we waiting for?

JESSE: Wait. Uh-- max and Michael.

ISABEL: What about them?

JESSE: Are they here?

ISABEL: No. Don't be ridiculous.

JESSE: But I-- jesse. Honeymoon. Focus. Focus.

MICHAEL: Let's go scuba diving.

MAX: Are you serious?

MICHAEL: When else?

MAX: You gotta seize the moment, Maxwell.

MAX: I've gotta get back home.

MICHAEL: There'll be plenty of time for your intense brooding moments with Liz later.

MAX: We were just almost obliterated by an alien killer.

MICHAEL: Which is why we need to chill.

MAX: Chill?

MICHAEL: Exactly. Chill. See some stingrays.

MAX: You're really serious about this.


[Back in Roswell, Mr. Parker and Mr. Evans finish up their meeting]

Mr Parker: So, Philip, what do you wanna do about it?

Mr Evans: Keep my eyes open, and, uh... Ask you to do the same.

Mr Parker: Ok. What are we looking for?

Mr Evans: I don't know. I just hope I recognize it when I see it.

[Liz has been hiding in the closet- she comes out, and pulls up the cork board- it is covered with notes about all of the teens and their conspiracy]

[Back on the honeymoon, Isabel and Jesse are relaxing]


ISABEL: Are you ok?


ISABEL: Are you sure?

JESSE: I've got only 3 words for you

ISABEL: yeah?

JESSE: That was different

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